Church in Crisis
The Rev. Robert Gray

Louisville Courier-Journal
September 29, 2002

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Gray is named in one lawsuit that also accuses the Rev. Louis E. Miller. The archdiocese returned Gray, who is retired but has assisted at St. Elizabeth of Hungary, to active ministry after police closed an investigation of Gray. That investigation concerned allegations made by the plaintiff in the lawsuit, James R. Sullivan Sr. There is no mention of Miller in the police investigation file, a copy of which was given to The Courier-Journal under the state open records law. Police closed the investigation, labeling the claim against Gray as "unsubstantiated" and saying that Sullivan would not cooperate. The dates of the alleged abuse by Gray in the criminal investigation were about "1978 and again in 1983-84," while the civil lawsuit said on and after 1980. Sullivan said that the detective assigned to the case never contacted him after their initial phone conversation. He said he didn't mention Miller to her on the phone.

Sullivan said he mentioned Miller to Capt. Richard Dotson, the commander of the Crimes Against Children Unit. Dotson said it's possible Sullivan approached him, according Louisville police spokeswoman Helene Kramer. Dotson said he has been approached by many people about possible priest abuse, and he advises them all to call the Crimes Against Children Unit and schedule an interview with a detective, Kramer said.

PLAINTIFF: James R. Sullivan Sr.
AGE: 31
ADDRESS: Louisville
OCCUPATION: Truck driver, plumber
DEFENDANT: Archdiocese of Louisville
DATE AND LOCATION OF ALLEGED ABUSE: About 1980 when Gray was assigned to St. Vincent de Paul Church and Miller was at St. Elizabeth of Hungary.
ACCUSATION: Molestation, abuse, fondling
WHERE ALLEGED ABUSE OCCURRED: Sullivan declined to be specific other than that all the abuse occurred on church property.
DETAILS OF ALLEGATION: Sullivan said he knew Gray because he went to school at St. Vincent de Paul, and that abuse occurred in the second grade and again when he was in the sixth grade. The complaint says that in an effort to seek protection from Gray, Sullivan went to Miller, who was involved with a scouting troop at St. Elizabeth of Hungary. On the second occasion seeking help, Sullivan said Miller grabbed Sullivan's genitals and asked if that's what Gray did to him.
WAS ANYONE TOLD? Sullivan said he told his father, his grandmother and his sixth-grade teacher. He said he believes the teacher told him to tell his parents. He also said he called the archdiocese twice, first in 1994 when he spoke to a priest who told him that a report would be made, Sullivan said. Sullivan said he called back repeatedly and left messages to check on the outcome of any investigation, but he never heard any more and eventually dropped it. He said he told a social worker at Caritas Peace Center in 1998, a nun, who told him to call the archdiocese. Sullivan said he did that, but isn't sure who he spoke with. Nothing happened as a result, he said.
IN THE PLAINTIFF'S WORDS: "I haven't left my faith or my church. I just don't go to the church."


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