Charles H. Miller, S.M.—Assignment Record

: 1964
Education: St. Mary's University, B.A., 1955; University of Fribourg, S.T.B., 1962; University of Fribourg, S.T.L., 1964; Pontifical Biblical Institute, S.S.B., 1968; Pontifical Biblical Institute, S.S.L., 1969; Sant' Anselmo, S.Th.D., 1978
Incardinated: Indexed with St. Louis Province of the Marianists during his time in Europe 1964-1978. Incardinated in San Antonio archdiocese 1979-2008.


Start Stop Parish Town State Position Notes


1965 General Motherhouse Rome Italy Student


1965 1967 University of Fribourg Fribourg Switzerland Student  
1967 1978 Pontifical Biblical Institute and Sant' Anselmo Rome Italy Student

Indexed here in the Directory. Not indexed at all in the 1979 Directory.

  1978 St. Louis University and the Marianists' Bordeaux House

St. Louis

• Accused in 2005 of fondling a 14-year-old girl in 1976. See article.

MO Teacher and tour guide Not indexed here in the Directory, but reportedly lived and worked in St. Louis in the 1970s. See below, for example, for an invitation to the celebration of the 25th anniversary of Miller's ordination at Bordeaux House on May 14, 1977.
1979 2001 St. Mary's University

San Antonio

• Accused in 2005 of molesting the same girl in 1980 when she was 17 years old. See article.

TX Theology professor

Coeducational university run by the Marianists with 3,374 students in 1979-80.

Indexed and listed here in the 1980 Directory, but not as a Marianist. Listed as S.M. in subsequent years. Not indexed or listed here in the 2002 and 2003 Directory, which continue to list Miller at Chaminade (see below).

1987 1999 St. Mary's University San Antonio TX Dean, School of Humanities and Social Sciences  
1990 2008 Chaminade Community House San Antonio TX   Listed as here in the Directory, including years while on leave in Rome and Jerusalem (see below).
1/2000 6/2001 Catholic Near East Welfare Association Rome Italy Director of Pilgrimages See Marianist newsletter.
6/2001 8/2003 Ratisbonne Pontifical Institute-Christian Center for the Study of Judaism Jerusalem
Rector See Marianist newsletter and note in a second newsletter. In this position and the previous one, "he ... raised more than $200,000 in scholarships and ... led more than 50 graduate study tours and pilgrimages." See article.
2003 2008 St. Mary's University San Antonio TX Theology professor Listed here again in the 2004 Directory.
2006     San Antonio TX Archdiocesan liaison to the San Antonio Community of Churches.  
10/2004 2008 St. Mary's University San Antonio TX Director of the St. Mary's University Travel Service for Alumni and Friends, the "Roamin' Rattlers."

See article on appointment. The Marianist newsletter documents tours led by Miller in: Medjugorije/Rome (2005); Greece (2005); Greece and Turkey (2005); Morocco (2005); Europe (2005); Israel and Italy with Bishop Yanta of Amarillo (2006); Rome (2006); Marian shrines in Europe with Bishop Yanta (2007); Greece (2007); Turkey (2007) for which see also note and article. Miller also attended a retreat in Honolulu (2005) and hiked in Morocco (2006). Involved in Palestinian Christian Scholarship Fund (2006).

Miller also represented the San Antonio archdiocese at the annual meeting of the Texas Conference of Churches and was a spokesman for Archbishop José Gómez.

2007 2009 General Motherhouse


• When the order investigated in 2007, "they learned Miller had been involved with two other women. Both were adults and requested no action be taken." See article.


Not indexed here in the 2008 Directory. Reportedly sent to Rome in 2007 to live and work. See article.

: Official Catholic Directory (New York: Kenedy & Sons, 1965-2008).

Invitation to the celebration on May 14, 1977 at Bordeaux House of the 25th anniversary of Miller's ordination:

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