Sacramento’s Roman Catholic diocese plans bankruptcy amidst 250+ clergy abuse claims

KRCR [Redding CA]

December 11, 2023

By Mike Mangas and Adam Robinson

Facing more than 250 claims of abuse by clergy and others, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sacramento is planning to declare bankruptcy in March.

In a letter distributed in parishes over the weekend, Bishop Jaime Soto wrote, in part:

“It is now clear to me that a court-supervised re-organization is the only respectful, transparent and fair way to address the over 250 claims by those who have been abused by clergy and other members of the church.”

The diocese says almost half the claims involved allegations from the 1970s or earlier, more than 80% involved allegations from the 1980s or earlier, and six claims allege abuse that occurred after the reforms and improved safeguards enacted in 2002.

Bishop Soto goes on to say, “I remain steadfast in my belief that I must continue to atone for the horrible sin of clergy sexual abuse. The sickening evil that was perpetrated upon innocent children, and the failure of the church to address it appropriately, has caused unfathomable pain that endures.”

The day-to-day activities of local parishes and schools will continue uninterrupted. This applies to the Northstate, not the North Coast.