Fr. Ernesto Garcia-Rubio

Ordained: 1963
Status: Settled

Diocese: Archdiocese of Miami FL

Worked for a year in Miami; moved to Cuba; expelled in 1969 for “serious difficulties of a moral nature (homosexuality).” Miami took him back. Accused in 1988 of sexually abusing four Nicaraguan and Salvadoran refugee boys 1983-1988. Evaluated at St. Luke’s Institute in 1988; sent on sabbatical to Colombia; assigned in Honduras. The priest who replaced him at his parish told a news outlet that Garcia-Rubio was sent on sabbatical because he had just celebrated his 25th anniversary as a priest. The Miami Archdiocese removed Garcia-Rubio’s faculties in 1989. He was reportedly working at a hotel in the Dominican Republic in the early 1990s and defrocked in 1999. Per the FL Attorney General’s report 11/6/2020, Garcia-Rubio was known to befriend and offer help to teenage boys, mostly immigrants, withholding help if they would not provide him with sexual favors. A fifth man sued in 2004, alleging rape in 1984 when he was a refugee, age 13. Some claims settled in 9/2004. New documents revealed in 3/2010. New suits filed in 6/2010 and 2/2013. At least 11 known victims. Deceased.

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