New Series – SURVIVORS STORIES – Launches Ahead Of Hearings On “Long Overdue” Maryland Child Abuse Victims Act Reforms

Ein Presswire [Washington, DC]

February 21, 2023

By Identity Advisors, LLC

Clergy abuse survivors and advocates featured in heart-wrenching remembrances

Dr. Frank Schindler, a Maryland-based clinical psychologist, vividly recalls – more than 60 years later – the threat from his priest/school counselor/molester, who had his way with him for months when he was a five-year-old: “I was taught he was God on earth, that he could do no wrong, and these were secrets between the two of us and God; to break that seal would be a mortal sin and you’d go straight to hell.” Dr. Schindler joins a group of other survivors and advocates in the new online series, Survivors Stories, launching today/yesterday ahead of the start next week of Maryland legislative hearings on the long awaited child abuse victims reform measures aimed at providing a path to justice for all survivors, regardless when the abuse occurred. Link to this opening episode and hear more about his fight for justice.

Mary Beth Diaz, a Baltimore paralegal and advocate, shares in another episode, speaking on behalf of her traumatized survivor-mother, who also grew up, unconditionally devout, in the Baltimore Catholic church, “Mom, who to this day delights in playing the church organ, was abused by her priest from roughly age 16 until she was 20. She never talked about it when I was a child. She suffered trauma beyond trauma, triggering to this day even though that priest has been dead for years. She still imagines seeing him. I know deep down this amazing woman is also pretty broken and that’s heartbreaking for me because I know I can’t fix it.” Link to this mother-daughter story of survival and resilience.

The first two videos (also viewed at precede the start of hearings February 23rd before the Maryland Senate Committee on Judicial Proceedings. At least two new documentary-style episodes will then be released weekly over the next several weeks. They are part of a wide ranging public information effort that includes an online grassroots petition endorsing passage of proposed HB 1, the Child Victims Act of 2023.

David Lorenz, of the state’s chapter of Survivors Network for those Abused by Priests (SNAP), hosts the petition campaign and is among the countless courageous survivors forcefully speaking out in support of this urgently needed statute-of-limitation reform. “It is important for everyone to understand the proposed legislation, but there’s something so compelling about seeing and hearing these survivors stories,” he explained. “As a survivor, I have trouble putting into words the lifelong impact of my abuse, but I also know it is vital for me to stand up and speak out. All the survivors and advocates who are doing that deserve our respect and our gratitude.”

Attorneys Robert K. Jenner, of Jenner Law, and M. Elizabeth Graham, from co-counsel Grant & Eisenhofer (Wilmington, DE), commended all the participants in the survivor-impact series and the continuing counseling and advocacy efforts of the Maryland Crime Victims Resource Center.

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