Fr. Edmond A. Parrakow

Ordained: 1968
Status: Sued

Diocese: Archdiocese of New York NY

Included in the 8/14/18 PA Grand Jury report. Included on the Greensburg diocese’s list of credibly accused in 8/18. Per Greensburg diocese file, there was a complaint in early 1985, then counseling with a Fr. Benedict. Evaluated in 5/85 at St. Luke’s in MD. Sent to Paracletes in NM for treatment in 7/85. Admitted to molesting about 35 boys over 17 years. NY archdiocese requested the Greensburg PA diocese accept Parrakow; worked in Greensburg diocese 1986-89, without restrictions. Complaint in 1/89 of behavior in PA with a teen boy, suspended in 2/89. NY archdiocese located him at Green Haven Correctional Facility in 1993. Laicized in 2004. Accused in a 2/26/04 suit of abuse of two brothers in the early 1970s. One claimed the abuse, including oral rape, began when he was age 10, and that Parrakow plied him with alcohol and porn. Suit accused Parrakow of transporting a third boy to PA in 1975 and abusing him there. On NY archdiocese’s list 4/26/19.

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