Letter: Priest sexual abuse story smacks of anti-Catholic bias

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

May 1, 2021

Regarding “Guarding faith: St. Louis archdiocese adds another priest’s name to its list of abusers, but won’t talk about it” (April 18): As the president of the nation’s largest Catholic civil rights organization, I must complain about this story.

We live in a complex time with no shortage of current events that merit readers’ attention. Between the coronavirus, the border crisis and a whole host of other issues, it is peculiar the Post-Dispatch would prominently feature a story about a priest accused of abusing a minor in the 1970s. This is hardly the substance of breaking news. That is, unless the goal was to attack the church and impugn the reputation of Catholic priests.

I have had to raise concerns before about what I believe is an anti-Catholic bias at the Post-Dispatch.

William A. Donohue, Ph.D. • New York, N.Y.

President, Catholic League