Don’t label serious journalism as anti-Catholic

Baltimore Sun [Baltimore MD]

May 20, 2023

By Edward McCarey McDonnell

Anti-Catholicism existed in this land prior to the establishment of the Republic and is a relatively weak force in today’s world. A recent letter writer criticizes the extensive coverage by The Baltimore Sun on the very serious issue of abuse and cover-up but provides no example of poor or incorrect reporting (”Has The Baltimore Sun turned anti-Catholic?” May 16).

The writer claims that Catholic authorities and “others” have advised him that “today’s instances of abuse are almost zero.” Almost? The implication is that the “authorities” have been successful in reducing the number of abusers and cases of abuse but that abuse has not been eliminated. Is this satisfactory? I am stunned that the writer shows absolutely no concern for the victims and their families.

Apparently, the writer just wants this story to go away. Had the Archdiocese of Baltimore handled this crisis in a truly pastoral and honest manner, we would not be where we are today. I am more than satisfied with The Sun’s coverage of this very sad issue and I deplore the idea that serious journalism should be censored.

— Edward McCarey McDonnell, Baltimore