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The Database of Publicly Accused Priests does not state or imply that individuals facing allegations are guilty of a crime or liable for civil claims. The reports contained in the database are merely allegations.The U.S. legal system presumes that a person accused of or charged with a crime is innocent until proven guilty.Similarly, individuals who may be defendants in civil actions are presumed not to be liable for such claims unless a plaintiff proves otherwise.Admissions of guilt or liability are not typically a part of civil or private settlements.For more information, see our posting policy.
BabisDaniel1949 ?PSuedDiocesanIn Jan. 2006 civil suit, man says he and 5 siblings were abused by Babis in 1950s and 1960s. Since suit was filed, others have also come forward to allege abuse by Babis. In addition to Rockville Centre, Babis also worked in Queens-Brooklyn diocese. Hedied in Dec. 1978 in Florida where diocese sent him to "aid refugees."Rockville Centre, NYSource:
New York Post 01.12.06; Newsday 01.12.06; Newsday 02.06.06; Newsday 02.07.06; Newsday 10.01.06
Paul M.1949PSettledDiocesanWoman filed suit 1/00. Alleged a sexual relationship with Baca for one year beginning 1973 when she was 15. Suit also alleged relatioship resumed in 1989 and lasted until 1990s. Woman had a videotape and transcript wherein Baca admitted "repetitive sexual contact." He resigned. Suit was settled 6/00 for undisclosed amount of money. Settlement also covered claims by another woman who claimed Baca had a 2 year affair with her which ended in 2000.Santa Fe, NMSource:
Albuquerque Journal 6.8.00; Albuquerque Journal 01.13.00; Albuquerque Tribune 01.13.00; Albuquerque Tribune 01.14.00; Albuquerque Journal 01.17.00; Albuquerque Tribune 01.21.00
Albuquerque Tribune 1.15.00
Joseph A.1966PSuedDiocesanRemoved from active duty in 2002. 2 men filed suits in 2004 alleging abuse in 1970s at Central Catholic High School. One plaintiff had a secretly recorded tape wherein Baccelliere seemed to admit molesting the Plaintiffs and indicating that there were other victims. Placed on leave in 1992 after allegation of abuse in 1970s involving teenage males. Went to rehab & then reassigned to several parishes beginning in 1994. Supposedly reassigned on limited basis under close supervision. Retired in 2002.Portland, ORSource:
Associated Press 4.3.10; The Oregonian 4.3.10; The Oregonian 6.06.07 (Documents); Associated Press 02.23.04; Press Release by Archdiocese of Portland 02.23.04; The Oregonian 02.23.04; The Oregonian 02.24.04; San Francisco Chronicle 07.10.04; The Oregonian 06.24.05; Oregonian Table 11.12.06; The Oregonian 11.12.06; Final Report of Document Arbitration 11.24.08
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BacigalupoLeonard1930PAccusedFranciscanDied 10/10/94. Per 1/03 articles, Bacigalupo was accused of unspecified abuse at Our Lady of Mount Carmel in East Boston in 1969 or 1970. His personnel file had just been released. Omitted from 2011 Boston AD database because he was an Order priest. Boston, MASource:
Albany Times Union 10.12.94; Boston Globe 01.31.03; Boston Herald 01.31.03; Boston Globe 11.20.11
Assignments: Assignment Record
Timothy (Fr Timo)1986PAccusedO.S.B.Former headmaster of St. John's Preparatory School from 2006 until 2013. Parents of a former member of the St. John's Boys' Choir came forward 5/14 to allege that Backous had inappropriate sexual contact with their son during the Choir's 1990 bus trip across Europe. The parents originally learned of the abuse in approx. 1991 and went to the Abbot. The Abbot paid for their son's counseling and apparently told the parents that Backous would no longer work with children and youths. Sheriff told Parents he had no authority because abuse took place in Europe. Parents learned 5/24/14 that he had said mass at Memorial Day weekend at the Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis and immediately wrote to the Archbishop. Current Abbot of St John Abbey wrote 6/10/14 that allegations had never been proven and that Backous was not working under any restrictions but was a priest in good standing. He also worked at Essentia Health in Duluth.St. Cloud, MNSource:
Letter from Victim's Parents 05.31.14; Statement from Abbot Klassen of St John Abbey 06.10.14; Minnesota Public Radio 06.11.14; My Fox 9 06.11.14; St Cloud Times 06.11.14; Statement by Archdiocese of St Paul 06.11.14; Duluth News Tribune 06.12.14; MN SNAP Statement 06.16.14; Northlands News Center 06.16.14; WDIO 06.16.14; Pioneer Press 06.17.14; Duluth News Tribune 06.20.14; Deliverence 06.24.14; St Cloud Times 06.25.14
Matthew1997PConvictedDiocesanArrested 2005 on charges of possessing child porn on his computer. Trial set for 6/06. Charges dismissed just prior to trial after judge said evidence of the porn was obtained illegally by a Deacon and another priest. Case was referred to Feds for prosecution. He left priesthood and married. In 11/08 Bagert pleaded not guilty to federal indictment of child porn. In 4/09 he changed plea to guilty. On 12/1/09 he was sentenced to 4 yrs 3 mo. in prison.Dallas, TXSource:
Dallas Morning News 02.03.05; Dallas Morning News 02.07.05; Dallas Morning News 02.08.05; Dallas Morning News 03.16.05; Dallas Morning News 03.23.05; Dallas Morning News 06.28.05; Dallas Morning News 04.21.06; Dallas Morning News 06.10.06; Dallas Morning News 06.16.06; Dallas Morning News 11.25.08; Dallas Morning News 04.13.09; Dallas Morning News 04.28.09; Fort Worth Star Telegram 04.28.09; Dallas Morning News 12.01.09; Ft. Worth Star Telegram 12.01.09
Dallas Morning News 12.2.09 (add'l article)
John J.1960PAccusedDiocesanFinished seminary in Rome. Served at Vatican 1972-1974. Placed on leave 2/02 after man called Diocese to complain of abuse in 1967 when he was 17. He had complained to Bishop Harrington in 1994 but nothing done. At least 1 more accuser located. Unableto prosecute in MA due to SOL but matter referred to Canada for possible prosecution. Resigned as minister 2003 but still priest. 2nd man filed civil suit 12/04 re 1963 abuse. Trial set 2006.Worcester, MASource:
Sunday Telegram 3.3.02; Telegram & Gazette 3.7.03; Telegram & Gazette 02.21.02; Telegram & Gazette 02.22.02; The Day 03.18.02; Telegram & Gazette 11.15.02; Telegram & Gazette 05.16.03; Telegram & Gazette 05.20.03; Telegram & Gazette 05.31.03; Telegram & Gazette 12.30.04; Telegram & Gazette 02.15.06
Joseph L1944PSuedDiocesanIdentified 2/11/15 as accused of abusing a minor. Woman has reportedly filed a claim alleging she was molested as a child by Baglio in 1965. He was director of CYO and the Catholic Youth Center in Minneapolis 1946-1967 and then pastor of Our Lady of Grace in Edina until his 1977 retirement to Miami FL. Returned to Twin Cities in 1993. Died 8/23/97.St. Paul-Minneapolis, MNSource:
Jeff Anderson & Associates 02.11.15; Star Tribune 02.27.15
Assignment History by Anderson
BaierDonald1975PAccusedDiocesanPer 7/02 articles, Baier, who retired in 2000, had his ministerial rights permanently revoked by Bishop after anonymous letter with documentation of alleged abuse received by Diocese in May, 2002. Investigation found evidence of at least 2 victims in separate locations but no victims came forward so Diocese did not report to law enforcement.Venice, FLSource:
Injury Board 9.5.08; Sarasota Herald Tribune 5 29 02; Diocese of Venice News Release 05.24.02; Bradenton Herald 05.31.02; Naples Daily News 04.28.03
George F.1963PAccusedDiocesanLeft priesthood in late1980s. Per 2002 articles, at least 10 women have accused him of abusing them when they were grade-school students at St. Vincent School in Akron and St. Mary's School in Bedford. Apparently these accusations were made known to Diocese before Bailey left the priesthood. Laicization announced 3/14.Cleveland, OHSource:
Beacon Journal 04.09.02; Cleveland Plain Dealer 04.09.02; Plain Dealer 11.23.02; Beacon Journal 03.27.14; WKSU 03.27.14
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BailotEugene1937PSuedDiocesanBailot (or Baillot) was one of 16 priests named for the first time in numerous sexual abuse lawsuits filed in 1/03 in Boston. Woman said Bailot abused her and her brother in 1950s after establishing himself as "a darling" in the eyes of their family.He retired in 1975; died in 1983. No formal determination of guilt because he died prior to canonical investigation.Boston, MASource:
Connecticut 01.18.03; Boston Globe 01.30.03; National Catholic Register 08.25.11; Salem News 08.26.11; Taunton Daily Gazette 08.26.11; The Patch 08.29.11; Jamaica Plain Gazette 09.09.11
Assignments: Assignment Record
BairdLawrence J.1969PAccusedDiocesanSpokesman for Diocese for many years. Accused in 2002 of abusing a girl who came to him for advice after being abused by Rev. John Lenihan. Baird countersued plaintiff 4/02 but his suit was dismissed in 2002 and he was ordered to pay atty fees for plaintiff. 2nd woman also alleged abuse as a child. Still active as of 8/07 per Diocese website.Orange, CASource:
NBC4 TV 4.1.02; LA Times 04.02.02; LA Times 04.05.02; Associated Press 04.11.02; LA Times 04.17.02; LA Times 11.07.02; LA Times 11.28.02; LA Times 10.06.03; LA Times 10.11.03; LA Times 03.05.04; Press Democrat 03.22.04; OC Register 01.12.09; Orange County Weekly 01.12.09; Orange County Weekly 01.13.09
BaisiLinda NSettledUnknownAccused in 2/8/96 suit of sexually abusing a boy for 5 years, starting at age 12 in 1987. The abuse included oral sex. In 1995, complainant mentioned the abuse to a counselor, who reported it to authorities. Baisi left her order in 1979 and was teacher when the abuse began. She was principal in 1996 when suit was filed and she was suspended. She admitted the abuse in taped conversations with the victim. Her attorney and the judge stated that she had effectively admitted to the charges.New York, NYSource:
Daily News 02.25.96; Daily News 03.02.96; NY Times 09.15.00; Daily News 09.19.00; NY Times 09.19.00
Michael Stephen1974PSettledDiocesanAccused of abuse. 2 brothers settled in 2000 for $1.3M. Criminal charges dropped due to CA. Sup Ct ruling. As many as 23 accusers. Arrested again 1/06. Laicized 12/00. Included in 12/06 $60M settlement re 22 priests. Also included in 7/07 massive $660Msettlement. Pled guilty 12/07 to abuse of 2 boys. Sentenced to 10 yrs 4 mo in prison. New suit 6/10. Released on parole 10/11.Arrested for probation violations 11/11 & 9/12. Some personnel files released 1/13. Settlement with 4 in 3/13 for $9.9M.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Times 12.01.02; Collection of Articles prior to 01.01.12; Corona del Mar Today 09.11.12; Daily Pilot 09.11.12; Orange County Weekly 09.11.12; The Patch 09.12.12; LA Daily News 10.12.12; Huffington Post (AP) 01.21.13; LA Times 01.22.13; Santa Barbara Independent 01.24.13; LA Times 02.04.13; CBS 12 02.06.13; Worthy Adversary 02.07.13; CNN 03.12.13; Grand Forks Herald 03.12.13; LA Times 03.12.13; LA Times 03.14.13; NBC Southern California 03.14.13; LA Times 03.15.13; National Catholic Reporter 03.28.13; LA Times 12.01.13; Raw Story 12.03.13
BBC News 3.12.13 (add'l article); NBC News 3.12.13 (add'l article); Democrat and Chronicle 3.12.13 (add'l article); LA Times 3.12.13 (add'l article); CBS Los Angeles 3.14.13 (add'l article); Assignment Record
Stephen P BSuedT.O.R. FranciscansTeacher/trainer/coach in MN, MI, VA and PA. Gave boys and girls massages for injuries and molested them. Removed in 2000 after MI allegation; lived under supervision. First known abuse in MN in 1977; reported in 2003 & settled 2005. Settlement in 2012 of order and JFK HS with 11 men re 1980s abuse was announced 1/16/13. Baker committed suicide 1/26/13. Diocese knew of allegations in 2009. Allegations also made in 2011 re Bishop McCort HS in Johnstown PA: 60+ accusers in 10 days. Multiple lawsuits. Diocese stopped settlement negotiations re 88 claims at Bp. McCort on 4/14, just before mediation, due to active criminal investigation by state attorney general. $8M settlement with 88 survivors announced on 10/21/14.St. Paul-Minneapolis, MNSource:
WFMJ 02.04.13; WKBN 02.04.13; Daily Tribune 02.25.13; WeAreCentralPA 03.20.13; Altoona Mirror 03.21.13; Altoona Mirror 03.21.13; Tribune Democrat 03.21.13; Altoona Mirror 03.22.13; Collection of Articles Before 03.28.13; San Francisco Chronicle 04.15.13; Tribune Democrat 04.15.13; Tribune Democrat 04.26.13; Tribune Democrat 06.05.13; Tribune Democrat 07.17.13; ABC 23 07.19.13; Altoona Mirror 07.19.13; Altoona Mirror 10.05.13; WWCP Fox 8 10.05.13; Tribune-Democrat 10.11.13; ABC 23 10.12.13; Altoona Mirror 10.12.13; WJAC 10.12.13; WJAC 10.17.13; Tribune-Democrat 10.20.13; Tribune-Democrat 10.30.13; Altoona Mirror 10.31.13; San Francisco Chronicle 10.31.13; WJAC 10.31.13; Tribune-Democrat 11.02.13; WJAC 11.02.13; Tribune-Democrat 11.03.13; Tribune-Democrat 11.12.13; Tribune-Democrat 11.12.13; Tribune-Democrat 11.16.13; Seattle PI 11.20.13; WJAC 11.20.13; Tribune-Democrat 11.21.13; Tribune-Democrat 11.21.13; Youngstown Vindicator 11.21.13; Tribune-Democrat 11.22.13; Tribune-Democrat 12.20.13; WJAC 01.17.14; Tribune-Democrat 01.18.14; Tribune-Democrat 01.26.14; Tribune-Democrat 02.21.14; Centre Daily Times 04.25.14; Tribune-Democrat 04.26.14; Daily Reporter 04.27.14; Road to Recovery Press Release 04.27.14; The Republic (AP) 04.27.14; Tribune-Democrat 04.28.14; WJAC 04.28.14; Tribune-Democrat 04.29.14; We are Central PA 04.29.14; Tribune-Democrat 05.19.14; SNAP Statement 05.20.14; Pioneer Press 05.22.14; Statement by Archdiocese of St Paul 05.22.14; WJAC 06.26.14; Road to Recovery 07.22.14; Tribune-Democrat 07.23.14; We Are Central PA 07.23.14; Daily Journal 08.15.14; Indiana Gazette 08.15.14; Tribune-Democrat 10.21.14
BA Assignment Record; Archdiocese of St. Paul Assignment Record
BalakFrederick R. PSuedDiocesanNamed as abuser in Addendum to Archdiocese Report. 1 accuser claims abuse from 1967-1968.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05
LA Times Database 4.20.06
BalbinVictor PAccusedDiocesanAccused of abuse of a teenage girl. LA archdiocese counts 1 accuser. Extern priest from Philippines working in ArchdioceseLos Angeles, CASource:
Associated Press 2.8.84; LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 4; Milla v. Tamayo, 187 Cal.App.3d 1453
Gary E.1972PAccusedDiocesanIn 1993 lawsuit, Balcom was accused of showering with an altar boy, fondling him, giving him alcohol and threatening him in 1970s. Admitted molesting 8 or 9 children. Placed on sick leave in 1985, privileges removed in 1992 and "voluntarily" laicized 4/98. Boston AD database in 8/11 says case concluded canonically. Died 10/02.Boston, MASource: 10.02; Letter to Rev. Richard Lennon 09.15.97; Rev. Richard Lennon letter to Cardinal Law 04.23.98; Boston Globe 12.10.02; Boston Herald 12.10.02; Patriot Ledger 12.10.02; Newsday 02.10.03; Patriot Ledger 10.20.08; National Catholic Registry 08.25.11
Boston Archdiocesan Assignment Record
BaldenUnknown PSuedOblateFr. Balden was one of several religious accused in 2010 civil suit against Diocese, Oblates & Sisters of the Divine Savior which alleged abuse of students at Tekakwitha Indian Mission in Sisseton SD. In the suit, one woman alleges that Fr. Balden, Fr.Cholewa and another unnamed priest abused her between 1975-1982 when she was 5-11 yrs old.Sioux Falls, SDSource:
Argus Leader 8.6.10; Sioux City Journal 8.6.10; MWD et al v. Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls et al, Minnehaha County Circuit Court 07.30.10
BalestrieriEdward1959PAccusedTrinitarianRemoved by Belleville Diocese after woman wrote to the Order to complain that he "inappropriately touched her son" (age 11) in 1975 in Trenton, NJ. Prosecutors said SOL had passed. He was part of the Order of the Most Holy Trinity, a religious community, at the time. He officially became part of the Belleville Diocese in 1985. On 1/24/09 Belleville diocesan website gave his status as "Administrative Leave / Retired."Trenton, NJSource:
Asbury Park Press 5.2.02; Associated Press 5.1.02; Associated Press 5.8.02; 6.02; Belleville News Democrat 3.7.03; Belleville News Democrat 5.2.02; St. Louis Post-Dispatch 5.2.02; Star Ledger 5.2.02
Joseph A.1927PSuedJesuitDied 9/29/65.. Accused of abuse of students at St. Ignatius Mission Boarding School on Flathead Indian Reservation in late 1950s-early 1960s. One man said he arrived early for Mass only to find Balfe standing naked in the sacristy. Another said that Balfe asked him during confession what bed he slept in. Balfe is named in 5 complaints in 9/11 civil suit against Ursuline Order and Helena Diocese filed by 45 people against 4 nuns, 6 priests and 1 brother.Helena, MTSource:
FinaAGrave 09.29.65; Spokane Daily Chronicle 09.30.69; The Missoulian 06.05.11; The Missoulian 09.27.11; Complaint for Damages, MT First Judicial District Court, Lewis and Clark Co 10.08.11; Press Release from Kosnoff Fasy 01.31.14
Assignments: Assignment Record
BallBruce E.1978PConvictedDiocesan1993 plea of no contest to charge of sexual contact w/ 12 yr old boy during therapy session. Total of 4 known victims. Sentenced to 5 yrs prison; released 3/96. On parole thru 12/97. Laicized at his own request as of 8/11/97. Settlement of $100K in 1993(?). In 1993 La Crosse diocese told Baltimore of 2 claims against Ball during the time he was a seminarian for La Crosse in Baltimore in mid 1970s. Died 2003.La Crosse, WISource:
La Crosse Tribune 1.9.04; Wisconsin State Journal 7.7.92; Wisconsin State Journal 06.21.92; Chicago Tribune 10.14.92; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 03.17.96; Wisconsin State Journal 03.22.96; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 09.30.98; Baltimore Sun 08.21.02; Washington Post 08.22.02; Archdiocese of Baltimore 09.25.02; Marshfield News-Herald 08.27.04
Assignments: Assignment Record
Edward Lawrence1966PConvictedSacred HeartIndicted on 4 counts of abuse of minors 9/92; plea of guilty to 1 count. Sentenced to 9 mo jail and 5 yr probation. Total of three victims. Family of two boys settled out of court 1994. Ball criminally charged in 1999 with 31 counts of sexually abusing two other boys from 1979-1986. He was sentenced to 3 years in prison. $4.2M civil settlement. from Diocese & Order in 6/03. On Sex Offender Registry.San Bernardino, CASource:
Press-Enterprise 5.2.93; San Bernardino Sun 6.30.03 (2nd); San Bernardino Sun 7.2.03; Chicago Tribune 10.10.99; Press Enterprise 10.11.99; Press Enterprise 10.20.00; Press Enterprise 12.30.00; Inland Valley Daily Bulletin 07.15.02; San Bernardino Sun 06.30.03; Find Law 07.17.03; Press Enterprise 08.16.03; Press Enterprise 10.17.03; Reno Gazette-Journal 07.30.05
Assignments: Assignment Record
BalsJerry1973DSuedDiocesanOrdained as deacon in 1973. He was accused of fondling girls in counseling sessions at Lake Catholic High School (he was guidance counselor/librarian) for 14 years. Total of 8 Jane Does, five of whom filed suit. Suits settled. Per Nov. 2002 article, criminal charges were dropped in a plea deal that required Bals to forfeit his teaching credentials. Diocese paid Bals' wife $800/mo from 2000-2003 (while Bals living with her). This info revealed in 3/07.Cleveland, OHSource:
Cleveland Plain Dealer 09.29.93; Plain Dealer 10.07.93; Plain Dealer 10.13.93; Plain Dealer 02.11.94; Plain Dealer 11.23.02; Plain Dealer 03.31.07; Cincinnati Enquirer (AP) 04.01.07
BaltazarCarmelo Melchior ""Mel""1960PConvictedDiocesanAn extern priest from the Philappines, Baltazar has a history of abuse of boys over a 20 year period while serving Diocese of Cleveland, Diocese of Phillippines, US Navy, Diocese of Boise, Idaho, and Diocese of San Diego. Named in several civil suits. Convicted 1984 & sentenced to 7 yrs. Released to treatment after 3 yrs. 2003 civil suit in San Diego said that plaintiff lived with Baltazar and traveled with him for 5 years during military assignments. Always introduced as his nephew. Deceased.Boise, IDSource:
San Jose Mercury News 12.31.87 (Major Accounts); United Press International 05.30.84; United Press International 11.19.84; United Press International 01.24.85; United Press International 03.23.85; San Jose Mercury News 12.30.87; Associated Press 03.25.02; San Diego Union Tribune 05.22.03; Associated Press 10.08.03; Idaho States 02.21.04; Diocese of San Diego List 03.30.07; Lompoc Record 03.30.07; Union Tribune 03.31.07
Norman G.1963PAccusedDiocesanInitially charged in 1991 in Tampa with soliciting lewd act from a male, undercover police officer. Charges dismissed by court. Sent for therapy and returned to duty. Diocese paid $75K in 2010 to man who said he was abused by Balthazar at Christ the King in Tampa in early 1980s when he was 17 . Settlement not revealed until 1/11. Tampa police say in 2002 a man accused Balthazar and another priest of sexually assaulting him in 1971 at age 9. State did not press charges.St. Petersburg, FLSource:
2010 Settlement Agreement; SNAP Statement 1.9.11; Tampa Tribune 04.22.02; My Fox Tampa Bay 01.13.11; WTSP 01.13.11; St. Petersburg Times 01.14.11
BanachEdwin1941PAccusedFrancisanIn 9/02 Franciscans began investigating allegations that Banach abused 2 boys between 1963 and 1970 at St. Anthony of Padua church. One person alleged abuse and the other alleged that Banach made sexual overtures. Banach spent 9 years at St. Anthony shortly after his ordination in 1941. He then went to a church in California until 1963 when he came back to St. Anthony. In 1970 Banach was transferred back to California. .Died in 1984,Rockford, ILSource:
Rockford Register Star 9.5.02; Rockford Register Star 06.21.03
Henry S.1948PSuedDiocesanAllegedly abused a boy age 12 or 13 in 1976 and 1977 when he was assigned to St. Hedwig parish in Southbridge. 2 brothers filed suit 2002. Another man joined suit 10/02. 4th man later came forward with similar allegations. 1 case settled out of court &dismissed 5/05. 2nd set for trial 10/06Worcester, MASource:
Telegram & Gazette 10.02.02; Telegram & Gazette 10.10.02; Telegram & Gazette 12.30.04; Telegram & Gazette 02.15.06
Banaszek (Bonaszek)
Stanley F.1970PSettledMaryknollAccused of sexually assaulting a former altar boy in 1985 at St. Anthony of Padua in Bridgeport, CT. Case was settled with others by the Bridgeport diocese in 10/03. Name occasionally spelled Bonaszek.Bridgeport, CTSource:
Connecticut Post 10.20.02; Connecticut Post 11.13.02; Connecticut Post 10.16.03; Associated Press 10.17.03; Connecticut Post 12.01.09
Assignments: Assignment Record
Ronald J.1968PAccusedDiocesanReportedly had relationship with a 12-year-old in Waukesha in 1987. Died 1/01 after heart attack during Mass. Name on Archdiocese's 7/04 list of priests fully restricted (or who would have been restricted if still living) because of credible allegationsof abuse. In 1993, he was placed under restrictions re ministry and contact with minors. In 6/96 he was appointed as an assistant priest at St. Joseph and St. Kilian Parishes, Lyons and to Nursing Home Ministry. Personnel file released 7/13.Milwaukee, WISource:
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 01.09.01; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 01.10.01; Archdiocese of Wilwaukee List 07.09.04; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 07.10.04; Archdiocese of Milwaukee List of Clergy Offenders 03.03.12; Menomonee Falls Patch 07.03.13; Waukesha Patch 07.03.13; Daily Journal (AP) 09.03.13
Assignments: Assignment Record; Archdiocese of Milwaukee Assignment Record
John M.1972PConvictedDiocesanRemoved from ministry 2000. Convicted 2002 on charges of molesting 11 yr old boy in 1993. Received a 15-year sentence. Included in 1/03 settlement re abuse by 5 priests. 9 other alleged victims have also come forward. Additional criminal charges filed9/06 alleging abuse of 1 victim in 1994-1995. Pleaded not guilty 11/06. Trial started 5/08 and he was convicted again as of 5/13/08. Sentenced 9/08 to add'l 18 years. In prison 6/10. Still a priest, but inactive.Metuchen, NJSource:
Courier News 9.7.06; Express Times 5.7.07; Express Times 9.7.06; Express Times 9.8.06; Star Ledger 8.3.01; Star Ledger 9.8.06; The Times (NJ) 9.7.06; Archdiocese of Baltimore 09.25.02; NY Times 01.31.03; New Jersey Times 05.21.03; NY Times 07.16.03; Diocese of Metuchen 02.27.04; Courier News 11.04.06; Express Times 11.04.06; Express Times 01.27.07
Express Times 6.2.07 (add'l article); Home News Tribune 6.30.07 (add'l article); Star Ledger 5.6.08 (add'l article); Star-Ledger 5.13.08 (add'l article); Home News Tribune 9.5.08 (add'l article); Star-Ledger 9.6.08 (add'l article)
Russell J.1967PAccusedDiocesanPlaced on leave in 2002 pending review of past allegations. He had previously received evaluation and treatment and then been returned to active ministry. Second man came forward in 2004 to allege abuse for two years when he was 12-14 yrs of age and aresident at Parmadale Childrens' home. Banner was a deacon counseling children at the home. This man filed suit 2004.Cleveland, OHSource:
Akron Beacon Journal 04.09.02; Cleveland Plain Dealer 04.09.02; Akron Beacon Journal 04.18.02; Plain Dealer 04.28.04; Bradenton Herald 04.29.04
Assignments: Assignment Record
Baquedano-PechTheodore PAccusedDiocesanA visiting priest from Mexico, Baquedano-Pech is accused of sexually molesting a girl for several years, beginning when she was 11. She reported to Diocese in 1993 when she was 30 but they said they were not responsible since he was a visiting priest. He continued as active priest in Mexico for many years. Still active in Yucatan in 4/10. Finally removed 4/26/10.San Francisco, CASource:
San Francisco Weekly 05.21.03; 04.17.07; Boston Globe 04.21.10; Washington Post 04.27.10; San Francisco Chronicle 04.28.10
BaranowskiAlexander Sylvester1955PSuedDiocesanNewly identified as abuser in Chicago Archdiocesan report 3/06. Resigned from priesthood in 1975. Laicized 8/1976. No further information found. In 4/13, two men filed civil suit against Diocese and Baranowski alleging that he abused them on separateovernight trips in 1961-1962. Both men were students at St. Wenceslaus grammar school in Chicago when alleged abuse occurred.Chicago, ILSource:
Chicago Archdiocesan Report 3.20.06 page 1; Chicago Archdiocesan Report 9.15.08 page 1; Chicago Sun-Times 03.21.06; Chicago Tribune 03.21.06; Chicago Archdiocesan Report 08.16.09; Chicago Sun-Times 04.22.13; SNAP Statement 04.24.13
Assignments: Assignment Record
BarberJoseph P.  ?PSuedDiocesanAccused of rape of girl, age 6, in 1961 at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel parish. Named along with about 14 other priests in RICO suit filed in New Jersey in 1994. Deceased. All the RICO claims were settled 3/03.Camden, NJSource:
The Record 11.02.94; Courier Post 04.14.02; Star-Ledger 03.14.03
Daniel Ramsey1967PSuedS.J. JesuitIn 5/13 civil suit one man accused Barfield of abusing him at St Jude's Parish in Alamogordo NM beginning in 1990. Same man also accused Wilfred J Diamond of abuse in same suit. Separate Federal suit alleged Barfield allowed David Holley to live at the rectory and this gave Holley access to plaintiff so he abused plaintiff as well. Died 6/7/03 in Alamogordo. Buried in Jesuit Cemetery, Grand Coteau LA. Also worked in Dallas, NOLA and Houston at Jesuit schools.Las Cruces, NMSource:
Deming Headlight 06.19.03; Alamogordo Daily News 05.07.13; Las Cruces Sun-News 05.07.13; Santa Fe New Mexican 05.07.13; Albuquerque Journal 05.08.13; KRQE 05.08.13; SNAP Statement 05.08.13; Telegram & Gazette 05.09.13; FindAGrave 05.13.13
Assignments: Assignment Record
Michael G.1966DAccusedDiocesanAt least three men complained prior to 2002 to Bishop Trautman that they were molested by Barletta when he was theology teacher at Erie's Cathedral Prep School in late 1970s-1980s. One man reported he complained to Bishop Trautman in 1994. Barletta left Prep within a year and was allowed only limited ministry. All three met with Bishop again in 2002. Not removed from ministry until 2003. Diocese paid for counseling for 1 of the men. THIS MAY BE UNNAMED PRIEST # 1Erie, PASource:
Erie Times-News 11.13.03; Erie Times-News 11.13.03; Erie Times-News 11.14.03
Kevin P.1982PSuedDiocesanSued 2003. Accused of abuse from 1982-1988. (Also allegations in Tucson, AZ). LA archdiocese counts 8 accusers. Settlement in AZ in 2005/2006 under bankruptcy plan for 5 claiming abuse by Barmasse. These individuals also sued LA Arch and were included in massive $660M settlement 7/07. Criminal investigation reopened in Arizona 7/07. Laicized 5/2/06 per LA Personnel file released 1/13.Los Angeles, CASource:
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Michael Lowell1975PConvictedDiocesan6/09 suit against Baltimore AD filed in DE alleged Barnes molested a boy 1977-1982 while at St. Clare School in Essex. Baltimore contacted plaintiff in 2002 after a review of files; he denied abuse. He contacted them in 2003 but refused counseling/ mediation. Left priesthood in 1988 but began working for Wash. DC as lay member. Civil case dismissed 4/10 by DE Judge. Arrested in NC 10/09 on charges he abused the same man. Extradited to MD 2/10. Pled no contest 6/10. 6 mo in jail. Laicization sought.Baltimore, MDSource:
Daily Times 6.4.10; Baltimore Sun 06.26.09; The Dispatch 10.02.09; Daily Times 10.03.09; Daily Times 10.06.09; Daily Times 10.08.09; The Dispatch 10.09.09; The Dispatch 11.13.09; The Dispatch 02.26.10; Times Leader 04.29.10; News Journal 04.30.10; The Dispatch 09.17.10; Catholic Review 09.28.10
BarneyH. Stanley1975PAccusedDiocesan1993 Catholic Directory says Barney was a military chaplain under the Fall River Diocese. His name appeared on 9/26/02 list of Fall River priests investigated by the Bristol County District Attorney's Office. Article shows there was one victim but Barney was not prosecuted because beyond the statute of limitations.Fall River, MASource:
Boston Globe 09.27.02; Boston Herald 09.27.02
Frederick L.1976PAccusedDiocesanPlaced on leave 8/09 from assignment at St. Patrick's church in Watertown after recent allegation that he sexually abused a minor in the late 1980s. He was parochial vicar at St. Luke's Catholic Church in Belmont from 1985 to 1990, when the abuse was alleged to have occurred. Still on administrative leave as of 8/15 and canonical proceedings are still in process per Boston AD database.Boston, MASource:
Watertown Tab & Press 05.16.08; TheBostonChannel 08.30.09; WBZ 08.30.09; Boston Globe 08.31.09; Watertown Tab & Press 08.31.09; Watertown Tab & Press (AP) 08.31.09; Metrowest Daily News 09.01.09; Metrowest Daily News 09.02.09; The Pilot 09.04.09; National Catholic Register 08.25.11; Wicked Local Somerville 08.30.11
Assignments: Assignment Record
BarrPhilip R.1948PAccusedDioceseRetired 1995. One of 21 priests placed on administrative leave by archdiocese 3/7/11 pending investigation for credible allegations involving sexual abuse or inappropriate behavior with minors. Last assignment was as pastor emeritus of St. Edmond Parishin South Philadelphia. On 5/4/12, Archdiocese found allegations unsubstantiated and he was found suitable for ministry. He is currently 92 yrs old.Philadelphia, PASource:
Archdiocese of Philadelphia Press Release 3.8.11; NY Times 3.8.11; Philadelphia Inquirer 3.8.11; Philadelphia Inquirer 3.9.11; Philadelphia Inquirer 5.4.12; Philadelphia Inquirer 5.4.12; Statement by ARchdiocese of Philadelphia 5.4.12; Statement by Archdiocese of Philadelphia 5.4.12; Statement of Cardinal Rigali Regarding Administrative Leaves 3.8.11; Philadelphia Inquirer 03.10.11
BarrettJohn F.1959PAccusedDiocesanPlaced on leave 5/02 re old accusations that he molested an 8th grade boy in Catholic cchool in 1968. Original claim was made in 1991 but the man says that Diocese cancelled meeting with him at last minute when he wanted to bring either his wife or attorney with him. The victim let the matter drop until 2002 when investigator for Diocese contacted him. Cleared by Diocesan investigation 6/10/02 and returned to duty. Diocese said claims could not be substantiated and victim was not cooperating.Joliet, ILSource:
Chicago Daily Herald 05.06.02; Chicago Sun Times 05.08.02; Chicago Tribune 05.08.02; Chicago Sun-Times 05.12.02; Chicago Daily Herald 06.09.02
Chicago Daily Herald 5.07.02
BarrettPatrick J.1959PAccusedDiocesanBarrett was placed on admin. leave in 2002 because of complaint by adult that Barrett had molested the complaintant some 30 years previously when complaintant was a minor. Misconduct alleged to have taken place outside the Diocese. Investigating committee said charges were credible. Died 3/06.Gaylord, MISource:
Associated Press 6.4.02; Traverse City Record-Eagle 6.4.02; Traverse City Record-Eagle 06.11.02; Traverse City Record-Eagle 08.28.02; Detroit Free Press 04.14.03; Traverse City Record-Eagle 04.02.06
Robert E.1963PSettledDiocesanFirst claim was in 1993 re molestation on 1960s camping trip. Settled 1994 for $30K. 2nd claim was in 1997 suit where he was alleged to have abused 15 yr old youth for almost two years in 1967-1968 while working as priest and coach of Framingham MA church swim team. Placed on permanent disability in 1995 and spent time in psychiatric hospital. Also allegations in 2002 of prior abuse. Assigned to life of prayer & penance 2004. Died 3/08.Boston, MASource:
Boston Globe 4.8.97; Boston Herald 4.7.97; The Patch 9.1.11; Letter from Barrett to Then-Father Lennon 05.19.98; Boston Globe 01.28.02; Boston Globe 12.13.02; Boston Globe 12.17.02; Patriot Ledger 12.17.02; Patriot Ledger 02.11.03; Patriot Ledger 10.20.08; Daily News 08.26.11; Metrowest Daily News 08.26.11; Salem News 08.26.11; The Patch 08.29.11
Boston Archdiocesan Assignment Record
BarryJames PSuedDiocesanAmended civil suit filed 10/11 refers to Barry as a "credibly accused" sexual abuser. There are 117 plaintiffs in the amended suit. No further information provided. He is deceased. Diocese originally claimed he was Jesuit priest, not Diocesan.Helena, MTSource:
NBC Montana 10.26.11; PRNewswire 10.26.11; Press Release from Kosnoff Fasy 01.31.14
BarryMichael O.1979PSuedJesuitBarry is one of 4 priests included in settlement of lawsuit in 4/07. Barry was a teacher and, at some point, a hospital chaplain in St. Louis. Accused of having sexually abused a student at a St. Louis Jesuit high school from 1982-1985. Barry's accusersaid the priests plied him with alcohol and "played mind games" to silence him. Barry died 2/19/87.St. Louis, MOSource:
John Doe CS v Fr. James Thiel et al, 042-01414, St. Louis Circuit Court, MO; Belleville News-Democrat 04.19.07; St. Louis Post-Dispatch (AP) 04.19.07; Kansas City Star (AP) 04.20.07; St. Louis Post-Dispatch 06.10.07; St. Louis American 06.13.07
Assignments: Assignment Record
BarryRichard J.1978PAccusedOblateIn 2002, Barry's personnel file indicated that he had allegedly raped and assaulted a youth at Tewksbury's St. William's parish. Barry was later transferred to Dallastown, PA. Name also included in 3/03 NH Atty General's report on abusive priests. Documents say same man claimed that Barry repeatedly raped and sexually abused him beginning at age 16 or 17 in NH. Name omitted from 2011 Boston AD database because he was an Order priest.Boston, MASource:
Letters to Cambridge DA and to Cardinal Law 2002; Boston Herald 12.17.02; Union Leader 03.04.03; Boston Globe 11.20.11
Assignments: Assignment Record
Thomas Patrick1939PSuedDiocesanWoman filed suit against Archdiocese of Denver 10/07 alleging that Barry had abused her in approx. 1970. She was an adolescent with troubles at home. He gave her a place to live before abusing her. Barry died in 2003 at age of 97. Suit still pending as of 7/08.Denver, COSource:
Denver Post 7.2.08; Rocky Mountain News 4.3.03; Rocky Mountain News 7.2.08; Denver Post 04.14.03; Denver Post 10.17.07
Carl2000PAccusedPallottineIn 2002 Bartholomew was accused by woman of molesting her 16 year old son in 1994 when Bartholomew was a chiropractor in Bradenton, FL. Venice Diocese is not investigating because he is order priest. In Oct. 2002 a committee of Lay persons investigatedand cleared Bartholomew. He was returned to full active status.Venice, FLSource:
Injury Board 9.5.08; Diocese of Venice article re Ordination 12.07.00; Diocese of Venice Statement 05.09.02; Sarasota Herald Tribune 05.29.02; Sarasota Herald Tribune 11.17.02
BartlesCharles Arnold1965PAccusedJesuitOne pending claim against Bartles shown in bankruptcy reorganization documents for Fairbanks Diocese 1/25/10. Believed to have taught at St. Johns-Jesuit-Loyola prep school in Shreveport, LA during 1960-1962 school years. Also worked in Brazil. Was working in New Orleans when he died 7/93.Fairbanks, AKSource:
Excerpt from Bankruptcy Reorganization Documents for Fairbanks Diocese 1.25.10, p. 2; Times-Picayune 07.30.93
Assignments: Assignment Record
Lee F.1972PAccusedDiocesanPlaced on leave 3/02. Accused in 6/02 civil suit of abusing 2 boys in 1979-1980. He reportedly fondled them and made them participate in "Greek Olympics" wherein he got them intoxicated and then made they run naked through the streets at night at his residence on Cape Cod.. Took nude photos of boys and showed them porno movies. Also took some boys on trip to Paris. Resigned from parish 2003 but still a priest. Will undergo church trial.Worcester, MASource:
Telegram & Gazette 3.7.03; Telegram & Gazette 5.8.02; Telegram & Gazette 6.4.03; Telegram & Gazette 6.8.02; Sunday Telegram 03.17.02; Telegram & Gazette 03.19.02; Telegram & Gazette 03.20.02; Telegram & Gazette 11.15.02; Telegram & Gazette 05.16.03; Telegram & Gazette 05.20.03; Telegram & Gazette 05.11.04
Raymond B.1963PAccusedDiocesanPlaced on leave in 2002. Woman claimed that he abused her in 1967 when she was 12. Two other femals came forward to allege abuse in 1960s. He is accused of spanking their bare bottoms. He died Nov. 2007.Cleveland, OHSource:
Cincinnati Enquirer 03.30.02; Plain Dealer 03.30.02; Beacon Journal 04.09.02; Plain Dealer 04.09.02; 04.18.02; Plain Dealer 05.05.02; Plain Dealer Reporter 02.09.03; Plain Dealer 05.26.07; Plain Dealer 12.04.07
Assignments: Assignment Record
Richard Barry "Doc"1974PAccusedDiocesanIn 1980s Bartz was on faculty of a seminary where he allegedly had sex with a minor male (may have been other victims as well). He went on leave indefinitely and was returned to duty at Columbus Hospital in 1988 under restrictions and monitoring. Served there until 2001. Left position at another hospital and resigned from priesthood 6/02 after Dallas Bishops' Conference.Chicago, ILSource:
Modern Healthcare 7.1.02; Chicago Tribune 06.20.02; Chicago Tribune 06.24.02; USA Today 11.11.02; Chicago Sun-Times 01.17.03; Chicago Archdiocesan Report 03.20.06; Journal of Oak Park and River Forest 11.11.07
Assignments: Assignment Record
BaskettJohn C.1945PAccusedDiocesanAccused in 2007 of seducing 15-yr-old girl in 1952 after using alcohol to incapacitate her. Suit filed 3/08. Abuse included intercourse & continued through 1954. He was then transferred to a parish now located in the Jefferson City MO diocese. Became Air Force chaplain in 1955, first as part of Kansas City MO, then as Springfield-Cape Girardeau priest. On duty in Raleigh diocese 1978-79, then not listed in Directory. Died 6/23/95 in Las Vegas. Civil suit settled 8/08 in $10M settlement re 12 priests.Kansas City-St. Joseph, MOSource:
Police Report 2.9.07; Kansas City Star 03.06.08; Kansas City Star 08.20.08; Kansas City Star 08.20.08; Statement by Plaintiff in Voice from the Desert 11.02.08
Assignments: Assignment Record
Francis E.1948PSuedDiocesanAccused of abusing many boys and sharing his victims with Revs Janssen, Geerts, and James W Murphy. Trained at Kenrick Seminary in St Louis (as did they), Bass was Director of Vocations and on Personnel Board for 15 years. Dean of Grinnell deanery for a year. Chaplain at Ottumwa Heights College. Bishop Hayes first learned Bass was connected with Janssen's abuse of children in 1958. The earliest alleged abuse by Bass that is known dates to late 1950s. Set to retire in 1992 when diocese received allegation preserved in file. A 1974 allegation was not included in the released file. Accused by 2 alleged victims of taking them to the Cook County Morgue; alleged to have brought victims to his family farm in NE. First suit filed 2003. Settlements in 2004 and 2006. As of 11/2/12, the diocese stated Bass was accused of abusing 18 male minors. Requested that Bass be laicized but announced on 1/18/05 that the CDF had ordered him to live a life of prayer and penance. Died 9/18/14.Davenport, IASource:
Letter to Bishop in Bass File 06.29.92; Des Moines Register 10.01.03; Quad-City Times 10.31.03; Quad-City Times 11.24.03; Des Moines Register 02.06.04; Quad-City Times 02.24.04; Des Moines Register 03.18.04; John Doe III Statement and Documents 05.14.04; Brief etc of John Doe II 07.15.04; Quad-City Times 10.29.04; WQAD 01.18.05; Quad-City Times 05.17.05; Quad-City Times 07.25.05; Des Moines Register 07.26.05; Des Moines Register (AP) 02.16.06; Iowa City Press-Citizen 02.11.08; Quad-City Times 07.10.08; Catholic Messenger 07.17.08; Quad-City Times 07.18.08; Diocese of Davenport List 11.02.12; Meyer Brothers 09.18.14
Concise BA Assignment Record; Detailed BA Assignment Record
Settimo (or Septimo)1941PSuedScalabriniansArrived in U.S. from Italy in 1947. Worked in Boston for 23 years before transferring to RI. Later went to Canada before returning to RI. Died in Italy in 1999. Accused in 2005 civil suit of abuse of one boy at St. Lazarus Parish, East Boston between1960-1961. The suit involved multiple plaintiffs and named multiple priests as defendants. Attorney Durso said 7/11 that almost all claims were settled. Omitted from 2011 Boston AD database because he was an Order priest.Boston, MASource:
JOHN DOE Nos. 30 - 68 and MARY ROE Nos. 6 - 8, v. Roman Catholic Archbishop of Boston, C.A. 05-0006; Obituary from; BishopAccountability Letter to Dr. Mary Jane Doherty, Chairperson of the Archdiocese of Boston Review Board 07.27.11; Boston Globe 07.28.11; Boston Globe 11.20.11
Assignments: Assignment Record
BatoonRoberto1973PAccusedDiocesanExtern priest from Philippines working in diocese since 1997. Removed 1//03 after he was accused of abuse of a minor while working in home diocese in Philippines. Supposed to return to Philippines but had not arrived there as of 2/21/03. By 5/03, he had agreed to be voluntarily laicized.Honolulu, HISource:
Honolulu Advertiser 01.27.03; Honolulu Star-Bulletin 01.28.03; Honolulu Advertiser 02.21.03; Honolulu Advertiser 05.22.03; Honolulu Star-Bulletin 02.27.04
BattagliolaAlberto (Orlando)1963PSuedDiocesanHad been in LA since 1964. In late 1990s woman told Bishop that Battagliola, a native of Argentina, had sexually abused her son in 1974 in San Luis Obispo. He frequently visited the victim's home. One night Battagliola took him for a drive, got him drunk, and had sex with him. Victim was 14 and ended up with sexual disease. Battagliola was murdered in 1977 in San Francisco. Diocese sued 3/03. Some articles refer to him as "Orlando". Last name spelled various ways. Personnel file released 1/13.Monterey, CASource:
Bishop Ryan's Pastoral Letter 2.4.04; Monterey County Herald 03.15.03; San Luis Obispo Tribune 03.16.03; Monterey County Herald 03.24.03; San Luis Obispo Tribune 03.29.03; San Luis Obispo Tribune 04.16.03; San Luis Obispo Tribune 01.27.04; Monterey County Herald 01.28.04; New Times 03.28.13
Assignments: Assignment Record
Louis1959PAccusedDiocesan"Substantiated" charges exist that Baudone molested two children in 1981 in Muskegon County. He "retired" from his duties in 1993 when allegations first surfaced. Privileges not removed until 2002. Additional allegations of old abuse became public 3/08.Grand Rapids, MISource:
Muskegon Chronicle 3.7.08; WOOD 3.7.08; Grand Rapids Press 05.17.02; Grand Rapids Press 06.05.02; Detroit Free Press 04.14.03
John1963PConvictedDiocesanWorked as priest in MT. Left active priesthood in 1970. Opened sex shop/adult book store in Bozeman, MT in 1981. Referred to as "Priest of Porn." On the run for 8 months after drug-related arrest in 1988.Sold store prior to his 12/89 arrest. Pled no contest in 1990 in Los Angeles to charges of making child porn videos and films in Mexico and California. Sentenced to 8 yrs prison. Died of a heart attack in federal prison in 1992. Believe he was removed from priesthood after he opened the book store.Los Angeles, CASource:
Associated Press 5.4.81; United Press International 05.30.85; United Press International 04.11.89; LA Times 04.12.89; Orange County Register 04.13.89; LA Times 12.14.89; The Oregonian 12.14.89; United Press Internation 09.24.90; Associated Press 06.10.01; Bozeman Daily Journal 10.29.92 (as reprinted 09.19.12
BauernfeindThomas J.1963PAccusedDiocesanPer 10/13/02 news article, Bauernfeind was accused in 1987 of sexual abuse in mid-1970s. He retired in late 1990s and in April 2002 his faculties were removed. His name appeared on the Oct. 2002 list of 56 priests accused of molesting children within the Baltimore diocese. Died Jan. 1 2003.Baltimore, MDSource:
Archdiocese of Baltimore 09.25.02; Baltimore Sun 10.13.02; Baltimore Sun 01.03.03
Archdiocese of Baltimore 9.25.02
BayersSydney H.1937PAccusedDiocesanIn 1994, 3 sisters complained of inappropriate behavior and abuse in 1970s when they were young. In 1996 a man accused Bayers of masturbating and striking him repeatedly for years, beginning in about 1960 when boy was 11. Boy's father died then and Bayers "practically lived" at his home and went drinking with his mother. Died 3/79. No formal determination of guilt because he died prior to a canonical investigation.Boston, MASource:
Docs produced by Boston Archdiocese: Notes re 1994 Meeting with Mother & Sisters; Docs produced by Boston Archdiocese: Memo in 1996 on Meeting with Brother; Docs produced by Boston Archdiocese: Letter from Brother in 2002; National Catholic Register 08.25.11
Assignments: Assignment Record
BazGeorge  ?PAccusedDiocesanName included on Gallup diocese's 12/14 list of credibly accused clerics. Assigned to St. Joseph Parish, Winslow AZ 07/1968-09/1968. Deceased.Gallup, NMSource:
Diocese of Gallup downloaded 02.28.15
Juan PConvictedDiocesanPeruvian. Indicted 1991 for sexually abusing a 15-year-old altar boy at St. Peter's Church in Monticello. He fled to Canada. Extradited and then convicted in 1993. Sentenced to 5-15 years in state prison. Conviction overturned. Found not guilty at 2nd trial. Returned to Peru.New York, NYSource:
Dallas Morning News 02.27.93; River Reporter 08.10.95; Times Herald-Record 03.19.02; NY Post 04.06.02; USA Today 11.11.02; Times Herald-Record 02.28.04; Times Herald-Record 01.15.07; Chicago Tribune 03.11.12
Robert P.1970PAccusedDiocesanRemoved 7/02 after "credible" accusations surfaced that he molested a minor in 1970s. At the time of his suspension, he was director of Our Lady's Hall, a rehabilitation center for priests accused of molesting children. Long-time chaplain at Norfolk Co. House of Corrections. Last known to be living in Quincy and Stoughton MA. Voluntary laicization announced 8/20/10. Boston AD database in 8/11 says case concluded canonically.Boston, MASource:
Boston Globe 03.20.02; Associated Press 07.18.02; Boston Globe 07.18.02; Patriot Ledger 07.18.02; Patriot Ledger 10.20.08; Statement by Archdiocese of Boston 08.20.10; TheBostonChannel 08.20.10; Patriot Ledger 08.21.10; Boston Globe 08.24.10; Metrowest Daily News 08.25.10; The Pilot 08.27.10; National Catholic Register 08.25.11
Assignments: Assignment Record
Beans, Sr.
Pat DAccusedDiocesanDescribed as Eskimo Elder and Deacon per 3/03 Alaskan Shepherd, a newsletter from Fairbanks Diocese. Two or more pending claims against Beans shown in bankruptcy reorganization documents for Fairbanks Diocese 1/25/10Fairbanks, AKSource:
Excerpt from Bankruptcy Reorganization Documents for Fairbanks Diocese 1.25.10, p. 1
Shamaun1994PConvictedDiocesanBeas, an extern priest from Pakistan, was arrested 5/04 in an Internet sting and charged with soliciting sex over the Internet from someone he believed to be a 14 yr old girl. Had previously exhibited "questionable behavior" and sent for therapy. Sentenced to 5 to 20 years 3/06 Later sentenced to 1 yr for abuse of 1 girl. Withdrew guilty plea to add'l charges in another county 7/08. Girl's sister also alleges abuse. Sentenced to another 16-24 mo. 10/08 for abuse of both sisters.Grand Rapids, MISource:
Lansing State Journal 3.5.06; WOOD 05.25.04; Grand Rapid Press 05.26.04; Grand Rapids Press 05.27.04; Grand Rapid Press 05.28.04; Grand Rapid Press 06.11.04; Grand Rapids Press 07.18.08; Muskegon Chronicle 08.28.08; WWMT 08.28.08; WOOD 08.29.08; Grand Rapids Press 10.16.08; SNAP 12.30.08; Grand Rapids Press 03.18.09
BeaudetGeorge1975PAccusedDiocesanName released by the diocese in Jan. 2007. Had been placed on leave in 2000 after allegation of abuse dating back to 1979. Additional complaints were received in 2002. Laicization was announced 5/08.Portland, MESource:
Morning Sentinel 6.3.08; News Press 6.7.08; Portland Press Herald and Maine Sunday Telegram 01.28.07; Sun Journal 01.28.07; WCSH 01.28.07; WMTC 01.28.07; Bangor Daily News 01.29.07; Bishop's Statement in keepMEcurrent 01.29.07; Morning Sentinel 01.31.07; Maine Today (AP) 05.30.08
KeepMECurrent 1.29.07
BeaudetGerard PSettledDiocesanA man reported that Beaudet gave him alcohol in early 1970s when he was 12 and then raped him. In 9/04 one woman alleged Beaudet gave her alcohol and made her perform oral sex in 1972 at age 14 at St. Albert Parish. In 4/05 Diocese said it settled claims by a man and woman who said they were abused by Beaudet as children in the 1970s. Settlement amount not disclosed. Another woman made accusations 7/05. Died in 1982.Manchester, NHSource:
Concord Monitor 04.28.05; NH AG Audit Records 03.26.09
Assignments: Assignment Record
BeaudetSylvio PAccusedDiocesanAccused of fondling and masturbating one 12 yr old boy at St. Marie's in Manchester 1960-61. Died 1/76.Manchester, NHSource:
NH AG Audit Records 03.26.09
BeaulacRobert BSuedAssumptionistIn 1960s Beaulac was on staff at Assumption College, a prep school. Supposedly pursuaded a young student to stay overnight because of the weather and fed him alcohol. Instead of allowing student to stay in infirmary, he had the boy stay in his room and allegedly abused the youth. Same youth accuses another priest at the school of instituting a relationship with him during the same general time period of 1965-1967. Died 11/00. Named in 2002 civil suit.Worcester, MASource:
Telegram & Gazette 9.7.02; Telegram and Gazette 1.2.03; Sunday Telegram 11.19.00