Direct anger over child abuse at archdiocese not The Sun | Reader Commentary

Baltimore Sun [Baltimore MD]

July 18, 2023

By Dave Henderson

Those who continue to complain to The Baltimore Sun about the newspaper’s outstanding coverage of the child abuse by Catholic priests are misdirecting their anger (”It’s possible to support child sexual abuse victims and have concerns about coverage,” July 16). Instead of at The Sun, they should be directing their ire at the Archdiocese of Baltimore.

The Catholic Church could easily put an end to all of this immediately by releasing an unredacted version of the investigation and by reining in their “secret” legal team that tried to delay justice. By doing that, which is in their power to do, we would have the names of all of those identified in the report.

Until the church does what should have been the right thing long ago, it’s up to media outlets like The Sun to continue to investigate until full accountability is done and the victims feel they have finally gotten their due.

— Dave Henderson, Parkville