Timeline of Donald McGuire

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July 9, 1930 Donald J. McGuire is born in Oak Park, IL
Aug. 21, 1947 McGuire enters the Jesuit Order.
1961 McGuire is ordained a Jesuit priest.
1961-1965 McGuire lives in Europe, working and studying in Germany, Austria, England, and Ireland.
Early 1960s McGuire abuses EF, a minor, in Europe (Victim 1)
1965-1970 McGuire teaches at Loyola Academy.
1966-1968 Vic Bender sexually abused by McGuire at Loyola Academy (Victim 2).
1968 MS is abused by McGuire at Loyola Academy (Victim 3).
1968-1969 John Doe 84 sexually abused by McGuire at Loyola Academy (Victim 4).
Nov. 29, 1969 REPORT: Fr. Charles Schlax, a Chicago Archdiocese priest and the pastor at Our Lady of Lourdes, writes to Fr. John Reinke, s.j., the president of Loyola Academy, to confirm their telephone conversation about the sexual abuse of John Doe 84 by Donald McGuire, which John Doe 84 told Fr. Schlax about that day. The letter says that John Doe 84 referred to McGuire as a "pervert." Doc 1
Jan. 8, 1970 Fr. Reinke tells McGuire that he will not be teaching at Loyola Academy during the second semester due to several issues, including "family problems," a euphemism for sexual misconduct. Doc 2 [see also Doc 2A]
Jan. 21, 1970 The vice provincial of the Jesuits writes to McGuire to explain that his sabbatical "is not a sabbatical in the usual sense." The vice provincial also tells McGuire that he needs to move out of Loyola Academy immediately. Doc 3
1970 McGuire transferred to Loyola University.
1979 John Doe 117 is born.
1983 13 years after the Jesuits knew of McGuire's sexual abuse of John Doe 84, McGuire becomes the spiritual director for Mother Theresa's order, the Missionaries of Charity. He becomes Mother Theresa's personal confessor.
1986 John Doe 116 is born. McGuire baptizes him.
1987-94 John Doe 117 (then 8 or 9 years old) is sexually abused by McGuire (Victim 5).
Oct. 24, 1987 John Doe 118 (John Doe 117's brother) is born. McGuire baptizes him.
May 11, 1993 REPORT: The father of a 16 year old boy writes to the Jesuits regarding McGuire's inappropriate relationship with their son. According to the father, McGuire required the boy to massage him, sleep in his room, and forced him to look at many pornographic images. The father also says that McGuire revealed things the boy told McGuire in the confession in violation of canon law. The father asks the Jesuits for a full investigation into McGuire's inappropriate behavior. (Victim 6). These documents will not be released.
July1993 -Jan. 94 Several letters are exchanged between the father of Victim 6 and the Jesuits regarding McGuire's inappropriate contact with the teenager. These documents will not be released.
June 1998-Aug. 1999 McGuire repeatedly shows pornography to and acts sexually inappropriate with his assistant, a teenaged boy. The boy's parents tell the Jesuits about the problem in October 2000. (Victim 7) Doc 5.
Aug. 1999-2000 McGuire engages in inappropriate behavior with another one of his assistants. His parents come forward in Sept. 2000 to report that they are concerned for their son's well being, and that Fr. McGuire makes their teenaged son sleep in the same bed as him. (Victim 8) Doc 6
Summer 1999 - 2004 John Doe 116 comes to Chicago to live with McGuire at Canisius House. McGuire sexually assaults John Doe 116 hundreds of times between 1999 and 2004, both in and out of the confessional. (Victim 9)
Sept. 2000 REPORT: The parents of Victim 8 call the Jesuits to inform the order that they have concerns regarding McGuire's inappropriate conduct with their son. Doc 4
Oct. 17, 2000 Rev. Richard McGurn, s.j., of the Jesuits acknowledges the September 2000 phone call from the parents of Victim 8 and requests that they detail their complaint in writing. Doc 4
Oct. 25, 2000 REPORT: The parents of Victim 7 write Fr. Richard McGurn, s.j., expressing concern that McGuire showed pornography to their child and that their son's emotional state when he returned home from his time with McGuire "alarmed" them. Doc 5
Oct. 27, 2000 The parents of Victim 8 outline their concerns about McGuire's conduct with their son in a detailed letter. Doc 6
Dec. 3, 2000 Hearing nothing from the Jesuits, Victim 8's parents write to the Bishop of Savannah (Georgia) to express concerns about McGuire hosting a retreat in Savannah given his improprieties with their son. They express concern about McGuire being around their son and other young men. Doc 7
Jan. 5, 2001 Having heard nothing from the Jesuits, the parents of Victim 8 again write to the Jesuits expressing their continued concern for their son. Doc 8
Jan 10, 2001 The Jesuits finally writes back to the parents of Victim 8, refusing to share any details about what they are doing with the parents' allegations. McGurn writes, "We hope you would trust us [Jesuits] to act appropriately." During the entire time that Victim 8's parents were trying to call the order to action, John Doe 116 continued to live with McGuire (when he was not at school) and was sexually abused by McGuire almost daily. Doc 9
Fall 2001 John Doe 118 is sexually abused by McGuire on at least 2 occasions. (Victim 10)
Nov. 2001 John Doe 118 accompanies McGuire, who was directing an Ignatian retreat, to assist and serve McGuire. John Doe 118 sleeps in McGuire's room.
March 2002 John Doe 117 gets married. McGuire witnesses the ceremony and in appreciation, the family hosts a fundraiser for McGuire's missionary work the next day. John Doe 118 (117's brother) is again sexually assaulted by McGuire throughout the weekend.
July 2002 McGuire takes John Doe 118 on an 8 day retreat.
Dec. 7, 2002 The parents of Victim 8 contact the Archdiocese of Chicago. They tell the Cardinal's delegate that they are frustrated that their complaint to the Jesuits has not been addressed and that McGuire is still working in ministry. Doc 10
Dec. 8, 2002 Victim 8's parents write to Fr. Brett Brannen of the Savannah diocese expressing their frustration with the Jesuits lack of attention to this matter. Doc 11
Aug. 17, 2003 John Doe 84 sues the Jesuits and McGuire for his sexual abuse at Loyola Academy.
Sept. 16, 2003 Not having received a response from the Jesuits or from the Chicago Archdiocese three years after their first contact with the Jesuits, the parents of Victim 8 write to Bishop Boland of Savannah asking for his assistance. Doc 12
Sept. 25, 2003 Vic Bender sues McGuire and the Jesuits for sexual abuse by McGuire as a student at Loyola Academy.
Oct. 1, 2003 After three full years of ignoring the complaints made by the parents of Victim 8, Fr. Edward Schmidt calls the parents of Victim 8 to tell them that McGuire's faculties had been removed. He suggested that the discipline was the result of the parents' actions. However, by that time, two civil lawsuits had been filed against the Jesuits and McGuire by John Doe 84 and Vic Bender and a criminal investigation was under way. Doc 14
Summer 2004 McGuire sexually abuses John Doe 116 for the last time. This abuse occurs after the order represented to the parents of Victim 8 that McGuire had been disciplined for his inappropriate conduct with their son.
Feb. 8, 2005 Wisconsin authorities charge McGuire with the criminal sexual abuse of John Doe 84 and Vic Bender.
Feb. 2006 McGuire is convicted of 5 counts of sexual assault of a minor in Wisconsin. Today he remains free pending appeal. He appeared in court and in his sex offender registry photo in his Roman Catholic collar. His registry (which lists him as NON-COMPLIANT) can be located here: [See a cached copy of the McGuire's sex offender registry on 7/2/07.]
Dec. 2006 REPORT: John Doe 116 reports his sexual abuse by McGuire to the Jesuits.
Aug. 21, 2007 John Doe 116 files a civil lawsuit against Jesuits and McGuire. The order repeatedly tells members of the media that it is not the job of the Jesuits to monitor McGuire while he walks the streets of Chicagoland; rather, it is up to the Wisconsin civil authorities.
Sept. 2007 McGuire continues to wear his Roman collar and represents himself as a priest to the general public. Fr. Edward Schmidt, s.j., Provincial of the Jesuits, repeatedly says he can not prevent McGuire from wearing the collar.
Oct. 12, 2007 REPORT: John Doe 117 and 118 report their sexual abuse by McGuire to the Jesuits.
Oct. 23, 2007 John Doe 117 and 118 file a lawsuit against the Jesuits and McGuire.
TODAY McGuire remains free pending his appeal and has been seen on many occasions with young men. He resides in a private residence at 9501 New England St. in Oak Lawn, IL. The Jesuits have indicated that they are not monitoring him in any way. McGuire remains a Jesuit priest and the Jesuits have not expressed any intention of laicizing him.


History of McGuire's Sexual Abuse and Jesuit Cover-Up
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