[The New York Times has called on the Vatican prosecutor to drop all charges against two Italian journalists – Gianluigi Nuzzi and Emiliano Fattipaldi.]

BRUSSEL (KerkNet/Catholic Herald) – De bekende Amerikaanse krant ‘New York Times’ heeft de openbare aanklager van het Vaticaan opgeroepen om alle klachten tegen de twee Italiaanse journalisten Gianluigi Nuzzi en Emiliano Fittipaldi, die allebei recent een boek publiceerden over de weerstand van sommige leden van de Romeinse Curie tegen de financiële hervormingen van paus Franciscus.

De krant benadrukt dat beiden worden vervolgd op basis van een wet uit 2013, die werd goedgekeurd om seksueel misbruik van minderjarigen en kinderporno te bestrijden. Emiliano Fittipaldi noemde het proces kafkaiaans. De Organisatie voor Veiligheid en Samenwerking in Europa (OVSE), evenals beroepsorganisaties van journalisten vroegen het Vaticaan om het proces tegen de journalisten stop te zetten.

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Accuser of sex abuse at Aurora church drops anonymity

Daily Herald

Susan Sarkauskas

Members of two groups critical of the Catholic Church’s handling of sexual abuse by priests are calling for parishioners to withhold financial donations to an Aurora church.

And the man who sued that church, St. Rita of Cascia, under the name “John Doe” has revealed his identity. He is John Plaschke, who now lives in Maryland, and said he revealed himself to encourage other possible victims to come forward.

Plaschke’s suit, filed in September in Winnebago County, names the church, the Rockford Diocese and John Holdren, a priest at St. Rita of Cascia in the early 1970s.

In a phone interview, Plaschke said the recent news about sexual assault allegations against comedian Bill Cosby prompted him to investigate his own abuse. The shame and the fear of not being believed expressed by Cosby’s accusers resonated with Plaschke and brought out suppressed memories, he said….

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Prestigious MN prep school/Uni in violation of Title IX for housing sex offending monks

The Worthy Adversary

Posted by Joelle Casteix on November 30, 2015

Newly released documents show how St. John’s Prep in Collegeville, MN is in direct violation of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and created a hostile environment where students can reasonably believe they are risk of sexual assault.

At least 10 sex-offending monks—who have only been publicly exposed due to child sex abuse civil lawsuits and criminal complaints— live at the monastic residence (noted in the photo of the school above) mere yards from the dorms of St. John’s Prep.

Students must pass the home where the offenders live to go to the cafeteria or attend church services. Because of the real risk these monks pose, students are unable to study, work, or perform in sport activities because out of genuine and real fear of sexual assault.

According to Campus Safety Magazine:

Sexual violence is…

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Spotlight & Philippines Jesuit sex crimes. Jesuit abused young man “a few hundred times” starting when he was 15 in Ateneo de Zamboanga, Arvisu House, Loyola House of Studies

PopeCrimes& Vatican Evils.

Paris Arrow

The Jesuits are among the most notorious sexual predators on earth.

Jesuits are infamous members of the JP2 Army – John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army.

END Statute of Limitation for pedophilia

This “Jesuit sex crimes” from the Philippines prove that the statute of limitation must be removed for pedophilia and pederast sex crimes because it takes about three decades before victims can speak about their shameful past. Lucas, (not his real name) comes out only now at the age of 46 and he was sexually assaulted “hundreds of times” starting at the age of 15. It took him three decades to reveal his shameful past and in the Philippines, that shame belongs not to him alone – but to his entire family as well. Read our article, — New York Catholic bishops fight new Statute of Limitation bill for it would…

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Priest accused of stealing told bishop he was playing ‘hardball’ with unauthorized fees

Windsor Star


The bishop of the London diocese testified Monday that a priest charged with stealing claimed he was charging unauthorized wedding fees to play “hardball” with people wanting to use the church.

Bishop Ronald Fabbro took the witness stand as week two of the trial against Robert Couture began.

“He should not be including a fee for himself,” said Fabbro.

“This idea of playing hardball I thought was not a good pastoral approach.”

Robert Couture, the former pastor of Ste. Anne Parish in Tecumseh, is charged with theft over $5,000. A forensic accountant told court last week Couture stole between $170,000 and $234,000 from 2002 to 2010.

Fabbro said Monday he received a complaint in 2004 from the parents of a couple who got married at Ste. Anne. He said the complaint from the family, referred to in court as the Majors, was…

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Obispo Barros asegura que “se enteró por la prensa” de abusos de Karadima

El Dinamo

[Bishop Barros said he learned of the abuses by Karadima from the press.]

Barros mostró su molestia por ser relacionado con los abusos de Karadima, recalcando que “he señalado en más de una ocasión que en este proceso se ha faltado gravemente a la verdad, y he visto en algunos medios de comunicación algunas alusiones al respecto, las que niego rotundamente”.

En el marco de la demanda civil que interpusieron tres de las víctimas de los abusos cometidos por Fernando Karadima en contra del Arzobispado de Santiago, el pasado 20 de noviembre prestó declaración el cuestionado obispo Juan Barros.

Es que Barros es sindicado por parte de los querellantes y de la comunidad de Osorno de ser uno de los encubridores de los delitos realizados por el ex párroco de El Bosque, lo cual ha sido negado en innumerables ocasiones por el prelado.

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‘VatiLeaks’ trial rescheduled for Dec. 7

National Catholic Reporter

Junno Arocho Esteves Catholic News Service | Nov. 30, 2015

A Vatican trial against two Italian journalists, a Spanish monsignor and two others was postponed for one week after the court allowed one of the defendants to change lawyers.

On what was to be the criminal trial’s first day of testimonies by the defendants Monday, the Vatican court granted a request by one of the accused to have a new lawyer and receive more time to prepare for the case.

The proceedings began with the presiding judge, Giuseppe Dalla Torre, stating the request by Francesca Chaouqui, a member of the former Pontifical Commission for Reference on the Organization of the Economic-Administrative Structure of the Holy See.

Dalla Torre, along with three other Vatican judges, deliberated for 10 minutes before granting her request and announcing the trial would resume Dec. 7.

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Pope acknowledges criticism over speed of leaks trial, admits ‘error’ in naming commission

Star Tribune


ABOARD THE PAPAL PLANE — Pope Francis has acknowledged criticism that the Vatican’s trial over leaked documents has been rushed, saying the defendants and their lawyers must have time to mount a proper defense.

Francis spoke to reporters en route home from Africa after a Vatican judge on Tuesday adjourned the trial until Dec. 7 to give one of the defendants time to prepare after she engaged a new attorney late last week. Several of the suspects had complained that they hadn’t had time to find lawyers, much less study the case file before the trial began Nov. 24.

In a startling acknowlegment of his involvement in the process, Francis said he had wanted the trial to be finished before the Dec. 8 start of his Jubilee Year of Mercy.

“But I think…

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Caught on video – priest in cake fetish sex romp with married goddaughter

The Sun (UK)

A KINKY priest has been kicked out of the church after he was caught on video engaging in a ‘cake-crushing’ fetish with his married goddaughter.

Footage shows The Rev. George Passias, 67, looking on as Ethel Bouzalas, 45, sat and stomped on pieces of banana bread – while wearing sexy lingerie.

Passias has been relieved of his priestly duties at St. Spyridon Church in New York after a unanimous vote, church officials tell the New York Post.

Bouzalas, 45, who was principal of the St. Spyridon Parochial School, is now five months’ pregnant — and she claims the horny holy man is the father, according to The National Herald, a Greek-American daily newspaper.

Bouzalas has alleged that Passias urged her to get an abortion, despite that being against the teachings of the Greek Orthodox church.

The priest has denied that claim.

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Vatican leaks trial postponed after defendant changes lawyer

Irish Times

A Vatican trial into the theft of confidential Holy See documents was postponed on Monday until December 7th, dashing church hopes of wrapping up the case before the start of the Roman Catholic Holy Year.

The trial of five defendants, including a senior Spanish priest and two Italian reporters, was due to hear the first testimony on Monday, with the court looking to reach verdicts before December 8th, when the Holy Year starts.

However, the panel of three judges agreed to adjourn the hearing because one of the accused, lay consultant Francesca Chaouqui, had changed her lawyer, who requested more time to prepare the defence.

Two defendants, journalists Gianluigi Nuzzi and Emiliano Fittipaldi, had books based on leaked documents published this month that depict a Vatican plagued by greed and graft and where Pope Francis faces stiff resistance to his reform agenda.

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Missbrauch in der Katholischen Kirche: Geheime Paralleljustiz


[Father R., considered a major abuser in the instances of sexual abuse at Caniusiu College in Berlin, but he never faced charged in criminal and civil law because the actions were said to be time-barred. It turns out that a girl raised in the church has made serious allegations against the priest which are not time-barred. It remains to be seen whether the priest will be charged.]

Von Peter Wensierski

Ein Mädchen meldet einen nicht verjährten Missbrauch, der in Verbindung mit dem Berliner Canisius-Kolleg steht. Doch die Kirche informiert erst zehn Monate später die Staatsanwaltschaft.

Pater R. gilt als ein Haupttäter im Fall des jahrelangen sexuellen Missbrauchs am Canisius-Kolleg in Berlin. Vor Gericht musste sich der katholische Geistliche jedoch nie verantworten, straf- und zivilrechtlich waren die Taten verjährt. Nun stellt sich heraus: Ein Mädchen erhob bei der Kirche auch schwere Vorwürfe gegen den Pater, die nicht verjährt…

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Sexueller Missbrauch Canisius Kolleg – Katholische Kirche behinderte Ermittlungsbehörden

Hannover Zeitung

Die katholische Kirche hat die Aufklärung der Straftaten des Haupttäters Pfarrer Peter R. im Missbrauchsskandal am Berliner Gymnasium Canisius Kolleg 2010 aktiv behindert. Das zeigt erstmals die ARD/WDR-Dokumentation “Richter Gottes” von Eva Müller aus der Sendereihe “Die Story im Ersten” am Montag, 30. November um 22.45 Uhr. Darin äußert sich der Täter zum ersten Mal öffentlich. Die Staatsanwaltschaft Berlin prüft nun die Aufnahme neuer Ermittlungen.

Anfang 2010 berichteten ehemalige Schüler von Pfarrer Peter R. am Berliner Gymnasium Canisius Kolleg, dass er sie nackt fotografiert, angefasst und zur Selbstbefriedigung genötigt habe. Sie lösten damit den Missbrauchsskandal der katholischen Kirche in Deutschland aus. Die Rede ist von mehr als 100 Opfern. Bereits im Februar 2010 meldete die Staatsanwaltschaft Berlin, dass Peter R.’s Taten verjährt seien und deshalb keine strafrechtlichen Konsequenzen hätten.

Vier Wochen später, Anfang März 2010, meldete sich jedoch im Bistum Hildesheim ein 14-jähriges Mädchen, das dort…

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Church’s ‘terrible failure’ on abuse

9 News


Melbourne Archbishop Denis Hart insists he has not tried to blame dead church figures for the archdiocese’s “terrible failure” to act on abuse complaints.

Archbishop Hart says his predecessors failed to act, but excluded 1996-2001 Melbourne archbishop Cardinal George Pell from his criticism.

Archbishop Hart says former archbishop Frank Little put children in danger by not acting on complaints about Fr Peter Searson, one of a succession of pedophile priests in the Doveton parish.

“It’s just a horror story,” Archbishop Hart said of Doveton.

“These things were being presented again and again and again, and nothing was happening.”

During his evidence to the child abuse royal commission, senior counsel Gail Furness SC said some of the criticisms were levelled primarily at Archbishop Little and one of his vicar-generals, Monsignor Gerald Cudmore.

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Pokin Around: Cardinal Law, portrayed as protector of pedophile priests, once worked here

Springfield News-Leader

Steve Pokin, November 30, 2015

On Thanksgiving I went to the Moxie Cinema and watched “Spotlight,” the best movie I’ve ever seen on journalism, including “All the President’s Men.”

The film, based on real events, has a strong local connection: Cardinal Bernard Francis Law, who is the villain.

The film chronicles the Boston Globe’s Pulitzer-Prize winning coverage of how the Boston Diocese protected pedophile priests and moved them from parish to parish. The man behind these decisions was Law, who became a Cardinal while archbishop of the Boston Diocese, the third largest in the nation.

Before going to Boston, Law, now 84, was bishop of the Springfield-Cape Girardeau Diocese from October 1973 to January 1984.

As a result of the Globe’s dogged reporting, Law became a sort of poster boy, representing how the Catholic Church initially covered up of the misdeeds of pedophile priests.

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“Spotlight” shows journalism at its best, Catholic Church at its worst

Saint Peters Blog

By Tom Ohara – Nov 30, 2015

If you want to be simultaneously appalled and inspired, go see the movie “Spotlight.”

It’s about the Boston Globe’s 2001-2002 Pulitzer Prize-winning investigation into the Boston archdiocese’s decades-long cover-up of child sex abuse by its priests and brothers.

The film is unusual because it portrays people doing actual journalism. There are no gaggles of goofballs with microphones shouting stupid questions in a hallway.

“Spotlight,” the name of the newspaper’s investigative team, shows that quality journalism is usually the result of a dogged slog.

One of the heroes is Marty Baron, a Tampa-born guy who as the Globe’s new editor in 2001 asked some unpleasant questions about the paper’s coverage of the scandal.

The investigative team found the disturbing answers: that the archdiocese knew about the extent of the abuse for decades and used its considerable money and…

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Archdiocese shows ownership title for former hotel

Pacific Daily News

The group Concerned Catholics of Guam has argued that Archbishop Anthony Apuron gave control of the Yona seminary to the Neocatechumenal Way, but the church has released land documents to dispute that claim.

The archbishop of the Archdiocese of Agana, as the “corporation sole,” holds the title to the former Accion Hotel, which is currently being used as a seminary, according to a document released by the Archdiocese of Agana last weekend.

“The archbishop of Agana is the legal and sole owner of the Redemptoris Mater Seminary of Guam in Yona — (formerly) Hotel Accion property,” a statement from the archdiocese, approved by Msgr. David Quitugua, the archdiocesan vicar general, states. The statement was released in the Nov. 29 edition of the Umatuna Si Yu’os, the archdiocese’s newspaper.

The archdiocese released the property’s certificate of title, which was issued by the Department of Land Management…

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Vatileaks 2 trial continues


(ANSA) – Vatican City, November 30 – The second hearing in the so-called Vatileaks 2 trial against five people for allegedly leaking confidential Holy See documents ended after less than 15 minutes on Monday after the court decided to grant five days to the new lawyer representing defendant Francesca Chaouqui to prepare her defence. “I don’t understand a thing, there’s no proof against me,” Chaouqui said after the hearing.

“In the next five days we must discover why I’m here,” the PR expert added. Chaouqui’s co-defendants, investigative journalists Gianluigi Nuzzi and Emiliano Fittipaldi, Monsignor Lucio Angel Vallejo Balda and his former assistant Nicola Maio, all attended Monday’s hearing. Chaouqui, Balda and Maio are charged with leaking the confidential material and Nuzzi and Fittipaldi of using it in books published recently documenting Vatican waste and mismanagement and lavish spending by clergymen.

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Vatileaks: “Sesso, bugie e padrini politici, io e la Chaouqui amanti e nemici”

La Repubblica


ROMA – Nel memoriale che monsignor Lucio Vallejo Balda ha consegnato al primo avvocato (poi sostituito) l’8 novembre scorso c’è la confessione dei suoi rapporti, anche carnali, con Francesca Immacolata Chaouqui. Ci sono le sue convinzioni preoccupate: “Lei era dei servizi segreti, aveva dietro Bisignani”. E c’è il racconto di tutti gli amici importanti della pierre assurta a commissario delle finanze del Vaticano per volontà di Papa Bergoglio.

“Io non potevo cedere… Avevo sempre il Papa davanti agli occhi che parlava della sacralità delle donne sposate e del matrimonio “, si tormenta monsignore. È il momento più drammatico della confessione a proposito del suo rapporto con la Chaouqui, uno dei commissari alle finanze della Santa Sede.

Sono trascorsi sei giorni dal suo arresto e monsignore detta il suo memoriale sulla diffusione delle carte segrete della…

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VatiLeaks trial postponed, main suspects exchange low blows

Wichita Eagle


A key hearing in the VatiLeaks 2 trial over leaks related to alleged financial scandals in the Vatican was Monday postponed by a week to give a new defense lawyer time to study the case.

Main suspects Monsignor Lucio Vallejo Balda and Francesca Chaouqui were to be questioned, but presiding judge Giuseppe Dalla Torre at the Vatican court rescheduled the hearing for Dec. 7 after Chaouqui showed up with a new counsel.

Laura Sgro replaced Agnese Camilli, who was a court-appointed lawyer, the Vatican said in a statement.

Vallejo Balda, a Spanish member of the conservative Catholic movement Opus Dei, and Chaouqui, an Italian public relations consultant, were members of a now-disbanded committee that advised Pope Francis on financial and administrative reforms.

They are accused, along with an aide of the monsignor, of passing on information to journalists Gianluigi Nuzzi and…

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Men in court over 1960’s abuse allegations at Shefford children’s home

Bedford Today

Monday 30 November 2015

Two elderly men appeared at court this morning to answer historical allegations of abuse against boys while working at St Francis’ Children’s Home in Shefford.

James McCann, 79, and John Christopher Cahill, 73, appeared at Luton Magistrates Court where the allegations of abuse were put to them.

The court heard how both Mr McCann and Mr Cahill were lay members of staff at the home, which was run primarily by nuns and religious clerics.

Mr McCann was involved in the day-to-day care of boys at the home between 1966 and 1974. He has pleaded not guilty to 66 charges, 17 of them sexually-related, from 25 complainants.

The court was told much of the abuse claims related to physical harm, with Mr McCann accused of striking boys with sticks and leather belts, and clapping against both sides of their ears – causing…

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Behandeling klachten slachtoffers misbruik R. K.- Kerk in 2016 afgerond

Meldpunt Seksueel Misbruik RKK

[The complaints committee for abuse victims in the Dutch Catholic Church expects to have all issues resolved by Sept. 1. A total of 211 cases are still pending and hearings were held this year for 31 alleged victims.]

De Klachtencommissie voor slachtoffers van seksueel misbruik in de R. K.- Kerk verwacht dat 1 september 2016 alle zaken zijn afgehandeld. Er zijn nog 211 zaken in behandeling. Voor 31 slachtoffers wordt nog dit jaar een zitting gehouden. Er zijn in de regel 6 zittingen per week.

Bij gegrond verklaring kunnen slachtoffers een beroep doen op compensatie. De Compensatiecommissie verwacht dat ongeveer 150 slachtoffers dat ook zullen doen. Eind 2016 zullen allen een uitspraak hebben ontvangen. Het werk van beide commissies zit er dan op. De hulpverlening aan slachtoffers gaat echter door. Die kunnen een beroep blijven doen op het aanbod van gespecialiseerde hulp van het…

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Other Pontifical Acts

Vatican Information Service

Vatican City, 30 November 2015 (VIS) – The Holy Father has appointed:

– Msgr. Jure Bogdan as military ordinary for Croatia. The bishop-elect was born in Donji Dolac, Croatia in 1955 and was ordained a priest in 1980. He holds a doctorate in theology from the Pontifical Lateran University and has served in a number of pastoral roles in the archdiocese of Split-Makarska, Croatia, including parish vicar and spiritual father of the archdiocesan minor seminary. He is currently rector of the Pontifical Croatian College of St. Jerome in Rome. He succeeds Bishop Juraj Jezerinac, whose resignation from the pastoral care of the same military ordinariate upon reaching the age limit was accepted by the Holy Father.

– Fr. Vincent Kirabo as bishop of Hoima (area 17,200, population 2,084214, Catholics 1,075,812, priests 131, religious 130), Uganda. The bishop-elect was born in Kyanaisoke, Uganda in 1955…

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Two ex-principals charged with abusing pupils

The Australian

DECEMBER 1, 2015

Dan Box
Crime reporter

A second former principal at a ­remote Catholic boarding school in northern Queensland has been charged with sexual crimes ­involving young boys.

Terry Kingston, a member of the Christian Brothers religious order, will face court this week charged with the indecent treatment of seven boys in 1976-77 while he was the principal of St Teresa’s College in Abergowrie.

It comes after another former principal at the boarding school, many of whose pupils are from ­indigenous families living across the Northern Territory, Cape York and Torres Strait, was charged with sexual crimes against children and will face trial next year.

James Sampson Doran, who took over the leadership of St ­Teresa’s in 1989, has indicated in court that he will plead not guilty to more than 40 charges relating to the alleged abuse of 11 boys in…

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The Heron’s Nest: Putting the ‘Spotlight’ on journalism biz

Daily Times

By Phil Heron, Delaware County Daily Times
POSTED: 11/30/15

I saw the movie ‘Spotlight’ Saturday night.

If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a journalism movie. More specifically, a newspaper movie. It tells the story of how a team of reporters at the Boston Globe tackled the massive issue of abuse by priests in the Boston Archdiocese.

The movie made me proud of what I do. It also made me incredibly sad.

This is not a easy movie to watch, especially if you are Catholic. That would include me, a former altar boy. It does not paint the church – in particular the leaders of the Boston Archdiocese, in an especially good light.

I know a little bit about that. I have written at length about the same situation here in the Philadelphia archdiocese. In fact, Monsignor William Lynn, the highest church official ever…

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Protests over beloved Marysville priest’s departure

Q13 Fox

MARYSVILLE, Wash.—Members of St. Mary’s Catholic church in Marysville hit the pavement in protest outside of St. James Cathedral in Seattle on Sunday after learning their beloved priest was asked to leave their parish.

The Archdiocese of Seattle asked Father Dwight Lewis to leave St. Mary’s after finding financial and personnel practices that they called “significantly at odds” with church policies.

Some church members said they were kept in the dark and did not think Father Dwight did anything wrong.

“The diocese won’t meet with us and tell us why Father Dwight is gone. Why? What did he do?” said parishioner Scott Jenkins.

“They just do what they can do, without explaining to us. That’s so unfair. That’s number one. Number two, we want Father Dwight back. If they can’t really prove that he did something wrong, then why whisk him away?” said another parishioner.

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Fitzgerald: Where’s the spotlight on innocent priests?

Boston Herald

Joe Fitzgerald Monday, November 30, 2015

If you’ve been following the brouhaha over the way some characters were portrayed in “Spotlight,” Hollywood’s version of how the Globe covered the priestly scandal that rocked the Catholic Church here, it’s tempting to feel sympathetic to someone who feels he was made to look like a jerk in order to juice up the script.

But lost in all of this bickering over what was said years ago is the disservice that was done to faithful priests whose unwarranted disgrace was the collateral damage of a rush to judgment.

They knew what it was to see themselves unfairly wrapped in a blanket indictment that turned a basic American tenet upside down; if you wore a Roman collar you were presumed guilty, not innocent.

But how do you prove something didn’t happen?

“When I go into a CVS or supermarket…

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‘Cake porn’ priest defrocked amid kinky affair

New York Post

By Chris Perez November 30, 2015

The kinky Washington Heights priest who was caught on video engaging in a “cake-crushing’’ fetish with a married church- school administrator has been defrocked, The Post has learned.

The Rev. George Passias, 67, was relieved of his priestly duties at St. Spyridon Church after a unanimous vote on Nov. 28 by the Greek Orthodox Holy and Sacred Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate during its monthly meeting in Istanbul, church officials said.

In addition, the entire executive board of St. Spyridon was ordered to step down Friday following the fallout over Passias’ pastry love affair with his goddaughter, Ethel Bouzalas, 45, who was principal of the St. Spyridon Parochial School.

Bishop Andonios Paropoulos, chancellor of the Greek Orthodox church in the United States, said the board was asked to step down “not because of any indication of any unethical…

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Priest alerted fellow paedophile priest after victim came to him in confession, inquiry told

The Guardian

Australian Associated Press
Monday 30 November 2015

A priest “had no hesitation” in breaking the seal of confession to warn a fellow paedophile priest about an altar boy’s abuse complaint, the child abuse inquiry heard on Monday.

Victim BTU told Father Wilfred “Bill” Baker in a neighbouring Melbourne parish that Father Ronald Pickering was sexually abusing him in 1968. However, Baker was also a paedophile.

Baker spoke to the boy after the 13-year-old used confession to reveal what Pickering was doing to him.

BTU said: “The conversation was not about the abuse that I disclosed to him; instead what Fr Baker wanted to know was where I lived … I thought this was odd.”

It got back to Pickering. “By mentioning it to Fr Pickering, Fr Baker clearly had no hesitation in breaking the seal of my confession to him and also Fr Pickering appeared…

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Sex, lies and spies: Vatileaks plot thickens

The Express Tribune


VATICAN CITY: The Vatican’s controversial trial of journalists and whistleblowers was put on hold on Monday as new claims about sex, lies and spies gave the scandal an intriguing twist.

The trial, in which three Vatican insiders and two Italian reporters face potential prison terms of up to eight years, was adjourned until next week after one of the accused asked for more time to prepare her defence.

Francesca Chaouqui, a PR expert accused of leaking classified documents to journalists, asked for five days to study the prosecution case against her and possibly introduce new evidence after replacing her court-appointed lawyer with her own defence counsel.

The prosecution did not object and the presiding judge said proceedings would resume on December 7, dashing the hopes of Vatican officials that the high-profile case might be wrapped up before the official start of a Catholic…

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Vatican leaks trial postponed after defendant changes lawyer



A Vatican trial into the theft of confidential Holy See documents was postponed on Monday until Dec. 7, dashing Church hopes of wrapping up the case before the start of the Roman Catholic Holy Year.

The trial of five defendants, including a senior Spanish priest and two Italian reporters, was due to hear the first testimony on Monday, with the court looking to reach verdicts before Dec. 8, when the Holy Year starts.

However, the panel of three judges agreed to adjourn the hearing because one of the accused, lay consultant Francesca Chaouqui, had changed her lawyer, who requested more time to prepare the defence.

Two defendants, journalists Gianluigi Nuzzi and Emiliano Fittipaldi, had books based on leaked documents published this month that depict a Vatican plagued by greed and graft and where Pope Francis faces stiff resistance to his…

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OCA Responds to SNAP re: Monk Seraphim Storheim


Author: Melanie Jula Sakoda
Date Published: 11/28/2015

Jillions Email

SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, received a response to their November 13th letter to the Synod of Bishops of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA). SNAP had written to the Church officials asking them to make sure that the former head of the Archdiocese of Canada, Seraphim Storheim, was well supervised and kept off church payrolls.

Storheim was convicted of sexually abusing an 11 year old boy and served time for that offense. He was subsequently defrocked by his Synod and reduced to the rank of lay monk. However, the former archbishop continues to reside at an OCA monastery in Canada.

Archpriest John Jillions, the OCA Chancellor, informed SNAP that the new archbishop of Canada, Irenee Rochon, had developed a supervision plan for his predecessor. The chancellor also…

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Antiochian Priest Defrocked for Inappropriate Conduct


Author: Melanie Jula Sakoda
Date Published: 11/28/2015

McFeeters Letters

Archpriest Justin McFeeters, a priest in the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America, was accused of inappropriate conduct toward a parishioner at Holy Ascension Church in Norman, Oklahoma. He was suspended from his priestly duties on October 21, 2015, pending an investigation into the written complaint. The allegations were found to be credible and McFeeters, who voluntarily waived his right to a spiritual court, was removed from the priesthood on October 23, 2015.

Copies of the letters informing the priest of his suspension and deposition are linked above.

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Protopresbyter George Passias Defrocked by Holy and Sacred Synod


Author: Theodore Kalmoukos
Date Published: 11/28/2015
Publication: The National Herald

CONSTANTINOPLE – The Holy and Sacred Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate voted unanimously to defrock Protopresbyter George Passias at its regular monthly meeting in Constantinople on November 28.

Passias was returned to the status of layman due to the sexual scandal involving his close associate and god daughter Ethel Bouzalas.

The Holy and Sacred Synod validated the unanimous decision made by the Holy and Eparchial Synod of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America in early October.

The National Herald broke the Passias news on the website of its parent publication, the Greek language Ethnikos Kirix on Friday, October 2. The story was then picked up by the mainstream media, especially the New York Post.

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Continuation of Brisbane Grammar and St Paul’s School public hearing

Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

30 November, 2015

The Royal Commission’s public hearing into Brisbane Grammar and St Paul’s School (Case Study 34) will recommence in Melbourne on Monday 30 November 2015 at 4:30pm AEDT.

It is anticipated that the hearing will hear from one witness, Bernard Yorke, Former General Manager, Anglican Diocese of Brisbane.

The Royal Commission will be sitting in the Ceremonial Courtroom at the County Court of Victoria and will also video conference with Courtroom 36 on level 7 of the Brisbane Magistrates Court.

Please be advised that Mr Yorke will give evidence via video link from Queensland.

For more information on Case Study 34 please visit the Royal Commission’s website.

Date: Monday 30 November 2015
Hearing times: 4:30pm AEDT start

Location: Ceremonial Courtroom, County Court of Victoria, 250 William Street, Melbourne, Victoria.

The public hearing will be streamed live…

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Stolen generations’ compensation vital

The Border Mail

By George Williams
Nov. 30, 2015

NSW and Victoria recently announced their support for compensation for the victims of child sexual abuse. If a national scheme is established, these states will contribute millions of dollars to cover the shortfall from the institutions responsible for the harm.

This support is welcome, and follows the recommendation of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse that such a scheme is needed. Victims should not be left to pursue compensation through the courts.

In many cases, time limits will have expired, and abuse will be impossible to prove, because of the death or absence of witnesses. Court processes are also likely to increase the trauma suffered by victims.

They were treated as outsiders and second-class citizens in their own lands.

However, the terms of reference of the royal commission mean any compensation scheme will be…

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Stalking the stalkers: the heroes of Task Force Argos

Brisbane Times

November 27, 2015

Madonna King

A crack team of Brisbane-based investigators is leading a global charge against child-sex criminals. Madonna King reports on how Task Force Argos is turning online predators into prey.

Inside Task Force Argos, Australia’s crack paedophile squad, Detective Sergeant Kath Ford, 37, is a seasoned investigator, charged with tracking down online predators preying on children. But inside the terminals of those she targets, she’s a 14-year-old schoolgirl – let’s call her Helen – skipping around the net, while her mother is working late. “I’d like to think it’s not me,” Ford says.

“I’m not engaging that person. It’s Helen. We take on that role, that persona.”

To make it real, Helen needs a whole back-story. She’s a Brisbane schoolgirl, living with her single mother, completing year 10, with loads of friends. Sometimes, Ford will be required to play a schoolboy, too, but…

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Pedophiles Down Under

Pedophiles Down Under

Fiona Barnett

Exposing Australia’s VIP Child Abuse Network

Welcome to this site which aims to give a voice to the many Australian victims of VIP child trafficking, ritual abuse and mind control. This site provides access to Fiona Barnett’s Candy Girl memoirs that will be gradually uploaded. It will offer links to the coming documentary of the same name. It also features testimonies by other Australian victims, relevant articles, and further resources.

An important function of this site is to share a rare wealth of information about the availability of support for Australians, and to expose the dangers hidden within the Australian mental health, counselling and so-called ‘christian’ ministry scenes. The first step to healing is to beware that perpetrators aren’t stupid – they place themselves in optimal positions for accessing and silencing desperate victims.

This site is hosted at great personal risk and expense….

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Catholic church failed to act on paedophile priests, says Melbourne archbishop

The Guardian

Australian Associated Press
Monday 30 November 2015

The Catholic church failed to act on the “horror story” of paedophiles in its midst, Melbourne archbishop Denis Hart has told the royal commission.

“What is now apparent to me is that there was knowledge and a failure to act,” Hart told the child abuse royal commission.

“Reading the victims’ statements that I have in preparation for the commission, I have just been totally appalled by the extent and the depravity of the offenders and the suffering and ruination of lives of the survivors.”

Hart said there had been a terrible failure by the church resulting from the passivity or inactivity of his predecessors.

But he excluded Cardinal George Pell, the Melbourne archbishop from 1996 to 2001, from the criticism.

“As archbishop he instituted the Melbourne Response and really made big changes,” Hart said.

Hart criticised Frank Little,…

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Archbishop Denis Hart says criticism of church handling of paedophiles is valid

Herald Sun

November 30, 2015
Padraic Murphy
Herald Sun

CARDINAL George Pell was briefed about concerns a priest had shown a dead body to children but the pervert was not removed from the school, the Royal Commission in to child abuse has heard.

Inaction over that priest — who it later emerged was a pedophile — emerged as Archbishop Denis Hart gave evidence about an horrific period at Doveton Parish in the 1980s that saw a succession of pedophile priests in charge.

Archbishop Hart said he expected Cardinal George Pell – who at the time was the parish’s Auxiliary Bishop – to have been to act on the priest’s morbid behaviour.

“I would have expected he would have taken up the matter……I don’t know what he knew and I don’t know what he did,” Archbishop Hart said.

At one point in 1989, Cardinal Pell discussed a…

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Women in church issue has ‘glacial pace’

9 News


Getting women into senior positions in the Catholic Church may move at a glacial pace, but it is movement, Melbourne Archbishop Denis Hart says.

Critics say the abuse crisis faced by the Catholic Church would never have been allowed to happen had it involved women in its management, the child abuse royal commission has heard.

Commission chair Justice Peter McClellan said people from both within and outside the church note the decision-making process is driven by men in the archdiocese.

Archbishop Hart said one or two dioceses in Australia had women as chancellor, who would go to a conservative group with the bishop.

“The advice of women is being made to come into play in the work of the church, and I would expect that that would go on,” Archbishop Hart told the commission’s Melbourne inquiry on Monday.

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Sex abuse commission: Melbourne Archdiocese failed to respond to paedophile priests

Sydney Morning Herald

November 30, 2015

Beau Donelly

Vulnerable children were in danger of being targeted by paedophile priests because a “paralysis” plagued the Catholic Church’s response to abuse allegations for decades, the royal commission has heard.

Appearing before the child abuse royal commission on Monday, Melbourne Archbishop Denis Hart laid the blame at the feet of top church officials, including former Archbishop Frank Little, but did not criticise his predecessor Cardinal George Pell over his role in the abuse scandal.

Archbishop Hart said there was a “complete failure” of processes within the Melbourne Archdiocese when dealing with child sex abuse complaints, and described allegations referred to Catholic education officials about the Doveton parish as “just a horror story”.

“What is now apparent to me is that there was knowledge and a failure to act,” he said. “I have just been totally appalled by the extent…

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Church ‘failed to recognise pedophiles’

Sky News

A paralysis extending from the Melbourne archbishop led to the Catholic Church failing to recognise the pedophiles in its midst, the current archbishop says.

Melbourne Archbishop Denis Hart lays the blame firmly on former archbishop Frank Little but not on his immediate predecessor Cardinal George Pell.

‘What is now apparent to me is that there was knowledge and a failure to act,’ Archbishop Hart told the child abuse royal commission.

‘I have just been totally appalled by the extent and the depravity of the offenders and the suffering and ruination of lives of the survivors.’

Archbishop Hart said a paralysis in the office of the archbishop was partly to blame.

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Sex abuse commission: School warned about predator priest

The Age

November 30, 2015

Beau Donelly

Senior Catholic education officials warned a Melbourne principal that children were not safe to be left alone with the school’s new priest, the child abuse royal commission has heard.

But when former St James Primary School principal Patricia Taylor took her concerns about incoming priest Wilfred “Billy” Baker to her regional bishop Peter Connors, she claimed he told her “once a paedophile always a paedophile”. She said she did not hear from the bishop again and that Baker was appointed to the parish a short time later.

On day five of the royal commission’s probe into the church’s handling of historic child abuse cases, Ms Taylor said the Catholic Education Office informed her about allegations against Baker before he was sent to the Richmond North parish adjoining her school in mid-1992.

She said she was warned never to leave…

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Royal commission: Archbishop Hart agrees terrible failure in handling abuse


TIM PALMER: The Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne has acknowledged his archdiocese failed to act on complaints of clerical abuse of children in the past.

Denis Hart told the child sex abuse royal commission there’d been a complete failure of process in many cases. He says his predecessors had been guilty of “passivity”, although he excluded his immediate predecessor, George Pell, from that criticism.

Samantha Donovan reports.

SAMANTHA DONOVAN: The royal commission is examining the Melbourne’s Archdiocese’s handling of child sex abuse complaints against eight priests from the mid-80s to 1996.

The Archbishop of Melbourne, Denis Hart, told the commission today there had been a terrible failure to handle abuse in his archdiocese.

DENIS HART: There was such a respect that only the Archbishop could act, that this introduced a paralysis.

SAMANTHA DONOVAN: Some witnesses have told the commission the church’s complex processes for removing priests…

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Vatileaks II trial delayed



The controversial trial of five people involved in the latest Vatican leaks scandal was adjourned Monday until next week after one of the accused asked for more time to prepare her defence.

Francesca Chaouqui, a PR expert who faces up to eight years in prison for leaking classified documents to journalists, asked for five days to study the prosecution case against her and possibly introduce new evidence after replacing her court-appointed lawyer with her own defence counsel.

The prosecution did not object and the presiding judge said the case would resume on December 7, effectively dashing the hopes of Vatican officials that the high-profile case might be wrapped up before the official start of a Catholic Jubilee year the following day.

Chaouqui said she still had no idea of what she was supposed to have done.

“I don’t understand anything,” she told reporters after Monday’s…

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Vatican leaks trial postponed until Dec. 7 after defendant changes lawyer


Nov 30 A high profile Vatican trial into the theft of confidential Holy See documents was postponed on Monday until Dec. 7 after one of the five defendants changed their lawyers, a court official said.

The trial of a senior Spanish priest, his aide, an Italian consultant and two reporters opened last week and the court had hoped to reach a verdict before the start of the Roman Catholic Holy Year, which kicks off on Dec. 8.

However, PR consultant Francesca Chaouqui has hired a new lawyer, who asked the court for more time to prepare her defence. The panel of three non-clerical judges hearing the case agreed to the request.

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Vatican leaks trial delayed for a week at defense request

Houston Chronicle

Frances D’emilio, Associated Press Monday, November 30, 2015

VATICAN CITY (AP) — A Vatican judge on Monday granted more time for the defense to prepare for a trial over the leak of confidential documents that has put a Spanish monsignor, a pair of Italian journalists and two others in the dock.

The documents detailed alleged greed, wasteful spending and poor management inside the Vatican.

The details of the leaked documents were published earlier this month in fast-selling books by the journalists who also exposed power struggles over Pope Francis’ efforts to reform finances and bureaucracy and to eradicate careerism and intrigue at the world headquarters of the Roman Catholic church.

After barely 15 minutes, Judge Giuseppe Della Torre adjourned Monday’s session to Dec. 7 to allow more time to prepare the defense of Francesca Chaouqui, a PR specialist who had served on a panel advising…

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Vatican leaks trial delayed as plot thickens

Channel News Asia

VATICAN CITY: The Vatican’s controversial trial of journalists and whistleblowers was put on hold on Monday (Nov 30) as new claims about sex, lies and spies gave the scandal an intriguing twist.

The trial, in which three Vatican insiders and two Italian reporters face potential prison terms of up to eight years, was adjourned until next week after one of the accused asked for more time to prepare her defence.

Francesca Chaouqui, a PR expert accused of leaking classified documents to journalists, asked for five days to study the prosecution case against her and possibly introduce new evidence after replacing her court-appointed lawyer with her own defence counsel.

The prosecution did not object and the presiding judge said proceedings would resume on Dec 7, dashing the hopes of Vatican officials that the high-profile case might be wrapped up before the official start of a…

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A Thomas Doyle Cyber-Anthology

Ruth Krall

The church cannot credibly exert moral authority in any area where the public perceives it is incapable of maintaining moral authority internally.

–Attorney and Author F. Ray Mouton

Introductory Comment

In late November, 2015, Roman Catholic theologian, William Lindsey s ugges ted on hi s N ov ember 24, 2015 bl og Bilgrimage [] that someone needed to collect Father Thomas Doyle’s published writings in one place. Dr. Lindsey suggested that Doyle needed his own webpage. Because many of Doyle’s books, book chapters, and professional periodical chapters are already in print, I personally doubt that this will happen in the near future. What needs to happen for their use in an academic market is for them to be collected into a series of anthologies.

Thus, this cyber-anthology came about. It is a very small contribution toward making Dr. Lindsey’s hopes for a comprehensive bibliography a…

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Date set for George Pell to front commission

The Courier

Nov. 30, 2015

A date for Cardinal George Pell to give evidence at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses into Child Sex Abuse has been released.

Cardinal Pell is expected to appear on December 16 during the second week of the public hearing regarding Catholic Church authorities in Ballarat at the County Court of Victoria.

Survivors have previously told the commission that it was inconceivable, given the widespread nature of child abuse in Ballarat, that Cardinal Pell and former Ballarat Bishop Ronald Mulkearns did not know about it at the time.

Victims of child sexual abuse also look set to be grilled by lawyers for Cardinal Pell in a bid to quash claims of wrongdoing, including attempted bribery.

The Courier understands Bishop Mulkearns is gravely ill with cancer and a shadow remains over his anticipated appearance.

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Cult leader Barnard attempts suicide

Kanabec County Times

Monday, November 30, 2015

by Mike Gainor

Self-proclaimed pastor and alleged sex offender Victor Barnard, charged with multiple counts of sexual abuse of young girls in Pine County, has reportedly attempted suicide in his cell in Brazil.

According to Brazilian news reports, Barnard was placed in the intensive care unit of a regional hospital on Nov. 13 after his suicide attempt. Physicians did not give more information about his health status.

Barnard allegedly sexually abused teen and preteen girls in his care while leading a cult called the “River Road Fellowship” in rural Finlayson between 2000-2009.

Barnard was charged in Pine County Court in April 2014 with 59 felony counts of criminal sexual conduct, but attempts to find and arrest him in Washington state, where he and his followers moved in 2009, came up empty.

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Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry investigates Anglican Churches in England and Wales

Anglican Communion News Service

[ACNS] The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, set up by the British government to examine “whether public bodies and other non-state institutions have taken seriously their duty of care to protect children from sexual abuse in England and Wales”, will investigate the Anglican Church as one of its first 12 investigations.

The Inquiry was announced by British Home Secretary Theresa May in July 2014; but is only now fully getting underway. It was beset by a series of delays after a number of failed attempts to appoint an inquiry chair from the UK fell through amid claims that the proposed chairmen were “too close to the British establishment”.

It is now being headed by New Zealand Judge, Justice Lowell Goddard. The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, had asked Justice Goddard to investigate the Church of England first, saying that he would order…

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Child abuse royal commission: Former Brisbane Anglican diocese general manager told victim of abuse to keep complaint to himself

ABC News

By Allyson Horn

A former senior church official told a Brisbane victim of sexual abuse to “get on with his life”, a royal commission has heard.

The Royal Commission into Institutionalised Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has been examining the conduct of two men, former music teacher and convicted paedophile Gregory Robert Knight and former school counsellor Kevin John Lynch.

Knight worked at St Paul’s School between 1981 and 1984, while Lynch worked there between 1989 and 1997.

The inquiry is also looking into Lynch’s times at Brisbane Grammar School (BGS) between 1973 and 1988.

Today in Melbourne it heard from Bernard Yorke, the general manager of the Anglican diocese in Brisbane during the 1990s.

He told the commission via video link that he met with an abused student and told him to keep the complaint to himself.

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Child abuse royal commission: Melbourne Archbishop defends George Pell, but admits bishops ‘did not do enough’ to remove abusive priests

ABC News

By Danny Morgan

The Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne has defended his predecessor, Cardinal George Pell, against allegations he did not properly follow up child sexual abuse complaints against priests.

Denis Hart has told the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse that during the 1980s and early 1990s senior bishops did not do enough to convince Archbishop Frank Little to remove priests who were molesting children.

Archbishop Hart said it was a complete failure of process on the part of the bishops.

“So that includes Archbishop, now Cardinal, Pell?” he was asked by counsel assisting, Gail Furness SC.

Archbishop Hart replied: “I would exclude him.”

The commission had earlier heard Cardinal Pell, as an auxiliary bishop based in Melbourne in 1989, received complaints about paedophile priest Peter Searson.

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When a Kid Kills His Longtime Abuser, Who’s the Victim?

Mother Jones

—By Marc Bookman | Mon Nov. 30, 2015

You could hardly open a Pennsylvania newspaper in 2012 without running into a story about the prosecution of sexual predators or their enablers. The case of Jerry Sandusky, the Penn State football coach convicted of abusing 10 boys, was all over the headlines. Two Philadelphia grand juries, in 2003 and 2011, had documented a massive cover-up of sexual abuse by the Catholic Church that would end up with two priests and a Monsignor going to prison—the latter was the first senior church official in the United States convicted of endangering children by covering up abuses by priests under his supervision.

In July 2012, after yet another priest was arrested, Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams lauded the alleged victim for speaking out after years of silence: “As we have learned,” Williams said, “it is extremely difficult for sexual abuse…

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Vic principal warned about parish priest

7 News


November 30, 2015

A Melbourne bishop told a principal who raised concerns about the new parish priest “once a pedophile always a pedophile”, an inquiry has heard.

Former St James Primary School principal Patricia Taylor went to her regional bishop Peter Connors after being warned about North Richmond parish priest Fr Wilfred “Bill” Baker.

“He said to me: ‘research shows that once a pedophile, always a pedophile’,” Ms Taylor told the child abuse royal commission.

While Bishop Connors was very concerned about what he was told, Ms Taylor said that comment was of no help to her and took away any hope the priest had changed.

She did not hear from Bishop Connors again and Baker still arrived at the parish in 1992.

Ms Taylor said she had been warned about Baker at an off-the-record meeting with a representative of the Catholic Education Office.

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How the church helped this criminal priest, Father Ron Pickering

Broken Rites

By a Broken Rites researcher (article updated 29 November 2015)

This Broken Rites article is the most comprehensive account available about how the Melbourne Catholic archdiocese harboured a paedophile priest, Father Ronald Pickering, for many years while he committed sexual crimes against children. When Pickering realised that his crimes were becoming public, he fled to England. The Melbourne archdiocese began paying retirement benefits to Pickering. When George Pell became the archbishop, he continued making the payments.

When Broken Rites established its Australia-wide telephone hotline in late 1993, one of the first calls received was about Father Pickering. Broken Rites advised this caller (and also some subsequent callers) about strategies to obtain justice regarding Pickering’s abuse.

Some victims consulted the Sexual Offences and Child Abuse Investigation Team (SOCIT) of the Victoria Police about Pickering.

Meanwhile, at least one other victim contacted the church authorities, instead of the…

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Did Missouri’s taxpayers foot the bill for an out-of-state sex offending priest?

The Worthy Adversary

Posted by Joelle Casteix on November 29, 2015

You bet they did.

A wealthy Minnesota Catholic religious order and a Catholic-owned rehabilitation hospital engaged in potential Missouri Medicaid insurance fraud to get free health care for a sex-offending priest, a newly released document shows.

The 2014 document, released as a part of a legal settlement against the Benedictines of Minnesota and sex-offending priests, show that the order withheld money from a priest in their employ—so that he would seem indigent and his health care would be paid for by the State of Missouri.

The document is stamped OSB McDONALD-OO861. It is page 420 of the pdf at the link.

The priest, Fr. Finian McDonald, admitted to having more than 200 sex “partners,” including his college-age counseling clients, high schoolers, sex trafficked children in South East Asia, and other adults.

He was sent to a…

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A Real Inquiry Or Another Cover-Up?

Morning Star

The child sexual abuse investigation has been beset by errors from the off. STEVEN WALKER smells a rat

JUDGE Lowell Goddard, the head of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA), has finally confirmed that there will be a separate inquiry into allegations that Westminster MPs were involved in the abuse of vulnerable children.

Her announcement on Friday revealed that another 11 inquiries would be undertaken as part of her work, but the news came after more evidence emerged of the way the Establishment is intent on sabotaging the inquiry.

Peter McKelvie, a former child protection manager whose allegations about child abuse led to a police inquiry in 2012, has resigned as an adviser to the inquiry.

McKelvie helped in the investigation which led to the prosecution of notorious paedophile Peter Righton in 1992.

Righton had links to the Establishment as a member of…

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Fred Nile welcomes Anglican Diocese paedophile probe

ABC News

Christian Democrat MP Fred Nile has applauded probes into Newcastle’s Anglican Diocese, amid allegations of several paedophile networks.

Earlier this month, the ABC aired allegations about widespread paedophile networks involving politicians, senior businessmen, doctors, lawyers and teachers.

Christian Democrats MP Fred Nile said abuse by clergy in the Hunter has been on his radar for many years.

“I think these paedophiles have infiltrated into every area where they have access to children, and that obviously applies to the church,” he said.

He previously used parliamentary privilege to raise concerns about Anglican paedophiles preying on boys at children’s homes, alleging they were involved in a wider paedophile ring.

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Suspenden a otro sacerdote por abuso sexual contra menor


[Archbishop Jose Luis Escobar of San Salvador said a case of sexual abuse is being investigated involving priest Juan Francisco Galez. Catholic leaders apologized to the victims and said such abuse will not be tolerated in the Salvadoran church. He has asked the Assembly to abolish the statute of limitations on these crimes and said there is zero tolerance for abuse within the church. Galvaz was suspended from his priestly duties on Oct. 15. He was in charge of Our Lady of the Rosaryparish in Rosario de Mora, which is south of San Salvador.]

Por Eugenia Velásquez – Liseth Alas

El arzobispo de San Salvador, José Luis Escobar, anunció un segundo caso sobre abuso sexual contra menor en el que estaría involucrado el párroco Juan Francisco Gálvez. Tiene 5 denuncias, dijo Escobar Alas.

El jerarca católico pidió perdón a las víctimas, pero aseguró que…

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‘Spotlight’ on the 26 million men who will experience sexual violence in their lifetime

SF Gate

Christopher M. Anderson, Executive Director of MaleSurvivor
Friday, November 27, 2015


With the release of the feature film Spotlight, attention is once again being focused on the Catholic Church’s flawed response to sexual abuse. However it’s important to use the attention the film is generating to shine some light on male victims of sexual abuse.. In virtually every community (both religious and secular) the sexual victimization of boys and men remains vastly under-reported and poorly addressed.

Research indicates that male sexual victimization occurs at staggeringly high rates. Data from the most recent National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS) from the CDC estimates that more than 26 million males will experience some form of sexual violence in their lifetime. A recent study from 2014 reported that 43% of high school and college aged males reported submitting to unwanted sexual activity. It also…

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Glick, Waks to share stage

The Australian Jewish News

FORMER Yeshivah College principal Rabbi Avrohom Glick and child sexual abuse victim Manny Waks will speak at the same Yeshivah function, “Silent No More”, next month.

A senior leader at Yeshivah told The AJN this week that the event will be a key moment for the community to try and move forward following the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

Rabbi Glick was principal of Yeshivah College from 1986-2007, during which time there were a number of incidents of child sexual abuse that were not reported to the police.

During the Commission, he offered his personal apology to all victims and after the hearings in February he resigned from all of his positions at Yeshivah.

He also privately apologised to Waks.

“I view this event as an opportunity for Rabbi Glick to publicly accept responsibility and apologise for his role in…

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Juan Carlos Cruz calificó a Karadima como el Marcial Maciel chileno

Bio Bio

[con audio]

[Priest Fernando Karadima is the Chilean Maciel Marcial, according to Juan Carlos Cruz, an alleged sexual abuse victim of Karadima. He used this reference because of the accusations against Karadima and the power he accumulated during more than 40 years in which he could abuse people and also build the image that he was a saint, he said.

Cruz is in Osorno to support a laymovement that opposes Bishop Juan Barros, who they believe knew Karadima was abusing youngsters but did nothing. Barros denies this allegation. Maciel, founder of the Legionaries of Christ, was convicted in a church trial.]

Como el ‘Marcial Maciel chileno’ calificó a Fernando Karadima Juan Carlos Cruz, uno de los denunciantes contra el sacerdote, debido a las acusaciones en su contra y por el poder que acumuló durante más de cuarenta años, el cual usaba para abusar de las personas,…

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Vanishing Catholic Church seeks salvation – can it reinvigorate itself?

Irish Independent

Kim Bielenberg


It was a dignified and moving retreat that is being replicated in towns, cities and country areas right across Ireland. Last Sunday, the Dominican friars moved out of their church in Athy in solemn procession for the last time, ending an ancient association with the Kildare town that goes back to the 13th century.

They closed up their church, St Dominick’s, for good, and the priest Fr John Harris remarked ruefully: “We can’t blame Henry VIII or Cromwell this time.”

That was an historic reference to forced closures in times of persecution centuries ago.

In the past, Protestant kings may have suppressed monasteries, but just a year short of their 800th anniversary, the Dominicans are now being engulfed by the surging tide of secularism.

Father Harris said as the church closed for the last time: “This is a day no one…

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All victims of abuse sanctioned by the state deserve the same right to compensation

Sydney Morning Herald

November 29, 2015

George Williams
Professor of Law at the University of NSW

NSW and Victoria recently announced their support for compensation for the victims of child sexual abuse. If a national scheme is established, these states will contribute millions of dollars to cover the shortfall from the institutions responsible for the harm. NSW Attorney-General Gabrielle Upton has said this is “the best way to ensure consistent, accessible justice for survivors” and that governments have a “moral commitment to assist” people who have “suffered at the hands of Commonwealth and state institutions”.

This support is welcome, and follows the recommendation of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse that such a scheme is needed. Victims should not be left to pursue compensation through the courts. In many cases, time limits will have expired, and abuse will be impossible to prove, because…

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Australia: Royal Commissions – a brief background

Carroll & O’Dea Lawyers

Published 23 Nov 2015
Mathisha Panagoda

Former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam famously described Royal Commissions as a channel of communication between Parliament and the people. We currently have two ongoing Royal Commissions at the federal level: the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse and the Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption. Both these Royal Commissions have tackled controversial and complex issues, had political implications and provided forums for members of the public to tell their story.

This article will provide a brief summary of some of the key features that give Royal Commissions their unique and important place in contemporary Australian society.

What is a Royal Commission?

Royal Commissions are independent public inquiries created as instruments of the executive government.

The “Royal” part of it is more a historical reference that we have retained today to reflect the…

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No resolutions when it comes to clergy abuse

Boston Globe


“Spotlight” sheds new light on a scandal that made headlines in 2002, when a team of Boston Globe reporters revealed the extent of child abuse by local priests and the Archdiocese’s attempts to cover it up. The film elicits outrage, but how many viewers do anything about it? It’s only a movie, and like most Hollywood movies, things seem resolved in the end.

But in the real world, things are not resolved. As is pointed out in “Who Takes Away the Sins . . . : Witnesses to Clergy Abuse” (2013) and “A Matter of Conscience: Confronting Clergy Abuse” (2014), documentaries by the husband and wife team of John and Susan Michalczyk, the abuse goes on and lives are still shattered. And when you watch these films, in which victims tell their stories and talk of a…

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“Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak: but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law.”

I Corinthians 34

The misogyny of the christian churches is yet another reason that governments should not keep pouring money into these corrupt institutions, strengthening their grip at the core of society. We must speak out.

The Cross was cranky last week that the Qld Government released a tender for a domestic violence shelter designed so that only the major Catholic organisation on the very short list of those invited to respond could conceivably win it.

Last week’ essay revolved on the theme that Governments should not support an organisation that has been proven time and time again to abuse the defenceless individuals supposedly in its care.

Governments resist this simple logic because large institutions can meet…

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More Than a Great Story

The News & Advance

Posted: Sunday, November 29, 2015


One of the best movies of the year portrays an unlikely hero, a newspaper.

“Spotlight” is based on the true story of The Boston Globe’s painstaking investigation, starting in 2001, into child sexual abuse by Roman Catholic priests in Boston covered up for decades by local church leaders.

While not a documentary, the movie uses real names and works for verisimilitude. It keeps its focus on journalism and on how three hard-working reporters — Sacha Pfeiffer, Mike Rezendes and Matt Caroll — and editor Walter “Robby” Robinson doggedly pursued the truth and a story that was bigger than anyone imagined.

It’s being compared to “All the President’s Men.” That 1976 movie about dashing young reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein’s uncovering the truth behind the Watergate break-in for The Washington Post was nominated for eight…

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Frank Bruni: The high cost of sacred cows

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

November 29, 2015

By Frank Bruni

It’s fashionable among some conservatives to rail that there’s insufficient respect for religion in America and that religious people are marginalized, even vilified.

That’s bunk. In more places and instances than not, they get special accommodation and the benefit of the doubt. Because they talk of God, they’re assumed to be good. There’s a reluctance to besmirch them, an unwillingness to cross them.

The new movie “Spotlight,” based on real events, illuminates this brilliantly.

“Spotlight” — which opened last weekend in Pittsburgh — chronicles the painstaking manner in which editors and writers at The Boston Globe documented a pattern of child sexual abuse by Roman Catholic priests and the concealment of these crimes by Catholic leaders.

Because of the movie’s focus on the digging and dot-connecting that go into investigative reporting, it has invited comparisons to “All the President’s…

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Graves: ‘Spotlight’ shines, reminds of abuse victims

Cincinnati Enquirer

Chris Graves, November 28, 2015

I sat in the darkened theater as the credits rolled for Spotlight, tears streaming down my face.

Frankly, I was surprised by my reaction. I did not anticipate being emotional.

The much-acclaimed movie, which unwinds the story of how a team of Boston Globe reporters uncovered and exposed the coverup of widespread pedophilia in that city’s Catholic Church, is indeed riveting. It is also painfully accurate in the often mundaneness and tedium of reporting, in how hard the truth is not only to find but to verify and in the small victories that when knitted together can sometimes take down powerful and revered institutions.

Many have said the film is a love story to journalism and a call for American news outlets to recommit to the mission of tough-as-nails, feet-on-the-ground investigative local reporting. Agreed. No argument here.

But that…

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Archdiocese polls Catholics on views of church, leaders

Boston Globe

By Lisa Wangsness GLOBE STAFF NOVEMBER 28, 2015

The Archdiocese of Boston has hired a top Democratic consultant to poll Catholics in Eastern Massachusetts — most of whom no longer attend weekly Mass — to find out what they think about the church and its leaders.

John Marttila, who served as a strategist for Joe Biden, John F. Kerry, and Deval Patrick, has overseen a phone survey this month on behalf of the church, asking active and inactive Catholics a wide-ranging series of 90 questions.

They include: How often do you go to Mass? Should women have a larger leadership role in the church? Is your opinion of Cardinal Sean P. O’Malley very favorable, favorable, unfavorable, or very unfavorable?

And: Have you seen the movie “Spotlight?” How well do you think the church has responded to the abuse crisis in recent years?

Church spokesman Terrence C….

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Jesuits on sex abuse case: ‘Invitation to examine ourselves’


Paterno Esmaquel II

MANILA, Philippines – The Society of Jesus, which runs a network of prominent Ateneo schools in the Philippines, sees a recently publicized sex abuse case as a call to examine itself, especially its work of caring for minors.

The sex abuse case involves a former Jesuit, now dead, who allegedly abused a Jesuit high school student named Lucas (not his real name) from 1984 to 1987. At the time, the alleged abuser was a Jesuit seminarian.

Citing “institutional culpability,” Lucas wants the Society of Jesus, better known as the Jesuits, to pay him $16 million in damages. He also wants justice, making those in positions of power, who were allegedly complicit in the abuse, accountable.

In an interview with Rappler on November 22, Fr Jose Quilongquilong SJ said, “On the part of the Society, we see this as an invitation to examine ourselves, because…

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Sex-abuse survivor steps from the shadows: Nearly four decades after a priest raped him, former R.I. man depicted in ‘Spotlight’ tells his story

Providence Journal

By Karen Lee Ziner
Journal Staff Writer

Posted Nov. 28, 2015

PROVIDENCE — You won’t hear Jim Scanlan’s name in the film “Spotlight.” But you will see him portrayed as “Kevin from Providence,” who suffered sexual abuse by a Boston College High School priest in the late 1970s.

The film is a fact-based drama about the Boston Globe Spotlight Team’s Pulitzer Prize-winning 2002 investigation of the Catholic Church’s cover-up of clergy sexual abuse.

The former Rhode Island resident wants to help other survivors. For the first time, he agreed to identify himself and speak publicly about the events that changed the course of his life nearly four decades ago.

“The reason I’m using my name is to make sure people understand it’s nothing to be ashamed of — that the bad guys are the ones, they’re the criminals … they should be shamed by…

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Sex offending monks have no contact with students … or do they?

The Worthy Adversary

Posted by Joelle Casteix on November 28, 2015

From the statement by St. John’s (MN) Abbey regarding the recent release of of the personnel files of five sex-offending monks:

“The files provided include those of monks currently living on the Saint John’s campus under safety plans. Their actions are limited and they are closely supervised.”

Hmmm … if the 6th though 12th graders at the prep school want to get something to eat or attend Mass, how do they avoid all of those pesky sex-offending monks in the Monastic Residence?

And unless those pesky monks have ankle monitoring bracelets (which they don’t), how the St. John’s management able to keep the offenders away from the kids? Do they show the 6th graders photos of Finian McDonald and say, “If you see this man, run away!”?

If your child’s school has had a sex abuse scandal…

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Juan Carlos Cruz llega a Osorno para hablar con Movimiento Laico y buscar a obispo Barros

Bio Bio

[Justst after 14.00 hours on Saturday, Juan Carlos Cruz , one of the victims of Fernando Karadima, reached Osorno to meet with members of the movement of lay people who oppose Bishop Juan Barros, who they believe helped cover up abuses by Karadima. Cruz has a varied program of activities throughout the weekend which will focus on what has happened in recent times throughout the worldwide Catholic Church.]

Pasadas las 14.00 horas de este sábado, Juan Carlos Cruz, una de las víctimas de Fernando Karadima, llegó hasta Osorno para reunirse con integrantes del Movimiento de Laicos y Laicas, además de buscar al obispo Juan Barros, al que sindica como encubridor de los abusos de Karadima.

Cruz tiene un variado programa de actividades durante el fin de semana, que tendrá como temática central todo lo que ha ocurrido en el último tiempo en la Iglesia Católica a…

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Abuse victim finds healing in prayer, art

Catholic Register

November 28, 2015

WINDSOR, ONT. – Deborah Kloos believes that healing can come not just through prayer but art.

More than three decades ago the Windsor woman experienced abuse by a parish priest in southwestern Ontario, a man who is now deceased and whose name she doesn’t want to disclose so as not to embarrass his family.

“I didn’t put his name out there because he was elderly. He’s passed away now. I don’t want to have his family hurt,” she said.

Kloos has been seeking, first through the Diocese of London, and eventually all the way to the Vatican, a worldwide day of prayer to be established for victims of abuse.

“There’s a lot of negativity with abuse and I just wanted to bring something positive, like to promote the Church to pray together for people wounded by…

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‘Child sex victims’ to sue former Labour MP Lord Janner for £2.5million

The Sun


LORD Janner is being sued for £2.5million by six men who claim he abused them years ago.

Details of the High Court civil action are to be served on the 87-year-old ex-Labour MP next week.

The compensation claim emerged as Justice Lowell Goddard separately confirmed her £18million VIP child abuse inquiry will target politicians, celebrities and the church.

Lord Janner’s legal team this week demanded details of the allegations in the six men’s case against him, insisting it was an “injustice” that they had not yet been told what they were.

It will be decided next month if the ex-QC, who was an MP for 27 years, can stand trial in the New Year over 22 charges of sex abuse, which he denies.

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Child sexual abuse inquiry: Serving MPs, spies along with Catholic and Anglican churches to be investigated

Belfast Telegraph

MPs and the Catholic and Anglican churches will be investigated over historical child sex abuse claims in England and Wales, it has been announced.

Former politicians, spies, councils, schools and youth offender institutions are also being scrutinised by the independent inquiry led by Justice Lowell Goddard.

Speaking in central London the judge set out 12 different lines of inquiry that will each hold public hearings with victims, witnesses and experts. Both churches as well as Lambeth, Nottinghamshire and Rochdale councils will be among the first areas of focus.

Justice Goddard said: “The investigation will focus on high-profile allegations of child sexual abuse involving current or former members of parliament, senior civil servants, government advisers and members of intelligence and security agencies. It will consider allegations of cover up and conspiracy and review the adequacy of law enforcement responses to these allegations.”

The investigation was set…

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Juan Carlos Cruz regresa hoy a Osorno para reunirse con opositores de Obispo Barros

El Vaca Nudo

[Juan Carlos Cruz returns to Osorno today to meet with opponents of Bishop Barros.]

La visita del periodista radicado en Estados Unidos se produce cuando aún resuena la polémica tras la declaración de Barros por la demanda civil al Arzobispado de Santiago, oportunidad en la que volvió a negar tener conocimiento de los actos de Karadima.

Tras haber visitado la ciudad en agosto pasado, Juan Carlos Cruz, uno de los demandantes en el caso Karadima, regresa a Osorno para reunirse con los laicos y laicas que están en contra de Juan Barros como obispo de la ciudad.

El periodista, que arribará cerca de las 14 horas de este sábado, llega cuando aún se encuentra vigente la polémica tras la declaración que prestó el Obispo el pasado viernes 20 ante el magistrado Marcelo Vásquez, en la cual tras 4 horas de entrevista, volvió a negar que…

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Religious cult took our sister from us, says family of Bridget Crosbie

Irish Independent

Graham Clifford

It’s the Swinging Sixties and a young, carefree, woman from rural Wexford takes the boat to England to start a new life.

Bridget Crosbie, a beautiful, smart and popular figure, finds work in hotels in London and even in the Channel Island of Guernsey.

“She loved life,” said a family member this week, adding “she was great fun, loved her family, she had boyfriends like every other young girl, was very artistic and was really a typical, everyday Irish girl.”

She qualified as a midwife and worked in various London hospitals.

But by the end of the Seventies Bridget had changed.

Her family say it was around then that she joined the Palmarian Catholic Church – a secretive Spanish sect that broke away from the Catholic Church and has declared a series of its own ‘popes’.

When Bridget returned home…

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Parishioners ask leniency for embezzling Rev. Belczak

Detroit Free Press

Patricia Montemurri, Detroit Free Press November 27, 2015

The Rev. Edward Belczak drank “heavily” to cope with running a large Catholic parish and was “a compulsive gambler” in stocks when he embezzled $573,000 from Troy St. Thomas More church, his attorney wrote in asking for probation or home detention when the priest is sentenced Tuesday.

Some 50 parishioners, prominent business owners, friends and fellow priests wrote letters on Belczak’s behalf, asking U.S. District Judge Arthur Tarnow for leniency. They describe the 70-year-old priest as a compassionate, inspiring force. His humiliation — and how the Archdiocese of Detroit has banned him from performing public church services — is punishment enough, some suggest.

Belczak pleaded guilty Sept. 1 to one count of mail fraud in connection with the embezzlement and has paid restitution. The priest deserves a 37-month prison sentence rather than the “gentle wrist-slap of probation…

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Royals and MPs may give evidence in Westminster abuse probe over claims they had connections to paedophile gangs

Daily Mail

By Martin Robinson for MailOnline and Ian Drury Home Affairs Correspondent For The Daily Mail

MPs and royals could be ordered to give evidence over claims they had connections to paedophile gangs, it has been revealed.

Justice Lowell Goddard, the chairman of the landmark inquiry into historical child sex abuse, said politicians still serving at Parliament could be made to testify.

Child abuse allegations against VIPs, the Anglican and Roman Catholic churches, schools, local councils and ‘certain people of public prominence associated with Westminster’ will be among 12 areas for initial scrutiny, she announced.

The probe, set to cost up to £100million, will even look at claims the Royal Household was embroiled in the scandal. Members of the Royal Family could be called to give evidence.

Last month, Prince Charles was forced to deny he interfered in the case against paedophile priest Peter Ball, who…

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Child abuse inquiry to probe claims involving politicians and churches

Slough and South Bucks Observer

Allegations involving current or former MPs, the Anglican and Roman Catholic churches and members of the intelligence agencies will be examined by the child abuse inquiry, it has been announced.

It also emerged that the royal family could be drawn into the probe as it considers whether there were “inappropriate attempts” by prominent figures to interfere in the case of a pervert bishop.

Last month Clarence House was forced to deny that Prince Charles made an intervention in the judicial process on behalf of Peter Ball, who was jailed for sexually abusing aspiring priests – 22 years after the claims first came to light.

There have been accusations of an establishment cover-up with Ball, the former bishop of Lewes and Gloucester, counting a member of the royal family among those who wrote letters of support before he was let off with a…

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Public sex abuse inquiry to focus first on Anglican and Catholic churches

Christian TodayI


An unprecedented public inquiry into child sex abuse in Britain is to focus first on the Anglican and Catholic churches, its chairman said.

Justice Lowell Goddard said the five-year inquiry is the most wide-ranging ever of its kind in England and Wales and will consist of 12 separate investigations that will also focus early on local authorities such as Lambeth, Nottinghamshire and Rochdale.

It will also look into public institutions and people of “public prominence”.

She said: “To run 12 investigations in parallel represents an organisational challenge that is unprecedented in a public inquiry in the United Kingdom. We are determined to succeed.” She said she was confident her inquiry will “give a voice to victims and survivors.”

She and her team will investigate Medomsley Youth Detention Centre in County Durham, Cambridge House boys’ home and…

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Sex abuse inquiry to focus on Sussex

The Argus

Joel Adams, Reporter Saturday 28 November 2015

THE judge leading a national enquiry into child sexual abuse has said the activities of the former Bishop of Lewes will be the subject of a special investigation.

Historic sex offences in the Diocese of Chichester, including Peter Ball’s, will be examined as a case study by Lady Justice Goddard’s inquiry, which also promised to look into any influence “people of prominence” brought to bear in his case.

Nine churchmen from the diocese have been found guilty of historic offences, or have been named as child abusers by the church, in the course of the last two years.

David Greenwood, a solicitor who represented some of Ball’s victims, said: “It’s right to focus on Chichester because things have gone wrong on a number of levels.”

Ball was jailed in October for taking sexual advantage of young men who…

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Editorial: Film ‘Spotlight’ Film story of betrayal that should not be forgotten

Daily Hampshire Gazette

One of the biggest stories of 2002 is news again to millions thanks to Hollywood. While movie studios usually aim to distract viewers, sometimes their films contain uncomfortable truths.

The new movie “Spotlight” recounts one of them: the Catholic church’s long cover-up of clergy sexual abuse. It tells the story of the Boston Globe investigation that revealed how the Archdiocese of Boston protected priests who molested children, valuing its reputation over their safety.

Thanks to the newspaper’s commitment to telling this story, it is far less likely today that a parish priest, or any religious leader, could victimize a child and expect church officials to conceal his conduct. Hard as it is to believe, that’s what went on within the Catholic church for decades — and not just in Boston or Massachusetts.

Far more people will see “Spotlight” than read the Globe series. That…

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Mercer: ‘Spotlight’ – more than a great newspaper story

Richmond Times-Dispatch

By Marsha Mercer

One of the best movies of the year portrays an unlikely hero, a newspaper.

“Spotlight” is based on the true story of The Boston Globe’s painstaking investigation, starting in 2001, into child sexual abuse by Roman Catholic priests in Boston that was covered up for decades by local church leaders.

While not a documentary, the movie uses real names and works for verisimilitude. It keeps its focus on journalism and on how three hard-working reporters — Sacha Pfeiffer, Mike Rezendes and Matt Carroll — and editor Walter “Robby” Robinson doggedly pursued the truth and a story that was bigger than anyone imagined.

While it does not show abuse, “Spotlight” is rated R and contains what The New York Times review called “graphic descriptions of despicable acts; language not fit for print.”

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Behind Victoria’s series of mystery church fires

Herald Sun

November 28, 2015
Patrick Carlyon
Sunday Herald Sun

ANDREW Collins had handled many odd requests when a man came to the door one night and asked for petrol.

Mr Collins, a prominent victim of paedophile priests, recognised a visitor in distress, a fellow traveller in a haze of hurt and anger.

He asked the man in for a coffee. They talked about the St Alipius boys’ school at Ballarat. There, monsters had long masqueraded as men of faith, preying on boys uninterrupted.

The boy, like so many of his peers, had grown up to be broken. He always recoiled from that building in Victoria St.

He wondered how the red bricks and the slate roofs of the old school had remained as a monument to cruelty. He wanted it erased. That’s what the petrol was for, to burn it to the ground.

Mr Collins…

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Forensic auditor testifies former priest stole as much as $234,000 from his own church

Windsor Star


A forensic accounting expert testified Friday that a former local priest stole as much as $234,000 from his own church.

The chartered accountant said Robert Couture opened and single-handedly controlled a bank account in the name of Ste. Anne’s Parish that wasn’t authorized by the London diocese. KPMG’s Karen Grogan said Couture deposited more than $168,000 into the account, most of which was then funnelled to his personal Visa and bank accounts.

“Mr. Couture confirmed there was not approval to open the account,” said Grogan, who interviewed Couture during a forensic audit ordered by the diocese.

Couture, the former pastor of Ste. Anne in Tecumseh, is charged with theft over $5,000. He is accused of stealing large sums of money from the church between 2002 and 2010.

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Response to Lord Justice Goddard announcement

Church of England

27 November 2015

We welcome the statement of Lord Justice Goddard.

In June 2014 the Rt. Revd. Paul Butler Bishop of Durham, spoke in the House of Lords calling on the Government to establish an independent public inquiry.

In his speech Bishop Paul said: “I know it will take time and will be costly to undertake, and I know that for both those reasons it will be argued against. However, I firmly believe that the true cost of child abuse and the abuse of adults at risk is far higher than any of us have ever been prepared to acknowledge in terms of the mental, emotional, social and physical health and well-being of very large numbers of our population.”

The Archbishop of Canterbury has requested that the church be one of the first institutions to be considered in the work of the inquiry. We…

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Catholic Church sets up Council to assist Goddard Inquiry

Independent Catholic News

Friday, November 27, 2015

The Catholic Church in England and Wales has welcomed the setting up of an independent inquiry into child sexual abuse, led by Justice Lowell Goddard, and has set up a council to assist the inquiry in its deliberations.

Baroness Nuala O’Loan will chair this council, which has representatives from both the Bishops’ Conference and the Conference of Religious (for full membership of the council see below). This Council will support the numerous organisations that make up the Catholic Church in England and Wales and will speak with and for the Church. It will ensure that the evidence required by the Inquiry is collated appropriately.

The Church is committed to the safeguarding of all children and vulnerable adults and following two independent enquiries both Dioceses and Religious Orders are committed to following nationally agreed guidelines and robust policies to promote safeguarding….

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Simon Danczuk says Goddard Inquiry will be “uncomfortable” but “necessary”

Rochdale Online

Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk has said a planned inquiry into allegations of historic child abuse in the town will be “uncomfortable” but “necessary”.

His comments come after Justice Lowell Goddard, chairwoman of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, confirmed that two institutions in Rochdale will be included as part of the wide-ranging investigation.

In a statement released yesterday, Justice Goddard said: “The investigation will be focused, in part, on allegations that boys who attended or resided at Cambridge House Boys’ Hostel and Knowl View School were subject to sexual abuse by specific individuals, including by former Liberal Party MP Cyril Smith.”

Mr Danczuk played a key role in campaigning for the inquiry to be set up.

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Links Probe: Prince And The Groper

Morning Star

by Lamiat Sabin in Britain

Charles’s ‘supportive letters’ to be scrutinised

THE royals are set be dragged into an investigation as to whether Prince Charles made “inappropriate attempts” to interfere in the case of a pervert bishop, it was was revealed yesterday.

Prince Charles is alleged to have written letters of support to former bishop Peter Ball, 83, before the religious leader was “cautioned” for gross indecency in 1993 after sex abuse claims were exposed.

Ball was jailed for 32 months in October after admitting to sexually abusing 18 young aspiring priests who he let stay in his home as part of his “Give a Year to Christ Foundation” 22 years ago.

Clarence House was forced then to deny that Charles got involved in the judicial process on behalf of Ball, former bishop of Lewes and Gloucester, who had described the prince as his “loyal…

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Royal commission to recommend Catholic Church change processes for removing parish priests


TIM PALMER: The child sex abuse royal commission has indicated it will recommend that the Catholic Church change its processes to ensure priests can be easily removed from their parishes if they commit any sort of offence.

This week the commission has heard senior Catholic clergy and church bureaucrats failed to remove a paedophile priest from a Melbourne parish in the 1980s.

Samantha Donovan reports.

SAMANTHA DONOVAN: The royal commission has heard that in the mid 1980s the staff and principal of a Melbourne Catholic primary school were under pressure.

They were trying to protect their students from paedophile priest Peter Searson.

The Catholic Education Office and Frank Little, then Archbishop of Melbourne, refused to act without concrete evidence the priest was offending.

The education office’s regional consultant at the time was Allan Dooley.

He told the royal commission today that by 1984 he had…

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Abuse inquiry to tackle Church and MPs

The Times

Richard Ford
Home Correspondent

Child sex abuse allegations against politicians, living and dead, and within the Anglican and Roman Catholic churches and members of the security services are to be at the centre of the £17.9 million sexual abuse investigation.

Councils in Lambeth, Nottinghamshire and Rochdale will also be investigated as part of a five-year inquiry, Justice Lowell Goddard, the chairman, announced yesterday.

Twelve areas will be examined in the first stage of an inquiry set up to look into alleged abuse, cover-ups and the failure of institutions to act to protect children.

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Child sex abuse inquiry: Royal family could give evidence


By David Barrett, Home Affairs Correspondent 27 Nov 2015

Members of the Royal family could be asked to provide evidence to the Government’s child sex abuse inquiry, it has emerged.

Their role in allegedly interfering in the criminal prosecution of a paedophile could come under scrutiny by the multi-million pound inquiry led by Justice Lowell Goddard.

Setting out dramatic new details of the inquiry’s far-reaching scope, Justice Goddard confirmed for the first time that serving MPs will be questioned about abuse allegations made against them.

It is understood the inquiry will not hesitate to use far-reaching powers to compel individuals to give evidence – either in written form or in person.

As a result, members of the Royal family may be called upon to explain their alleged role in the case of a disgraced priest, Peter Ball, who was jailed earlier this year for abusing a…

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