Final Addendum
Final Addendum to the
Report to the People of God discovered this document on the website of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. It lists 49 "names of clergy from a follow up review of Archdiocesan files, and names of clergy involved in Clergy I litigation which were not previously posted." The list includes 24 names of accused priests not previously known.

In a letter to Archbishop Gomez, this organization urged him to make public the allegations against the priests and brothers, as well as their career histories. Such information has been provided by the archdiocese when they released lists of names in the past. We also expressed concern that this list, which has apparently existed since October 2008, has not been made public in a proper way, and that children have been put at risk as a result.

The PDF properties of the document show that it was created and presumably posted on January 31, 2013. No announcement was made by the archdiocese of the document's publication, although it is clearly related to the archdiocese's release on the same day of clergy files, under the nonmonetary terms of the 2007 settlement. Archbishop Gomez did not mention the release of the Final Addendum in his January 31, 2013 letter.

This release of names is momentous. Perhaps only when Cardinal Keeler of Baltimore released his list on September 25, 2002, have so many names of accused priests come into the public domain by a bishop's actions. On several occasions, bishops have been compelled to release names by survivors' nonmonetary conditions in a bankruptcy proceeding (e.g., Bishop Kettler in Fairbanks) or by a grand jury report (Cardinal Rigali, who removed 21 priests in Philadelphia), but Archbishop Gomez' release of 24 new names is a remarkable and disturbing development.

The release of the names was first reported in L.A. Archdiocese Adds Priests' Names to Abuse List, by Harriet Ryan, Los Angeles Times (2/13/13).

Below we provide links to the so-called Final Addendum, the previous reports issued by the Los Angeles archdiocese, and our letter to Archbishop Gomez. Then we begin to provide assignment histories for the 24 "new" priests on the list.

Final Addendum to the Report to the People of God (created 1/31/13; dated 10/08)

Report to the People of God (2/17/04)

• Errata Notices 1 2 3

Addendum to the Report to the People of God (10/12/05 and 11/15/05)

Appendix and Errata to the Report to the People of God (10/15/06) Letter to Archbishop Gomez (2/12/13)

Lists of Accused Priests That Have Been Released by Bishops


The 49 Priests Listed in the Final Addendum, Including 24 Names Made Public for the First Time

Archdiocesan Priests

  1. Bouska, Jerome
  2. Cunningham, Christopher
  3. Farrell, Terrence
  4. Feeney, John J.C.
  5. Grasha, Donald
  6. Higson, John
  7. Hollinger, William
  8. Hurley, Daniel
  9. Newell, Jeffrey
10. O'Brien, Kenneth
11. Perez Carilla, Antonio
12. Rodriguez Macal, Saul
13. Sanchez, Jose
14. Sintef, Michael
15. Ugarte, Jose


Note: Names that were not public previously are highlighted.


  1. Alonso, Jose
  2. Arias, Andres
  3. Corcoles, Candido
  4. De Otero, Roberto
  5. Feeney, John Patríck
  6. Hollenbach, Frank
  7. Ilagan, Jose Medrano
  8. Jablonowskí, Anthony
  9. Lopez Lopez, Fernando
10. McCarthy, Kevin
11. Power, Vincent
12. Riebe, Loren
13. Robinson, James
14. Savarianandam, Arulappan

Order Priests/Brothers

  1. Boley, Robert, OCarm.
  2. Chandler, David, CSP
  3. Chong, Bro Damien, OCarm
  4. Deehr, Anselm, ST
  5. Eslava, Bro Joseph, CMF
  6. Finn, William, OCarm
  7. Kain, Steven, OFM
  8. Koerner, Robert, OMI
  9. McAsey, Joseph, SJ
10. McKeon, Martin, OFM
11. Moreno, Kolbe, OPraem
12. Pereira, Anthony, SDB
13. Puthenkandam, Joseph, CMI
14. Shelton, Charles, OFM
15. Stiechen, Raymond, SDB
16. Su, Stanislaus, CSJB
17. Sweeney, Francis, CSP
18. Villoria, Luis, CMF
19. Wert, William, OCarm
20. Wood, William, SJ


Assignment Histories

We are working on assignment histories for all the "new" accused priests listed in the Final Addendum and others whose assignments have not yet been established.

The introduction to the Final Addendum states that the list "includes names of clergy from a follow up review of Archdiocesan files, and names of clergy involved in Clergy I litigation which were not previously posted." This webpage does not state or imply that individuals whose assignments are presented here are guilty of a crime or liable for civil claims. The U.S. legal system presumes that a person accused of or charged with a crime is innocent until proven guilty. Similarly, individuals who may be defendants in civil actions are presumed not to be liable for such claims unless a plaintiff proves otherwise. Admissions of guilt or liability are not typically a part of civil or private settlements.

We will be posting additional assignment histories. Please refresh this page to see the latest additions.

| Rev. Jerome A. Bouska | Bro. Damien (Patrick) Chong, O.Carm. | Rev. Christopher Cunningham | Rev. Anselm Deehr, S.T. (Thomas Deehr) | Rev. Terence J. Farrell | Rev. John J.C. Feeney | Rev. Donald F. Grasha | Rev. John Higson | Rev. William Hollinger | Rev. Saul David Rodriguez Macal | Msgr. Kenneth R. O'Brien | Rev. Jose (Joseph) G. Sanchez | Rev. Michael Sintef |

Rev. Jerome A. Bouska

Jerome Bouska

Ordained 1956

1956-1962     St. Stephen’s, Monterey Park, Parish with school
1962-1965     St. Robert Bellarmine, Burbank, Parish with school
1965-1966     St. Peter’s, Los Angeles
1966-1971     St. Frances Xavier Cabrini, Los Angeles, Parish with school
Early 1970s   Cathedral High School, Los Angeles Chaplain
1971-1974     St. Bernard’s, Los Angeles, In residence
1974-2000     St. Helen’s, South Gate, Parish with school (Pastor 1977-2000)
2000-2001     Whereabouts unknown; not indexed in 2001 Directory
2001-2010     St. Basil's, Los Angeles, Retired

Chancery Positions

1963-1974    Defender of the Bond
1972-1993    Judge, Archdiocesan Tribunal
1993-2009    Defender of the Bond

Died 11/20/2010

Bouska is missing from the Official Catholic Directory in 2001. He re-appears in the 2002 Directory, with a new status (retired), a new residence (St. Basil), and new housemates, most notably Msgr. Terrence Richey, longtime Mahony aide and handler of accused priests.


Bro. Damien (Patrick) Chong, O.Carm.

Bro. Damien Chong, O.Carm.

1961           Solemn Vows

1956-1958   Carmelite Brothers' Formation Program, Akron OH (First Vows)
1958-1961   Whitefriars Hall (Carmelite House of Theology), Washington DC (Solemn Vows)
1963-1967   Crespi Carmelite High School, Encino CA, Teacher
1967-1974   Mt. Carmel High School, Los Angeles, Teacher (see note 1 below)
1974-1976   Not listed in Directory (probably at Mt. Carmel or Crespi; see note 2 below)
1976-1984   Not listed in Directory (probably at Crespi; see note 3 below)
1984-1989   Crespi Carmelite High School, Encino CA, Teacher
1990           Not listed in 1990 Directory
1991-1997   St. Gelasius, Chicago IL, Associate Pastor
1997-2012   St. Theresa Carmelite Chapel and Catholic Information Center, North Shore Mall, Peabody MA
2007-2012   Our Lady of the Scapular Priory

1 Accused priest Matthew Sprouffske, O.Carm. was Chong's principal at Mt. Carmel for several years. At Crespi in the 1980s, Chong worked with accused priest Dominic Savino O.Carm.
2 News items (1, 2) indicate Chong continued to teach either at Mt. Carmel or Crespi. Mt. Carmel closed in 1976.
3 News items (2, 3) suggest he was at Crespi.


Rev. Christopher Cunningham

Ordained 1989

1989-1990   St. Mary's, Palmdale, Parish with school
1990-1994   St. Christopher's, West Covina, Parish with school
1994-1998   St. Mary's, Palmdale, Parish with school
1998-2001   St. Lawrence Martyr, Redondo Beach, Parish with school
2001-2004   St. Louise de Marillac, Covina, Pastor, Parish with school
2004-2006   Our Lady of the Assumption, Ventura

Not indexed after the 2006 Directory.


Rev. Anselm Deehr, S.T. (Thomas Deehr)

Ordained 1990

1970-1987  Our Lady of Fatima Parish and Mission, and Our Lady of Fatima Center, Cleveland OH
1990-1991  St. Anthony's, Atlanta GA, Administrator
1991-1992  Holy Trinity Missionary Seminary, Silver Springs MD (Archdiocese of Washington DC)
1992-1993  Not indexed in Official Catholic Directory
1993-1995  Holy Spirit Missionary Cenacle, Stirling NJ (Diocese of Paterson)
1995-1998  Our Lady of Victory, Compton CA, In residence, Parish with school (Archdiocese of Los Angeles)
1997-2000  Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Long Beach CA
2000-2001  St. Maria Goretti, Long Beach CA, In residence, Parish with school
2000-2007  Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Long Beach CA
2007-2008  Missionary Servants of the Most Holy Trinity, Adelphi MD
2008-2011  Father Judge Missionary Cenacle, Adelphi MD

Note: Founded Our Lady of Fatima Center as a brother and ran it for many years. Accused of molesting and sexually assaulting a boy there in 1983-1987 (see appeals court decision and announcement). The assignment in Atlanta is noted in a news article.

Rev. Terence J. Farrell

Ordained 1992

1992-1994   Our Lady of Lourdes, Northridge
1994           St. John Vianney, Hacienda Heights

Note: Arrested 9/9/1994 on suspicion of sexual battery of an 18-year-old.
See articles 1 2.


Rev. John J.C. Feeney

Ordained 1955

1955-1957   Holy Trinity, San Pedro, Parish with school
1957-1961   St. Pius V, Buena Park, Parish with school
1961-1966   Holy Family, Artesia, Parish with school
1966-1968   U.S. Army Chaplain
1968-1969   On duty outside the archdiocese
1969-1971   St. Genevieve's, Van Nuys, Parish with school and HS
1971-1973   St. Helen's, South Gate, Parish with school
1973-1983   Our Lady of the Valley, Canoga Park, Pastor, Parish with school
1983-1987   Not indexed in the Directory
1987-1989   Sts. Felicitas & Perpetua, San Marino, In residence, Parish with school
1989-1993   Annunciation, Arcadia, "Senior Priest"/retired
1993-2004   Nazareth House, Los Angeles

Feeney died on January 16, 2004.


Rev. Donald F. Grasha

Ordained 1984

1984-1986   Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Downey, Parish with school
1986-1988   Our Lady of Lourdes, Tujunga, Parish with school
1988-1989   Sick Leave
1989-1990   Not indexed in the 1990 Directory, not in diocesan pages
1990-1994   Santa Teresita Hospital, Duarte
1994-1997   Sacred Heart, Ventura, Parish with school
1997-1998   St. Catherine Laboure, Torrance, Parish with school
1998-1999   St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, Lomita, Parish with school
1999-2008   St. Luke the Evangelist, Temple City, Parish with school

Not indexed in 2009, 2010, and 2011 Official Catholic Directories

In 1998-1999, Grasha lived and worked at St. Margaret Mary Alacoque with Rev. Sean Cronin,
an accused priest whose file was released in January 2013 and who was laicized in 2011.


Rev. John Higson

Ordained 1980

1980-1984   St. Gregory the Great, Whittier, Parish with school
1984-1991   Our Lady of the Rosary, Paramount, Parish with school
1991-1993   Holy Spirit, Los Angeles, Parish with school
1993-1994   Not indexed in the 1994 Directory, not listed in its diocesan pages
1994-1999   St. John Neumann (Hispanic), Santa Maria, Parish with CCD classes
1997-1998   Santa Clara, Oxnard
1999-2001   Sick Leave

Not listed in the 2002-2009 Directories.


Rev. William Hollinger

Ordained 1946

1946-1951   St. Timothy's, Los Angeles
1951-1954   St. Philip the Apostle, Pasadena, Parish with school
1954-1962   St. Catherine Laboure, Torrance, Parish with school
1962-1966   St. Matthew's, Long Beach         
1966-1969   Our Lady of Fatima, San Clemente, Pastor, Parish with school
1969-1975   St. Philip Neri, Lynwood
1975-1988   St. Cyprian's, Long Beach/Lakewood, Pastor, Parish with school

Hollinger died on October 18, 1988.

Rev. Saul David Rodriguez Macal

Ordained 1966, apparently in El Salvador

1982-1984   Our Lady of Guadalupe, Los Angeles, Parish with a school
1984-1988   St. Cecilia’s, Los Angeles, Parish with a school
1988-1991   San Francisco, Los Angeles, Pastor and sole priest
1991-1993   Sick Leave (St. Joseph’s in LA, see below)

Note: Rodriguez is identified as a priest from El Salvador in the 1982-1984 Directories.  The rectory for the Our Lady of Guadalupe church where he worked is at 4018 Hammel Street. Middle name David is first given in 1989 Directory. In the 1992 Directory’s LA Sick Leave list of 24 priests, 7 are now known to be accused, including Rodriguez. The 1993 Directory is unique in providing phone numbers for priests on sick leave. The number given for Rodriguez is 213-748-5394, which is the number for St. Joseph’s church, a Franciscan community where Rev. Alan McCoy OFM was the superior.


Msgr. Kenneth R. O'Brien, J.C.D.

Ordained 1940

1940-1941   St. Brendan's, Los Angeles
1941-1946   St. Bernard’s, Los Angeles, Parish with a school
1946-1949   Catholic University, Washington DC, Obtained canon law degree
1949-1954   Holy Name of Jesus, Los Angeles With parish school
1954-1955   Cathedral of St. Vibiana, Los Angeles, Parish with a school
1955-1962   St. Ann's, Los Angeles, Pastor and sole priest
1960           Named monsignor
1962-1966   St. Peter’s, Los Angeles, Pastor beginning in 1965
1966-1967   St. Mark’s, Venice, Pastor, Parish with a school
1967-1971   Divine Saviour, Los Angeles, Pastor, Parish with a school
1971-1976   Retired but remains active in Archdiocesan Tribunal
1976-1987   Special Assignment
1987-1988   Not indexed in the 1988 Directory
1989-1999   Retired but still active in Archdiocesan Tribunal

Chancery Positions

A canon lawyer, O’Brien was prominent in the archdiocese. Early in his career, he was vice-chancellor (1953-1955), and for most of his priesthood, from 1949 to 1999, he occupied key positions in the archdiocesan tribunal, sometimes called the matrimonial court. From 1974 to 1984, he was the tribunal’s Officialis, or Presiding Judge.

Died November 22, 1999

Note: O'Brien retired from parish work in 1971, at the relatively young age of 60. The Official Catholic Directory records four addresses for him from 1971 to his death in 1999: P. O. Box 3163, Terminal Annex, 90064 (1971-1976 and 1984-1989); 1583 W. 9th St., 90015 (1976-1984 – these were the archdiocesan offices); 130 N. Catalina St Los Angeles 90004 (1989-1993 - this was his private home - see page 4 of this brochure); and St John of God Nursing Home in Los Angeles (1994-1999).

Rev. Jose (Joseph) G. Sanchez

Ordained 1983

1983-1987   Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Los Nietos
1987-1988   St. Camillus De Lellis, Los Angeles
1988-1989   Not indexed in 1989 Directory.
1989-1993   St. Alphonsus, Los Angeles, Parish with a school
1993-1994   Not indexed in 1994 Directory.
1994-2003   St. Philip Neri (Hispanic), Lynwood, Pastor, Parish with a school

Note: At St. Alphonsus, two of the three priests were ultimately accused: Sanchez and also the pastor, Rev. Joseph D. Pina. Sanchez and Pina were the sole priests for half of Sanchez’s time at St. Alphonsus.  In the 1996 Directory, the middle initial G. is dropped, but the ’83 ordination year confirms identity.  Then in the 1997 Directory, the G. is restored, but Jose is transformed to Joseph.  Again, the ’83 confirms the identity, and he is in the same Lynwood parish during these transformations. Two years out of the Directory are


Rev. Michael Sintef

Michael Sintef

Ordained 1981

1981-1985   St. John the Baptist, Baldwin Park, Parish with a school
1985-1988   St. Genevieve’s, Van Nuys, In residence, Parish with a school and high school

Note: In 1988 Directory, 3 of the 4 priests at St. Genevieve were ultimately accused: Msgr. John V. Cosgrove, Rev. John W. Wishard, and Sintef. In the 1989 Directory, Sintef is gone and Loomis has arrived. Not listed in 1989-1997 or 2000 Directories.


















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