Assignment Record– Rev. Frederick J. Bistricky

Summary of Case: Bistricky has been the subject of multiple accusations. In 1974 parents of teens in a CYO group at the same parish wrote letters to Milwaukee Archbishop Cousins complaining of inappropriate sexual behavior and permissiveness with their children. Bistricky was reprimanded and sent to counseling. In 2002 a man reported to the archdiocese that Bistricky sexually abused him in the 1970s, when the man was 13 to 16 years-old. He said Bishop Sklba had been informed of the abuse in 1997 and assured him and his family that Bistricky would be kept away from children. The man was incensed in 2002 when he discovered that Bistricky was helping out at a parish. The accusations were deemed credible but the DA said prosecution wasn't possible due to the statute of limitations. In 2005 there was an accusation that Bistricky forced an 11-year-old boy in 1968 to disrobe so he could inspect the boy's genitals. Another man filed a claim as as part of the the archdiocese's 2011 bankruptcy filing that Bistricky sexually abused him - including rape - when the man was an altar boy in the early 1970s. Bistricky died in 2006.

Ordained: 1965
Retired: 1995
Died: 2006


Start Stop Parish Town/Accusations State Position Notes
7/07/65 1965 Holy Trinity Racine WI   This assignment is per the Milwaukee archdiocese.


Milwaukee archbishop was William Edward Cousins (1958-1977).

1967 St. Patrick's Beaver Dam WI 2/2 Parish had a school with 352-330 students.
6/27/67 1976 St. Augustine's (German)


Bistricky was accused in 2002 of having sexually abused a boy at this parish during this time, beginning when the boy was 13, and ending when he was 16 years old. His accuser said Bistricky had boys in the CYO play strip poker while he watched, masturbated in front of them and had them do the same in front of him and tried to sodomize the accuser.

A former St. Augustine's teacher wrote in a July 2003 email to the archdiocese that there were "credible allegations" against Bistricky during the 1974-75 school year. The former teacher wrote that Bistricky was "abusing teenage boys and setting up boys to do things to each other while [Bistricky] watched."

A 2002 investigation of Bistricky yielded the discovery that in 1974 parents at St. Augustine wrote to Archbishop Cousins complaining about the priest's behavior with their teenagers, including encouraging them to "streak" and "moon," appearing naked in front of a group of boys and girls on a CYO trip, taking nude photos of boys. Cousins reprimanded Bistricky, and he was ordered to receive counseling.

In 2005 an accusation was made that in 1968 Bistricky forced an 11-year-old boy to disrobe and have his genitals "inspected."

After the archdiocese filed for bankruptcy in 2011 a man filed a claim that Bistricky sexually abused him as a young altar boy in the early 1970s. He said he went to the priest for advice because he was worried his dad would go to hell for killing people during WWII. He said Bistricky reassured him, then began to sexually abuse him after mass each Sunday, starting with twisting the boy's nipples and leading to rape. The man claimed, too, that he told the parish pastor of the abuse, but nothing was done.

WI 2/3, 2/4, 2/2

Parish had a school with 377-256 students.

In March 2002 the Milwaukee DA determined the allegations were credible, but could not be prosecuted due to the statute of limitations.


Cousins was succeeded by Rembert George Weakland, O.S.B. (1977-2002).

1981 Immaculate Conception (Lithuanian) Sheboygan WI 2/2 Parish had a school with 181-204 students.
12/15/81 1983 St. John the Baptist's Plymouth WI 2/2, 1/2 Parish had a school with 204-275 students.
5/1/83 1984 Absent on Sick Leave       Bistricky underwent a psychological evaluation in 1983 in Wasau WI.
5/15/84 1990 St. Andrew's Le Roy WI 1/1  
7/1/90 1991 Absent on Sick Leave        
7/30/91 1991 Ss. Peter/Paul Nenno WI   This assignment is per the Milwaukee archdiocese.
8/16/91 1993 Awaiting Assignment        
4/12/93 1995 Special Assignment/Archival Assistant Milwaukee WI  

This was a Chancery position.

A 1994 psychological evaluation concluded that Bistricky had an "active sexual fantasy life with some indications that they may have been acted upon in the past with teen aged boys."

6/30/95   Retired        
Timothy Michael Dolan replaced Weakland (2002-2009). 2002 Immaculate Conception Milwaukee WI   A Bistricky accuser learned in 2002 that Bistricky was helping out at this parish, even though he had been told by Bishop Sklba in 1997 that Bistricky was retired and would have no contact with children.
1995 2006 Retired Milwaukee WI  

Bistricky is not indexed beyond the 2003 Directory.

In July 2002 Bistricky was fully restricted from ministry.

He died in 2006.


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