Vocero de los Laicos y Obispo de Osorno: “La tolerancia cero del Papa es tolerancia infinita”

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>>Spokesman for the Laity and Bishop of Osorno: “The Pope’s zero tolerance is infinite tolerance”

January 12, 2018

Juan Carlos Claret apuntó al poder que tendría el círculo cercano de Fernando Karadima en la administración de Jorge Bergoglio y a las interrogantes que pone sobre la mesa la carta del Sumo Pontífice filtrada el pasado jueves.

Luego de conocerse una carta confidencial del Papa Francisco sobre un supuesto plan para pedirle la renuncia a Juan Barros y darle un año sabático antes de reacomodarlo en labores administrativas; el vocero de los Laicos de Osorno, Juan Carlos Claret, se manifestó sobre las dudas que genera la misiva y cuestionó el manejo del Sumo Pontífice ante los casos de abusos sexuales al interior de la Iglesia Católica.

El escrito – de Francisco I de enero de 2015- menciona una estrategia para alejar de sus funciones a los sacerdotes involucrados como supuestos encubridores de los casos de abuso sexual del ex párroco de la Capilla de El Bosque Fernando Karadima. Todo esto previo a la nominación de Barros como Obispo de Osorno.

[Google Translation: Juan Carlos Claret pointed to the power that would have the close circle of Fernando Karadima in the administration of Jorge Bergoglio and the questions put on the table the letter of the Supreme Pontiff filtered last Thursday.

After knowing a confidential letter from Pope Francisco about a supposed plan to ask for the resignation of Juan Barros and give him a sabbatical year before rearranging him in administrative tasks; the spokesman of the Laity of Osorno, Juan Carlos Claret, spoke about the doubts generated by the letter and questioned the Supreme Pontiff’s handling of cases of sexual abuse within the Catholic Church.

The letter – by Francisco I of January 2015 – mentions a strategy to remove from its functions the priests involved as alleged cover-up of cases of sexual abuse of the former pastor of El Bosque Chapel, Fernando Karadima. All this prior to the nomination of Barros as Bishop of Osorno.

The letter raises doubts about the interventions after that date that the Supreme Pontiff had before the case, where even in a video he treated “lefties” and “fools” to those who asked for Barros’ departure from office.

“In the video the Pope makes a serious mistake, because he says that the only accusation against Juan Barros was discredited, but there is no accusation as far as we know against the bishop.” Karadima’s victims ask for a warrant and the Supreme Court asks in May to the Vatican the background, but Rome in September 2016 says that he will not give the background, that is, he recognizes that there is something, but that he is simply not going to hand it over to the Chilean justice, “says Claret.

The representative of the Laity points to the power that would have the circle of Fernando Karadima in the current administration of Jorge Bergoglio, which had been diminished in the mandate of Joseph Ratzinger.

” The biggest question in this letter is that it demonstrates that the Pope’s zero tolerance for abuses is not zero tolerance, but that it is infinite tolerance .” This is what is shown by a Pope who does not have all the conviction, having everything the power to do it, to be able to put an end to the abuses not only to the authors, but to the concealers, “the spokesman said.

“Mercy misunderstood leads to impunity,” adds Juan Carlos Claret.

Claret also assured that they have no expectations that the Pope will receive them to talk, even after the document is revealed.

“From Osorno we have no expectation if for three years practically the Chilean Church has forced the Osorno church to beg and we have tried to reach the Pope in repeated ways and the Pope did not want to hear us knowing all the information and has decided to treat us fools, “he said.]

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