Fr. Albert Wilwerding

Ordained: 1956
Status: Settled

Died: 09/26/2004
Diocese: Diocese of Des Moines IA

Tommie Pierick and his priest uncle told Bishop Dingman in 1978 of abuse by Wilwerding in the late 1960s starting when the boy was age 12. Threats and gifts were used; a farmhouse was a common venue. The Diocese admitted no record of the two complaints. Wilwerding was removed in 1981. Tommie died by suicide in 1985; Wilwerding was sent for treatment again in same year. Tommies’s sister went to the Diocese in 1993. She went public in 2002; other victims then surfaced. The Diocese asked for defrocking 9/19/2003. Tommie’s brother sued 2/25/2004. Wilwerding died 9/26/2004. A civil suit was filed in 2006; settled in 2007. Included on the Diocese’s list 4/4/2019. It notes 25 allegations of the abuse of boys, occurring in the late-1950s to the mid-1980s. On the San Antonio Diocese’s list 1/31/2019. Lived in the diocese 1982-1984. Investigated in 1984 by San Antonio police for the sexual assault of an adult male; sent to treatment in NM. Report in 2018 of abuse of a boy in 1983 or 1984.

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