Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Allegations of Sexual Abuse Against Fr. Frank Canfield, S.J.

St. Ignatius High School, Cleveland OH

April 5, 2024

By Communications Office, St. Ignatius High School, Cleveland

[To see PDF of this statement as it appeared on the St. Ignatius website, click here.]

Saint Ignatius High School recently reported an accusation of alleged sexual abuse involving the late
Fr. Frank Canfield, S.J. The alleged abuse, deemed credible by the Midwest Province Jesuits, occurred
during the 2011–2012 school year at Saint Ignatius.

Out of our full transparency and accountability involving this incident, we have answered some common
questions you may have below.

When did Saint Ignatius learn of this alleged abuse?

We were first made aware of allegations against Fr. Canfield in October 2023, when an alumnus of
Saint John’s Jesuit High School in Toledo reported abuse that happened there in 2000. Because Fr.
Canfield was assigned to our school from 2006 to 2014, we immediately reached out to any and all
alumni who attended Saint Ignatius when Fr. Canfield was here to proactively ask if any of our former
students had experienced any similar incidents.

As a result of that outreach, in December 2023, one alumnus reached out with allegations of sexual
abuse involving Fr. Canfield that occurred during the 2011–2012 school year. Fr. Guiao reached out to
the victim and encouraged him to report it to the Midwest Province Jesuits, which he did.

The Midwest Province investigated the allegation and deemed it credible in March 2024. We then
reported the allegation to alumni, faculty, parents, students, and the news media. We have always been
committed to transparency and accountability at Saint Ignatius—and that commitment has guided,
and continues to guide, our actions to do the right thing.

Saint Ignatius High School had no knowledge of any allegations against Fr. Canfield prior to or at any
time during his tenure here.

What is Saint Ignatius doing to ensure student safety?

The safety and well-being of our students are among our highest priorities and most sacred obligations.
That is why, over the last decade, we’ve implemented the most stringent policies and procedures aimed
at protecting the safety and well-being of everyone here at our school—starting with our students.
In light of this recent news, we will be reexamining and further bolstering the processes and safeguards
that we have in place to prevent any sort of abuse on our campus. Anyone who believes they were
abused at Saint Ignatius High School is strongly encouraged to report the incident or incidents to law
enforcement and to Fr. Guiao.

What is Saint Ignatius doing for the victim?

Upon first receipt of the allegations, Fr. Guiao spoke with the victim and offered pastoral counsel.
Fr. Guiao encouraged the alumnus to reach out to the Midwest Province, which he did. The victim
continues to have our full support.

What course of action will the high school take if another alumnus or other alumni reports that they
were victims of Fr. Canfield?

We would offer the same pastoral counsel and encourage them to also report the incident to the
Midwest Province, as we did for the current former student who has come forward.

When did Fr. Canfield serve at Saint Ignatius?

Fr. Canfield served at the school from 2006 to 2014. He passed away in May 2023.

Who should I contact if I have further questions?

For further questions, please contact Jeff McCormick, Vice President of Communications, Office: 216.281.4377
Mobile: 216.375.4841,