Systemic Abuse at the Sun-Times

By Pat Hickey
Chicago Daily Observer
August 13, 2008

Yesterday, August 12, 2008, Francis Cardinal George settled with the victims of priest/cleric abuse in the amount of $12.6 million dollars. The Chicago Tribune reported that story. The Sun Times, like the little fat punk who watches two tough guys fight and then rekindles the violence with taunts to each combatant, intends to milk this issue.

The horror of the abuse is too monstrous to imagine. Catholics are all too aware of the damage inflicted by monsters in stiff collars and vestments who hid behind canon law, the majesty of the Catholic Church and the protocols of the hierarchy, the trust of the faithful and innocence of children in order to lunge out and sodomize babies.

The victims, for the most part (there have been a couple of dubious claimants here and there), deserve every tiny bit of monetary and legal compensation nothing can restore the damage to their souls by the monsters who abused them.

I take issue with the agenda of some of the lawyers who have made the abuse of children by the clergy a cottage industry and I take strong exception to the morons in the media who do their PR work for them much like the law firms who get fatter suing over allegations of police abuse. The Chicago Sun Times has been especially keen to shill for such vermin.

It is one thing to fight for Justice and another thing entirely to fog the truth while undermining the public trust in our institutions.

The Chicago Sun Times insists upon picking at this scab as it does with every societal problem in order to undermine any and all confidence in the Catholic Church.

The kleptocracy that is Russia, behaving like the three hundred pound bar bully beating up a tiny bar maid, invades its neighbor Georgia, agrees to a ceasefire, and violates that agreement, but the idiots at the Sun Times insist upon pulling the scabs that have yet to heal in the Clergy Abuse Scandal.

The Sun Times smears its agenda across the front pages of its tabloid and thickens its thin gruel of information with pieces throughout the edition:

- Victim was 7 when abused by priest
- Excerpts from Archdiocese's communication with abusive priest
- Chicago Archdiocese priests listed in settlement
- Cardinal George: Archdiocese worked to free abuser early
[See also, from the Sun-Times website, Photogallery: Priest Abuse Cases Settled.]

Cardinal George has worked to resolve some of issues, bound by legal complexities, PC nonsense that mountains up from the molehills by agenda ready zealots, and within the limits of canon and civil law in this horrific chapter in American Catholic history.

The word settled should mean something. Settled. Settle down. Allow the healing to begin.

But, this not how the idiots at the Sun Times roll. They, (the Editorial Board of STNG) are the degenerate gamblers of journalism, cashing in the mortgage, taking out the Pay Day Loans, lying to their friends and caging the last bit of value out of any trust in order to stay in the game.

The Sun Times pulled scabs on race relations, gave Chicago Police Officers a daily beating, created a Thug Comfort Zone in Chicago and, now, intends to keep hope alive for future lawsuits against the Archdiocese of Chicago, despite every heroic effort by Francis Cardinal George.


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