Former Regina college, high school priests among those ‘credibly accused’ of sexual abuse

CTV Television Network [Toronto, Canada]

March 15, 2023

By David Prisciak

Priests in Montreal named by Jesuits

Six members of the Jesuits of Canada who were employed at schools in Regina, Sask. were named in a recent list documenting ‘credible’ accusations of sexual abuse over the past 70 years.

“We cannot rewrite the past. We do wish to contribute to reconciliation, to right past wrongs and to rebuild trust,” Erik Oland, head of the Jesuits of Canada said in a statement.

“The undertaking of our audit and the decision to publish the names of those credibly accused express our commitment to transparency and accountability,”

The Jesuits, a religious order affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church, began the audit in December of 2019 as one part of its response to alleged sexual abuse and its aftermath.

The audit was done with the help of independent investigator Brian King of King International Advisory Group beginning in early 2020, the organization explained.

At total of 27 members across Canada were included on the list.

Six of the men were employed at Regina’s Campion College or its affiliated high school, while one was also employed at Miller High School, according to the pastoral assignments listed for each member.

Three of the men were reported to have had one allegation, while the remaining three had multiple allegations, the list read.

The list did not specify when the alleged incidents occurred. However, the ordination dates for the accused Sask. priests range from 1930 to 1971.

Campion College referred any inquiries regarding the accusations to the Jesuits’ national office.

According to the list, four of the accused are deceased, having died from 1987 to 1990.

Two members are still alive in what is described as a “restricted ministry” and under a “safety plan.”

The vast majority of cases came to light after the alleged perpetrator died, with some the cases never going to criminal or civil litigation, the organization outlined.

The list is available to the public, and documents the names, birthdates, status and pastoral assignments for each of the accused.

There are currently 208 members of the Jesuits of Canada.

In its statement, the order said there is a zero-tolerance policy toward any form of abuse. Anyone who has suffered abuse by a Jesuit is encouraged to report it to police or to the order’s delegate dealing with misconduct allegations.

“Abuse of any kind is a terrible betrayal of trust, and we are determined to do everything in our power to prevent it from happening again,” Oland said.

“We will continue to ensure survivors are heard and supported.”

Resources for victims, victim’s relatives and relatives of the accused can be found on the Jesuits of Canada website.

With files from The Canadian Press