Archdiocese Releases Secret Documents on Priest Sexual Abuse

The Oregonian
June 6, 2007

[See also Parishioners Welcome Settlement, by Ashbel S. Green and Aimee Green, The Oregonian (December 20, 2006); Secret Files on Abusive Priests Will Be Released, by Ashbel S. Green and Steve Woodward, The Oregonian (April 18, 2007); Diocese to Release Documents As Part of Abuse Settlement, by Bill Bishop, Register-Guard (April 18, 2007).]

The Archdiocese of Portland has made available previously secret documents involving priest sexual abuse in Oregon.

The documents are being released as part of the bankrutpcy settlement plan that paid more than $50 million to about 175 victims of clergy sexual abuse.

In 2004, Portland became the first archdiocese in the country to seek bankruptcy protection from sexual abuse litigation.

For the documents, go here. You also can read documents related to each priest by clicking on the name below:

The Rev. Joseph A. Baccellieri
The Rev. Edmund J. Boyle
The Rev. Erasto Guzman Chavez
The Rev. John Goodrich
The Rev. Maurice Grammond
The Rev. David J. Hazen
The Rev. Gary Jacobson
The Rev. Thomas Laughlin, Pt. 1
The Rev. Thomas Laughlin, Pt. 2
The Rev. Thomas Laughlin, Pt. 3
The Rev. Thomas Laughlin, Pt. 4
The Rev. Joseph Mikulich
The Rev. Aldo Orso-Manzonetta
The Rev. Rocco Perone
The Rev. Michael J. Raleigh
The Rev. Martin Senko
The Rev. Anthony Smith
The Rev. Philp Steigerwald
The Rev. Ronald Warren
Archdiocese of Portland historic timeline
Portland Archdiocese child abuse policy
Portland Archdiocese child abuse policy
Portland Archdiocese parishes
The Rev. Donald Durand
The Rev. Maurice Grammond
The Rev. Maurice Grammond
The Rev. Rocco Perone/The Rev. Gerald McCray/The Rev. Donald Durand/The Rev. Vincent Minh
The Rev. Thomas Laughlin
A 1950 newspaper article on sex offender laws
A 2004 press release by Archbishop John Vlazny on sex abuse settlements
The Rev. Guss Krumm
The Rev. Andrew Ronan
A 2004 newspaper commentary piece by Archbishop John Vlazny
A 2006 news story in The Oregonian on sex abuse claims

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The bankruptcy file in the Archdiocese of Portland case also contains the names of dozens more priests, nuns and Catholic officials accused of abusing children than before.

Joint Plan of Reorganization
Bankruptcy disclosure agreement


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