Keeping shining a light on Baltimore archdiocese

Baltimore Sun [Baltimore MD]

July 12, 2023

By Dave Henderson

I am so glad to see the great job The Baltimore Sun is doing investigating the Catholic Church abuse scandal (”Coverage of child abuse has hit overkill level,” July 8). The Catholic Church still refuses to have full transparency and release the redacted parts of the investigation, instead constantly hiding behind false assertions that Maryland Attorney General Anthony Brown won’t allow it (even as AG Brown has stated on many occasions that church leaders can come clean anytime the mood strikes them).

You are shining a light on the cases and abusers that the church hoped would go away. This is not “overkill,” as some letter writers claim. It is exposing the uncomfortable and horrible truth of abuse and cover up that continues to this day. Bravo for such fine journalism in righting a decades old wrong that the church refuses to do.

— Dave Henderson, Parkville