Fr. William G. Allison

Ordained: 1948
Status: Sued

Diocese: Diocese of Alexandria LA

Ordained for Diocese of Alexandria LA. Also worked in AZ and CA. In treatment at Paraclete center and working in Gallup. Allegations against him in Flagstaff in 1963 and a civil suit in Fresno. New CA civil suit filed 7/11 claiming abuse in 1966. May have been dismissed due to 2012 CA Supreme Court ruling. Accused of abuse in Gallup, deemed credible in 2005. New AZ suit 6/13 against Gallup Diocese. On Gallup diocese’s list 4/28/17. Died 1987. On Monterey diocese’s list 1/2/19. It notes report in 2003 of abuse there 1964, 1966 and ’69. On Alexandria’s list 2/6/19; allegation found in file in 2019 of abuse of male minor in 1961, deemed credible. Suit in 7/20 alleged abuse by Allison and a male college student named Henry of a young altar boy in a Monroe LA parish in the 1970s. The college student lived in the rectory. All 9 judges in the Second Circuit recused themselves from the lawsuit in 12/20. Case reassigned to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal. Included in 8/21 on the Fresno diocese’s list of credibly accused.

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