Fr. Donald Wren Kimball

Ordained: 1969
Status: Convicted

Died: 08/15/2006
Diocese: Diocese of Santa Rosa CA

Placed on leave 1990, accused of abuse of boys and girls. Civil suit settled 2000 for $1.6M. Other suits also settled. Convicted of child molestation in June 2002; sentenced to 7 years in prison for abuse of a 13 year-old-girl in 1981. Same trial found him innocent of raping another girl. Supreme Court overturned law under which he was criminally convicted. Laicized in 2002; died 9/15/06. Several settlements in 2005 and 2006. On diocese's list 1/12/19, noting allegations in 1990 of abuse in the 1980s. Suits filed in 12/19 under the CA Child Victims Act claiming abuse of two minors, ages 16 and 17.