Former Montreal priest charged with sexual assault while in prison

CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) [Toronto, Canada]

July 21, 2023

By CBC News

Boucher already serving sentence for sexual assaults on two boys

Brian Boucher, the former priest imprisoned for sexually abusing two boys, has been charged with additional sex crimes allegedly committed in prison. 

Prosecutors charged Boucher this month with sexual assault, voyeurism and criminal harassment, which according to court filings were committed in February 2023, while Boucher was serving his eight-year sentence. 

The victim’s identity is protected under a publication ban, but the charges indicate that Boucher allegedly “surreptitiously observed” a person in a place where they had a reasonable expectation of privacy. 

The criminal harassment charge alleges Boucher criminally harassed a person and caused them to “reasonably fear for their safety.”

In 2019, Boucher was found guilty of sexually abusing two boys between 1995 and 2011, while he was a priest in LaSalle and, later, in the Town of Mount Royal. 

He was defrocked in 2020.