Sins & Silence
Letters to the Editor
Change focus on 'vicious' acts

By Mary C. Dunford
Telegraph Herald [Dubuque IA]
March 22, 2006

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Brian Cooper's column (March 14) describes some of the angry reactions to the TH's recent clergy abuse series.

The Catholic League referred to "alleged victims" and "alleged perpetrators." I suggest that what we have in these protesters may be "alleged Christians."

Persons who follow Christ don't sexually abuse, conceal abuse and protect abusers. Christians would respond in indignation to these horrific sins by modeling Christ's actions.

As far as "vicious," a word used by the critics of the abuse series, I'd like to suggest an example of "vicious."

Vicious is an adult woman who has taken a vow of chastity as a nun, teaches at an all-girls boarding school and who zeroes in on one of her charges—a student from a broken home who is in need of attention and affirmation.

This nun came into my room every night after lights out for two years, kissed me passionately and frequently, told me of her love for me. She removed her clothing from the waist up and urged me to touch and kiss her. She messed up my life, big time. This life-altering "abortion" of a gifted young girl is "vicious."

Obviously, the nun who abused me was sick; however, her superiors who put reputation, church, money and power before a child and have never been gracious to me or freely offered justice are "vicious."

Abuse is vicious. Writing the truth and demanding change and justice are not.

Mary C. Dunford
4150 Wenzel Ave.
Eagan, Minn.


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