Rev. Edward O. Paquette

Sued several times. Accused of abuse. Removed. (Also allegations in Springfield, MA and Indiana and 12 suits in Vermont). First Vermont civil suit settled for $965,000 in April, 2006, just prior to start of trial. Faculties removed in 1978. Named in newsuit filed 3/07. Vermont bishop is considering filing suit against Ft. Bend, IN Bishop to make them share in costs of 2006 settlement. Eighteen suits against Paquette pending in Vermont. Jury awarded $8.7 mil 5/08 to one Plaintiff.

Ordained: 1957


Start Stop Assignment Town/Accusations State Position Notes


Fall River bishop was James Louis Connolly (1951-1970)

1960 St. Mary's


• Letters between diocesan officials released in 2006 show Paquette began molesting boys possibly as early as 1955 in Mansfield
and New Bedford MA. (April 20, 2006 Burlington Free Press)



Pastor was Rev. Edward L. O'Brien

1960 1962 St. Kilian's

New Bedford

• Letters between diocesan officials released in 2006 show Paquette began molesting boys possibly as early as 1955 in Mansfield
and New Bedford MA. (April 20, 2006 Burlington Free Press)



Revs. Walter J. Buckley, William J. McMahon, Edward O Paquette, Hugh J. Keenan.

St. Kilian's had a school with 191-183 boys and 189-192 girls.


Springfield bishop was Christopher Joseph Weldon (1950-1977)

1964 Absent on sick leave


Removed from ministry in the Fall River diocese after reports that he had "abused boys in at least two communities." (Rutland Herald [Vermont]
April 23, 2006). Underwent psychiatric treatment in Boston (Burlington Free Press
April 20, 2006), and said daily and Sunday mass at a "Sister's institution" connected to his childhood parish in Westfield.



Fort Wayne-South Bend bishop was Leo Aloysius Pursley (1956-1976)

1965 St. Vincent's


• Court documents in a 2006 lawsuit claim that Paquette molested boys in Indiana parishes. (Burlington Free Press
April 5, 2006)



Msgr. Joseph A. Hession, Revs. John D. Walker, Edward O. Paquette.

St. Vincent's had a school with 497 students.

1965 1969 St. Mary's


• Court documents in a 2006 lawsuit claim that Paquette molested boys in Indiana parishes. (Burlington Free Press
April 5, 2006)


3/3, 2/3

Pastor was Msgr. Simeon M. Schmitt. Second priest 1965-1967 was Rev. Denis H. Blank. Third priest 1967-1969 was Rev. Jacob M. Gall.

St. Mary's had a school with 694-741 students.
1969 1971 Our Lady of Hungary

South Bend

• Court documents in a 2006 lawsuit claim that Paquette molested boys in Indiana parishes. (Burlington Free Press
April 5, 2006). Accused in 1971 of having sexually abused boys at three Indiana parishes. (Burlington Free Press
April 20, 2006)


4/4, 3/3

Pastor was Msgr. John S. Sabo, second priest was Rev. Walter J. Bly, and in 1969-1970, third priest was Rev. Robert R. Rigel.

Parish had a school with 286-246 students.
1971   St. Stanislaus

Michigan City





Not indexed or listed in diocesan pages of the 1972 Directory.

Paquette mentions in a 1972 letter to Bishop Marshall, of Burlington VT, that he had helped out on weekends at St. Stanislaus.

Received psychiatric treatment in Indiana and, later, in Westfield MA, where his parents lived. (Rutland Herald [Vermont]
April 23, 2006)

1971   St. Anthony's Hospital Michigan City IN Assistant Chaplain The 1972 letter to Bishop Marshall from Paquette states that he was assistant chaplain at St. Anthony's during his "medical treatment".
1972     Westfield MA    


Burlington Bishop was John Aloysius Marshall (1971-1991)

1974 Christ the King


• Removed quietly from this parish after report to pastor that Paquette had molested two boys at a hospital, while on communion calls. (Rutland Herald [Vermont]
April 23, 2006). Pastor wrote a letter to Bishop Marshall with a plea for Paquette's removal, and suggested he be treated and reassigned.



Pastor was Rev. James T. Engle, followed by Rev. Thomas J. Ball, the Paquette. In residence was Msgr. John M. Kennedy.

Parish had a school with 437-416 students.

Bishop Marshall allowed Paquette to work in the Burlington diocese despite awareness of his having sexually abused boys.(Burlington Free Press
May 6, 2008)

Oct. 1974 Nov.1974 House of Affirmation



MA   The House of Affirmation was a treatment center for priests with psychological and psychosexual problems, founded by Worcester priest Rev. Thomas A. Kane, who was later accused of sexual abuse. Allegations of sexual abuse at the facility surfaced after it was closed in 1990.
1974 1976 St. Augustine's


Molested boys in Montpelier. One man in 2006 alleged he was assaulted as many as 50 times by Paquette at St. Augustine's when he was 10-12 years old. (Rutland Herald [Vermont]
April 23, 2006)



In 1974-1975 the pastor was Msgr. Harold T. Field, and during 1975-1976 the pastor was Msgr. Charles J. Marcoux. Other priests this entire period were Revs. Francis E. Conors, Edward C. Paquette, Edward J. Kurtyka.

The 1976 Directory does not index Paquette. Both the 1975 and 1976 Directories list him in the Burlington diocesan pages at St. Augustine's as Edward "C." Paquette.
1975 1978 Christ the King


• Paquette was removed from Christ the King and his faculties suspended in April 1978, after multiple allegations by parents of altar boys that he had sexually abused their sons. (The [Springfield MA] Republican
July 3, 2006)

Eleven former Christ the King altar boys sued Paquette in 2006, claiming he had sexually abused them. ( Burlington Free Press
April 5, 2006)



Pastor was Msgr. W. John Fradet. In residence was Rev. Roland J. Rivard.

Parish had a school with 314 students.

Paquette no longer appears in the Directories after 1978.

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