Berríos y Puga rechazan presencia de Juan Barros en misa papal


>>Berrios and Puga reject the presence of Juan Barros in papal mass

January 16, 2018

By Paula Campos

Justo cuando la transmisión oficial captó la presencia del obispo Juan Barros en la misa del Parque O´Higgins, se iniciaron las críticas por la permanencia del sacerdote en su cargo y su presencia en la misa papal.

Antes de que el Papa Francisco arribara al país distintas voces cercanas a la iglesia católica insistieron en la necesidad de que Juan Barros, obispo de Osorno, abandonara su cargo para no ser una mancha en el viaje apostólico iniciado este lunes 15 de enero. Sin embargo, aquello no ocurrió.

Desde su nombramiento, en enero de 2015, el obispo de la Diócesis de Osorno se ha visto envuelto en polémicas, todas apuntando al presunto encubrimiento de abusos sexuales y su cercanía con Fernando Karadima, sacerdote condenado canónicamente por cometer estos delitos contra menores.

Exactos dos años después de su nombramiento y luego de innumerables acciones encabezadas por un grupo de laicos de la sureña ciudad, el sacerdote asistió a la misa masiva del Parque O´Higgins, haciendo uso de su derecho por ser obispo titular, compartiendo suelo con aquellos que públicamente han pedido su salida.

[Google Translation: Just when the official transmission captured the presence of Bishop Juan Barros at the O’Higgins Park mass, criticisms were initiated for the priest’s continued presence and his presence at the papal mass.

Before Pope Francis arrived in the country, several voices close to the Catholic Church insisted on the need for Juan Barros, bishop of Osorno, to leave his post so as not to be a stain on the apostolic journey begun on Monday, January 15. However, that did not happen.

Since his appointment in January 2015, the bishop of the Diocese of Osorno has been embroiled in controversy, all pointing to the alleged cover-up of sexual abuse and his closeness to Fernando Karadima, a canonically condemned priest for committing these crimes against minors.

Exactly two years after his appointment and after innumerable actions led by a group of laity from the southern city, the priest attended the massive mass of the O’Higgins Park, making use of his right to be titular bishop, sharing soil with those who have publicly asked for his departure.

Immediately the first reactions were generated, which pointed to the impertinence of his presence in the esplanade of the capital meeting center; also his explanations: “Many lies have been said about my own,” Barros said when he was dismissed from the mass, when he was approached by a group of journalists. The bishop accused of covering up Fernando Karadima added that “the truth is what is important. And the truth is what has to prevail. ”

Mariano Puga, one of the “workers’ priests” who is now a parish priest in Villa Francia, joined the protests of the parishioners, rejecting the permanence of Barros in his position. “Neither left-handers, nor fools” said the posters with which the laity responded to what Francisco I once pointed out to them when he ratified the questioned Juan Barros.

The Jesuit Felipe Berrios openly criticized the presence of the prelate in the Park: “He should have had dignity,” he said adding that his presence leaves a wound in the apostolic journey. “Leave the Pope in a difficult situation. It is violent for many people who are there. It violates me because it contradicts everything he said in Papa in La Moneda, “he said, referring to the pardon that the Supreme Pontiff asked for all cases of pedophilia carried out by the Chilean church.

In conversation with the Semáforo program, Álvaro Ramis, a theologian and doctor in Philosophy, recalled the controversy generated after the letter that Francisco himself wrote in 2015 was published. In the letter, the Pope shared with the nuncio Ivo Scapolo his determination to remove Barros and two other bishops from their positions, to leave the Chilean Catholic Church in a better position in relation to its parishioners, a plan that was rendered ineffective. appear by action of the Holy One’s envoy to Chile.

The presence of Barros in mass mass is already commented on internationally. Neighboring countries pick up the annoyance and surprise at the presence of the Bishop at the Mass, right after the speech offered by the Pope in La Moneda.]

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