Assignment Record –Bro. Roger C. Argencourt, S.C. aka Bro. Odillon, S.C.

Summary of Case: Bro. Roger C. Argencourt, also known as Bro. Odillion, was a Sacred Heart Brother of the New England Province who admitted to abusing two boys at Bishop Guertin High School in Nashua, NH. He reportedly raped and molested one of the boys as many as 40 times, once in front of another teacher. Argencourt could not be charged because the statutes of limitations had expired. Authorities in RI were preparing to file charges regarding alleged abuse at Mount Saint Charles Academy in Woonsocket when Argencourt died on Sept. 23, 2002.

First Vows: 1959
Final Vows:
Died: Sept. 23, 2002


Start Stop Parish/Assignment Town/Accusations State/COuntry Position Notes


Russell Joseph McVinney was Providence bishop (1948-1971).

    Pomfret Center CT   Argencourt entered the Congregation just after finishing high school.
    Sacred Heart Juniorate Pascoag RI   Argencourt professed his first vows here in 1959.
  1965 Mount St. Charles Academy Woonsocket RI   Professed final vows here in 1965.
  1965 St. Michael's College Colchester VT student Finished bachelor of arts in 1965.
1965 1967     Zambia, Central Africa missionary  
    Sacred Heart School Andover MA teacher  
    Sacred Heart Juniorate Pascoag RI teacher  
    Notre Dame High School Fitchburg MA teacher  
    Rice Memorial High School South Burlington VT    
  1972 Wayne State University Detroit MI graduate student

Earned a master's in education in 1972.


Ernest John Primeau was Manchester bishop (1959-1974), followed by Odore Joseph Gendron (1974-1990).

1978 Bishop Guertin High School


In Jan. 2002 a man reported to police that Argencourt molested him 20-40 times in 1973, when the man was a Bishop Guertin freshman. Argencourt is said to have abused the boy while tutoring him in history, and that most of the incidents took place in the Brother's bedroom. During one of the assaults a brother-teacher is said to have walked in, saw what was happening, and walked out. Another incident is said to have occurred in a school bathroom, where another student saw what was happening.

Another man told police in 2002 that Argencourt sexually abused him when he was a Bishop Guertin student in around 1973/1974.

NH teacher; social studies dept. head; yearbook advisor According to police reports, Argencourt admitted to the sexual assaults. Also, Argencourt said he told counselors about the abuse twice, one in Hudson, NH and the other in NM during a 100-day renewal program in 1978.
  1978 Scranton University Scranton PA graduate student Earned a master of arts in 1978.
1978 1981     Zambia, Central Africa missionary  


Louis Edward Gelineau was Providence bishop (1971-1997).

1986 Mount St. Charles Academy


In the summer of 2002 a man reported to Woonsocket police that Argencourt sexually assaulted him when he was a Mount St. Charles student, in 1985-1986.

RI teacher; business manager  


Manchester bishop was Leo Edward O'Neil (1990-1997), who was succeeded by John Brendan McCormack (1998-2011).

Jan. 2002 Bishop Guertin High School Nashua NH student activities director

Bishop Guertin was an all boys' school until 1992, when it also admitted girls.

Argencourt was placed on leave in Jan. 2002, after accusations surfaced that he had sexually abused two boys at Bishop Guertin in the 1970s.

Police said they had enough evidence, but Argencourt could not be prosecuted due to the expiration of the statute of limitations.

Argencourt died Sept. 23, 2002



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