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The Database of Publicly Accused Priests does not state or imply that individuals facing allegations are guilty of a crime or liable for civil claims. The reports contained in the database are merely allegations.The U.S. legal system presumes that a person accused of or charged with a crime is innocent until proven guilty.Similarly, individuals who may be defendants in civil actions are presumed not to be liable for such claims unless a plaintiff proves otherwise.Admissions of guilt or liability are not typically a part of civil or private settlements.For more information, see our posting policy.
CaboangHonorato (Henry)1960PSuedDiocesanSued 1984. Caboang & six other priests accused of abuse of 1 girl. LA archdiocese report shows 1 accuser. Extern priest from Phillipines working in Archdiocese. Claims against Caboang and the other 6 priests resolved for $500,000 as part of $660 mil settlement in fall, 2007.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 4; Milla v. Tamayo, 187 Cal.App.3d 1453; UPI 2.8.84; LA Times 12.05.07
LA Times Database 4.20.06
Samuel Charles BSuedFranciscanAccused of abuse between 1980-1985. Removed from public ministry in 2002. LA archdiocese refers to 2 accusers. Two female cousins filed a civil suit in 2003. Claim settlement announced 8/06. Cabot "may be" the perpetrator in 8/08 civil suit. Plaintiffis uncertain. See additional information in 2 suits filed fall, 2009. Personnel file released 5/12.Los Angeles, CASource:
John Roe 4 vs. Does, Cause No. 1156450, Superior Court of California; LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 6; Associated Press 10.02.03; Santa Barbara Independent 08.10.06; Santa Barbara Independent 06.21.07; First Amended Complaint in Cunningham v. Franciscans, Cause No. 1265207, Santa Barbara Superior Court, CA 08.06.08; Santa Barbara Independent 08.15.08; Ernesto C. v. Franciscans, Cause No. 1337577, Santa Barbara Co. Superior Court 10.05.09; Clover v. Franciscans, Cause No. 1338070, Santa Barbara Co. Superior Court 11.03.09; Opinion in John Doe 1 et al V. Franciscan Friars of California, Inc., 09.30.10; Metropolitan News Enterprise 10.02.10; CBS Los Angeles 05.23.12; LA Times 05.23.12; Personnel file posted on 05.23.12; San Antonio Express News 05.23.12
LA Times Database 4.20.06
Kenneth J.1974PAccusedDiocesanAccused of abuse at St. Catherine of Sienna in Martinez between 1964-1965. He was named in one of the Diocese's apology services. Absent on sick leave per 1989 Catholic Directory. Died March, 1996.Oakland, CASource:
Bay Area News Group 4.1.08; Contra Costa Times 4.1.08; Diocese of Oakland Apology Services 2004
George B.1992PAccusedDiocesanOne of 21 priests placed on administrative leave by Philadelphia archdiocese 3/7/11 pending investigation for credible allegations involving sexual abuse or inappropriate behavior with minors. Last assignment was as parochial vicar of St. Vincent de Paul Parish in Richboro. In 5/12, Archdiocese found allegations of violation of Standards of Ministerial Behavior to be substantiated. Currently 58 yrs old, he was found unsuitable for ministry.Philadelphia, PASource:
Archdiocese of Philadelphia Press Release 3.8.11; NY Times 3.8.11; Philadelphia Inquirer 3.8.11; Philadelphia Inquirer 3.9.11; Philadelphia Inquirer 5.4.12; Philadelphia Inquirer 5.4.12; Philly Burbs 5.4.12; Statement by Archdiocese of Philadelphia 5.4.12; Statement by Archdiocese of Philadelphia 5.4.12; Statement of Cardinal Rigali Regarding Administrative Leaves 3.8.11; The Patch 5.4.12; Philadelphia Inquirer 03.10.11
Lynn Richard1971PAccusedDiocesanArchdiocese received notice on 1/21/75 that Caffoe sexually abused altar boys at his first parish. Faculty had been concerned during his seminary training at St. John's in Camarillo. File summaries indicate at least 15 victims. Accused in every parish, including St. Callistus in what is now the Orange diocese.. Removed after his therapist reported to authorities on 5/8/91. Treated at St. Luke's Institute 1991-92. Laicized 1/06. Settled 7/14/07. Died in 2009. Personnel files released 1/13.Los Angeles, CASource:
BishopAccountability Summary of Caffoe Reports; Exhibit 52 Caffoe Documents; Selected Caffoe Documents from 1975; LA Times 08.18.02; LA Archdiocesan Report page 1 02.17.04; LA Times 04.20.06; LA Times 09.09.06; LA Times 03.20.07; The Tidings 03.21.07; Orange County Weekly 10.11.12; LA Daily News 10.12.12; Huffington Post 01.21.13; Orange County Weekly 01.24.13; God Discussion 02.01.13; LA Times 12.01.13
Assignments: Detailed Assignment Record with Links; LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05
CahillRaymond J.1947PAccusedDiocesanName is included on secret 1994 memo from Wm. Lynn to Msgr. James Molloy (released 2/27/12) re priests in secret archives who were accused of sexual misconduct with a minor but for whom no conclusive evidence was found. He died sometime between 1989 and 1994 when memo was written.Philadelphia, PASource:
1994 Memo from Fr. William Lynn to Asst. Vicar for Admin. re Names in Philadelphia Secret Archives, released 02.27.12; The Patch 04.01.12
William B.1939PAccusedJesuitAccused of abuse of at least 3 male students at Cheverus High School between 1950-1960 per documents released by Maine AG in 2005. Died 2/5/86.Portland, MESource:
Maine AG Document Production 05.27.05; Maine AG Document Production 07.08.05
Assignments: Assignment Record
Thomas J.1945PAccusedDiocesanDied 1984. The archdiocese announced on its website 10/27/14 that Cain was accused decades after his death of having sexually abused minors, and that the Archdiocesan Board of Review found the allegations to be credible. Cain worked in Pontiac, Monroe, Mt. Clemens, Detroit and from 1960-1984 in Livonia.Detroit, MISource:
Archdiocese of Detroit 10.27.14; SNAP 11.13.15
CairnsJames1969PAccusedVincentianAccused of abuse between 1971-1973. LA archdiocese counts 1 accuser.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 4
LA Times Database 4.20.06
CalabreseDaniel A.1987PConvictedDiocesanConvicted 1992 of abuse of teenage boy. Sentenced to 90 days in jail, 5 yrs probation, and 1 yr treatment. Previously transferred twice because of allegations involving youths. Civil suit 1993. As of 2003, he was living in New Mexico and was listed as being on a "leave of absence" per 2002 Cath. Dir. Laicized 2005.New York, NYSource:
Journal News 7.9.05; National Catholic Reporter 3.5.93; Newsday 4.2.92; Newsday 7.9.05; Washington Times 10.10.92; NY Times 02.24.93; USA Today 11.11.02; Poughkeepsie Journal 06.30.05
Assignments: Summary of Directory Entries
Paul1980PAccusedDiocesanCredible allegation of abuse. Believe abuse occurred prior to ordination. Name first appeared on list of abusive priests released by Bishop Saltarelli of Wilmington, DE 11/16/06. Began working in Wilmington Diocese in 1997. Removed from ministry 2003. Was working as field supervisorfor Penn State Univ's Center for Survey Research until name released. Also worked for PA. Dept of Corrections. Wilmington Diocese repleased personnel files released 2/12.New Orleans, LASource:
News Journal 11.16.06; The Dialog 11.16.06; WBAL 11.16.06; News Journal 11.19.06; Times Picayune 11.28.06; Diocese of Delaware List of Accused Priests 02.16.12
News Journal 11.16.06; BA.Org Parish Assignments of Accused Delaware Priests
CalhounErnest Dale1968PSettledDiocesanOrdained by Beaumont TX Diocese. Personnel file says should never have been ordained. Raped a 15 yr old boy in 1969. Soon transferred to Yakima Diocese where he continued to abuse. At least 1 claim against Beaumont diocese settled 1998 without litigation. Suit filed in WA in 1988 against Calhoun and R. Scully settled in 1994. 3 known victims in 1980s in WA. Also worked in Seattle. No longer active priest. May be living in TX. 10/11 suit in WA settled 12/12 for $50K. & 5/13 suit settled 2/14 for $75K.Beaumont, TXSource:
CJC v Bishop of Yakima, 94-2-01931-5, Snohomish Co 07.25.94; CJC, Appellant v Bishop of Yakima, WA Court of Appeals, 943 P2d 1150, 09.22.97; Associated Press 07.29.99; Seattle Times 04.14.02; Statement by Bishop Sevilla of Yakima 10.14.03; Yakima Herald Republic 02.28.04; Yakima Herald Republic 01.07.07; Voice from the Desert 09.10.08; Yakima Herald-Republic 07.04.10; Yakima Herald 10.13.11; Beaumont Enterprise 10.14.11; Yakima Herald Republic 10.21.11; Yakima Herald Republic 01.15.13; Wenatchee World 02.16.13; Yakima Herald-Republic 02.21.14; SNAP Statement 02.24.14
CalhounJames R.1955PAccusedDiocesanDied in 1996 after being permanently removed from ministry 3/93. Believed to have abused several youths. One man said he was forced to "lure sex partners" from local park for Calhoun and another priest in 1981-1983. Also claimed Calhoun was part of a homosexual ring of abusive priests. Named as abuser in 7/94 civil suit. Another suit said he covered abuse by Robert Vonnahmen.Belleville, ILSource:
Belleville News-Democrat 3.7.03; St. Louis Post-Dispatch 7.2.94; St. Louis Post-Dispatch 03.19.93; St. Louis Post-Dispatch 07.24.93; St. Louis Post-Dispatch 07.29.93; St. Louis Post-Dispatch 08.20.93; Chicago Tribune (AP) 05.20.94; St. Louis Post-Dispatch 05.22.94; St. Louis Post-Dispatch 01.14.95; St. Louis Post-Dispatch 05.29.96; Belleville News-Democrat 07.14.02; Belleville News-Democrat 04.24.07
John Walter1974PSuedDiocesanRemoved 1994 after he was accused of sexual molestation of 2 15-yr-old boys in 1976. Allowed to return to assignment in 1995 after treaters determined he was "no significant risk" to children. Removed again 6/02 after Dallas Bishops Conference. Sued 2004. Also appears on 2003 Chicago Archdiocese list of accused Priests. Canonical court trial pending 9/05. Laicization announced 10/27/09.Chicago, ILSource:
Chicago Tribune 2.1.04; Chicago Tribune 3.4.04; Chicago Tribune 6.8.03; Chicago Sun-Times 04.12.94; Chicago Tribune 04.12.94; Chicago Tribune 06.16.95; Chicago Tribune 10.13.95; Chicago Tribune 10.15.95; Dallas Morning News 06.12.02; Chicago Sun-Times 06.15.02; Chicago Tribune 06.17.02; Chicago Tribune 06.20.02; Chicago Tribune 06.24.02; Chicago Sun-Times 01.17.03; Chicago Sun-Times 01.22.04
Chicago Sun-Times 3.9.04 (add'l article); Chicago Tribune 3.9.04 (add'l article); Chicago Tribune 12.04.04 (add'l article); Chicago Sun-Times 9.27.05 (add'l article); Chicago Breaking News 9.27.09 (add'l article); Assignment Record
CalimariJoseph PSuedDiocesanAccused in one civil suit filed summer, 2007 of abusing 1 youth and his older brother at Christ the King Church in Perrine in 1960s when they were both very young. Older brother committed suicide in 2006.Miami, FLSource:
Miami Herald 07.19.07
CallaghanGeorge J.1956 ?PSettledAugustinianPersonnel files released 12/02. Accused of sexual advances in 1983 toward a 17- yr-old boy in rectory bedroom of Lawrence MA parish. Matter settled. Same youth accused Rev. Alfred M. Murphy O.S.A., assigned to same parish, of repeatedly sexually abusing him a few months later during a cross-country trip. Callaghan accused also of sexually harassing a 22-yr-old male employee of the MA parish. Settled 1993 for $17K. Transferred late 1980s or early 1990s to Augustinian headquarters in PA, then to nursing home due to Alzheimers disease. Died 12/24/08. Name omitted from 2011 Boston AD database because he was an Order priest..Boston, MASource:
Boston Globe 12.12.02; Boston Herald 12.12.02; Lowell Sun 12.12.02; Philadelphia Daily News 12.20.02; Philadelphia Inquirer 12.21.02; Union Leader 12.29.08; Boston Globe 11.20.11
Assignments: Assignment Record
CallahanRaymond PChargedDiocesanAt least one claim against Callahan included in $1.3M settlement with 16 men who alleged abuse between 1962-1982. Accused of abuse in 1960s. Assigned to St John the Evangelist Church in Clinton, MD Reportedly would take boys to a cabin in VA. Removedfrom ministry in 1971. He was criminally convicted but apparently did not serve any prison time.Washington, DCSource:
Washington Post 12.16.06; Washington Post 12.02.10
CallanFrancis W1946PAccusedSJWorked in Seattle archdiocese from 1960-1962. Also worked in San Francisco, Spokane, Great Falls, Boise City, Baker, Seattle, Gallup, Tucson, and Portland OR dioceses. Gallup and Tucson assignments in 1962-1968 were in the California province, not his home Oregon province. As part of Section 13.1, Non-Monetary Commitments, of the Society of Jesus, Oregon Province, Reorganization Plan (dated 7/18/11) the province agreed to post on its website the names of all members of the province who are identified as perpetrators of sexual abuse in proofs of claim filed in the bankruptcy, and who have not denied the allegation. Callan's name is included on this list without any additional information on claims against him. Died 4/19/91.Portland, ORSource:
FindAGrave 04.19.91; Jesuits Oregon Province website accessed 12.07.12; SNAP Press Release 03.24.14
Assignments: Assignment Record
CallananPatrick J.1952 ?PAccusedDiocesanCallanan, who died in 1975, is included on 6/02 list of 15 priests with ties to Tucson Diocese who are alleged to have abused minors. Article says allegation was received in 6/02. No other information knownTucson, AZSource:
Tribune 2.7.10; Tucson Diocese Press Release 06.21.02; Arizona Daily Star 06.22.02; Tucson Citizen 02.27.04
Diocese of Tucson List of Accused Priests n.d.
CamachoAntonio PAccusedDiocesanExtern priest from Mexico working in Stockton Diocese and in in Oakland diocese. Accused of abuse of 2 high school boys at St. Stanislaus in Modesto between 1/11/82 - 02/17/84. He was briefly at St. Anthony Parish in Hughson 12/81 - 1/82. He was removed from position and returned to Mexico at request of (then) Bishop Mahony of Stockton. Named in Cardinal Mahoney's 2004 deposition and a memo from Bishop of Stockton to police. Name is included on list of claimed abusers attached to Stockton Diocese's 5/9/14 filing in bankruptcy court.Stockton, CASource:
Deposition of Cardinal Roger Mahony 11.23.04; LA Times 12.10.04; San Francisco Chronicle 12.11.04; LA Weekly 12.17.04; Media Watch 10.12.06; Bay Area News Group 04.01.08; Contra Costa Times 04.01.08; SNAP Statement with link to Stockton Diocese Notice of Deadline for Filing Claims in Bankruptcy Court 07.16.14; Mercury News 07.18.14
CamelliaMother NSuedUrsulineOne woman alleged abuse by Mother Camellia, Mother Henrietta, and Sister John at St. Ignatius Mission on Flathead Indian Reservation. Allegations are included in 9/11 civil suit against Ursuline Order and Helena Diocese filed by 45 people against multiple nuns, 6 priests and 2 brother.Helena, MTSource:
The Missoulian 09.27.11; John Does 1-16 et al v. Ursuline Sisters, Diocese of Helena, et al, Cause No. ADV-2011-936, Montana First Judicial District Court, Lewis & Clark County, 10.03.11
CampanalongaMichael G.1962PSuedDiocesanAccused of molesting and abusing three brothers in late 60's/early 70s including on trip to California. He was permanently suspended in 1993 after refusing psychiatric evaluation after allegations of sexual abuse were made. Two of the three brothers sued him in 1994. SOL stopped legal action and case dismissed 2002 after several appeals.Newark, NJSource:
Star-Ledger 05.25.96; The Record 05.25.96; Star-Ledger 11.18.98; The Record 11.18.98; Record (NJ) 10.23.99; The Record 11.23.99; The Record 03.13.02; USA Today 11.11.02
Alvin L.1952PConvictedDiocesanArrested on sexual assault charges in 1985. Owned child porn. History of abuse involving numerous victims going back at least 20 years. Convicted and sentenced to 14 yrs prison. Released 1992. Bishop requested laicization in 1989 but was denied by Ratzinger because Campbell did not agree. He later agreed and was laicized (1992?). Died in late 2002. At least 1 civil suit settled in 2004 mass settlement. Six more victims from 1970s and early 1980s settled with Diocese 1/07 for $625K total.Springfield, ILSource:
UPI 08.08.85; UPI 10.26.85; San Jose Mercury News (Major Accounts) 12.31.87; AP 10.28.99; State Journal-Register 10.29.99; Dallas Morning News 06.12.02; St Louis Post-Dispatch 10.30.03; State Journal-Register 03.13.05; State Journal-Register 01.20.07; Telegraph (UK) 05.31.10; Washington Post 05.31.10
CampbellAndrew S.1981PSettledBenedictineCampbell, then head of English department at St. Vincent University, placed on leave 2002. Woman filed suit 5/03 alleging Campbell and 2 other priests abused her 16-yr-old son at St. Vincent Archabbey in Latrobe 1980-82. Claims against Campbell dismissed 5/04 but son had filed individual suit 2/04. Both suits settled.Altoona-Johnstown, PASource:
Centre Daily Times 05.21.03; Pittsburgh Post Gazette (AP) 05.21.03; Post-Gazette 02.07.04; Associated Press 05.18.04; Tribune-Review 02.16.05; Pittsburgh Tribune - Review 05.11.05
Assignments: Assignment Record
CampbellHugh P.1961PAccusedDiocesanCampbell retired from Saint Maximilian Kolbe, West Chester, in 2007 and moved into private residence. In Dec. 2011, he "self-reported sexual abuse of a minor" approximately 40 years previously and was placed on leave by Archdiocese. On 5/20/12, Archdiocese announced it had found him not suitable for ministry. Campbell has accepted a supervised life of prayer and penance.Philadelphia, PASource:
CBS Philly 05.20.12; NBC 10 05.20.12; Statement by Archdiocese of Philadelphia 05.20.12; The Sentinel 05.20.12; Philadelphia Daily News 05.21.12; Philadelphia Inquirer 05.21.12
CampbellJames D.1972PConvictedMissionaries of the Sacred HeartWorked at parish in West Warwick, RI from 7/75 to 11/77 and as chaplain at Rhode Island Medical Center for Diocese of Providence at the same time. Placed on leave by Order in 2002 after allegations of abuse of boy in Worcester, MA received. Indicted 9/03 and convicted 2004 of abuse of 2 teens, one a girl. Sentenced 1/05 to 90 days in house of correction and 10 yrs probation. Laicization announced 3/05.Providence, RISource:
Telegram & Gazette 09.13.03; Worcester Telegram and Gazette 12.23.04; Worcester Voice 01.11.05; Telegram & Gazette 01.12.05; Providence Journal-Bulletin 03.21.05; Pawtucket Times 03.22.05
Assignments: Assignment Record
CampbellJohn J. (Jack)1950PSettledJesuitOrder paid $185K in 2003 to former student who alleged abuse by Campbell in early 1970s in "therapy sessions." Officials said this was the 13th man to bring credible allegations but 1st to make allegations public. Not all were minors. Over $575K in settlements and medicals paid in 14 year period. Removed from contact with children in 1987, from public ministry in 1989, and lost priestly faculties in 1993. Order moved him to Denver in 1991. Died 4/10/09. New suit filed 6/12 against Order & Gonzaga prep.St. Louis, MOSource:
St Louis Post Dispatch 10.23.03; St Louis Post Dispatch 12.17.03; Associated Press 12.20.03; Denver Post 12.22.03; Denver Post 12.23.03; Denver Post 03.04.04; News Tribune 06.14.12; Spokesman-Review 06.15.12
Assignments: Assignment Record
Michael A.1979PAccusedDiocesanCampbell, who was removed from his duties in 3/02 admitted having "inappropriately touched" a 17 year old boy about 13 years previous. At some point, Campbell confessed to the archdiocese. He was sent for treatment and reassigned.St. Louis, MOSource:
Associated Press 03.03.02; St. Louis Post Dispatch 03.03.02; St. Louis Post Dispatch 03.03.02; St. Louis Post Dispatch 03.04.02; St. Louis Post Dispatch 03.21.02; Riverfront Times 03.27.02; St. Louis Post Dispatch 04.03.02; St. Louis Post Dispatch 04.04.02; Times [Shrewsury MO] 03.06.05
CampbellStuart B.1930PSuedDominicanCampbell had a very spotty assignment record. Sometimes he was listed and sometimes he wasn't. One case filed in Fresno County in 2003 or 2004 accused Campbell of abuse from 1956 to 1959 before Diocese of Monterey was created. Statement by Bishop Ryan of Monterey refers to Campbell as a religious order priest. Campbell died in 1986. Monterey, CASource:
Bishop Ryan's Pastoral Letter 2.4.04; Monterey County Herald 01.28.04
Assignments: Assignment Record
Mark A.1991PConvictedDiocesanArrested 12/02 when 18 yr old girl alleged abuse at 14 when he was ass't principal/spiritual dir at school. Placed on leave. Indicted again 10/03 on charges that he molested 2nd girl from 1999-2000 in different county. Pled guilty 2004: sentenced to 8yrs (4 for each girl). 2 civil suits filed 2004 & settled 5/07 for $2.2M. At least 1 more credible accuser. Laicized 6/05. Released from prison 2/13/08. Back in prison 4/08; soon released. Back in 4/09. Released 7/28/10. Lives in Crystal Lake, IL.Rockford, ILSource:
People v. Campobello, Cause No. 2-03-0725; Chicago Sun Times 12.05.02; Daily Herald 02.27.03; Rockford Register Star 05.23.03; Chicago Sun Times 11.01.03; Chicago Sun Times 05.14.04; Chicago Daily Herald 06.16.04; Chicago Daily Herald 09.28.04; Chicago Daily Herald 11.10.04; Courier News 11.24.04; Kane County Chronicle 12.07.04; Rockford Register Star 04.27.05; Chicago Tribune 12.20.06; Rockford Diocese Press Release 05.10.07; Rockford Register Star 05.11.07
Geneva Republican 1.23.08 (add'l article); Chicago Daily Herald 7.8.08 (add'l article); The Chronicle 4.9.09 (add'l article); Rockford Register Star 4.10.09 (add'l article); Rockford Register Star 7.19.10 (add'l article); Chicago Daily Herald 7.28.10 (add'l article)
John A.1948PSuedDiocesanRemoved 2003. Accused of abuse of at least 2 youths in late 1950s and 1960s. By 1964, at least six boys had complained to Archdiocese that he would sneak into their cabins at camp and molest them at night. Civil suits filed 2004. As of 2/05, his ministry had been permanently restricted and he was living a life of prayer & penance. Named in 2006 suit which was dismissed by court. Appeal rejected by 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals 11/07. On 1994 secret list.Philadelphia, PASource:
Mangum v. Archdiocese of Philadelphia et al; NY Times 4.3.12; Philadelphia Inquirer 4.2.12; Washington Post 4.2.12; Philadelphia Inquirer 12.18.03; Philadelphia Inquirer 12.19.03; Philadelphia Daily News 05.18.04; Lancaster New Era 05.19.04; Philadelphia Inquirer 09.17.05; Philadelphia Grand Jury Report 09.21.05; Philadelphia Grand Jury Report Appendix 09.21.05; Philadelphia Inquirer 09.25.05; 11.07.07; 1994 Memo from Fr. William Lynn to Asst. Vicar for Admin. re Names in Philadelphia Secret Archives, released 02.27.12
Archdiocese of Philadelphia Priest Data Profile; Archdiocese of Philadelphia Assignment Record (revised)
CanuAnthony< 1956PAccusedT.O.R. FranciscansOn 1/03/14 the Diocese of St. Cloud released the names of 33 clergy, including Canu, involved in incidents of likely claims of sexual abuse of minors. No information on the parish where the abuse occurred or when it occurred but he served at Our Lady of the Angels Boarding School, Belle Prairie. His current status is unknown.St. Cloud, MNSource:
Diocese of St Cloud--Bishop Kettler Press Release, 01.03.14; Legal Examiner 01.03.14; St Cloud Times 01.03.14; WJON 01.03.14
Assignments: Assignment Record
CaparellaAlan E.1966PSettledOFM FranciscanAttorney Garabedian announced settlement 9/13 on behalf of one individual who alleged abuse by Caparella at some point between 1963-1985. Caparella was working at St. Leonard's Parish in Boston at the time. No further information is known. He was assigned to Holy Ghost Church in Whitman at the time of his death in 4/91.Boston, MASource:
Boston Globe 04.03.91; The Republic (AP) 09.04.13; SNAP Press Release 09.12.13; WESA 09.12.13
Assignments: Assignment Record
Robert N.1964PConvictedDiocesanOriginally reported to diocese in 1968. Abused several boys before being arrested in 1991. Sentenced 7/92 to 2 1/2 to 5 yrs prison. Another charge re abuse of 2nd youth added additional time to his sentence in 1993. He died in prison 12/94. Named in civil suits. Had been moved several times after diocese knew of his actions. 2 suits settled 1996. 1 man settled his 2005 lawsuit 01/07 for undisclosed sum.Scranton, PASource:
Morning Call 05.06.93; Johnson v Caparelli, 625 A2d 668 (PA 1993) 05.13.93; Pennsylvania Law Journal 05.31.93; Legal Intelligencer 10.25.93; Times-Tribune 12.13.05; Associated Press 12.14.05; Times Leader 12.14.05; Times Leader 07.09.06; Times Leader 07.09.06; The Citizens Voice 01.04.07; Times Tribune 01.04.07; Times Leader 01.05.07; Times Leader 04.07.14
Times Leader 7.9.06
Justin J.1980PSuedBenedictineNamed as abuser in civil suit filed 3/20/12 by two men who allege abuse at Delbarton School between 1977-1979. One man also alleged abuse in 1980 by Luke Travers. The father of the brothers told school about the abuse in 2004. It was also reported to St. Mary's Abbey in 2010. Capato was working as parochial vicar at Notre Dame of Mt. Carmel Church in Cedar Knolls, NJ when suit was announced. St. Mary's Abbey reports he is currently under restrictions and being monitored.Paterson, NJSource:
Star-Ledger 4.4.12; WHTC 6.5.12; The Record 03.19.12; Daily Record 03.20.12; Observer-Tribune 03.20.12; Star-Ledger 03.20.12; The Patch 03.20.12; Press of Atlantic City 03.21.12; Star-Ledger 03.25.12; Observer-Tribune 12.11.12
Frank J.1975PArrestedDiocesanOften held late-night parties in rectory for teenage boys. Bishop Daily was informed of this fact by at least two priests but did nothing. In 2000 Capellupo was arrested for allegedly sodomizing a 14 yr old boy staying at rectory because of problems at home. Per April, 2002 article, charges were soon dropped and case sealed per spokesman for Brooklyn DA. 2nd man came forward to claim abuse in 1980s. Has been on leave since 2002. Diocese found allegations credible 6/05,Brooklyn, NYSource:
Newsday 2.4.04; Newsday 4.9.02; Daily News 06.14.00; USA Today 11.11.02; Diocese of Brooklyn News Release 06.28.05
John M.1980 ?PSuedDiocesanNamed in 7/11 suit re abuse of one youth. Made boys wrestle in skimpy bathing suits and photographed them. Sold videos on web. He also groped plaintiff. Suit names Scouts and Diocese. Left active priesthood in mid-1980s. Privileges removed 1992; sent for treatment. Taught high school in Newark for 20 yrs. At least 24 other men came forward with same complaints. Removed to non-teaching job 11/11. Another suit filed 21/11. Both settled 2012. Surrendered teaching license for public schools 6/13. It is believed he was laicized in 3/14. His appearance at annual Family Festival at Our Lady of the Valley parish during the week of May 14th resulted in suspension without privileges of the pastor, Fr. Chris Di Lella, a long-time friend, by the Bishop of the Paterson diocese.Newark, NJSource:
Star-Ledger 10.16.11; Star-Ledger 10.16.11; Post-Star 10.17.11; WABC 10.17.11; Star-Ledger 10.23.11; Star-Ledger 10.30.11; Star-Ledger 11.01.11; Star-Ledger 11.22.11; Star-Ledger 11.22.11; Star-Ledger 12.16.11; NPR 01.03.12; Star-Ledger 06.30.13; The Record 05.23.14; The Record 05.23.14; Bishop's Response in The Record 05.28.14
Nicholas J.1956PAccusedDiocesanPlaced on leave without privileges in late May, 2007 after Diocese deemed credible allegations that he had abused several minors in mid 1970s. Capua has denied the allegations. Matter will be referred to the Vatican for further review.Brooklyn, NYSource:
Times Ledger 05.31.07; The Tablet 06.02.07; Queens Courier 06.06.07; Queens Courier 06.14.07
Richard J.1953PSuedDiocesanIn 4/03 suit, man alleged Carelli abused him in 1964 when Carelli was headmaster of former Sacred Heart Academy in Worcester. Man said Carelli would call him into the principal's office and abuse him there. Man said that he failed only one subject that year but that Carelli kept him back, stating it was "because Plaintiff had refused his advances." Retired 1993 and died 2000. Total of 3 suits settled out of court by 2/06.Worcester, MASource:
Sunday Telegram 12.10.00; Telegram and Gazette 04.16.03; Telegram & Gazette 02.15.06
CarewMichael John1946PAccusedSociety of the Divine WordWorked in Archdiocese of Accra 1946 (1949?)-1957. Worked in Boston from 1957 and was incardinated there in 1964. Voluntarily laicized in 1971. Accused in 2002 of sexual abuse of 2 girls in early 1960s. Possibly a 3rd female victim. He was assigned to Immaculate Conception parish in Newburyport 4/60 to 2/63. Boston archdiocesan list on 8/25/11 stated he was publicly accused on other grounds after his laicization.Boston, MASource:
McCarthy Memo 04.01.02; McCarthy Memo 05.01.02; Oliver Letter 05.20.03; Archdiocese of Boston List (page 4) 08.25.11; Daily News 08.26.11
Assignments: Assignment Record; Archdiocese of Boston Assignment History 12.18.11
CareyCleve W.1960PSuedDiocesanAccused of abuse between 1963-1966. LA archdiocese says 2 accusers. Named in at least 1 civil suit. Retired 1976; died 5/31/88. His "personnel file" proffer was released 1/13.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 1; The Patch 2.4.13
LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times Database 4.20.06
Dennis G.1998PArrestedDiocesanResigned from position at St Paul in Chains church in Waterford 6/12 after police began investigation into 275 child abuse images aka child porn and 63 videos on church computer. Worked 25 years as CPA before ordination. Arrested; arraigned 7/3/12. Admitted addiction to child porn for 2 years but denied any improper touching of a child and pled not guilty. In treatment 9/12 at St John Vianney. Died 5/20/13.Norwich, CTSource:
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Wilfred Laurent SArrestedTrappistCarignan, described as a "monk-in-training" who was not accepted into the order, was accused in 2011 of molesting a youth while working at St. Benedict's Monastery as a beekeeper. The boy was a 6th or 7th grader who was being tutored by Carignan in approx. 2000 when alleged abuse occurred. At time of arrest, Carignan was serving two separate 6 yr - life sentences for abuse of another youth. Conviction was in 2008.Denver, COSource:
Post Independent 05.12.11; TheDenverChannel 05.12.11; Aspen Times 05.13.11
Edward B.1948PSettledDiocesanAccused of abuse of boys in 1960s-1980s. Parent complained in 1957; nothing done. Another complained 1995. Suit filed 1997; dismissed on SOL. Name publicly released when one man settled for $65K in 2005. Retired in 1993; died 1998. Name on list of abusive priests released 11/16/06. More suits filed 12/06 & 7/08. 2006 suit settled 4/09 for $1.5M. Plaintiff died day after signing settlement. At least 3 other settlements 2010 & 2011. Personnel files released 2/12.Wilmington, DESource:
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Assignment Record from News Journal 11.16.06
Albert1945PAccusedDiocesanAccused of abusing a young teen at Loras Academy, Dubuque, in 1954. He died in 1980. Claims included in Feb. 2006 settlement with diocese. At least one more claim of abuse between 1965-1966 included in $4.7 mil settlement with Archdiocese in March 2008re 9 priests..Dubuque, IASource:
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Archdiocesan Report on Assignments and Other Information 9.22.06
CarneJoseph D.1971PAccusedDiocesanResigned 7/02 following a credible allegation of sexual misconduct involving a minor (but not a child under 16) 27 years before. He was placed on health-related leave of absence.Marquette, MISource:
Associated Press 04.10.02; Associated Press 04.27.02; Ironwood Daily Globe 06.17.02; Daily Mining Gazette 07.13.02; Detroit Free Press 04.14.03
CarneyJohn J.1963PAccusedDiocesanName appeared on Sept. 2002 list of priests from Baltimore Diocese who had been accused of child sexual abuse. In 1991 an individual alleged sexual abuse by Carney in early 1970s. Carney denied then but in 1995 he admitted he had engaged in inappropriate conduct. Archdiocese removed his facilities at that time. Record says that from 1972 forward he spent a lot of time as chaplain at various nursing homes and hospitals. 2002 Catholic Directory shows him retired..Baltimore, MDSource:
Archdiocese of Baltimore 09.25.02
Archdiocese of Baltimore 9.25.02
CarneyMarvin A., Jr. DArrestedDiocesanA deacon at St. Rita Parish, Carney was arrested after police questioned youth who said he was waiting for Carney in a car outside an adult bookstore. Youth gave police info & Carney charged with sexual abuse. Fr. J. Herp, himself later accused of abuse, may have intervened and charges dropped. Defense counsel responded saying that Carney had been tried before a judge and had been exonerated. Youth's parents got an atty and officials apparently could not question him again.Louisville, KYSource:
Courier-Journal 10.06.02; Courier Journal 10.11.02
CarneyMichael L. PSuedDiocesanSued 12/04. Allegedly abused a 15 yr old boy while assigned to St. Andrew the Apostle Church in Worcester in 1977 and 1978. Civil suit still pending in 2006. Died 1981.Worcester, MASource:
Telegram & Gazette 12.30.04; Telegram & Gazette 02.15.06
CaronAntonin (Tony)1969PAcquittedDiocesanJury found him not guilty 3/94 of gross sexual assault and other charges regarding a 13 (15?) year old girl. Caron's defense was that he would not have assaulted the girl because he was gay. Caron retired "on disability" before the charges were filed.Name in the news 2002-2003 because he posted on a gay web site created by another priest, Fr. John Harris. Caron's privileges were temporarily revoked but later reinstated. Investigation of new complaint underway 2/12. New claims under investigation by Archdiocese 8/14. One man says Caron took him on many trips after his mother died.Portland, MESource:
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CarpentierRobert A.1967PSettledDiocesanResigned from his position in 1992 after one man filed civil suit alleging abuse at age 13 between 1973-1974. Questions in case re statute of limitations referred to R.I. Supreme Court which ruled against plaintiffs abused as minors. See 1996 R.I. Lexis187, 7/11/96. Claims against this priest were settled Sept. 2002 as part of $13.5M mass settlement involving 36 victims of priest abuse in Providence Diocese. Died 5/9/12.Providence, RISource:
Providence Journal Bulletin 07.03.94; Boston Globe 03.16.02; Providence Journal-Bulletin 08.18.02; Providence Journal-Bulletin 09.10.02; The Woonsocket Call 05.09.12
Assignments: Assignment Record
CarrCharles T.1980PSuedDiocesanAccused in 1995 of molesting two men in separate incidents when they were children. Placed on leave. Civil litigation filed. Four claims against Carr settled 3/01 as part of settlement of claims by 26 victims against Bridgeport Diocese and six priests. Per 2002 article, Carr spent more than 10 years with Carmelites Order; took perpetual vows in 1974 but not allowed to become priest because of emotional immaturity. Bridgeport diocese then allowed him to study and be ordained.Bridgeport, CTSource:
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Hartford Courant 12.2.09 (add'l article); Business Insider 2.8.12 (add'l article); Assignment Record Compiled by Law Firm
CarrMichael T. BSettledCFC - Congregation of Christian BrothersListed by the Edmund Rice Christian Brothers as accused by at least two persons in claims settled in bankruptcy proceedings. Carr is deceased. The Christian Brothers did not provide assignment information; until we are able to establish assignments and location of the alleged abuse, we have placed Carr in the Archdiocese of Chicago. The Christian Brothers state that the merits of most of the claims settled in the bankruptcy were not tested.Chicago, ILSource:
Edmund Rice Christian Brothers List 06.11.14
CarreraFrancisco PSuedDiocesanFormer altar boy sued Carrera (a visiting priest from Spain) in 2002 alleging that Carrera molested him in 1981 at Our Lady of Divine Providence Church in west Miami-Dade when he was 13. Also says that Diocese transferred him back to Spain when Dioceselearned of the abuse. Second suit filed 5/11 alleged abuse of a 10 yr old boy in 1976 at same parish. Appeals Ct. upheld lower court's dismissal on SOL 4/17/13. Carrera has lived in Spain since early 1980s.Miami, FLSource:
Miami Herald 05.18.02; Sun-Sentinel (FL) 05.21.02; Miami Herald 05.24.02; NBC Miami 05.26.11; WSVN 05.27.11; Miami Herald 04.17.13
CarricoJoseph E.1967PSuedDiocesanSued 2003 by 4 women who alleged that Carrico abused them as children. Carrico, who left the priesthood in 1973 after only 6 years, was working as a lay religious educator in the Louisville archdiocese. He was placed on leave with pay after the suits were filed. Carrico denied the charges in the first two lawsuits but did not comment on others. He served in 3 parishes in the 6 years he was a priest. Archdiocese says no past allegations against him.Louisville, KYSource:
Associated Press 4.1.03; Courier Journal 4.2.03; Courier Journal 4.3.03; Courier Journal 03.29.03; Courier Journal 04.10.03
Assignments: Assignment Record
Herve G.1947PAccusedDiocesanJune, 2002 article said Carrier abused a woman once in spring of 1958 when she was 8. After therapy, the woman disclosed abuse in 1993 but church officials did not believe her. Died 2002 at age 87. Documents released by Maine AG 5/05.Portland, MESource:
Kennebec Journal 06.21.02; Maine AG Document Production 05.27.05
Newspaper Bio 12.29.64
Paul1977PSuedJesuitSued 10/17/14 in federal court in CT by man accusing Carrier of sexually abusing him as a teen 10 years previously at Project Pierre Toussaint School in Haiti. The school was a charity supported by Fairfield Univ., where Carrier was chaplain. Plaintiff also claimed abuse by Doug Perlitz, a school founder supervised by Carrier, who was convicted in 12/10 of sexually abusing boys there. In 10/14 Carrier was residing at Weston Jesuit Center in MA.Bridgeport, CTSource:
New Haven Register 10.20.14
(Laurian) David1963PSuedFranciscanAccused of abuse between 1978-1979. LA archdiocese counts 2 accusers. Errata says only 1 accuser. At least 1 civil suit filed. Named in Aug. 2006 settlement. Personnel File released 5/12.Los Angeles, CASource:
John Roe 4 vs. Does, Cause No. 1156450, Superior Court of California; LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 4; LA Archdiocesan Report Errata # 1; Santa Barbara Independent 08.10.06; Ernesto C. v. Franciscans, Cause No. 1337577, Santa Barbara Co. Superior Court 10.05.09; Clover v. Franciscans, Cause No. 1338070, Santa Barbara Co. Superior Court 11.03.09; CBS Los Angeles 05.23.12; LA Times 05.23.12; Personnel file posted on 05.23.12; San Antonio Express-News 05.23.12
LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times Database 4.20.06
Henry G.1946PConvictedDiocesanPleaded guilty 12/91 to three counts of child sexual abuse. Carriere was pastor of Sacred Heart Church in Rouseau, MN at the time. Retired 7/90. Died 11/03.Crookston, MNSource:
Thief River Falls Times 11.03; Grand Forks Herald 12.19.91
CarriganFrederick A.1961PAccusedDiocesanRemoved from ministry in 1989 for inappropriate behavior with an adult. First accused if abuse of a minor in 1991 after allegation dating back to 1972. Removed from all ministry in 2002. Bishop recommended laicization. After a church trial in fall, 2008, Vatican announced in 5/09 that he should live a life of prayer and penance.Portland, MESource:
Archdiocese of Portland News Release 5.7.09; keepMEcurrent 1.29.07 (2nd); Kennebec Journal 5.9.09; MPBN 5.7.09; Portland Press Herald and Maine Sunday Telegram 01.28.07; Sun Journal 01.28.07; WCSH 01.28.07; WMTW 01.28.07; Bangor Daily News 01.29.07; Bishop's statement in keepMEcurrent 01.29.07; Kennebec Journal 01.31.07; Portland Press Herald 05.31.08; The Exception 05.12.09
CarrollDouglas1973PAccusedPallotineRemoved 1990 after Order told Diocese that he had admitted soliciting an underage individual in another state. Laicized in 1998.Baltimore, MDSource:
Archdiocese of Baltimore 09.25.02
CarrollFrancis C. BSettledCFC - Congregation of Christian BrothersListed by the Edmund Rice Christian Brothers as accused by at least two persons in claims settled in bankruptcy proceedings. Carroll is deceased. The Christian Brothers did not provide assignment information; until we are able to establish assignments and location of the alleged abuse, we have placed Carroll in the Archdiocese of Chicago. The Christian Brothers state that the merits of most of the claims settled in the bankruptcy were not tested.Chicago, ILSource:
Edmund Rice Christian Brothers List 06.11.14
CarrollJohn P.1953PAccusedDiocesanRemoved from Boston assignment in 1963 after "true allegation of sexual misconduct with an adult woman." Sent as extern priest to Pittsburgh PA diocese and worked in at least 6 parishes. Returned to Boston in 1972. Accused in 1997 of raping a boy in early 1960s at St. Michael's in Elizabeth PA. Carroll denied allegation, told Cardinal Law. Kept in ministry until December 2003. Pittsburgh Diocese waited 11 years after learning about allegations before notifying parishioners in 2014. In 9/15 Carroll remains on administrative leave while steps being taken toward laicization. Living at a private assisted-living facility.Boston, MASource:
Docs produced by Boston Archdiocese: 2003 Memo about same allegation; Docs produed by Boston Archdiocese: 1997 memo describing allegation; National Catholic Register 08.25.11; The Patch 09.02.11; SNAP Media Statement 06.17.14; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 08.17.14; Tribune-Review 08.17.14; Pottstown Mercury 08.18.14; SNAP Statement 08.18.14; Tribune-Review 08.18.14; WTAE 08.18.14; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 08.19.14; The Sentinel 08.20.14
Assignments: Assignment Record
CarrollThomas M. PAccusedDiocesan2002 article reported Carroll had received treatment but was allowed to remain as priest. In 2003 Bishop Adamec said he met with Carroll 1/88 to discuss allegations against him. During the investigation, Carroll became ill and died that fall. Two suitsfiled 2/03 included allegations against Carroll and 8 other "predator priests" with allegations that were hushed up by the Diocese.Altoona-Johnstown, PASource:
Tribune-Democrat 2.7.03; Tribune-Democrat 06.23.02; Daily Herald 03.10.03; Tribune-Democrat 03.11.03
Carroll (in Calif.)Michael J.1967PSuedDiocesanSued 2003. Accused of abuse of teen girl. LA archdiocese counts 1 accuser. Allegations deemed unfounded. He is still active.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 1; City News Service (Los Angeles, CA) 01.29.04; Los Angeles Times 02.07.04
LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times Database 4.20.06
Carroll (in New York)
Michael A.1985PAccusedDiocesanPlaced on leave in Spring, 2002 from his assignment as chaplain at Mercy Medical Center after accusation of abuse. Cleared by Vatican and reinstated in 2004. Identified as Priest P in Suffolk Cty Grand Jury Report. of 2003. Report indicates that he left several parishes suddenly and had complaints against him of inappropriate sexual contact with a teenage boy as well as young men over the age of 18.Rockville Centre, NYSource:
Suffolk County Grand Jury Report 01.17.03; Newsday 02.11.03; Newsday 05.09.04; Newsday 01.24.05
Assignments: Assignment Record and Other Info
Carroll (in Wisconsin)Michael R.1970PAccusedDiocesanCarroll placed on leave in 2002 after accusations he abused a minor boy more than 20 yrs previously. Carroll denied the allegation. Jan. 2003 article reported that allegations were yet to be resolved and Carroll was still on leave.Green Bay, WISource:
Wausau (WI) Daily Herald 06.11.02; Wausau (WI) Daily Herald 01.27.03
CarsonDavid L.1984PAccusedDiocesanAccused of abuse. No public information on abuse has been found. Laicized in July, 2005.New York, NYSource:
Newsday 07.09.05; The Journal News 07.09.05
Assignments: Summary of Directory Listings
Daniel E.1979PSuedDiocesanWoman filed police report in 2002 accusing Carter of a sexual impropriety when she was a student at Notre Dame des Victoires elementary school in late 1970s and he was a religious brother. Diocese investigated, found allegations inconclusive and allowed Carter to remain active. Woman filed civil suit 8/02 and Carter placed on leave. Archdiocese later allowed him to return to active duty in 4/08 saying again that charges were inconclusive. Still active priest 9/11.San Francisco, CASource:
San Francisco Chronicle 8.9.02; San Jose Mercury News 8.9.02; San Mateo County Times 4.8.03; Tri-Valley Herald 8.9.02; San Francisco Chronicle 08.29.02; San Mateo County Times 04.10.03; San Francisco Chronicle 04.14.03; SF Weekly 05.21.03; San Francisco Chronicle 06.17.03; SF Weekly 07.30.03; SF Weekly 08.27.03; San Mateo Daily Journal 12.30.03; St. James Catholic Church Bulletin accessed 09.24.11
Assignments: Assignment Record
Cartier, Jr.Frederick J.1963PAccusedDiocesanPersonnel file released 1/03. (2002?) letter in the file accused Cartier of repeatedly molesting a teenage boy at St. Barbara's rectory in Woburn and on overnight campting trips to New Hampshire in about 1970. Name also on list of MA priests revealed as abusers in the 3/03 report on Manchester Diocese issued by the NH AG's office. Also named in NH AG Audit Report 3/7/09. "Voluntary" laicization announced 2/11/11. Boston AD database in 8/11 says case concluded canonically.Boston, MASource:
Documents from 3.3.03 NH Atty General Report; Union Leader 3.4.03; Boston Globe 01.18.03; Boston Herald 02.11.11; Reuters 02.11.11; Statement by Archdiocese of Boston 02.11.11; The Enterprise 02.11.11; Boston Globe 02.12.11; National Catholic Registry 08.25.11
Boston Archdiocesan Assignment Record
CasaleBrother BSuedCFC - Congregation of Christian BrothersIn civil suit filed 8/26/10, one of three plaintiffs alleged that he was groomed and sexually abused by Br. Casale in 1955 at Briscoe Memorial School. Suit also claims same man was later abused by Br. Croke.Seattle, WASource:
JH et al v. Corp of Catholic Archbishop of Seattle et al, 10-2-30752-4SEA 08.26.10
CaseyEdward J.1960PSuedSacred HeartAccused of abuse of 3 between 1974-1979. LA archdiocese counts 3 accusers. Named in at least 1 civil suit.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 4
LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times Database 4.20.06
CaseyJohn J.1984PAccusedDiocesanPlaced on leave 7/05. Accused of abuse of "minor" in approx. 1987. No further information provided. No criminal prosecution because statute of limitations expired. Per 5/07 article, canonical trial of Casey was in its "early procedural stages." Died 8/1/08. Obituary referred to him as pastor of St. Joseph's Church. Bishop Bootkoski performed burial mass.Metuchen, NJSource:
Courier News 5.8.07; 8.3.08; Courier News 07.12.05; Home News Tribune 07.12.05; NY Times 07.12.05; Star Ledger 07.12.05; Courier News 07.13.05; Courier News 07.19.05; Star-Ledger 10.12.10
CaseyJohn Joseph1932PSuedVincentianAccused of abuse betweem 1944-1945. in at least 1 civil suit. LA archdiocese counts 1 accuser. Deceased.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 4
LA Times Database 4.20.06
William C.1969PConvictedDiocesanRetired. Removed 4/10 by Knoxville Bp when criminal complaint filed in NC (no SOL) by one man who said Casey abused him for 5 yrs beginning in 1975 while at St. Dominic's in Kingsport; accuser said abuse also occurred during trip to NC. Casey admitted allegation had credibility. Arrested 4/10 on NC charges. Pled guilty 7/10. 3-yr prison suspended to 24 mo. probation. Charges also filed in VA & TN. Found guilty 7/11 in TN. Sentenced 11/11 to 35-40 yrs. Appeal denied 6/12. Appealed conviction to TN Supreme Court as of 3/27/14 but appeal denied as of 6/23/14. Laicized per 2/7/13 announcement from Diocese. Appealed in 2015 to have judge recuse DA General's office from case, but failed 10/30/15.Knoxville, TNSource:
Statement by Bishop Stika for Diocese of Knoxville; Daily Reflector (AP) 04.14.10; WBIR 04.14.10; Courier Journal 04.15.10; Greeneville Sun 04.15.10; Kingsport Times-News 04.15.10; Greeneville Sun 04.17.10; Greeneville Sun 04.17.10; WBIR 04.18.10; Courier Journal 04.19.10; Greeneville Sun 04.19.10; US Catholic 04.19.10; Asheville Citizen Times 04.20.10; East Tennessee Catholic News 04.20.10; News and Tribune 05.01.10; Greeneville Sun 05.14.10; Greeneville Sun 05.14.10; Tri-Cities 07.31.10; Courier Journal 09.03.10; Tri-Citites 11.23.11; SNAP Statement 01.21.13; WYCB 01.21.13; Albany Times Union 02.07.13; News Sentinel 02.07.13; WATE 02.07.13; KnoxNews 07.23.13; SNAP Statement 07.23.13; WBIR 07.23.13; WATE 07.24.13; Times-News 03.27.14; WATE 03.27.14; WCYB 06.23.14; Times-News 06.24.14; WJHL 10.31.15
Casey, Jr.Daniel W.1975PSettledDiocesanAccused of abuse of 3 boys in two families in late 1980s. Suits filed 10/92. Both settled 1998 for total of $475K. Also sued in Georgia in 1996. Resigned from Syracuse Diocese in 1991 but then found living at a rectory in Rochester diocese. RochesterBishop asked him to leave. Died in 2000.Syracuse, NYSource:
Associated Press 6.1.02; Post Standard 3.6.03; Post Standard 10.27.92; Post Standard 10.28.92; Post Standard 07.27.93; Post Standard 07.20.98; Post Standard 07.21.98; Post Standard 08.11.98; Post Standard 08.15.98; Syracuse Post Standard 05.12.02; Post Standard 09.29.02; Post Standard 06.18.03
Joseph C.1960PAccusedDiocesanFollowing a recent court order, on 12/16/13 Bp. Quinn released a list of 13 names of priests who had "credible" accusations of abuse involving minors. Cashman''s inclusion on this list is the first public notice that he had been accused of abuse. Further information released by Diocese 6/23/14. Accused of making sexual approaches to several minor males prior to 1986 and also accused of actual sexual contacts with minor students and some seminarians. Sent to St. Luke's. .His privileges were suspended 9/92 and laicization is pending in Canonical Tribunal as of 12/13. Currently lives in Dallas, TX.Winona, MNSource:
Anderson & Assoc Press Release 12.16.13; Diocese of Winona Statement and List of Accused Priests with Assignments 12.16.13; Owatonna People's Press 12.16.13; Star Tribune 12.16.13; Winona Daily News 12.16.13; SNAP Statement 12.20.13; Diocese of Winona Updated List & Media Statement 06.23.14; SNAP Statement 06.23.14; Winona Daily News 06.23.14; WXOW 06.23.14; Winona Daily News 06.24.14; Winona Post 06.25.14
Diocese of Winona Assignment Record
Michael J.1975PSettledDiocesanNative of Ireland. Placed on leave 2002 after accusation that he abused a former parishioner, her son and daughter in 1978 at parish in Old Bridge. Other accusations also made. Included in 1/03 settlement re abuse by 5 priests. He denied all allegations. In 3/09 church trial found him guilty of 1 count of abuse between 1980-1983 and permanently removed him from public ministry. On July 27, 2014, Diocese announced that that Appeals Court had found him guilty of "ongoing sexual abuse" of two minor children in the early 1980s. He was also dismissed from the priesthood per 7/21/14 letter from Bishop.Metuchen, NJSource:
Star Ledger 04.23.02; NY Times 01.31.03; Star Ledger 02.02.03; Press of Atlantic City 03.15.03; Home News Tribune 05.20.03; Diocese of Metuchen 02.27.04; Home News Tribune 07.02.07; Home News Tribune 07.08.07; Home News Tribune 03.20.09; Tribune 02.07.10; PDF of Bishop Statement 07.21.14; Statement by Diocese of Metuchen 07.29.14; SNAP Statement 09.15.14
Casimano (Casamino)
Santino "Tony" A.1975PAccusedDiocesanOrdained in Gallup diocese in 1975. Moved to Orange Diocese in 1976 on loan from Gallup. Served as Navy Chaplain from 1980-2000. Accused in 2004 of abuse of 2 brothers while in Orange. Was principal at at St. Bernard H. S. in Uncasville, CT in 2004 when allegations made. Name sometimes spelled Casamino. Orange Diocese paid the brothers $4.2M in a 2005 settlement. He is deceased per 2007 article.Orange, CASource:
St Bernard High School Alumni Page, 06.04.03; Diocese of Orange News Release 01.10.04; LA Times 01.11.04; OC Register 01.13.04; The Day 01.21.04; The Day 01.22.04; Gallup Independent 01.24.04; OC Weekly 07.09.04; Associated Press 04.16.05; Orange County Register 05.17.05; Gallup Independent 08.03.05; Gallup Independent 07.21.07; Gallup Independent 05.27.11; Gallup Independent 11.11.13
Assignments: Assignment Record with Links to Articles; Orange Diocesan Assignment Record; Orange Diocesan Note with Assignment Record
John Lloyd1982PConvictedDiocesanIn 11/07 he admitted writing "inappropriate letters" to a 18 yr old man who had reported them to police 9/07. He immediately resigned from parish. Not placed on leave by the Diocese until 1/08 when he was arrested and charged with possessing child pornography on his computers, Pled guilty 8/08. Sentenced to 1 mo. in prison and 5 yrs probation 5/09.St. Cloud, MNSource:
St. Cloud Times 2.1.08; Star Tribune 2.1.08; St. Paul Pioneer Press 01.31.08; Morris Sun Tribune 08.20.08; KSAX TV 05.11.09
CasonAlbert H.1962PAccusedDiocesanPer 4/02 articles, Cason was "removed from ministry" in 1985 because of sexual misconduct. There were apparently multiple victims. Police investigated; no charges filed. Diocese investigated and found allegations credible. He was sent for treatment and never allowed to return to ministry. Eight plaintiffs filed suits 12/02. Many dismissed on SOL. Voluntarily laicized per 6/7/12 statement from Diocese.Rochester, NYSource:
Catholic Courier 6.7.12; Press & Sun Bulletin 1.4.03; Press & Sun Bulletin 5.5.02; Rochester Homepage 6.7.12; SNAP Statement 6.7.12; Press & Sun Bulletin 04.18.02; Rochester Democrat and Chronicle 04.22.02; Press & Sun Bulletin 12.04.02; Press & Sun Bulletin 12.07.02; Press & Sun Bulletin 12.11.02; Press & Sun Bulletin 12.19.02; Press & Sun Bulletin 12.25.02; Rochester Democrat and Chronicle 05.09.03; Press & Sun Bulletin 10.08.04; Press and Sun-Bulletin 05.05.07
CasperBernard1955PAccusedDiocesanCasper ordained by Diocese of Pueblo CO. He took leave of absence in 1963. Began working in NY in 1970s. In 2003 twin brothers accused Casper of molesting them for years, starting when they were altar boys in Albany. Boys met Casper in early 1970s and in 1973 he became their guardian. When the two went to diocese in 2002, both Albany and Rochester dioceses contended that Casper never had their authority to act as priest in New York state.Rochester, NYSource:
Post-Standard 02.20.03; Post-Standard 02.21.03; Albany Times Union 02.26.03
Thomas P.1956PSuedDiocesanAccused in 6/02 suit of forcing boy to perform oral sex in 1964-65 at age 10-11 in cathedral rectory. Also named in 4/03 suit which accused him of abusing one youth at Christ the King Church around 1955-56. Had been Army chaplain 1960-62. Was superintendent of Louisville Catholic schools 1967-74. Died 11/4/91.Louisville, KYSource:
Courier-Journal 9.2.02; Courier-Journal 06.27.02; Courier-Journal 09.29.02; Courier-Journal 04.15.03
Assignment Record Compiled by Law Firm
Charles< 1970PSuedOblateAccused in 2003 lawsuit of sexually abusing a female student at least 10 times in 1971-72 at Cardinal Newman High School. Suit settled in May 2004 for $220,000. Cassetta left priesthood, married and lives in Maryland. Served in Buffalo, NY diocese prior to assignment in Florida.Miami, FLSource:
Sun Sentinel 12.24.02; Miami Herald 03.23.03; Palm Beach Post 06.27.03; Buffalo News 10.13.03; Palm Beach Post 02.28.04; Palm Beach Post 06.03.04
Terry1984PAccusedDiocesanDiocese announced Cassidy's removal from public ministry 8/26/15 due to accusations of sexual misconduct with a minor nearly 30 years previously. Assigned to 16 parishes 1984-2001, with leave of absences 1989 and 1992. Spiritual advisor for Teens Encounter Christ 2006-2013. Pastor of St. Ann's in Peoria since 1999.Peoria, ILSource:
Catholic Diocese of Peoria News Release 08.26.15; Journal Star 08.26.15; Quad City Times 08.26.15; The Community Word 10.31.15
Catholic Diocese of Peoria News Release 08.26.15
Walter Edward1942PSuedDiocesanMan and woman filed separate suits in mid-2013 alleging abuse by Cassidy who worked in parishes in Albuquerque, Taos and Mora . These suits were settled at some point before 5/14 per news report. Another man filed suit 5/14 alleging abuse by Cassidy at Our Lady of Guadalupe parish in northwest Albuquerque in the late 1960s. Plaintiff says he was abused between 50-80 times as a 10 year old boy. Diocese knew of allegations against Cassidy by 1994 but never made them public. He died in 1994.Santa Fe, NMSource:
FindAGrave 05.15.94; Albuquerque Journal 01.04.14; John Doe B v Archdiocese of Santa Fe 05.13.14; KOAT 05.14.14; KRQE 05.14.14; Santa Fe New Mexican 05.14.14; Albuquerque Journal 05.15.14
John J.1987PConvictedDiocesanArrested/charged 6/01 w/ explicit sexual conversations on Internet w/ 14 yr old boy (police). Wanted to meet for sex. Spiritual adviser at Trinity H.S. Removed; admitted charges in court 9/01. Sentenced 11/01 to 1 weekend in jail and 5 years probation. Suit filed 10/01 alleged abuse in 1991. Suit filed 4/02 (settled 2005). Suit filed 1/09. 3rd suit filed 3/10. Diocese said 3/10 plaintiff was not abused. 1/09 suit decided for Plaintiff by Judge when diocese failed to produce docs.Bridgeport, CTSource:
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CastanoJuan Carlos1988 ?PConvictedDiocesanCame from Colombia in 1999 and was investigated before being granted visiting priest status. Arrested and indicted 4/02 on charges that he abused a 4 year old girl in 2000. She told her brother who told another relative. Incident was not reported to Diocese until 2002. In 4/03, he admitted fondling the child and was sentenced to 2 years in jail, 2 yrs probation, and required to pay restitution.. May have been similar allegations in South America.Charleston, SCSource:
Charlotte Observer 3.5.02; Charlotte Observer 3.7.02; The Herald (Rock Hill, S.C.) 03.05.02; Kansas City Star 07.12.02; Charlotte Observer 04.12.03; The Herald (Rock Hill, SC) 04.12.03; Post and Courier 02.28.04
CastellaniPaul A.1996PAccusedDiocesanOne of 21 priests placed on administrative leave by Philadelphia archdiocese 3/7/11 pending investigation for credible allegations involving sexual abuse or inappropriate behavior with minors. Last assignment was as pastor of St. Philomena Church in Lansdowne. Per 7/6/12 announcement, he was found suitable for ministry after the diocese determined misconduct claims against him were unsubstantiated.Philadelphia, PASource:
Archdiocese of Philadelphia Press Release 3.8.11; Newsworks 7.6.12; NY Times 3.8.11; Philadelphia Inquirer 3.8.11; Philadelphia Inquirer 3.9.11; Philadelphia Inquirer 7.6.12; Philadelphia Inquirer 7.9.12; Statement by Ardchdiocese of Philadelphia 7.6.12; Statement of Cardinal Rigali Regarding Administrative Leaves 3.8.11; The Republic 7.6.12; Daily Times 03.10.11; Philadelphia Inquirer 03.10.11; NBC 10 07.06.12
Background Information on Priest by Archdiocese of Philadelphia 7.6.12
CastellanosRicardo1970PSuedDiocesanSued 2002. Man says that Castellanos sexually abused him between the ages of 14 and 16 at St. Kieran Church and LaSalle High School in Miami and during overnight trips to Disney World in the early 1970s. Criminal charges not pursued because of SOL. At least 4 civil suits named Castellanos. 2 claims settled 9/22/04. Retired 2005 when new suit filed. Another suit filed 5/12 claims Castellanos abused 1 youth more than 150 times in approx 1995 at San Isidro Church in Pompano Beach.Miami, FLSource:
NBC Miami 5.3.12; Miami Herald 04.23.02; Miami herald 04.24.02; Miami Herald 05.24.02; Miami Herald 06.07.02; Miami Herald 06.18.02; Miami Herald 03.13.03; Miami Herald 03.23.03; Miami Herald 09.22.04; Affidavit of Fr. Hector Gonzalez Abreu 02.10.05; Doe 20 v. Archdiocese of Miami, et al Cause No. 10-64439CA32 02.16.05; Miami Herald 02.16.05; Doe 20 v. Archdiocese of Miami, Cause No. 05-3433-CA-01 Docket 02.20.07
CastelucciRobert J.1964PSuedDiocesanRemoved from ministry 1995. One person filed lawsuit in 2004 alleging abuse by Castelucci, formerly of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in Braddock. No information is shown on when abuse occurred. Claims included in Diocese's 9/07 $1.25 mil settlement as to 32 plaintiffs alleging abuse by 17 priests.Pittsburgh, PASource:
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 09.30.04; Tribune Review 09.30.04; Post-Gazette 09.18.07
CasterWilliam Patrick1954PSuedDiocesanWoman filed suit in 2003 alleging Caster molested her in 1955 or 1956 at Holy Family Church when she was about 10. Caster retired for health reasons in 1988 and died 12/89.Louisville, KYSource:
Associated Press 04.21.03; Courier-Journal 04.22.03
Assignments: Assignment Record
Alejandro Jose (Alex1981PConvictedDiocesanRemoved from Our Lady of Guadalupe in Ontario 6/10 after allegations he abused two brothers within last 2 yrs. Review board found allegations credible 9/10. Subject of prior complaint re 2 adults and 1 youth, but no arrests due to SOL. Arrested 10/25/10.Pled guilty 4/11 to lewd act with a minor. Sentenced 8/31/11 to 1 yr jail and sex offender registration. Released 4/21/12; re-arrested 5/9/12 for probation violation but released. Two lawsuits filed 9/22/11 settled 2/14 for $3.8M. Third suit filed 2012,San Bernardino, CASource:
Press Enterprise 09.13.10; KTLA 09.14.10; LA Times 09.14.10; San Jose Mercury News (AP) 09.14.10; Contra Costa Times 09.15.10; Daily Bulletin 09.15.10; KACB 09.15.10; Contra Costa Times 09.28.10; Press-Enterprise 10.14.10; The Sun 10.16.10; KTLA 10.26.10; LA Times 10.26.10; SNAP Statement 05.04.11; San Bernardino Sun 06.16.11; San Bernardion 08.31.11; Contra Costa Times 09.01.11; Press-Enterprise 09.15.11; Daily Bulletin 09.22.11; Press-Enterprise 09.23.11; Worthy Adversary 09.17.12; Press-Enterprise 09.18.12; Press-Enterprise 09.20.12; Contra Costa Times 01.23.13; Press-Enterprise 02.09.14; Worthy Adversary 02.09.14; Redwood Times 02.10.14; San Bernardino Sun 02.10.14; Daily Bulletin 02.12.14; SNAP Statement 02.12.14
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CastilloRichard "Rick"1983PAccusedDiocesanCastillo admitted to abusing 4 boys. Reported to Police in 1996 but statute had run. Parents had to file a release saying they would not file civil suit to get diocese to pay for ongoing therapy. Two brothers saud they had previously told Diocese of abuse but were ignored. He was permanently barred from ministry, sent for treatment, and barred from contact with children.Pensacola-Tallahassee, FLSource:
Sun-Sentinel 06.01.97; Sun-Sentinel 10.29.97; Sun-Sentinel 06.05.98; Sun-Sentinel 06.21.98; Cincinnati Enquirer 05.21.07; Belleville News Democrat 05.22.07
Rolando1994PSuedDiocesan10/07 civil suit alleged that Castillo sexually abused a 17 yr old youth in 2001. Castillo was placed on leave. He denied all allegations. In 4/09, Archdiocese investigation cleared Castillo and he was to be returned to active status and reassigned to different parish. Civil suit was unclear as to whether plaintiff was actually a minor at the time of the alleged abuse in 2001. Lawsuit was "mutually resolved." Unknown if any payment was made.Miami, FLSource:
CBS 4 10.26.07; Local 10 10.26.07; Miami Herald 10.26.07; South Florida Sun Sentinel 10.26.07; Miami Herald 04.29.09
CastroWillebaldo  ?PSuedDiocesanAccused of abuse between 1973-1978. LA archdiocese counts 4 accusers. Extern priest from Mexico working in Archdiocese as of 1956. Named in at least 1 civil suit. Also arrested for approaching a security guard in a store bathroom, apparently for sex. Returned to Mexico. Personnel file released 1/13.Los Angeles, CASource:
John Roe 4 vs. Does, Cause No. 1156450, Superior Court of California; LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 4; New Times 03.28.13
LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times Database 4.20.06
Pasquale R.1963PAccusedDiocesanAccused in 1969 of abuse of a female high school student. He self-reported the incident and requested transfer Archdiocese knew of abuse but continued to reassign him for 15 years. In late 2004, Catullo agreed to permanent removal of faculties and supervised life of prayer & penance. Archdiocese found allegations credible. Name is included on secret 1994 memo from Wm. Lynn to Msgr. James Molloy (released 2/27/12) re priests in secret archives who were guilty of sexual misconduct with a minor.Philadelphia, PASource:
Philadelphia Grand Jury Report; Philadelphia Grand Jury Report; Philadelphia Inquirer 09.25.05; Philadelphia Daily News 04.03.08; 1994 Memo from Fr. William Lynn to Asst. Vicar for Admin. re Names in Philadelphia Secret Archives, released 02.27.12; The Patch 03.23.12
Philadelphia Archdiocesan Priest Data Profile; Philadelphia Archdiocese Assignment Record (Rev.)
CautelaMauro J.1974PAccusedDiocesanPlaced on leave Aug. 2005 after allegations of "serious improprieties" that were apparently financial and sexual in nature. Age of accuser was unknown. Cautela collapsed and died Dec. 2005.Pittsburgh, PASource:
Pittsburgh Tribune Review 08.29.05; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 08.30.05; Pittsburgh Tribune Review 12.14.05; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 12.31.05
CavalliVincent V.1948PSuedDominicanAccused of abuse between 1966-1968. LA archdiocese counts 1 accuser. Named in at least 1 civil suit.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 4
LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times Database 4.20.06
CavellLawrence A.1989PAccusedDiocesanRemoved 3/03 after allegations arose that he solicitated a minor for sex in late 1980s, prior to his ordination. Cavell, who had just gone on health leave from St. Mary's Nativity Chursh when the allegations arose, admitted to the single offense. Diocese said incident involved "words, not acts." Cavell was said to be considering leaving the priesthood. No further information found.Houma-Thibodaux, LASource:
Associated Press 3.4.03; Houma Today 3.3.03
CaverzanGuido1950PSuedScalabrinianAccused in a 7/18/77 letter to Order of sexually abusing 3 boys. A 10/11/94 memo refers to 2 other allegations. In 1/03 a man brought suit re abuse in the mid-1970s. Those documents were publicly filed later in 2003, and on 2/26/04 Caverzan was accusedin a lawsuit of sexually abusing a boy age 10-12 in the NY archdiocese, beginning in 1966. Removed from parish in Venice FL. Died 9/28/94 in Caracas at order's headquarters. Omitted from 2011 Boston AD database because he was Order priest.Boston, MASource:
Letter to Spigolon 07.18.77; McCarthy Memo 10.11.94; Boston Globe 01.30.03; Providence Journal Bulletin 01.30.03; Complaint 02.26.04; Boston Globe 10.14.06; Boston Globe 11.20.11
Assignments: Assignment Record
Thomas F.1957PAccusedVincentianSpent 16 yrs in Hong Kong and next 15 in Rome. Working in Kansas City KS when man recognized him and came forward 8/04 with allegation that he had been molested by Cawley for 2 years in 1979 in Hong Kong. Cawley placed on leave and the Order began an investigation. Civil suit filed 8/05 in St. Louis, the home of the Order. Assigned to Vincentian Parish Mission Center in Independence MO 6/07.Kansas City, KSSource:
Indianapolis Star (AP) 9.1.05; The Vincential Newsletter 6.07; Kansas City Star 08.26.04; Louisville Courier Press 08.31.05
CawlingsNeil< 1980PSuedDiocesanEnglish priest working as extern in Albany diocese in 1970s; not so indexed in Directory. Accused in 2003 of 'improper sexual advances' in late 1970s with male teen allegedly supplied by Alan Jupin. Suit 5/7/03 accused Jupin of intimidating complainant and 8/25/03 suit accused diocese of slandering him. DA investigated intimidation charge at bishop?s request. Suits were dismissed 1/30/04 without determining validity of abuse charges. Jupin and other accused priests were reinstated.Albany, NYSource:
Daily Gazette 5.8.03; Times Union 1.6.04; Times Union 3.8.04; Times Union 5.8.03; Times Union 5.9.03; Troy Record 05.10.03; Times Union 05.11.03; Times Union 06.25.03; Times Union 08.26.03; Times Union 11.26.03; Times Union 01.31.04; Evangelist 03.11.04; Albany Record 03.18.04; Times Union 06.15.04; Evangelist 06.17.04
Cecelia (Cecilia)Mother NSuedUrsulineThree allegations of abuse by Mother Cecelia (also referred to as Sister Cecilia) at St. Ignatius Mission on Flathead Indian Reservation are included in 9/11 civil suit against Ursuline Order and Helena Diocese filed by 45 people against 4 nuns, 6 priests and 1 brother.Helena, MTSource:
The Missoulian 09.27.11; John Does 1-16 et al v Ursuline Sisters, Diocese of Helena, et al, Cause No ADV-2011-936, Montana First Judicial District Court, Lewis & Clark County, 10.03.11; Missoulian 01.31.14
CelesteCharles R.1980PAccusedDiocesanMan alleged in 2003 that he was sexually abused by Celeste as a student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1980s. At the time Celeste was chaplain to the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity where the man was an 18 yr old member. Diocese said complaint involved two consenting adults. Celeste granted a leave of absence 11/03. He admitted that his conduct was inappropriate and wrong but the plaintiff was legally an adult. He also admitted a relationship with another student at the school in 1980s.Albany, NYSource:
Statement by Diocese of Albany 11.13,03; Capital News 9 01.10.03; Albany Times Union 11.11.03; Albany Times Union 11.17.03; Albany Times Union 04.22.04; Albany Times Union 04.26.04
CenizaHermy Dave O. PSuezDiocesanCivil suit filed 4/10 alleges that the priest abused and stalked one youth while at St. Francis Church in Bakersfield around 1991 In 1993 Accuser called Bishop Steinbock who met with him and promised Ceniza would no longer be a priest. Now Accuserhas learned that Ceniza is living in Philippines and is still a priest. The suit alleges fraud on part of Diocese.Fresno, CASource:
Bakersfield Californian 4.8.10; Fresno Bee 4.8.10; KERO 4.7.10; KMJN 4.7.10; Fresno Bee 07.11.10; Fresno Bee 07.31.10
Raymond F.1979PAccusedDiocesanFirst complaints against Cepeda, of the Archdiocese of Guam, were received in 2004. Matter was forwared to Vatican then but he was not laicized until 12/09 for "serious allegations of abuse." He was allowed to continue working for Catholic Social Services until 4/10. Public not told of laicization until that time following inquiries by SNAP. Accuser may actually have been 18 at the time.noneSource:
Kuam 4.8.10; Pacific Daily News 5.4.10; Guam News Watch 04.22.10; Kuam 04.22.10; Pacific Daily News 04.22.10; Pacific News Center 04.22.10; KUAM 04.23.10; Pacific Daily News 04.23.10
ChabakRobert H.1972PAccusedDiocesanRemoved from St Valentine in Bloomfield 11/04 after allegation that he abused a boy age 15 for 3 years, beginning shortly after his 1972 ordination, when assigned to St Mary of the Assumption in Elizabeth. On sabbatical leave per 1989 Directory and namedMsgr in 1998. Retired per 2009-2012 Directories. Had been living in rectory after Hurricane Sandy with permission from Archdiocese until public pressure forced removal in 2/13. Parish priest resigned 7/13.Newark, NJSource:
News Release from Archdiocese of Newark 11.25.98; Star Ledger 11.16.04; Star Ledger 07.20.13; ABC 27 07.21.13; Riverdell Patch 07.21.13; Star Ledger 07.21.13; The Republic (AP) 07.21.13; SNAP Statement 07.22.13; The Record 07.22.13; Herald News 07.23.13; The Record 07.23.13; The Record 07.23.13; Spiritual Politics 07.24.13; The Record 07.28.13; Patch 07.29.13; Star-Ledger 11.03.13
Assignments: Assignment Record
ChaissonJohn C.1966PAccusedDiocesanPlaced on voluntary leave in 2003. Allegations made in 1974 but he remained active. Church investigated and exonerated him. After review of case files in 2003, Archbishop O'Malley decided the case warranted further review and placed Chaisson on leave pending a new investigation. Per 10/15 Boston AD database, Review board found accusations unsubstantiated or he was acquitted by canonical process Retired but privileges still restricted.Boston, MASource:
Boston Globe 08.24.03; Boston Herald 01.15.04; BishopAccountability Boston List 02.02.07; National Catholic Register 08.25.11
Assignments: Assignment Record
ChalifourGerard (Gerald) F.1952PSettledDiocesanDiocese knew of at least one instance of sexual misconduct with a minor as far back as 1969. Police were involved in 1982 investigation after report he attempted to molest a boy in 1960s. Chalifour retired from active ministry in 1992 (after therapy) but continued to work part-time until 2002. Sued 5/02. Diocese paid 3 men a total of $85,000 in 2003. At least one claim in 11/05 settlement re 28 priests.Manchester, NHSource:
Documents from NH Atty General Report 3.3.03;; Manchester Report by NH Atty General 3.3.03; Union Leader 3.4.03; Union Leader 02.16.02; Union Leader 05.16.02; NH AG Audit Records 03.26.09
Assignments: Assignment Record with Links to Articles and Documents
Gerard W.1934PSuedDiocesan3 brothers sued 2004 alleging abuse in 1954. Another 2004 suit alleged abuse of 1 youth. At least 2 other victims known. Chambers died 1974, During 40 yrs as priest, Chambers was on "health leave" 7 times.Philadelphia, PASource:
Philadelphia Grand Jury Report; Philadelphia Daily News 01.31.04; Philadelphia Inquirer 02.01.04; Daily Times 02.03.04; Philadelphia Inquirer 05.12.04; Philadelphia Weekly 07.14.04; Philadelphia Weekly 09.15.04; Philadelphia Inquirer 09.25.05; Philadelphia Weekly 06.06.06
Philadelphia Archdiocesan Priest Data Profile
ChambersLeonard R.1965PAccusedDiocesanCardinal Bernard Law, then Bishop of the Springfield Diocese, responded to 1981 allegation against Chambers by sending him for extended treatment and then reassigning him to two other parishes. He was only placed on restriction re minors in 1984 by Leibrecht who transferred him to 3 other parishes. Chambers was permanently removed from duty in 1998 after violating the 1984 order forbidding him to be alone with any child. He served in total of 22 parishes in the Diocese.Springfield-Cape Girardeau, MOSource:
Springfield News Leader 1.1.08; Boston Globe 03.18.02; Springfield News Leader 03.18.02; Associated Press 03.19.02; Springfield News Leader 03.19.02; Batesville Daily Guard 03.20.02; Springfield News Leader 03.20.02; Deposition of Cardinal Bernard Law 06.05.02; Dallas Morning News 06.12.02; The Mirror 03.22.03
Dennis1971PAccusedDiocesanChampagne was removed from his parish in June 2002 after a man notified Archdiocese that he had been abused in 1979. After learning of the abuse from the victim in 1986, a fellow priest told Archbishop Hunthausen that Champagne had "momentarily" molested a boy once in 1979 but nothing was done then. Vatican permanently removed Champagne from public ministry in Sept. 2006 (i.e., a life of prayer and penance).Seattle, WASource:
Seattle Times 06.01.02; Seattle Post Intelligencer 06.10.02; Seattle Times 10.24.02; Seattle Post-Intelligencer 04.24.03; Daily News 09.30.06; Herald 09.30.06; News Tribune 09.30.06; Seattle Times 09.30.06; The Olympian (AP) 09.30.06; Roll Call 05.11.11; The Oregonian 05.11.11
John B. BSettledCFC - Congregation of Christian BrothersListed on 6/11/14 by the Edmund Rice Christian Brothers as accused by at least two persons in claims settled in bankruptcy proceedings. The Christian Brothers state that the merits of most of the claims settled in the bankruptcy were not tested. Chaney was added to a list of accused on the website of Boston attorney Mitchell Garabedian on 10/31/14 after a settlement had been reached in the year previous. Assignments included Bergen Catholic High School in Oradell NJ, where the abuse alleged in the Garabedian case is said to have been committed. The 2014 Official Catholic Directory shows Chaney living at a Christian Brothers residence in West Park, in the New York archdiocese. Convicted abuser Bro Ronald Justin Lasik CFC and accused Bro John Laurence Heathwood CFC are also listed as residing there.Newark, NJSource:
Bergen Catholic Crusader 1965; Edmund Rice Christian Brothers List 06.11.14; BA Information Page 10.31.14; Garabedian Law 10.31.14
Francis "Chappy" BSuedJesuitPer 2003 article Chapman was accused of fondling at least one student at St. Francis Indian School on Rosebud Reservation. Principal of school remembers seeing him with a young man on his lap. Principal said "I didn't like the possibilities. We askedhim to leave." Chapman was later buried at St. Francis. 2011 article links him to abuse of multiple girls. By mid-2010, 6 plaintiffs were participating in litigation re Chapman. Cases dismissed by court 1/14.Sioux Falls, SDSource:
Pioneer Press in Washington Post 06.02.03; Huffington Post 04.19.11; South Dakota Public Broadcasting 04.07.13; SNAP Statement 01.14.14; South Dakota Public Broadcasting 01.14.14
Michael A.1982PAccusedDiocesanOne of 21 priests placed on leave 3/7/11 after allegations involving minors. Lived at Ascension of Our Lord in Philadelphia when removed. Archdiocese said 5/12 that allegations he violated standards of Ministerial Behavior and Boundaries were unsubstantiated. He was found suitable to return to ministry but new allegation rec'd 5/12 re 30 yr old abuse. He was returned to admin leave 9/12. In 12/13, Review board found him to be unsuitable for ministry and he was permanently barred from future ministry.Philadelphia, PASource:
Archdiocese of Philadelphia Press Release 03.08.11; NY Times 03.08.11; Philadelphia Inquirer 03.08.11; Statement of Cardinal Rigali Regarding Administrative Leaves 03.08.11; Philadelphia Inquirer 03.09.11; Philadelphia Inquirer 03.10.11; CBS Philly 03.22.11; Philadelphia Inquirer 05.04.12; Philadelphia Inquirer 05.04.12; Philly Burbs 05.04.12; Statement by Archdiocese of Philadelphia 05.04.12; Statement by Archdiocese of Philadelphia 05.04.12; Philadelphia Inquirer 09.17.12; Statement by Archdiocese of Philadelphia 09.17.12; The Mercury 09.17.12; CBS News 12.15.13; NBC 10 12.15.13; Philadelphia Inquirer 12.15.13; Statement by Archdiocese of Philadelphia 12.15.13; WPVI 6ABC 12.15.13; WPXI (AP) 12.15.13; PhillyCom (AP) 12.16.13; Statement by Archdiocese of Philadelphia (addendum) 06.08.14
New Jersey Herald 9.17.12 (add'l article); SNAP Statement 9.17.12 (add'l article); Philadelphia Inquirer 9.18.12 (add'l article); Philadelphia Daily News 9.18.12 (add'l article); Catholic Philly 9.20.12 (add'l article)
Arthur B.1969PAccusedAugustinian FriarsChappell, chairman of Villanova Univ.'s theology dept., resigned 5/03 amid allegations that he sexually abused a teenage seminary student from 1975-1976. The youth was studying to become a priest and Chappell was his spiritual advisor. He reported abuse in 1977 to Villanova psychologist who told the Order. Order counseled Chappell at the time but no written record of complaint was made and no other actions were taken. Since 2005 he has been serving as executive director of Augustinian Press.Philadelphia, PASource:
Associated Press 07.12.03; Philadelphia Inquirer 07.13.03; accessed 02.10.11
Edmund P.1960PSettledDiocesanAccused in a suit filed 1/03 of repeatedly molesting a 15-year-old boy in about 1971. Allowed to continue working by Bishop Lennon but placed on indefinite leave by Archbishop O'Malley, as announced 8/23/03. Reportedly sued by two additional men alleging Charest molested and raped them as boys. Charest living in the Back Bay area near an elementary school as of 5/08. Still on administrative leave as of 9/15 and canonical proceedings are still in process per Boston AD database.Boston, MASource:
Boston Globe 01.30.03; Boston Herald 01.30.03; Providence Journal Bulletin 01.30.03; Boston Globe 03.05.03; Boston Globe 08.24.03; WBZ 05.12.08; National Catholic Register 08.25.11
Assignments: Assignment Record
Michael 1971PAccusedOblates of Mary ImmaculateMan told archdiocese in 2002 Charland sexually assaulted him during confession while on retreat at a St. Paul parish when man age 17 in early 1980s. Charland was then St. Thomas College's campus ministry director. Order released name July 2015 among seven credibly accused priests as part of 2/15 settlement. Charland left Order 1984, laicized 1989. In July 2015 was therapist at a Woodbury MN counseling center. No longer listed on center's site 9/15.St. Paul-Minneapolis, MNSource:
International Falls Journal 07.07.15; La Crosse Tribune 07.07.15; Star Tribune 07.07.15; WDAZ 07.08.15
Legal Examiner 07.07.15
CharlesSister NSuedSisters of Charity of NazarethNun. One woman filed suit 7/04 alleging abuse by Msgr. Herman J. Lammers and 5 nuns at St. Thomas-St. Vincent Orphanage or at local schools. Woman alleges that one of her abusers was Sister Charles at the orphanage. Order has confirmed that nun by this name worked at the orphanage in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Sister Charles is deceased.Louisville, KYSource:
Courier-Journal 07.27.04; WKYT 07.27.04
CharvetLouis1945PSuedBenedictineAccused in a 2002 suit of abusing a girl when she was 7. Total of 4 women sued Charvet alleging that he assaulted them. In another suit, he is accused of masturbating in front of a 13 yr old boy and using sexually explicit language. In the same suit, the male plaintiff also accuses Fr. Clement Frank of abuse. Charvet was recalled to Abbey when first allegation surfaced in 2002. Total of 15 known accusers, 13 of which had settled. Died 10/07. One case will go to trial 2010.Portland, ORSource:
Associated Press 5.6.02; 6.9.10; Sunday Oregonian 7.7.02; The Oregonian 5.7.02; Woodburn Independent 1.9.10; The Oregonian 04.14.02; The Oregonian 04.15.02; The Oregonian 04.26.02; Statesman Journal 11.19.02; The Oregonian 11.19.02; Spokesman Review 11.20.02; The Oregonian 10.12.04; Table: The Oregonian 11.12.06; OregonLive 03.19.08; The Oregonian 03.20.08
Schmidt v. Archdiocese of Portland Decision by Oregon Court of Appeals 6.9.10
Terrence R.1984PAccusedDiocesanPlaced on leave 4/15/10 after recent allegations that he had engaged in sexual misconduct with a minor in approx. 1991 while he was an associate priest at St. Patrick church in Chesterton. Chase has denied the accusations in a written letter to parishioners. Diocesan response team said allegation appeared to have merit. Matter will be sent to Vatican.Gary, INSource:
Chesterton Tribune 04.19.10; Fox 59 04.19.10; 04.19.10; Herald Argus 04.20.10; Herald Argus 04.20.10; 04.20.10; Post Tribune 04.20.10
ChasseGerard J. (Jerry)1971 ?PAccusedDiocesan1994 civil suit (later dismissed on statute of limitations issue) alleges that Chasse repeatedly sexually abused and sexually molested a youth from January, 1969 through December, 1976 in Brentwood, NY. Chasse moved to Montana in 1977 and served for 3 years before leaving the priesthood in 1980. Has been identified as Priest I in the Suffolk Co. Grand Jury Report of 2003.Rockville Centre, NYSource:
Newsday 04.23.02; Newsday 06.03.02; USA Today 11.11.02; Suffolk County Grand Jury Report on Priest I, 01.17.03; Newsday 02.12.03
Assignments: Assignment Record and Other Info
ChateauvertVictor Lucien1973PConvictedm.s.f. Holy FamilyAccused of molesting two boys over three year period at parish in Bull Dog Lake. Boys were 14 and 19 when Chateauvert was arrested 12/92. Immediately removed from ministry and returned to Order. Sentenced to 6 mo. in jail 2/93. Also worked in Ottawa, Ontario Canada at Our Lady of the Visitation from 1974 to 1978 and again in 1982. Died 3/99. Name included on Diocese's 12/31/13 list of 17 clergy who had been credibly accused of sexual abuse of young persons while serving in the Diocese.Duluth, MNSource:
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Assignments: Assignment Record
ChattCharles J.1964PSuedDiocesanDiocese received allegation against Chatt and he was removed from ministry and placed on leave in July 1992. "He formally withdrew from all priestly service on July 31, 2003." One, possibly 2 civil suits filed 2004. Claims included in Diocese?s 9/07 $1.25 mil settlement as to 32 plaintiffs alleging abuse by 17 priests.Pittsburgh, PASource:
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 04.29.04; Post-Gazette 09.30.04; Tribune Review 09.30.04; Post-Gazette 09.18.07
ChavarinJose PAccusedDiocesanChavarin, a native of Mexico, was accused in 6/08 of abusing sevral minors in San Diego in 1980s. He denied the allegations but was placed on leave by San Francisco Archbishop. He worked in Archdiocese for 11 years in the Metropolitan Tribunal. 7/08 articles note that Chavarin is believed to have returned to Mexico without permission.San Diego, CASource:
Archdiocese of San Francisco Press Release 07.12.08; KCBS 07.12.08; San Francisco Chronicle 07.17.08; Times-Standard (AP) 07.18.08; Chicago Tribune 03.11.12
Ronaldo Mitchell DSuedDiocesanDeacon at small mission in Granjeno, TX. Arrested 1/17/14 and charged with molesting one youth, an altar boy, over a 2 year period between 6/10 and 8/12. Diocese had previously removed his privileges as deacon in 2012 when allegations first surfaced. Lost his job as principal at South Texas Educational Technologies Inc. when he was arrested. Civil suit filed 6/5/14.Brownsville, TXSource:
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ChaviraMarcos Capistran BAccusedCFC - Congregation of Christian BrothersAccused of abusing at least one male student at Palma High School in Salinas. No other information found but lawsuit may be filed 1/1/14 if Calif. SB 131 goes into effect. Died at age 70 in 5/02.Monterey, CASource:
Chicago Tribune 05.21.02; Monterey Herald 09.06.13; Monterey Herald (AP) 10.12.13
Peter A.1972PAccusedDiocesanOriginal accusation in 2002 by 1 man. 2005 accusations of abuse in 1980s by 3 individuals. Went on "voluntary" leave in 2005 then retired in 2006 after Church decided to try him. Original accuser settled 4/06 for $50,000 and withdrew his lawsuit. 2others also settled. Cheplic does not have privileges. Last known to be living without restrictions at St. John Vianney Residence for Retired Priests in Rutherford, NJNewark, NJSource:
Jersey Journal 09.19.05; Jersey Journal 09.19.05; NorthJerseycom 10.13.05; Jersey Journal 01.20.06; Jersey Journal 03.21.06; Star Ledger 03.21.06; Star Ledger 05.03.06; Jersey Journal 05.04.06; NorthJerseycom 12.04.08; Daily Record 05.11.09; Star-Ledger 11.03.13
CherryAthanasius C.1968PSuedBenedictinePlaced on leave in 2002. Woman filed suit 5/03 against Cherry and two other priests, the Benedictine Archabbey and the Altoona-Johnstown Diocese alleging that her son had been abused by all three priests at St. Vincent Archabbey in Latrobe. Claims against Cherry and 1 other priest dismissed 5/04 but son had filed individual suit 2/04. Mom's remaining claims settled 2/05 but son's did not.Altoona-Johnstown, PASource:
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2.7.04; Centre Daily Times 05.21.03; Pittsburgh Post Gazette (AP) 05.21.03; Associated Press 05.18.04; Tribune Review 02.16.05
Cherup, Jr.
Michael A.1981PAccusedDiocesanDiocese learned 7/19/13 of allegation of sexual abuse of a 15 yr old youth in August 1993. when Cherup was assigned to Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Pensacola. Conduct was described as lewd and lascivious in nature, like "groping." Review Board found allegation credible and he was removed without privileges from St. Mary Parish in Fort Walton Beach 8/29/13. Cherup denied all allegations.Pensacola-Tallahassee, FLSource:
Statement by Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee 08.31.13; NWF Daily News 09.02.13; WEAR 09.02.13; WJHG 09.02.13; WEAR 09.03.13; NWF Daily News 09.04.13; Pensacola News Journal 09.04.13; Statement from Msgr Cherup 09.04.13
Chleboski, Jr.
Thomas C.1987PConvictedDiocesanBegan to abuse boys prior to ordination. Criminal charges in DC, Virginia & Maryland re 2 13-yr-old boys. Convicted in all three states. Sentenced to prison for 22 yrs & 15 yrs probation in 1991 in VA; also sentenced in MD. DC sentence unknown. Abused one child again after he was reported. Mother of 1 youth filed civil suit. Voluntarily laicized. Served as chaplain in Air Force Reserves. Out on probation and registered as sex offender as of 10/3/10.Washington, DCSource:
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ChlopeckiRobert1974PSuedDiocesanMultiple complaints of homsexual acts with boys in early 1980s; suspended from active ministry 3/93. Accused of being part of sex ring involving Fr. James Calhoun and other priests. In original petition, name was spelled "Kolpecki." On 1/24/09 the diocesan website gave his status as "Administrative Leave."Belleville, ILSource:
News-Democrat 3.7.03; St. Louis Post-Dispatch 3.3.02; St. Louis Post-Dispatch 04.27.93; Pantagraph 07.24.93; St. Louis Post-Dispatch 07.24.93; St. Louis Post-Dispatch 07.29.93; News-Democrat 07.14.02; News-Democrat 04.24.07
Thomas M.1982BArrestedOSB BenedictineAssigned to St Benedict's Abbey in Benet Lake, WI on IL border. Arrested 4/13. Charged with trying to abduct a 14-year-old girl in Antioch IL and with disorderly conduct. Police saw him stop near 3 other girls. He fled and they arrested him the next day.He admitted approaching several girls over last 6 weeks. Arrested again 5/3/13 after children found at Abbey. Pled guilty 12/5/13 to one count of child abduction. Sentenced to 6 months of periodic imprisonment, plus 24 months of felony probation.Chicago, ILSource:
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CholewaGregory PSuedOblateFr. Cholewa was one of several religious accused in 2010 civil suit against Diocese, Oblates & Sisters of the Divine Savior which alleged abuse of students at Tekakwitha Indian Mission in Sisseton SD. In the suit, one woman alleges that Fr.Cholewa, Fr. Balden and another unnamed priest abused her between 1975-1982 when she was 5-11 yrs old. Sioux Falls, SDSource:
Argus Leader 8.6.10; Sioux City Journal 8.6.10; MWD et al v. Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls et al, Minnehaha County Circuit Court 07.30.10
William Anthony1973PSuedMarianistSued 2002 by a man alleging sexual abuse by Christensen and Bro. John J. Woulfe at Chaminade Prep in St. Louis, when the boy was age 15-17. MO Supreme Court reversed an earlier decision and ruled that repressed memories were admissible and the suit was not time-barred. Abuse allegedly included oral sex, anal sodomy, and viewing porn. Christensen not served with suit until 10/07. Lived & worked in Bangladesh for 20 years. Allegedly abused 30 there. Laicized 2010.St. Louis, MOSource:
St Louis Post-Dispatch 09.21.95; St Louis Post Dispatch 06.11.02; St Louis Daily Record 06.02.05; Missouri Lawyers Weekly 06.06.05; Kansas City Star (AP) 09.08.05; Missouri Supreme Court Ruling 06.13.06; St Louis Post-Dispatch 09.06.07; St Louis Post Dispatch 10.20.07; Connecticut Post 12.08.09; KMOX 01.12.11; The Cath News 01.12.11; St Louis Post Dispatch 01.13.11; Canadian Press 01.19.11; The Defence 01.28.11; SNAP Statement 03.22.11; SNAP Statement 04.09.14; Tribune-Review 09.06.14
SNAP Statement 2.7.12 (add'l article); assignment record
Norman H.1961PSuedDiocesanSent for treatment in 1986 at Paraclete Center. Christian was arrested in Saint Louis in 2003 on sexual abuse charges. Named in several civil suits filed in 2004 and 2005. Archdiocese admitted that it removed Christian from ministry in 1995 after at least 8 boys had come forward with allegations of abuse. He lived in a "monitored environment" until his death in 2004 but buried as a priest in good standing. One suit settled in fall, 2004.St. Louis, MOSource:
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Altered Boy 11.13.10 (add'l article)
Chu CongJoseph1948PArrestedTrappistPer 2002 article, Chu Cong charged with sexual assault of individual over 14 re alleged incident that took place in 8/01. Another woman said he groped her as well. Pleaded not guilty. Lived under restriction at St. Joseph's Abbey in Mass. Was there for 40 yrs. Jury found him not guilty 3/03. Died late 2004.Worcester, MASource:
Telegram & Gazette 01.02.03; Telegram & Gazette 03.14.03; Telegram & Gazette 12.02.04; Telegram & Gazette 08.04.07
Gerald BAccusedFranciscanChumik is accused of enticing a boy at ages 12 and 15 to perform oral sex during the 1970s in Canada. Criminal charges filed in 1990. He was wanted in Canada but lived in a Franciscan retirement home in Santa Barbara CA for many years. He is retired and in very bad health. Per 2005 article, he is now living at Wounded Brothers or RECON, a Franklin County, MO home for troubled priestsLos Angeles, CASource:
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ChungRichard1982PSuedBenedictineChung, a native of Hawaii who taught religion at a Colorado Springs high school was accused of "inappropriate touching" of a male student in 1992. He committed suicide within two days. Named in 2004 civil suit by man who alleged Chung abused him when he was 14 yr old student at Holy Cross Abbey, a boarding school in Canon City. 1989 Official Catholic Directory gives first name as MeinradPueblo, COSource:
Rocky Mountain News 04.13.93; The Gazette 03.24.02; Cleveland Plain Dealer 05.25.02; Rocky Mountain News 02.18.05
Paul P.1942PSuedDiocesanDied 1995. Named in 2002 employment suit by father & son. Son also alleged that, as an altar boy, he was physically and sexually abused in 1971-72 by Fr. Ciangetti and also that, as an adult, he was abused by Bp. J. Kendrick Williams when he was a priest. Suit settled 2003. Diocese paid $50K re the abuse. Also named as abuser in two additional suits filed in 2003.Covington, KYSource:
Kentucky Post 5.5.03; Kentucky Post 5.6.03; Cincinnati Enquirer 06.24.02; Associated Press 06.25.02; Cincinnati Enquirer 04.23.03; Associated Press 06.17.03; Cincinnati Enquirer 06.18.03; Kentucky Post 12.24.03
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Charles "Chuck"1980PSettledFranciscanMan filed suit 11/07 in Navaho Nation Dist. Court alleging priest had given him alcohol & sexually abused him twice in 1984-1985 when he was teenager & Cichanowicz was assigned to Shiprock, NM. Shown in Lafayette, IN diocese per 1989 OCD. Left Order in1991; laicized in 1994. Worked as counselor at Alpine Counseling in Lafayette, IN. 2nd & 3rd suits filed 2009. Judge dismissed 2007 suit; Navajo Sup. Ct. reinstated 9/11. All Plaintiffs settled 7/12. He has agreed never to work with or around minors.Gallup, NMSource:
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CiganovichMark1966PConvictedCarmeliteArrested in nationwide pornography sting 5/96. Order placed him under supervision and removed from public ministry. He had been a moral theology professor at St. Meinrad School of Theology for 17 yrs before resigning 8/96. Pleaded guilty 12/96 to federal charge of receiving child pornography in mail and sentenced to 1 yr & 1 day in federal pen, $3000 fine, and 2 yrs supervised release..Evansville, INSource:
Indianapolis Star 12.20.96; Indianapolis Star 02.18.97
CigrandNicholas< 1960PAccusedDiocesanMan filed suit in 2004 alleging abuse between 1965-1968 when he was an altar boy. Archdiocese does not consider accusations true. The lawsuit was dismissed on motion for summary judgment. Iowa Supreme Court rejected the plaintiff's appeal in 4/07. Cigrand died in 1978.Dubuque, IASource:
Telegraph Herald (IA) 02.15.04; Telegraph Herald 01.06.06; Telegraph Herald 03.07.06; Archdiocesan Report of Accused Priests 09.22.06; KWQC (AP) 04.13.07; Des Moines Register (AP) 04.14.07
Charles Michael1986PConvictedDiocesanPlaced on leave in 1993 after accusations of sexual relationship with 13 yr old girl. Pleaded guilty in 1993 on 4 counts of sexual battery and/or lewd acts; sentenced to 6 mo in jail and 20 yrs probation with mandatory treatment and forced retirement.Released from jail in Dec. 1995. Civil suit filed and settled out of court in 1997. 2002 article says settlement was $550,000. Previous accusations in 1980s. Lives in MO. 2010. On Sex Offender Registry.Venice, FLSource:
Injury Board 9.5.08; Sun-Sentinel 09.28.93; Sarasota Herald Tribune 02.28.97; News Press 10.26.03
Mario1956PSuedFranciscanTreated at Servants of the Paraclete center 1981/1982. Known to have abused minor boys prior to that time. Accused in 1994 of abuse at St. Anthony seminary. Named in 2003 civil suit. Also civil settlements in 3.06. LA archdiocese counts 12 accusers with accusations between 1962-1969. Last known address was San Damiano Retreat House in Danville. See further accusations in attached petition filed 11/09. Personnel files released 5/12. Died 11/23/13.Los Angeles, CASource:
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Assignments: Assignment Record; LA Times Database 4.20.06
Dino1966PAcquittedDiocesanCinel admits to several years of sexual activity w/ minor boys, particularly in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Found 160 hours of videotape of him w/ young boys. Criminal charges filed in 1991 for possession of pornography but Cinel acquitted in criminal trial 8/95 on technicality. Laicized but not until 2010. One civil suit settled. In 2011 he surfaced in Italy, claiming sexual abuse as a child and petitioning Vatican for justice.New Orleans, LASource:
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CinesiJoseph1980PSettledDiocesanSept. 1999 article says a man told police in July, 1998 that Cinesi had had sexual contact with him about 100 times when he was between 12 and 15 yrs old in late 70s - early 80s. Per 3/02 article, Diocese settled at least 5 claims and/or lawsuits against Cinesi between 1999-2001. Another civil suit filed in May 2004 by one man alleging abuse in 1978-1979. Settled 9/04.Miami, FLSource:
Miami Herald 09.02.99; Sun-Sentinel 09.09.99; Associated Press 03.20.02; Miami Herald 05.24.02; Bradenton Herald (AP) 05.06.04; Tampa Tribune (AP) 05.09.04; Miami Herald 09.22.04
Martin A1973PAccusedDiocesanLetter read in churches 10/4/15 announced that Cingle had been suspended from his position as pastor at All Saints parish in Boswell and St Anne parish in Davidsville, while the diocese investigated an allegation he had sexually abused a minor in 2002. Cingle was then pastor of St Francis of Assisi church in Johnstown.Altoona-Johnstown, PASource:
WJAC 10.07.15; WTAJ 10.07.15
CipollaAnthony J.1972PSettledDiocesanAbused two boys in 1978 and arrested. Charges dropped after harassment of mother and pressure by church. 1988 Suit by another youth asserted abuse over 4 yr period and mentioned earlier victims. Litigation settled in 1993. Bishop Wuerl suspended Cipola in 1988 and later suspended his privileges. Cipolla appealed to Rome and Bishop ordered to reinstate. Bishop then appealed and decision reversed in 1995. Laicized involuntarily in 2002 because he continued to act as a priest.Pittsburgh, PASource:
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 10.13.95 (2nd article); Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 03.21.93; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 03.22.93; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 03.23.93; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 03.24.93; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 03.25.93; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 10.01.93; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 02.18.94; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 10.13.95; National Catholic Reporter 05.17.02; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 05.21.02; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 11.16.02; Pittsburgh Post Gazette 06.15.03; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 02.28.04; Pittsburgh Catholic 01.07.05
Claire(unknown) NAccusedSisters of ProvidenceNun. Accused of abuse of one girl at St. Joseph's Orphanage between 1958-1964. Died. Judge dismissed lawsuit 1998, stating that institution can not be held responsible for acts if no evidence that they knew.Burlington, VTSource:
Associated Press 08.29.98
ClapsaddleHarlan1977PSettledDiocesanPer 2002 article, Clapsaddle was accused of inappropriately touching three brothers decades before Diocese notified in 1996; he was removed from parish in 1997 and sent for treatment. After treatment he was assigned as chaplain to a nursing home in a "monitored setting." The Diocese paid the three victims total of $80K. In 5/02 he was removed from the nursing home assignment after another claim of abuse years ago was received. Home said it did not know anything about his past record.Rockford, ILSource:
Associated Press 5.8.02; Chicago Daily Herald 5.9.02; Herald News 5.8.02; Rockford Register Star 5.8.02; Rockford Register Star 5.8.02; Dallas Morning News 06.12.02; Rockford Register Star 08.23.02; Rockford Register Star 06.21.03; Rockford Register Star 02.24.06
Eugene F.1952PAccusedDiocesanName released by Bp Saltarelli on 11/16/06 list of abusive priests. At that time, woman said she reported to his associate pastor in 1967 that Clarahan had abused a male friend of hers on a school trip. He did nothing and told her no one would believe her. Clarahan transferred to another parish in 1978 and then to MD in 1983. Removed from ministry 1993. Died 5/99. Three separate suits filed 10/08 alleging abuse in 1950s and 1960s. Two brothers filed suit 12/08. Personnel files released 2/12.Wilmington, DESource:
Obituary 5.99; Obituary from 05.28.99; The Dialog 11.16.06; News Journal 11.18.06; Denver Post 10.03.08; News Journal (AP) 10.03.08; News Journal 10.04.08; WDEL 10.10.08; News Journal 10.12.08; AHN 10.13.08; AHN 10.18.08; News Journal 10.19.08; News Journal 12.19.08; WDEL 12.19.08; Personnel Files released by Diocese of Wilmington 02.16.12
Diocese of Wilmington List of Accused Priests 2.16.12; News Journal 11.16.06; BA.Org Parish Assignments of Accused Delaware Priests
Daniel C.1980PConvictedDiocesanConvicted of abusing 2 boys in 1988. Probation for 15 years and 90 days in jail. Removed from ministry but allowed to volunteer and wear clerical collar. Litigation settled 1989 and 1997. Named in 19 suits 2002-2003, of which 18 settled in 6/03 and 1 in4/06. Found guilty in 2003 criminal trial and sentenced to 10 years in prison. Laicization announced 11/04. Sentence overturned 5/07. Pleaded guilty 11/07 in return for release from prison, with 5 years probation and 5 years court supervision.Louisville, KYSource:
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ClarkDavid J.1954PSuedClaretianAccusations of abuse by two brothers. Abuse took place in Prescott, AZ in 1959 and 1960; suit filed 1994. Clark may have left the priesthood prior to time suit filed. Case dismissed on statute of limitations and affirmed by US Court of Appeals in 12/96.Gallup, NMSource:
The Phoenix Gazette 02.07.94; Anderson v Diocese of Gallup, et al; 107 F 3d 14; 12.11.96; Gallup Independent 05.27.11; Gallup Independent 11.11.13
ClarkEmanuel W.1961PSuedBenedictine11/02 civil suit alleged that Clark had abused a male student at Mount Angel Abbey Seminary High School in 1975 after the youth sought counseling from Clark. Died 1992. 2nd suit filed 12/10 against Mount Angel Abbey by an active priest who alleged that Clark molested him in 1970s at Mt. Angel Preparatory, when he was between the ages of 14 and 17.Portland, ORSource:
Woodburn Independent 1.3.11; Oregonian 11.19.02; Statesman Journal 11.19.02; Table: The Oregonian 11.12.06; The Oregonian 12.29.10; Statesman Journal 12.30.10
James1947PSuedDiocesanArrested and convicted 1963 for felony charge of oral copulation with a 19 yr old man. Placed on probation. Then transferred to Corpus Christi parish in 1965. Two brothers filed suit in Dec. 2003 alleging abuse by Clark between 1968-1972. 3rd plaintiff filed separate suit. Clark died in 1989. At least 1 claim included as part of a $56.4 million payout to 56 childhood sexual abuse survivors in 8/05.Oakland, CASource:
Bay Area News Group 4.1.08; Contra Costa Times 4.1.08; Tri-Valley Herald 4.2.04; Alameda Times Star 12.12.03; Daily Review 12.26.03; Daily Review 03.21.04; Tri-Valley Herald 03.22.04; San Jose Mercury News 05.23.04; Tri-Valley Herald 07.28.04; Oakland Tribune 02.24.05; The Argus 04.11.05; Inside Bay Area 11.22.05; San Jose Mercury News 03.30.08; San Jose Mercury News 03.31.08
ClarkJoseph M. BSuedCFC - Congregation of Christian BrothersNamed in 2006 civil suit. Accused of abuse of one minor 1971-1972. Died 1986.New York, NYSource:
US District Court, Southern District New York, No. 05-CV-10467; Renew America 05.17.06
ClarkRobert1984PAccusedDiosceanName among 4 released for first time by Archdiocese of St. Paul-Minneapolis 10/23/14, on list of 17 accused of sexual abuse. Ordained for New Ulm; worked there until 1997. Religion teacher, St. Agnes High in St. Paul 1998-2002. Substantiated claims of abuse occurred outside of St. Paul-Minneapolis archdiocese. Removed from active ministry 3/26/02. Living in Arizona in 10/14.New Ulm, MNSource:
Archdiocese of St Paul and Minneapolis 10.23.14; Minnesota Public Radio 10.23.14
Archdiocese of St Paul and Minneapolis 10.23.14
ClarkThomas R.1962PSettledDiocesanIn 2002 it was revealed that Diocese paid $30,000 in 1998 to settle allegations against Clark. He was investigated & cleared by Louisville Co. Police. Based on that and psychological assessment of Clark, the diocese decided no abuse occurred but offered the alleged victim a financial settlement because of "difficulties he was facing in his life" and because Clark had cared for him for years after juvenile court placed boy in his custody.Louisville, KYSource:
Courier-Journal 10.13.02; Courier-Journal 12.16.02; Page on Sexual Abuse and Cover-Up in the Louisville Archdiocese, part 1 04.22.11
Assignments: Assignment Record
Hugh1950PSuedDiocesanOrdained in Ireland. Came to Corpus Christi Diocese 1968. Suit filed 4/10 alleges that Clarke molested 3 altar boys between 1972-1975 while assigned to Christ the King Parish in Corpus Christi. He would frequently drive through the low-income housing near the parish and pick up altar boys to help him do projects at the church. Some of the abuse occurred during these "projects." Clarke retired in 1996 and moved to Ireland where he died in 12/02. Suit settled for $1.2M 7/12/11.Corpus Christi, TXSource:
South Texas Catholic 01.03.03; Corpus Christi Caller Times 04.09.10; Corpus Christi Caller Times 07.13.11; KSAT 07.13.11; KZTV 07.13.11
J. (Joseph) Gibbs1973PSuedDiocesanPlaced on admin. leave w/o privileges in 1999 after he was accused of sexual misconduct with an adult woman. She sued the Diocese for negligent supervision for not monitoring his conduct after relationship with yet another woman. In early 2009, 20 yrold woman came forward to allege Clauder sexually abused and threatened her in 2003-2004. In 8/10 review board found her allegations "credible and probable." Rome ordered canonical trial at conclusion of civil matters. Acquitted in 12/11 criminal trial.Madison, WISource:
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ClaudineMarie NSettledorder?Settled. Accused of abuse.New Orleans, LASource:
Times-Picayune 04.17.98
ClaussJoseph L.1956PAccusedDiocesanRemoved 1990 after allegations that he abused a youth in Ohio. Clauss had been living in a facility in Jemez, NM run by the Servants of the Paraclete for 11 yrs and was not allowed to leave it without supervision. One article referred to him as an "incurable pedophile" and said that he had recently been soliciting money from former parishioners who believed he was doing mission work on Indian reservations. Another allegation surfaced 5/02. Clauss died 10/03.Evansville, INSource:
Associated Press 5.9.02; Evansville Courier & Press 5.9.02; Press Enterprise 6.3.02; Associated Press 05.22.02; Associated Press 06.20.02; Courier & Press 12.19.03
Didacus (Didachus) BAccusedO.F.M.Correct spelling of first name is believed to be Didacus. Assigned to St. Mary's High School in approximately 1964. Name first publicly shown on list of claimed abusers attached to Stockton Diocese's 5/9/14 filing in bankruptcy court. He is still active as of 2012-2013.Stockton, CASource:
SNAP Statement with link to Stockton Diocese Notice of Deadline for Filing Claims in Bankruptcy Court 07.16.14; Mercury News 07.18.14
Peter BAccusedS.C. (Brothers of the Sacred Heart)Claver took final vows in 1923. He served as teacher and administrator in schools of the Sacred Heart brothers in New England and Canada. Became superior of Sacred Heart School in Andover, MA in 1970. He died April, 1975. In 4/12, attorney Mitch Garabedian announced settlement of at least one claim of abuse regarding Claver. Abuse took place at a school in Rhode Island but also worked at Catholic schools in Massachusetts.Providence, RISource:
Boston Globe 04.21.75; 04.11.12; Boston Globe 04.11.12; Coshocton Tribune 04.11.12; MetroWest Daily News 04.12.12; The Patch 04.12.12
Assignments: Assignment Record
Christopher1998PAccusedDiocesanRemoved in 2002 from Bp Hafey High after victim in the Society of St. John case (see Urrutigoity and Ensey) alleged Clay had molested him after a dinner in Monroe County. Clay denied allegation. Civil authorities investigated but never charged him. In 7/04 he was working in Church in Arlington, TX. One Bp said he was cleared to work but Bp Martino said he was still suspended pending investigation. In 1/12, Bp Vann of Ft. Worth said he was barred from all church property and had no privileges in TX.Scranton, PASource:
Dallas Morning News 7.1.04; Dallas Morning News 7.1.04; Ft. Worth Star Telegram 7.1.04; Times Leader 5.3.02; Times Leader 7.1.04; Times Leader 7.2.04; Wilkes Barre Times Leader 5.2.02; Times Leader 05.26.02; Dallas Morning News 06.30.04; Times Leader 07.14.04; Our Mother of Mercy Catholic Church & School 01.25.12; The American Conservative 09.17.12
Times Leader 7.9.06
Innocente1949PSettledSalesians of Don BoscoAccused of sexually abusingf at least two boys at Mary Help of Christians school, East Lake, FL (boarding school for troubled boys). Claim vs Eastern U.S. Province of Salesians said to be quietly settled. Died 1999.St. Petersburg, FLSource:
Tampa Tribune 01.27.15
Clements (Camden, NJ)Gerald P.1970PSuedDiocesanAllegation of abuse of 12 yr old boy in early 1970s per 1993 lawsuit. Later settled suit for $45,000. Admission in therapy per plaintiff lawyer. Placed on restricted ministry 1993. Later permanently removed.Camden, NJSource:
Philadelphia Inquirer 10.16.05
ClemonsDelma1966PSuedDiocesanClemons and 2 other priests accused of abuse in 1960s. Alleged victim settled with Diocese in 1999 for $41K. In 2003 she committed suicide. Family returned settlement and filed suit on her behalf, saying she didn't have capacity to enter into settlement, She had been hospitalized several times. Diocese said she was 18 and relationship was consentual. Clemons was retired as of 11/09.Owensboro, KYSource:
Courier-Journal 3.9.04; Courier-Journal 11.07.03; Courier-Journal 11.08.03; Messenger Inquirer 07.19.06
Theophilus "Theo"1957PSuedCongregation of the Immaculate Heart of MaryWorked in San Antonio from 1959-1992. Died 12/17/03. In 1/11, 4 sisters filed suit against San Antonio Archdiocese alleging that Clerx molested them; one said he raped her repeatedly between 1988-1992. Girls were minors and he was assigned to St. John Berchmans parish in San Antonio. Mother worked for parish. Clerx started give the girls special privileges and visited them when Mother was at work. One of the women reported the abuse to the Archdiocese in 2010.San Antonio, TXSource:
WOAI 3.3.11; San Antonio Express News 02.26.11; Statement by Archdiocese of San Antonio 02.27.11; San Antonio Express News 02.28.11; KSAT 03.09.11
Assignments: Assignment Record
ClickPatrick R.1971SSuedDiocesanOne of several religious accused in 2002 of abuse in late 1960s at Madonna Manor, a home in N.O. for troubled children when he was seminary student. Sued in 2005. At least one claim against him included in almost $5.2M settlement with N.O. in fall, 2009. Ordained in Lafayette-IN. Diocese in 1971. Investigation said claims were "mistaken identity." Still active in same diocese in 2013 when anon. letter sent to parish to warn it about past allegations and demand his removal. Bishop refusedNew Orleans, LASource:
Indianapolis Star 3.1.13; Indianapolis Star 3.4.13; Times-Picayune 08.25.05; Times Picayune 03.11.10
Paul1999PArrestedDiocesanClogan was older man from Texas who was ordained at age 66 after wife died. Spent 2 yrs in Maine and then moved back to TX. Had been working in Austin diocese since 1/01. Arrested 2005 in TX and charged with groping 16 yr old boy in movie theater. Criminal trial in 9/08 ended in mistrial before jury was seated. New trial was to be held 12/08 but never took place. Died in Austin, TX 7/29/12.Austin, TXSource:
Bangor Daily News 8.1.12; Austin American-Statesman 12.20.05; Bangor Daily News 12.21.05; Portland Press Herald 12.21.05; The Highlander News (Marble Falls, TX 03.16.06; KXAN 09.10.08; Statement from Diocese of Austin 07.30.12; WLBZ 08.02.12
Kevin1985PSuedDiocesanAssigned to Student Center at. Northeast MO State Univ in 1993 when a student claimed that Clohessy had sexually abused him. Diocese substantiated claim, removed him from active priesthood, and sent him for treatment. Reassigned to new parish in 1995; took voluntary leave in 2000. 2003 civil suit alleged abuse of one minor boy by Clohessy and second priest. Clohessy allegedly abused the boy from 1984-1993. Current status unknown as of 2/10.Jefferson City, MOSource:
Boston Globe 4.5.02; Post Dispatch 4.8.02; Associated Press 04.12.02; NY Times 05.12.02; Post Dispatch 05.12.02; Associated Press 02.18.03; St. Louis Post-Dispatch 02.19.03
CloonanPaul I.1954PAccusedDiocesanName appeared on 6/7/12 Rochester Diocese list of priests removed between 2002 and 2012. He was voluntarily laicized, apparently after accusation of sexual abuse of minor. Per the 1989 Official Catholic Directory, he was "unassigned."Rochester, NYSource:
Catholic Courier 6.7.12; Rochester Homepage 6.7.12; SNAP Statement 6.7.12
John A.1969PAccusedDiocesanOne of 21 priests placed on leave by archdiocese 3/7/11 pending investigation for credible allegations involving sexual abuse or inappropriate behavior with minors. Last served as pastor at St. Katharine of Siena in Wayne. In 1998, a man in prison for murder accused him of abuse on several occasions in 1969-1970. Nothing done. Close denied. In 4/11, 2nd man claimed abuse in 1992-1994. Found suitable for ministry 7/6/12 after Review Board determined misconduct claims against him were unsubstantiated.Philadelphia, PASource:
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Edmond G.1946PSuedDiocesanCloutier went to seminary with former Bishop Cummins of Oakland. Cloutier was named in lawsuits. He is alleged to have abused four boys at Star of the Sea in San Francisco between late 1940s and 1957. Became part of Oakland diocese when it was createdin 1962. Retired in 1981 and died in 4/03.San Francisco, CASource:
Bay Area News Group 4.1.08; Contra Costa Times 4.1.08
Assignments: Assignment Record
William J.1975PSettledDiocesanAccused of abuse of at least 3 boys in 1979 but not removed until 1991 when he was sent to Archdiocese Retreat House at Mundelein Seminary. Civil suit filed 1991 re 1979 abuse. Admitted abuse and said after 14 yrs therapy still used his position to abuse. New allegation in 2002. Part of large 2003 settlement involving 12 priests. Left priesthood in 1994 and died 8/03. Also included in 10/05 settlement by Archdiocese re multiple priests. Personnel file released 01/14.Chicago, ILSource:
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Assignments: Assignment Record
CoakleyRobert "Br. Edmund" BSuedFranciscanScoutmaster and teacher. Accused of abuse of of 2 brothers, one of whom killed himself at age 12. Died 1988. Civil suit filed and appealed to NJ Supreme Court. Dismissed because of NJ Charitable Immunity Act. Coakley's name appeared in the Boy Scout Perversion files released in 2012.Newark, NJSource:
Schultz v. Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Newark; San Jose Mercury News 12.30.89; USA Today 11.11.02; NewJersey.Com 05.02.03; Press of Atlantic City 01.27.04; Website: Catholic Scouters & Sexual Abuse, 11.30.07; The Record 11.18.12
CobbAlan S. BSettledCFC - Congregation of Christian BrothersListed by the Edmund Rice Christian Brothers as accused by at least two persons in claims settled in bankruptcy proceedings. Cobb was listed as a 'former' brother as of 6/11/14. The Christian Brothers did not provide assignment information; until we are able to establish assignments and location of the alleged abuse, we have placed Cobb in the Archdiocese of Chicago. The Christian Brothers state that the merits of most of the claims settled in the bankruptcy were not tested.Chicago, ILSource:
Edmund Rice Christian Brothers List 06.11.14
CochraneRichard J.1972PConvictedAugustinianCochrane arrested in 1999 for assault of 14 yr old boy during trip to the Poconos. He was a teacher at Malvern Prep School. Another person came forward to allege same type of abuse in 1990. Pleaded no contest to statutory rape charge in 1/03 re 1st boy after PA appellate court ruled that the 2nd student could testify at trial. Sentenced 7/03 to 18 to 48 months in jail. In 7/03, Arch. settled civil suit filed by 1st youth. New suit 2/14/11.Philadelphia, PASource:
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Daily Times 7.27.12; Philadelphia Archdiocesan Priest Data Profile
Carlos1981PAccusedDiocesanPer 6/02 statement from Diocese, Cocio was suspended form ministry in 1993 after allegations of sexual misconduct with an adult. Also in 1993, a parent made allegation to Diocese concerning child sexual abuse that had been reported to sheriff in 1989. Sheriff decided not to prosecute but a report was given to diocese at that time. Still on leave per 2002 Catholic Directory and still being supported by church per 2007 article.Tucson, AZSource:
Diocese Press Release 06.21.02; Airzona Daily Star 06.22.02; Tucson Citizen 02.27.04; Arizona Daily Star 07.30.07
Diocese of Tucson List of Accused Priests n.d.
CocozzaDennis E.1975PAccusedDiocesanRemoved from his assignment at Church of the Assumption in Roselle Park in April, 2002 after accusation of "sexual improprieties involving a minor" several years previously. Newark, NJSource:
Bergen Record 04.16.02; Star-Ledger 04.17.02
CodyJ. George PAccusedInstitute of Charity (the Rosminians)Cody, born in Wales, U.K., worked in Peoria for many years as hospital chaplain. He died in 1964. In 2011, a woman made public her allegations that Cody had abused her and other girls in 1950s when she was a 12 yr old polio patient at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center. When she complained to the nurses, she was told to be quiet or the nurse could lose her job. At some point in the past she was offered $17K in exchange for gag agreement and she refused.Peoria, ILSource:
Central Illinois News Center 01.10.11; The Peoria Story 01.11.11
Michael J1958PSettledDiocesanIn 1988, Cody admitted that he had sexually abused about 20-40 prepubescent girls and 1 boy, the most recent being several years before. File alleges multiple male victims, some in Pittsburgh diocese. The Seattle archdiocese had been informed in 1962 that Cody had already molested at least 8 girls. After that report, Cody was sent to the Institute of Living for treatment. Then he was assigned to 6 parishes during the next 15 years, from 1964 to 1979, when he was put on leave as unassignable. Moved to FL in 1988. Sought ministry in Orlando diocese; faculties denied by Seattle. He proposed laicization but Seattle did not pursue. Settled near Las Vegas NV. On recommendation of Review Board was laicized in 2005. Hubbard suit settled for $1.2M on 5/17/15 during trial.Seattle, WASource:
Selections from Cody File; Seattle Times 05.18.15
Seattle Archdiocesan Assignment History
John V.1941PSuedDiocesanAccused of abuse by one man at Dolores Mission in Los Angeles from 1960 to 1962 when accuser was a minor. Named in 1 civil suit filed 12/03. LA archdiocese counts 1 accuser. LA report says that he molested in Orange Diocese but he is not on diocesan list of abusers. A second accuser came forward after civil suit filed. Died 2/2/05 in California.Orange, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 3; LA Times 02.18.04; OC Weekly 03.04.05; San Gabriel Valley Tribune 10.23.05
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ColbertRichard1969PSuedSociety of Precious BloodAccused in 2003 of abuse of 1 between 1985-1989 at Boys Town. Civil suit filed 10/05 and he was placed on leave by Missouri diocese where he was working. Suit dismissed by Court 5/06 [Some earlier news articles had Richard as 1st name; others had Robert. Richard is correct per 1989 Official Catholic Directory]Omaha, NESource:
Omaha World-Herald 07.21.03; Billings Gazette (AP) 10.05.05; Omaha World-Herald 10.05.05; Omaha World-Herald 10.06.05; Omaha World-Herald 10.25.05; News Tribune 03.05.06; Omaha World-Herald 05.18.06; Casper Star Tribune 05.20.06
Kevin1952PSuedConventual FranciscanAt least 5 suits filed 2002. Accused of abuse of girls. Died 1990 or 1991. May have also abused in Ohio prior to arrival in Kentucky.Louisville, KYSource:
Courier Journal 6.8.02; Courier Journal 9.29.02 (Major Account); Courier Journal 05.22.02; Courier Journal 06.27.02; Courier Journal 08.26.02; Courier Jounal 07.13.08; Page on Sexual Abuse and Cover-Up in the Louisville Archdiocese, part 1 04.22.11
Assignment Record Compiled by Law Firm
Raymond L. 1972PClearedDiocesanPastor of St. Joseph Church in Hillsborough, NJ. Removal from active ministry announced 10/25/13 after allegation of abuse of a minor in late 1970s when he was associate pastor at St. Mary Parish in South Amboy. County prosecutor informed the diocese but will not file criminal charges due to Statute of Limitations. Review Board and retired investigator found allegation "not frivolous." Cole denied the allegation. Matter referred to Vatican. Cole found not guilty by a church tribunal, composed of three priests from outside the diocese, in 11/15. Cole was planning to go to Guatemala to study Spanish, then return to the diocese to do Hispanic ministry.Metuchen, NJSource:
Bishop of Metuchen letter 10.25.13; Star Ledger 10.28.13; Hillsborough Patch 10.29.13; My Central Jersey 10.29.13; My Central New Jersey 11.13.15; NJ website 11.13.15; SNAP 11.13.15; CentralJersey 11.16.15; The Patch 11.16.15; Suburban 11.17.15
David L.1957PAccusedTrinitarianColella was placed on leave by his order 9/08 after allegations surfaced that he had abused at least one girl while working in Victoria TX Diocese at Our Lady of Sorrows parish in 1990. Colella has denied the allegation and order says it is the first against him. From 1990-2004 he worked at parishes in Dallas TX Diocese. Although retired now, he was assisting at parishes in Philadelphia. Has now been moved to a Maryland monastery.Victoria, TXSource:
Statement by Archdiocese of Philadelphia 09.15.08; Bucks County Courier Times 09.16.08; Victoria Advocate 09.18.08; Victoria Advocate 09.18.08; Dallas Morning News 09.19.08
ColemanDennis E.< 1979PSuedDiocesanColeman abused in 1979 or prior. Bishop Hogan knew but did nothing because wanted to avoid scandal. Coleman was hypnotizing boys, removing their shoes and rubbing his penis on their feet. Bishop Adamec suspended Coleman in 1987. Named in litigation in 2003. Requested and received voluntary laicization in 2004.Altoona-Johnstown, PASource:
Tribune-Democrat 2.7.03; Tribune-Democrat 5.5.04; Tribune-Democrat 06.23.02; Daily Herald 03.10.03; Tribune-Democrat 03.11.03
Joseph K.1981PAccusedDiocesanColeman admitted molesting two boys at Mattapan's St. Angela's parish in early 1980s when he was suffering from alcohol problem. A 1987 church memo from Rev. John B. McCormack (who went on to become Manchester NH bishop) said Coleman admitted to a strong attraction to boys and that he had touched other young boys. Coleman was treated at Institute for Living, then allowed to work at two hospitals. Privileges removed 1996 & 2003. "Voluntarily" laicized 2005. Boston AD database in 8/11 says case concluded canonically.Boston, MASource:
Associated Press 12.18.02; Boston Globe 12.18.02; Boston Herald 12.18.02; National Catholic Register 08.25.11
Boston Archdiocesan Assignment Record; Another Boston Assignment Record
ColemanWalter Phillip1959PSettledDiocesanDiocese investigated claims against him in 1994. Suit filed in 1994 claimed Coleman supplied youth with gifts and money and abused him for 5 years. Allowed to function for several months before "retiring." Suit resolved for undisclosed sum in 1995. Another suit filed 1996. Claims also settled in 2001 & 2003. New suit filed 9/27/10 re abuse of a 10 yr old boy in 1972.Bridgeport, CTSource:
Hartford Courant 3.9.02; Associated Press 06.24.99; Associated Press 10.16.99; Hartford Courant 03.09.01; Connecticut Post 03.17.02; Connecticut Post 04.14.02; Dallas Morning News 06.12.02; Connecticut Post 11.13.02; Connecticut Post 10.16.03; Associated Press 10.17.03; Connecticut Post 11.24.09; News-Times 11.24.09; Connecticut Post 12.01.09; Hartford Courant 12.02.09; Daily Fairfield 09.28.10
Connecticut Post 9.28.10 (add'l article); Miami New Times 9.29.10 (add'l article); Assignment Record Compiled by Law Firm
Patrick J.1974PIndictedDiocesanAccused in 2002 of abusing an 11 yr old boy in 1979. Arrested Dec. 2002 but released on technicality because incident had been reported to police more than 7 yrs previously. Woman says he seduced her in mid 1970s when she was 17. Accused of abuse of another boy in 1970s and indicted 2003. Colleary in Ireland and refuses to return to US. Extradition denied. Civil suit filed and settled.Phoenix, AZSource:
Arizona Republic 06.22.02; Arizona Republic 05.13.03; Arizona Republic 06.13.03; KPHO 05.12.05; East Valley Tribune 07.21.05; East Valley Tribune 07.24.05; AZCentral 07.28.05; Arizona Republic 02.27.10
CollinsDaniel J.1958PSuedDiocesanMan filed civil suit 7/11/13 alleging abuse by Collins at St. Christopher Catholic Church between 1971 and 1973 when he was 8-10 yrs old. Suit alleges inappropriate touching, rubbing, groping and fondling, oral and anal sex. Believe Collins is currently a Senior Priest at St. Mary of the Lake Parish in Chicago.Chicago, ILSource:
Oak Forest Patch 07.12.13; WLS 07.12.13
CollinsDonal<  PConvictedDiocesanFirst allegations in 1966. Convicted in 1998 of sexually abusing several boys at St. Peter's College seminary in Ireland and sentenced to four years in prison. Served 1 year and released 1999. At least 20 accusers known. One settlement in Ireland in 2000. Worked in an unknown parish in Florida in 1991-93. Received treatment in Hartford CT in 1993. Went back to Ireland. Laicized 11/04. Died 4/10.noneSource:
Irish Priests in the U S; Associated Press 12.17.04; Ferns Report pp 121-134 10.01.05; Ferns Report pp 71-76 10.01.05; Irish Independent 04.15.10
CollinsDonald Cecil BSettledCFC - Congregation of Christian BrothersListed by the Edmund Rice Christian Brothers as accused by at least two persons in claims settled in bankruptcy proceedings. Collins is deceased. The Christian Brothers did not provide assignment information; until we are able to establish assignments and location of the alleged abuse, we have placed Collins in the Archdiocese of Chicago. The Christian Brothers state that the merits of most of the claims settled in the bankruptcy were not tested.Chicago, ILSource:
Edmund Rice Christian Brothers List 06.11.14
CollinsEdwin1954PAccusedAccusedIn 1998, Collins, a retired priest from Rockville Centre, NY, made advances toward a teenager in Palm Beach. Boy fought him off and immediately told Diocese and Collins resigned. The vicar general wrote a letter and placed it in Collins' file. Also notified the Diocese of Rockville Centre. Name not released to public in 2002 with other accused abusers. Family immediately complained to diocese about omission. Diocese said it "missed" the file.Palm Beach, FLSource:
Sun-Sentinel 9.7.02; Palm Beach Post 09.06.02; Palm Beach Post 02.28.04
James J.1964PAccusedDiocesanPut on administrative leave without privileges 5/26/13 after allegation that he sexually abused a minor approximately 40 years previously. Taught at Holy Family University from 1976 to retirement in 2013 and was living at St Martha's rectory. Archdioceseis investigating but says this is the first allegation against him. Matter has been reported to the police. May have been working at Roman Catholic High School for Boys about 40 years ago. Found Not Suitable for Ministry 02/23/14 and permanently removed.Philadelphia, PASource:
CatholicPhilly 05.26.13; NBC 10 05.26.13; Philadelphia Inquirer 05.26.13; Statement by Archdiocese of Philadelphia 05.26.13; Catholics4Change 05.27.13; Catholics4Change 02.21.14; CBS Philly 02.23.14; Daily Times 02.23.14; NBC 10 02.23.14; Philadelphia Inquirer 02.23.14; Statement by Archdiocese of Philadelphia 02.23.14; Philadelphia Daily News 02.24.14; WPVI 02.24.14
CollinsJames P.1979PSuedDiocesanOne of 12 priests and one brother named in 10/02 lawsuit re sexual abuse. Accused of abuse of 4 men; he denied charges. Served as chaplain at an all girls school for 17 years (since 1984) but was placed on leave by the Diocese in 2002. Named as abuser of1 person in suit filed 10/03 by 27 plaintiffs alleging abuse by 24 priests. Another man was to claim abuse but killed himself just before suit filed.Brooklyn, NYSource:
NY Daily News 04.17.02; Newsday 04.18.02; NY Daily News 04.18.02; NY Times 04.18.02; Newsday 10.16.02; NY Times 10.16.02; USA Today 11.11.02; Newsday 09.25.03; Newsday 10.02.03; Queens Chronicle 10.09.03
Jeremiah J.1939PSuedDiocesanDied 1982. Named as an abuser in suit filed in 2002. Man said Collins molested him when he was about 13 in 1968 in Waltham MA and at cottage in NH. Collins was NOT named as a MA abuser in the report released 2/03 by NH Attorney General's office. Served as assistant at St. Joseph's in Amesbury MA from 9/52 - 2/58. Boston AD database in 8/11 reported no formal determination of guilt either because he died prior to canonical investigation or it was not complete at his death.Boston, MASource:
Boston Globe 02.11.03; Patriot Ledger 02.11.03; National Catholic Register 08.25.11; Daily News 08.26.11
Boston Archdiocesan Assignment Record; Another Boston Assignment Record
Collins (in Fresno)James1939 ?PSuedDiocesanWoman filed suit 12/03 alleging abuse by Collins for five years in early 1960s when she attended St. Mary's Church in Buttonwillow. Collins also served at churches in Avenal and Lemoore. Suit settled 8/06 for $875,000. (Appears to be different person than James Collins of NY).Fresno, CASource:
Fresno Bee 12.17.03; Fresno Bee 08.26.06
S. Joseph1976PAccusedDiocesan1993 civil suit claims "hundreds of occasions." of abuse of 1 youth from 1980-87. Collova barred from public ministry in 1994. Still "on leave" per 2002 Catholic Directory. Fully restricted from ministry per 2004 list. Collova cut his ties with the Catholic Church by joining another denomination or sect. He was "excommunicated" per Archdiocesan website updated after 11/26/07. In 6/09 Chicago-based American Apostolic Church installed Collova as a bishop in Milwaukee. Died 1/4/13.Milwaukee, WISource:
Archdiocese of Milwaukee List of Clergy Offenders 3.3.12; The Legacy 1.9.13; The Patch 1.8.13; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 07.31.96; Wisconsin State Journal 01.26.97; Wisconsin State Journal 06.28.97; Associated Press 07.09.04; Statement by Milwaukee Archdiocese 07.09.04; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 07.10.04; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 07.16.04; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 03.15.07; Archdiocese of Milwaukee List updated after 11.26.07; Archdiocese of Milwaukee Website updated 11.26.07; Today's TMJ4 06.18.09; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 06.27.09
Assignments: Assignment Record; Archdiocese of Milwaukee Assignment Record
ColstonLeonard1980PAccusedDiocesanOn 12/31/13, the Diocese released its list of 17 clergy, including Colston, who had been credibly accused of sexual abuse of young persons while serving in the Diocese and another five who had been accused while residing in the diocese at some time. Ordained at 55, Colston served only 6 years before being removed 9/6/86 and resigning from Diocese. Died 11/4/04.Duluth, MNSource:
Diocese of Duluth List of Clergy With Credible Claims 12.31.13; Diocese of Duluth Statement by Bishop Sirba 12.31.13; Duluth News Tribune 12.31.13; Legal Examiner 12.31.13; Northlands News Center 12.31.13; Duluth News Tribune 01.01.14
Assignments: Assignment Record
Eugene L.1956PConvictedDiocesanIndicted 7/96 re 1970s abuse of minor. Resigned immediately after Diocese learned of charges and allowed "early retirement" without privileges. Ordered not to be alone with minors. Police also found child porn in his possession. In 4/98 he received 5 yrs probation for committing lewd acts with boys in 1970s. Arrested again in 1/06 on similar charges. Retired 2006. Charges dropped 2/09 because victim's extensive legal, mental and sobriety issues did not allow him to testify. Died 5/24/14. Buried 05/28/14Charleston, SCSource:
Post and Courier 06.21.96; Post and Courier 07.11.96; Post and Courier 04.10.98; Post and Courier 04.28.02; Dallas Morning News 06.12.02; Post and Courier 02.28.04; Post and Courier 01.24.06; Post and Courier 02.19.06; Post and Courier 02.07.09; Renew America 04.19.11; Post and Courier 04.25.14; ABC News 4 WCIV 05.30.14; Post and Courier 05.30.14
CondonEugene Laurence BSettledCFC - Congregation of Christian BrothersListed by the Edmund Rice Christian Brothers as accused by at least two persons in claims settled in bankruptcy proceedings. Condon listed as former brother as of 6/11/14; cf. Charleston diocesan priest, Eugene L. Condon, who died on 5/24/14. Christian Brothers did not provide assignment info; until we establish assignments, we have placed Condon in the Archdiocese of Chicago. The Christian Brothers state that the merits of most of the claims settled in the bankruptcy were not tested.Chicago, ILSource:
Edmund Rice Christian Brothers List 06.11.14
Louis1948PSuedDiocesanDiocese statement of 11/30/05 said Condon was removed from active ministry in 1986 "due to circumstances not related to abuse of a minor." His death notice said he "retired" then. He was accused in 2005 civil suit of improperly touching and fondling a girl between 1958 and 1960 when she was aged 6-9. He denied the allegations. Suit dismissed 6/07 by Court as filed beyond SOL. Died 2/17/09.Peoria, ILSource:
Peoria Journal Star 12.01.05 (2nd); WMBD Radio 11.30.05; Peoria Journal Star 12.01.05; 12.02.05; Diocese of Peoria Statement of 11.30.05 in Catholic Post 12.04.05; Peoria Journal Star 04.13.07; Lincoln Courier 04.16.07; Journal Star 06.23.07; Pantagraph 01.20.09; Quad-CitiesOnLine 02.18.09
CongroBasil Peter1978PSuedDiocesanAccused in 4/14/03 suit of groping and sodomizing a boy 1980-83, starting at age 15, in the Rockville Centre NY diocese. Some abuse in confessional. Excardinated to Fresno CA diocese and was a Navy chaplain 1983-94. Then excardinated to Charleston SC diocese; worked as pastor; also in Navy reserves. Charleston says it learned of allegation in 6/02; deemed it credible; put Congro on administrative leave in Fall 2002. Bishop Robert Baker wrote letter to priests in 4/03 after suit was filed.Rockville Centre, NYSource:
Post & Courier 12.21.95; Newsday 04.15.03; Associated Press 04.29.03; Post & Courier 04.29.03
Assignments: Assignment Record and Other Info
ConlonTimothy C.1979PAccusedO.S.C. CrosierRemoved from duties in 2 AZ parishes by Gallup Diocese 1/27/14 after two credible allegations received from Fargo ND diocese regarding abuse prior to his 1979 ordination. He was a brother with the Crosier order at that time. Had been working in GallupDiocese since 11/11 and was in the process of becoming incardinated. He also worked in NY, NE and Phoenix, AZ. Name is included on 3/8/14 updated list of current, former and deceased Crosiers with one or more credible claims of sexual abuse of minors.Fargo, NDSource:
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Assignment Record Released by Crosier Order 03.08.14
ConnPaul Joseph1985PConvictedDiocesanIn 5/88 Conn was charged with five felony counts of indecent liberties with minors. In 7/88 he pleaded guilty to molesting six boys between the ages of 11-13. Also admitted to abuse of others police did not know about. Sentenced to 4 yrs in prison. Also a former supervising priest of another abuser, James McGreal. Civil suit settled wtih archdiocese in 1996. Laicized.Seattle, WASource:
John Roe 4 vs. Does, Cause No. 1156450, Superior Court of California; Seattle Times 3.2.02; Seattle Times 5.5.02; The Oregonian 5.4.88; United Press International 5.2.88; The Oregonian 07.27.88; Seattle Times 03.22.92; Ernesto C. v. Franciscans, Cause No. 1337577, Santa Barbara Co. Superior Court 10.05.09
Assignments: Assignment Record
John K.1965PSuedDiocesanAccused in 2002 lawsuit of abusing 12-yr-old boy during a trip to FL in 1975 or 1976 and in Plymouth, MA. Removed as St. John's Prep school chaplain by Archdiocese 1994 (1995?) after church officials received a complaint against him. More allegations in 1997. $45K settlement 6/98. Another accusation arose re 1982 abuse. Connell received treatment and was reassigned in 1984. Retired 11/01. Voluntary laicization announced 6/05. Died 2007. Boston AD database in 8/11 says case concluded canonically.Boston, MASource:
Boston Herald 03.29.02; Boston Globe 12.21.02; Boston Herald 12.21.02; Boston Globe 06.10.05; Lowell Sun 06.10.05; Lynn Daily Item 06.10.05; National Catholic Register 08.25.11; Salem News 08.26.11; The Patch 09.01.11
Boston Archdiocesan Assignment Record; Another Boston Assignment Record; Another; Another
ConnellyJames E.1943PAccusedDiocesanIncluded in a list of accused priests and religious posted by the Law Offices of Mitchell Garabedian on 01/19/11. Garabedian says he has settled at least one claim with Boston Archdiocese re allegations against this individual. Died 10/8/85. 8/11 Boston AD database reports no formal determination of guilt either because he died prior to canonical investigation or it was not complete at his death.Boston, MASource:
BishopAccountability List of Boston Priests Not Previously Identified 01.19.11; Boston Channel 01.19.11; Metrowest Daily News 01.19.11; National Catholic Register 08.25.11; Salem News 08.26.11
Assignments: Assignment Record
ConnellyNorman T.1965PSuedDiocesanAccused of abuse of at least 3 boys. One suit settled in 1993 for $25,000. Named in 1994 RICO suit. Suit dismissed on SOL 6/02 but the plaintiffs shared in $880,000 settlement in 3/03. Suspended in 1993 and later permanently removed from ministry.Camden, NJSource:
Courier Post 04.14.02; Star Ledger 05.14.02; Philadelphia Inquirer 06.21.02; Philadelphia Inquirer 07.21.02; Star-Ledger 03.14.03; Philadelphia Inquirer 10.16.05
Connelly (Connolly)
Berard BSuedFranciscanSued 1993 by woman alleging abuse in early 1970s. in Spokane Diocese when she was student at Marycliff High School Received therapy and went to CA. Accused of abuse between 1985-1987 at St. Anthony Seminary In Los Angeles Archdiocese. 1 Accuser. Also sued there. Settlement of this suit announced 8.10.06. Died 1999. Name has been spelled both Connelly and Connolly. Personnel file released 5/12.Spokane, WASource:
John Roe 4 vs. Does, Cause No. 1156450, Superior Court of California; Spokesman-Review 5.5.07; Spokesman-Review 01.24.93; LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; Santa Barbara Independent 08.10.06; Statement by Diocese of Spokane 11.21.07; First Amended Complaint in Cunningham v. Franciscans, Cause No. 1265207, Santa Barbara Superior Court, CA 08.06.08; Ernesto C. v. Franciscans, Cause No. 1337577, Santa Barbara Co. Superior Court 10.05.09; Clover v. Franciscans, Cause No. 1338070, Santa Barbara Co. Superior Court 11.03.09; Diocese of Spokane List of Admitted, Proven or Credibly Accused Perpetrators of Sexual Abuse 11.03.09; CBS Los Angeles 05.23.12; LA Times 05.23.12; Personnel file posted on 05.23.12; San Antonio Express-News 05.23.12
LA Times Database 4.20.06
ConnollyFinian1941PAccusedOFM FranciscanName among Franciscan alleged clergy perpetrators of sexual abuse in 12/14 court documents related to Gallup NM diocese's bankruptcy case. Assigned to Immaculate Conception Parish in Cuba, NM1960-1963. Believed to be deceased.Gallup, NMSource:
Gallup Independent 12.03.14
Isaac BAccusedBenedictine Br. Connolly, former dean of students, requested leave of absence 10/02 "for vocational discernment" after being accused of sexual misconduct more than 10 yrs before. Did not involve student at St. John's Univ. and did not fall under legal definition of sexual abuse. Reports said if Connolly had not taken leave, he would have been placed under restriction by St. John's Abbey. Shows as on restricted duty as of 3/11.St. Cloud, MNSource:
St. Cloud Times 4.1.11; St. Cloud Times 7.6.03; Star Tribune 09.27.02; St. Cloud Times 10.02.02; St. Cloud Times 10.05.02; Star Tribune 03.30.11
ConnollyJohn F.1964PAccusedDiocesanComplainants came forward 7/02 & 3/03 to allege abuse as high school students. Finally placed on leave 4/03. Connolly had served as chaplain of diocesan cemeteries and on Priests Retirement board. Classmate and friend of Bishop Hubbard and supervisor of at least two other abusers at Cardinal McCloskey High School. Connolly denied all allegations and requested a canonical trial.Albany, NYSource:
Albany Times Union 9.1.05; Albany Times Union 04.14.03; Albany Times Union 04.16.03; Albany Times Union 04.17.03
ConnollyPaul1956PAccusedDiocesanConnolly accused in 1992 of abusing at least 11 altar boys in 1960s. One youth's parents told Diocese in 1966 and he was transferred to another assignment. Remained active priest until 1992 when charges surfaced and he was suspended. Named as "Paul Connelly" on list of Fall River Diocesan priests investigated by DA's office in 2002, showing 8 alleged victims, all beyond statute of limitations.Fall River, MASource:
Boston Herald 2.1.02; Boston Globe 09.10.92; Boston Globe 09.27.02; Boston Herald 09.27.02; Herald News 09.27.02; Providence Journal Bulletin 10.01.02
ConnollyThomas1963PAccusedSJAs part of Section 13.1, Non-Monetary Commitments, of the Society of Jesus, Oregon Province, Reorganization Plan (dated 7/18/11) the province agreed to post on its website the names of all members of the province who are identified as perpetrators ofsexual abuse in proofs of claims filed in the bankruptcy case, and who have not denied the allegation. Connolly's name is included on this list without any additional information on claims against him.Portland, ORSource:
Jesuits Oregon Province website accessed 12.07.12
Charles Leonard BConvictedJesuitAccused 1995 and 1997 of abusing 2 dependent adult men living/working at Jesuit center. Admitted inappropriate touching; restricted but not reported to police. Case reopened 2000; search warrant revealed documents; abuse may have lasted 1970-2000. Connor sent to live at school. Pled no contest 2001; got no jail time. Settled 9/4/02 for $7.5M. Accused 2002 of abusing Jesuit; complaint deemed unproven. Accusing priest died, an apparent suicide, after Connor was housed at center with him again. Died 11/7/11San Jose, CASource: n.d.; LA Times 9.5.02; San Jose Mercury News 4.1.02; LA Times 03.24.02; San Jose Mercury News 03.30.02; San Jose Mercury News 05.24.02; Complaint 05.17.05; LA Times 08.06.05; California Catholic Daily 12.26.07; Los Gatos Patch 01.11.11; Dallas Blog 03.21.12; KGO 09.20.12; The Patch 09.20.12
John P.1962PConvictedDiocesanArrested in Camden in 1984 for abuse of boy 14. Admission. Place in special court program under which his arrest was expunged after 1 year if no more problems. Spent 8 mo. in treatment. Transferred to Pittsburgh in 1985 and then to Philadelphia from 1988 until 1993. Returned to Camden in restricted ministry. Removed in 2002. Named in Philly Grand Jury report 2/10/11.Camden, NJSource:
Philadelphia Grand Jury Final Presentment 2.10.11, pp. 35-36; Philadelphia Inquirer 3.7.11; Memo to Bishop Bevilacqua, 09.11.85; Philadelphia Inquirer 04.21.02; Dallas Morning News 06.12.02; Philadelphia Inquirer 07.28.02; Philadelphia Inquirer 09.17.05; Philadelphia Grand Jury Report 09.21.05; Philadelphia Grand Jury Report Case Study 09.21.05; Philadelphia Grand Jury Report--Section III, 09.21.05; Philadelphia Inquirer 09.22.05; PittsburghChannel.comm 09.22.05; Pittsburgh Post Gazette 09.23.05; Philadelphia Inquirer 10.16.05
Richard1969PSettledDiocesanBig scandal involving circumstances surrounding his death 11/99. He was wearing a "leather sexual device on his genitals" when he suffered a heart attack. Other priests sent to his apartment after his death removed pornography from the home and threw it away before authorities could enter the apartment. Conflicting reports about whether child porn was found. Diocese denied coverup. At least one claim included in 11/02 settlement re multiple priests.Manchester, NHSource:
Documents from NH Atty General Report 3.3.03; Manchester Report from NH Atty General 3.3.03; Union Leader 3.4.03; Associated Press 07.23.02; Union Leader 07.24.02; Union Leader 07.24.02; New Hampshire Sunday News 07.28.02; Union Leader 11.27.02; Foster's Daily Democrat (AP) 05.14.03; Union Leader 05.14.03
ConradJohn F.1963PAccusedDiocesanConrad admitted to sexual relationship with a minor (female teenager) more than 25 years previously and resigned his parish position. He was placed on leave by the Diocese.Green Bay, WISource:
Post-Crescent 09.16.02; Herald Times Reporter 09.17.02; Oshkosh Northwestern 09.18.02
Sylvester A.1952PAccusedDiocesanName appears on 7/08 Diocesan Review Board list of clergy "credibly acused" of sexual abuse. Allegations involved abuse of a minor female in early 1960s. Died 10/03.Davenport, IASource:
Quad-City Times 07.10.08; Hawk Eye 07.12.08
Catholic Messenger 7.17.08; Concise Assignment Record
Michael F. DAccusedDiocesanPer the Archdiocese of Philadelphia website, Conroy was ordained a deacon in June, 1994. He served at Sacred Heart in Royersford until Aug. 2001. He was then placed on leave of absence and finally laicized in January, 2007. No specific information found re charges against him.Philadelphia, PASource:
Archdiocese of Philadelphia Website
Philadelphia Archdiocesan Priest Data Profile
ConstantAlfred< 1945PSettledDiocesan2 suits were filed 5/02 which accused Constant of sexual assault on girl from 1945-1948 and on a boy between 1959-1962. Name not on original list of offenders from Manchester released in 2/02 but appeared with 8 others on list in 5/02. At least 1 claim included in 11/02 $5M settlement involving 62 victims and 28 priests. Constant is deceased. Manchester, NHSource:
Documents from NH Atty General Report 3.3.03; Manchester Report from NH Atty General 3.3.03; Union Leader 3.4.03; Associated Press 05.15.02; Union Leader 05.16.02; Union Leader 11.27.02; NH AG Audit Records 03.26.09
Denis A.1975PSettledDiocesanPersonnel file released 12/02. Removed from active ministry 1994 after Archdiocese received a demand letter from attorney for man who said Conte had sexually abused him when he was 11 or 12. He admitted sharing bed with boy and kissing him on lips but denied sexual abuse. Settled 1995 for $150K. Also accused of abuse in NH. "Voluntary" laicization in 2004 announced 6/05. Boston AD database in 8/11 says case concluded canonically.Boston, MASource:
Boston Globe 12.10.02; Boston Herald 12.10.02; Boston Globe 06.10.05; Lowell Sun 06.10.05; Lynn Daily Item 06.10.05; Documents from NH AG Audit Report 03.07.09; National Catholic Register 08.25.11
Boston Archdiocesan Assignment Record
Conti (Helinski)
Anthony (Tony) J.1976PAccusedDiocesanPreviously known as A. J. "Anthony" Helinski through at least 1988. Removed 2002 after allegations of sexual misconduct with a boy under 18 more than 20 years previously. Church officials permanently banned him from ministry. Named in 2004 civil suit.Laicized in June 2006. Detroit, MISource:
Detroit News 6.6.06; Detroit Free Press 5.6.02; Detroit Free Press 6.6.06; Times Herald [MI] 5.7.02; USA Today 11.11.02; Detroit Free Press 04.14.03; Times Herald [MI] 08.19.04
Times Herald [MI] 5.06.02
Jules1940PSuedJesuitOrdained in France. Served in AK from 1942-1978. Died 1995. 8 men filed suit 2003 alleging abuse from 1955 to about 1977. Most settled claims against Order but claims against diocese remain.Two settled completely & other plaintiffs have joined the case. Total of 16-18 plaintiffs have made accusations. AK Supreme Court ruled 8/06 that case can proceed. Claims included in 11/07 settlement with Jesuits. Another 19 claims settled 3/11 as part of Jesuit settlement.Fairbanks, AKSource:
Anchorage Daily News (AP) 06.25.03; News Miner 07.15.03; Anchorage Daily News 10.26.03; Anchorage Daily News 10.29.03; Anchorage Daily News 12.05.03; Anchorage [Daily News?] 03.16.04; News Miner 03.17.04; Anchorage Daily News (AP) 03.19.04; News Miner 03.23.04; News Miner 11.06.04; OregonLive_com 11.11.04; KTUU 02.01.05; Anchorage Daily News 08.19.06; Anchorage Daily News 11.20.07; Good Jesuit, Bad Jesuit 11.12.09; PCVA Law Firm Press Release 03.25.11
Assignments: Assignment Record; Excerpt from Bankruptcy Reorganization Documents for Fairbanks Diocese 1.25.10, p. 1
Neil P.1963PAccusedDiocesanAdmitted molesting at least 8 boys between 1968-1985. Caught in 1985 and sent for counseling. Left church on total disability in 1987 after psych reports say he could not function effectively. At least two victims sued him prior to 4/02. Name released by Diocese 4/02. A third suit filed 3/04. No criminal prosecution.Cleveland, OHSource:
Akron Beacon Journal 4.5.02; Akron Beacon Journal 4.9.02; Newsweek 4.1.02; Plain Dealer 3.9.00; Plain Dealer 4.9.02; Plain Dealer 03.12.02; Akron Beacon Journal 03.29.02; Plain Dealer 03.30.02; Miami Herald 04.14.02; Cleveland Plain Dealer 11.23.02; Hamptons Independents 03.17.04
Assignments: Assignment Record
ConwayPatrick J1934PAccusedSJAs part of Section 13.1, Non-Monetary Commitments, of the Society of Jesus, Oregon Province, Reorganization Plan (dated 7/18/11) the province agreed to post on its website the names of all members of the province who are identified as perpetrators of sexual abuse in proofs of claims filed in the bankruptcy case, and who have not denied the allegation. Conway's name is included on this list without any additional information on claims against him. He worked in the San Francisco, Helena, Boise City, Seattle, Spokane, and Great Falls dioceses, and is not listed in the Official Catholic Directory after 1951.Seattle, WASource:
Jesuits Oregon Province website accessed 12.07.12
Detailed BA Assignment Record
ConwayThomas A.1957PAccusedSociety of Precious BloodPlaced on leave 6/02 after Diocese received a complaint from woman who accused him of inappropriate behavior in another state in 1970s when she was 14 or 15.Kansas City, KSSource:
Kansas City Start 06.18.02
Louis G.1958PAccusedDiocesanFollowing a recent court order, on 12/16/13 Bp. Quinn released a list of 13 names of priests who had "credible" accusations of abuse involving minors. Cook's inclusion on this list is the first public notice that he had been accused of abuse. Further information released by Diocese 06/23/14. Complaint received 10/97 re allegation of sexual abuse of a minor female. In 6/14, Diocese reported that complainant withdrew the allegation approximately 4 days later. Cook retired 07/01/98 and died 11/26/04. No further allegations found in his file.Winona, MNSource:
Anderson & Assoc Press Release 12.16.13; Diocese of Winona Statement and List of Accused Priests with Assignments 12.16.13; Owatonna People's Press 12.16.13; Star Tribune 12.16.13; Winona Daily News 12.16.13; Austin Daily Herald 12.17.13; Austin Daily Herald 12.17.13; Diocese of Winona Updated List & Media Statement 06.23.14; KEYC 06.23.14; Winona Daily News 06.23.14; WXOW 06.23.14; Austin Daily Herald 06.24.14; Winona Daily News 06.24.14
Diocese of Winona Assignment Record
Kevin1978PAccusedDiocesanRemoved in 2002 after he was accused of inappropriate contact with girl, age 14, more than 25 yrs previously. May have occurred when he was in seminary. Faculties withdrawn in 2003.Birmingham, ALSource:
Florence Daily Times 09.25.02; Birmingham News 01.07.04
George1976PConvictedDiocesanArchdiocese knew of complaints as early as 1971 when Cooley in Seminary and again in 1978. Numerous male victims. Convicted 1991 & sent to prison for 18 months. Prison again 1994 for violation of probation. At least 9 civil suits. Permanently removed 1984 and laicized in 1998 after church trial. Still had teacher's license as of 10/06. License finally revoked 12/06.Cincinnati, OHSource:
Cincinnati Enquirer 4.14.02 (2nd); Cincinnati Enquirer 4.14.02 (3rd); Cincinnati Enquirer 03.16.02; Cincinnati Enquirer 04.14.02; Cincinnati Enquirer 03.22.03; Cincinnati Enquirer 10.03.03; Archdiocesan Status Report (cached by Google 02.07.06; Toledo Blade 10.06.06; Toledo Blade 10.07.06; Toledo Blade 12.13.06
James J.1965PAccusedDiocesanAccused 1/22/02 of abusing two boys, age 14 and 15, in 1966 or 1967. After 2-year term as pastor 1983-85 and 3-year demotion, was USAF chaplain 1988-96. Then worked in parish and as hospital chaplain. Restricted 1/02 to saying Mass privately. Retired 2/26/02. Evaluated at St. John Vianney Hospital 3/02. Additional restrictions on ministry 9/10/04. Faculties removed 10/8/04; supervised.Philadelphia, PASource:
Philadelphia Grand Jury Report; Philadelphia Grand Jury Report, Appendix A; Philadelphia Inquirer 09.25.05
Philadelphia Archdiocesan Priest Data Profile
Joseph A.1989PAccusedDiocesanAs many as 15 men have made allegations that Coonan psychologically manipulated and somethimes sexually abused them in 1970s prior to his ordination when he was teacher at Oxford High School and camp counselor in Oxford . He was placed on leave in 2002 when accusations made. Has fought accusations. Also accused in 2006 of physical abuse of his own mother & sister. Fought to be reinstated as pastor until 2/08. Even appealed to Vatican. Died 10/7/11.Worcester, MASource:
Telegram & Gazette 3.2.06; Telegram & Gazette 4.4.06; Telegram & Gazette 4.4.06 (2nd); Telegram & Gazette 8.9.02; Telegram & Gazette 9.1.02; Telegram and Gazette 8.3.02; Telegram & Gazette 08.22.02; Telegram & Gazette 08.27.02; Telegram & Gazette 01.11.03; Telegram & Gazette 01.16.03; Telegram & Gazette 05.14.03; Telegram & Gazette 05.20.03; Telegram & Gazette 10.23.03; Telegram & Gazette 09.23.06; MetroWest Daily News 09.24.06
Telegram & Gazette 9.26.06 (add'l article); Telegram & Gazette 2.9.08 (add'l article); WHDH 2.9.08 (add'l article); SNAP Statement 12.30.08 (add'l article); Telegram & Gazette 10.12.11 (add'l article); Telegram & Gazette 10.13.11 (add'l article)
CooneyArthur1976PAccusedofm capIdentified in 6/18/13 Capuchin audit report as a current friar with confirmed reports of sexual abuse of minors. Cooney's name is included on this list without any additional information on claims against him except that he has been removed from publicministry and is living under supervision.Detroit, MISource:
Capuchin List of Friars with Confirmed Reports of Sexual Abuse of Minors 06.18.13; Report of the Audit and Review of the Files of the Capuchin Province of St Joseph 06.18.13
Damian Lawrence1986PSuedDiocesanAccused by woman in 1994; archdiocese of Vancouver 'does not dispute'. At age 15 met Cooper, chaplain at retreat. At age 16 received counseling from him at cathedral offices. 'Sexual relationship' 1985-1992 starting at age 17, including sex at motels. Cooper was removed and sent for treatment. May have been assigned in OR for brief time in 1994-1995. Worked 1995-2001 in Rockville Centre NY, which was 'fully informed' but 'optimistic'; removed for similar behavior not involving minor. Believed in US as of 2012. A/K/A Lawrence Dean Cooper and Fr Damien. Accuser from 1994 filed civil suit in Canada 12/12. Set for trial 9/14.Rockville Centre, NYSource:
Vancouver Sun 12.13.12; SNAP Statement 12.14.12; Vancouver Sun 12.14.12; Vancouver Sun 12.14.12; SNAP Statement 12.17.12; Vancouver Sun 01.19.13; Sylvia's Site 04.26.14
Ronald C.1983PAccusedDiocesanPlaced on leave 1/04 after a man came forward to allege that Cooper had touched him inappropriately several times in Bridgetown in 1983-1984 during Cooper's first assignment after ordination. Cooper admits contact with the youth but claims no sexual intent was involved. Referred to Review Board for further action. Archdiocese says this is first allegation against Cooper. Still on leave in 2007.Cincinnati, OHSource:
Archdiocese of Cincinnati Status Report 2.7.06; Cincinnati Enquirer 01.14.04; Dayton Daily News 01.14.04; Dayton Daily News 04.22.07
CooperThomas T.1955PSuedDiocesan2005 lawsuit accuses Cooper of abusing one youth from 1970-1971 when the boy was 12-13. Suit says abuse occurred at Cooper's vacation house while assigned to St. Mary Magdalen parish in south St. Louis. Cooper retired in 1993 and died 12/03. Judge ruled3/10 that church was not responsible because contact took place away from church property. MO court of appeals upheld decision 7/11.St. Louis, MOSource:
Belleville News Democrat 06.23.05; St Louis Post-Dispatch 06.23.05; Riverfront Times 07.14.10; Riverfront Times 07.14.10; Riverfront Times 07.21.10; Riverfront Times 02.16.11; Doe vs Roman Catholic Archdiocese of St Louis in The Leagle 07.05.11; Riverfront Times 07.05.11; SNAP Statement 10.05.11; John Doe AP vs Archdiocese of St Louis, Petition to US Supreme Court 01.13.12; SNAP Statement 06.03.13; SNAP Statement 11.14.13; SNAP Statement 11.27.13
CoppingerJohn W.1972PAccusedFranciscanRemoved from active ministry in May, 2002, after allegation of improper behavior in the past.New York, NYSource:
Journal News (NY) 5.2.02
CorbeilRalph PAccusedDiocesanAccused of abuse of 15 yr old girl in 1948 and an altar boy from 1952-1956 per documents released by Maine AG's office 5/05. A man reported the 1948 incident involving the girl in 2002. Several complaints in early 1950s and Corbeil transferred. Abuse ofthe altar boy was at St. Mary's in Lewiston. Corbeil would give him $$ after each incident.Portland, MESource:
Maine AG Document Production 05.27.05
Eugene D.1962PConvictedConsolata Society for Foreign MissionsCorbesero, a "former priest," pleaded guilty 6/07 to sexually assaulting a 12 yr old boy in 8/06 in New Jersey and was sentenced 10/07 to 5 yrs prison. Conviction upheld by appeals court 12/08. Prosecutors tried to obtain his personnel records from time as priest alleging that he may have had similar troubles in the 1970s but court denied the motion. Corbesero left the order in approx. 1979 and later married. Still in prison 8/11.Metuchen, NJSource:
Star-Ledger 5.9.07; Star-Ledger 6.9.07; Star-Ledger 10.06.07; Home News Tribune 12.26.08; Star-Ledger 12.27.08
Assignments: Assignment Record
CorbettThomas1965PAccusedDiocesanCharged in 2002 with two counts of third-degree sexual abuse in 1991. The charge, later dismissed, involved a woman. He was working in the diocese's legal services office as part of diocesan marriage tribunal. Removed from this position 5/02. Another woman complained 4/02 that Corbett abused her when she was a minor in 1974-1975. She said her parents told another priest and Corbett was transferred. After canonical process, Corbett was sentenced to life of Prayer and Penance per 2012 release.Rochester, NYSource:
Associated Press 5.2.02; Catholic Courier 6.7.12; Rochester Democrat and Chronicle 5.4.02; Rochester Diocese Release 5.2.02; Rochester Homepage 6.7.12; SNAP Statement 6.7.12; Star Gazette 5.5.02; Rochester Democrat and Chronicle 04.22.02; Dallas Morning News 06.12.02
Andre Anthony1961PConvictedDiocesanCriminal charges filed 1988 alleged abuse in 1966 when parish was part of Raleigh Diocese. Sentenced 3 yrs jail; served only about 60 days. Put on probation for 5 yrs and sent for treatment. Accused of dressing young boys in loin cloths to depict modelof crucified Christ. Charlotte Diocese stripped Corbin of priestly faculties in 1988. Also named in 12/03 lawsuit in Springfield, MA which settled 8/04 as part of multiple plaintiffs $7.75M settlement. Died in fire 5/08 at age 79.Raleigh, NCSource:
Judgment Suspending Sentence 01.30.89; Asheville Citizen Times 01.31.89; United Press International 01.31.89; Springfield Republican 12.26.03; Springfield Republican 10.11.04; CBS 3 05.14.08; CBS 3 05.15.08; Republican 05.15.08; Press Release by The Office of Stobierski & Stobierski, 12.03.08
Detailed Assignment Record
Thomas A.1972PAccusedDiocesanIn 8/11 Diocese learned of allegations of possible inappropriate behavior with a minor at two parishes 1987-2008. After months of investigation, Review Board found actions did not rise to the level of sexual abuse of minor but were inappropriate. He resigned from St. Pius X and was sent to treatment. Soon began work as volunteer chaplain at Central DuPage Hospital "under restrictions." Removed by Hospital 4/13 after it learned of past allegations. Diocese said it already knew.Joliet, ILSource:
Chicago Herald-News 04.04.13; SNAP Statement 04.04.13; Statement by Archdiocese of Joliet 04.04.13; Chicago Tribune 04.05.13; Chicago Tribune 04.07.13
Cordova HernandezJorge Washington1981PAccusedDiocesanHome diocese is Quito, Ecuador. Accused in 2005 of abusing two teenage girls during his assignment to St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Yuma from 1988 to 1991. He was indicted but fled to Ecuador before he could be arrested. He was arrested by police in Spain in 6/07 and was expected to be extradited to the US. Indicted in 2 counties. Unable to locate further information.Tucson, AZSource:
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Coria Gonzales
Hector2011PArrestedDiocesanApproximately 42 when he was ordained in Jan., 2011. Arrested 5/9/14 on charges of statutory rape and oral copulation of a teenage girl beginning in 2013. He was released on bond 5/10/14. He was assigned to St. James Parish in Davis, CA at the time. Diocese removed him from all assignments without privileges pending further investigation by police. Officially arraigned 6/10/14 on three felony counts of unlawful sexual intercourse and a misdemeanor charge of oral copulation with a person younger than 18. Pled guilty under agreement with DA to one count of sexual intercourse with the girl. He was sentenced 8/29/14 to 90 days in jail, three years probation and sexual offender counseling. He is also forbidden to contact the girl until she turns 18 this fall. Girl admitted during hearing that the sex was consensual and that she did not want matter prosecuted. Diocesan officials will ask Vatican to laicize Coria Gonzales.Sacramento, CASource:
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Eugene S.1960PSettledDiocesanName included among 17 released by Archdiocese in 10/14, as part of settlement, of priests with substantiated claims of sexual abuse of minors against them. Left ministry 1995. Living in Minneapolis in 10/14.noneSource:
Archdiocese of St Paul and Minneapolis 10.23.14; Minnesota Public Radio 10.23.14
Archdiocese of St Paul and Minneapolis 10.23.14
CorkeryPaul F1923PAccusedSJAs part of Section 13.1, Non-Monetary Commitments, of the Society of Jesus, Oregon Province, Reorganization Plan (dated 7/18/11) the province agreed to post on its website the names of all members of the province who are identified as perpetrators ofsexual abuse in proofs of claims filed in the bankruptcy case, and who have not denied the allegation. Corkery's name is included on this list without any additional information on claims against him. Worked in the San Francisco, Seattle, Spokane, and Yakima dioceses. Died 5/10/59.Spokane, WASource:
FindAGrave 05.10.59; Jesuits Oregon Province website accessed 12.07.12
Detailed BA Assignment Record
John1975PAccusedDiocesanCornelius, while a student at Mt. Angel Seminary, is accused of molesting a boy in eastern Oregon in 1968. Worked in Seattle Archdiocese from 1975 to 2002. Adopted several youths. At least 20 youths have accused him of abusing them the 1970s-1980s. Laicized 2004. 2 brothers settled w/ Seattle for $1 mil in 2006. Several other cases pending.Seattle, WASource:
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Francis P.1949PAccusedDiocesanCredible allegation of abuse. Name first released on list of abusive priests released by Bishop Saltarelli on 11/16/06. Died 1975. Personnel file released 2/12. On new list of accused priests 2/16/12.Wilmington, DESource:
The Dialog 11.16.06; News Journal 11.17.06; News Journal 11.07.09; Diocese of Wilmington List of Accused Priests 02.16.12
News Journal 11.16.06; BA.Org Parish Assignments of Accused Delaware Priests
CorralAndres S. PAccusedDiocesanAccused of abuse in 1981. LA archdiocese counts 1 accuser. Extern priest from Philippines working in Archdiocese.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 4
LA Times Database 4.20.06
CorrigalRobert F.1959PAccusedJesuitWorked in several parishes, including Pilot Station (1963-65), Marshall and Immaculate Conception. One pending claim against Corrigal shown in bankruptcy reorganization documents for Fairbanks Diocese 1/25/10. Died 5/88.Fairbanks, AKSource:
Excerpt from Bankruptcy Reorganization Documents for Fairbanks Diocese 01.25.10; Marshall - Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church Website 01.25.10; Pilot Station - Saint Charles Spinola Catholic Church Website 01.25.10
Assignments: Assignment Record
CorriganEdmund BSuedCFC - Congregation of Christian BrothersOne of 10 brothers and two laymen accused by more than 30 men in 5/13 civil case of abuse at three Chicago schools run by the Edmund Rice Christian Brothers North American Province. Order agreed to massive $16.5M settlement w 400 plaintiffs re abuse by multiple order priests & brothers late May, 2013. Unclear if the order has substantiated any of the allegations against the eight newly-accused brothers, including Corrigan.Chicago, ILSource:
Chicago Tribune 05.24.13
Ronald E.1971PSettledDiocesanPlaced on leave 3/02 when first allegations surfaced. Civil suit filed 5/02. Plaintiff says he was one of several minors drinking at party at rectory 2/82. He passed out and woke to find Corriveau fondling him. Suit settled summer 2002. Police investigated him in 2003 for possession of Internet porn. At least 1 claim included in 11/02 $5M settlement involving 62 claims. Laicization announced 6/05.Manchester, NHSource:
Associated Press 03.20.02; Union Leader 03.20.02; Nashua Telegraph 03.21.02; Union Leader 03.21.02; Union Leader 05.24.02; Nashua Telegraph 11.27.02; Union Leader 11.27.02; Union Leader 01.31.03; Union Leader 06.10.05; Union Leader 06.11.05
CorryJohn1952PAccusedDiocesanCorry, who retired in 1992, admitted in 2002 to sexually abusing a boy (between the ages of 10-14) in the 1960s. He had been living at a Monastery for past 10 years. Bishop forced him to move because the Monastery also housed a child day-care center. Second victim also made similar allegations.Rapid City, SDSource:
Associated Press 08.29.02; Associated Press 08.30.02
Antonio1996 ?PConvictedDiocesanArrested 4/16/09 for unlawful sexual behavior with teenage boy and giving him alcohol. Counseled the boy for 2 yrs. Removed by Diocese from St. Mary of Nativity in Salinas. Child porn found on his computer. Pled no contest 3/11 to 14 counts. Sentencedto 1 yr jail & probation. Released 11/15. Warrant issued when failed to register as sex offender. Fled to Mexico. Civil suit filed 7/11/11. Settlement with Diocese 3/13. Court struck Cortes? original answer 6/13 and Plaintiff will seek default judgment.Monterey, CASource:
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Monterey Herald 12.16.11 (add'l article); Monterey Herald 2.18.12 (add'l article); Assignment Record
Augusto2003PConvictedVincentian FathersArrested 6/08, charged with touching breast of 12-yr-old girl 5/29/08. Worked with students at St.John the Baptist School in Bushwick. Per The Tablet 3/1/08, had been working at Centro de Evangelizacion San Vicente de Paul; was to return to his order 12/31/08 and was not to present as priest. Also worked at St. Rosalie's in Hampton Bays NY. Sentenced to 6 yrs probation 7/09. Accused 6/14 of sexual abuse of 6-yr-old girl at her family home in Hampton Bays. Girl contracted STD. Cortez questioned by police, but let go. Fled. May have left U.S. Warrant out for his arrest. Girl's family sued Vincentians and Rockville Centre diocese 11/15.Brooklyn, NYSource:
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CosgroveJohn V.1955PSuedDiocesanAccused of abuse between 1979-1980. Died 1989. LA archdiocese counts 1 accuser. Named in at least 1 civil suit.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 1
LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times Database 4.20.06
CossetteRaymond1955PAccusedDiocesanOn 12/31/13, the Diocese released its list of 17 clergy, including Cossette, who had been credibly accused of sexual abuse of young persons while serving in the Diocese and another five who had been accused while residing in the diocese at some time. Retired 1/1/95. Served in High Schools and as Diocesan Superintendent of Schools. Diocese began new investigation of allegations when name released. Current status still shown as retired. Lives in Brainerd, MN.Duluth, MNSource:
Diocese of Duluth List of Clergy With Credible Claims 12.31.13; Diocese of Duluth Statement by Bishop Sirba 12.31.13; Duluth News Tribune 12.31.13; Legal Examiner 12.31.13; Northlands News Center 12.31.13; Duluth News Tribune 01.01.14
Assignments: Assignment Record
John M.1984PAccusedJesuitAccused in 11/03 of sexually abusing a 15-year-old male student in 1980 at Regis HS in the New York archdiocese, where Costello worked before ordination. Removed by Jesuits from his job at McQuaid HS in Rochester diocese in 11/03. Reinstated in 1/04 because, said the Jesuits, the accuser had recanted. Costello was moved in 2005 to Murray-Weigel Hall, a Jesuit residence in the Bronx. Had also been principal of Canisius HS in the Buffalo diocese 1989-92.Rochester, NYSource:
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle 1.8.04; WOKR-TV 1.7.04; McQuaid Press Release 11.15.03; Rochester Democrat and Chronicle 11.16.03; Welehan Letter to Alumni 11.17.03; Rochester Democrat and Chronicle 11.21.03; Buffalo News 11.22.03
Assignments: Assignment Record
George A.1974BAccusedChristian BrothersAlso known as Br. Daniel Eliseus. Accused 1993 of sexually abusing a girl from age 9 to 15, starting in mid-1960s, when he was a Christian Brother at West Catholic Boys High School in the Philadelphia archdiocese. Left the Christian Bros; was ordained in 1974 & incardinated in the Paterson NJ diocese. Worked as hospital chaplain. Retired in 1993; lived at convent attached to youth retreat center. No privileges. Named aux. contract chaplain 2006. In 2007 and 1/09, he presented himself as active priest.Philadelphia, PASource:
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Detailed Assignment Record; Diocese of Tucson List of Accused Priests 8.5.11
Aaron Joseph PConvictedDominican18 yr old boy filed suit 11/05 alleging abuse in 2001-02 when the youth attended Mother Seton Church in Germantown MD., Suit said abuse occurred in both MD and DC. Cote removed. Reported to Archdiocese in 2003 but it just moved him to RI. Also alleged to have abused 2nd youth in OH in 1980s. Case settled 8/07 for $1.2M paid by Order. Also worked in Springfield MA. Woman filed suit 4/08 re abuse of her children. First criminal charges filed 7/08 re 2003 abuse. Found guilty 7/09. 10 yrs probation 11/09.Washington, DCSource:
Gazette 12.14.05 (2nd); Gazette 4.9.08; The Republican 4.9.08; Providence Journal 11.17.05; Gazette (Germantown, MD) 12.14.05; Gazette 10.18.06; Gazette 11.08.06; Columbus Dispatch 11.25.06; Gazette 08.23.07; Frederick News Post 08.24.07; Providence Journal 08.24.07; The Republican 11.08.07; iobserve 11.15.07; Frederick News Post 11.19.07; National Public Radio 12.31.07
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Joseph A. PAccusedDiocesanCote is one of 14 active and retired priests named as abusers 2/02 in the Manchester Diocese. Cote lost his right to minister at the time the allegations against him were originally made. No indication how long he had been retired Named in the 2003 NH Atty General Rept on Manchester Diocese.Manchester, NHSource:
Documents from NH Atty General report 3.3.03; NH Atty General Report on Manchester Diocese 3.3.04; Union Leader 3.4.03; Union Leader 02.16.02; Union Leader 02.17.02
Assignments: Assignment Record with Links to Articles and Documents; Manchester Diocesan Assignment and File Summary
Roland P.1971PAccusedDiocesanIn 4/02, man accused Cote of sexually assaulting him in early 1980s when he was a teenager. Cote admitted to sexual relationship with the boy and to paying the youth for sex but said he was 18 at the time. Bishop reassigned Cote to new parish in 6/02 but did not tell new parish of accusations. Also did not tell that there had been financial settlement. Left parish 11/02 after furor raised. Also admitted that he was sexually active in mid-1980s with a "couple of other people" who were about 18 yrs old.Manchester, NHSource:
Boston Globe 1.9.03; Concord Monitor 3.5.03; Documents from NH Atty General Report 3.3.03; Manchester Report by NH Atty General 3.3.03; Union Leader 3.4.03; Nashua Telegraph 09.28.02; Concord Monitor 09.29.02; Boston Herald 09.30.02; Union Leader 10.01.02; Union Leader 10.07.02; Boston Globe 10.30.02; Nashua Telegraph 11.03.02; Nashua Telegraph (AP) 11.04.02; Nashua Telegraph 12.24.02; Union Leader 12.24.02
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James H.1950PAccusedDiocesanCotter worked for Buffalo diocese until he retired in 1978 and moved to San Diego. Allegations of abuse in Buffalo did not surface until mid-1990s. His name was on list of priests with credible allegations in San Diego diocese 3/30/07. Civil suit filed2003 in CA named San Diego & Buffao dioceses; alleged abuse for 4 yrs prior to 1991 death. Buffalo did not participate in payment of settlement with San Diego (but was released from suit). At least 2 other victims in CA. Personnel file released 10/25/10Buffalo, NYSource:
Diocese of San Diego List 03.30.07; Lompoc Record 03.30.07; San Diego Union Tribune 03.31.07; Buffalo News 08.03.07; UPI 08.03.07; Buffalo News 01.27.08; Documents Released by San Diego Diocese 10.25.10
John M.1960PSettledDiocesanFirst accused publicly in 1993 suit of repeatedly molesting boy 1968-75 from age 7, including oral, digital and anal rape. Boy Scout leader William Reynolds was accused of abusing boy also. Many other victims came forward, male and female. Archdiocese is alleged to have known by 1974. CYO, Boy Scouts and confession used in abuse. In 1994, 1st plaintiff sent letter about abuse to John Paul II. In 1995-98, 7 settled for $575K; 4 others for $361K. Cotter died 1989. Victims continue to come forward.Boston, MASource:
Boston Globe 02.26.89; Boston Globe 08.05.93; West Roxbury Transcript 09.01.93; Statement by Robert Costello 02.10.94; West Roxbury Transcript 11.29.95; Boston Globe 01.28.02; Boston Herald 02.16.02; Boston Globe 12.13.02; City of Angels 01.17.09; Boston Globe 05.01.11; National Catholic Register 08.25.11; Salem News 08.26.11; Boston Globe 07.05.13
Boston Archdiocesan Assignment Record
Patrick J.1957PSuedDiocesanSued 2003. Accused of abuse between 1963-1964. LA archdiocese counts 2 accusers.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 1; LA Times 08.18.02; Pasadena Star-News 11.21.03
LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times Database 4.20.06
CoughlinJohn A.1934PAccusedJesuitPer statement released by Diocese of Spokane 11/07, Coughlin was named in accusation that was found to be credible or proven. No further information found. He died 9/27/65.Spokane, WASource:
Statement by Diocese of Spokane 11.21.07; Diocese of Spokane List of Admitted, Proven or Credibly Accused Perpetrators of Sexual Abuse 11.03.09; Good Jesuit, Bad Jesuit 11.12.09
Assignments: Assignment Record
Kenneth (Ken) F.1990PAccusedDiocesanRemoved 5/14 from Church of the Holy Family Parish in Grand Blanc, MI after allegations raised that he had inappropriately touched the hands and legs of two students. He has denied the allegations. Michigan CPS is conducting an investigation. As of 5/28/14, matter has been turned over to Grand Jury. As of 8/1/14, Coughlin has agreed to a leave of absence and to enter treatment/evaluation at the Bishop's request. He still denies the allegations.Lansing, MISource:
MINBC News 05.04.14; Statement by Diocese of Lansing 05.04.14; Daily Reporter 05.05.14; Letter to Parishioners from Father Jonathan Perrotta 05.05.14; MLive 05.05.14; WNEM 05.05.14; SNAP Statement 05.06.14; MLive 05.27.14; WNEM 05.29.14; MLive 06.05.14; MINBC 08.01.14; MLive 08.05.14
CoughlinPaul E.1966PAccusedDiocesanLaw enforcement informed the diocese in 2002 that Coughlin had been accused of "inappropriate physical contact" (but not abuse) with a minor in 1985. The diocese deemed that allegation unsubstantiated. Removed in 2004 after diocese learned that Coughlinhad allowed a man accused of molesting a teenage boy to live in his rectory. Was to be returned to limited duties in Feb. 2008 but too much public outcry.Portland, MESource:
Bangor Daily News 2.7.08; Bangor Daily News 2.9.08; Kennebec Journal 2.7.08; Portland Press Herald 1.4.05; Portland Press Herald 2.8.08; Portland Press Herald 8.9.04; Statement by Diocese of Portland 2.7.08; WCSH-TV 2.6.08; Associated Press 08.08.04; Portland Press Herald 10.24.04; Portland Press Herald 02.10.08
Richard T.1953PSuedDiocesanCoughlin went from Boston to the Diocese of Orange in 1965 and established the All American Boys Chorus. Excardinated to Orange 1971. Allegations in 1993 that he abused several boys who were members of the choir between 1970-1983; at least 3 suits filed 1993 and 1994. LA Archdiocese report says 6 accusers. Also accused of abuse in Boston MA and NH before time in CA. Named in 2002 Boston suit. Over $3M in settlements. Permanently restricted from ministry per Boston AD database 8/15.Boston, MASource:
Articles on Coughlin from Boston Archives; Boston Victim's Account; LA Times 02.10.93; LA Times 02.13.93; Boston Globe 04.03.93; Boston Herald 03.17.02; USA Today 11.11.02; New Hampshire Attorney General Report on the Diocese of Manchester 03.03.03; Diocese of Orange News Release 01.10.04; LA Times 01.11.04; LA Archdiocesan Report 02.17.04; Orange County Weekly 07.09.04; Orange County Weekly 04.15.05; Orange County Register 05.17.05; Orange County Register 05.17.05
Boston Archdiocesan Assignment Record; LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; Directory Listings Compiled by Arellano of OC Weekly; LA Times Database 4.20.06
CourcyLeo1962PSuedDiocesanPart of the Burlington VT diocese. Civil Litigation filed in 1994. Courcy and deceased priest Joseph Anthony Gallegos are accused of abusing altar boy in New Mexico, after his first trip to the Paraclete Center. There was probably abuse in Vermont, also. Sent to NM twice, 1967 and 1969. 1993 Official Catholic Directory says on duty outside diocese.Santa Fe, NMSource:
Denver Rocky Mountain News 06.29.94
Edward C. (Chris)1961BSuedCFC - Congregation of Christian Brothers5 Plaintiffs settled for $1.9M 2/07. Another suit filed 2006 alleged abuse of 1 youth in 1980 at St. Alphonsus School in Seattle & at O'Dea. Suit settled for $1.1M fall 2007. Order knew in 1960s about abuse but let him continue teaching in IL, MI, NV, NY & WA. Pled guilty in 1988 to indecent-liberties; received 24 mo. Probation. Believed to have had over 50 victims. Multiple suits filed 3/09, 11/22/11 (7 claims) and 3/13 (15 claims). Order agreed to $16.5M settlement w 400 plaintiffs re abuse by multiple order priests & brothers in 5/13. 52 of the 400 claimants made allegations against Courtney. Other settlements are still pending as of 2014. He is believed to be living in HI as of 2014. On 6/25/14, Archdiocese announced $12.1M settlement of 30 claims against Cong. of Christian Brothers & the Archdiocese and The Briscoe School in the Kent Valley and Seattle?s Bishop O?Dea High School. 11 of the claims involved abuse by Courtney.Seattle, WASource:
Seattle Times 02.07.07; Seattle Post-Intelligencer 11.15.07; Seattle Times 11.15.07; Post-Intelligencer 03.20.09; Chicago Now 09.08.09; JB et al v Archbishop of Seattle 08-2-02341-9SEA, Pltts Obj to Def MSJ 10.12.09; Seattle Times 04.28.11; Summary and Documents 04.29.11; SNAP Statement 05.23.11; Seattle Times 11.24.11; Monterey Herald 02.27.12; Chicago Sun-Times 04.12.12; CBS Chicago 07.31.12; Southtown Star 07.31.12; MyNorthwest 03.11.13; Seattle Times 03.14.13; Chicago Tribune 05.24.13; Seattle Weekly News 05.08.14; SNAP Statement 05.08.14; SNAP Statement re Pending Settlement 05.08.14; Q13 Fox 06.25.14
CousineauR. David1972PSuedDiocesanAccused of abuse between 1970-1973. LA archdiocese counts 1 accuser. Named in at least 1 civil suit. Suspended from ministry in 1994 after he married.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 1; City of Angels 12.07.07
LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times Database 4.20.06
Coutinho (Continuho)Absalom1972PAccusedDiocesanCame to US in 1970 from India. Began working for Paterson Diocese in 1984 and went to Florida "on loan" in 1998. Accused of abuse of 2 females (at least one a minor) in Paterson and removed from duty 2002. Diocese asked Vatican for permission to hold court trial. At least 2 variations of last name.Paterson, NJSource:
Bradenton Herald 5.2.02; Sarasota Herald Tribune 5.3.02; Statement by Diocese of Venice 5.9.02; The Record 04.24.02; NY Times 04.25.02; Sarasota Herald Tribune 05.29.02; Daily Record 10.05.03; Observer-Tribune 10.23.03
CoutuJoseph 1981PAccusedDiocesanName included on Gallup diocese's 12/14 list of credibly accused clerics. Assignments include St. Mary's, Farmington NM 05/81 - 12/81; Our Lady of Guadalupe, Holbrook AZ, 12/81 - 83; Sacred Heart Cathedral, Gallup NM 1983 - 06/84.Gallup, NMSource:
Diocese of Gallup downloaded 02.28.15
Raul R.1983PAccusedDiocesanPlaced on leave 9/14/07 after allegations of misconduct which possibly involved abuse. No information on when the event took place or the age and sex of the possible victim. Covarrubias had worked at Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish since 1992. Bishop announced in 12/07 that abuse did not involve a minor but that Covarrubias had been ordered to counseling for "misconduct." He has been returned to his parish per a 5/31/08 article.Boise, IDSource:
Diocese of Boise Priest Page on Covarrubias 09.21.07; KPAX 09.21.07; Idaho Statesman 09.22.07; Left Side of the Moon 09.22.07; Fox12 09.26.07; Idaho Statesman 12.11.07; Montana's News Station 12.11.07; Idaho Statesman 01.03.08; Mountain Home News 05.31.08; 2 News TV 06.01.08
CovasPeter1957PSuedDiocesanCovas retired from parish 4/02 amid accusations of sexual misconduct with minors. Resigned in 1983 as 1st financial director of Diocese after he loaned $225K of diocesan money to man who had been convicted of fraud. Sexual accusations came to light after internal diocesan review of files. Civil suits filed 2003. Arrested twice (1987 and 1988) for public sexual misconduct. Died 2004. Personnel file released 10/25/10.San Bernardino, CASource:
Press Enterprise 5.1.03; Press Enterprise 04.29.02; San Bernardino Sun 04.29.02; Daily Bulletin 04.18.03; San Bernardino Sun 04.30.03; Press Enterprise 01.16.04; Press Enterprise 04.21.04; Press Enterprise 05.19.04; Press Enterprise 11.10.05; Documents Released by San Diego Diocese 10.25.10
Leonard P1938PSuedDiocesanIdentified 2/11/15 as accused of abusing a minor. Man has reportedly filed a claim alleging he was molested as a child by Cowley in 1968 when the boy was 15, on a trip to northern Minnesota. Cowley was a pastor at the Basilica of St Mary in the 1960s and a bishop from 1957 until his death in 1973.St. Paul-Minneapolis, MNSource:
Jeff Anderson & Associates 02.11.15; Star Tribune 02.27.15
Assignments: Assignment Record
Brian M.1968PConvictedDiocesanPart of Josephite society from 1968. Joined Baltimore Archdiocese in 1981. In 1995 complaint of abuse in 1981 was made to Baltimore. Cox admitted that he had abused from 1979-1985. Placed on permanent leave without privileges. He was arrested in 2002 and charged with abuse of 2 boys. Sentenced to 15 months in jail & 5 yrs probation. Served 9 months. Laicized in 2004. Registered sex offender.Baltimore, MDSource:
Touchstone July/Augus 2002; Baltimore Sun 09.04.95; Archdiocese of Baltimore Press Release 05.23.02; Baltimore Sun 05.23.02; Baltimore Sun 05.23.02; Baltimore Sun 06.07.02; Archdiocese of Baltimore 09.25.02; Baltimore Sun 10.16.02; Baltimore Sun 01.22.03; Baltimore Sun 10.31.03; Washington Post 07.13.04
Archdiocese of Baltimore 9.25.02
CoxHarold T.< 1956PSuedDiocesanNamed in massive civil suit filed 10/03 where 27 victims allege abuse by 24 priests. One man alleged that Cox sexually abused him from 1956 until approx. 1958 or 1959.and that the abuse occurred 30 to 50 times. He was between 11-14 at time of abuse.Brooklyn, NYSource:
Newday 10.02.03
Charles G. (Charley)1965PSuedJesuitSued in 2002. Accused of abuse of a boy in 1970s at Newton South High School in Boston. Article also refers to a 2nd youth who was living with Coyle and later committed suicide. Coyle was working in New Orleans when accusation became public; Archdiocese placed him on leave. Second suit filed in 2003 alleges abuse dating back to when Coyle was a seminarian in Baltimore. Omitted from 2011 Boston AD database. Coyle died 7/1/15.Boston, MASource:
Boston Globe 04.19.02; Times-Picayune 04.20.02; Times-Picayune 04.28.02; USA Today 11.11.02; Times-Picayune 11.11.03; Boston Globe 11.20.11; New Orleans Advocate Obituary 10.24.15
Assignments: Assignment Record
CoyleJames M.1983PAccusedDiocesanCoyle accused of series of sexual molestations over 5 years in 1980s at St. Peter's Church in DeLand and of plying boys with marijuana and alcohol. Accusations made in 1996; he was suspended & sent for treatment. News not released to public by Diocese until 2/97. Bishop Dorsey promised in 1997 that Coyle would never be returned to diocesan duties.Orlando, FLSource:
Orlando Sentinel 2.4.97; The Ledger (Lakeland, FL) 4.8.02
Robert1974PSuedDiocesanAccused per Archdiocesan List 3.20.06. Removed 1990 and resigned from priesthood 10/93. Suit filed 4/06. Several known victims claim abuse between 1982-1990. Previous settlement made in 1989. Archdiocese settled at least one claim in 5/07 $6.65M settlement with 14 people alleging abuse by 12 priests. At least 1 claim included in 8/08 $12.7M settlement involving 11 priests and 16 plaintiffs. Laicized 10/09.Chicago, ILSource:
Chicago Archdiocesan Report 3.20.06 page 1; Chicago Breaking News 2.6.09; Chicago Daily Herald 4.7.06; Chicago Sun-Times 4.7.06; Chicago Tribune 4.7.06; Renew America 4.8.06; The Times (Chicago) 4.7.06; WBBM 2.6.09; Daily Southtown 05.29.07; Chicago Tribune 08.12.08; WBBM 08.12.08; Chicago Sun Times 08.13.08; Chicago Tribune 08.13.08; Jeff Anderson & Assoc. News Release 08.14.08; Lake County News-Sun 08.16.08
Archdiocese of Chicago List of Credibly Accused Priests accessed 10.4.10 (add'l article); Assignment Record
Walter G J1923PAccusedDiocesanOriginally ordained for the Archdiocese of St. Louis, Craig came to the Springfield-Cape Girardeau Diocese in 1956 when it was established. In late 2012, a credible complaint of sexual abuse of a boy in mid-1960s was received. Craig was assigned to Immaculate Conception Parish in New Madrid at that time. Died 12/16/71.Springfield-Cape Girardeau, MOSource:
Ozarks First 12.31.12; Sikeston Standard Democrat 12.31.12; Kansas City Star 01.01.13; News Leader 01.01.13; St Louis Review 01.02.13; Southeast Missourian 01.04.13; Southeast Missourian 01.07.13
BA Assignment Record
CramerWilliam N.1977PConvictedDiocesanAccused of abusing 2 young brothers in 1984. Mother told diocese which just transferred him. Reported to police in 1985; convicted in 1988 and received 3 yrs probation. Each child received $38K in civil suit. Worked as hospital chaplain beginning 1991 but placed on leave 2002. Cramer hired canon lawyer to fight his suspension. Name is included on the "Pervision Files" a national list of Boy Scout Leaders accused of being molesters which was released 10/12.Paterson, NJSource:
The Record 04.14.02; NY Times 04.16.02; The Record 04.24.02; Dallas Morning News 06.12.02; The Record 06.19.02; The Record 06.20.02; The Record 07.09.02; Daily Record 06.25.03; The Patch 10.18.12; New Jersey Herald 10.19.12
BA.Org Assignment Record
Thomas Anthony1981PArrestedDiocesanActive priest when he was arrested 1/02 for dealing drugs and taking money from parish. Sentenced to 51 months in fed. prison. Out on probation in 2005 when he was arrested on child porn charges. Convicted by jury 6/06 and sentenced to 10 yrs prison. Article refers to him as a "former priest." On Sex Offender Registry.Pensacola-Tallahassee, FLSource:
Pensacola News Journal 06.23.03; Associated Press 06.23.05; 06.24.05; 06.03.06; 06.21.06; Pensacola News-Journal 06.21.06
CreagerRobert J.1954PAccusedDiocesanCreager was one of 7 priests asked to step down from public ministry 5/02 because of allegations of sexual abuse. He retired as of 1998. No info on alleged abuse or victims. Allegations were brought to Diocese's attention within the preceeding two months. Spent some time as military chaplain.Peoria, ILSource:
Catholic Post 6.9.02; Copely News Service 05.30.02; Diocesan Press Release 05.30.02; Chicago Tribune 05.31.02; Pantagraph 05.31.02
Copely News Service 5.30.02
Thomas P.1967PSettledDiocesanArchdiocese knew of abuse of 1 teenage boy in 1983 and contributed $10,000 to settlement with victim. 4 suits filed 2002 (including one by boy named above) alleging abuse from 1983-1997 and Creagh removed from parish. Creagh spent some time in Florida parish after original settlement. Permanently removed from active ministry as of 10/02.Louisville, KYSource:
Archbishop Kelly 1983 memos re Creagh; Courier Journal 7.7.02; Courier-Journal 5.9.02; Courier-Journal 7.2.02; Courier-Journal 05.17.02; Courier-Journal 05.24.02; Courier-Journal 09.29.02; Courier-Journal 09.29.02; Courier-Journal 10.13.02; Courier Journal 10.20.02; Naples Daily News 04.28.03; Courier-Journal 05.14.03; Page on Sexual Abuse and Cover-Up in the Louisville Archdiocese, part 1 04.22.11
Assignment Record Compiled by Law Firm
CreasonHubert (Hugh) E.1958PAccusedDiocesanCreason resigned from St. James Church in Catawissa in 2002 after allegations that he had sexually abused a minor about 25 yrs ago. Another complaint alleged abuse from about 30 years ago. Church substantiated both allegations and asked for his resignation. He left an earlier assignment at Our Lady Queen of Peace abruptly in late 1989 or early 1990. His next assignment was in Jan. 1991.St. Louis, MOSource:
St. Louis Post Dispatch 5.6.02; St. Louis Post-Dispatch 08.14.92; Times [Shrewsbury, MO] 03.06.05
CreedC. Patrick1951PSuedDiocesanDied in 2001. Accused in 2002 suit of making sexually inappropriate comments to teen in 1951 when the youth sought counseling after abuse by Fr. Louis Miller. 4 or 5 other suits filed in 2003 by women claiming abuse when they were school girls. Three claims settled 6/03 as part of massive settlement by Diocese. One other dismissed by Court in 2004 on SOL.Louisville, KYSource:
Courier-Journal 7.2.02; Courier-Journal 7.2.03; Courier-Journal 7.7.02; Courier-Journal 9.2.02; Courier-Journal 01.22.03; Courier-Journal 02.15.03; Courier-Journal 08.27.03; Courier-Journal 01.23.04; Courier Journal 06.11.04; Page on Sexual Abuse and Cover-Up in the Louisville Archdiocese, part 1 04.22.11
Assignment Record Compiled by Law Firm
Gerard E.1951PSettledDiocesan1973 memo to Cardinal Medeiros complained that Creighton had been transferred 17 times in 22 years and that the man was sick. In 1977 woman wrote to archdiocese saying she had seen two girls imitating oral sex and that they said they were imitating Creighton and their mother. Woman filed suit 1998 re abuse as 17 yr old. Dismissed 5/03 on SOL. Retired 1985. Placed on leave 1997. Died 2004. See 8/11 Boston AD database.Boston, MASource:
Boston Globe 2.3.03; Boston Globe 5.1.03; 2.7.03; Documents released by Archdiocese 12.18.02 (pt 2); Boston Globe 12.18.02; Boston Herald 12.18.02; Documents released by Archdiocese 12.18.02; Patriot Ledger 12.19.02; Patriot Ledger 10.20.08; National Catholic Register 08.25.11; Taunton Daily Gazette 08.26.11
Boston Archdiocesan Assignment Record; Addendum to Assignment Record; Other Boston Archdiocesan Assignment Record
CreminsDaniel J.< 1965PAccusedDiocesanAccused of abuse between 1965-1971. Died. LA archdiocese counts 1 accuser.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 1
LA Times Database 4.20.06
George E.1962PSuedDiocesanServed as chancellor and/or as vicar general at various times between 1979-1994. In 2005 lawsuit he was accused of molesting a boy in 1975-1975 while pastor of Our Lady of the Rosary in Union City. He denied all charges. Diocese investigated; Review Board found "insufficient evidence" to support allegations. Diocese paid plaintiff $600K as part of global settlement in 8/05. Admitted not reporting incidents of abuse involving other priests. Privileges as retired priest were restored 6/05.Oakland, CASource:
Bay Area News Group 4.1.08; Berkeley Daily Planet 2.8.05; Catholic Voice 7.1.11; Contra Costa Times 4.1.08; National Catholic Reporter 7.5.11; Oakland Tribune 6.3.05; The Catholic Voice 6.6.05; Dallas Morning News 02.15.05; CBS 5 03.03.05; Tri-Valley Herald 03.30.05; Berkeley Daily Planet 05.24.05; The Argus 08.10.05; San Jose Mercury News 03.30.08; San Jose Mercury News 03.31.08; Contra Costa Times 06.19.11
Marcel BConvictedBrothers of Christian InstructionPleaded guilty 12/89 to 5 counts of gross sexual miscounduct for having sex with 12 yr old boy in 1983. Two other charges outside the statute of limitations. Per 2/04 Maine Atty General Report, Crete was sentenced to 8 years with all but two and a half years suspended and a period of probation. Served 7 months of his sentence and was released 7/90. He still resides with the Brothers of Christian Instruction in Alfred, Maine. Registered Sex Offender.Portland, MESource:
Maine AG Report 2.24.04 page 4; Portland Press Herald 02.26.04
John S.1971PAccusedDiocesanCrews, Exec. Director of Hanna Boys Center in Sebastopol since 1984, resigned 2/6/13 after report of an inappropriate relationship in 1971 involving a minor male. Prior to Hanna assignment, Crews was at St. Sebastian Church in Sebastopol and at St. Joseph Church in Cotati. Alleged victim is deceased. Matter was reported to Sheriff's office prior to notification to Diocese. Diocese believes it was an isolated incident.Santa Rosa, CASource:
Sonoma News 02.13.13; Statement by Hanna Boys Center 02.13.13; Sonoma News 02.14.13; Press-Democrat 02.24.13
Robert R.1975PAccusedDiocesanIn 4/10, Crisp told Sacred Heart parishioners in Rowlett via letter that Diocese had granted his request for 6 month leave of absence. Week later Bishop wrote to parishioners to explain that he had removed Crisp because several women, including 2 teenagers, had complained of inappropriate and unwanted touching. Privileges removed. Pled no contest 3/11. Sentenced to 6 mo deferred adjudication and $650 fine. In July, 2014, it was learned that Bishop Farrell has reassigned Crisp to prison ministry. He may also provide services at St. Joseph Village, a retirement home, in Coppell, TXDallas, TXSource:
Letter from Bishop of Dallas Diocese 05.02.10; Dallas Morning News 05.21.10; Dallas Morning News 06.29.10; CBS 11 06.30.10; Dallas Morning News 03.29.11; Houston Chronicle 03.30.11; SNAP Statement 03.30.11; SNAP Statement re Reassignment 07.29.14
CristanchoFernando1985PAccusedDiocesanRemoved 1997 for sexual misconduct with young woman (not a minor) in Arlington diocese. Cristancho arranged in vitro fertilization of woman in Colombia using his sperm. Triplets born in 11/01 (2 boys, 1 girl). Baltimore archdiocese learned about the children and fired Cristancho from parish in 7/02. Privileges removed 2004. In 2006 DSS found sexual abuse of both boys, including oral sex. Mother reported possible 3rd victim. Maryland Appeals court gave custody to mother in 10/08. Cristancho denies abuse.Baltimore, MDSource:
Diocesan Communicator (Marquette, MI) 3.10.04, p. 4; Maryland Daily Record 10.27.08; MD Court of Special Appeals 10.27.08; Baltimore Examiner 10.30.08; Daily Record 10.31.08; Examiner 11.06.08; Statement by Bill Casey of SNAP 11.06.08; Daily Times 11.11.08; Examiner 11.23.08
Detailed Assignment Record
CrokeBrother BSuedCFC - Congregation of Christian BrothersIn civil suit filed 8/26/10, two of three plaintiffs alleged that they had been abused by Br. Croke after they had already been abused by other brothers at Briscoe Memorial School in 1955 and in 1963-64Seattle, WASource:
JH et al v. Corp of Catholic Archbishop of Seattle et al, 10-2-30752-4SEA 08.26.10
CrokeEdmund W.1928PSuedDiocesanCroke's personnel file was one of 16 released in Boston 1/03. He was accused in 2003 lawsuit of sexually abusing at least one child. Died 1971. 8/11 Boston AD database reports no formal determination of guilt either because he died prior to canonical investigation or it was not complete at his death. Boston, MASource:
Boston Globe 01.30.03; National Catholic Register 08.25.11
Assignments: Assignment Record
CroninJames Patrick NSuedSisters of Charity of NazarethNamed in 8/04 civil suit by woman said she was abused by Cronin, two other nuns, and Fr. Lammers at St. Thomas-St. Vincent Orphanage. Order confirmed that Cronin was at the orphanage between 1958-1961. Died.Louisville, KYSource:
Associated Press 08.25.04; Courier-Journal 08.25.04
CroninJohn P.1957PAccusedDiocesanName on 9/02 list of priests investigated by DA's office on charges of sexual misconduct. Article says three victims, all beyond SOL. In 10/02 he admitted that one woman went to Bishop in 1991 alleging an inappropriate sexual relationship and that "there was some truth" to what she said. Sent for evaluation and found not to be a threat. Placed in charge of cemeteries with some restrictions. Two more allegations surfaced in mid 1990s and Bishop O'Malley ordered further restrictions.Fall River, MASource:
Boston Globe 09.27.02; Boston Herald 09.27.02; Herald News 09.27.02; Standard Times 10.06.02
CroninSean1973PSuedDiocesanNative of Ireland. Moved to LA Archdiocese 1972 and was ordained there. Sued 2003. Accused of abuse between 1972-1980. LA archdiocese counts 2 accusers. Personnel file released 1/13 reveals he provided liquor to an underage teen he was counseling, asked the boy sexual questions and took him to see a movie with homosexual sex scenes. On admin. leave between 2004-2011. Laicized 1/26/11 per personnel file.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 1; Los Angeles Times 2.7.04; Patch 2.3.13
LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times Database 4.20.06
Thomas1969PSuedDiocesanWoman filed suit 10/10 in MO alleging she was abused by both Cronin and Fr. John Tulipana at separate times.Told diocese in 2009 that in 1979 (at age 17) she confessed to Cornin that she was being sexually abused by relative. Cronin molested her on multiple occasions. He left KC in 1996 to work as hospital chaplain in Reno NV. He "retired" in 2004. Worked as Admin. of St. Mary in the Mts. in NV in 2010 per their bulletin. Removed 10/22/10. Involved with Rachel's Sanctuary, (for homeless women) in NV.Kansas City-St. Joseph, MOSource:
St. Mary in the Mountains Bulletin 9.5.10; Lahonta Valley News 09.19.06; 10.04.10; KCTV 10.04.10; Statement by the Diocese of Kansas City 10.04.10; Kansas City Star 10.05.10; Register-Journal 10.21.10; Reno Gazette-Journal 10.22.10; Reno Gazette-Journal 10.23.10; SNAP Statement 09.11.12; Reno Gazette-Journal 09.12.12
Assignments: Assignment Record
CrookDavid G.1981PAccusedDiocesanPlaced on leave 3/93 and then permanently removed from active ministry 1/95 over allegations of sexual misconduct with a teenager "some years ago." As of 2002, he had left the Illinois area. On 1/24/09 the diocesan website gave his status as "Administrative Leave / Retired."Belleville, ILSource:
Belleville News Democrat 3.7.03; St. Louis Post-Dispatch 03.31.93; St. Louis Post-Dispatch 07.24.93; St. Louis Post-Dispatch 07.24.93; St. Louis Post-Dispatch 01.14.95; Belleville News Democrat 04.24.07
CrosbyDonald J.1963PAccusedDiocesanAccused in 1970s of abusing teenage girls at a Utica Catholic School. Reported to Msgr. H. Charles Sewall (now known abuser) but Sewall apparently did not report. Nothing found in Crosby's files. Voluntarily left priesthood in 1975 and laicized in 1980. Working as school guidance counselor in 2003 but resigned shortly after school learned from the DA's office about old allegations. One woman said her mother reported the abuse to the Diocese in the 1990s but no record found. Died 1/04.Syracuse, NYSource:
Syracuse Post Standard 02.19.04; Observer-Dispatch (Utica, NY) 02.24.04
CrossCharles V.1960PSuedDiocesanRemoved 5/02. Alleged to have molested at least 4 male teenagers in early 1960s. Had not served as parish priest since 1985 because of "unrelated claims of sexual misconduct." Main duty was to oversee maintenance at diocese headquarters. Forced to retire 6/02 w/o privileges. One man sued Cross in 1995 re 1960-1964 abuse after telling the Diocese in 1993. Case dismissed on SOL. Died 4/24/10. Still referred to as "retired priest."Birmingham, ALSource:
Birmingham News 1.7.04; Birmingham News 05.10.02; Dallas Morning News 06.12.02; Birmingham News 04.29.10
Assignments: Assignment Record
CroweThomas PSettledDiocesanIn 12/02 Manchester Diocese settled with six victims of 5 priests, including Thomas Crowe. Apparently Crowe only had one victim, a 13 yr old boy he abused between 1949-1950 while at Blessed Sacrament. There was one incident of oral sex and many of kissing and grooming. He was already deceased at time of settlement.Manchester, NHSource:
Union Leader 12.20.02; NH AG Audit Records 03.26.09
CrowleyStephen PSettledDiocesanClaim(s) against Crowley, a retired priest, were settled as part of the $22 mil settlement in Oct. 2005 with the Hartford Archdiocese. No other information found.Hartford, CTSource:
Hartford Courant 11.01.05; New York Times 11.01.05; Hartford Courant 11.26.12
Timothy M.1976PAccusedDiocesanAccused of sexual misconduct with boy for approx 8 yrs in 1980s and removed from his Lansing, MI parish in 1993. Victim signed a 2 page affidavit and gave it to the diocese. Lansing diocese settled with the victim in 1993 for $200,000. In 1995 Crowley was given permission to work in Alaska with full approval from Archbishop Hurley. His record there was clear but he was removed in 2002 after Dallas Bishop Conf. Criminal charges considered in 2003 in Mich. but never filed.Lansing, MISource:
Fairbanks Daily News Miner 2.5.04; Associated Press 04.28.02; Dallas Morning News 06.12.02; Associated Press 06.18.02; Associated Press 07.15.02; Catholic Anchor 07.19.02; Detroit Free Press 04.14.03; Anchorage Daily News 04.24.03; Anchorage Daily News 11.16.03; Ann Arbor News 11.19.03; Archdiocesan Report of Sexual Abuse 02.13.04; Anchorage Daily News 02.14.04
Crowley, Jr.Joseph I.1980DConvictedDiocesanOrdained as permanent deacon in 1980. Pleaded guilty in 1999 to six counts of rape and seven counts of indecent assault and battery on a child younger than 14. His victims were two family members. Sentenced to three successive 2 1/2-year terms and 10 years probation. Voluntarily laicized per 3/18/06 article and Archdiocese of Boston database released 8/25/11.Boston, MASource:
Boston Herald 02.22.99; Boston Globe 03.18.06; Boston Herald 03.18.06; Metro West Daily News 03.18.06; Patriot Ledger 03.18.06; National Catholic Register 08.25.11
Assignments: Assignment Record
CrozierJohn1949PAccusedDiocesanPer documents released by the Maine AG's office in 2005, Crozier was accused of abuse of 3 brothers and one of their sisters in 1960s and 1970s. They reported abuse to Diocese in 1990s. Known to have major problems with alcohol. No assignment after 1983. Died 1990.Portland, MESource:
Maine AG Document Production 05.27.05; Bangor Daily News 05.28.05; Portland Press Herald 07.17.05
CrucesAngel1961PSuedDiocesanSued 1983. Accused of abuse of 1 girl. LA archdiocese counts 1 accuser. Extern priest from Philippines working in Archdiocese since 1978. Died 1996. As part of 2007 $660M settlement with 508 plaintiffs, Archdiocese was to release personnel files. Personnel files finally released 1/13.Los Angeles, CASource:
Associated Press 2.8.84; LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 4; Milla v. Tamayo, 187 Cal.App.3d 1453; LA Daily News 10.12.12; Daily 01.26.13
LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times Database 4.20.06
Thomas J.1975PAccusedDiocesanRemoved by the Diocese in 6/09 after newly reported allegations of sexual misconduct with a teenage student more than 30 years before. When confronted, he admitted the allegations were true and diocese sent him to a treatment facility. He was assigned to Cardinal Mooney High School as well as to St. James in Warren and St. John the Baptist during the relevant time period. Three additional allegations received within one month. Laicization announced 07/19/10Youngstown, OHSource:
Statement by Diocese of Youngstown 06.01.09; WYTV 06.06.09; Canton Repository 06.07.09; Tribune Chronicle 06.07.09; Vindicator 06.07.09; Canton Repository 06.08.09; WYTV 06.08.09; Tribune Chronicle 06.09.09; Tribune Chronicle 06.10.09; Vindicator 06.10.09; WYTV 06.11.09; Canton Repository 06.12.09; Canton Repository 06.30.09; Vindicator 07.07.09; Vindicator 07.09.09; Vindicator 07.19.10; The Independent 07.20.10; Tribune-Chronicle 07.20.10; Tribune-Chronicle 01.25.13; Vindicator 01.25.13
J. Peter1967PAccusedDiocesanPlaced on leave 5/06 after allegations of sexual misconduct with two women prior to 1994. No info as to age of the women when the "misconduct" occurred. 8/06 article says he admitted to "unchaste behavior" with "high school girls." Case was forwardedto Vatican for review. Resides at Villa St. Joseph in Dunmore per diocesan website 9/1/09. Vatican has ordered him to live a life of prayer and penance per 10/11 news article.Scranton, PASource:
Citizens Voice 05.31.06; Scranton Times-Tribune 05.31.06; Times Leader 05.31.06; WNEP 05.31.06; Citizens Voice 06.17.06; Times Leader 08.27.06; Standard Speaker 10.26.11; Citizens Voice 10.27.11; Times-Tribune 10.27.11; Times Leader 04.07.14
Times Leader Assignment Record 7.9.06
Stephen D.1969PSuedDiocesanServed as priest from 1969-1998. Was a hospital chaplain for approx. 16 yrs. during that time period at Okla Health Center in Okla City.. Also served as part-time high school chaplain. Currently a student at Univ. of Central Oklahoma in Edmond, OK. Accused of abuse of one male minor at Saint Joseph Old Cathedral in Oklahoma City in civil suit filed 11/10.Oklahoma City, OKSource:
Oklahoma Gazette 12.22.10; SNAP Statement 12.24.10
Nicholas V.1963PSuedDiocesanAccused of abuse of between 11-16 young girls in 1960s and 1970s. Archdiocese first learned of abuse in 1991. Sued in 1992. Placed on leave 1996. Laicized 3/21/05. Named in new Grand Jury report 2/10/11. Cardinal B. admitted in 2003 depo that Cudemowas allowed to remain active because a priest "has rights"; "If we tried to remove him, he could bring action." Named as diagnosed pedophile in secret 1994 memo from Wm. Lynn to Msgr. Molloy (released 2/27/12). Testimony re him in 2012 trial of Msgr. LynnPhiladelphia, PASource:
Philadelphia Grand Jury Final Presentment 2.10.11, pp. 33-34; Philadelphia Grand Jury Report; Philadelphia Grand Jury Report; Philadelphia Grand Jury Report; Philadelphia Inquirer 07.25.04; Philadelphia Inquirr 06.24.05; Philadelphia Inquirer 09.18.05; Philadelphia Inquirer 09.22.05; Philadelphia Inquirer 09.25.05; Philadelphia Inquirer 09.25.05; Philadelphia Inquirer 10.17.05; Star Ledger 10.23.05; National Catholic Reporter 04.28.06; Orlando Sentinel 08.13.07; Philadelphia Daily News 08.16.07
Morning Call 9.11.11 (add'l article); 1994 Memo from Fr. William Lynn to Asst. Vicar for Admin. re Names in Philadelphia Secret Archives, released 2.27.12; Philadelphia Inquirer 5.3.12 (add'l article); Philadelphia Priest Abuse Trial Blog 5.4.11 (add'l article); Philadelphia Archdiocesan Priest Data Profile; Philadelphia Archdiocese Assignment Record (rev)
CuelloGustavo DeJesus PConvictedDiocesanCuello, who came from Colombia in 1995, was arrested in 1997; charged with having sex with 13 year old girl. He was released on bail and fled the country. Arrested in Ecuador 7/03 and finally extradited to Texas. He was found guilty in trial 10/03. Judge sentenced him to 50 yrs in prison. Cuello rejected the judge's sentence and opted to have a jury decide his sentence. In 10/03 jury sentenced him to life in prison. Civil suit settled for less than $100,000. Laicization announced 11/06.Tyler, TXSource:
Tyler Morning Telegraph 05.11.02; Tyler Morning Telegraph 05.14.02; Dallas Morning News 06.12.02; Corpus Christi Caller Times 06.14.02; Dallas Morning News 06.14.02; Associated Press 07.18.03; Tyler Morning Telegraph 07.18.03; Associated Press 10.10.03; Tyler Morning Telegraph 10.10.03; Tyler Morning Telegraph 10.22.03; Tyler Morning Telegraph 10.23.03; Ft. Worth Star Telegram 10.24.03; Tyler Morning Telegraph 11.18.06; Chicago Tribune 03.11.12
Luis Jose1974PArrestedDiocesanCuevas was removed from St. Athanasius parish when he was arrested 7/12 after two women and a 17 year old girl complained that he had sexually assaulted them. Arrest took place in Mexico and he was immediately extradited to Los Angeles. He was charged with eight misdemeanor charges plus one felony count involving lewd acts with a child. Archdiocese said allegations appeared "credible." He pled "no contest." Sentenced 1/13 to 5 yrs probation & to register as sex offender.Los Angeles, CASource:
Contra Costa Times 8.8.12; KABC 8.7.12; Contra Costa Times 07.24.12; Gazettes 07.24.12; Long Beach Post 07.24.12; LA Times 07.25.12; LA Weekly 07.25.12; NBC Los Angeles 07.25.12; LA Times 07.26.12; Orange County Weekly 07.31.12; SNAP Statement 08.21.12; Long Beach Post 12.05.12; SNAP Statement 12.05.12; The Patch 12.06.12; Press Enterprise 12.07.12
NBC Southern California 1.23.13 (add'l article); Press-Telegram 1.23.13 (add'l article); Worth Adversary 1.23.13 (add'l article); LA Times 1.23.13 (add'l article); Daily Bulletin 1.26.12 (add'l article)
Robert B.1958PAccusedJesuitAccused on 3/1/07 in testimony before the Maryland legislature of sexually abusing a grade-school girl and others in the 1960s. The girl's mother allegedly reported the abuse repeatedly to a Jesuit priest in the late 1960s and to another Jesuit priest sometime after 1982. Cullen remained in ministry. He died 2/5/05. Also worked in many other dioceses.Baltimore, MDSource:
Baltimore Sun 02.25.05; Daly Testimony 03.01.07
Assignments: Assignment Record
CumerlatoEugenio (Eugene) BAccusedXaverian Missionary FathersNative of Italy, Worked in Italy, Mexico, possibly Bangladesh, and the U.S. Lived in the 1949-55 and the 1980s at Xaverian's Mission Animation Center in Holliston, MA. At least one lawsuit settled naming Cumerlato as perpetrator of sex abuse. Died in Italy 12/4/89.Boston, MASource:
Xaverian Missionaries 12.04.89; Springfield Republican 05.11.10; Iobserve 05.14.10
Assignments: Assignment Record
William J.1968PSuedDiocesanMember of the Singing Priests; died of AIDS 5/94. Personnel file released 1/03; contained allegations that he abused a 10 yr old boy in Somerville, MA in 1982. Lawsuits filed 6/02 & 8/02. Both later settled, one in massive Boston settlement 2003 and theother in a private settlement 12/03. 3rd suit filed pending 12/03. 8/11 Boston AD database reports no formal determination of guilt because he died prior to a canonical investigation.Boston, MASource:
Boston Globe 9.4.02; Boston Herald 3.3.02; Boston Globe 08.17.02; Boston Herald 08.17.02; Boston Globe 08.22.02; Boston Globe 08.23.02; Boston Globe 08.30.02; NY Times 08.31.02; Boston Globe 01.15.03; Boston Herald 01.16.03; Boston Globe 01.17.03; Boston Herald 09.25.03; Boston Herald 12.02.03; Boston Globe 12.03.03; Boston Herald 12.21.03
National Catholic Register 8.25.11 (add'l article); Salem News 8.26.11 (add'l article); Wicked Local Somerville 8.30.11 (add'l article); List of priests and pastors for Our Lady Help of Christians, Newton MA; Boston Archdiocesan Assignment Record
CunhaArthur Manuel1984PConvictedDiocesanArrested 6/86 after police investigation of report by restaurant waitress of suspicious behavior involving a man and boy. The boy was 11 and Cunha was in first assignment after ordination. Sentenced to 60 days jail and 4 mo counseling center for abuse of two boys. At least three civil suits filed re abuse of boys in 1986. One suit settled for $640K. May have left priesthood. San Francisco, CASource:
San Francisco Chronicle 04.28.94; Diocese of Marquette 12.10.03; Navota Advance 6.86 (reprinted 04.13.11
Assignments: Assignment Record
CunninghamChristopher1989PSuedDiocesanRemoved from Covina parish in 3/04 and sent to Ventura parish by Cardinal Mahoney. Huge outcry from parishioners who rallied to have him reinstated. No explanation for removal until 5/04 when Mahoney told parishioners Cunningham was reassigned due to "emotionally unstable, harsh in exercising authority and interfered with an internal church investigation." Cunningham had been an outspoken critic of Mahoney's handling of sex abuse cases. Removed in 2006 from active ministry. In 10/08 Cunningham's name was included on a list quietly posted on the archdiocese's website in 1/13 of clergy with credible accusations of child sexual abuse against them not previously revealed. In a lawsuit filed 5/7/15 Cunningham was accused of sexual abuse in 2001 and 2002 of a 12-13 yr-old boy, while pastor of St. Louise de Marillac in Covina. The suit alleged the plaintiff was one of two known Cunningham victims and that he regularly had boys with him in his church living quarters.Los Angeles, CASource:
Pasadena Star downloaded 03.18.04; Pasadena Star downloaded 05.21.04; Pasadena Star-News 08.30.04; Archdiocese of Los Angeles 09.30.08; John CJ Doe v LA Archdiocese Cunningham et al 05.07.15; My News LA 05.09.15
BIshopAccountability 01.31.13
CurranAnthony1972PSuedDiocesanIn 2004 one man sued Boston and Albany dioceses claiming that he had been abused by several priests over a period of about 50 years. He says that Curran forced him into a homosexual encounter at age 50 in early 1990s and that Curran had a collection of child pornography in his residence at the rectory.Albany, NYSource:
Albany Times Union 07.15.04; Troy Record 07.15.04; Evening Telegram 11.09.04
CurranJohn J.1927PAccusedDiocesanCurran retired in 1972 and died in 1976. In 1994 one man testified before a legislative hearing that he had been molested by Curran in 1950s. Diocese forwarded this info to police in 5/02. Another man had notified police in 3/02 that he had also been molested in late 1950s. A third (?) man complained in 2007 of abuse in 1962. Bishop noted in 7/08 that if Curran were alive, the diocese would remove him from ministry pending investigation. Personnel file released 01/14.Portland, MESource:
Maine AG Document Production 05.27.05; Portland Press Herald 12.08.07; Maine Sunday Telegram 12.09.07; Sun Journal 12.09.07; Morning Sentinel 05.24.08; Morning Sentinel 05.29.08; WABI 06.03.08; Kennebec Journal 06.17.08; Kennebec Journal 07.16.08; Kennebec Journal 07.19.08; Kennebec Journal 07.22.08; Portland Press Herald 07.27.08; Kennebec Journal 02.02.09; MPBN 03.12.09; WLS 01.21.14; OakPark 01.24.14
Foster's Daily Democrat 7.24.08
CurranJohn William1957PSuedDiocesanAccused of abuse of two youths who were students at Chicago's Quigley South Seminary. Abuse reported by Plaintiff in 1990 & 1991 and parishioners were told that he had taken "a sabbatical" when he left in 1993. In late 1994 Diocese told parishioners thetruth but by then the SOL had expired for the Plaintiffs. Curran died 3/2000. At least one claim included in 10/05 settlement by Archdiocese. Named in two 4/12 civil suits by two men who alleged abuse in 1987. Personnel file released 1/14.Chicago, ILSource:
Daily Southtown (IL) 11.22.94; NY Times 05.14.02; Chicago Tribune 10.28.05; Chicago Archdiocesan Report 03.20.06; Journal of Oak Park and River Forest 11.11.07; Chicago Tribune 04.24.12; Southtown Star 04.24.12; Southtown Star 04.27.12; Chicago Tribune 01.21.14; Personnel File Released 01.21.14; OakPark 01.24.14
Assignments: Assignment Record
Thomas M.1970PAccusedDiocesanRemoved 2002. Accused of abuse of a minor in 1970s. Second allegation of abuse made in 2004. Archdiocese announced 3/07 that it could not substantiate either of the charges. Curran's status then changed from "on leave" to "permanent disability" but he was limited to family only when saying Mass, etc. New allegations raised 9/10 and even limited mass privileges removed. Still on administrative leave as of 8/11 and canonical proceedings are still in process per Boston AD database. In 10/15 Curran's status is "Found unsubstantiated; Restricted; Senior Priest."Boston, MASource:
Archdiocese Press Release 08.03.02; Boston Globe 08.03.02; USA Today 11.11.02; Boston Globe 01.18.03; Boston Herald 01.18.03; Worcester Telegram & Gazette 11.29.06; Boston Globe 03.02.07; Boston Globe 03.03.07; MetroWest Daily News 03.03.07; Boston Globe 09.08.10; TheBostonChannel 09.08.10; WBZ 09.08.10; Boston Herald 09.09.10; National Catholic Register 08.25.11; Wicked Local Somerville 08.30.11
Boston Archdiocesan Assignment Record
CurryJames1949PSuedDiocesanWoman filed civil suit 2/08 accusing Curry of sexually abusing her for 8 yrs, beginning in 1966 when she was 8. Abuse occurred during his assignment at St. Mary's Church. After each assault he would tell her to ask God to forgive her sin and for tempting Curry. Filing of this suit exposed a 1983 suit (settled in 1986) in which Curry was accused of abusing his housekeeper's 11 yr old daughter in 1980 and 1981 at same church. Police notified in 1981 but nothing done. Curry died in 1986.Norwich, CTSource:
The Day 2.24.08 (2nd article); Newsday 02.24.08; The Day 02.24.08
CurrySamuel T.1970PSuedDiocesanTwo sisters filed suit in 1/04 alleging they were sexually abused for three years by Curry at St. Jude's parish in Spencer. Girls were 9-12 and 12-15 at time of alleged abuse. Curry shown as "on duty outside the diocese" in the 1988 Catholic Directory. Died 2/7/91.Indianapolis, INSource:
Indianapolis Star 01.17.04
CurtisGeorge BSuedBrothers of the Christian SchoolPer Suit filed in October 1991, Curtis is accused of molesting two brothers on several occasions between 1975 and 1977. Mother had given up custody to Curtis for the good of the boys. Curtis worked at local parish and performed educational duties at Iberia Catholic High School.Lafayette, LASource:
Henicke vs. Curtis. Docket # 74152-C, 16th Judicial Ct, Parish of Iberia, LA
William D.1947PAccusedDiocesanFollowing a recent court order, on 12/16/13 Bp. Quinn released a list of 13 names of priests who had "credible" accusations of abuse involving minors. Curtis's inclusion on this list is the first public notice that he had been accused of abuse. Diocese updated his information 06/23/14. Complaints of child sexual abuse made against Curtis in 10/88 and 6/90. Sent to St. Luke's for treatment 7/90. Ministerial privileges suspended 1/91 while at St. Luke's. Died 04/10/01.Winona, MNSource:
Winona Daily News 06.23.13; Albert Lea Tribune 12.16.13; Anderson & Assoc Press Release 12.16.13; Diocese of Winona Statement and List of Accused Priests with Assignments 12.16.13; Star Tribune 12.16.13; Winona Daily News 12.16.13; Diocese of Winona Updated List & Media Statement 06.23.14; KEYC 06.23.14; Winona Daily News 06.23.14; WXOW 06.23.14; Winona Daily News 06.24.14
Diocese of Winona Assignment Record
Linda NSuedApostles of the Sacred Heart of JesusAccused in a 5/23/03 lawsuit of sexually assaulting a female high school senior repeatedly in 1991-92 and pressuring her to join the order. Parents say they complained about Cusano's closeness with their daughter at the time but were brushed off. Cusano was reportedly sent for treatment in 2002.Hartford, CTSource:
Hartford Courant 05.24.03; St. Louis Post Dispatch 06.05.03; Hartford Courant 10.03.04; Hartford Courant 12.02.04; Webster-Kirkwood Times 01.16.05
CustodioNarcisco Marquez DConvictedDiocesanCustodio, a deacon at St. Paul the Apostle in Richardson, was arrested 6/84 and charged w/ aggravated sexual assault of 11 yr old boy. Sentenced to 8 yrs jail 4/85. Has been released. Civil suit filed in 1986 against the parish, the Dallas Diocese, the San Antonio Archdiocese, and Custodio. It settled at some point.Dallas, TXSource:
San Antonio Light 06.21.86
CustodioSidney J. PSuedDiocesanAlleged in a lawsuit to have abused one girl at St. Gregory parish in San Mateo between 1960-1963. Last known address was in Menlo Park.Oakland, CASource:
Bay Area News Group 4.1.08; Contra Costa Times 4.1.08
CuthbertBrother BSuedXaverianNamed in 2005 civil suit by 1 man who accused Cuthbert of abuse at Mission High School, Boston from 1956-1957 when man was a student there. The suit involved multiple plaintiffs and named multiple priests as defendants. Attorney Durso said that almost all claims were settled. Believed to have died prior to 2009. Believe his last name was Thibault.Boston, MASource:
JOHN DOE Nos. 30 - 68 and MARY ROE Nos. 6 - 8, v. Roman Catholic Archbishop of Boston, C.A. 05-0006; BishopAccountability Letter to Dr. Mary Jane Doherty, Chairperson of the Archdiocese of Boston Review Board 07.27.11; Boston Globe 07.28.11
CyrArmand< 1949PAccusedDiocesanWoman told the diocese in 2002 that Cyr molested her in 1949 when she was 11 and again in 1957 when she was 19 and he drove her home from college. He died in 1977.Portland, MESource:
Maine AG Document Production 05.27.05
Leon BAccusedBrothers of the Sacred HeartMan came forward 4/03 to allege that he was abused by Br. Cyr, a teacher at Bishop Guertin High School, in the early 1980s. Cyr denied the accusation. Atty for 4 plaintiffs filed a class action lawsuit against the school and the Order alleging abuse. One man (not original complainant) alleged abuse by Cyr multiple times from 1981 to 1983. Suit still pending 2004.Manchester, NHSource:
Associated Press 04.03.03; Lowell Sun 09.03.03; Manchester Union Leader 10.02.03
CzajkaNorman J.1961PAccusedDiocesanRemoved from public ministry 4/06. Name is on the list published on the Chicago Archdiocese website of priests with substantiated allegations of abuse of minors. Unable to locate any other information as of 7/09.Chicago, ILSource:
Archdiocese of Chicago List n.d. (after 4.06)
CzarniewiczGloria NAccusedHoly Family of NazarethCzarniewica accused by nun of abusing her in 1968-1969 when she was 20 year old student. Czarniewica was mother superior of a convent in New York at the time of the alleged abuse. Woman's allegations ignored. Filed suit in 1989. Suit was dismissed 1995 on statute of limitations.Rockville Centre, NYSource:
Newsday 07.14.94; Newsday 01.11.95

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