Fr. A. Joseph Maskell

Ordained: 1965
Status: Accused

Died: 05/7/2001
Diocese: Archdiocese of Baltimore MD

Parish priest, Keough High chaplain & counselor, police chaplain. Per 1994 lawsuit, abused girls at Keough, late 1960s-early 70s. Subject of investigation into 1969 murder of Sr. Catherine Cesnik. Student said she told Sr. Cathy of abuse by Maskell; Sr. Cathy soon missing, later found murdered. The former student said in 1994 that Maskell drove her to a remote area and showed her the body. Archdiocese settled with her 1/17. Another former student said two police officers sexually abused her while Maskell looked on. Said to have drugged victims and shown gun. Placed on leave 1992; reinstated 1993-94. Removed again 1994 after new allegations. Fled to Ireland; worked as psychologist, including with children. Died in 2001. By 5/17 archdiocese paid $472K to 16 people with accusations against Maskell. One man said Maskell sexually abused him as an 8th grade altar boy and his mother told the archdiocese in 5/67; Maskell was then moved to Keough. An Irish accuser surfaced in 5/17. HSE was investigating in 6/17.

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