Advocacy Group Stands with Victims Outside Basilica Following Clergy Abuse Claims

Fox RGV [McAllen, TX]

April 23, 2024

SNAP, alongside supporters, gathered at the Basilica of San Juan to offer help and resources to victims of clergy sexual abuse, following allegations against two local priests.

Advocates Rally for Victims of Clergy Abuse at San Juan Basilica

In a powerful display of solidarity, members of the Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests (SNAP) and other advocates convened outside the Basilica of San Juan today, offering resources and support to victims of clergy sexual abuse. This gathering comes in the wake of recent allegations involving two priests from the Catholic Diocese of Brownsville.

Mobilization Following Allegations

The drive to San Juan was spurred by distressing reports of child sexual abuse linked to valley priests, prompting SNAP to act swiftly to support potential survivors. One of the accused priests has been out on bond since February, intensifying community concerns and the call for accountability.

The Importance of Community Education and Support

Speakers at the event emphasized the critical need for community education regarding the impacts of such abuses. “In a culture where priests are often viewed as infallible, children are especially vulnerable,” explained a SNAP representative. The organization stresses that community-wide awareness and education can empower more survivors to come forward and seek the help they need.

SNAP’s Role and Community Impact

SNAP’s presence at the Basilica was not just about protest but also about healing and offering a direct pathway for survivors to access support services. “By educating the entire community, we not only support survivors but also work towards holding institutions accountable, making our community safer for everyone,” the representative added.

How to Get Involved or Seek Help

For those affected by clergy abuse or those who wish to support the cause, SNAP provides a wealth of resources and support through their network. Survivors and their families are encouraged to reach out to share their stories or to seek confidential help.

To learn more about SNAP or to get involved, please visit

Strengthening the Network of Support

As advocacy efforts like those of SNAP continue to shed light on the dark realities of clergy abuse, it is imperative for communities to come together to support the healing process and ensure such abuses are never repeated. Join the movement to protect and empower the most vulnerable among us.