Analysis: An inquiry doomed to fail?

BBC News

Dominic Casciani
Home affairs correspondent

Who would be the chair of a formal inquiry?

The catastrophic double-failed launch of the historical abuse inquiry raises serious questions for the Home Secretary over how she and her officials have managed this process to date – but it also demonstrates how difficult it can be to find someone capable of doing one of the toughest jobs in public life.

Right from the get-go, an inquiry chair is under massive scrutiny. They would be naive in the extreme not to realise that they run the risk of being accused of failing to get to the bottom of things or, worse, penning an official whitewash.

And that’s why Fiona Woolf has quit: She realised that without the confidence of victims and survivors of abuse, the inquiry she had hoped to lead would not command the support of the very…

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Names added to list of clerics accused of abuse


October 31, 2014

By The Associated Press DENISE LAVOIE (Associated Press)

BOSTON – (AP) — A watchdog group that documents the clergy sex abuse crisis on Friday added four names to its public database of priests and other religious leaders accused of sexual abuse., an online research site that has chronicled the clergy sex abuse crisis since it erupted in the Archdiocese of Boston in 2002, named clerics with the Congregation of Christian Brothers, the Dominican Order and the Salesians of Don Bosco.

One of the alleged victims, now a 48-year-old man, said in a recently settled lawsuit that he was abused by three clerics, starting when he was 12. Two of the clerics — the Rev. Sean Rooney and Brother Alan Scheneman — were members of the Salesians.

The man said Rooney molested him in 1980, when he was 14, while they were on a…

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Archdiocese: Man says Omaha-based priest sexually abused him


By Michael O’Connor / World-Herald staff writer

A local man alleges a religious order priest based in Omaha sexually abused him 30 years ago when he was a minor, the Archdiocese of Omaha announced Friday.

The archdiocese said the Rev. Anthony Palmese was associate pastor of Omaha’s Holy Ghost Parish in 1984-1985 when the alleged abuse occurred. The priest was a member of the New Jersey-based Order of Augustinian Recollects.

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Man alleges priest sexually abused him 30 years ago


[with video]

OMAHA, Neb. —An Omaha man is alleging a religious order priest sexually abused him 30 years ago when he was a minor, the Archdiocese of Omaha reported Friday.

Video: Man alleges priest sexually abused him three decades ago

The Rev. Anthony Palmese was associate pastor of Holy Ghost Parish in 1984-1985 and a member of the New Jersey-based Order of Augustinian Recollects when the alleged abuse took place. The man and his family were members of the parish at the time. Palmese died in 2012.

The Order of Augustinian Recollects founded Holy Ghost in 1918. It provided the parish with a pastor from its ranks until leaving Omaha and transferring Holy Ghost to the archdiocese in 1986.

The archdiocese learned of the allegation on Dec. 30, 2013, said Deacon Tim McNeil, chancellor of the archdiocese. The allegation was reported to local law enforcement and the…

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Priest Accused Of Sexual Abuse


An Omaha man is alleging a religious order priest sexually abused him 30 years ago when he was a minor, according to the Omaha Archdiocese.

The Rev. Anthony Palmese was associate pastor of Holy Ghost Parish in 1984-1985 when the alleged abuse took place and a member of the New Jersey-based Order of Augustinian Recollects.

The man and his family were members of the parish at the time. Palmese died in 2012.

The Order of Augustinian Recollects founded Holy Ghost in 1918. It provided the parish with a pastor from its ranks until leaving Omaha and transferring Holy Ghost to the archdiocese in 1986.

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Looking back and Pope Francis’ first year: A Q&A with John Allen

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

By Lilly Fowler 314-340-8221

Saturday, John L. Allen Jr., a prominent Vatican correspondent for the Boston Globe, will discuss Pope Francis’ reign at National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows in Belleville. The talk, which starts at 9 a.m., will cover the three pillars of Francis’ vision for the church.

In this Q&A, religion reporter Lilly Fowler talks to Allen about his years covering the Roman Catholic Church, the Boston Globe’s new website, Crux, and Pope Francis’ leadership so far. …

What do you see as Pope Francis’ primary strengths and weaknesses so far?

The most striking thing is the way that he’s completely changed the narrative about the Catholic Church. Eighteen months ago, the big Catholic stories were sex abuse scandals, crackdowns on nuns and bruising political controversies. Those stories obviously haven’t gone away, but they are no longer the…

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Irish priest silenced by Vatican to speak Saturday in Independence

Plain Dealer

CLEVELAND, Ohio — A well-known Irish priest who was suspended and muzzled by the Vatican is visiting Cleveland this weekend on an 18-city speaking tour.

The Rev. Tony Flannery, who is marking 50 years as a member of the Redemptorist order in County Galway, was suspended from public ministry in 2012 for suggesting that “the priesthood as we currently have it in the church” did not originate with Jesus.

He began to speak publicly on the need for church reform after refusing a year later to sign a statement saying that women can never be priests and that he accepted all the stances of the church on contraception, homosexuality and refusal of the sacraments to divorced and remarried Catholics.

He will speak on “Repairing a Damaged Church” at 7 p.m. Saturday at Independence Middle School, 6111 Archwood Drive, Independence. He is being sponsored by a nationwide…

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The Guardian view on Fiona Woolf and the child sex abuse inquiry

The Guardian


The home secretary’s all-embracing inquiry into historical child sex abuse has become a humiliating shambles. To lose Fiona Woolf, the second inquiry chair forced out before it has even started, is a disaster. Theresa May must get a grip on the idea that this is an inquiry into establishment and institutional failings. It cannot be led by someone from an establishment background. She should accept the resignation of Mrs Woolf and find someone the victims can trust. Then she must reset the inquiry with a sharper focus, and she must make it sure it is, and it is seen to be, genuinely independent of the Home Office and the wider establishment.

This is the inquiry Mrs May didn’t want. It was forced on her last July in a familiar piece of Downing Street crisis management, conceded in the face of the political firestorm triggered…

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Child sex abuse inquiry: Woolf ‘has done honourable thing’

BBC News

[with video]

31 October 2014

The founder of the National Association for People Abused in Childhood, Peter Saunders, has welcomed Fiona Woolf’s resignation as chair of an inquiry into historical child sex abuse.

He said Mrs Woolf had “finally done the honourable thing” after calls for her to resign over social links with ex-Home Secretary Lord Brittan.

Peter Saunders said the process to set up the inquiry was “too important to get it wrong again”.

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Abuse inquiry: Fiona Woolf steps down as chairwoman

BBC News

Fiona Woolf is to step down as the head of an inquiry into historic child sex abuse, she has told the BBC.

She said it had been clear for some time that victims did not have confidence in her, adding that it was time to “get out of the way”.

Victims’ groups earlier told government officials they were “unanimous” she should quit, citing her social links with ex-Home Secretary Lord Brittan.

Home Secretary Theresa May said she had accepted her decision “with regret”.

“I believe she would have carried out her duties with integrity, impartiality and to the highest standard,” she said in a statement.

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Fiona Woolf resigns as head of inquiry into historic child sex abuse after pressure to quit

London Evening Standard

Fiona Woolf tonight announced she had resigned as the head of the inquiry into historic child sex abuse after facing unprecedented pressure to quit.

Representatives of child abuse victims had urged her to stand down over after fresh revelations emerged about her links to former Home Secretary Lord Brittan.

They also criticised her lack of expertise on the subject of child abuse.

In a statement tonight, she said: “I did not think it was going to be possible for me to chair [the inquiry] without everybody’s support.”

She told the BBC that it has been clear to her for some time that she did not have the confidence of the victims and it was time for her to “get out of the way”.

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Fiona Woolf Quits: Second Sex Abuse Inquiry Chief Resigns Over Establishment Connections

International Business Times

By Lewis Dean
October 31, 2014

Fiona Woolf has resigned as head of an inquiry into historical child sex abuse after mounting pressure that she was unsuitable for the role because of her links to Lord Brittan.

The ceremonial Lord Mayor of London had been heavily criticised over her links to former Home Secretary Lord Brittan, whose role is expected to come under scrutiny in the investigation.

Woolf had faced calls to step down from her role investigating abuse from victims’ groups.

The groups questioned links between Woolf and Brittan who was home secretary in 1984, when ministers were handed a dossier listing alleged high-profile paedophiles.

Brittan was expected to be hauled in front of the inquiry after it emerged documents relating to alleged paedophilia in Westminster disappeared from his department. He denies failing to act on the dossier while in office in…

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Fiona Woolf quits as head of child sex abuse inquiry due to her links to former home secretary Lord Brittan

Daily Record

THE inquiry into historic child sex abuse and allegations of an establishment cover up at Westminster has been thrown into chaos after the chairman announced she was stepping down in the face of a barrage of criticism.

Fiona Woolf said she had no choice but to quit after accepting the victims had lost all confidence in her ability to conduct the investigation impartially.

It follows sustained pressure over her links with the former home secretary, Lord Brittan, who is facing claims that he failed to act on a dossier of paedophile allegations in the 1980s.

Her departure is a huge blow for the Government after the previous chairman, Baroness Butler-Sloss, also had to quit because her late brother, Sir Michael Havers, was attorney general during the same period.

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Head of UK child sex abuse inquiry quits


Source: AAP
1 NOV 2014

The second person appointed to lead a wide-ranging British inquiry into historic allegations of child sex abuse, including by politicians, has stepped down following criticism over her links to the establishment.

Lawyer Fiona Woolf was named to lead the government-commissioned inquiry after her predecessor, retired judge Elizabeth Butler-Sloss, quit in July over similar concerns.

Woolf’s decision on Friday came after groups representing child abuse victims issued a united call for her to be replaced.

Acknowledging their opposition, she told the BBC: “I was determined that the inquiry got to the bottom of the issues.

“And if I don’t command their confidence to run the panel fairly and impartially, then I need to get out of the way.”

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Theresa May accused of “appalling incompetence” over Fiona Woolf affair


OLIVER WRIGHT Author Biography , PAUL PEACHEY Friday 31 October 2014

Theresa May has been accused of presiding over “appalling incompetence” at the Home Office after the second head of the Government’s historical child sex abuse inquiry was forced to quit over her links with a key figure in the scandal.

Fiona Woolf, the Lord Mayor of London, announced that she was stepping down after she failed to declare that she lived on the same street as Lord Brittan and had attended five dinner parties with the former Conservative cabinet minister.

Lord Brittan was Home Secretary in 1984 when ministers were handed a dossier on alleged high-profile paedophiles. The files have disappeared, leading to allegations of a political cover-up. He was expected to be called to give evidence to the inquiry

Mrs Woolf also admitted allowing the Home Office to help redraft a letter explaining her…

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Appeal court judges reserve decision in archbishop case


The Canadian Press
Published Friday, October 31, 2014

WINNIPEG – Manitoba Appeal Court judges are reserving their decision on whether to allow new evidence in the case of a former archbishop found guilty of sexually assaulting an altar boy in the 1980s.

The judges are also taking time to decide whether his conviction should be overturned.
Seraphim Storheim was convicted early this year of sexually assaulting a boy who had come to visit him in Winnipeg in 1985.

Storheim’s lawyer, Jeff Gindin, presented the Appeal Court judges with photos and documents today that suggest the boy was in Winnipeg in 1986 and not 1985.

Gindin also argued the judge who convicted Storheim was biased against his client.

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Assignment Record – Rev. Terence O. “Fr. Mac” McAlinden


Summary of Case: Terence McAlinden was ordained a priest of the Trenton diocese in 1967. He did parish work for several years in Sayerville and Trenton before becoming Director of the diocese’s Catholic Youth Organization, a position he held for almost two decades.The CYO was headquartered in Keyport. In 1988 McAlinden was assigned as pastor to St. Theresa’s in Tuckerton. The parish moved to a building in Little Egg Harbor in 2006.

In September 2007 McAlinden was removed from active ministry after an allegation surfaced that he had sexually abused a boy in the 1980s and 1990s, beginning when the boy was age 13. In 2011 two other men alleged publicly that McAlinden sexually abused them as teenagers, one in 1969 and the other from 1980-1985. This accuser said his abuse was reported to the diocese in 1989, and that he received a settlement in 1992…

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Anti-abuse group archives member stories

Associated Baptist Press

By Bob Allen

A victims’ advocate says she believes it’s important to talk about a Southern Baptist megachurch’s mishandling of alleged child sex abuse 25 years ago so other churches don’t repeat the same mistakes today.

“This is a story that needs to be told to protect other kids,” Amy Smith, a Baptist representative of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, said in an August interview posted Oct 22 on her blog.

Smith, 45, shared her story in an oral history project commemorating the 25th anniversary of SNAP, a support and advocacy group formed during the Roman Catholic Church sex scandal that today boasts 12,000 members in various denominations.

Smith said her involvement with SNAP began about four years ago, when she started acting on something that had been bothering her for a long time. While she was in college her youth…

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Coulsdon pastor Howard Curtis appears in court charged with child cruelty and sexual assaults

Croydon Advertiser

A FORMER Coulsdon Christian pastor accused of child abuse, assault by penetration on a woman and sexually assaulting 13-year-old girls appeared at Croydon Magistrates’ Court today.

Howard Curtis, 71, of Bloxworth Close, Wallington, did not enter a plea to six charges of child abuse against boys and girls, two charges of indecent assault on a girls under 16, four charges of sexual assault on 13-year-old girls and assault by penetration on a woman.

Curtis, formerly of the Coulsdon Christian Fellowship, spoke only to confirm his name, date of birth and address.

The 13 charges relate to eight victims, who cannot be named for legal reasons, dating from between 1969 and 2012.

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Report: Accused rabbi’s office at Towson U. contains evidence


Tiny cameras and memory cards capable of holding hundreds of thousands of images were found in the Towson University office of Rabbi Barry Freundel, the Washington Post reported last week.

The memory cards and flash drives, as well as a photo of naked women and a handwritten list of names, were found in the rabbi’s office on the campus near Baltimore during a police search, the Post reported Oct. 24.

Freundel, an Orthodox leader and rabbi at Washington’s Kesher Israel synagogue, was arrested Oct. 14 for allegedly installing a clock radio with a hidden camera in the shower room of the synagogue’s mikvah. He is believed to have secretly filmed women showering and undressing.

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Photos raise question about sex conviction: lawyer

Bay Today

The Canadian Press

WINNIPEG – The lawyer for a former archbishop found guilty of sexually assaulting an altar boy in the 1980s says Manitoba’s highest court should consider fresh evidence and overturn the verdict.

Seraphim Storheim was convicted early this year of sexually assaulting a boy who had come to visit him in Winnipeg in 1985.

Storheim’s lawyer, Jeff Gindin, presented three Appeal Court judges with photos and documents Friday that suggest the boy was in Winnipeg in 1986 and not 1985.

Storheim’s handwriting on the pictures says a boy “not from here” is participating in a church ceremony in 1986.

Gindin argued that the evidence casts doubt on the credibility of the victim and the Crown’s version of events.

“I never suggested this evidence taken by itself was a smoking gun,” he told the judges. “It could have been used to cross-examine witnesses presented by…

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Fr. Tony Flannery off to a great start on the East Coast

Call to Action


The Catholic Tipping Point Tour featuring conversations with Fr. Tony Flannery is off to a great start!

The Irish priest is the founder of the Association of Catholic Priests in Ireland. A popular retreat leader and speaker in Ireland, he was reprimanded by the Vatican but has refused to be silenced. His presentation and answers to questions during the tour have covered a wide range of issues facing our Church. Like he did in his book, Tony has shared his story, the importance of conscience and his worries about the centralized institutional Church and its lack of transparency or accountability.

The 18 city tour kicked off in DC at the National Press Club, followed by a public event with a crowd of about 150, where Maureen reported that he and his host were “grinning ear to…

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Heroes in our midst: Chris Anderson & MaleSurvivor (Part II)

Relgion News Service – Rhymes with Religion

Boz Tchividjian | Oct 31, 2014

MaleSurvivor is an organization that is doing some amazing work in serving male survivors of sexual trauma. Last week was the first of my two part interview with it’s executive director, Chris Anderson who shared about the many challenges faced by male sexual abuse survivors. In part two of his interview, Chris and I discuss the unique struggles faced by male survivors who are members of faith communities. Chris also provides us with some extremely insightful and helpful ideas on how faith communities can actually become places where male survivors find peace, comfort, and healing.

My prayer is that the faith communities are listening and ready to become that place.

Boz: What are some of the unique struggles faced by male sexual abuse survivors? What about those who are a part of a faith…

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Kerkjurist over benoeming ‘pedopastoor’: “Bisschop is medeplichtig”

De Morgen


“Wat moet er meer zijn om een pastoor na misbruik van een minderjarige weg te houden uit een parochie?”, vraagt professor kerkelijk recht Kurt Martens zich af. Hij snapt niet dat het bisdom Brugge de ontslagen pastoor Tom F. (40) een nieuwe kans geeft nadat hij bekende een minderjarige te hebben aangerand. “Leren ze het dan nooit?”

Dat Tom F. vanaf morgen officieel benoemd wordt tot pastoor van de federatie Middelkerke is eerst en vooral daar hard aangekomen. “Die man is gezien zijn verleden niet welkom in onze jeugdige en levendige gemeente”, zegt burgemeester Janna Rommel-Opstaele (Open Vld). Ongeruste burgers klampen haar aan of bellen haar in paniek. “Als de pastoor wordt benoemd, dreigen sommigen hun kinderen weg te halen. Die man kan hier nooit nog gezag uitoefenen. Hij moet weg. Ik zal alles wat in mijn macht ligt, gebruiken om hem…

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Anglican bishop quits over sexual abuse cover-up

The Australian

NOVEMBER 01, 2014

Michael McKenna

ONE of the world’s most revered Anglican bishops has quit the ministry following scathing criticism of his handling of allegations of the horrific sexual abuse of children in Australia and Britain by a pedophile clergyman.

Lord David Hope of Thornes, the former Archbishop of York, yesterday announced he was resigning from the ministry after 50 years in the wake of the findings of a church-ordered inquiry into his handling of allegations against ­another senior cleric, Robert Waddington.

The shock resignation of Sir David, who was knighted by the Queen for services to the sovereign, came after the inquiry found him guilty of 18 breaches of the Church of England child-protect­ion policies that were drafted under his leadership.

“After much prayerful and considered thought, I wrote at the beginning of the week to the ­Bishop of Leeds…

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Judge denies request to seal depositions of Catholic priests


By Krista Corrigan

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC)– On Thursday afternoon, an Olmsted County District Court judge denied a request to seal the depositions of three Catholic priests. These priests potentially had knowledge of a former Rochester Boy Scout Leader sexually abusing children.

This all relates to a lawsuit brought by attorney Jeff Anderson on behalf of two former scouts.

Anderson is seeking the depositions of three priests who served at St. Pius Church during the 1970s.

These priests supervised Richard Hokanson while he served as a Scout Leader there. Hokanson pleaded guilty in 1982 to molesting three Scouts in a troop sponsored by the church. These priests are Father Joseph Fogal, currently at Pax Christi in Rochester, Father Joseph Pete currently at St. Mary of the Lake in Lake City, and Father James McCauley, who is retired.

“If the defendants who have engaged in dangerous institutions are allowed…

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Middelkerke asks diocese to think again


31st October 2014

The municipal cabinet in the West Flemish resort of Middelkerke has written to the Bishop of Bruges Jozef De Kesel asking him to revoke the appointment to the position of parish Priest of a man convicted of sexually assaulting a 16 year-old boy.

The letter was sent to Bishop De Kesel via electronic mail on Friday morning, just ahead of the weekly meeting of the curates of the Bruges Diocese.

The man in question was to have started his duties as a priest in Middlekerke on Saturday 1 November.

The Mayor of Middelkerke Janna Rommel-Opstaele expressed her shock at the appointment of the priest.

“The municipal cabinet would like to stress that it doesn’t want to put this person on trial, but the character of the new priest does not meet up to our expectations for someone that is meant to set an example”,…

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IL–Cardinal Francis George to release secret sex abuse files

Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests

For immediate release: Friday, Oct. 31

Statement by Barbara Blaine of Chicago, president of SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests ( 312-399-4747, )

“Cardinal Francis George will soon disclose more priest sex abuse files that have been secret for years.”

[NBC Chicago]

We urge him to do so soon, but not on a day on which the disclosures will be “buried” in other news (such as on Halloween, election day or the eve of election day or any Friday). When forced to reveal information about predator priests, Catholic officials typically do this self-serving kind of public relations maneuver. And it’s wrong. It undermines their claim to care about “transparency.”

We also call on George to

–release as much information as possible,
–do it in a “user-friendly” way,
–provide photos of the offenders,

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As Archdiocese Reorganizes, New York Catholics Await News About Their Parishes

New York Times

OCT. 30, 2014

An East Harlem church that was among the first in New York to welcome newcomers from Puerto Rico. An Upper East Side parish founded with $50 donations from working-class Italians in the 1920s. A 150-year-old Midtown church that is the only one in the city to offer a daily Latin Mass.

Each of these parishes is set to hear this weekend whether it will be eliminated as part of the largest reorganization in the 164-year history of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York.

Church officials say more than 50 parishes will be “consolidated” next year, the culmination of a planning process that began in 2010. And while the list of churches will not be released until Sunday, it is already clear that no corner of the archdiocese will be untouched.

Protests have already begun at some…

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‘Pedopriester’ mag weer aan de slag

De Morgen

[Tom Flamez, 40, the West-Flemish priest who was dismissed in 2008 after being accused to assaulting a minor is again welcome in the church although he was convicted. The Bruges bishop has nominated him as a pastor at Middlekerke.]

Tom Flamez (40), de West-Vlaamse priester die ontslagen was nadat hij in 2008 een minderjarige had aangerand, is weer welkom in de kerk. De bisschop van Brugge benoemde hem tot pastoor in Middelkerke.

Zes jaar na de zedenfeiten is de gevallen pastoor door het bisdom van Brugge in ere hersteld. De man is met ingang van 1 november benoemd tot pastoor in de federatie Middelkerke, waar hij in drie kerken als pastoor aan de slag gaat en ook met minderjarigen zal werken. Opmerkelijk, omdat de man in 2008 door het gerecht nog schuldig bevonden werd nadat hij een 17-jarige jongen had aangerand.

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Advocaat ‘veroordeelde priester’: ‘Hij rondde zijn straf af, maar moet nu opnieuw boeten’

De Standaard

door Annelies Roose

Jan De Winter, advocaat van de pastoor die werd veroordeeld voor aanranding van een minderjarige maar in ere werd hersteld en in november weer zijn functie kan opnemen in Middelkerke, vindt de vele kritiek op die beslissing ongepast. ‘Met alle respect voor de slachtoffers, maar iedereen verdient een tweede kans’, zo zei hij donderdagavond in Terzake.

De 40-jarige priester, Tom Flamez, werd in 2008 ontslagen nadat hij een 17-jarige jongen had aangerand. Hij had de jongen dronken gevoerd en betast, en werd na bekentenissen door de rechter schuldig bevonden aan aanranding. In januari 2009 kreeg hij echter opschorting van straf, waardoor zijn strafblad leeg bleef. Hij moest zich wel aan enkele voorwaarden houden, zoals het vermijden van situaties waarin hij een gezagsrelatie met minderjarigen heeft.

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Chile’s ‘Children of Silence’ seek truth


[with video]

By Rafael Romo, CNN

CNN’s Rafael Romo’s documentary “The Children of Silence” will air on CNNi at 11:30 a.m. ET on Friday.

Santiago, Chile (CNN) — Nearly four decades have passed, but Cecilia Rojas cries for her son as if she had lost him yesterday.

Rojas, a 58-year-old resident of the Chilean capital of Santiago, said her baby was taken shortly after she gave birth.

He was born two months early, but doctors and nurses assured Rojas that he was healthy and would soon be sent home with her.

“The nurse put the baby on my chest while she finished the paperwork,” Rojas recalled in an emotional interview with CNN. “Then she told me they were going to take him to an incubator because he was a little small.”

She would never see him again. The next morning, a nurse told Rojas the infant had…

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The stolen children: Chile parents allege theft of newborns

National Catholic Reporter

Melinda Henneberger | Oct. 31, 2014

OLIVAR, CHILE Officials in Santiago, Chile, are investigating a series of cases in which newborn babies were purportedly stolen from the poor and given to the rich over many years’ time, mostly in the 1970s through the ’90s.

These weren’t political kidnappings, few of which happened in Chile during the bloody, 17-year dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, in large measure thanks to the opposition of the Catholic church. Yet at least half a dozen Catholic sisters and one of the country’s most popular priests have been implicated in these long-hidden crimes.

The following article is the first in a three-part series that looks at how this appropriation of children happened, and how it stayed secret for so long.

Maria “Rosa” Rojas and her husband, Hernán Enrique Cavieres Díaz, met as kids in this apple-, cherry- and grape-growing region south of…

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Re-drafted letter brings new questions for abuse inquiry chief

BBC News

Letters from the new head of the child abuse inquiry show her appointment was “chaotic” and raise more questions, a senior MP has said.

A letter from Fiona Woolf to Theresa May was re-written seven times.

Home Affairs Committee chairman Keith Vaz said they gave “a sense of greater detachment” between Mrs Woolf and former Home Secretary Leon Brittan.

Lord Brittan was home secretary in 1984 when ministers were handed a dossier on alleged high-profile paedophiles.

‘Not close’

The inquiry, announced in July, will look at whether public bodies and other institutions did enough to protect children from sexual abuse, from 1970 to the present day.

One chairman has already stepped down amid questions about her impartiality, while Mrs Woolf has also faced questions about her links with Lord Brittan, who has faced questions about how he handled the dossier of allegations when he was…

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Home Office helped rewrite child abuse probe boss’s letter 7 times over links to Brittan

Daily Mail


The head of the Government’s child abuse inquiry re-wrote a letter to the Home Secretary seven times in order to play down her links to Leon Brittan, it was claimed yesterday.

Fiona Woolf is already under pressure to resign because of her personal relationship to the Tory peer, who is at the centre of allegations of an Establishment cover-up of sex abuse claims in the 1980s.

It has now emerged that she made several changes to a formal letter she sent to Theresa May about possible conflicts of interest.

With assistance from the Home Office, she made more than half a dozen alterations to the document to remove language that alluded to her closeness to the Conservative grandee.

The different versions of the letter emerged yesterday two days after a Labour MP used parliamentary privilege to link Lord…

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To name or not to name

Malta Independent

[Another view: Editor’s blog: Abuse priest: to name or not to name – Times of Malta]

Stephen Calleja

The M alta Independent has chosen to publish all details, including the name of a priest who has been accused by various women of improper sexual behaviour. Most of these women were vulnerable persons who sought refuge in someone who they thought would help them. They were looking for consolation, but all they got, they are saying, was someone who abused them at a time when they were in a fragile state of mind.

The Times chose otherwise, hiding the name of the priest from the public, giving him protection and, by so doing, inflicting a heavy cloud of suspicion on every other priest in this country.

Since their story was published, other priests called our newsroom to protest that they had all been put in the…

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Charles Fenech stopped from administering sacraments…

Malta Independent

Charles Fenech stopped from administering sacraments, removed from Kerygma Movement director

Rachel Attard & Stephen Calleja

Fr Charles Fenech, who has been accused of sexually abusing a number of women, has been stopped from administering his duties as a priest, The Malta Independent has learnt.

Fr Frans Micallef, Dominican Provincial, in reply to questions by The Malta Independent, said that Fr Fenech has also been removed from the post of director of the Kerygma Movement.

Asked about Fr Fenech’s role as director of Radju Marija, the provincial said that although the radio station forms part of the Dominican Convent, the appointment of a director does not fall under its remit.

The provincial has however directed Father Charles to hand in his resignation to the international directors of Radju Marija.

The Dominican Province has warned Father Fenech several times in the past and took several steps against…

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Sinclair issues challenge to help heal pain of schools

Winnipeg Free Press

By: Ashley Prest
Posted: 10/30/2014

Justice Murray Sinclair, the head of a commission investigating the excesses of Indian Residential Schools, said on Thursday that a fundamental change in attitudes and recognition of the past were vital to heal the harm and alienation inflicted by more than a century of mistreatment.

Sinclair chairs the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, due to report next June on the effects of the 142 government-run schools on the more than 150,000 aboriginal children taken from their homes and uprooted from their culture starting in the 1870s. The last such institution closed in 1996.

In an address to several hundred spectators at the University of Manitoba’s Engineering and Technology Complex entitled “If You Think Truth is Hard, Reconciliation is Harder,” he challenged everyone to help make the necessary change.

Sinclair said the key to moving on from the suffering…

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Fiona Woolf letter: how it changed over seven re-writes


By David Barrett, Home Affairs Correspondent
30 Oct 2014

A sequence of seven letters were published by the Commons’ home affairs select committee after being disclosed to the MPs by Fiona Woolf.

Through the initial drafts, a picture of her contact with Lord Brittan and his wife over a number of years was slowly built up and then, in the final version, detail was cut out and relationships appeared to be​ more oblique.

By setting out that there were “no other guests who attended” the dinners at the Brittans’ home in November 2009 and February 2012, Mrs Woolf conveyed an image of an intimate soiree with friends.

It may be that Mrs Woolf simply mis-remembered the nature of those dinners.

But by saying in the final version of the letter that there were “at least four other guests”, the meals sound more formal and perhaps…

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ChildLine refuses four times to back Fiona Woolf as head of sex abuse inquiry


By Georgia Graham, Political Correspondent
31 Oct 2014

Fiona Woolf is under increased pressure to resign as the head of the inquiry into child sex abuse, as ChildLine refuses to back her leadership and representatives of victims say she has “no qualifications whatsoever” to lead the investigation.

Theresa May, the Home Secretary, is preparing for the first meeting of officials, Mrs Woolf and representatives of victims of child abuse to discuss the terms of the inquiry.

Peter Saunders, the chief executive of the National Association of People Abused in Childhood, who will be attending the meeting said that he was yet to meet a single survivor of child sex abuse who has “any confidence” in the leadership of Mrs Woolf.

Mrs Woolf is under pressure over her personal links to Leon Brittan, the former Home Secretary, who is likely to be called to give evidence…

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RCA responds to scandal

New Jersey Jewish Standard

Joanne Palmer
Published: 31 October 2014

Shmuel Goldin, the senior rabbi at Congregation Ahavath Torah in Englewood, has agreed to chair a new committee the Rabbinical Council of America is convening to review its conversion process.

Rabbi Goldin also is the RCA’s immediate past president.

The committee includes 11 members; six are RCA-member rabbis and five are women. Two of the women are converts, one is a yoetzet halacha — an advisor in Jewish law — and one is a psychotherapist.

The committee has been established in response to the arrest of one of the RCA’s members, Rabbi Dr. Barry Freundel of Kesher Israel: The Georgetown Synagogue, in Washington, D.C. (Rabbi Freundel’s RCA membership has been suspended in response to the arrest, and he has been suspended from his job, without pay.) The shul arguably is the most prestigious Orthodox synagogue in…

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Lawyer for former archbishop making case to Manitoba Court of Appeal Friday


The Canadian Press
Published Friday, October 31, 2014

WINNIPEG – A former archbishop convicted of sexually assaulting an altar boy in the 1980s is appealing his case to Manitoba’s highest court Friday.

Seraphim Storheim was convicted early this year of sexually assaulting a boy who had come to visit him in Winnipeg in 1985.

His lawyer, Jeff Gindin, is asking new evidence be heard relating to the victim’s visit with Storheim and his relationship with one of the defence witnesses.

Gindin is also arguing Storheim’s denial of abuse was credible and should not have been dismissed by the judge.

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Fiona Woolf re-wrote letter playing down links to Lord Brittan

The Guardian

Patrick Wintour
Friday 31 October 2014

The head of the government’s inquiry into historic child sexual abuse allegations repeatedly re-wrote a letter to Theresa May, the home secretary, to play down her links with former home secretary Lord Brittan, it has emerged.

Fiona Woolf has faced calls to resign over her close personal relationship with Brittan, who was in charge of the Home Office in the 1980s when it is alleged there was a coverup at the department of sexual abuse.

The home affairs select committee revealed that a formal letter between Woolf and May was re-written seven times, with Home Office assistance.

Keith Vaz MP, the chairman of the Commons committee, said the re-writes “gave a sense of greater detachment between Lord and Lady Brittan and Mrs Woolf”.

He added that it was extraordinary that the letter had needed to be rewritten seven…

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Sex Abuse Inquiry Head Under Pressure To Quit

Sky News

By Anushka Asthana, Political Correspondent

A lawyer representing 50 victims of child abuse has said the Home Office must “start again” if it wants its inquiry into historical allegations to win public confidence.

Alison Millar, a partner at Leigh Day solicitors, has told Sky News she will make the argument at a meeting with officials in Westminster later this morning.

It comes after Fiona Woolf, the second chair appointed to lead the investigation, was engulfed in controversy about her social links to Lord and Lady Brittan.

Leon Brittan was Home Secretary in the 1980s and was handed evidence about sex abuse cases, which victims accuse him of failing to act upon.

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Child abuse victims unite to demand inquiry chair Fiona Woolf resigns …

Daily Mail

Child abuse victims unite to demand inquiry chair Fiona Woolf resigns over links to Tory peer Lord Brittan


The head of the Government’s child abuse inquiry was facing mounting pressure to resign this morning after victims groups said no-one backed her appointment ahead of a crunch Home Office meeting.

Fiona Woolf was already facing mounting calls to quit because of her personal relationship to the Tory peer Leon Brittan, who is at the centre of allegations of an Establishment cover-up of sex abuse claims in the 1980s.

But it emerged last night that she re-wrote a letter to the Home Secretary seven times in order to play down her links to Lord Brittan.

With help from the Home Office, she made more than half a dozen alterations to the document to remove language that alluded to her…

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Abuse inquiry: Fiona Woolf faces fresh pressure to quit

BBC News

Victims’ groups are meeting officials from a child sex abuse inquiry and are expected to reiterate calls for the inquiry’s head to resign.

Some victims have already said Fiona Woolf should step down because of her social links to ex-Home Secretary Lord Brittan, whose handling of abuse claims in the 1980s has been questioned.

A victims’ representative said he had “zero confidence” in the inquiry.

The government said it still had confidence in Mrs Woolf.

The inquiry will look at whether public bodies and other institutions did enough to protect children from sexual abuse, from 1970 to the present day.

The first person appointed to lead it – Baroness Butler-Sloss – stepped down in July after concerns were raised about her family links.

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Child Abuse Inquiry Controversy At-A-Glance

Sky News

The appointment of Fiona Woolf to lead the investigation has been branded “chaotic” as calls for her to quit intensify.

The head of the historic child sex abuse inquiry is under mounting pressure to resign – just months after her predecessor was forced to step down amid allegations of conflicts of interest.

Here is an at-a-glance background to the controversy.

:: City lawyer Fiona Woolf was appointed in September to chair the panel inquiring into UK institutions’ handling of historic child sex abuse allegations.

:: The original nominee Lady Butler-Sloss stepped down because her late brother, Lord Havers, was attorney general during much of the period in question.

:: But there has been criticism of Mrs Woolf’s appointment because of her social links with former home secretary Lord Brittan and his wife.

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Fiona Woolf is urged to quit child abuse inquiry as victims meet Theresa May

The Guardian

Rowena Mason, political correspondent
Friday 31 October 2014

Survivors of child abuse are calling on Fiona Woolf to stand down as the second head of the government’s inquiry at a crucial meeting on Friday.

Woolf is under pressure over her personal links to Lord Brittan, the former home secretary, who is likely to be called to give evidence to the inquiry over a dossier allegedly detailing Westminster paedophile activity that vanished from his department in the 1980s.

It has emerged that the Home Office helped Woolf to redraft seven times a letter detailing her contact with Brittan, in a way that downplayed their meetings.

Calls for Woolf to stand down come not long after Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss resigned the role because her brother was attorney-general at the time of the scandal.

Amid fears that the inquiry is losing credibility, May will meet victims groups…

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Guatemalan Minister Convicted of Child Molestation


8th Circuit Solicitor David Stumbo announced this afternoon that a 42 year-old former minister has been convicted by a Newberry County jury of sexually abusing a 12 year-old girl. Mario Valerio Gonzalez Hernandez was found guilty of criminal sexual conduct with a minor in the second degree on Thursday afternoon after a weeklong trial. Circuit Court Judge Eugene Griffith sentenced Hernandez to 16 years in state prison following the verdict.

On June 29, 2013 the Newberry Police Department responded to a report from the child’s mother after she walked into her daughter’s bedroom and found Hernandez on top of the girl on the floor beside the bed. The victim disclosed to the investigators that Hernandez had performed sex acts on her numerous times since he had moved into her family’s home. When questioned by the investigators, Hernandez denied assaulting the child but told them that he…

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Sex-abuse survivors lambast Bob Beauprez

Durango Herald

By Peter Marcus
Herald Denver Bureau

ENVER – Survivors of alleged sexual abuse by priests have come forward to criticize Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez for fighting legislation that would have made it easier for them to file civil lawsuits against churches.

The state measures, from 2006 and 2008, would have allowed a window for alleged victims to sue for older cases.

A devout Catholic, Beauprez said at the time that the bills served as an “attack on the church.”

He is competing against incumbent Democrat John Hickenlooper in a tight race.

“We need to support candidates who are going to do all we can to protect kids, and this Beauprez thing just angers me,” said Jeb Barrett, the 75-year-old leader of Denver’s Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests (SNAP).

“I’m a survivor of childhood sexual assault, and I didn’t have the courage to…

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After-school care assistant arrested for child porn


by Amanda Goodman

Posted on October 29, 2014

SURPRISE, Ariz. — An after-school care assistant was arrested Monday after deputies say several hundred images of child pornography were found on his home computer.

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office says Lawrence Amaral is facing 10 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor.

Amaral worked as an after-school care assistant at St. Louis the King Catholic School.

The sheriff’s office says it was an undercover investigation that eventually led to his arrest.

According to police paperwork, Amaral admitted to downloading and viewing child pornography for the last three years. The images depicted children ages 3 to 14. …

The Diocese released a statement saying in part that they have no knowledge of any physical or sexual abuse of any minor at the after-school program.

They also held meetings for parents so they could address the allegations and answer what…

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Judge to be investigated

ABC – Lateline


TONY JONES, PRESENTER: A high-profile prosecutor in New South Wales has stood aside while the Independent Commission Against Corruption investigates claims she and her son tried to pervert the course of justice.

The commission is investigating whether Margaret Cunneen SC counselled her son’s girlfriend, Sophia Tilley, to pretend to have chest pains to thwart police officers.

It’s alleged Sophia Tilley was trying to prevent police from obtaining evidence of her blood alcohol level at the scene of a car accident earlier this year.

Ms Cunneen rejects the allegations as the result of a malicious complaint.

BRAD HAZZARD, NSW ATTORNEY-GENERAL: Ms Cunneen was agreed to – with the DPP to step aside and not take part in any current prosecutions or future prosecutions and that’s appropriate. And beyond that, she, like every other citizen of NSW, has the presumption of innocence until we see the…

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Radju Marija received several anonymous letters on Fr Charles Fenech’s improper beh

Malta Independent

Rachel Attard & Stephen Calleja

Sources have told The Malta Independent that the Radju Marija board received a number of anonymous letters alleging improper behaviour by Fr Charles Fenech. Radju Marija employees had also informed the parent company in Rome about the accusations levelled against Fr Fenech.

The board is understood to have known about the allegations about Fr Fenech for a number of years, but the friar was allowed to continue leading the station and present a radio programme every day. He was still presenting such programmes until a few days ago.

Fr Charles Fenech, who has been accused of sexually abusing a number of women, has been stopped from administering his duties as a priest, The Malta Independent has learnt.

Fr Frans Micallef, Dominican Provincial, in reply to questions by The Malta Independent, said that Fr Fenech has also been removed from the post…

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Patriarchy must be defrocked

Mail & Guardian


A few weeks ago, Mary Ryan became the second South African woman to be ordained as a Catholic priest. The Catholic Church does not, of course, acknowledge this ordination.

In fact, in 2007, the Vatican declared that even attempting to ordain women would lead to excommunication, the harshest punishment the church leadership can mete out.

But Ryan and her colleagues bravely persisted.

Patricia Fresen, a veteran of the anti-apartheid struggle and the first South African woman to become a Catholic priest, oversaw Ryan’s ordination ceremony, during which she said: “In South Africa in particular we know that the only way to change an unjust law is to break it. And that is what we are doing today.”

Roman Catholic Womenpriests is a growing movement that began in Austria and Germany in 2002 and now includes more than 180 female…

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REBUTTAL to John Allen ‘Phase 2 of Pope Francis era: The honeymoon is over’ and Archbishop Chaput blame “confusion is of the Devil”

PopeCrimes& Vatican Evils.

Paris Arrow

John Allen’s title may sound a little bit sour “Phase 2 of the Pope Francis era: The honeymoon is over” – but actually it’s sweet-and-sour (like a popular food flavor) because he is actually defending Pope Francis and the recent Synod of Bishop – via Philadelphia’s Archbishop Charles Chaput – who will be hosting the World Synod of Bishop next year in Philadelphia and Pope Francis’ 2015 visit to the USA. John Allen’s articles are to prepare and brainwash idiot American Catholics to book their plane tickets and hotels to go and attend the Eucharist sorcery of Pope Francis in Philadelphia and in the east coast and donate millions of dollars to the Vatican Mammon Beast (aka Opus Dei Beast).

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Canada–New claim by convicted archbishop

Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests

For immediate release: Thursday, Oct. 30

Statement by David Clohessy of St. Louis, Director of SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests ( 314 566 9790, )

A convicted child molesting cleric – once Canada’s top Orthodox church official – now claims he has new evidence that might have exonerated. We’re highly skeptical of this claim by Archbishop Seraphim Storheim.

[Global News]

Most child predators profess their innocence over and over, especially when, like Storheim, someone else is paying their legal bills.


In this case, it’s devout Orthodox families. And that’s a shame and an injustice.

We call on Orthodox officials to stop using the generous donations of church members to fund Storheim’s desperate legal maneuvers. And we call on anyone who may have seen, suspected or suffered clergy sex crimes and cover ups…

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Leading Rabbi Steps Down Citing ‘Agenda of Feminists’

The Jewish Week

Hannah Dreyfus
Staff Writer

Rabbi Steven Pruzansky, former vice president of the Rabbinical Council of America and dayyan (judge) on the RCA-supervised Beth Din of America, is stepping down from his position on the Beit Din of Bergen County after the Rabbinical Council of America announced yesterday that it is convening a new conversion committee with five female members.

The new conversion committee, composed of six male rabbis and five women of differing professions (including a litigation attorney, educator, psychotherapist and Yoetzet Halacha), was created in response to the arrest of Rabbi Barry Freundel of Congregation Kesher Israel on charges of voyeurism on Oct. 14.

The committee will review the current Geirus Protocol and Standards (GPS) conversion process (used by the Beit Din of America) and suggest safeguards against possible future abuses.
In a statement posted on his personal blog,…

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Honorary Assistant Bishop of Bradford resigns over child abuse row

Telegraph and Argus

by Will Kilner

The Honorary Assistant Bishop of Bradford has resigned from his position after a report into allegations of child abuse by a former cathedral dean found “systemic failures” by the Church of England.

Last week’s report by Judge Sally Cahill QC said Lord Hope of Thornes failed to follow policy and take advice after he was informed of complaints against Robert Waddington relating to boys in Manchester and Australia.

The judge outlined failures by the Church to respond properly to allegations of sex abuse against the late Robert Waddington, who was Dean of Manchester between 1984 and 1993.

She said Lord Hope’s actions meant “opportunities were missed” to start an investigation which may have led to a prosecution before Waddington’s death seven years ago.

Lord Hope stepped down as Archbishop of York in 2005 when he returned to being a parish priest…

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Ex-Archbishop of York quits church role over abuse report

BBC News

A former Archbishop of York has resigned from his church role after a report criticised his handling of child abuse allegations.

A report by Judge Sally Cahill QC said Lord Hope of Thornes failed to follow policy and take advice after he was informed of complaints against a cathedral dean.

Lord Hope stepped down as Archbishop of York in 2005.

He became parish priest in Ilkley and was made a honorary assistant bishop.

The report published last week outlined failures by the Church of England to respond properly to allegations of sex abuse against the late Robert Waddington, who was Dean of Manchester between 1984 and 1993.

Judge Cahill said Lord Hope’s actions meant “opportunities were missed” to start an investigation which might have led to a prosecution.

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FL–Victims group blasts FL Muslim school

Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests

Statement by David Clohessy of SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests ( 314 566 9790, )

It’s heartbreaking that officials at a Muslim school kept silent for months about credible child sex abuse allegations. And now, with the accused predator a fugitive from justice, it’s outrageous that school officials are apparently making little or no effort to protect other kids, help law enforcement and adequately inform parents about the alleged sex offender. We urge parents to unite and pressure school officials to do more to protect kids.

[New Times]

Here’s why this secrecy is so hurtful: it enables child molesters to destroy evidence, intimidate victims, threaten witnesses, discredit whistleblowers, fabricate alibis and flee elsewhere. It makes the job of police and prosecutors much more difficult. And it keeps kids in harm’s way much longer. Shame on…

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Pastor Accused of Keeping Boys as ‘Sex Slaves’

Courthouse News Service


(CN) – A Broward County, Fla. man sued five religious and charitable organizations alleging a former youth pastor they supervised treated him and other young boys as sex slaves.

Demetrius Jones claims in his lawsuit that the organizations negligently hired and failed to supervise Jeffery London, 51, who acted as a resident adult and mentor for underprivileged boys.

For more than a decade, London regularly made Jones and other boys perform sex acts on him, Jones says.

The suit names the Bible Church of God of Boynton Beach, BJ’s Foundation, New Vision Children’s Foundation, Teched-Ventures Inc. and Lauderdale Lakes Academy. Also named is the estate of Elizabeth H. Buntrock, a well-known Broward County philanthropist who created or helped fund the charities. Buntrock died earlier this year.

Jones says the organizations aided London’s access to dozens of young boys, and alleges that the…

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Priest ‘was warned’ over abuse claims

Times of Malta

A priest has been stopped from exercising his duties and removed from his posts following sexual abuse allegations.

In a statement about alleged abuses committed by the priest, the Dominican Order said it had warned him several times and it took (unspecified) measures about him. But it also pointed out that claims against him were withdrawn several times.

The province said that through its actions it was not judging the priest but taking action against any eventuality.

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Former archbishop’s lawyer cites new evidence in sex assault case

Global News

WINNIPEG – A lawyer for a former archbishop convicted of sexually assaulting an altar boy in the 1980s says he has fresh evidence that could have exonerated his client.

Jeff Gindin, who represents Seraphim Storheim, filed a notice of motion saying the new evidence should be heard when the case appears before Manitoba’s Court of Appeal on Friday.

In court documents, Gindin says the evidence relates to the victim’s visit with Storheim and Storheim’s relationship with one of the defence witnesses.

Gindin says the evidence — had it been known — could have affected the outcome of Storheim’s trial.

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Ex-Archbishop of York quits Church over sex abuse failings

Yorkshire Post

by Rob Parsons
Published on the 30 October 2014

THE ex-Archbishop of York, Lord Hope of Thornes, has resigned from the Church of England days after a report accused him of failing to act on information he received about alleged child sex abuse by a former cathedral dean.

Lord Hope said in a statement today that he had resigned as Honorary Assistant Bishop of Bradford, now West Yorkshire and the Dales, “after much prayerful and considered thought”.

He said: “This ends my nearly 50 years of formal ministry in the Church of England, which I have always sought to serve with dedication. I will certainly continue to pray for the important ongoing work with survivors.”

It comes after a report published last week into the handling of allegations of sex abuse against the late Robert Waddington, formerly Dean of Manchester, which found…

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Archdiocese To Announce Closures, Mergers In Lower Hudson Valley

CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Parishioners are going to have to find new places to worship with the word of dozens of Catholic churches closing.

The New York Archdiocese on said it will soon announce which parishes in the Lower Hudson Valley will merge or close.

A decision is expected next week as part of a restructuring plan, officials told CBS2.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan told the Catholic New York Newspaper Wednesday night that 14 percent, or as many as 50 churches, could be impacted.

Dolan said this really comes down to the numbers, CBS 2’s Janelle Burrell reported. Right now, New York State has 368 parishes.

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Leading Modern Orthodox Conversion Judge Steps Down

The Jewish Week

Hannah Dreyfus
Staff Writer

Rabbi Steven Pruzansky, former vice president of the Rabbinical Council of America and dayyan (judge) on the RCA-supervised Beth Din of America, is stepping down from his position on the Beit Din after yesterday’s announcement that the RCA is convening a new conversion committee with five female members.

The new conversion committee, comprised of six male rabbis and five women of differing professions (including a litigation attorney, educator, psychotherapist and Yoetzet Halacha), was created in response to the arrest of Rabbi Barry Freundel of Congregation Kesher Israel on charges of voyeurism on Oct. 14.

The committee will review the current Geirus Protocol and Standards (GPS) conversion process (used by the Beit Din of America) and suggest safeguards against possible future abuses.

“With changes to GPS [Gerus Protocol and Standards] protocols contemplated, it is an appropriate time for…

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Panel addresses psychological evaluations in seminary admissions

Catholic Sentinel

Catholic News Service

ARLINGTON, Va. — At a panel discussion on seminary admissions, Father Shawn McKnight told a group of Catholic psychotherapists that “we have to be careful not to hold our standards so high that nobody can get in.

“It’s not about finding the perfect guy. It’s about who’s called. If God is calling a man, we have an obligation to heed that call and to nourish that man,” said the priest, who is executive director of the Secretariat of Clergy, Consecrated Life and Vocations at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops in Washington.

Father McKnight was moderator of the Oct. 24 panel discussion, titled “The Use of Psychology in Seminary Admissions: A Need for Guidance,” held during the Catholic Psychotherapy Association’s annual conference Oct. 23-25.

The panel addressed those involved in seminary assessment, counseling or teaching on the matter of conducting psychological evaluations for…

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Nur-Ul-Islam Academy in Cooper City Rocked by Child Sex Abuse Claims

Farmer, Jaffe, Weissing, Edwards, Fisto and Lehrman

Tariq Ahmad, a veteran teacher at Nur-Ul-Islam Academy, a private school in Cooper City, Florida is now the subject of a multi-victim child sexual abuse investigation by law enforcement officials.

Ahmad, a 35 year old male, stands accused of forcing three teenage girls, ages 14 and 15 at the time, to have sexual intercourse with him while they were students at the Academy between 2006 and 2008. Tariq Ahmad started working at Nur-Ul Islam Academy in August 2006 according to his LinkedIn page. It is alleged the Nur-Ul-Islam Academy allowed Ahmad to remain a teacher even after receiving a complaint accusing Ahman of sexually abusing a child.

Tariq Ahmad previously worked in the Broward County public school district from 2001 to 2005 as a substitute teacher and teacher assistant. Ahmad’s employment has been terminated by Nur-Ul Islam Academy. According to its…

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WA–Spokane bishop quietly suspends accused priest

Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests

For immediate release: Thursday, Oct. 30

Statement by David Clohessy of St. Louis, Director of SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests ( 314 566 9790, )

Weeks ago, Spokane’s top Catholic official quietly suspended a credibly accused predator priest. But Bishop Blasé Cupich notified only his flock, not the public. He refused to disclose when the allegations surfaced. He urged other victims to call church officials, not secular authorities. And he made no mention of possible criminal prosecution or of the need for Catholics and citizens to share what they know about the priest with law enforcement. This is disturbing and reckless.

[Spokane diocese]

Though Fr. Daniel Wetzler’s suspension took effect on Oct. 1, no word of it was circulated, apparently, until Oct. 16 when a notice was printed on page eight of the Spokane diocesan…

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Editorial: Amendment 2 offers special help for child abuse victims

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Law enforcement authorities say they need more tools to fight child sexual abuse and help put sexual predators behind bars.

Amendment 2, which will be on Missouri election ballot Nov. 4, gives prosecutors and law enforcement officers the help they need.

The proposal would amend the state constitution to give judges the discretion to allow previous acts of sexual violence against minors to be disclosed in court. The federal government and nearly all other states allow juries to learn whether a defendant in a child sexual abuse case may have been accused of similar crimes in the past.

The only reason Missouri doesn’t is because the state Supreme Court struck down a law in 2007 that allowed evidence of past sexual crimes to be used against people facing sex-related charges involving victims younger than 14.

“Evidence of a defendant’s prior criminal acts, when admitted purely…

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MO–Child sex abuse victims back Amendment 2

Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests

For immediate release: Thursday, Oct. 29

Statement by Barbara Dorris of St. Louis, Outreach Director of SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests ( 314 503 0003 cell, )

On Tuesday, we urge Missouri voters to pass Amendment 2 which will help protect kids by enabling law enforcement to catch and convict more child molesters at little or no cost whatsoever to taxpayers. It’s rare when a relatively small rule change can dramatically improve kids’ safety, but this is one instance in which that’s possible.

[St. Louis Post-Dispatch]

Judges should have the option to let jurors know about an accused predator’s earlier acts of sexual violence against youngsters. Those who sexually assault kids should not be able to hide their previous crimes.

Keep in mind that one in four girls and one in eight boys is…

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Theresa May vows co-operation with Kincora inquiry

Belfast Telegraph


Home Secretary Theresa May has vowed the Security Service will co-operate fully with an investigation into a paedophile ring at the Kincora Boys’ Home in east Belfast.

Ms May added she will be monitoring the case and will bring it into a powerful UK-wide inquiry with additional powers if necessary.

Scores of young boys were abused during their time at the children’s home in the early 1970s.

There was disappointment last week when it was announced Kincora will not be included in a UK-wide Government investigation of historical child abuse.

In a letter to First Minister Peter Robinson, Ms May said she was “determined that everything possible is done to uncover the truth about what happened and that appropriate action is taken”.

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Domincan Order stops priest from exercising his duties after abuse allegations

Times of Malta

A priest has been stopped from exercising his duties and removed from his posts following sexual abuse allegations.

In a statement about alleged abuses committed by the priest, the Dominican Order said it had warned him several times and it took (unspecified) actions about him. But it also pointed out that claims against him were withdrawn several times.

The province said that through its actions it was not judging the priest but taking action against any eventuality.

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KY–Convicted pedophile priest wants out of prison

Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests

For immediate release: Wednesday, Oct. 29

Statement by David Clohessy of St. Louis, Director of SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests ( 314 566 9790, )

We’re worried, but not surprised, that Fr. Shook, a convicted child molester, wants to be released from prison. We hope he fails in this premature effort.


We hope that Kentucky officials will keep Fr. Shook behind bars for as long as possible.

Only the most reckless or foolish would believe that six months in prison would magically cure a pedophile of his compulsion to sexually assault kids.

Letting Fr. Shook out so quickly would rub salt into the already deep and still fresh wounds of those he molested. It would also likely deter other victims from reporting predators to police, because they’ll surely feel “What’s the use? These pedophiles…

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Former Catholic school teacher John Skehan sentenced …

The Age

October 30, 2014

Tammy Mills
Crime reporter for The Age

A former Catholic school teacher in country Victoria avoided jail on Thursday for a historical sex assault on a student in 1970.

John Skehan, 75, was given an eight-month sentence suspended for two years and was placed on the sex offenders register after he pleaded guilty to the indecent assault of his 13-year-old student at a boys school in Shepparton.

That student was Greg Barclay, now aged 58 and a vice-president with the Australian Education Union.

In his decision not to send John Skehan, 75, to jail for an historic sex offence, Magistrate Ian Watkins took into account Skehan’s age, his ill health and that he was unlikely to reoffend. However,his victim, Greg Barclay, says he is ”gutted” by the sentence.

Mr Barclay said outside court on Thursday that he was “gutted” with the sentence….

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Pretoria priest held for alleged kidnap, rape

The South Africa

Posted By: Jeanine Singh
Posted date: October 30, 2014

A priest has been arrested for allegedly kidnapping and raping a 15-year-old girl in Itireleng informal settlement near Laudium, Pretoria police said.

The 25-year-old man was arrested on Wednesday around 1am after allegedly kidnapping the girl at the weekend and repeatedly raping her, Sergeant Ann Poortman said.

The teenager’s sister sent her to a tuck shop around 11.30am on Saturday. While she was there she saw the priest who told her to go to a certain shack in the area.

The girl’s family attended the man’s church and he was believed to be close friends with the girl’s father, Poortman said.

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Retired priest permanently removed from ministry

Inland Register – Roman Catholic Diocese of Spokane

(From the October 16, 2014 edition of the Inland Register)

Effective Oct. 1, 2014, Daniel Wetzler (pictured, left), a retired priest of the Spokane Diocese, has been permanently removed from active ministry by Archbishop Blase Cupich.

Earlier this year, Wetzler was put on administrative leave after the diocese received an accusation by an individual who claimed he was abused as a minor. This matter was referred to the Diocesan Review Board, which scrutinizes cases of alleged sexual abuse, and to civil authorities, in accord with diocesan procedures. After an investigation, the Board unanimously recommended that Daniel Wetzler be permanently removed from active ministry and submit himself to a monitoring program. Archbishop Cupich accepted these recommendations.

Another accusation was made against Wetzler in 2002. The results of that civil investigation were inconclusive; insufficient evidence existed to verify the accusation. Wetzler denied…

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In brief: Archbishop Blase Cupich removes retired Catholic priest Dan Wetzler from ministry

The Spokesman-Review

Archbishop Blase Cupich has removed a retired Spokane Catholic priest from ministry following accusations that he sexually abused a child decades ago.

It is the second time in 12 years that the Rev. Dan Wetzler has fallen under scrutiny and been removed.

The decision last month by Cupich was published by the Inland Register, the newspaper of the Spokane Catholic Diocese. Wetzler last served at St. Paschal Parish in Spokane from 1992 to 2002.

The first time allegations surfaced he declared his innocence and the church investigated. He was publicly exonerated.

Another allegation from a different person who claimed he was abused as a minor has since been made and the Diocesan Review Board found the complaint to be credible. Cupich then acted on the finding.

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SA Supreme Court told …

Daily Telegraph

SA Supreme Court told Catholic Church dismissed teen sex allegations against Father John Fleming as a priest “just being inappropriate”


A WOMAN who claims Father John Fleming used her, as a teenager, for sex has told a court the Catholic Church dismissed her complaint as the priest “just being inappropriate”.

The woman, known as “Jane”, today told the Supreme Court she was shocked by a Catholic Church worker’s reaction when she raised a complaint against Fr Fleming in 2001-2002.

She said she told the woman that, following a 1970s ménage-a-trois, when she was a teenager, Fr Fleming had used her to service his sexual needs.

Father Fleming denies the allegations.

“After I had told her, (the worker) said ‘wasn’t he just being inappropriate?’,” Jane said.

“This person was essentially telling me essentially that what I had…

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Convicted priest making bid for prison release


By Associated Press
October 29, 2014

A priest convicted earlier this year of sexually abusing a teenage boy in the 1970s is making a bid to be released from prison after serving six months of his 15-year sentence.

An attorney for the Rev. James Schook notified a judge he will ask that Schook be released on shock probation because he realizes the importance of conforming to the community’s rules.

In April, a jury convicted Schook of three counts of sodomy and one count of indecent and immoral behavior with an individual.

Schook suffers from terminal cancer. Shock probation allows inmates to be released after serving one to six months of their sentence.

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Liturgical items top agenda at bishops’ general meeting in Baltimore

Catholic San Francisco

By Mark Pattison

WASHINGTON – Liturgical matters will take center stage on the agenda of action items at the fall general meeting of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, to be held Nov. 10-13 in Baltimore.

There will be five liturgical items up for consideration. All are subject to amendments from bishops. All but one require approval of two-thirds of the bishops, followed by final approval from the Vatican.

Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz of Louisville, Kentucky, who is president of the USCCB, will deliver his first presidential address. He was elected to a three-year term last November. As is customary, Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, apostolic nuncio to the United States, also will address the assembly.

During the meeting, the bishops will choose a new secretary-elect for the USCCB, and vote for the chairmen-elect of five committees.

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Sex abuse allegations arise against former Fairfield U chaplain

Fairfield Mirror

By Enxhi Myslymi, Managing Editor, and Shauna Mitchell, Editor-in-Chief

Former Fairfield University chaplain Rev. Paul Carrier, S.J. has been accused in a civil lawsuit of sexually abusing a teenage boy at Project Pierre Toussaint in Haiti. Fairfield University has been named a defendant in the case on claims of negligent supervision, which is defined as a breach of duty to employees, children or adults.

Carrier was working at Fairfield as the director of campus ministry during the time period under investigation (1999-2005). Douglas Perlitz ‘92, the charity school’s founder, has also been cited as a perpetrator, in addition to the 2010 sentence where he pleaded guilty for one count of traveling with the intent to engage in illicit sexual conduct to Haiti.

According to the 26-year-old plaintiff’s attorney, Mitchell Garabedian of Law Offices of Mitchell Garabedian, “The evidence has now shown that Fr. Carrier allegedly sexually…

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Pekin man indicted for child porn

Pekin Daily Times

A Pekin man already facing charges for allegedly sexually assaulting a young child was indicted this week on child pornography charges.

Nicholas A. Lawrence, 26, 200 Matilda St., faces up to 30 years in prison if convicted of the charge, which was handed down by a Peoria County grand jury Tuesday.

Details in the indictment were sparse except to say that in May, Lawrence caused a person younger than 13 to appear in a sexually explicit photo.

A $150,000 warrant was issued for his arrest and he is scheduled to appear in court Friday to be arraigned on the charges. …

According to Journal Star archives, Lawrence was a youth pastor with the Pekin Church of God for about 20 months before he was dismissed from the position on June 30.

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Italian diocese laments suicide of priest who admitted abuse

DFW Catholic

Trieste, Italy, Oct 30, 2014 / 12:03 am (CNA/EWTN News).- The Diocese of Trieste has announced “with a spirit full of sorrow and dismay” that one of its priests, who had recently admitted to sexual abuse of a minor female, committed suicide on Tuesday.

Archbishop Giampaolo Crepaldi of Trieste learned Oct. 23 “of a grave matter many years ago that involved a 13 year old girl” and Fr. Maks Suard, according to an Oct. 28 statement from the diocese.

Fr. Suard, 48, was a priest of the Slovenian community of the Trieste diocese, and was parish priest of the small church of Santa Croce, in the territory of the Carso Triestino. He had served as a parish priest in several parishes of the San Dorligo area since his ordination in 1995; he was involved in the Boy Scout movement, and also worked as a teacher of…

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New Albany pastor on trial for sex abuse

The Courier-Journal

Matthew Glowicki, The Courier-Journal October 30, 2014

A teenage boy testified Wednesday that he waited two years to tell anyone that his pastor, Isrom Johnson, had sodomized him because he was worried about damaging his family’s relationship with the pastor and church community.

Three sexual encounters allegedly occurred between the now 18-year-old alleged victim and Johnson, 35, who at the time of the alleged abuse was pastor at Prince of Peace Missionary Baptist Church in New Albany, Indiana.

Johnson is charged with three counts of second-degree sodomy.

The teen was actively involved in the church community and had a good relationship with his pastor of eight years at the time of the alleged incidents. His mom was a deaconess, a sister sang in choir and his grandma ushered at the church.

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Priest sexual abuse case: One victim offered six-figure sum to keep her mouth shut

Malta Independent

Rachel Attard

Thursday, 30 October 2014

One of the victims of alleged sexual abuse by Fr Charles Fenech was offered a six-figure sum to remain silent by a member of the Dominican Order, to which Fr Fenech belongs, The Malta Independent has learnt.

The victim turned down the offer immediately, and instead went with this information to the police.

The case regarding sexual abuse on vulnerable women by the Dominican priest has been before the Curia Response Team for at least eight years.

The case before the church tribunal is separate to the court case instituted by the police against Fr Fenech.

The Malta Independent yesterday revealed that Fr Fenech, known for his organisation of volleyball marathons in aid of Dar Tal-Providenza, is facing charges of sexual abuse against at least five women. He was summoned to court on three occasions but did not turn up,…

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‘Sex at Rabat’ and Bishop Cremona

Malta Independent

Simon Mercieca

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Is there a connection between this case of an alleged sexual abuse by a “priest” from Rabat, Fr Charles Fenech, and the resignation of Archbishop Cremona? I am sure that the true motives that brought and hastened Cremona’s resignation were not related to politics and pressure from so-called Nationalist priests (as pontificated by a number of media pundits of the left) but are related to his kind-heartedness and the resulting inability to take action, where action was most needed, starting from his own Dominican Order.

The news about criminal proceedings for these alleged sexual harassments, which have allegedly taken place in some convent but not necessarily at Rabat, was made public after Cremona is no more at the helm of the Church. Now, it is up to the civil authorities, the court of criminal justice to decide on these accusations….

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Parents unhappy at lack of information relating to Father Paul Morton investigation

Daily Record

Oct 30, 2014

By Douglas Dickie

An online blog has accused South Lanarkshire Council and the Catholic Church of keeping parents in the dark about the investigation surrounding Father Paul Morton.

The blog, from a parent at St Charles’ Primary – where Father Morton acts as chaplain – claims the parents have received no information from the school.

Father Morton was suspended from his post at St Bride’s earlier this month after police launched an investigation into allegations of historic sexual abuse.

Parishioners at St Bride’s were not initially told the reason for his absence on Sunday, October 5, with Bishop of Motherwell Joseph Toal, telling the flock to pray for the absent priest.

But writing under the name of “daftmamma”, the St Charles’ parent says parents had a right to know what is going on.

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Archbishop of York apologises to York man for ‘abuse and hurt’ caused by Reverend Dennis Franks

York Press

by Mike Laycock

THE Archbishop of York has apologised to a York man for ‘abuse and hurt’ caused by an Anglican priest, The Press can reveal.

Dr John Sentamu also revealed that poor management by the York diocese of abuse allegations in 1990 against the priest, the late Reverend Dennis Franks, could have left other young people at risk.

The York man, now 36, contacted The Press to tell his story after an independent investigation last week criticised the way the Church of England investigated abuse allegations against a former Dean of Manchester Cathedral, Robert Waddington.

He claimed of the handling of allegations against Mr Franks: “Had the Church followed up the allegations of abuse in 1990, I would not have been abused again in the 1990s.”

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Italy GAYS Priests confirm hypocrisy of Synod of Bishops. Pervert priests posed nude in GAYS webs, run prostitute ring for under-aged boys


Paris Arrow

October 29, 2014

The gay earthquake in the Synod of Bishops was all empty talk charade because the real GAYS-PRIESTS-in-action has been happening in Italy all along in the diocese of Albenga-Imperia where priests posted naked photos of themselves on gay websites, raided church coffers and sexually harassed parishioners – no wonder Jesus wants to be set free from golden tabernacles — JOIN the JESUS REVOLUTION – set Christ free from Eucharist Satanic Mass. Set all nations free from Vatican Concordats. End Vatican as “country”. End VA Vatican Autocracy Swiss Banks secrecy

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Caso Ior, manca fascicolo: rinviato processo a Roma


Sotto accusa l’ex direttore generale Paolo Cipriani (ASCA) – Roma, 29 ott 2014 – “Registrata l’assenza del fascicolo si manda il verbale alla cancelleria per attivare la ricerca dello stesso”. Cosi’ il giudice monocratico del tribunale di Roma, Luca Ghedini Ferri, ha spiegato i motivi del rinvio al prossimo 2 dicembre del processo a carico dell’ex direttore generale dello Ior Paolo Cipriani e del suo ex vice Massimo Tulli. Il fascicolo del dibattimento – e’ stato spiegato – risulta esser stato formato dal Tiap, il sistema di registrazione digitale dopo la scannerizzazione dei documenti.

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Ior, sparisce momentaneamente il fascicolo: processo rinviato

Il Messaggero

È stato rinviato al 2 dicembre prossimo il processo che vede imputati davanti al giudice monocratico l’ex direttore generale dello Ior Paolo Cipriani e l’ex direttore Massimo Tulli, finiti sotto processo a conclusione dell’inchiesta che nel 2010 determinò il sequestro di 23 milioni di euro depositati presso l’Istituto delle opere di religione. L’accusa per i due ex dirigenti è quella di violazione delle norme antiriciclaggio, indagine avviata dal procuratore aggiunto Nello Rossi e dai pubblici ministeri Rocco Fava e Stefano Pesci. A determinare il rinvio è stata l’impossibilità momentanea di rintracciare un fascicolo che risulta regolarmente formato ma che stamane è stato impossibile recuperare. Il fascicolo comunque, come è stato precisato, «risulta formato attraverso il sistema di registrazione digitale».

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IOR money-laundering trial adjourned over missing case file

Gazzetta del Sud

Rome, October 29 – The first hearing in the money laundering trial of two former Vatican Bank executives was adjourned Wednesday because the case file was lost. The former general manager of the bank whose official name is Institute for Religious Works (IOR), Paolo Cipriani, and his ex deputy Massimo Tulli must answer charges related to a probe that in 2010 led to the freezing of 23 million euros over two cash transfers involving the Vatican Bank that were deemed suspicious. The judge adjourned the hearing to December 2 pending a search for the missing file, while prosecutors tried to minimize the incident. “Nothing has been lost,” they said. “These things happen. We already filed copies of the case file”. The trial is a fresh blow to the image of the bank after a series of scandals over the years. Italian banks effectively stopped dealing…

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N.S. to eliminate time limits for lawsuits over sex, domestic abuse


Published Wednesday, October 29, 2014

HALIFAX — People in Nova Scotia who want to file lawsuits over sexual and domestic assault would no longer have to do so within prescribed time limits under legislation introduced Wednesday.

Justice Minister Lena Metlege Diab said the Limitations of Actions Act would remove the one-year deadline faced by victims of sexual and domestic abuse who want to sue.

Metlege Diab said the act would better protect abuse victims while also respecting the rights of all parties involved in legal actions.

Jackie Stevens, executive director of the Avalon Sexual Assault Centre, said the legislation would help victims who often hesitate to come forward and often don’t meet the one-year deadline to launch a lawsuit.

“This demonstrates a recognition of the tremendous impact historical and systemic violence can have on a person to act in a timely…

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Rev. James Schook asking to be released six months into 15-year prison sentence


By Jason Riley

LOUISVILLE, Ky., (WDRB) — A Louisville priest convicted earlier this year of sexually abusing a teenage boy in the 1970s is asking to be released from prison just six months into his 15-year sentence.

An attorney for the Rev. James Schook has given notice that he will ask a judge Monday to release Schook on shock probation, saying he “now realizes the importance of obeying and conforming to the community’s rules.”

In April, a jury convicted Schook of three counts of sodomy and one count of indecent and immoral behavior with an individual and recommended the 15-year sentence, which the judge upheld.

David Lambertus, Schook’s attorney, wrote that he has the support of family members and friends who have offered to care for him and “make sure he abides by the rules of shock probation.”

Schook suffers from terminal cancer. Shock probation allows inmates…

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Theology student pleads not guilty to soliciting sex from child

Daily Herald

Lee Filas

A theology student from Ohio training at a Serbian Orthodox school near Libertyville pleaded not guilty Wednesday to charges he solicited sex from someone he believed was a 14-year-old boy.

Dario Spasic, 22, with a current address in the 32300 block of Milwaukee Avenue, is facing up to five years in prison if found guilty on two counts of indecent solicitation of a child under 17, said Cynthia Vargas, spokeswoman with the Lake County State’s Attorneys Office.

Spasic is free while awaiting trial after posting the required 10 percent of his $100,000 bail. Vargas said Spasic has returned to his parents’ home in Ohio while the case is pending.

At the time of his arrest, Spasic was a student at the St. Sava Serbian Orthodox School of Theology and the Metropolitan Center of the Serbian Orthodox Church near Libertyville, authorities confirmed.

According to its…

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Was St. Paul sex-sting suspect entrapped? Jury to decide

Pioneer Press

By Emily Gurnon
POSTED: 10/29/2014

Who was calling the shots when Stephen J. Schulz corresponded online with an undercover cop?

Was it Schulz himself, who posted the original Craigslist ad, as the prosecution argued Wednesday? Or was it was the police sergeant who posed as a 15-year-old boy looking for sex, as the defense insisted?

“The only person who had absolute control at every step of the way was this defendant,” Ramsey County prosecutor Yasmin Mullings said Wednesday in her closing argument of Schulz’s trial. The Golden Valley man faces one felony count of soliciting a minor online for sexual contact.

Mullings reminded the jury of the testimony of St. Paul police Sgt. Jeffrey Keller, assigned to the Minnesota Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.

Keller said that in a sting operation, once the other email correspondent backs off or stops writing, the…

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Prete indagato per violenze sessuali E nel pomeriggio va a celebrare la messa

Corriere del Mezzogiorno

[Searches are underway in the Church of Saint Lucia in Brindisi and at the home of Father Gampiero Peschiulli, a priest who is alleged to have abused children. Prosecutor Giuseppe De Nozza began the investigation after a television broadcast.]

BRINDISI – Sono in corso perquisizioni nella Chiesa di Santa Lucia di Brindisi e nella dimora di don Giampiero Peschiulli, il sacerdote èndagato per atti sessuali commessi su minori. Il pm Giuseppe De Nozza ha avviato le indagini dopo un blitz della trasmissione Mediaset Le iene. Lo scorso 15 settembre, infatti, una troupe della trasmissione tentó di intervistare il parroco che è da circa dieci anni nella parrocchia del centro storico mentre in precedenza era al quartiere la Rosa. Quando Giulio Golia provó ad intervistarlo, l’uomo si barricó in chiesa e chiese l’aiuto dei carabinieri.

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Italy: Paedophile Catholic Priest Hangs Himself in Trieste Church

International Business Times

By Umberto Bacchi
October 29, 2014

A Catholic priest killed himself in the vicarage of his north-eastern Italian church, minutes before he was to discuss with his boss accusations of child abuse made against him, church officials said.

Maks Suard, 48, the vicar of Santa Croce in the port town of Trieste off the Slovenian border, was found to have hanged himself by the local Archbishop, Giampaolo Crepaldi.

Suard was under police investigation for the alleged sexual abuse of a 13-year-old girl.

The diocese of Trieste said that days before committing suicide, the clergyman had admitted to the accusations during a phone confrontation with Crepaldi, and was about to be suspended from his pastoral office.

Suard asked the Archbishop for a few days before informing the Holy See, setting in motion criminal and canonical procedures.

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Open letter to Rhode Island victims of priest and clergy

Turn to 10

[I-Team: Local priest under investigation by state police]

[Note: This is a corrected version of the letter that was posted on the Turn to 10 web site. The correction was made by the author, Ms. Hagan Webb.]

The Rhode Island State Police are conducting an investigation of cases of sexual abuse by Catholic priests and clergy and the diocese of Providence. If you were abused by a member of the clergy in RI, regardless of how long ago, I URGE you to report the abuse to the RI State Police.

I began publicly recommending this step in April, after I told the RI State Police my own story of abuse as a child by a priest who is now deceased. Since then, many other RI survivors have reported their abuse. As a result, the police are building a database that they previously didn’t…

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