The Phil Saviano Archive

Phil Saviano is a significant figure in the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. He founded the organization's New England chapter, which held its first meeting under his leadership on May 10, 1997, and he has also served as SNAP's web master. Saviano's public involvement in the abuse crisis dates to an interview he gave to the Boston Globe for a January 8, 1993 article about the Rev. David A. Holley. In subsequent years, Saviano researched Holley's career in Massachusetts, New Mexico, Texas, and Colorado, becoming in the process an expert on the Holley file and the Catholic church's transfer practices generally. See articles 1 2. Saviano is also an accomplished web designer and an expert in Oaxacan folk art. He maintains an online gallery called Viva Oaxaca Folk Art and travels regularly to Mexico and to Hungary, where he has family ties.

During his activism and his research on the crisis, Saviano has built an important collection of documents and media coverage. He has kindly permitted us to scan portions of his remarkable archive for posting here.

Saviano's archive has especially strong holdings on Rev. David A. Holley, the Diocese of Worcester, the history of SNAP New England, and national coverage of the crisis. This page presents an initial sample of a very useful resource. Some articles have been converted into web pages; others are available as PDFs. We are grateful for Mr. Saviano's assistance with this project; the posting of the archive is solely the responsibility of

Ex-Priest Accused of Child Molesting, by Katie Kerwin, Rocky Mountain News (December 16, 1992) [Holley]

Priest Named in N.M. Lawsuit, by Virginia Culver, Denver Post (December 17, 1992) [Holley]

Priest Admitted Molesting Boys, Ex-Boss Says, by Katie Kerwin, Rocky Mountain News (December 17, 1992) [Holley]

Wheat Ridge Man Says Fear, Shame Put Lid on His Ordeal at Hands of Priest, by Katie Kerwin, Rocky Mountain News (December 20, 1992) [Holley]

Bishop Sets Up Abuse Hotlines, by Kathleen A. Shaw, Telegram & Gazette (December 24, 1992) [Holley]

Ex-Boylston Man Accuses Priest, by Kathleen A. Shaw, Telegram & Gazette (December 31, 1992) [Holley]

'He said I'd go to hell.' by Cary Tyler, Albuquerque Tribune (December 31, 1992) [Holley]

Local Charges 'Under Advisement', by Kathleen A. Shaw and Gary V. Murray, Telegram & Gazette (January 1, 1992) [Holley]

Alleged Sex Abuse Victims of Priest Retain Lawyer, by Kathleen A. Shaw, Telegram & Gazette (January 6, 1992) [Holley]

Denver Says Worcester Diocese Gave Holley Its Endorsement, by Kathleen A. Shaw, Telegram & Gazette (January 9, 1992)

N. Mexico Grand Jury Indicts Holley, Associated Press in Telegram & Gazette (January 29, 1992)

Extradition Ruling Due Today: Case Points to Problem of Pedophilia, by Patricia Edmonds, USA Today (February 1, 1993) [Holley]

Priest Fighting Extradition, by Kathleen A. Shaw, Telegram & Gazette (February 4, 1993) [Holley]

Effect of Holley Plea Uncertain, by George B. Griffin, Telegram & Gazette (March 25, 1993)

Accusers 'Shocked' and Pleased, by Kathleen A. Shaw, Telegram & Gazette (March 25, 1993)

Lawyers, Church Don't Know Effect of Holley Plea on Suit, by George B. Griffin, Telegram & Gazette (March 25, 1993)

Flanagan Believed Teen, by Emilie Astell, Telegram & Gazette (April 14, 1993) [Holley]

Accuser Ends Silence about Alleged Sexual Abuse, by George B. Griffin, Telegram & Gazette (April 21, 1993) [Holley]

The Lightning Rod, by Bruce Daniels, Albuquerque Journal (August 1, 1993) [on Servants of the Paraclete]

Sense of Betrayal, Guilt Haunted Abused Man, by Colleen Heild, Albuquerque Journal (August 1, 1993) [on Saviano]

Boston Man Settles Molestation Suit, Associated Press in Kennebec Journal (May 12, 1996)

Sex Suit Names Area Priest, by Gary V. Murray, Telegram & Gazette (May 25, 1996) [Teczar]

Survivors of Sex Abuse by Clergy Unite, by Christine Walsh, Patriot Ledger (April 26, 1997) [SNAP New England]

A Place to Turn, by Kurt Blumenau, Middlesex News (August 3, 1997) [SNAP New England]

Documents Show Bishops Transferred Known Abuser, by Brooks Egerton and Michael D. Goldhaber, Dallas Morning News (August 31, 1997) [Holley]

Path of a Pedophile Priest, Dallas Morning News (August 31, 1997) [Holley]

Thou Shalt Not: But Some Priests Did—and the Church Didn't Want to Know, by Ellen O'Connor, Worcester Magazine (September 24, 1997) [Holley and Teczar]

Law Apologizes for Abusive Priests, by Michael LaSalandra, Boston Herald (November 18, 1997)

Victims' Group Uses Spotlight to Seek Changes in Law, by Laurie Goodstein, New York Times (May 10, 2002)











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