The Irish Times on the Release of the Murphy Report

Irish Times
November 27, 2009

the report.

Church 'Routinely Covered Up' Child Sexual Abuse for 30 Years, by Carl O'Brien and Patsy McGarry
Vatican and Nuncio Ignored Letters on Abuse, by Patsy McGarry and Paddy Agnew

30 Years of Church and State Cover-Up of Child Sex Abuse, by Paul Cullen
Call for prosecution of those behind cover-ups, by Ronan McGreevy
Abuse Continued for Years Due to Protection of Priests, by Carl O'Brien
Cult of Loyal Obedience at Heart of Lies and Cover-Up, by Patsy McGarry
Garda Connivance in Stifling Abuse Inquiries Deplored, by Carol Coulter, Irish Times (11/27/09)
Big Delays in Getting Health Board Details, by Eithne Donnellan
Bishops Lied and Covered Up, by Mary Raftery
A Legacy of Abuse and Cover-Up, Editorial

Health Boards 'Could Have Done More for Victims of Abuse', by Eithne Donnellan
Murphy Report: Background and Composition, by Patsy McGarry and Carol Coulter
Delay to child protection law was 'extraordinary', by Eithne Donnellan
Insurance Cover a Good-Value Decision, by Steven Carroll
'Every Day Is like It Happened Yesterday', by Carl O'Brien [about Ken Duggan, whistleblower in the Rev. Ivan Payne case]
Priest Praised for Handling of Case, by Fiona Gartland
Archdiocese handled complaints of abuse correctly in 10 cases out of 46, by Fiona Gartland
Complainants told of failing and betrayal by church, by Mary Fitzgerald
Commissioner apologises for inadequate responses, by Carol Coulter
'Legacy of great hurt' for abused - President, by Stephen Collins
Crumlin Hospital Was Not Informed of Cases of Abuse by Two Chaplains, by Eithne Donnellan
Holy See keeps its distance from Irish abuse problem, by Paddy Agnew
Cardinal's canon law adviser 'interfered in number of cases', by Mary Minihan
Complaints: badly handled [about Bishop Donal Murray]
Bishop expresses regret, but says he will not resign, by Kathryn Hayes [about Bishop Donal Murray]
No words of apology will ever be sufficient, says archbishop, by Mary Fitzgerald
Many auxiliaries aware of complaints, by Fiona Gartland
Restored Priestly Duties to Self-Confessed Child Abuser, by Eithne Donnellan [about Archbishop Kevin McNamara]
Deliberate Policy of Ensuring Knowledge of Abuse Restricted, by Paul Cullen [about Archbishop Dermot Ryan]
'Mental reservation': church concept
Timeline International: How the Story of Abuse in Catholic Church Institutions Emerged Around the World
Timeline Ireland: How the Story of Abuse in Catholic Church Institutions Emerged
'It's the end of a very long fight and a very hard road', by Carl O'Brien
Reversal on Early Abuse Set 'Pattern' of Unaccountability, by Jamie Smyth [about Archbishop John Charles McQuaid]
'A Collar Will Protect No Criminal', by Mary Minihan




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