Sins & Silence
Letters to the Editor
Truth needs to be told about sexual abuse

By Melissa Mills
Telegraph Herald [Dubuque IA]
March 26, 2006

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Here is why the Telegraph Herald should keep repeating the horrible events committed by the Catholic priests:

1. They covered up the stories for decades to protect the sick individuals.

2. They lied about the amount and severity of the cases.

3 . They would not give documents that victims were demanding to prove their cases.

These men who violated so many innocent children have gotten a walk; those children who have to live with those terrible memories can't turn them off because it's been too long.

I am not saying every priest is guilty of molestation toward children. Yet, for years the Church has been renowned in having a higher power, and many went to this in search of something.

These victims looked up to their predators with nothing but love and empowerment, and they were squashed. No one stood up for them, no one took their case into account. Years ago, if you would have accused a priest of molestation or sexual assault, you would have been laughed at or even shunned.

Keep it up, TH. Say it loud and keep saying it. One of these days, everyone will get the idea that no one has the right to take that gift away from you. I know this personally. In my case it wasn't a priest. Even though I have moved on, a part of me still remembers—every day.

Melissa Mills
16941 Twelve Mile Road
Bernard, Iowa


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