Deposition of Archbishop John Nienstedt

Deposition Taken April 2, 2014
Released April 22, 2014 by Jeff Anderson & Associates

Deposition Transcript, Index, and Three Exhibits
Deposition Transcript
Exhibit 18: Nienstedt Decree on Wehmeyer (6/20/12) - see p. 151
Exhibit 38: Haselberger Memo on Shelley (2/4/12) - see p. 170
Exhibit 45: Haselberger Memo on Shelley (2/8/13) - see p. 187

Video of the Deposition Posted by Minnesota Public Radio:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Haselberger's 2/8/13 memo (Exhibit 45) is a response to:
Nienstedt's 2/7/13 request referencing:
McDonough's 1/27/13 memo to Nienstedt, as well as:
McDonough's 1/27/13 memo to Haselberger et al.
Haselberger attaches a document not included in the exhibit:
- McDonough's 5/9/11 Memo to Rourke re Not Disclosing to Parish Wehmeyer's Sexual Misconduct

These supporting documents have been made public by Minnesota Public Radio, which has also made public a Nienstedt decree that is closely related to Exhibit 18:
Nienstedt's 6/20/12 Decree Regarding Restrictions on Wehmeyer


















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