BREAKING: Episcopal priest Richard Losch indicted for felony child sexual abuse

Anglican Watch [Alexandria, VA]

August 29, 2023

By Anglican Watch

Richard Rorex Losch, an Episcopal priest canonically resident in the Episcopal Diocese of Alabama, has been indicted by a grand jury in Grafton County, New Hampshire, of a Class A Felony Aggravated Felonious Sexual Assault involving a minor under the age of 13. 

The case is State v. Richard Losch Docket: 215-2023-CR-0609 and has its genesis in conduct dating from the mid-1970s.

Glenda Curry, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Alabama, has known of the issue for more than two years. Similarly, various church officials have known of the allegations for extended periods, including:

  • Rob Morpeth, the now retired intake officer for the Diocese of Alabama.
  • Todd Ousley, who resolutely refused to get involved.
  • Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, who ignored myriad emails from the victim and is Ousley’s supervisor.

Anglican Watch’s investigation revealed that, in every instance, the Episcopal Church made up imaginary Title IV requirements, ignored the victim’s pleas for help, refused to provide the pastoral response mandated by Title IV, and otherwise sandbagged, ignored, and covered up the victim’s complaints. Indeed, the advisor appointed by the diocese had no knowledge of Title IV–which is a requirement for advisors under Title IV.

“This isn’t even a matter of Christian conduct,” says Anglican Watch editor Eric Bonetti. “It’s a case of refusing to show basic human empathy. The church even ignored efforts by a Lutheran bishop to obtain redress. But in every instance, the church has acted to protect its reputation versus caring for abuse victims. The Episcopal Church has consistently treated the victim as a nuisance, a threat, and a problem to be gotten rid of.

“Meanwhile, the victim has endured a lifetime of suffering,” Bonetti concludes.

Moreover, the Diocese of Alabama falsely told Massachusetts law enforcement investigating the claims that Losch does not have access to children. 

Losch has served as acting priest in charge of St. James Episcopal and St. Alban’s Episcopal in Livingston, AL, for several years and is not known to have any restrictions on his access to children.

Losch is a prolific and well-known author familiar to many Episcopalians.

Anglican Watch calls on Bishops Glenda Curry, Todd Ousley, and Michael Curry to resign in light of their failure to protect children and their ongoing refusal to follow the provisions of Title IV.

As a matter of law, Losch is presumed innocent.