Society of Saint Pius X Rocked by Allegations of Violence and Abuse

BNN [Winnipeg, Canada]

January 13, 2024

By Dil Bar Irshad

In an investigative exposition by Swiss newspaper Le Temps, troubling revelations have emerged about the Society of Saint Pius X, a splinter group from the mainstream Catholic Church known for its ultra-conservative views. The report, which is the outcome of a painstaking, months-long investigation, unveils instances of sexual, psychological, and physical violence perpetrated within the confines of the society.

Unmasking a Culture of Violence

The Society of Saint Pius X, a staunch opponent of the liberal reforms within the Catholic Church, is operational in more than 60 countries. It boasts a following of nearly half a million faithful, and a spiritual leadership composed of 590 priests. The Le Temps investigation, however, has cast a long shadow over the society, revealing an undercurrent of violence and abuse that runs deep.

A Confluence of Control and Abuse

Equally disturbing is the alleged culture of secrecy that envelops the Society of Saint Pius X. The report suggests that this culture of control and violence is not an anomaly but rather a systemic issue. This conclusion is supported by the identification of about 60 priests associated with the society as being ‘problematic’. The term, in this context, indicates a significant number of individuals potentially involved in a spectrum of abuses, from sexual to psychological.

Testimonies of Survivors and the Society’s Response

As part of the investigation, Le Temps gathered testimonies from survivors of the alleged abuse. The society’s response to these allegations, when approached by the newspaper, is included within the report. The revelations contained in the investigation highlight the challenges within the organization and raise serious concerns about the safety and well-being of its members. The findings serve as a sobering reminder of the need for transparency, accountability, and the protection of the vulnerable within all institutions, regardless of their religious or ideological leanings.