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The Database of Publicly Accused Priests does not state or imply that individuals facing allegations are guilty of a crime or liable for civil claims. The reports contained in the database are merely allegations.The U.S. legal system presumes that a person accused of or charged with a crime is innocent until proven guilty.Similarly, individuals who may be defendants in civil actions are presumed not to be liable for such claims unless a plaintiff proves otherwise.Admissions of guilt or liability are not typically a part of civil or private settlements.For more information, see our posting policy.
Charles A.1946PAccusedJesuitWorked as teacher in Tacoma and Yakima, WA as well as in Fairbanks. One pending claim against Saalfeld shown in bankruptcy reorganization documents for Fairbanks Diocese 1/25/10. Worked at parish in Galena village at one time. Known to be a teacher at Monroe Catholic High School in Fairbanks in 1958. Died 03/05/78.Fairbanks, AKSource:
Fairbanks News-Miner 09.16.58; Excerpt from Bankruptcy Reorganization Documents for Fairbanks Diocese 01.25.10
Assignments: Assignment Record
Joseph F.1945PSuedDiocesanAccused of abuse of a young brother and sister in early 1960s. Also a suspect in the rape and murder of a young girl but never charged. He did pass a polygraph. Died 1999. Named in 2006 civil suit. Suit dismissed by lower court and dismissal upheld by3rd Circuit Court of Appeals 11/07.Philadelphia, PASource:
Philadelphia Grand Jury Report; Bucks County Courier Times 09.25.05; Philadelphia Inquirer 09.25.05; Bucks County Courier Times 10.04.05; Magnum v. Philadelphia Archdiocese et al, 06.14.06; 11.07.07
Philadelphia Archdiocesan Priest Data Profile
SabasJohn Paul1954PSettledDiocesanAccused of abuse of at least one 14 year old boy during summer of 1964. Abuse ended when Sabas transferred. Victim originally reported abuse to Diocese in 1974. When he found out that Sabas was still assigned to parish work, the victim sued Sabas and Allentown Diocese in 1989 and settled out of court for $40,000 in 1991. Diocese has assured him several times that he was only victim. Sabas died in 1996. He was still shown as active in 1993 Catholic Directory.Allentown, PASource:
Allen Morning Call 06.16.02; Morning Call 01.14.04; Express Times 02.27.04; Morning Call 03.29.04
SabatinoLawrence A.1955PAccusedDiocesanLewiston family told Church and police in 1958 that Sabatino had sexually abused their 6 yr old daughter. Church transferred him to St. Peter's parish. At least 13 other women have come forward as of 2005 (and more later) to allege that he abused them at that parish. During much of his time at St. Peter's he was supervised by another priest, J. Romani, who has also been accused of abuse. Died 1990.Portland, MESource:
Foster's Daily Democrat 6.6.05; Maine AG Document Production 5.27.05 addendum; Maine AG Document Production 7.8.05 PDF page 21-24; Portland Press Herald (AP) 7.4.05; Portland Press Herald 6.5.05; Portland Press Herald 6.5.05; Portland Press Herald 6.5.05; Portland Press Herald 6.5.05; Portland Press Herald 6.5.05; Maine AG Document Production 05.27.05; Bangor Daily News 05.28.05; Portland Press Herald 07.17.05; Portland Press Herald 10.14.05
SabogHenry B.1960PSuedDiocesanSued 2005 by woman who accused her of molesting her when she was 12 and he was assigned to Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Church in 1964. Sabog denied the allegations.Honolulu, HISource:
KGMB Channel 9 12.22.05; Honolulu Star Bulletin 12.23.05
SabotorMichael PSettledDiocesanAt least one claim included in Diocese's 11/08 $4.5M settlement with 59 plaintiffs.Springfield, MASource:
Press Release by The Office of Stobierski & Stobierski, 12.03.08
Robert J.1961PSuedDiocesanSaccacio was placed on leave and then "retired" effective May 2002 with allegations against him that he abused a teenager in 1960s. His priestly faculties were removed. He was named in one of two multimillion dollar suits filed against Diocese in April, 2003. Suit alleges he abused an altar boy in 1970s. This allegation is separate from allegations that resulted in Saccacio being placed on leave in 2002.Rockville Centre, NYSource:
Newsday 05.04.02; Babylon (NY) Beacon 05.16.02; Newsday 06.28.02; Newsday 04.15.03
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Sadowski, Jr.
Edward J. DConvictedDiocesanArrested in MA in 2001 after allegedly arranging over the Internet to meet someone he thought was a 14 yr old girl. He wanted sex and to take pornographic photos of the girl. He also sent nude photos of himself. Was a deacon in RI for 24 years Dioceseimmediately placed him on leave. Sentenced 2002 to 2 years in prison and 5 yrs probation. Also arrested in RI on similar charges. Arrested again in RI 12/09 on Internet Solicitation & child porn. Convicted 5/10. In Prison 2/11. Case referred to Vatican.Providence, RISource:
Boston Globe 07.28.01; Boston Herald 07.28.01; Providence Journal-Bulletin 07.28.01; Providence Journal-Bulletin 10.19.01; Providence Journal-Bulletin 11.16.01; Providence Journal-Bulletin 01.27.02; 12.21.09; Providence Journal-Bulletin 12.22.09
SalamoneAnthony BSuedConventual FranciscanCalled Br. Francis Dominic. Five civil suits filed 2002 alleging abuse 1972-73. Transferred to Chicago 1980. Left Order in 1989. It is believed all five were settled in the massive 6/03 settlement with the archdiocese.Louisville, KYSource:
Courier-Journal 6.8.02; Courier-Journal 9.29.02 (Major Account); Courier-Journal 06.15.02; Courier-Journal 08.26.02; Courier-Journal 09.29.02; Courier-Journal 10.24.02
Assignment Record Compiled by Law Firm
Alfred J.1989PAccusedDiocesanRemoved from St. Bernadette Parish in Bellevue 12/11 after recent accusations by one man that Salanitro abused him from 1991 to 1994, beginning when he was 11. Salanitro was at Omaha's Holy Cross parish at the time. He denied the allegations and took voluntary leave. Matter was reported to DA's office and police for investigation. Also taught part-time at Creighton Univ. Review Board found allegation credible and referred to Rome. Canonical trial ordered in Omaha. Laicization announced 11/22/13.Omaha, NESource:
Omaha World-Herald 12.16.11; The Republic 12.16.11; WETV 12.16.11; WOWT 12.16.11; KPTM 12.17.11; KETV 02.17.12; WOWT 02.17.12; Omaha World Herald 02.18.12; KETV 01.11.13; Omaha World-Herald 01.11.13; SNAP Statement 01.11.13; WOWT 01.11.13; Pilot-Tribune & Enterprise 11.22.13; SNAP Statement 11.22.13; WOWT 11.22.13; Omaha World Herald 11.23.13; Omaha World Herald 11.24.13
SalasJorge Hume1994PAccusedDiocesanPlaced on leave 1/99 after 4 men over 18 reported that they had been sexually accosted by Salas between 1996-1998. No criminal prosecution due to SOL. Later same year Salas himself filed suit alleging that he had been sexually abused and harassed by Bishop Ziemann of Santa Rosa. Suit settled for $535K 4/00 after Bishop admitted relationship and resigned. Salas remained priest but believed to have returned home to Costa Rica. Some doubt if Salas ever completed seminary.Santa Rosa, CASource:
Press Democrat 8.7.99; Press Democrat 8.8.99; Press Democrat 01.22.99; Press Democrat 01.25.99; Press Democrat 01.27.99; Press Democrat 01.29.99; Press Democrat 02.23.99; Press Democrat 06.20.99; Press Democrat 07.22.99; Press Democrat 07.23.99; Press Democrat 07.23.99; Press Democrat 07.24.99; Press Democrat 07.28.99; Press Democrat 09.19.99; Press Democrat 10.01.99
Press Democrat 11.1.99 (add'l article); Press Democrat 11.10.99 (add'l article); Press Democrat 4.25.00 (add'l article); Press Democrat 4.27.00 (add'l article); Press Democrat 4.27.00 (add'l article)
SalazarCesar1993DAccusedDiocesanPer July 2003 articles, Salazar had just been placed on leave while the diocese investigated charges that he downloaded child pornography. Charges first surfaced in 2001. Police found over 100 images but declined to file charges because of lack of evidence. FBI also investigated. Salazar was sent for counseling.Orange, CASource:
LA Times 7.26.03 (pt 2); LA Times 7.30.03 (pt 2); OC Register 07.20.03; LA Times 07.26.03; OC Register 07.29.03; LA Times 07.30.03; OC Weekly 12.29.03
SalazarOscar PAccusedDiocesanAccused of groping a 17 yr old boy in 1996 at Our Lady of the Lakes Church in Deltona. Not charged because boy and family declined to do so. Removed from assignment and sent to St. Luke's for treatment. Diocese made no public announcement until 2/97. Bishop says Salazar will never be assigned in Diocese and will not be recommended for assignment in another diocese.Orlando, FLSource:
Orlando Sentinel 02.04.97; Lakeland Ledger 04.08.02
John Anthony1984PConvictedPiaristSued 1986. Convicted 1987 of molesting 2 boys in Los Angeles. 6 yr sentence-served 4. Banned for life from LA. Moved to Amarillo diocese in 1991. Two 2002 CA criminal charges dropped 2003. Charged 2003 with assault of 18 yr old in Dallas. Convicted 7/1/05. Life sentence. New trial ordered 9/11. Accepted plea bargain 2013; released for time served. Laicization announced 2/05. Claims settled in CA & TX 2007-2008. CA Personnel files released 1/13. Pled guilty 12/30/13 to more charges in TX. 10 yr sentence.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Times 12.14.86; San Jose Mercury News (Major Accounts) 12.31.87; LA Times 06.20.88; Amarillo Globe 06.27.02; Amarillo Globe 07.09.02; Los Angeles New Times 08.15.02; LA Times 08.18.02; NY Times 08.24.02; LA Times 11.26.02; LA Daily News 07.01.03; Dallas Morning News 01.19.04; LA Archdiocesan Report page 6 02.17.04; Amarillo Globe 02.06.05; Dallas Morning News 06.23.05; Dallas Morning News 06.24.05; Dallas Morning News 07.01.05; Dallas Morning News 07.06.05; LA Times 07.18.07; Dallas Morning News 10.31.11; LA Daily News 10.12.12; Mercury News 04.15.13; Washington Post 04.15.13; My Plain View 04.20.13; The NECN 06.19.13; Amarillo Globe News 07.23.13; Amarillo Globe-News 08.27.13; MyHighPlains 08.27.13; LA Times 12.30.13; LA Times 12.30.13; Amarillo Globe-News 12.31.13; Lubbock Avalanche Journal 12.31.13; My High Plains 12.31.13; U-T San Diego (AP) 12.31.13
LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times Database 4.20.06
Jose Mario1978PAccusedDiocesanAccused of abuse of 15 yr old boy in Ferris, Texas. Boy told his mom and they complained to Diocese. Saldana later transferred to another parish. In 1998 he left the parish, saying he was going to a clinic for treatment of medical problems. Diocese later admitted that he was in treatment center in St. Louis but that he still retained all his priestly powers. Saldana served in Dallas, Ft. Worth and Tyler Dioceses. May have served as military chaplain for a time.Dallas, TXSource:
Arlington Morning News 10.24.98; Dallas Morning News 10.24.98
Michael1993PAccusedPallotinePlaced on leave 11/07 by Baltimore archdiocese after accusation surfaced that he had abused a teenage boy in Brooklyn in 1970s. At the time of the alleged abuse, Salerno was a lay member (brother) of the Pallotine order. Salerno neither admitted or denied the accusation at the time. Order announced 12/08 that Salerno has since admitted that he molested a 13-year-old boy in the late 1970s. Privileges have been permanently removed.Brooklyn, NYSource:
Baltimore Sun 11.19.07; WJZ 11.19.07; Baltimore Sun 11.20.07; The Examiner 11.20.07; WJZ 11.25.07; ABC 2 11.27.07; Baltimore Sun 12.03.07; WJZ 02.26.08; Baltimore Sun 02.27.08; Letter from Pallotine Order to Parish 12.28.08; ABC 2 12.30.08; Baltimore Sun 12.30.08; Catholic Review 12.30.08; WBAL 12.30.08; Examiner 12.31.08
SalinasGabriel1916PAccusedAugustinian RecollectsNative of Spain. First Augustinian Father to come to the U.S. Worked in Nebraska from 1917 - 1948. Accused of abuse of 1 at Cristo Rey in Los Angeles Archdiocese between 1958-1960 Died 11/18/72. Personnel File released 09/09/13.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report 02.17.04; LA Daily News 09.09.13; SNAP Statement 09.10.13
LA Times Database 4.20.06
SalinasMarcel1954PSuedClaretianIn 1976, Salinas was the Phoenix Diocese director of Cursillos. As of Oct. 2006, one outstanding lawsuit names Salinas as an abuser while he served at Queen of Peace Catholic Church in Mesa. Died 3/26/97. Lived in Mesa AZ No further information found.Phoenix, AZSource:
Knights of Columbus Council 11536 In Memoriam; Tributes com Obituary; Arizona Republic 10.12.06
Walter Dayton1959PConvictedJosephiteWorked many yrs in Galveston-Houston diocese. Long-time TX Southern Univ Newman center chaplain. Taught at St. Tomas Univ. Alderian psychologist. Also worked in Washington DC and Mobile AL. Convicted twice on child sex charges. Pleaded no contest in 1979 to indecency with a child in Houston TX & rec'd 3 yrs probation. Kept in ministry. Surrendered to police in DC 4/93 after accusations that in 1/93 he had sexual relations with a boy he was tutoring. Sentenced to one-yr prison, suspended, and one yr probation. Removed from ministry. Had also been accused of child molestation in AL. Returned after 1993 to his native Bar Harbor ME.Galveston-Houston, TXSource:
Galveston Daily News 09.09.78; Washington Times 04.16.93; VOTF In the Vineyard 03.31.03; Washington Post 12.02.10; Bangor Daily News 12.03.10; The Fenceviewer 12.08.10; Bangor Daily News 12.22.10; SNAP Statement 12.23.10; SNAP Statement 12.25.10; SNAP Statement 12.27.10; The Informer and Texas Freeman 12.27.10; SNAP Statement 02.19.13; Houston Press 01.17.17
Assignments: Assignment Record
Thomas G.1988PConvictedDioceseArrested 11/17/06 after year-long investigation of Saloy's activity in internet chat rooms. The investigation began when the arrest of a porn dealer revealed that Saloy was a customer. Pled guilty on 11/30/06 to possessing over 600 images of child pornography on his rectory computer. Sentenced to 3 1/2 yrs fed. prison 5/1/08. Still on administrative leave.Rockville Centre, NYSource:
WCBS 11.17.06; New York Daily News 11.18.06; New York Times 11.18.06; Newsday 11.18.06; Rhinelander Daily News 11.18.06; Newsday 11.20.06; Newsday 11.30.06; Reuters 11.30.06; US Attorney's Office 11.30.06; Newsday 05.02.08; NY Post 05.02.08; NY Times (AP) 05.03.08
Jeffrey1984PSuedFranciscanPer June 2004 article, man filed civil suit alleging that he was abused as youth from 1974 to 1978 by Salwach and another friar. Salwach later transferred to Texas before being placed on leave 5/03. Lawsuit settled and no criminal charges were filed. Still shown as active priest per Catholic Times 5/10/09. In 11/11, word was received that Salwach had recently been assigned to work at LaVerna Friary in a residential neighborhood in St. Louis, MO.Joliet, ILSource:
Chicago Tribune 06.17.04; Daily Southtown 06.17.04; The Herald News 02.15.06; Chicago Tribune 02.16.06; Catholic Times 05.10.09; Herald News 11.02.11; Berger's Beat 11.12.11
SanchezJuan Francisco1957PAccusedSalesianAccused of abuse of 1 in 1992 per archdiocesan report. .Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 6; City of Angels 03.19.08
LA Times Database 4.20.06
SanchezJulian DSuedDiocesanIn suit filed 5/5/94, Sanchez, a permanent deacon, was accused of raping a 12-13 yr old altar boy. He was placed on leave.Santa Fe, NMSource:
Cause No. CV-94-03966, Bernalillo Co. NM
SanchezManuel Ontiveros1954PSuedDiocesanOrdained in Spain 1954. Working in LA archdiocese 1971; incardinated 1976. Sued 2003. Accused of abuse of 1 from 1978-1981 per archdiocesan report. Archdiocese, after investigation, said evidence did not support the charges. He consistently denied theallegations. Retired and returned to Spain 2000. Claim included in 7/07 massive $660 mil settlement by LA Arch.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 3; Los Angeles Times 02.07.04; Daily Bulletin 03.27.06; News Busters 07.20.07
LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times Database 4.20.06
SanchezRaul N.1974PSuedDiocesanNamed as abuser in court pleadings filed 6/12. More than one accuser. Worked in one parish, Madre de Dios in Winslow, before teaching in a diocesan seminary program in Gallup and then becoming an Air Force chaplain. Gallup Chancellor 1979-11/86. Recently (2012) shown as absent in Catholic Directory; apparently living in Mexico. Sued 9/12 and 4/13 along with Clement Hageman re abuse in 1970s in Winslow, AZ. Named in new suit 6/13.Gallup, NMSource:
Gallup Independent 07.31.12; Gallup Independent 10.23.12; Gallup Independent 12.10.12; Gallup Independent 05.11.13; Gallup Independent 06.20.13; Sacramento Bee 06.24.13; New Mexican 06.25.13; Gallup Independent 11.11.13; ABQ Journal 12.14.13; Diocese of Gallup [downloaded 02.28.15; Arizona Journal 11.21.15
SandersPatrick1990PAccusedDiocesanPlaced on leave in 2004 after 2 men say he abused them on a trip to Biloxi Mississippi in 1993. when they were 16. Placed on permanent leave in 4/05. Rome ordered an administrative hearing for Sanders. Sanders not technically charged with abuse of a minor because church law at the time defined minors as those under 16.New Orleans, LASource:
Times-Picayune 04.25.04; Times-Picayune 10.06.04; Times-Picayune 10.10.04; Times-Picayune 10.13.04; Times-Picayune 04.04.05
SandovalJose Luis1974PAccusedDiocesanIn 6/98 a man came forward claiming that Sandoval had abused him at age 11 in 1976. The Diocese investigated; said information was "believable". Sandoval relieved of duties but immediately moved to Mexico. While reviewing files in 2002, Archdiocese found 1985 allegation re Sandoval's attempted abuse against teenage boy He was sent for evaluation to Programa Genesis in Mexico for 6 months. Received good report and reassigned in 1995.San Antonio, TXSource:
San Antonio Express News 7.9.98; San Antonio Express News 06.23.98; San Antonio Express News 06.24.98; San Antonio Express News 07.15.98; San Antonio Express News 06.17.02
J. Joseph PAccusedDiocesanAccused in 5/28/03 attorney's letter of sexual abuse at St. Bernard's in Keene in 1966-69. Age of the complainant at the time of the abuse is unknown. Sands was murdered 5/11/79 when he tried to negotiate a hostage situation in Littleton, NH. Instead,he was taken hostage and killed by the individuals who then shot themselvs.Manchester, NHSource:
Santa Fe New Mexican 05.13.79; NH AG Audit Records 03.26.09
Lawrence BSuedHoly Cross FatherAccused of abuse of 5 youths between 1955-1969 per archdiocesan report. 2 filed civil suit 12/03 alleging abuse between 1967-1969. Accusations involved children at Maryvale Catholic orphanage in Rosemead. Later went on to work at La Salle High in Pasadena and other Catholic schools in Hayward and New Orleans. Accusations made in 2003 re abuse at Rancho San Antonio in Chatsworth in 1960s. 2007 settlement with two men. Left order in 1997. Personnel file to be released in 2013.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report, page 7, 02.17.04; Documents posted by LA Times 07.06.13; LA Times 07.06.13
LA Times Database 4.20.06
SantiagoUnknown PSuedFranciscanSantiago, a monk from Mexico was named as abuser in 4/12 civil suit against El Paso Catholic Diocese, the Las Cruces Catholic Diocese and Our Lady of Health Parish in Las Cruces. One man alleges that "Santiago" abused him in 1978 at Holy Cross Retreat Center in Mesilla Park, N.M., then the retreat center for El Paso Diocese. Suit claims other known victims. Santiago is dead. Las Cruces is now separate Diocese.El Paso, TXSource:
El Paso Times 4.5.12; KFox 14 04.06.12
SantillanJuan (John)1969PSuedPiaristRemoved 2002. Accused of abuse of boy (between age of 12-17) in 1970s. Civil suit filed 1998 but dismissed. Police investigating in 2002. Archdiocesan report says two accusers between 1977-1985. Serving as priest in Bolivia since 1998.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 6; LA Times 08.18.02; USA Today 11.11.02
LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times Database 4.20.06
SantilloMichael P.1975PConvictedDiocesanWorked in diocese until 1992 when he left active priesthood to care for his parents. In 5/97, he was charged with molesting a 13 yr old boy in 1987. When arrested, he was working in non-priest role at church in Albany, NY diocese. Convicted 1999 of sexually assaulting 1 youth. Also molested 3 more. Sentenced to 10 years. Died of cancer in prison 2000. Three claims included in 1/03 diocesan settlement re abuse by 5 priests.Metuchen, NJSource:
Star Ledger 08.21.97; Star Ledger 08.22.97; Albany Times Union 08.23.97; Star Ledger 08.27.97; Star Ledger 09.19.97; Star Ledger 07.17.98; Star Ledger 10.01.98; Star Ledger 06.11.99; Star Ledger 06.16.99; Star Ledger 11.16.99; Star Ledger 05.24.00; Star-Ledger 01.30.03; NY Times 01.31.03
SantomassimoSister Agnes NSuedMissionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus aka The Cabrini SistersWorked in hospitals in Chicago, New York, and Montreal Canada from 1950-1969. Served as Provincial Office secretary.treasurer from 1969 - 2001. Retired 2001 or 2002. Died 9/7/05. Very limited personnel file released 7/13 (2 pages). No information on abuse allegations but article says the nun and others were accused in civil lawsuits of molesting children while working within the Los Angeles archdiocese.Los Angeles, CASource:
Contra Costa Times 07.31.13; Huffington Post 07.31.13; SNAP Statement 07.31.13; Personnel File Released by Order 08.01.13; National Catholic Reporter 08.09.13
William L.1956PAccusedDiocesanAccused of sexually abusing a 16 yr old girl at Our Lady of Loreto parish in South Philadelphia. Voluntarily left priesthood in 1971. Laicization announced 2006. Name in included in Philadelphia Grand Jury Report II released 2/10/11. He has admitting molesting the same young woman that has accused Joseph DiGregorio of abuse.Philadelphia, PASource:
Duluth News Tribune 4.8.06; Philadelphia Inquirer 4.7.06; Philadelphia Grand Jury Final Report II 02.10.11; Philadelphia Inquirer 02.13.11; 6 ABC 02.19.11
SanzJulian1977PConvictedDiocesanSanz, a native of Spain, came to diocese in 1980. Became diocesan priest in 1994. Placed on leave 10/02 after youth said he had been molested in Aug. Another victim came forward later to say he was molested at age 11 during confession in 1982. Arrested in 2/03 on 2 counts of sexual abuse of a child and pleaded no contest to allegations Sentenced to prison for 5 yrs in 10/03. Civil suit filed 1/04 by the same man in criminal charges. "Removed from priesthood 2010."Tucson, AZSource:
Arizona Daily Star 8.6.04; Arizona Daily Star 2.8.03; Arizona Daily Star 5.3.03; Associated Press 5.3.03; 4.4.03; Tucson Citizen 7.9.05; Arizona Daily Star 10.15.02; Arizona Republic 10.15.02; Arizona Daily Star 10.17.03; Tucson Citizen 02.27.04; Arizona Republic (AP) 07.29.04; Arizona Daily Star 09.21.04
Tucson Citizen 2.27.04; Diocese of Tucson List of Accused Priests from Website n.d.; Diocese of Tucson List of Accused Priests 8.5.11
John A.1979PAccusedDiocesanCredible allegation of abuse. Name first released on list of abusive priests released by Bishop Saltarelli 11/16/06. Removed from ministry 1998. Lives in monitored religious community in Maryland. As of 11/09 Diocese was still paying his pension and health benefits and paying $4,000/mo for his assisted living expenses.. Personnel files released 2/12.Wilmington, DESource:
The Dialog 11.16.06; News Journal 11.17.06; Pocono Record 11.28.09; News Journal 01.18.10; Diocese of Wilmington List of Accused Priests 02.16.12; List of Diocese Personnel Files 02.16.12; News Journal 02.19.12
News Journal 11.16.06; BA.Org Parish Assignments of Accused Delaware Priests
Martin J.1993PSuedDiocesanAccused in 1993 (year of ordination) of "credible allegations of misconduct involving a minor [boy]." Placed on administrative leave 1993 (after 4 months on job) through 2003. Laicized at his request 9/16/04. Taught in several prestigious schools between 1993 and 2004. Named in lawuit filed 2/14/11. Name included on secret 1994 memo from Wm. Lynn to Msgr. James Molloy (released 2/27/12) re priests in secret archives who were guilty of sexual misconduct with a minor.Philadelphia, PASource:
Philadelphia Grand Jury Report; Philadelphia Inquirer 06.03.05; Philadelphia Inquirer 06.04.05; Philadelphia Inquirer 06.06.05; Philadephia Daily News 06.09.05; Philadelphia Inquirer 06.24.05; Philadelphia Inquirer 09.17.05; Canadian Press 02.14.11; John Doe 10 v. Archdiocese of Philadelphia et al, 02.14.11; SNAP Statement 02.14.11; Reuters 02.16.11; 1994 Memo from Fr. William Lynn to Asst. Vicar for Admin. re Names in Philadelphia Secret Archives, released 02.27.12
Philadelphia Archdiocesan Priest Data Profile; Philadelphia Archdiocesan Priest Data Profile (Part 2)
SatterthwaiteRichard BSuedCFC - Congregation of Christian BrothersAccused of abuse of 1 in 1961-1962 at Cantwell High School in Montebello per Archdiocesan report addendum. Named in 1 civil suit.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05
LA Times Database 4.20.06
Robert J.1941PSettledDiocesanDied in July 2007 at age 92. At about the same time, Archdiocese revealed that Saunders had been accused of abuse of several minor girls at Temple Hill and in Norway Iowa, sometime during the years 1959 to 1973. At least one claim included in 3/08 $4.7 mil settlement with Archdiocese re abuse by 9 priests.Dubuque, IASource:
Telegraph Herald 07.07.07; Archdiocese of Dubuque Table of Accused Priests 07.12.07; Globe Gazette 04.10.08; Telegraph Herald 04.11.08; Telegraph Herald 04.11.08
Joseph E.1918PAccusedDiocesanNewly identified as abuser in Chicago Archdiocesan Report 3/20/06. Forced to resign from an Illinois parish in 1936 for sexually abusing a 14-year-old boy. Accused in 2002 and 2003 of having sexually abused numerous WI children, both boys and girls, in the 1950s. His victims were said to have been between the ages of 8 and 16. Shown as absent with leave from 1938-1960 and retired as of 1960. Died 6/74.Chicago, ILSource:
History of St Mary Church of Minooka, Illinois; Kenosha News 2004; Chicago Archdiocesan Report 03.20.06; Chicago Sun-Times 03.21.06; Chicago Tribune 03.21.06; Holy Cross Parish History 04.02.07; Kenosha News 10.19.13
Assignments: Assignment Record; Savage Personnel File
Dominic1958PSuedCarmeliteIn 2002 he was removed from presidency of Crespi Carmelite High School in Encino after allegations he abused 2 brothers in 1979 as well as others in 1970s. Police notified. He "acknowledged" some incidents and that he had sought therapy and counseling.Also accused of abusing 5 high school boys in Louisville, KY from 1966-1973. Named in civil suit. Claims by 7 individuals included in $10M settlement 10/06 with Order and LA Archdiocese.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 6; LA Times 03.23.02; LA Times 08.18.02; USA Today 11.11.02; Los Angeles 01.31.03; CBS 2 10.27.06; LA Times 10.27.06; Press Telegram (AP) 10.27.06; Catholic Key 11.10.06
LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times Database 4.20.06
Johnny S1995PAccusedDicoesanMobile archdiocesan VAC was contacted apparently in late 2013 by man alleging that Savoie had engaged in 'inappropriate sexual conduct' with him as a boy aged 16-18 in about 2005 at St Lawrence church in Fairhope. Archdiocesan lawyer contacted county DA in 12/13 and 1/14. DA did not investigate because at age 16, the accuser was beyond the AL age of consent. Archdiocese did not place Savoie on leave, and it is not known whether AL child protection officials were notified. The archdiocese reportedly investigated by 2/16/14, when Savoie announced to parishioners: he had been accused, he 'adamantly denied' the allegation, and as the archdiocese 'has determined that there is no evidence to support the accusation,' he 'will remain serving as pastor of St Pius X,' where the principal of the grammar school reports to him. In Savoie's 9/30/14 deposition in a case accusing him of ignoring bullying complaints at the school, he stated that the Fairhope boy was working part-time at St Lawrence.Mobile, ALSource:
Savoie Statement 02.16.14; Savoie Deposition 09.30.14; Lagniappe 02.18.15; ALcom 02.19.15; ALcom 2nd Article 02.19.15; ALcom 03.10.15; ALcom 03.19.15; ALcom 03.20.15
Detailed BA Assignment Record
William R.1957PAccusedDiocesanName appears on list of priests with credible allegations as released by San Diego diocese 3/30/07. No apecific information found as to actual allegations. Became part of San Bernardino Diocese in 1984. Out of active priesthood 10/88 without privileges& sent to Paracletes. Resigned 8/90 because of problems in his "past life." Died 7/04. Personnel file released 10/24/10.San Diego, CASource:
Lompoc Record 03.30.07; Dan Diego Union Tribune 03.31.07; San Diego Union Tribune 10.24.10; Documents released by San Diego Diocese 10.25.10
Diocese of San Diego List 3.30.07
SavrianandamArulappan PAccusedDiocesanRemoved 2002. Accused of abuse of girl. Left for India.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Times 08.18.02; USA Today 11.11.02
Thomas BArrestedCongregation of Holy CrossEducator in schools across the U.S. Was IT director for Holy Cross HS in Waterbury, living at St. John Vianney in West Hartford when another clergy member reported to police he saw images of naked children on Sawyer's computer. Order moved Sawyer to upstate NY when police investigation started. Arrested in 4/16, charged with possession of child pornography. Sawyer may have downloaded thousands of photos of naked children, mostly pre-teen males.Hartford, CTSource:
Fox 61 04.14.16; WTNH 04.15.16
SaxJohn C.1973PAccusedDiocesanSax admitted that he molested an altar boy on numerous occasions between 1980 and 1985. The altar boy filed suit in 5/01 but suit was not served until 2002. Man told a priest in 2000 and that priest later put him in touch with a therapist whose bills have been paid by archdiocese. Sax was archdiocese director of priest personnel from 1991-1999 but was placed on leave in 2000 after archdiocese learned of abuse.New Orleans, LASource:
Times-Picayune 05.16.02; Times-Picayune 05.17.02; Times-Picayune 02.21.03; Times-Picayune 10.06.04
Fernando PChargedDiocesanRemoved 8/98 after complaint of sexual abuse. When allegations first arose, he fled to Philippines. 2002 articles say that he admitted abusing 3 youths. Criminally charged 12/02 in U.S. Efforts to extradite him to the states for prosecution were unsuccessful. Sayasaya was educated overseas, including theological schooling, and he was ordained a priest for the Fargo Diocese in 1995. Laicization announced 12/05. Philippine Court of Appeals ordered him extradited to U.S. 4/2012.Fargo, NDSource:
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William J.1972PAccusedDiocesanAs early as 1987 one church official noted in personnel files that "he fools around with kids." Accused of raping a 12-yr-old girl 1996-1997. Sent for residential treatment. Assigned to prison ministry; reassigned to parish work. Moved to California in 1998 to work in a V.A. hospital in San Jose. Investigated by Feds because of statements made by Military Vicariate. Per 8/11 Boston AD database, Review Board found accusations unsubstantiated. He retired on permanent disability with no restrictions. Died 4/26/13.Boston, MASource:
RCAB Documents; Boston Globe 12.10.02; Boston Herald 12.10.02; Patriot Ledger 12.10.02; San Jose Mercury News 12.17.02; Boston Globe 06.17.04; Providence Journal (AP) 06.23.04; Associated Press 11.18.05; Boston Globe 11.19.05; Newsday 11.22.05; National Catholic Register 08.25.11; The Pilot 10.05.13
Boston Archdiocesan Assignment Record
ScanlonJohn PSettledDiocesanAt least one claim included in Diocese's 11/08 $4.5M settlement with 59 plaintiffs.Springfield, MASource:
Press Release by The Office of Stobierski & Stobierski, 12.03.08
SchaeferFrancis R.1955PSuedDiocesanIn 1962 Schaefer assigned to parish where he abused 6 boys. In 1966 Families met with Msgr. Applegate who promised Schaefer would get help. No action taken for months and then Schaefer transferred. Bishop informed in 1970 of Schaefer's deeds but no action. In 1970 Schaefer moved to new parish and he abused again from 1970-1975. Two civil suits filed in 1993.Columbus, OHSource:
John Doe v. Schaefer et al; Licking Cty, OH; # 93CV00326
SchaeferRichard1958PSuedDiocesanSchaefer was accused of abusing one youth on many instances. Schaefer was in charge of a group of young boys who wanted to be priests. The victim alleges that Schaefer abused five other boys in the group also and that a group of parents complained and Schaefer was transferred. Schaefer was named in a lawsuit that had just been filed.Rockville Centre, NYSource:
Newsday 4.15.03 (2nd); Newsday 04.15.03
Assignments: Assignment Record and Other Info
Thomas S.1953PConvictedDiocesanAbused at least 21 boys. Convicted 1996 of abuse of 5. Sentenced to 16-year sentence but judge reconsidered after he had served approx 4.5 mo. and reduced sentence to time served and treatment in MO. Sent to live at St. John Vianney in St. Louis. At least 1 claim included in $1.3M settlement with Archdiocese in 12/06. Died July 22, 2009 in MO.Washington, DCSource: collection of articles on Schaefer; St. Louis Post Dispatch 3.3.02; Washington Post 03.20.06; Washington Post 12.16.06; Washington Post 12.02.10
Assignments: Assignment Record
Charles J.1949PAccusedDiocesanAccused of abuse of a minor some time prior to 1990. He retired in 1989. Placed on leave in 2005 when allegation first became known. April 2006 article says Schaefle (at age 86 or 87) has agreed to a supervised life of prayer and penance. Name is included on secret 1994 memo from Wm. Lynn to Msgr. James Molloy (released 2/27/12) re priests in secret archives who were accused of sexual misconduct with a minor with no conclusive evidence.Philadelphia, PASource:
Philadelphia Inquirer 11.16.05; Philadelphia Inquirer 11.25.05; Philadelphia Inquirer 04.07.06; 1994 Memo from Fr. William Lynn to Asst. Vicar for Admin. re Names in Philadelphia Secret Archives, released 02.27.12
Philadelphia Archdiocesan Priest Data Profile; Archdiocese of Philadelphia Assignment Record (rev)
Robert L.1975PConvictedDiocesan Diocese knew in 1994 that he was bringing boys to rectory Placed on leave 4/02 after allegations surfaced. Several civil suits 2003-2004. In 2004 Diocese agreed to pay $1.1M to 12 men abused by him. Others refused to settle. Found not guilty 5/03 of some charges but convicted 6/03 on other charges of abuse in 1980s. Received two 30-year concurrent sentences. Also sentenced in Pasco County 7/03. At least 22 accusers are known. Abused in parishes now part of Venice Diocese. Still in jail 1/10.St. Petersburg, FLSource:
Injury Board 9.5.08; St. Petersburg Times 2.5.07; Statement by Diocese of Venice 5.9.02; St. Petersburg Times 05.15.02; Dallas Morning News 06.12.02; St. Petersburg Times 03.22.03; Herald Tribune 05.15.03; St. Petersburg Times 05.17.03; Tampa Tribune 06.21.03; Tampa Tribune 11.18.03; Letter by Bishop Lynch 12.11.03; St. Petersburg Times 12.12.03; St. Petersburg Times 12.23.03; St. Petersburg Times 04.16.04; Tampa Tribune 04.16.04
SchafferCarl C.1953PAccusedDiocesanRetired in 1989. Apparently committed suicide by carbon monoxide in 1993, a day after being questioned about decades-old abuse allegation. He was running a center for troubled teenage boys out of his home after his retirement.Lexington, KYSource:
Cleveland Plain Dealer 05.25.02
SchallerEmmett Gilroy PSuedOblates of Mary ImmaculateAccused of abuse of 1 from 1979-1980 per Archdiocesan report. May have left priesthood. Named in one civil suit accusing him of abusing one boy at St. Ferdinand's parish. Admitted during treatment that he had been in trouble due to his sexual behavior.Order released his personnel file 7/13.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report 02.17.04; Contra Costa Times 07.31.13
LA Times Database 4.20.06
SchapfelMichael1983PAccusedDiocesanSchapfel, a native of Germany, had been working in the DC area since 2004 serving German communities and diplomats. He was suddenly removed from ministry 4/10 and returned to Germany after allegations that he had molested numberous girls and young women in Germany in 1980s-1990s. Accusations had been known since original complaint in 2004.Washington, DCSource:
Catholic Culture 04.21.10; NBC Washington 04.21.10; Washington Post 04.21.10; WJC 04.21.10; WJZ 04.21.10
ScharfLawrence C.1965PAccusedDiocesanScharf was placed on leave 3/02 after allegations surfaced of sexual misconduct with a minor in 1976. It was later learned that a similar offense occurred in 1981. Scharf admitted the conduct and was placed in inpatient therapy. As of 2004 he was barred because of credible allegations. Has been dismissed from clerical state per 4/08 status report.Toledo, OHSource:
Associated Press 7.7.02; Bucyrus Telegraph Forum 1.3.03; Diocese of Toledo Status Report 4.8.08; News Messenger 7.9.02; Toledo Blade 12.01.02 (Major Account); Toledo Blade 12.01.02; Toledo Blade 03.30.04; Diocese of Toledo Status Report 02.17.05
ScheierMaurice1927PAccusedFranciscanAccused of abuse of 1 in 1948 per archdiocesan report. Deceased.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 6
Alan BSettledSalesians of Don BoscoAccused in a 12/16/13 lawsuit of repeated sexual abuse of a boy age 15 at the Salesian minor seminary in Goshen NY. The alleged abuse included masturbating the boy's penis skin-on-skin. The complaint also alleged abuse of the boy by Fr Joseph Maffei SDB and Fr Sean Rooney SDB at the same seminary. Scheneman was listed on the website of Boston attorney Mitchell Garabedian on 10/31/14 after a settlement during the year previous. The Salesians confirmed that a monetary settlement had been reached.New York, NYSource:
John Doe v Fr Sean Rooney SDB et al 12.16.13; AP 10.31.14; BA Information Page 10.31.14; Garabedian Law 10.31.14
Edwin J.1950PConvictedDiocesanRetired 1995. Removed 5/02 after lawsuit filed. Two more suits filed by 1/03. Chancellor from 1966 to 1982 said he had been approached by a parent claiming Scherzer had acted inappropriately with his son but made no record of complaint. A 4th suit filed in 4/03 alleging abuse 1963-1964. Indicted 2005. Pled guilty 11/05 to abuse of 4 boys in late 1950s-early 1960s. Sentenced to 5 yrs house arrest. Claims included in 6/03 mass settlement with Archdiocese. Ordered to life of prayer & penance.Louisville, KYSource:
Courier Journal 05.22.02; Courier Journal 07.06.02; Courier Journal (Major Account) 09.29.02; Courier Journal 10.04.02; Courier Journal 10.20.02; Courier Journal 01.22.03; Courier Journal 04.16.03; Courier Journal 02.24.05; Courier Journal 10.25.05; WAVE 3 News 11.10.05; Courier Journal (AP) 11.11.05; WAVE 3 01.09.06; The Gleaner 01.10.06; Courier Journal 06.12.07; Courier Journal 06.15.07; Courier Journal 07.13.08
WDRB 1.27.11 (add'l article); Courier Journal 1.29.11 (add'l article); WHAS 4.21.11 (add'l article); Assignment Record Compiled by Law Firm
Albert E.1955PSuedDiocesanRetired in 1990. Died 5/5/02. Lawsuit filed in 2003 by two men accusing Schetter of sexual abuse when they were boys in the early 1960s. They also claimed the archdiocese knew and did nothing. One plaintiff had gone to the archdiocese in 1992 with his allegations. Archdiocesan officials offered the man counseling, which he declined. They also reviewed Schetter's personnel file and found that there had been complaints in the early 1960s of his "odd behavior" with children; officials' response in the early 1960s was to send the priest on a spiritual retreat. In 1992 Schetter was told to stay away from children.Cincinnati, OHSource:
Associated Press 11.05.03; Cincinnati Enquirer 11.06.03; Catholic Telegraph (Cincinnati, OH) 11.14.03
Middletown Journal 5.07.02; Assignment Record
SchiederJoseph E.1935PSuedDiocesanSchieder is shown as retired from Buffalo NY Diocese per 1989 Catholic Directory. May have retired to FL Died 6/12/96. Civil suit filed in FL in late 2009 or early 2010 accuses Schieder and Msgr. Kershner of abuse of one mentally-disabled youth between 1987-1990 at Cardinal Gibbons High School in Ft. Lauderdale.Miami, FLSource:
Jane Doe et al v. Cardinal Gibbons H.S. and Archdiocese of Miami,; Buffalo News 06.14.96
SchikAnton BAccusedCrosierWorked at Crosier Seminary and Monastery in Onamia, MN from 1932-1948. At Wawasee Prep in Syracuse, IN from 1948 until he died 12/22/71. Name is included on 3/8/14 updated list of current, former and deceased Crosiers with one or more credible claims of sexual abuse of minors. He was deceased by the time the allegation of abuse was made. Unable to determine where he was assigned at time alleged abuse occurred. Diocese may be either Fort Wayne-South Bend, IN or St. Cloud MN.St. Cloud, MNSource:
Find A Grave 12.21.71; Crosier Province Updated List of Religious Involved in Sexual Abuse of Minors 03.08.14; Duluth News Tribune 03.09.14; St Cloud Times 03.09.14; Gallup Independent 03.17.14
Assignment Record Released by Crosier Order 03.08.14
SchipperCarl Anthony1968PConvictedDiocesanArrested 3/00 after he held a series of explicit sexual conversations with what he thought was a 13 yr old boy in an Internet Chat Room. He was immediately placed on leave from position as academic dean at Menlo Park's St. Patrick's Seminary. Pled no contest 8/00. Sentenced to 6 mo. jail and 3 yrs probation and to register as sex offender. Retired in 2003.San Francisco, CASource:
Guardian 5.8.02; San Jose Mercury News 3.4.00; SF Chronicle 3.4.00; SF Chronicle 08.23.00; San Jose Mercury News 11.22.00; Religion News Service 07.18.07
Assignments: Assignment Record
SchlaeferAustin1951PAccusedofm capIdentified in 6/18/13 Capuchin audit report as a deceased friar with confirmed reports of sexual abuse of minors. Schlaefer's name is included on this list without any additional information on claims against him. He died 6/19/92 in Saginaw, MI. Workedin Milwaukee, Detroit and Chicago.Detroit, MISource:
Province of St Mary Capuchin Franciscans Necrology 06.19.92; Capuchin List of Friars with Confirmed Reports of Sexual Abuse of Minors 06.18.13; Report of the Audit and Review of the Files of the Capuchin Province of St Joseph 06.18.13; Statement on the Public Release of the Names of Friars with Confirmed Allegations of Sexual Abuse of Minors and Vulnerable Adults 06.18.13
James J1945PAccusedDiocesanA 7/27/04 article in the Gallup Independent related that Schlaffer is alleged to have 'probed the vaginal area' of an 18-year-old Navajo girl hospitalized and in traction at the Gallup Indian Medical Center. On her first day of work after graduating from high school, the girl had been struck by a car as she walked on the shoulder of a reservation road. The girl ordered Schlaffer from her hospital room, expelled him again when he returned, and requested that the hospital add a note to her record stating that she wanted no visits from him. Subsequently the girl met another injured girl at the hospital, age 17, who said Schlaffer was a 'nasty priest' who had put his hand under her blouse and fondled her. Schlaffer was ordained for the Milwaukee archdiocese. He died on 8/22/98.Gallup, NMSource:
Racine News Journal Obituary 08.22.98; Gallup Independent 07.27.04
Douglas L.1975PSuedDiocesanAbuse alleged by Schleisman in 1993 civil suit; went on Leave of Absence. Name included on New Ulm list released by Atty Jeff Anderson 08/04/14. Names came from deposition of Rev. Francis Garvey, a former top New Ulm Diocese official, taken in 1/14. Laicized 1994.New Ulm, MNSource:
The Journal 05.22.94; Fr Francis Garvey Deposition 01.24.14; KSTP 08.04.14; Pioneer Press 08.04.14; Star Tribune 08.04.14; Bemidji Pioneer 03.29.16; BishopAccountability Lists 03.29.16; CBS Minnesota 03.29.16; Diocese of New Ulm List 03.29.16; KEYC 03.29.16; Mankato Free Press 03.29.16; Minnesota Public Radio 03.29.16; Star Tribune 03.29.16; Hutchinson Leader 03.31.16
Diocese of New Ulm Assignment Record
SchlosserMarcene NSettledSchool Sisters of Notre DameAccused in a 1996 lawsuit of sexually abusing a 1st-grade boy 2 or 3 times per week during the 1978-79 school year. Schlosser denied the charges, and her order stated that this was the only known allegation against her. Settled 10/2000.St. Paul-Minneapolis, MNSource:
St. Paul Pioneer Press
SchlueterClemens M. PAccusedDiocesanCame to Diocese of Tucson in 1961 as a priest of the Diocese of Steubenville. He became a priest of the Diocese of Tucson in 1978 and retired in 1990. It was announced in 6/02 that Schlueter had been suspended from ministry in 1997 after Diocese learnedof an allegation of child abuse related to his assignments in the 1960s. Died 9/09.Tucson, AZSource:
Arizona Daily Star 06.22.02; Arizona Republic 06.22.02; Tucson Citizen 02.27.04; Arizona Daily Star 07.30.07; 08.14.11
Diocese of Tucson List of Accused Priests from Website n.d.; Diocese of Tucson List of Accused Priests 8.5.11
SchmaltzBernard1973PAccusedDiocesanMan filed 1992 lawsuit alleging abuse by Schmaltz on 1973 fishing trip to Slidell, LA. Suit says boy told several people including pastor. Schmaltz relieved of duties and placed on paid leave. In 8/95, trial judge ruled plaintiff had waited too long to file suit. Schmaltz retired in 1996, saying allegations of sexual abuse had dogged his priesthood with other allegation at an earlier assignment. Allegation of abuse in 1970s were also received. Schmaltz filed suit against archbishop for slander in 2004.New Orleans, LASource:
Times-Picayune 01.01.93; Times-Picayune 08.05.95; Times-Picayune 01.25.04; Times Picayune 03.14.04; Times-Picayune 04.20.04; Times-Picayune 04.25.04; Times Picayune 10.13.04; Times Picayune 02.11.05; Times-Picayune 06.13.05
John P.1964PSuedDiocesanSued 2004. Accused of abuse of 3 boys (1966-67 and 1986). Other accusations also made. First allegations found not credible in 2003 but futher investigation in 2004 found latest allegation to be credible. Ministry permanently restricted. In 2/05 and still in 6/16 living supervised life of prayer and pennance. Allegations against him were also discussed in 4/12 trial against Msgr. Lynn. 3 men filed 2 new suits against Schmeer 9/18/12.Philadelphia, PASource:
Philadelphia Grand Jury Report; Morning Call 03.25.04; Philadelphila Inquirer 03.25.04; Philadelphia Inquirer 03.29.04; Philadelphia Inquirer 06.16.04; Philadelphia Inquirer 02.06.05; Philadelphia Inquirer 09.17.05; Philadelphia Inquirer 09.25.05; Local Catholic 09.29.05; Miami Herald 12.16.06; Miami Herald 04.25.07; Philadelphia Magazine 06.17.11; Philadelphia Magazine 06.23.11; Philadelphia Inquirer 04.18.12; McDonnell v Archdiocese of Philadelphia et al, 09.18.12; Reading Eagle 06.26.16
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Joseph M.1977PSuedDiocesanIn 2002 man alleged that Schmelzer abused him between 1983-1985 when he was a teenager. Says Schmelzer began touching him when he was 16 and then molested him at age 19 after giving him alcohol. The man complained first in 1993 and Schmelzer was counseled and moved. Nothing else done. Plaintiff filed a civil suit 2003. Schmelzer permanently removed after Review Board found the claims credible. Teaching Cert. revoked 11/06. 2nd allegation reported 2004 but not revealed until 2007.Toledo, OHSource:
Toledo City Paper 8.9.04; Associated Press 03.19.03; Toledo Blade 05.30.03; Toledo Blade 03.30.04; Diocesan Status Report 02.17.05; Toledo Blade 10.06.06; Toledo Blade 10.07.06; Toledo Blade 11.10.06; Toledo Blade 11.15.06; Toledo Blade 01.28.07; Times Bulletin 01.29.07; Delphos Herald 01.30.07; Toledo Blade 01.30.07; Toledo Blade 02.19.07; Times Bulletin 02.20.07
Diocese of Toledo Status Report 4.8.08 (add'l article)
SchmidtEugene LeRoy1956PAccusedDiocesanWoman filed a civil suit in 1992 alleging that from 1968-1972, when she was 13-17 years old, Schmidt took pornographic pictures of her amnd forced her to drink from a dog bowl. Suit was dismissed because of Statute of Limitations. Schmidt retired in 1991 without faculties. Neightbors of the church notified Green Bay diocese about a young girl spending too much time at the rectory. The woman herself tried to inform the diocese in 1982 and she wrote to Archbishop Weakland in 1983. Died 10/05.Green Bay, WISource:
Post Crescent 05.31.02; Capital Times 06.25.02; Oshkosh Northwestern 10.23.05
Allen M.1971PAccusedDiocesanSchmitt placed on leave 3/02 after man sent email to Archdiocese saying that Schmitt abused him in 1978 in Cedar Rapids. Schmitt admitted to the behavior when confronted by Archbishop. 2nd allegation received 4/02 concerning abuse in 1974. Works at Archdiocesan Center in Dubuque. At least 1 claim included in $2.6M settlement with Archdiocese 3/07 and another in 3/08 $4.7M settlement re 9 priests. Also at least one in 8/13 $5.2M out-of-court settlement involving 10 priests and 26 victims.Dubuque, IASource:
Telegraph Herald 04.30.02; Des Moines Register 01.17.04; Des Moines Register 02.28.04; Courier 04.04.04; Des Moines Register 01.06.06; Sioux City Journal 01.06.06; Telegraph Herald 03.05.06; Telegraph Herald 03.07.06; Telegraph Herald 03.09.06; Des Moines Register (AP) 03.28.07; Globe Gazette 04.10.08; Telegraph Herald 04.11.08; Telegraph Herald 04.11.08; WCFCourier 04.11.08; Telegraph Herald 04.28.10; Dyersville Commercial 08.28.13; WCF Courier 08.28.13
Archdiocesan Report on Assignments and Other Info 9.22.06; Archdiocese of Dubuque - Table of Accused Priests and Assignment Records 08.01.13
SchmittUrban1949PAccusedCrosier Fathers and BrothersWorked in IN, NE & MN. In 1994 Fr. Schmitt admitted sexually abusing a girl in 1969. Crosier Fathers offered counseling to woman, based on psychiatric evaluation. He was sent for evaluation to St. Luke's and took early retirement in 1994 but then continued to work part-time in NE for several years. Died 07/20/99. Name is included on 3/8/14 updated list ofcurrent, former and deceased Crosiers with one or more credible claims of sexual abuse of minors.St. Paul-Minneapolis, MNSource:
Letter dated 01.05.95; Crosier Province Updated List of Religious Involved in Sexual Abuse of Minors 03.08.14; Duluth News Tribune 03.09.14; St Cloud Times 03.09.14
Assignment Record Released by Crosier Order 03.08.14
Dennis E.1989PConvictedDiocesanPlaced on leave 5/02 and charged in 6/02 with improperly touching 1 teenage youth several times between 6/98-5/99. Pleaded guilty 2002 and received 32-month sentence. Also convicted in another county and sentenced 1/03 to 32 mo probation. Served as Vocations Director of Archdiocese from 1994 through 7/01. A civil suit against archdiocese was settled in 2003. Suit against Schmitz was ongoing. Schmitz agreed to seek laicization. On KS sex offender registry 1/3/10.Kansas City, KSSource:
Associated Press 5.2.02; Associated Press 5.2.02; Kansas City Star 5.3.02; Kansas City Star 5.4.02; Kansas City Star 8.7.02; Kansas City Star 9.6.02; Topeka Capital-Journal 5.3.02; Topeka Capital-Journal 6.8.02; Associated Press 06.27.02; Kansas City Star 07.30.02; Kansas City Star 08.15.02; Kansas City Star 10.19.02; Kansas City Star 11.01.02; Kansas City Star 01.18.03; Kansas City Star 06.21.03
Lawrence Journal-World 6.24.10 (add'l article)
John A.1957PSuedDiocesanSued 2005. Woman accused him of abuse in 1959 when she was a child. Died 1991. Parishioners had complained about his financial skills, his relationship with adult woman in 1982 and inappropriate behavior with minor girls. Sent to Paracletes. Archbishopdid not accept him back as priest. Arrived in San Bernardino Diocese 1/83. Back in Iowa by 1985 w/o privileges; sued for relationship with married woman. San Diego & Dubuque personnel filed released 10/25/10.Dubuque, IASource:
WQAD 03.14.05; Des Moines Register 03.15.05; Telegraph Herald 03.15.05; Des Moines Register 01.06.06; Diocese of Dubuque Annual Report 01.06.06; Globe Gazette 01.06.06; Globe Gazette 02.21.06; KIMT 02.21.06; Herald Telegraph 02.22.06; Telegraph Herald 03.07.06; San Diego Union Tribune 10.24.10; Documents Released by San Diego Diocese 10.25.10
Archdiocesan Report on Assignments and Other Info 9.22.06
Josephine1943 ?NAccusedSisters of St Francis of the Holy Family (OSF)Accused of abusing a boy in the early 1960s, starting at age 9. Schmitz aka Sister Mary Philip is accused of repeatedly keeping the boy after class at a Dubuque parish school, laying on top of him, and tongue-kissing him. She also worked in the Sioux City IA diocese and the Chicago IL archdiocese and is now retired. The Dubuque archdiocese found the allegation not sustained (choices were: unfounded, exonerated, not sustained, sustained) although their investigator found it credible.Dubuque, IASource:
Des Moines Register 05.17.04; Daily Iowan 04.07.06; KIMT - NewsChannel 3 (Iowa) 04.12.06; KWWL 04.12.06; Tikkun 08.15.13
Heiderscheit Assignment List Summer 2003; Detailed Assignment Record
Paul R.1953PAccusedDiocesanPlaced on leave without privileges 5/10 after allegations of improper contact with minors in 1970s. He was serving at St. Philip Neri in Rochester at the time of the allegations. Review board said investigation confirmed the complaint. Canonical proceedings are not complete as of 6/12.Rochester, NYSource:
Catholic Courier 6.7.12; Rochester Homepage 6.7.12; SNAP Statement 6.7.12; Catholic Courier 10.09.04; Catholic Courier 05.16.10; Evening Tribune 05.17.10; WENY 05.20.10; Evening Tribune 05.23.10
SchneiderCaroline Mary NSuedSisters of Charity of NazarethIn a 7/22/04 amendment to a suit, accused of abusing a girl at Most Blessed Sacrament, a parish school. Same woman who also alleges abuse by 2 other nuns: Sr. Mary Jane and Sr. Jean. Order confirmed that Schneider was at the school during the relevant time. She is deceased.Louisville, KYSource:
Courier-Journal 07.23.04; / AP 07.23.04
Roger W.1958PAccusedDiocesanLast known assignment was at St. Francis Seminary between 1966-1971. Name appears on Archdiocese's July 2004 list of priests fully restricted from ministry (or who would have been restricted if still living) because of credible allegations of abuse. 7/9/03 ist says Schneider "left priestly ministry" (but no date given).Per Archdiocese's 11/26/07 list, he has been laicized.Milwaukee, WISource:
Archdiocese of Milwaukee List of Clergy Offenders 3.3.12; Statement by Archdiocese of Milwaukee 7.9.04; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 07.10.04; Statement by Archdiocese of Milwaukee 11.26.07
Assignments: Assignment Record; Archdiocese of Milwaukee Assignment Record
SchneiderRonald H.1975PAccusedDiocesanPolice investigated allegations in 1992 that Schneider had sexually assaulted two young boys some time before 1985. He was never charged but Diocese placed him on leave in 1993. Allegations included voyeurism and asking children to take their clothes off in front of him. Lots of transfers. Still on leave in 2002.Green Bay, WISource:
Post Crescent 05.31.02; Capital Times 06.25.02
Stephen A.1972PAccusedDiocesanRemoved 2/06 from position at St. Peter the Apostle Church in Joplin after allegations of sexual misconduct with a minor which were made 12/05. No info as to when abuse actually occurred. No criminal charges filed. His actions violated church policy but did not break the law.Springfield-Cape Girardeau, MOSource:
Joplin Globe 02.28.06; Springfield News-Leader 02.28.06; The Missourian 02.28.06; Springfield News-Leader 03.01.06
SchoenhofenRoger1966PSuedOblateIn 1995 civil suit, plaintiff claimed he was sexually abused by three Belleville priests, a deacon and two Oblate priests while a student at St. Henry's Seminary. Plaintiff claims that a ring of homosexual priests lured young men and wined and dined them in exchange for sex. Was still active priest in Afton, IL in 2008. Died 2/09.Belleville, ILSource:
Belleville (IL) News-Democrat 4.6.95; Mohr v. Fr. Calhoun, et al; 12 Circuit, St. Clair Cty, IL; # 95-L579; St. Louis Post-Dispatch 02.17.05; Belleville News-Democrat 02.26.09
Clarence1937PSuedDiocesanNamed in 1994 suit. Accused of non-consensual sexual acts and physical abuse of girl in 1967 as part of "cleaning ritual." Girl and her sister lived at St. Anthony's Boys School, an orphanage run by Poor Sisters of St. Francis Seraph of the Perpetual Adoration. Retired 1980 and died prior to filing of suit in 1994. Schoeppner became vice-chancellor of archdiocese immediately after ordination and, later, chancellor.Santa Fe, NMSource:
Carroll Daily Herald 03.20.37; Carroll Daily Herald 10.05.37; Santa Fe New Mexican 06.21.38; Carroll Daily Herald 06.27.38; St. Petersburg Times (Reuters) 08.13.94
John B.1960PSuedDiocesanRemoved 2002. Resigned. Accused in 2002 civil suit of abuse of a 15 yr old girl in 1960s. Matter settled in June 2005 in exchange for publishing statements from plaintiff and Archbishop Daniel Buechlein in The Criterion, the archdiocese's newspaper, At least one other woman has made allegations.Indianapolis, INSource:
Indianapolis Star 06.23.02; Indianapolis Star 06.28.02; Courier Journal 08.30.02; Indianapolis Star 09.04.02; Indianapolis Star 12.17.02; Indianapolis Star 02.11.03; Indianapolis Star 05.09.03; Courier Journal 03.12.05
Kenneth J.1968PConvictedDiocesanPlaced on leave after he admitted in 2001 that he had sexual encounters with boys between 1984 and 1999. Also downloaded porn and trolled Internet for boys. Pleaded guilty 2003 to one count of gross sexual imposition in exchange for the dismissal of additional charges of rape and sexual battery re 17-yr-old boy. Sentenced to 5 years' probation. Civil suit filed 2004. Still on payroll of Archdiocese as of 4/07. Laicization announced 5/11/07. On Sex Offender Register 1/21/12.Cincinnati, OHSource:
Cincinnati Enquirer 06.23.01; Cincinnati Enquirer 06.24.01; Cincinnati Enquirer 06.30.01; Cincinnati Enquirer 08.05.01; Cincinnati Enquirer 09.27.01; Dayton Daily News 06.27.02; Cincinnati Enquirer 03.22.03; Cincinnati Enquirer 06.12.03; Archdiocese of Cincinnati Statement 02.07.06; Dayton Daily News 04.22.07; WLWT 05.11.07; Cincinnati Post 05.12.07; Dayton Daily News 05.12.07
Assignments: Assignment Record
Gerard M.1962PSettledDiocesanOne claim against Scholl included as part of settlement with Fort Worth Diocese 3/09 by 5 men who alleged abuse by James Reilly. Same man abused by Reilly and Scholl was also abused by James Hanlon. Scholl died in 2002.. Worked as chaplain at UT Arlington, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton parish and on Diocese Tribunal. Also spent time in Denver and Santa Fe.Fort Worth, TXSource:
BBC News 3.5.09; Dallas Morning News 3.4.09; Diocese of Fort Worth List of Accused Priests accessed 1.12; Fort Worth Star Telegram 3.5.09; Corsicana Daily Sun 05.23.62; DFW Catholic 03.19.09
Fort Worth Star Telegram 1.9.02
James R.1975PConvictedDiocesanRemoved 7/09 after allegation he sexually abused a male teen in 1985. Archdiocese said allegation did not involve parishes where he worked. Four more complaints received re abuse in 1970s and 1980s. Permanent removal to life of prayer & penance 2/10 after board found allegations credible. Former church worker sued 1/11 alleging termination when she turned him in. Suit dismissed 5/11. Appealed 6/11. Criminal charges filed 6/30/11 re two accusers. Ruled competent to stand trial.11/13. Trial began 4/14/14 and he was convicted of 3 counts of sodomy 4/16/14 in one case and one count of indecent or immoral practice in 2nd case. Formally sentenced 5/30/14 to 15 yrs prison and immediately arrested. He is believed to be terminally ill from skin cancer and will be housed at Kentucky State Reformatory in Oldham County which has nursing unit and hospice unit. Appeal filed 5/12/14 includes request that he be allowed to stay out of jail during appeal.Louisville, KYSource:
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Assignments: Assignment Record
SchoolcraftByron Wayne DAccusedDiocesanPer Diocese of Tucson list accessed 8/5/11, Schoolcraft has been suspended from ministry as deacon. He served at Our Mother of Sorrows Parish in Tucson from 1981-1984. No further information found.Tucson, AZSource:
Diocese of Tucson List of Accused Priests 8.5.11
SchoppeCharles K.1949PAccusedDiocesanIn 2002, it was revealed that Schoppe was forced to resign (retire) in 1992 after diocese confirmed that he sexually abused a woman when she was a minor 30 years earlier. In June 2002 Bishop took away his privileges and told him he could no longer present himself as a priest. New allegations were brought forward in 2002 by 3 more women who say they were abused as minors..Galveston-Houston, TXSource:
Houston Chronicle 06.23.02; Houston Chronicle 07.12.02
Schornack (Schomack)
Mark1959BSuedOFM FranciscansAccused in 5/10/13 complaint of sexually touching & pentrating Jane J P Doe at Mission in St Michael's AZ in Navajo Nation. Plaintiff on claimants' committee in Gallup bankruptcy; came forward as Prudence Jones. Accused in 2015 complaint of abusing 2nd girl by sexual touching, fondling, frottage, intercrural sex & penetration at St Michael's. Worked in Navajo Nation over 20 years as bus driver, helper of poor & children's roller skate teacher. Trained as Maryknoll; no final vows; concerns about vocation. Treated by Servants of the Paraclete in Jemez Springs NM; admitted to Franciscans; solemn vows 8/16/59. Worked at Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament in Fort Defiance AZ & Our Lady of Guadalupe in Kayenta AZ. Later lived at Curia Juan Diego/OFM Friary in Albuquerque NM, Santa Fe archdiocese, per 2005-2012 Directory. Worked at St Felix Pantry in Rio Rancho NM. Dementia in last years; lived at South Valley Care Center in Albuquerque. Died 1/16/12. Belatedly added to diocesan list 4/28/17.Gallup, NMSource:
Padres Trail 12.13.04; Padres Trail 03.01.05; Padres Trail 06.24.09; Padres Trail 05.13.10; Padres Trail 01.16.12; Jane JP Doe v Gallup Diocese 05.28.13; Gallup Independent 06.20.13; Sacramento Bee 06.24.13; The New Mexican 06.25.13; Gallup Independent 11.11.13; ABQ Journal 12.14.13; Gallup Bankruptcy Motion 10.30.14; Jane LS Doe v Gallup Diocese 03.17.16; Jones Statement at US Bankruptcy Court Hearing 06.21.16; Albuquerque Journal 07.17.16; Gallup Independent 11.16.16; Gallup Independent 12.13.16; Gallup Independent 04.29.17; Cibola Beacon 05.10.17
Diocese of Gallup Credibly Accused List
Clarence J.1929PAccusedDiocesanLast known assignment was at St. Joseph Parish (Milwaukee / Wauwatosa)between 1955-1969. Name appears on Archdiocese's July 2004 list of priests fully restricted from ministry (or who would have been restricted if still living) because of credible allegations of abuse. He died in 1978. He was accused of molesting 3 sisters in 1950s while assigned to St. Joseph Parish. One of the women settled for $125K in 2004.Milwaukee, WISource:
Archdiocese of Milwaukee List of Clergy Offenders 3.3.12; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 6.1.11; Statement by Archdiocese of Milwaukee 7.9.04; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 07.10.04
Assignments: Assignment Record; Archdiocese of Milwaukee Assignment Record
Lawrence 1956PAccusedOFM FranciscanName included on the Gallup diocese's 12/14 list of credibly accused clerics. Assigned to numerous parishes in the diocese 1961-1991.Gallup, NMSource:
Diocese of Gallup Downloaded 02.28.15
John P.1969PAccusedDiocesanOne man told Archdiocese 3/04 of sexual abuse in early 1980s. Schreiter said that the person was an adult at the time and denied all claims. Matter referred to AG's office which said statute had expired. Archdiocese continued investigation. In 8/04,the Review board deemed the allegation unsubstantiated and he was reinstated. Removed again 6/10/12 on different sexual abuse allegation involving a minor. He was scheduled to retire in 2 weeks and did so. Quietly reinstated again 1/13.Milwaukee, WISource:
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 04.29.04; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 08.10.04; Fox 6 06.10.12; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 06.10.12; SNAP Wisconsin Statement 06.10.12; WTMJ 06.10.12; Fox 11 06.11.12; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 06.11.12; SNAP Wisconsin Statement 06.11.12; SNAP Wisconsin 01.26.13; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 01.29.13; SNAP Wisconsin 01.29.13
SchrengerArthur C.1975PAccusedDiocesanAccused of abuse and placed on leave 2003. Per 12/05 article, he has appealed to Rome the archdiocese's finding that he had two instances of misconduct with minors prior to 1985. One 2003 article says he admitted abuse. No criminal prosecution because of statute of limitations.Mobile, ALSource:
Associated Press 4.2.03; Mobile Register 4.3.03; Mobile Register 4.6.03; Montgomery Advertiser 4.4.03; Mobile Register 04.25.03; 04.25.03; Mobile Register 02.17.04; Mobile Register 12.09.05
Mobile Register 4.04.03
Othmar H.1938PAccusedDiocesanAllegations of abuse by Schroeder 1947-75 at Holy Family church were made public 8/18/07. Bishop Gettelfinger stated that he knew of allegations in 1996 but recently learned that "scope is greater than we knew." By 8/31/07 claims of abuse of at least 10 boys and girls had been received. Schroeder died 2/16/88. He began as a priest of the then-diocese of Indianapolis. His 1st parish was in Lawrence IN, near Cincinnati, now in the archdiocese of Indianapolis.Evansville, INSource:
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Detailed Assignment Record
Francis A.1959PAccusedDiocesanIn 2002 he was accused of fondling two girls in 1960s. Removed 6/02. Women were asked to meet with a psychologist who was to make a report to the diocesan review board. In 9/02 Review Board considered 1 claim & recommended that Schroering be "immediately" reinstated. Other claim not considered because girl was 18 at the time. Retired 6/03 due to "illness." Died 6/1/05. At one parish, Mark Kurzendoerfer was his asst pastor.Evansville, INSource: 6.02; Associated Press 06.11.02; Associated Press 06.15.02; Associated Press 06.17.02; Associated Press 06.20.02; Evansville Courier & Press 09.20.02; Sts Peter & Paul Catholic Church Website accessed 09.25.12
SchuckJoseph1953PAccusedDiocesanPlaced on leave in 2003 from part-time duties in Albany Diocese after Brooklyn Diocese said he may have abused an individual more than 50 yrs previously. He had been working in the Albany Diocese for the past 25 years after moving to Albany to care for his aging parents. No accusations against him there. The victim contacted the Brooklyn Diocese in 2002 and a preliminary investigation found allegation to be "credible." Schuck, who is in 70s, retired in approx. 2000Brooklyn, NYSource:
Press & Sun-Bulletin 01.14.03; Times Union 01.14.03
SchuhmacherGeorge J.1957 ?PAccusedDiocesanPermanently removed 1/03 because of 1983 allegation that he provided alcohol to a 13 yr old boy and then sexually molested him during a campout. Boy was a resident at Campbell Lodge Boys Home (for troubled boys) run by Schuhmacher. He reported abuse to police in 1983 and Schuhmacher was removed. By 1986 he was back at the home and in 1996 he was given a parish assignment.Covington, KYSource:
Cincinnati Enquirer 10.09.03; Kentucky Post 05.22.04
Assignments: Assignment Record
SchulteDaniel R.1987PConvictedVincentianCharged 2006 with downloading child pornography from Internet. Removed from position as Hospital chaplain in 2005 and sent for treatment in St. Louis. Pleaded guilty 6/06. Sentenced to 7 yrs, 3 mo. prison 10/06 and ordered to register as sex offender upon release (approx 2/13). Remained a priest; faced possible laicization.Chicago, ILSource:
Chicago Sun-Times 03.22.06; Houston Chronicle 03.22.06; KWMU (AP) 06.20.06; Chicago Sun-Times 06.21.06; NY Times (AP) 10.31.06; Chicago Sun-Times 11.01.06; Chicago Tribune 11.01.06
Assignments: Assignment Record
Gary1972PAccusedDiocesanRemoved from assignment at St. Sylvester Church in Warren 10/29/11 without privileges after allegations of sexual misconduct with a 16 yr old male in 1991. Schulte was working at St. Vincent Ferrer Parish in Madison Heights at the time of the alleged abuse. Review board found allegations had enough validity to warrant restrictions on his privileges. No criminal charges to be filed due to SOL.Detroit, MISource:
Fox Detroit 1.5.12; Click on Detroit 10.30.11; Daily Tribune 10.30.11; Detroit Free Press 10.30.11; Detroit News 10.30.11; Statement by Archdiocese of Detroit 10.30.11; WXYZ 10.30.11; The Patch 10.31.11; Daily Tribune 11.01.11; Detroit Free Press 11.01.11; Detroit News 11.01.11; Detroit Free Press 11.03.11; Daily Tribune 11.18.11
Raymond Francisco1979PSuedBenedictinePer Abbey Abuse Disclosure Project, one victim made a 9/02 statement in which he says Schulte sexually molested him 10/88. Also accused of knowing about abuse by Dunstan Moorse and John Kelly. Supposedly living a restricted lifestyle at St. John's buthas traveled frequently, including to Italy. Named in new suit 5/18/10 by two brothers claiming abuse in 1984-1986. Suit settled 3/11 with other claims against Abbey. New suit in Puerto Rico 4/11. Name on Abbey list 12/9/13 & St. Cloud list 1/3/14.St. Cloud, MNSource:
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News Release by J. Anderson & Assoc 4.29.11 (add'l article); Taiwan News 5.3.11 (add'l article); St. Cloud Times 5.3.11 (add'l article); John Doe 171 v. Order of St. Benedict, et al, U.S. Dist. Court Puerto Rico, Case No. 3:11-cv-0140, 5.2.11; St. Cloud Times 9.18.11 (add'l article)
Robert W.1943PAccusedDiocesanAfter ordination Schutte spent a year in a St. Augustine FL parish, after which he returned to his native OH. He taught high school and served in parishes as an assistant and then pastor in the Cincinnati archdiocese. He also was an assistant Air Force chaplain in FL.; the time-period for that is unclear. He retired in 1984. In late 2003 Schutte's privileges were removed after allegations arose that he sexually abused a minor several decades before. He died a little over a month later, in 1/04, at age 89.Cincinnati, OHSource:
Pathways Spring 2004; Catholic Telegraph (OH) 01.09.04; San Antiono Express-News 10.08.04
Assignments: Assignment Record
John Joseph1983PAccusedDiocesanPlaced on leave 4/06. Accused of abuse of minor several years ago. No other details. In 12/06, diocese announced that review board found allegations to be credible and he was removed from his position as pastor.Jefferson City, MOSource:
Jefferson City News Tribune (AP) 04.27.06; Columbia Daily Tribune 12.13.06
Joseph R.1965PAccusedDiocesanFormer vicar general. Civil suit filed 8/99 alleging abuse of one 8 yr old boy in 1973. Refiled as federal case 2001. Some charges dismissed due to SOL in 2003. Case settled 2/03. Has admitted he is "a sex addict." At least 2 arrests for solicitation.Left ministry 1994 because of his sexual addition, not because of alleged abuse of minors. Other victims have come forward. Testified in Kownacki trial 8/08. On 1/24/09 the diocesan website gave his status as "Administrative Leave / Retired." Died 7/13/16.Belleville, ILSource:
St Louis Post Dispatch 12.08.94; Post Dispatch 08.24.99; NY Times 03.03.02; Belleville News Democrat 07.14.02; News Democrat 07.16.02; News Democrat 09.15.02; Post Dispatch 01.30.03; News Democrat 01.31.03; Post Dispatch 02.21.03; Belleville News-Democrat 03.07.03; Belleville News Democrat 04.24.07; News Democrat 08.21.08; News Democrat 08.22.08; Post Dispatch 08.22.08; Testimony in Kownacki Trial 08.22.08; The Messenger 10.10.16
SchwartzJohn1981PSuedJesuitSued 2005. Accused of abuse of student in 1986-1987 in Oregon. Article says he is no longer a Jesuit but works as priest for Archdiocese of San Francisco and has taken a voluntary leave . Suit settled for $95,000 in Nov. 2005. Per 11/06 article, Schwartz is being returned to active duty because Archdiocese says accusations were not credible. Per Official Catholic Directory, he was chaplain at St. Anne's Home in San Francisco (a Home for the Aged of the Little Sisters of the Poor) from 2007 - 2011. He is not indexed past 2011..Portland, ORSource:
Oregonian 10.07.05; CBS 5 10.25.05; Marlin Independent Journal 10.26.05; Oregonian 11.14.05; Oregonian 11.30.05; Marin Independent Journal 12.01.05; Table: The Oregonian 11.12.06; KTVU 11.28.06; Marin Independent Journal 11.28.06; Fresno Bee 11.29.06; Good Jesuit, Bad Jesuit 11.12.09
Assignments: Assignment Record
William T.1958PSettledDiocesanAccused of abuse of youths in 1960s and 1970s. Laicized 11/05. 1 lawsuit filed 2004 settled in 2005 for $100K. 3 plaintiffs settled 2/06 as part of settlement re several priests. Settled with Schwartz in 4/06. At least 1 more claim included in $2.6M settlement with Archdiocese 3/07. 3 cases were included in 01/08 settlement with Diocese but are still pending against Schwartz individually. At least one more included in 8/13 $5.2M out-of-court settlement involving 10 priests and 26 victims.Dubuque, IASource:
Courier 01.16.05; Courier 09.28.05; Courier 01.06.06; Des Moines Register 01.06.06; Diocese of Dubuque Annual Report 01.06.06; Globe Gazette 01.06.06; Sioux City Journal 01.06.06; Globe Gazette 02.21.06; Herald Telegraph 02.22.06; Sioux City Journal 02.22.06; Telegraph Herald 03.05.06; Telegraph Herald 03.07.06; Telegraph Herald 03.07.06; KWWL 04.19.06; WQAD 04.20.06; Dyersville Commercial 08.28.13; WCF Courier 08.28.13
Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier 2.07.08 (add'l article); Telegraph Herald 4.28.10 (add'l article); Archdiocesan Report on Assignments and Other Info 9.22.06; Archdiocese of Dubuque - Table of Accused Priests and Assignment Records 08.01.13
SchweichRamona NSettledSchool Sisters of Notre DameAccused of sexually abusing a 16-year-old girl at a boarding school in Colton WA. Admitted the acts but claimed they were consensual. Order settled the case in 2004 for about $120K and had settled another claim in 2003 for $30K.Spokane, WASource:
Mankato Free Press 06.23.04; Associated Press 06.25.04
Robert G.1937PAccusedDiocesanFirst assignment was at Immaculate Conception Church (now St. Pius X), Moberly, At one point in his career, there was one allegation of abuse but no further details are known. On leave of absence at Paraclete facility in Jemez Springs from 1970-1972. Reassigned to Parish in 1973-1974 but no assignment in 1975. Retired in 1976. Died 4/30/79.Jefferson City, MOSource:
KOMU 5.7.12
ScottAugustus PAccusedO.F.M.Conv.In 4/12, attorney Mitch Garabedian announced that he had recently settled at least one case involving allegation of abuse by Scott. Abuse occurred several times in Scott's car between 1969-1970 when accuser was 16. Diocese says Scott is not an active priest. Other sources report he is living in North Carolina.Camden, NJSource: 04.11.12; Coshocton Tribune 04.11.12
ScottGeorge M.1925PSuedDiocesanAccused of abusing both a boy and a girl (each about 7 or 8) between 1947-1958. Named by 2 plaintiffs in civil suit filed 12/03. Died 1986. Claims included in massive $660 mil settlement by LA archdiocese of over 500 claims July 14, 2007.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 3; Press-Telegram (San Pedro, CA) 01.12.04; LA Times 07.15.07; City of Angels 12.07.07
LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times Database 4.20.06
ScottVincent PAccusedSJAs part of Section 13.1, Non-Monetary Commitments, of the Society of Jesus, Oregon Province, Reorganization Plan (dated 7/18/11) the Order agreed to post on its website the names of all members of the Province who are identified as perpetrators of sexual abuse in proofs of claims filed in the Bankruptcy case, and who have not denied the allegation. Scott's name is included on this list without any additional information on claims against him.Portland, ORSource:
Jesuits Oregon Province website accessed 12.07.12
ScrutonStephen1960PConvictedDiocesanArrested at least twice for lewd behavior and/or indecent behavior. Sued in 1991 by one boy alleging abuse in 1986. Took sick leave in 1990. Removed from position at counselor for sex offenders at Essex County Jail in 1992 after name appeared on list of accused abusers. Named in 3 suits in 2002. At least one claim in 11/02 $5M settlement involving 62 victims and 28 priests.Manchester, NHSource:
Associated Press 4.9.02; Associated Press 02.15.02; Union Leader 02.16.02; Union Leader 02.16.02; Associated Press 05.15.02; Union Leader 06.20.02; Nashua (NH) Telegraph 11.27.02; NH AG Audit Records 03.26.09
ScullyRichard1978PSettledDiocesan1994 civil suit alleges Scully (who later moved to Hereford TX) abused a 15-yr-old in 1980 at parish school. Suit claims Fr. Dale Calhoun also abused the youth. Removed from parish in Yakima diocese in 1988 and sent to treatment. Worked in Amarillo TX 1989-3/02 when he resigned. At least 2 claims settled confidentially. Seattle priest came forward 2004 to say Scully had also abused him in 1970s when he was 15. He reported it to church in 2003. Laicized. Name included on Seattle archdiocese's list 1/15/16 of clergy and religious with admitted, established or credible allegations against them of sexual abuse of a minor.Yakima, WASource:
CJC v Bishop of Yakima et al, 94-2-01931-5, Snohomish Co, 07.25.94; Associated Press 07.29.99; Seattle Times 04.14.02; Dallas Morning News 06.12.02; Dallas Morning News 07.04.02; Statement by Bishop Savilla of Yakima 10.14.03; Dallas Morning News 01.19.04; Yakima Herald Republic 02.28.04; Associated Press 08.31.04; Seattle Post-Intelligencer 08.31.04; Seattle Times 09.01.04; Yakima Herald-Republic 09.01.04; Seattle Post-Intelligencer 09.23.04; Yakima Herald Republic 01.07.07; Yakima Herald-Republic 07.04.10; Yakima Herald-Republic 10.21.11; Yakima Herald Republic 01.15.13; Archdiocese of Seattle List 01.15.16; The Stranger 01.15.16; Yakima Herald 01.24.16
SebescakGary1994PAccusedDiocesanOrdained in 1994, Sebescak was removed from assignment as assoc. pastor of St. Mary's in Mount Vernon by Bishop Gregory 4/95 after someone came forward to allege that Sebescak had sexually abused a minor six yrs previously while at St. Meinrad Catholic Seminary. Bishop Gregory found the allegations credible. No criminal charges filed. No further information found.Belleville, ILSource:
St. Louis Post-Dispatch 04.26.95
James F.1962PAccusedDiocesanResigned and retired 1/14 after diocese received complaint of sexual abuse of minor alleged to have occurred approximately 44 years before. Review Board found allegation to be credible. Matter referred to Rome. At the approximate time of the abuse, he changed from principal at the former Huntington Catholic High School to superintendent of diocesan schools (until 1978). Timeline of abuse may not match employment records. As of 1/27/14 three more accusers have come forward with credible allegations.Fort Wayne-South Bend, INSource:
ABC 57 01.15.14; Fort Wayne Journal Gazette 01.15.14; Indiana News Center 01.15.14; News Sentinel 01.15.14; WNDU 01.15.14; Journal Gazette 01.16.14; SNAP Statement 01.16.14; KPC News 01.20.14; News-Sentinel 01.27.14; Statement by Diocese of Fort Wayne accessed 01.27.14; IN SNAP Media Statement 06.19.14; WANE 06.19.14; Journal Gazette 06.20.14
Arthur A.1943PAccusedDiocesan1995 civil suit says Sego abused a woman when she was in elementary school 27 yrs before. Suit was dismissed on SOL. Ct. of Appeals affirmed dismissal 8/9/96, 669 N.E.2d 1034. Admited exposing himself to one young girl and having another undress and dance for him. Removed from ministry1994. Lived under restrictions in priest retirement home near St. Louis until death in 1998. Abuse allegations involve young girls, teenagers, and pregnant girls. Lived and traveled with Bishop Higi for many years.Lafayette, INSource:
Journal and Courier 2.1.04; Indianapolis Star 02.16.97; Indianapolis Star 02.16.97; Indianapolis Star 02.16.97; Indianapolis Star 02.16.97; Indianapolis Star 02.17.97; Indianapolis Star 02.17.97
SeidelMichael L.1987PAccusedDiocesanSuspended by the Archdiocese in 1998 after an allegation of abuse of a minor was determined to be credible. Laicization announced 11/03/06.St. Louis, MOSource:
Archdiocese of St. Louis Press Release 11.03.06; MyFox (AP) 11.03.06; St. Louis Review 11.03.06; St. Louis Post-Dispatch 11.04.06
Assignment Record
SeidenbergAugustine J.1948PAccusedDiocesan5 women filed suit in 1994 (in Rubino's RICO suit) alleging abuse as minors. Seidenberg would force them to sit on his lap while he masturbated and fondled them during confessions. Permanently suspended from ministry 1994 Women shared in 3/03 settlement. He died 1/13/01 per 2011 New Jersey Provincial Directory.Camden, NJSource:
Atlantic Cty, NJ; # ATL-L-004059-94; New Jersey Provincial Directory, 2011, p. 206; Philadelphia Inquirer 11.01.94; The Record (AP) 11.02.94; Courier Post 04.14.02; Philadelphia Inquirer 07.21.02; Star-Ledger 03.14.03; Philadelphia Inquirer 10.16.05
Thomas1992PAccusedDiocesanSeifner, pastor of parishes in Loose Creek and Bonnots Mill, was removed from his positions 12/09 after allegations that he had engaged in "inappropriate electronic communication" with a minor male five yrs previously. Accuser is now an adult. Seifnerhad only been at the parishes since 7/09. Current whereabouts are unknown. Diocese may not have filed police reports yet. Review board found his actions to be true sexual abuse of a minor.Jefferson City, MOSource:
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SeitzPaul F.1958PAccusedDiocesanRemoved 11/94 after allegations that he was involved in sexual misconduct with a minor 30 yrs before. No criminal charges filed as of 3/95 and Seitz denied. Allowed to return to work prior to 2002. Assigned to a smaller parish and ordered not to be alone with children. 6/02 article said that Seitz has since resigned "for health reasons." Charleston, SCSource:
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Donald J.1983PSuedDiocesanAllegations against Sella were made in 1/04 civil suit. At least one claim of sexual abuse of a child was settled in 2/05 as part of a $5M settlement of claims by 27 individuals against several priests. Sella was still serving in a parish in 2005 because "the diocese found no evidence of wrongdoing during an internal review" and he is still active priest as of 2/08.Paterson, NJSource:
Herald News 11.04.04; Herald News 02.16.05; Record 02.16.05
Thomas1965PSuedDiocesanSellentin removed from duties 4/02 after one victim came forward. He admitted sexually abusing boys as far back as 30 years ago. People from 2 parishes say church authorities knew about abuse allegations for many years. Sellentin was transferred in 1960s after allegations. Matter discussed at meeting with church pastor in 1960s. Sellentin transferred again about 1980 after complaints. Allegations of abuse in at least 4 parishes between 1968 and 1974. Civil suit(s) filed 3/03.Omaha, NESource:
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James PClearedDiocesanFrom India, became U.S. citizen. Worked in diocese since 1998 but still assigned to diocese in India. Accused in 2005 of improperly touching an 11-yr-old girl. Removed from duties. In 2/06 a grand jury dismissed the charges. State AG expunged his record so there would be no trace of the accusation or charge. Nonetheless, Bishop Smith removed him from ministry and tried to send him back to India, saying Selvaraj had been repeatedly warned of his "overly friendly personality." As of 2012, Selvaraj still in NJ without privileges. His appeal to the Vatican was denied when it ruled that Diocese had followed proper protocol and was within its rights. Said in 2/12 he would return to his home parish in India when he received a formal declaration from the diocese that he was a priest in good standing.Trenton, NJSource:
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Joseph J.1969PReinstatedDiocesanPlaced on leave 2002 from Parmadale Family Services home when man came forward to allege sexual abuse at the home (which offered treatment to children with emotional problems.) Seminatore denied charges even after two more victims came forward. All three accusers filed suit 07/02. In 8/02 Seminatore filed a countersuit alleging conspiracy. Plaintiffs' case dismissed on SOL; dismissal upheld by Appeals Court in 2006. Seminatore's claim dismissed by trial court; upheld by Appeals Court 12/04. In 10/15 the diocese announced Seminatore's Administrative Leave had ended, and he was granted retirement. This was after a tribunal of three canonists determined the charges were not confirmed.Cleveland, OHSource:
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Assignments: Assignment Record
SenkoMartin Richard1956PAccusedDiocesanSenko resigned as pastor of St. Peter's in Portland 3/93 and was sent for treatment after he was accused of improperly touching a 15-yr-old girl in the parish between 1965-1969. He denied touching the girl "consciously or unconsciously." Did admit relationships with adult women. From 1994-1998 he was administrator of St. Andrew in Cornelius. Retired in 1998; removed from public ministry 5/02 and died 12/04. Documents from file released 11/08.Portland, ORSource:
The Oregonian 6.6.07 (Documents); Table: The Oregonian 11.12.06; Final Report of Document Arbitration 11.24.08; Documents Released by Archdiocese 11.25.08
SeorisoBrother BSuedJesuit??One woman alleged abuse by Br. Seoriso on multiple occasions at St. Ignatius Mission on Flathead Indian Reservation. Allegations are included in 9/11 civil suit against Ursuline Order and Helena Diocese filed by 45 people against multiple nuns, 6 priests and 2 brothers.Helena, MTSource:
The Missoulian 09.27.11; John Does 1-16 et al v. Ursuline Sisters, Diocese of Helena, et al, Cause No. ADV-2011-936, Montana First Judicial District Court, Lewis & Clark County, 10.03.11
Edgar2004 ?PCharges DroppedDiocesanNative of Colombia. Removed 9/09 after accusations of sexual abuse of a 16 yr old boy in 5/09 in Brunswick Co. Matter did not make news until he was arrested 1/8/10 and charged with two counts of sex crimes against a juvenile. He has denied allegations. Before allegations received, he was pastor at Maria Reina Parish in Mt. Olive, Santa Teresa Mission in Beulaville and Santa Clara Mission in Magnolia. Prosecutors dropped criminal charges as of 7/12. Still on leave. Diocese investigation has resumed.Raleigh, NCSource:
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Avdon (Audon) PConvictedDiocesanPriest visiting from Colima diocese in Mexico. Sexually abused a 15-year-old girl on 8/10/03 during confession, was arrested, pled no contest, and in 2004 was sentenced to a year in jail. Archdiocese could not determine whether Serratos had been granted faculties to minister. Sex offender register in CA shows on 1/21/12 that he had been deported.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Times 08.12.03; LAPD 08.12.03; Associated Press 02.10.04
SewallH. Charles1960PSettledDiocesanAfter accuser came forward in 5/02, Sewall admitted that he "engaged in sexual misconduct" with one individual when he was a high school principal. Two other victims came forward. One had an audio tape from 1988 of conversation between himself and Sewall in which Sewall acknowledged the abuse. Attorney for this man had notified the Diocese by letter in 1988 and Diocese settled. Three suits filed in 2002. Permanently removed from ministry in 6/03. Died July 11, 2015.Syracuse, NYSource:
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Dennis R.1983PConvictedDiocesanSewar took a sabatical in 01/05 but was placed on leave 6/05 and then arrested 7/05. Charged with abuse of 14 yr old boy from 1999-2001. Trial set for 8/06. Allowed to plead guilty to lesser charge of attempted endangering the welfare of a child, a misdemeanor. Sentenced to 1 yr probation. In 9/08 he was teaching in Hong Kong school until a parent googled him and found his record on this website. Involuntarily dismissed from clerical state per 6/7/12 statement from Diocese.Rochester, NYSource:
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SextonPatrick1977PSettledDiocesanComplaint made 1983 and he underwent counseling. 1 man filed civil suit 2001 alleging abuse 22 yrs previously. Total of 3 victims known by June, 2002. Male plaintiff alleged abuse by Sexton from approx. 1982-1985 in massive suit filed Oct 1, 2003 where 27 victims allege abuse by 24 priests. Placed on leave 1990 but worked as part-time parochial school teacher until 2000.Brooklyn, NYSource:
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SforzaVincent PSuedDiocesanIn massive divil suit filed Oct 1, 2003 27 victims allege abuse by 24 priests, including Sforza. One plaintiff says that he was sexually abused by Sforza from 1967 to 1968. Oct. 2003 article says Sforza could not be located. He is not in 1993 or 2002 Catholic Directory.Brooklyn, NYSource:
Newsday 10.02.03
SguegliaCharles Joseph1952PAccusedDiocesanName released by Diocese 8/11 as a priest who has had a credible allegation of abuse of a minor made against him while he was still living. He was ordered to live a life of prayer & penance. He is now deceased. No further information know at this time.Springfield, MASource:
SNAP Statement 9.1.11; Springfield Diocese List of Priests with Credible Allegations 08.30.11
Drake R.1973PSuedDiocesanSued 2003, when he was vicar general. Accused of sexually abusing a male minor in 1973 or 1974. Denied the charge, but wrote email to the victim in 2002 that was an "admission of serious misconduct." Suit settled 4/05. Claims against Diocese were settled fall, 2004 as part of large settlement. He asked to be reinstated as VG. Name NOT on Diocese's 7/08 list of credibly accused priests. Review board (and secret Vatican court??) found him NOT guilty of abuse 11/08. He was reinstate.Davenport, IASource:
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Quad-City Times 7.6.12 (add'l article); Concise Assignment Record; Assignment Record
Wendelin (Leslie)1946PAccusedOFM Cap.Served as a missioner in Central America for 52 years. Part of Central American Vice Province. Retired and returned to WI. Identified in 6/18/13 Report of the Audit and Review of the Files of the Capuchin Province of St. Joseph as deceased friar with confirmed reports of sexual abuse of minors. Shafer's name is included on this list without any additional information on claims against him. Died 10/09/05 in Wisconsin.Detroit, MISource:
FindAGrave 10.09.05; Obiturary from Wachmann Funeral Home 10.09.05; Capuchin List of Friars with Confirmed Reports of Sexual Abuse of Minors 06.18.13; Report of the Audit and Review of the Files of the Capuchin Province of St Joseph 06.18.13; Statement on the Public Release of the Names of Friars with Confirmed Allegations of Sexual Abuse of Minors and Vulnerable Adults 06.18.13
ShafferFintan BAccusedLittle Brothers of the Good ShepardReal name was Guy Dale Shaffer. Known as Brother Fintan. Administrator of Home for mentally handicapped run by the Order. In 1985 there were allegations that Shaffer and other religious had abused residents of the home. One resident died of AIDS. No criminal charges against him but civil suit filed1993 and settled 1997. Left order in mid 1980s and died in 1989.Columbus, OHSource:
Telegraph Herald 3.3.96; Columbus Dispatch 05.22.93; U.S. News & World Report 03.11.96; Cincinnati Enquirer 09.14.00
Paul R.1960PConvictedDiocesanInvoluntarily laicized 2004. Convicted 2005 of sexually abusing boy in the 1980s. Dozens of complaints; many settlements. Abuse included oral and anal rape. First complaint 1961 from parents of 12-year-old boy. Earliest complaint in file 1967 from priest alleging Shanley abused a 16-year-old boy. Shanley denied and was assigned to parish work, special ministries, and parish work again until 1989. Then was transferred to NY and San Bernardino CA, where he allegedly abused 17-year-old boy. Sentenced in 2005 to 12-15 years in prison.Boston, MASource:
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Assignments: Assignment Record
ShannonJoseph E.1961PSuedDiocesanNamed in 1991 civil suit as having abused an altar boy from age 12-27 yrs. Placed on sick leave 1990. Diocese settled the case 10/93 for $50K when victim threatened to appeal dismissal on SOL grounds. Also named in 1994 RICO pleading as having abused another youth. Denied allegations. Claims dismissed on SOL but setted 3/03 when all RICO claims settled. New suit filed 1/12 re abuse at St. Anthony of Padua School in Camden in 1970s. Settlement reached 11/13. Died 9/19/13 at Vianney Retreat.Camden, NJSource:
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Patrick J.1972PAccusedOblates of St. Francis de SalesIn 11/05 allegations of early 1970s abuse in another diocese were made against Shannon. Order found the allegations believable and he was placed on leave immediately.Harrisburg, PASource:
WNEP 11.18.05; The Daily Item 11.23.05; York Daily Record 08.09.16; Lancaster Online 08.11.16
SharkeyJoe BSuedServiteAccused of abuse of 1 from 1967-1968 per archdiocesan report. Named in civil suit.. Also on the Orange Diocese list of abusers.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 7; OC Weekly 03.04.05
LA Times Database 4.20.06; OC Weekly 3.04.05
SharpeJoseph F.1943PSuedDiocesanSued 2003. Accused in 1971 of abuse of 1 between 1958-1964 per archdiocesan report. Complainant was a junior and Sharpe was his confessor. Excardinated from LA and incardinated in Orange 1976. Also on that Diocese's list of abusive priests. Died 11/2/99. LA's personnel file released 1/13.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 3; The Patch 2.3.13; The Wanderer 1.8.04; LA Times 12.18.03; Ten Minute Activist 02.06.04; OC Weekly 10.28.05- 11.03.05; City of Angels 12.07.07
LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times Database 4.20.06; OC Weekly 3.04.05
Shaughnessey (Shaughnessy)James C.1937PAccusedDiocesanOriginally ordained for Harrisburg PA diocese. Began working in Boston AD in 1945. Included in a list of accused priests and religious posted by the Law Offices of Mitchell Garabedian on 01/19/11. Garabedian says he has settled at least one claim with Boston Archdiocese re allegations against this individual. Retired in 1977 and died 12/89. Criminal or canonical proceedings not complete when he died per 8/11 Boston AD database.Boston, MASource:
Boston Globe 12.14.89; BishopAccountability List of Boston Priests Not Previously Identified 01.19.11; Boston Channel 01.19.11; Metrowest Daily News 01.19.11; National Catholic Register 08.25.11; The Patch 09.02.11; Jamaica Plain Gazette 09.09.11; York Daily Record 08.09.16
Assignments: Assignment Record
Robert A.1974PSettledDiocesanOne of 3 previously unnamed priests listed in 1995 confidential settlement of a 1993 lawsuit against Thomas A. Kane & Worcester Diocese. Placed on leave 1991 "so he could work" at local college when he was accused in 2002 suit of abuse of 2 boys in mid-1980s at St. Bernard's Catholic High School in Fitchburg. Case settled 2004. Found working as church organist at First Congregational Church of Leicester in 2012.Believed to be living in Worcester. Voluntary laicization in 2012 announced 3/5/13.Worcester, MASource:
Catholic Free Press 3.5.13; International Business News 3.6.13; Statement by Diocese of Worcester 3.5.13; Telegram & Gazette 3.5.13; The Republican 3.5.13; Telegram & Gazette 02.26.02; Telegram & Gazette 03.27.02; Telegram & Gazette 09.10.04; Telegram & Gazette 11.28.05
Dennis J.1974PAccusedDiocesanIn 12/10 Shaw was placed on leave without privileges from current position as parochial administrator of Holy Family Church in Auburn after allegations that he abused a child in late 1970s at St. Francis of Assisi in Rochester (now closed). Diocese saysallegations are "credible." Review Board found allegations credible 2/12. Matter sent to the Vatican. Shaw lives in Auburn but was fired from job at YMCA 2/12. Canonical proceedings are not complete as of 6/12.Rochester, NYSource:
Catholic Courier 6.7.12; Rochester Homepage 6.7.12; SNAP Statement 6.7.12; The Citizen 2.9.12; Auburn Citizen 12.12.10; Catholic Courier 12.12.10; WHEC 12.12.10; Auburn Citizen 12.13.10; Democrat and Chronicle 12.13.10; Diocese of Rochester Statement 12.13.10; Auburn Citizen 10.02.11; SNAP Wisconsin Statement 10.13.11; The Citizen 02.10.12; WSYR 02.10.12
ShawEileen NAccusedSisters of CharityAccused of sexually abusing a girl, beginning in 1968 at age 15 and continuing until 1992. Order provided therapy and some financial assistance. Removed as principal of elementary school in 1994. In 2004 she was working as administrator of the Caritas Community in Jersey City, a retirement home for nuns.Paterson, NJSource:
Daily Record 10.24.04; Sunday News 01.14.05; LancasterOnLine 01.16.05
SheaFrancis S.1932PAccusedDiocesanIncluded in a list of accused priests and religious posted by the Law Offices of Mitchell Garabedian on 01/19/11. Garabedian says he has settled at least one claim with Boston Archdiocese re allegations against this individual. Died 10/72. Worked at St. John's Seminary from 1934-50. Spent much of his later career as judge on various diocesan tribunals. Criminal or canonical proceedings not complete when he died per 8/11 Boston AD database.Boston, MASource:
BishopAccountability List of Boston Priests Not Previously Identified 01.19.11; Boston Channel 01.19.11; Metrowest Daily News 01.19.11; National Catholic Register 08.25.11
Assignments: Assignment Record
Leo Alfred1964PConvictedDiocesanIn 1994 Shea pled guilty to assaulting a 14 yr old; sentenced to 3-6 yrs prison. Released on parole 1997 and "retired." Multiple other accusers. 1993 civil 1 man. Accused in 2002 civil suits of abusing 2 boys. Claims by 6 individuals included in 10/02 settlement with Diocese. Another settlement in 11/02 also included at least 1 claim. Privileges were permanently removed. Shea died 10/08.Manchester, NHSource:
Union Leader 9.7.02; Associated Press 02.28.94; Boston Globe 02.14.97; Associated Press 02.15.02; Associated Press 05.31.02; Associated Press 07.29.02; Union Leader 07.30.02; Union Leader 10.12.02; Union Leader 11.27.02; Documents from New Hampshire Atty General Report 03.03.03; Union Leader 10.07.06; Union Leader 10.10.08; NH AG Audit Records 03.26.09
Thomas F.1964PAccusedDiocesanAccused of abuse of 6 boys in 1970s. He admitted molesting two altar boys from 1972 to 1977. Placed on leave 1994 and retired with restrictions 1995. Further restrictions added 2004 and Shea agreed to permanent restriction of ministry and to live a supervised life. Documents regarding his history were introduced in trial of Msgr. Lynn in Philadelphia 4/12. He admitted paying hush money to at least 1 other victim.Philadelphia, PASource:
Philadelphia Grand Jury Report; Sacramento Bee 4.9.12; Philadelphia Daily News 09.22.05; National Catholic Reporter 04.28.06; Philadelphia Daily News 04.03.08; Philadelphia Daily News 01.25.12; SNAP Wisconsin Statement 01.26.12; Philadelphia Priest Abuse Trial Blog 04.10.12
Philadelphia Archdiocesan Priest Data Profile
Thomas W.1946PSuedDiocesanAccused in 2004 of molesting at least 16 girls in 11 parishes where he served in the Diocese. Abuse occurred over 30 years and was often referred to in church records as "prolonged kissing" and not as sexual abuse. Parents would complain and Shea wouldbe transferred. Placed on leave 1983. Vatican refused to laicize in 2005. Died in 2006. One woman's civil suit settled 12/08. Another woman's 11/08 suit settled for $1.1M in 9/12 just before trial began.Norwich, CTSource:
Hartford Courant 8.4.12; The Day 1.1.09; The Day 7.5.07; The Day 8.1.07; The Day 02.12.04; The Day 03.14.04; The Day 03.14.04; The Day 05.13.07; The Day 12.18.08; Newsday 12.19.08; The Day 12.19.08; Hartford Courant 12.31.08; Register Citizen 12.31.08; Hartford Courant 05.18.10; The Day 05.21.10
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William B.1946PAccusedDiocesanIncluded in a list of accused priests and religious posted by the Law Offices of Mitchell Garabedian on 01/19/11. Garabedian says he has settled at least one claim with Boston Archdiocese re allegations against this priest. "Awaiting Assignment" from 1985-1996. Retired 1996. Died 2/05. Criminal or canonical proceedings not complete when he died per 8/11 Boston AD database.Boston, MASource:
Saint Charles Borromeo Parish Bulletin, Waltham, MA 1.30.11, p. 3; The Arrowsmith Spring 2005; Boston Herald 02.21.05; BA.Org List of Boston Priests Not Previously Identified 01.19.11; Boston Channel 01.19.11; Metrowest Daily News 01.19.11; National Catholic Register 08.25.11; Salem News 08.26.11
Assignments: Assignment Record
SheahanJohn A.1960PSuedDiocesanAccused of abuse of 4 from 1961-1965 per archdiocesan report. Civil suit filed 12/03 includes allegations that he abused 3 during the relevant time frame. Note that name is spelled Sheehan in the civil suit. Brain surgery in early 1970s and then medical retirement.Orange, CASource:
LA Archdiocosan Report 2.17.04 page 3; LA Times 02.18.04; OC Weekly 03.04.05
LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times Database 4.20.06; OC Weekly 3.04.05
SheedyLawrence PAccusedDiocesan1 man filed civil suit in 2004 naming Sheedy as his abuser. Man said abuse occured at a Catholic orphanage in 1967-1968 until Mother Superior found out. Sheedy transferred to Arizona and later died. Suit settled 6/06 at mediation. Man and others accusing priest Nyhan turned around and immediately filed another suit against church for loss of consortium.Charleston, SCSource:
WIS TV 8.9.06; WIS TV (Charleston SC) 08.09.06; WIS TV (Charleston SC) 08.22.06; Post and Courier 01.27.07
Patrick J. PAccusedDiocesanOn 5/12/10 attorney for minor plaintiff announced he would file suit against Sheedy shortly. Sheedy has emphatically denied the allegation in public news conference. On 5/13/10 Plaintiff's attorney said he had agreed to delay filing suit at request of diocese who didn't believe allegations.. .Orlando, FLSource:
WDBO 05.12.10; 13 News 05.13.10
George BAccusedSalesians of Don BoscoProfessed vows 9/8/54. Died 11/17/06. Included in a list of accused priests and religious posted by the Law Offices of Mitchell Garabedian on 01/19/11. Garabedian says he has settled at least one claim with Boston Archdiocese re allegations against this individual.Boston, MASource:
Star-Ledger 11.18.06; Salesians of Don Bosco E-Service 11.23.06; BishopAccountability List of Boston Priests Not Previously Identified 01.19.11; Boston Channel 01.19.11; Metrowest Daily News 01.19.11
Assignments: Assignment Record
Donald E.1970PReinstatedDiocesanRetired 2002. Man told archdiocese late 2005 that Shelander sexually abused him late 1970s-early 1980s, when he was 14 to 18 years-old and Shelander was pastor of St. Mary's in Urbana. Archdiocese said it found "the semblance of truth" in the allegations and placed Shelander on leave in 3/06. He was returned to active status 2/09 after church tribunal found the allegations could not be proven.Cincinnati, OHSource:
Cincinnati Enquirer 03.15.06; Dayton Daily News 03.16.06; Springfield News-Sun 03.16.06; Dayton Daily News 04.22.07; Cincinnati Enquirer 02.02.09; Dayton Daily News 02.02.09; WTTE 02.02.09
The Beacon Journal 03.15.06; Columbus Dispatch 03.17.06; Assignment Record
Jonathan P.1995PAccusedDiocesanAllegations made in 10/3/13 hearing that archdiocese possessed images of child porn retrieved from Shelley's former laptop. Computer purchaser found porn in 2003 and told church officials. Church allegedly hid evidence. He took sabbatical from St. John the Baptist in Hugo, MN 6/15/12. Placed on leave 3/13 after police were told of evidence and went to Archdiocese to get it. Police received CDs of adult porn. Also possible inappropriate emails with boy. No prosecution for possession of porn as of 1/29/14. Former high-ranking archdiocesan official turned whistleblower, Jennifer Haselberger, told police in 2013 that documents she had seen re the case said the porn included a pre-pubescent boy appearing to engage in oral sex with another male, and searches such as "naked boy pics." Leave of absence 2014, still on leave 2015.St. Paul-Minneapolis, MNSource:
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Jeff Anderson & Associates Timeline
Gregory Sierra1935PAccusedDiocesanOriginally from Spain. Ordained as Augustinian Father. Worked in KS, TX, NE & CA.. Arrived in San Diego 10/48; incardinated there in 1952. Retired 1983 with letter of recommendation to Spanish diocese. Name appears on list of priests with credible allegations released by San Diego Diocese 3/30/07. Woman reported 1/06 that Sheridan has abused her at age 8 in 1969. May have been 2nd accuser. Died 2/91 in Spain. Personnel file released 10/24/10.San Diego, CASource:
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Diocese of San Diego List 3.30.07
J. Alex1966PAccusedDiocesanPlaced on leave 2/03. First complaint received by Arch. Lipscomb in 1997 regarding abuse in 1970s. Sherlock admitted the incident; Lipscomb transferred him to another parish. At least 3 further credible allegations received between 2000 and 3/03. Sherlock admitted relations with at least 3 students at McGill-Toolen High school. Resigned 2003. Died 2005.Mobile, ALSource:
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The Catholic Week (excerpt) 3.21.03
Edward F.1968PSuedDiocesanSuit filed 1/03 by a man alleging he was fondled and raped by Sherry from ages 13-16, beginning about 1968. Sherry was allowed to remain as active priest until 8/03 when new Archbishop O'Malley placed him on leave. Claim settled in 2003. Sherry was allowed to return to active status at old parish 6/05 after review board was unable to substantiate the claims. Died 3/8/11. See 8/11 Boston AD database.Boston, MASource:
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Assignments: Assignment Record
Wilputte Alanson 'Lan'1975PConvictedDiocesanArrested 1984 and 1986 for public indecency. Arrested and convicted 1993 of sexual contact and attempted sexual contact with a 14 yr old boy in 1987 at St. Benedict Church in Chandler. Sentenced to 10 yrs in prison. Wrote in diary of over 1800 male partners,of whom 22 were minors. Released from jail 11/03 and placed at Arizona State Hospital for evaluation as sex offender. On lifetime probation. Disappeared 2005 until 11/08 arrest. On AZ sex offender registry 2/4/12.Phoenix, AZSource:
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ShibleyAmel A.1962PAccusedDiocesanAllegations were made against Shibley in 1993 and 1995 re abuse of 2 boys dating from 1980s. One article says that there was a 1980s investigation. Shibley was ordered to retire in 1995 but was allowed to return to part-time duties as administrator at another parish in 1997 (under restrictions). He was placed on leave again 3/02 and his faculties were permanently removed. He died 9/17/02.Springfield-Cape Girardeau, MOSource:
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ShieldsJoseph E.1936PAccusedDiocesanAccused of abusing Junior HS boy on Exeter golf course in about 1974. In that year, Shields became pastor of St. Michael's in Exeter. Same man also reported abuse by another priest and a teacher at his school. At last report Shields was in his 90s and living in FL.Manchester, NHSource:
NH AG Audit Records 03.26.09
ShieldsWilliam J.1958PSuedDiocesanCivil suit filed 3/04 against Diocese alleged that Shields abused Plaintiff in 1972 when he was a 12 yr old altar boy in 1972. Shields invited him back to rectory after bingo night and began to molest him. Plaintiff fled and never let himself be alone with the priest again. Shields retired in 1995 and died 8/00.Allentown, PASource:
Morning Call 08.29.00; Morning Call 03.05.04
ShifflerJohn C.1978PAccusedDiocesan2002 suit alleged that man had been abused by Shiffler in 1987 and by Dennis Gray from 1983-1987. Man complained to Diocese in 1995 and Shiffler admitted to abusing Plaintiff and another youth in mid-1980s. He was sent for therapy and returned to limited duty as chaplain at a home for the aged 7/97 and as administrator of two parishes. Permanently removed from active ministry 7/02 because of "credible allegations."Toledo, OHSource:
Associated Press 7.7.02; Diocese of Toledo Status Report 4.8.08; News-Messenger 7.9.02; Toledo Blade 12.1.02 (Major Account); Toledo Blade 12.01.02; Toledo Blade 03.30.04; Diocese of Toledo Status Report 02.17.05
ShimmalyEdward E.1961PSuedDiocesanAccused of abuse of 1 between 1961-1963 per archdiocesan report addendum. Named in at least 1 civil suit. Deceased. Name is spelled Shimmaly in Directory but Schimmaly in archdiocesan Addendum.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05
LA Times Database 4.20.06
ShinerKenneth H.1945PSuedDiocesanMan filed a civil suit in 2001 alleging that Shiner abused him for 4 years from 1980-1984 beginning when he was 14. Said Shiner would take him out for dinner and drinks before molesting him at the Rectory. Shiner denies that the abuse ever happened. No other victims have come forward. He was apparently removed 3/02. Claims included in 10/05 $22 mil settlement with Archdiocese re 14 priests.Hartford, CTSource:
Hartford Courant 02.19.02; Hartford Courant 03.09.02; Hartford Courant 03.10.02; Connecticut Post 08.03.03; Hartford Courant 11.01.05; NY Times 11.01.05
Assignment Record Compiled by Law Firm
ShinosRobert S.1963PAccusedDiocesan Shinos placed on leave 3/04 over allegations of sexual abuse of a boy in 1960s in Albany. Diocese review board says that the accusations were credible. Original accusation received 1/04. Shinos had been pastor of same church since 1977. Plaintiff filed a civil suit 7/04 against Albany Diocese and Boston Archdiocese saying he had been abused by Shinos and at least two other priests while he was growing up. He also alleged abuse by another priest as an adult.Albany, NYSource:
Albany Times Union 3.8.04; The Evangelist 03.11.04; Observer-Dispatch (NY) 03.15.04
Gerald1968PSuedDiocesanAccused of abuse of at least 7 youths from 1972-1981. Named in several civil suits. Moved to Gaylord Diocese and then placed on leave in 2002. Died 2004.Detroit, MISource:
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Edward J.1967PAccusedDiocesanRelieved of ministerial duties in 2004 after admitting sexual misconduct with a minor more than 20 years previously. In 2006 another man and his family came forward to allege that Shoback has also abused him at age 13. This individual received funds deducted from Shoback's pension every month for 4 years as reimb. for lost wages. No criminal charges due to SOL. Laicization announced 7/17/09. His brother, Thomas, was accused of abuse 11/11 and arrested 6/12.Scranton, PASource:
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Times Leader 7.9.06
Thomas P.1977PnoneDiocesanDiocese notified 11/11 of allegations involving sexual misconduct with a minor boy between 1991-1997. Shoback was pastor of St. Mary and St. Andrew churches in Blossburg, Tioga County, at the time. Removed 2011. Arrested 6/14/12 and charged with 30 feloScranton, PASource:
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ShortyJohn1974PAccusedDiocesanAccused of abuse of a minor in late 1970s. Placed on leave in 1994. Parish was told he was leaving because of stress. Left the priesthood about 4 yrs later and was laicized by Vatican in 2006.Portland, MESource:
Courier Gazette 3.2.06; Kennebec Journal 3.1.06; Portland Press Herald 3.1.06; Portland Press Herald 3.1.06; (AP) 02.28.06; Bangor Daily News 01.29.07; Maine Today (AP) 05.30.08
ShraderDwight E.1982PAccusedDiocesanPerson came forward 5/03 to allege abuse as a teenager by Shrader. The Review Board found accusation to be credible and Shrader placed on leave in 6/03. By end of 2003 a total of four men and one woman had come forward to allege that Shrader abused them(4 of the 5 were under 18 at the time) within the past 5-6 years. Diocese says that Sharader did not engage in sexual intercourse but there was physical contact or verbal misconduct such as sexual jokes or propositions.Richmond, VASource:
Associated Press 8.1.03; Richmond Times Dispatch 8.2.03; Statement by the Diocese of Richmond 8.1.03; Virginia Pilot 8.2.03; Virginia Pilot 8.6.03; Associated Press 06.16.03; Virginia Pilot 06.17.03
Glen DSuedDiocesan2 men filed civil suit 10/03 claiming abuse by Shrimplin in 1970s. Shrimplin was ordained a deacon in 1974 and says he left the active diaconate of his own accord in 1987. He denied allegations of abuse. Late Bishop Hoffman acknowledged that Shrimplin was "removed from active diaconal ministry." 3rd man settled 2004 and 4th man filed civil suit 2/08 in Florida alleging abuse on trip to Florida in 1975 or 1976. Vatican formally laicized him 11/30/07. Civil suit dropped due to SOL 6/08.Toledo, OHSource:
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ShurtleffRobert M.1970PAccusedDiocesanShurtleff was one of four priests removed from parish assignments 6/02 as result of the Zero-Tolerance policy resulting from the Dallas Bishops' Conference. Diocese said all four priests had substantiated allegations against them and all had been through some form of therapy. No other information found.Ogdensburg, NYSource:
Press-Republican 7.2.02; Sun-Sentinel 7.3.03; Watertown Daily Times 1.6.04
SicklerJames G.1952PSuedDiocesanIn massive civil suit filed Oct 1, 2003 27 victims allege abuse by 24 priests, including Sickler. One man says he was sexually abused by Sickler from 1959 to 1961. Plaintiff was 14. Sickler asked the youth to join a "secret club" in the restroom of theparish elementary school. Handshake for the "secret club" involved manipulating each other's genitals. Sickler died in October, 1996.Brooklyn, NYSource:
Newsday 10.02.03
David C.1975PAccusedDiocesanAccused of abuse of at least 12 boys in their mid-teens during his career as a priest. Placed on administrative leave in 2004 and then further restrictions added in Feb. 2005. His case was referred to the Vatican for review and laicization announced 2/08. Named in new Grand Jury report 2/10/11. Name is included on secret 1994 memo from Wm. Lynn to Msgr. James Molloy (released 2/27/12) re priests in secret archives who were accused of sexual misconduct with a minor w no conclusive evidence.Philadelphia, PASource:
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Jerzy (Jerry) PIndictedDiocesanFr. Jerzy was arrested on charges of indecent public park 9/03. He was then placed on leave from St. Matthew church. Pled guilty 11/03 & received 1 yr probation. Cable repairman found child porn on his home computer 1/04 & he was indicted in 2005. Pled guilty to 4 counts 5/06. Sentenced to 3 yrs in prison 8/06. Released 7/09. Living in San Antonio per TX Sex Offender Registry entry dated 8/09. Classified as high risk offender.San Antonio, TXSource:
KSAT 8.3.06; 8.3.06; San Antonio Express News 5.3.06; San Antonio Express News 8.4.06; San Antonio Express News 09.29.03; San Antonio Express News 04.27.05
Charles J.1953PSuedDiocesanAccused of abuse of 6-7 boys in 1950s and 1960s. 1 claim settled in 1990s and he was named in civil suit filed 2004. Named in 2006 class action suit. This suit dismissed by lower court then by Third Circuit Court of Appeals 11/07. Died 1/28/89. Name (as Siegle) is included on secret 1994 memo from Wm. Lynn to Msgr. James Molloy (released 2/27/12) re priests in secret archives who were guilty of sexual misconduct with a minor.Philadelphia, PASource:
Philadelphia Grand Jury Report; USA Today 11.11.02; Philadelphia Daily News 03.16.04; Mangum et al v. Archdiocese of Philadelphia et al, 06.14.06; 11.07.07; 1994 Memo from Fr. William Lynn to Asst. Vicar for Admin. re Names in Philadelphia Secret Archives, released 02.27.12
Philadelphia Archdiocesan Priest Data Profile; Philadelphia Archdiocese Assignment Record (Rev).
Frank1946PSettledSons of the Holy FamilyAlthough ordained in 1946, by 1951 he was teaching in High School in Buenos Aires. Came to Pueblo CO. Diocese in 1951 to replace his brother, John Sierra. Served in El Paso and several parishes now part of Las Cruces NM diocese. in 1950s & 1960s. By 1970 he was part of San Diego CA Diocese. Named in 1994 civil suit (later settled) re abuse of girls in Santa Cruz NM., Included in San Diego list of credible abusers 3/07. Status was "removed". Personnel file released 10/25/10.Las Cruces, NMSource:
Albuquerque Jounral 06.14.46; Santa Fe New Mexican 06.14.46; Greely Daily Tribune 01.17.51; Silver City Daily Press 01.25.68; Santa Fe New Mexican 01.11.96; Lompoc Record 03.30.07; San Diego Union Tribune 03.31.07; Desert Sun 04.11.07; San Diego Union Tribune 10.24.10; Docuents Released by San Diego Diocese 10.25.10
Diocese of San Diego Assignment List 3.30.07
Jason E.1966PConvictedDiocesanWorked in Detroit & Lansing Dioceses. Sent to Paracletes for treatment 1960s-70s; assigned to NM parishes where he abused again. Named by 45 victims in multiple lawsuits. 17 men in NM settled for $13M in 1993. Pled guilty 1983 to abuse of child; received probation and counseling. Laicized early 1980s. Many new allegations in MI in 2002. Arrested and convicted twice in MI in 2003. Included in new civil suits. Released 5/12 from jail and 11/13 from probation. Living in Albuquerque NM 2014; said in 8/14 to be living with his wife in Taylor Ranch. On sex offender list. Named in at least one new civil suit filed 8/14. Another suit filed 5/16 re alleged abuse of 10 or 11-yr-old Fort Sumner NM altar boy in 1974. Suit filed 7/17 re abuse of boy in Las Vegas NM parish late '70s for 2 yrs.Detroit, MISource:
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George S.1997PConvictedDiocesanPlaced on leave 2005. Arrested 2006 and charged with abuse of boy, age 14, in 2005 during trip to France and Portugal. Civil suit filed 3/06. Pled guilty 6/1/06. Silva was Christian Brother for 17 yrs before being ordained in 1997. Worked at O'Dea HS in Seattle 1991-94 when a Christian Brother. Studied in Connecticut. Sentenced to 5 yrs prison and 5 yrs probation 9/06. Civil suit settled 11/06. Name included on Seattle archdiocese's list 1/15/16 of clergy and religious with admitted, established or credible allegations against them of sexual abuse of a minor.Santa Fe, NMSource:
TheNewMexicoChannel 02.23.06; KOB TV 02.24.06; The New Mexican 02.24.06; Albuquerque Tribune (AP) 03.30.06; The New Mexican 03.30.06; TheNewMexicoChannel 03.30.06; KOB TV 06.01.06; Bostoncom (AP) 06.12.06; Amarillo Globe News 07.06.06; New Mexican (AP) 09.29.06; Albuquerque Journal 11.22.06; Archdiocese of Seattle list 01.15.16; The Stranger 01.15.16; Seattle Times 01.23.16; Bellingham Herald 01.24.16
SilvaJames M.1967PSettledDiocesanTwo men filed suit 1994. Total of nine men filed civil suits alleging abuse by Silva 1960s-1980s. Criminal charges also filed in 1994. Silva admitted in court that he sexually abused a young man. Received seven- year suspended sentence and ordered to undergo counseling. Eight claims settled by Diocese as part of $13.5M mass settlement 9/02 (1 may have settled earlier). Multiple transfers after initial notice.Providence, RISource:
Providence Journal Bulletin 03.18.94; Providence Journal-Bulletin 07.03.94; Boston Globe 03.16.02; Providence Journal Bulletin 08.18.02; Providence Journal 09.10.02; Providence Journal 07.18.05; The Day 05.13.07; SNAP Statement 11.15.10; Providence Journal 11.21.14
Assignments: Assignment Record
Fidencio Simon1978PSuedMissionaries of Holy SpiritNative of Mexico. Left Archdiocese w/o privileges 5/1/95. Sued by many in 2002. Accused of abuse of as many as 28 boys from 1979-1985. Criminal charges dropped due to Supreme Court ruling. Believed to be in Mexico. LA archdiocese refers to him as Fidencio Flores Silva. As part of 2007 $660M settlement with 508 plaintiffs, Archdiocese was to release personnel files. Personnel file released 1/31/13.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 6; LA Times 2.4.13; Ventura County Star 1.5.13; KCBS 05.03.02; LA Times 08.18.02; USA Today 11.11.02; AP 03.28.03; National Catholic Reporter 04.17.03; Ventura County Star 04.27.03; Ventura County Star 12.07.03; Ten-Minute-Activist 02.06.04; Ventura County Star 01.09.05; City of Angels 12.07.07; LA Daily News 10.12.12; Ventura County Star 01.23.13
LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times Database 4.20.06
Vincent A.1964PAccusedDiocesanName on Archdiocese's July 2004 list of priests fully restricted from ministry (or who would have been restricted if still living) because of credible allegations of abuse. Last assignment was at St. Dominic Parish (Brookfield) between 1983-1993. Suffered stroke 2/93 and retired 10/30/93. Under restrictions as of 5/95. Died in 2000 at age 63. Personnel file released 7/13. Allegations in late 1960s-early 1970s. Settlement with at least one.Milwaukee, WISource:
Milwaukee Journal Sentienl 07.20.00; Statement by Archdiocese of Milwaukee 07.09.04; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 07.10.04; Archdiocese of Milwaukee List of Clergy Offenders 03.03.12; Brookfield Patch 07.03.13
Assignments: Assignment Record; Archdiocese of Milwaukee Assignment Record
SimmsWilliam Q.1962PAccusedDiocesanRemoved from parish work in 1985. Two separate civil suits filed in 1988 accused Simms of forcing boys to dress in skimpy, sexually provocative briefs and act out religious fantasies and wrestle with him. In 1985, police investigated but agreed not to press charges if Simms received counseling and was removed from contact with minors. Both cases settled in 1989 or 1990. Cardinal asked Simms to resign/retire from his administrative job with Diocese in May, 2002. Died Sept. 2005.Baltimore, MDSource:
United Press International 03.22.88; United Press International 10.27.88; United Press International 03.28.89; The Capital 06.22.94; Baltimore Sun 06.23.94; Baltimore Sun 05.17.02; Baltimore Sun 05.19.02; Archdiocese of Baltimore 09.25.02; Baltimore Sun 10.03.05
Archdiocese of Baltimore 9.25.02
SimoesGilbert1961PAccusedDiocesanSuspended as priest and his priestly faculties were removed 3/86 after diocese learned of allegations against him. Absent on leave per 1993 Catholic Directory. He lived in Falmouth area and worked as regular substitute teacher at Famouth high school from 1989 until the 1997-1998 school year. School denies any knowledge of his history. Names linked with Jose Avila and Bernard Kelly, other abusers. Six allegations known by 9/02.Fall River, MASource:
Boston Globe 09.27.02; Boston Herald 09.27.02; Herald News 09.27.02; Herald News 07.31.03; Boston Herald 11.21.03; Cape Cod Times 11.22.03; Cape Cod Times 11.25.03; Cape Cod Times 02.21.04
SimonDavid P.1967PAccusedDiocesanPlaced on leave without privileges 5/02 after allegations resurfaced of sexual abuse more than 20 years ago previously. Incidents of sex abuse involving teenage boys were reported against Simon from 1973 to 1982 so Diocese knew of his history. Apparently his victim(s) had come forward again in 2002 to protest the fact that he was still in ministry. After canonical process, he was assigned to life of prayer & penance per 6/7/12 notice from diocese.Rochester, NYSource:
Associated Press 5.3.02; Catholic Courier 6.7.12; Democrat and Chronicle 5.4.02; Post-Standard 5.4.02; Press and Sun Bulletin 5.3.02; Rochester Democrat and Chronicle 5.3.02; Rochester Homepage 6.7.12; SNAP Statement 6.7.12; Associated Press 05.10.02; Post-Standard 05.12.02; Dallas Morning News 06.12.02; Press and Sun Bulletin 05.05.07
Francis (Raymond E).1943PAccusedO.S.B.Accusations against Simon surfaced in personnel File of Fr. Mathias Faue released 7/13. In 2002, one man alleged he was abused by Faue and Fr. Simon between 1963-1967 at St/ Benedict's Church in Montebello. CA. Simon died 12/18/95.Los Angeles, CASource:
FindAGrave 12.18.95; Letter from Accuser to Cardinal Mahoney 04.10.02; Letter from Archdiocese of Los Angeles to St Greggory Abbey 05.14.02; St Gregory Abbey Letter to Arch of Los Angeles 05.30.02
Gerald1990PAccusedDiocesanSimonelli's name appears on the diocese's 6/24/15 list of "Diocesan Priests With A Credible Allegation(s) of Sexual Abuse of Minors Made Against Them While Serving in the Joliet Diocese." The list notes there to be a continuing canonical process. Simonelli was removed from ministry in 5/10 after a 21-yr-old man accused him of "inappropriate conduct" that occurred more than 2 yrs previously. Bishop Sartain stated Simonelli's removal was due to "homosexual activity" and that he was "unfaithful to his vows on more than one occasion."Joliet, ILSource:
Daily Herald 05.19.10; Catholic Culture 05.20.10; Diocese of Joliet 06.24.15
Assignments: Assignment Record
Michael J. PSuedDiocesanWoman filed suit 2005 accusing Simpson of abuse of several girls in early 1960s. Three additional women filed suits 6/06 saying they were abused as young girls. Diocese settled 4 cases 1/08 for total of $200,000. Simpson was known as a chronic alcoholic and had to sign a sobriety oath before beginning duties in Diocese. He died in Ireland in 1977.Yakima, WASource:
KGW 6.14.06 (Yakima, WA); Yakima Herald-Republic 1.7.07; Yakima Herald-Republic 1.9.08; Yakima Herald-Republic 2.2.05; Yakima Herald-Republic 5.4.06; Yakima Herald-Republic 7.4.10; Yakima Herald-Republic 02.17.05; Yakima Herald-Republic 02.19.05; Yakima Herald-Repubic 02.25.05; Yakima Herald-Republic 06.29.06; Columbian 01.10.08; KNDO 01.10.08; Yakima Herald-Republic 10.21.11
SinclairRoger A.1974PAccusedDiocesanRemoved 2002. Accused of abuse. Also worked as military chaplain (USAF) in the San Bernardino CA and Pensacola-Tallahassee FL dioceses and as a VA chaplain in the Kansas City KS archdiocese, Richmond VA diocese, and Boston archdiocese.Greensburg, PASource:
Tribune-Review 1.7.05; Pittsburg Tribune-Review 04.23.02
SipitkowskiJames A.1974PAccusedDiocesanIn 2/04, Vicar General testified at hearing on complaint filed by a male church employee that parishioners at Holy Family had reported Sipitkowski had young boys going up to rectory late at night and that he left Holy Family due to allegations of sexual abuse & financial mismanagement. No investigation was conducted. Complainant said pictures of Sipitkowski dressed in women's clothing "in a compromising position with other scantily dressed men" were found after he was transferred. Active priest 10/08Springfield, MASource:
Springfield Republican 2.7.04; Springfield Republican 02.29.04
Sita (Howard)
Carmen (Gerald)1976PConvictedDiocesanArrested 1982; pled guilty 1983 to abuse of a minor and providing him with drugs. 5 yrs probation & treatment at Paracletes in NM. Legally changed name to Gerald Howard. Incardinated in Jefferson City MO; assigned to parish with school. Reportedly has had no clerical assignments since he was removed from active service in 1984 Accused 2007 of abusing another boy. Claim settled 2009 for $600K & agreement to laicize. Other victims in NJ and MO. Arrested 4/10 in NJ & later in MO. Remained in jail until his MO criminal trial. 5 claims settled 2013 for $650K. At 6/17/14 hearing, he pled guilty to two counts of forcible sodomy and one count of attempted forcible sodomy against three teen boys. Other counts dropped Will have to serve 3 concurrent 12 yr sentences and will have to register as sex offender when he is released from prison. Laicization on 9/24/12 was officially announced 6/18/14.Newark, NJSource:
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Assignments: Assignment Record
Joseph1962PConvictedDiocesanResigned in 1993 after credible allegation of sexual misconduct with a minor in 1960s. Victim told Diocese in 1985 but nothing done. Told them again in 1993 and Sito "retired." Banned from public ministry after treatment at two facilities. Criminally charged in 1999 with molesting a 17 yr old youth. Sito pleaded guilty to lesser charge and paid a fine. Would still say mass on occasion. Laicization announced 1/12/04. Died 1/4/16, age 80, in car crash outside of Detroit.Detroit, MISource:
Detroit Free Press 04.12.02; Detroit Free Press 05.09.02; Detroit Free Press 06.10.02; Detroit News 07.14.02; USA Today 11.11.02; Detroit Free Press 01.12.04; Detroit News 01.05.16; The Detroit News 01.06.16
Skelton, Jr.
Joseph2001SSuedDiocesanIn 2008 civil suit, a man alleged he was abused at age 14 by Skelton, a seminary student, and by Fr. Stallings. in the summer of 1984. The youth was helping Stallings remodel rectory at St. Teresa of Avila & staying in the rectory's attic to avoidlong commute. Case settled 10/09 for $125K. In 1988, he resigned from seminary in MI after pleading guilty to abusing a 15 yr old boy in seminary room. Ordained for Tagbilaran Diocese in Philippines and still working there as of 10/09.Washington, DCSource:
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SkiffingtonWilton1936PSuedJesuitSued 2003. Accused of abuse of one at Loyola Academy in Wilmette in 1962. Parents found letter from priest to boy in 1968 and told archdiocese. He was transferred to Los Angeles/San Diego in 1965. Died 9/88. Civil suit settled 10/05.Chicago, ILSource:
Chicago Tribune 09.29.88; Chicago Sun-Times 11.20.03; Chicago Tribune 11.20.03; Pioneer Press Online 11.27.03; Chicago Tribune 10.22.05
Assignments: Assignment Record
Richard1957PAccusedDiocesanName appears on list of priests with credible allegations of abuse of minors released by Archdiocese 12/5/13. Retired 1998. Permanently removed from ministry 2005. Died in 2012.St. Paul-Minneapolis, MNSource:
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Michael G.1939PSuedDiocesanOrdained for St. Paul archdiocese; incardinated 1957 into New Ulm diocese. In 1993 civil suit, sexual abuse by Skoblik of a grade school student 1976-80 alleged. Pastor of St. Joseph's in Sliver Lake 1965-88. Died 1989. Name included on New Ulm list released by Atty Jeff Anderson 08/04/14. Names from deposition of Rev. Francis Garvey, a former top New Ulm Diocese official, taken 1/14. Two men filed new suit 9/10/14 re abuse 1967-71; tried to force New Ulm Diocese to disclose names of accused perp priests. At least 14 alleged victims. Diocese released 16 names 3/29/16 of credibly accused priests, including Skoblik. Two new suits filed 5/16 vs New Ulm diocese; 1 re alleged abuse by Skoblik at St George in Glencoe 1953-66, the other at St. Joseph in Silver Lake. From 3/16-5/16, 3 other suits filed accusing Skoblik of abuse at Holy Family and St. Pius X.New Ulm, MNSource:
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Diocese of New Ulm Assignment Record
Thomas D.1963PAccusedDiocesanRelieved of ministerial duties 4/02 after diocese announced he had admitted to "some improper conduct" that occurred more than 30 years ago. Then-Bishop Timlin said Skotek had come under scrutiny several years before when a different misconduct complaint was made. But he was returned to duty after an evaluation. The ages of those involved in the two cases have never been revealed.Scranton, PASource:
Wilkes Barre Times Leader 04.18.02; Wilkes Barre Times Leader 05.26.02; Dallas Morning News 06.12.02; Wilkes Barre Times Leader 06.28.02
Times Leader 7.9.06; Assignment Record
Raymond Francis1957PAccusedDiocesanAccused of abuse of at least 2 girls while assigned to St. Gertrude Parish in Franklin Park in 1960s. Took administrative leave 6/02; removed from public ministry 1/03 (7/02?) several months after review board found reasonable cause to believe the allegations were true. At least one claim included in 10/03 $8M settlement with 15 adults alleging abuse by 11 priests. Permanently removed from public ministry 9/05. Brother of Richard, also an accused abuser. Personnel files released 1/14.Chicago, ILSource:
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Assignments: Assignment Record
Richard L.1949PAccusedDiocesanWoman came forward 7/02 to say that Richard Skriba molested her for several years when she was young. Woman says she reported the abuse to archdiocese in 1998 but accusations were not made public because Skriba had died 3/98. Brother of Raymond, another accused abuser.Chicago, ILSource:
Chicago Tribune 03.15.98; USA Today 11.11.02; Desplaines Valley News 02.05.14
Assignments: Assignment Record
SkubeFrancis BAccusedFranciscan Brothers of Christ the KingName appears on the Davenport Diocese Creditors Committee Website as having credible allegations of abuse against him. Two men say they were 17-18 yr old students in Skube's small order when he abused one and beat the other. Both personally told BishopO'Keefe in 1977 but nothing done.Davenport, IASource:
Blog on Franciscan Brothers of Christ the King - Davenport, Iowa 04.23.03; Catholic Online 08.08.07; Davenport Diocese Creditors Committee Website 08.27.07; Quad-City Times 07.10.08; Quad-City Times 07.13.08
Catholic Messenger 7.17.08; Concise Assignment Record
James F.1966PAccusedDiocesanSkupien was principal of Bishop Guilfoyle High in 1981 when police found him naked in his car with a youth. Per the PA Attorney General's 3/1/16 Grand Jury report, the police officer was told by the DA to "let it go." Bothered, the officer informed Msgr. Saylor, who told him they "knew about him" and "they even have a retreat that they sent these priests to." Skupien was kept in ministry. Bishop Hogan's "Secret Archives" note "Chief M. was thanked for his discretion." In 2008 victim told the diocese Skupien would pay him for oral sex, including at the St. Joseph's rectory in Williamsburg PA. Also in 2008 a man reported that when he was a boy 1968-71, Skupien forced him into oral sex. Skupien was removed from ministry in 1984 due to "alcoholism." Retired 1995. Died 2/11/96.Altoona-Johnstown, PASource:
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PA Office of the Attorney General 03.01.16
Skylstad (Bp)
William1960PSuedDiocesanProof of Claims was filed 2006 as part of Spokane Diocese's bankruptcy. Accused of abuse of teen girl at St. Patrick's Parish and at Gonzaga University from December 1961 to December 1964. He denied the allegations and later said an investigation found no evidence that the allegations were true. Retired June 2010.Spokane, WASource:
USA Today 03.08.06; Spokesman Review 03.09.06; Seattle Times (AP) 06.08.06; list of U.S. Bishops Accused of Abuse 04.14.08; United States Conference of Catholic Bishops 06.30.10; Spokesman Review 10.10.12
Skylstad Timeline - Spokesman-Review 3.08.06; Assignment Record
SladeHenry1984PSuedDiocesanArrested and removed from ministry 1/90. Pled guilty 2/90 to sexual misconduct w/ 18-yr-old disabled man. Sentenced to 12 mo. probation. Victim filed suit 12/91. Suit later settled. Accused in another lawsuit filed in 11/15 abusing of 11-yr-old boy in 1976. Plaintiff said he refused to perform a sex act on Slade, who then physically attacked him; further, Rev. Phillip Dedera heard ignored his screams, but later offered him marijuana "to help him forget it."Joliet, ILSource:
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Anthony1942PSuedRedemptoristNamed in lawsuit as having abused at St. Alphonsus Ligorui in San Leandro. Also served in Seattle Archdiocese, including 1981-88 at Our Lady of Good Help in Hoquiam. and Sacred Heart in Seattle 1988-2002. Died 4/2010, age 94, at St. Clement Health Care Center in Liguori, MO. Name included on Seattle archdiocese's list 1/15/16 of clergy and religious with admitted, established or credible allegations against them of sexual abuse of a minor.Oakland, CASource:
Redemptorists of Denver Website 4,5,19; Contra Costa Times 04.01.08; The Stranger 01.15.16; The Daily World 01.18.16
SlavinWilliam M.1934 ?PAccusedDiocesanNamed in 2003 suit. Accused of abuse of 1 teenage boy between 1959 and 1964. Abused the youth in New York and in Massachusetts. Suit was filed in Massachusetts but dismissed by Judge on SOL issues 6/06. Slavin died 1985.Albany, NYSource:
Albany Times Union 7.3.03; North Adams Transcript 12.01.04; Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly 09.26.05; Troy Record 06.16.06
SlavishRichard1959PAccusedDiocesanSlavish and six other priests were placed on leave by Bishop in May 2002 after allegations of abuse involving minors. Privileges were revoked. Slavish was scheduled to retire in summer of 2002 but other article said he retired in April. Slavish apparently held parish assignments during his entire career except from 1969-1971 when he was chaplain at east Moline State Hospital. No information found on dates of abuse or victims.Peoria, ILSource:
Catholic Post 6.9.02; Copely News Service 05.30.02; Diocesan Press Release 05.30.02; Chicago Tribune 05.31.02; Pantagraph 05.31.02
Copely News Service 5.30.02
SlevinTimothy1965PConvictedDiocesanIn 1972 Slevin underwent treatment for fondling children. "Formally separated" from priesthood in 1974 after allegations that he molested children. In 1986 Slevin, then basketball coach at Sacred Heart Catholic School, admitted to police that he sexually abused 6 boys more than 50 times in six years. Charges relating to these acts were dropped in exchange for guilty plea on 4 counts of abusing another boy from 1983-1986. Slevin sentenced to 3-12 yrs prison. 1986 suit settled out of court.Washington, DCSource:
San Jose Mercury News 12.31.87 (Major Accounts); Washington Post 04.13.86; Washington Post 05.24.86; Washington Post 12.18.86; Washington Post 12.02.10
Samuel B.1980PConvictedDiocesanRelieved of duties 4/11 in McKean Co. when Diocese learned of inappropriate relationship with a 15-yr-old boy in 2011. Slocum would give the boy and others gifts and take pictures of them. Frequently communicated with them even after being forbidden by parents. He admitted to police that relationship with boys was inappropriate. Arraigned on 6 charges; released on bail. Found guilty 1/12 on 1 charge of improper relationship. 2 yrs probation. Won't return to active ministry. Conviction being appealed. Laicization announced 3/17.Erie, PASource:
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John PSettledDiocesanAttorney for one man announced 8/24/10 that he had settled a claim against Slowey (who died in 1983) and the Diocese for $225K. Abuse took place when Plaintiff was 5-6 yrs old and lived at St. Vincent Home for Children (orphanage) in the mid-1950s. Diocese said this was only allegation against Slowey. It also said it could not verify the accusations but settled to cover "healing expenses."Lansing, MISource:
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John1959PConvictedDiocesanSlown was convicted of sexually abusing a boy in DuPage Co in 1983 and was removed from ministry in 1986. Slown says he left priesthood because he was alcoholic. In 10/03 two brothers filed suit alleging abuse by Slown, Ruffalo and Arno Dennerlein. Suit said abuse occurred in Illinois for several years and, for the younger boy, later in NJ. Diocese agreed to release of personnel files 3/13 as part of settlement in Rudofski v Joliet & Bennett. Files finally released 4/30/14.Joliet, ILSource:
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SmarioAnton DSuedFranciscanAccused of molesting several girls when he was a "lay member" of Franciscans serving as a missionary on St. Michael Island in 1960s-'70s. He denied abuse but admitted being nude in front of girls occasionally. Sued by at least 4 of the girls in 2005. Claims included in 11/07 settlement with Jesuits. Plaintiffs filed 43 suits 1/09 alleging Jesuits had knowledge of abusive priests and did nothing. At least 2 named Smario. More claims filed 2010. 20 settled 3/11 as part of massive settlement.Fairbanks, AKSource:
Fairbanks Daily News-Miner 05.12.05; LA Times 11.19.05; Fairbanks Daily News-Miner 02.23.06; Anchorage Daily News 11.20.07; James Doe 59 et al v Society of Jesus, Oregon Province et al, Alaska Superior Court, 4th Judicial District at Bethel, 01.13.09; Anchorage Daily News 01.14.09; KIRO 01.14.09; Seattle Times 01.14.09; The Spectator 01.14.09; Settle Times 01.15.09; Excerpt from Bankruptcy Reorganization Documents for Fairbanks Diocese, page 1, 01.25.10; PCVA Law Firm Press Release 03.25.11; Worthy Adversary 02.20.14
Wilson F.1957PSettledDiocesanDiocese knew of attraction to boys by 1959. Received treatment in 1959 and 1969. Admitted molesting more than 30 boys from 1957-1978. 1990 civil suit alleged Smart abused Plaintiff in 1967 when he was 12 and that abuse continued until 1975. Settled in 1993, possibly for $1.7M. Named in at least 3 other suits which later settled. In 1993 Bishop admitted removing 2 letters from file which documented abuse. Named as abuser in amended suit 10/11. Died 9/10/06. Included on the Helena diocese's list posted to its website 4/29/15 in compliance with the non monetary terms of the 3/5/15 bankruptcy settlement.Helena, MTSource:
Seattle Times 04.01.93; Omaha World Herald 08.30.98; Omaha World Herald 04.29.02; BeliefNet (approx) 06.12.02; Dallas Morning News 06.12.02; NBC Montana 10.26.11; PRNewswire 10.26.11; Press Release by Kosnoff Fasy 01.31.14; Diocese of Helena List 04.29.15
Assignments: Assignment Record
SmetanaJoseph1956PAccusedOFM Cap.Spent 31 yrs as priest in Nicaragua. Identified in 6/18/13 Report of the Audit and Review of the Files of the Capuchin Province of St. Joseph as current friar with confirmed reports of sexual abuse of minors. Smetana's name is included on this list without any additional information on claims against him. Has been removed from public ministry and is living under supervision.Detroit, MISource:
Capuchin List of Friars with Confirmed Reports of Sexual Abuse of Minors 06.18.13; Report of the Audit and Review of the Files of the Capuchin Province of St Joseph 06.18.13; Statement on the Public Release of the Names of Friars with Confirmed Allegations of Sexual Abuse of Minors and Vulnerable Adults 06.18.13
Gerard C.1950PAccusedDiocesanCame from Lake Charles Diocese. to Wilmington in 1987. Bishop removed him in 1996. Name first released on list of abusive priests released by Wilmington Bishop 11/16/06. Last known address was in Bear, DE. Has been working at Univ of Delaware's Academyof Lifelong Learning teaching adults over 50. Personnel files released 2/12. Absed at least 8 in Lake Charles. No. of victims in DE unknown.Lake Charles, LASource:
The Dialog 11.16.06; News Journal 11.19.06; The Republic 02.15.12; Diocese of Wilmington List of Accused Priests 02.16.12; Diocese of Wilmington Personnel Files 02.16.12; News Journal 02.19.12
News Journal 11.16.06
Alphonsus M.1956PConvictedDiocesanIn 1995 Smith admitted affair with 1 youth from 1988-1993. Civil suit filed 1995 dismissed on statute of limitations. Sentenced 1995 to 16 years for abuse of 5. Judge reduced sebtence to <1 year in 1996. Sent to live at St. John Vianney in St. Louis. Died in 2005. At least 1 claim included in $1.3M settlment with Archdiocese 12/06.Washington, DCSource:
1997 MD App. LEXIS 39.; see also BA.Org compilation of Schaefer articles; St. Louis Post Dispatch 3.3.03; Washington Post 2.9.95; Washington Times 03.15.95; Washington Post 12.16.06; Washington Post 12.02.10
Washington Post 2.11.95
SmithAnthony1984PSuedRedemptoristMan filed civil suit in 2003 alleging abuse by Smith in mid-1980s at Holy Redeemer Church in Portland. Church says Smith was there from 1984-1986. At the time suit was filed, Smith was working at Newman House at Univ. of Pacific in Stockton. He was immediately placed on leave. He had been in Stockton for 2 yrs.Portland, ORSource:
The Oregonian 6.06.07 (Documents); The Oregonian 12.13.03; The Oregonian 06.24.05; Table: The Oregonian 11.12.06
SmithDavid G.1973PConvictedDiocesanIn July 2002 Smith was charged with perverted practice after a man claimed that Smith abused him at parish rectory when he was 16 (between 1973-1976). In Oct. 2002 Smith pleaded guilty to engaging in sex acts with the Plaintiff. Smith had taken an unrelated leave of absence in 2000 and had no faculties to perform ministry.Baltimore, MDSource:
Baltimore Sun 07.19.02; Baltimore Sun 08.04.02; Archdiocese of Baltimore 09.25.02; Baltimore Sun 10.12.02; Baltimore Sun 10.13.02
Archdiocese of Baltimore 9.25.02
SmithE. Eugene1982PAccusedDiocesanPer 4/03 articles, archdiocese has given Smith's file (along with several others) to District Attorney to investigate re charges of abuse. The archdiocese website said he was "Absent" on one day and the next his name was not on the website. 2/04 article says that Smith was on leave from the archdiocese between 1985 and 2002 but more recent information could not be located.Mobile, ALSource:
Mobile Register 4.3.03; Mobile Register 4.6.03; Mobile Register 04.27.03; Mobile Register 02.17.04
SmithEdward PSuedHoly SpiritOne woman sued diocese and both current and former bishops in 2004 alleging that she was abused at age 16 by Smith when she went to him for counseling. Smith died in 1957. Claims included in Diocese's 9/07 $1.25 mil settlement as to 32 plaintiffs alleging abuse by 17 priests.Pittsburgh, PASource:
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 07.01.04; Post-Gazette 09.18.07
Edward J.1973PSuedNorbertineIn 2002, man reported abuse by Smith at high school in Philadelphia in early 1980s. Says he also saw Smith sexually abuse 2 other boys in the presence of another priest. 4 add'l complaints from students (all later resolved?) were filed against Smith. Also abused in Delaware. Named in 2005 civil Delaware suit. Much of suit dismissed by court 11/06. Default granted against priest 1/07. $41 mil jury verdict awarded 3/30/07. Settled with Diocese 1/08. Settled 9/08 w/ Order & school.Philadelphia, PASource:
News Journal 11.20.05 (Major Account); Philadelphia Daily News 05.21.02; Philadelphia Inquirer 09.17.05; News Journal 11.18.05; WVEC (AP) 11.18.05; News Journal 11.17.06; News Journal 11.18.06; News Journal 11.30.06; Boston Herald (AP) 01.30.07; Navy Times 01.30.07; News Journal 01.31.07; Baltimore Sun 03.30.07; News Journal 03.30.07; News Journal 03.31.07; News Journal 04.18.07
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SmithEugene1958PAccusedDiocesanPer 11/08 articles, Smith was accused of abuse by a female minor in approximately 1963. He was laicized by the Vatican in 1981. Diocese announced 11/3/08 that it had added him to list of priests credibly accused of abuse.Davenport, IASource:
Des Moines Register 11.03.08; WCCO 11.03.08; Press-Citizen 11.04.08; Revised Diocesan List of Credible Allegations 05.21.09
SmithGregory M.1967PAccusedDiocesanPlaced on leave in 2002. Accused of becoming sexually involved with two teenage girls in late 1960s-early 1970s. One girl told then Bishop Genuario in 1969. The other filed repeated complaints with church officials over many years but nothing done. She filed suit in 1997; dismissed on SOL. Bishop Lori explained that he kept Smith working because allegations involved 'people who were very near attaining the age of majority..."Bridgeport, CTSource:
Patriot Ledger 03.08.97; Connecticut Post 03.19.02; Connecticut Post 03.20.02; Connecticut Post 04.19.02; Connecticut Post 04.22.02; Hartford Courant 04.22.02; Hartford Courant 04.23.02; NY Times 04.28.02; Connecticut Post 11.13.02; Connecticut Post 04.06.03; Connecticut Post 11.24.09; News-Times 11.24.09; Hartford Courant 11.25.09; Connecticut Post 12.01.09; Hartford Courant 12.02.09; Connecticut Post 12.06.09; Hartford Courant 12.11.09
; Assignment Record Compiled by Law Firm
SmithJames A.D1956PSuedDiocesanPlaced on leave in 2002 after allegations he abused a boy from 1962-1965. Diocese found allegations to be credible. Civil suit filed 2003 and settled in early 2005. Matter referred to Vatican. Vatican sent case back to diocese for church trial which was held 2/05. Tribunal found him guilty of abuse of at least one and decided he should be permanently removed from ministry but not laicized. Smith said he would appeal.Paterson, NJSource: 1.9.03; Star Ledger 2.4.05; Star-Ledger 9.5.02; The Record 1.8.04; The Record 9.4.02; Star-Ledger 01.10.03; 07.12.03; Daily Record 10.05.03; The Record 12.04.03; Star-Ledger 01.14.05; 02.03.05
SmithJames T.1956PSuedDiocesanPrior to 2002, worked part time as counselor for Queens' D.A.'s office. Placed on leave from parish 4/02 because of allegations of "inappropriate sexual contact" with at least 26 boys & girls more than 20 years previously. Sued in 10/02 suit involving 12 priests and a brother and also in 10/03 in suit involving 24 priests. Sued 11/03 by 1 woman alleging he abused her daughter. This case settled for $2M. Diocese suing insurance co. for reimb. Ruling 5/13 in favor of insurance co.Brooklyn, NYSource:
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Courthouse News Service 5.14.13 (add'l article)
Leland J.1953PAccusedDiocesanFollowing a recent court order, on 12/16/13 Bp. Quinn released a list of 13 names of priests who had "credible" accusations of abuse involving minors. Smith's inclusion on this list is the first public notice that he had been accused of abuse. Diocese updated information on its list 6/23/14. Ministerial privileges indefinitely suspended in 1994 after Diocese received several complaints that he molested minor males. Completed treatment and was allowed to minister to elderly adults until new allegation received 2002. All of his privileges were removed again. Laicized 04/11/14.Winona, MNSource:
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Diocese of Winona Assignment Record
Richard E.1966PAccusedDiocesanRemoved from active ministry in 3/07 after allegations by two women that he sexually abused them when they were teens between 1966-1967. Events took place at former Shrine of Our Lady of Perpetual Help parish in Woodlawn. Smith has confirmed some of the allegations. Claims have been reported to St. Atty's office. Prior allegations of a youth from 1979-1983 were made in 5/06 but never publicized.Baltimore, MDSource:
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Catholic Review 3.27.07
SmithRobert A.1946PAccusedDiocesanOn 1/03/14 the Diocese of St. Cloud released the names of 33 clergy, including Smith, involved in incidents of likely claims of sexual abuse of minors. No information on the parish where the abuse occurred or when it occurred. Worked in several different parishes. Spent some time as chaplain of Poor Clare Sisters in Sauk Rapids. Died 7/13/87.St. Cloud, MNSource:
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SmithRobert J.1971PAccusedDiocesanAt least 6 civil suits filed in 1993-1994 against Smith's estate (he died in 1987). Smith apparently abused a fellow high school semanarian in 1946. In 1959 Smith was expelled from Christ the King Seminary in New York for molesting three children. The Diocese of Santa Fe accepted Smith in 1970. After ordination, Smith molested several children at various parishes in New Mexico in 1970s and 1980s. Sent for treatment on at least 3 occasions.Santa Fe, NMSource:
Buffalo News 02.20.94; Albuquerque Journal 03.20.98; City of Angels 06.16.08
Thomas E.1967PAccusedDiocesanRemoved from ministry 2002 after allegations of abuse of minor youth at least 30 years previously. Original complaint to Bishop made 1993 and multiple times since. Nothing done until 2002. Financial settlement (less than $100,000) reached with this man in early 2002. Second accuser came forward to allege abuse as a 10-yr-old. Criminal charges filed 3/08 re 2nd victim but immediately dropped. Laicized in 2006.Erie, PASource:
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Thomas J.1973PAccusedDiocesanAccused in 2002 and 2005 of abuse of at least 3 12-13 yr old boys in 1970s-1980s. First investigation found allegations to be not credible. After more allegations made, they were all found to be credible. Laicized 3/29/07. Announced 4/07. One man testified in Msgr. Lynn trial 4/12 that Smith took him and another boy on trip in RV. Spent the night in a hotel and Smith played strip poker with them. Assaulted the witness during the night.Philadelphia, PASource:
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Philadelphia Archdiocesan Priest Data Profile; Archdiocese of Philadelphia Assignment Record (rev.)
SmithThomas W.1950PAccusedDiocesanSmith was accused in 1993 of molesting a 10 yr old boy in 1983. He was scheduled to leave parish and go for evaluation and treatment but killed himself w/ shotgun the day before. He denied allegations and left note referring to depression from Mother'sdeath. Smith did admit to molesting several other boys at another assignment in 1960s. After his death 5 men came forward accusing him of molesting them when they were in 7-8th grade.Baltimore, MDSource:
Associated Press 08.30.93; Washington Post 09.02.93; Baltimore Sun 05.19.02; Baltimore Sun 08.04.02; Archdiocese of Baltimore 09.25.02
Archdiocese of Baltimore 9.25.02
Trevor1967PSettledDiocesanSmith is accused in 9/02 civil suit of sexually abusing a 10 year old boy in late 1990s. Smith was chaplain at nursing home owned by Arch. of Miami and boy's grandmother was resident there. Settled 2003 for $500K. Also accusations of inappropriate contact with boys in 1970s. Sent for therary. In 6/04 Smith was arrested and charged with two counts of lewd and lascivious assault. Convicted 12/04 of abuse of plaintiff from 2002. Sentenced 2 yrs house arrest & 8 yrs probation..Miami, FLSource:
Miami Herald 12.4.04 (2nd); Miami Herald 09.26.03; Miami Herald 12.15.03; Miami Herald 06.10.04; Miami Herald 06.11.04; Miami Herald 09.22.04; Miami Herald 12.04.04
Brendan1951PConvictedNorbertineFrom Ireland. Served in RI, ND and MA in the US. Likely abused over 50 boys and girls, in Ireland and the US. Sentenced to 4 yrs jail in Ireland in 1995 on 17 counts of assaulting 5 girls and 4 boys 1964-88. Sentenced 7/97 to 12 yrs for abusing 20 boys and girls. Died in prison 8/97. Two sued his order 6/10. In 1998-99 3 Dublin relatives abused as children by Smyth received settlements. After discovering the diocese knew Smyth abused children prior to his abusing them, the 3 each sued the Bishop of Kilmore. They were denied by a court of appeals in 11/15; appealed in 2/16. Suit filed 6/08 in Providence RI re 1968 abuse of a boy and girl. RI court denied damages for the 2. In 9/16 one of the 2, a RI lawyer, filed a complaint with the RI State Ethics Commission against Supreme Ct judge Francis X. Flaherty, who oversaw the ruling denying them damages; Flaherty had not disclosed his leadership role with a Catholic nonprofit. The Commission ruled "probable cause" in 4/17.Providence, RISource:
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Assignments: Assignment Record
SmythSean J.1959PAccusedDiocesanAt least one allegation was made that he: molested 5-year-old girl in about 1959. Died 8/17/90. Report made to Msgr. Gregory Higley in late 1990s.Jefferson City, MOSource:
KOMU 5.7.12
SniegMarion Joseph1955PAccusedDiocesanAccused of sexual abuse of at least one boy in 1959 while at St. Jane de Chantal parish. Boy told his father who notified the archdiocese. Archdiocese reportedly said it would "take care of" Snieg. Accuser came forward again in 2001. Removed 2002. Died 6/05. At least 1 claim included in 10/03 settlement re15 accusers & 12 priests. At least 1 other claim included in 10/05 settlement with Archdiocese.Chicago, ILSource:
Modern Healthcare 07.01.02; Chicago Daily Herald 09.27.02; USA Today 11.11.02; Chicago Sun-Times 01.17.03; Chicago Sun-Times 06.15.03; Chicago Daily Herald 10.03.03; Chicago Tribune 10.03.03; Chicago Daily Herald 09.27.05; Chicago Tribune 10.28.05; Chicago Archdiocesan Report 03.20.06
Assignments: Assignment Record
Peter D.1953PAccusedDiocesanOn 1/03/14 the Diocese of St. Cloud released the names of 33 clergy, including Snyers, involved in incidents of likely claims of sexual abuse of minors. No information on the parish where the abuse occurred or when it occurred. Held multiple assignmentswithin the Diocese. Also served as Chaplain for the Boy Scouts. Retired 7/2/01. Died 1/19/12.St. Cloud, MNSource:
Daniel Funeral Home Obituary 01.19.12; Diocese of St Cloud--Bishop Kettler Press Release, 01.03.14; Legal Examiner 01.03.14; St Cloud Times 01.03.14; Star Tribune 01.03.14; WJON 01.03.14; Mille Lacs County Times 01.09.14; St Cloud Times 05.29.16; WJON 05.29.16
Assignments: Assignment Record
SoaresProtasio PSuedDiocesanWoman wrote letter to NY Times in Dec. 1997 claiming abuse by Soares, a priest from Goa India in late 1950s. He is now retired and living in Mysore, India. She complained to Diocese and to Cardinal O'Connor but no results. Named as one of 24 abusive priests in civil suit filed 10/1/03 in Brooklyn. Suit alleges he abused female plaintiff from 1954 to 1955 when she was 9. He was assigned to St. Bartholomew Parish in Elmhurst.Brooklyn, NYSource:
Newsday 10.02.03; Queens (NY) Chronicle 10.09.03
Alfred M.1948PSuedDiocesanSoave is named in one of two 2003 lawsuits against Diocese. The allegations in the suit are the first against Soave but he is believed to be Priest T in the Jan. 2003 Grand Jury report Report says he had a number of victims. Soave, who died in 1999, isaccused of fondling a 13 yr old altar boy in late 1970s. Soave sent for therapy and later given title of Vicar for Senior Priests in 1988 when it was recommended that he not return to active ministry.Rockville Centre, NYSource:
Suffolk Co. Grand Jury Report; Newsday 03.18.99; Newsday 04.15.03
Assignments: Assignment Record and Other Info
DePaul1963PAccusedOFM FranciscanTaught for years at Archbishop Ryan High School in Philadelphia. Name appeared on Msgr. Lynn's 1994 list of extern/order priests who were accused of abuse of children. No public accusations known until 2012. Order and Archdiocese acknowledge that he was once accused of misconduct with an adult but never a child. Retired with no public ministry. Believed to be living in WI.Philadelphia, PASource:
Philadelphia Inquirer 08.19.12; SNAP Wisconsin Statement 08.19.12
SodanoRalph H.1967PAccusedDiocesanPlaced on administrative leave 2002 re accusation he abused 2 in 1970s. Diocese found accusations to be credible in 2003 and case sent to Vatican. Diocese requested a church trial. Total of 4 accusations received against Sodano as of 4/08 and 2 of those resulted in settlements. The 2 accusations in 2002 did not result in settlements because those plaintiffs did not seek damages. Died 10/22/08 per diocese website accessed 8/30/09.Paterson, NJSource:
Daily Record 4.4.08; 1.9.03; Star Ledger 7.9.02; Star Ledger 04.23.02; The Record 04.23.02; NY Times 04.25.02; Star-Ledger 01.10.03; Daily Record 10.05.03; Observer-Tribune 10.23.03
SoderlundDavid1965PSuedDiocesanBecame sexually involved with 13 yr old boy in 1980. He was disciplined and counseled by Diocese. Sent to further assignments with restriction of no contact with minors. In 1989 the church removed him from position at Good Samaritan Medical Center & removed financial help. Vatican said to restore the $$. He sued for wrongful termination 1997 and lost. Plaintiff sued him 2004. Accused of abuse of boy. SOL stopped legal action.Allentown, PASource:
Morning Call 04.24.97; Morning Call 05.12.97; Morning Call 07.21.97; Morning Call 03.10.02; Morning Call 01.14.04
Soens (Bp).
Lawrence D.1950PSuedDiocesanInitially accused of abuse of 3 youths in 1960s. 1 claim settled for $20K in 2004. 2 suits pending as of 5/06. 7 new suits filed 5/06. Apparently 1 new suit with 13 plaintiffs filed 8/06 alleging abuse from 1959-1967. In 2/06 diocese investigative panelfound behavior may have been inappropriate, but did not appear to be sexual. Name NOT on list released by Diocese 7/08 but Review Board found him guilty of sexual abuse 11/3/08. 31 total accusers. 12 cases dismissed 5/09. Current whereabouts unknown 6/11.Davenport, IASource:
Collection of Articles Prior to 12.31.07; The Gazette 02.01.08; Quad-City Times 02.16.08; Quad-City Times 02.16.08; Quad-City Times 02.16.08; Quad-City Times 07.10.08; Des Moines Register 11.03.08; The Pilot 11.07.08; The Gazette 05.29.09; Quad-City Times 06.28.11
Assignments: Assignment Record; Condensed Assignment Record
Edward1987PConvictedFranciscanSokol, a former Franciscan priest, was arrested 4/01 after arranging over the Internet to meet a 15 yr old boy for sex (it was a police sting). Pleaded no contest to computer pornography 12/01 and Judge allowed him to continue running a group home for disabled adult males, Finally ordered to leave the home 3/02 by Social Services. Also worked in Boston Arch. and at Perkins School for the Blind and in NH. Briefly had privileges in Miami after Franciscans withdrew his privileges.Miami, FLSource:
Miami Herald 03.15.02; Miami Herald 03.16.02
Somma, Jr.James E.1959PSuedDiocesanRetired as Air Force chaplain in 1984. In 1988 woman said she was abused by Somma 25 years earlier. Allegation judged "not credible" by the diocese and court later dismissed case due to statute of limitations. Remained an active priest until his death in 2002. Second allegation rec'd 2002. Civil suit filed by 1 man 2004. Claims included in Diocese's 9/07 $1.25 mil settlement as to 32 plaintiffs alleging abuse by 17 priests.Pittsburgh, PASource:
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 11.29.02; Post-Gazette 06.15.03; Post-Gazette 01.15.04; Post-Gazette 09.18.07
SondergeldJoseph1916PSuedDiocesanWorked in Seattle until Yakima diocese formed in 1951. Per 6/03 articles, Sondergeld was accused of abusing at least 3 individuals. One man filed suit in 2003 alleging abuse in Yakima in 1967-1968. Said that Sondergeld would give him money after each act. Diocese claimed Sondergeld, then in his 80s, was senile. Two other men came forward to claim abuse in 1940s in Spokane. He died in 1969. New lawsuit 7/1/13 against Yakima & Seattle..Spokane, WASource:
Spokesman Review 06.10.03; Spokesman Review 06.11.03; Yakima Herald-Republic 06.11.03; Statement by Bishop Savilla of Yakima 10.14.03; Yakima Herald Republic 01.07.07; Spokesman Review 05.04.07; Spokesman Review 05.05.07; Statement by Diocese of Spokane 11.21.07; Diocese of Spokane List of Admitted, Proven or Credibly Accused Perpetrators of Sexual Abuse 11.03.09; Yakima Herald-Republic 07.04.10; Yakima Herald Republic 01.15.13; Spokesman Review 07.02.13; Yakima Herald Republic 07.02.13; Yakima Herald Republic 07.03.13
Dale SChargedDiocesanSoppe, a teacher and former seminary student who left teaching to become a therapist, was charged 5/06 in WI with molesting a former student 50-100 times in 1968 and 1969. Abuse alleged to have occurred in Iowa and in WI. Pleaded guility 7/08 in WI and sentenced to 2 yrs probation (w/ 60 days jail) and $1,000 fine. Soppe also said he was also abused by priests as a child. In 12/08 Court ordered him to pay $14,500 restitution to plaintiff for counseling. Registered sex offender. in WI but lives in Iowa.Dubuque, IASource:
Telegraph Herald 05.10.06; WCF Courier 05.11.06; Telegraph Herald 07.22.06; Telegraph Herald 02.19.08; Leader Telegram 07.16.08; SNAP 12.17.08
Bartley A.1976PConvictedDiocesanArrested 12/10/11 when employee at St. John Fisher saw child porn on his personal computer at rectory & told Diocese. Computer contained 100+ images of prepubescent males. More charges after add'l porn found during search. Had only been at parish for 3 weeks. From 2004 until 2011 he was the chaplain at West Penn Hospital. Just before assignment at St. John Fisher, he served 9 months at St. Anne Church in Castle Shannon. Federal Indictment. Pled guilty 5/23/12. Sentenced to 8 yrs prison 1/13.Pittsburgh, PASource:
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SotoRuben BConvictedFranciscanSoto, a Franciscan brother in training, was accused in 1995 of molesting three boys at St. Anthony's Church in Cicero. Soto told another Friar who alerted authorities. Soto arrested 6/95. LINKUP later reported that that Soto may have also abused youths in Texas as well.Chicago, ILSource:
Chicago Sun-Times 6.9.95; Chicago Tribune 6.9.95
Assignments: Assignment Record
SouzaMaurice1939PSuedDiocesanFall River Diocese says it first learned of allegations against Souza in 2012 and that some of the allegations made by the two men could not be supported. Plaintiff's attorney said he attempted to settle in mediation but efforts fell through. Civil suit filed 1/4/14 in CT accused him of abusing two boys from age 9 to age 17 while assigned to St. Anthony's Parish in East Falmouth on Cape Cod. He also would take the boys to various areas of MA and CT for athletic events and abuse them there. Died in 1996 at age 83. Suit also names former Fall River Bishop Daniel Cronin for his failure to properly supervise Souza. Suit was not made public until 5/12/14.Fall River, MASource:
Petition: Plaintiff v Archbishop Daniel Cronin and Diocese of Fall River 05.12.14; Press Release from Road to Recovery 05.12.14; Wicked Local Falmouth 05.12.14; ABC 6 05.13.14; Cape Cod Times 05.13.14; Hartford Courant 05.13.14; Mass Live (AP) 05.13.14; South Coast Today 05.13.14; Turn to 10 05.13.14; Wicked Local Dighton 05.13.14; WPRI 05.13.14; WPRO 05.13.14; South Coast Today 05.14.14; The Media Report 05.19.14
SpaderRobert PAccusedOFM.Cap.Identified in 6/18/13 Report of the Audit and Review of the Files of the Capuchin Province of St. Joseph as former friar with confirmed reports of sexual abuse of minors. Spader's name is included on this list without any additional information on claims against him. He left the order at some point.Detroit, MISource:
Capuchin List of Friars with Confirmed Reports of Sexual Abuse of Minors 06.18.13; Report of the Audit and Review of the Files of the Capuchin Province of St Joseph 06.18.13; Statement on the Public Release of the Names of Friars with Confirmed Allegations of Sexual Abuse of Minors and Vulnerable Adults 06.18.13
D. George1964PAccusedDiocesanTook leave of absence in 1973 (after a disagreement with the archdiocese) and returned to priestly duties in early 1990s. Placed on leave without privileges 2/02 after being accused of sexually abusing a 14-yr-old boy in 1971. Spagnolia denied the allegations. He later admitted to relationships with two men during his 20 yr leave of absence. No criminal charges because of SOL. Died 5/6/08. Canonical proceedings not complete when he died per 8/11 Boston AD database.Boston, MASource:
Lowell Sun 02.22.02; Boston Globe 02.23.02; Boston Herald 02.23.02; Archdiocese of Boston Press Release 02.25.02; Boston Globe 02.26.02; Boston Globe 02.26.02; Boston Herald 02.26.02; Lowell Sun 02.26.02; NY Times 02.26.02; Lowell Sun 02.27.02; Boston Globe 02.28.02; Boston Globe 03.02.02; Boston Herald 03.16.02; Lowell Sun 05.03.02; Boston Herald 12.12.02
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Nicholas J.1953PAccusedStigmatinePersonnel files released 2/03 show he was accused of molesting teenage girls in 1960s. One accuser went to Archdiocese and Order in 1993 and he admitted he "violated boundries" while counseling females in 1960s. Ordered not to minister without supervision. Continued to try to organize retreats for lay and religious women. Working in Lexington MA in 2002. Omitted from 2011 Boston AD database. Died 12/25/13.Boston, MASource:
Boston Globe 02.07.03; Boston Herald 02.07.03; Lexington (MA) Minuteman 02.13.03; Boston Globe 11.20.11; Legacy Obituary 12.26.13
Assignments: Assignment Record
William D.1956PAccusedDiocesanName appears on list of priests with credible allegations released by San Diego diocese 3/30/07. He retired in 1986 due to "ill health" and died 7/93. No specific information can be found about allegations against him. San Diego Personnel Files released10/25/10.San Diego, CASource:
San Diego Union Tribune 07.24.93; Lompoc Record 03.30.07; San Diego Union Tribune 03.31.07; San Diego Union Tribune 10.24.10; Documents Released by San Diego Diocese 10.25.10
Diocese of San Diego List 3.30.07
SpaldingJohn B. BChargedBrothers of Sacred HeartTaught at St. Joseph's High School in Metuchen. Charged 2/16 with possessing and viewing child pornography on his computer. Released on bail. Was to return to his home in RI.Metuchen, NJSource:
New Jersey website 02.18.16; SNAP 02.18.16
SpaldingLeon C.1959PSuedDiocesanWoman filed suit 4/03 alleging that she was molested as a minor by Spalding after confession in early 1970s. He denied the accusations. Per one article, Spalding retired in 3/03 after facing an unrelated accusation involving an adult woman. This information came from letter that Archbishop Kelly read to Spalding's parishioners 3/03. Still shown as retired per 2009 Catholic Directory.Louisville, KYSource:
Associated Press 04.21.03; Courier-Journal 04.22.03
Assignments: Assignment Record
Francis BAccusedOFM.Cap.Identified in 6/18/13 Report of the Audit and Review of the Files of the Capuchin Province of St. Joseph as current friar with confirmed reports of sexual abuse of minors. Sparacino's name is included on this list without any additional information on claims against him. Served most of career as provincial tailor for province of St. Joseph. Living in 8/13 under supervision in a nursing home. Died 1/19/15.Detroit, MISource:
Capuchin List of Friars with Confirmed Reports of Sexual Abuse of Minors 06.18.13; Report of the Audit and Review of the Files of the Capuchin Province of St Joseph 06.18.13; Statement on the Public Release of the Names of Friars with Confirmed Allegations of Sexual Abuse of Minors and Vulnerable Adults 06.18.13; Death Notice 01.19.15
John D. "Jack"1971PSuedDiocesanRemoved without faculties 6/11 when accused of sexual misconduct with minor in mid-1980s at St. Maria Goretti in Scottsdale. Review board found allegation credible. County Atty did not investigate since no complaint received (because alleged victim was dead). 2nd man filed complaint 8/11 but SOL prevented prosecution. Two more accusers came forward. Father of original victim filed suit 6/12. Special Tribunal in Rome 1/14 recommended laicization. Must be approved by Vatican.Phoenix, AZSource:
Daily Journal (AP) 06.24.11; My Fox Phoenix 06.24.11; The AZFamily 06.24.11; The Tribune 06.24.11; Arizona Republic 06.25.11; Arizona Republic 06.26.11; ABC 15 06.27.11; My Fox Phoenix 06.27.11; East Valley Tribune 06.30.11; Arizona Republic 07.01.11; East Valley Tribune 07.14.11; East Valley Tribune 07.19.11; The Tribune 08.25.11; Tucson Citizen 08.27.11; My Fox Phoenix 08.29.11; Tucson Citizen 06.15.12; ABC News 06.16.12; Arizona Republic 04.07.13; SNAP Statement 04.08.13; AZ Central 12.08.13; Statement by Diocese of Phoenix 01.19.14; Arizona Republic 01.21.14; Catholic Sun 01.28.14
East Valley Tribune 9.22.11 (add'l article); East Valley Tribune 11.1.11 (add'l article); East Valley Tribune 1.10.12 (add'l article); Arizona Republic 3.17.12 (add'l article); Diocese of Phoenix Community Notification Statements 10.15.12
SpechtTerry W.1996PAccusedDiocesanSpecht spent 20 yrs in Navy before being ordained as priest. Complaint made in 1/12 that he had been involved in sexual misconduct with a teenage boy in late 1990s but he was not removed until 4/12. from position at Holy Spirit Church in Annandale. At time of alleged sexual misconduct, he was parochial vicar at St. Mary of Sorrows Church in Fairfax. From 2004-2011 he was director of Office of Child Protection and Safety. He has denied the allegations.Arlington, VASource:
Imperfect Parent 04.18.12; NBC Washington 04.18.12; Statement by Diocese of Arlington 04.18.12; Washington Post 04.18.12; Washington Times 04.18.12; WJLA 04.18.12; Washington Examiner 04.19.12; WUSA 04.19.12
Assignments: Assignment Record
Specialle (Speciale)Stephen Emmett1985PSettledJesuitAccused of abuse from 1985-1986. Settled 1993 for $60K. Another suit filed 2003. Named in archdiocesan report. Last name also spelled Speciale per 1989 Official Catholic Directory. He is not indexed in Official Catholic Directory after 1989.Los Angeles, CASource:
Case # 185 561 c/w 167 938; Superiot Ct.; Santa Barbara County; John Roe 4 vs. Does, Cause No. 1156450, Superior Court of California; LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 6
Assignments: Assignment Record
Phillip G. SConvictedDiocesanSpeers, a former seminary student and teacher at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School in Yuma, was accused of abusing at least 5 girls in 2nd grade class in 1999-2000 as well as possession of child pornography. $1.8M settlement in 2003 with 5 girls andtheir families. Convicted in 2002 and 2003 but decisions reversed by AZ court of appeals. Retried 8/07 and found guilty. Sentenced to 34 yrs in prison. Possession of child porn charges dropped.Tucson, AZSource:
Arizona Daily Star 1.3.07; Arizona Daily Star 8.7.07; Diocesan website 02.27.04; KVOA Channel 4 03.01.05; Dallas Morning News 03.13.05; Arizona Daily Star 02.10.06; Arizona Daily Star 09.25.07
Diocese of Tucson List of Accused Priests n.d.
Allan P.1948PAccusedDiocesanOn 1/03/14 the Diocese of St. Cloud released the names of 33 clergy, including Speiser, involved in incidents of likely claims of sexual abuse of minors. No information on the parish where the abuse occurred or when it occurred. Held multiple assignments at parishes within the diocese and also for the diocese itself. He retired in 1992 and died 10/5/01.St. Cloud, MNSource:
FindaGrave 10.05.01; Diocese of St Cloud--Bishop Kettler Press Release, 01.03.14; Legal Examiner 01.03.14; St Cloud Times 01.03.14; Star Tribune 01.03.14; WJON 01.03.14; St Cloud Times 05.29.16; WJON 05.29.16
Assignments: Assignment Record
Lawrence M.1946PSuedDiocesanWorked in Honolulu at Damien High at one point. A retired priest, Spellen told Bishop Weigand in 1993 that he was being accused of sexual misconduct during the mid 1980s. Diocese officials investigated and found some merit in accusations. Spellen was placed on leave. Matter reported to CPS. Apparently the relationship was still going on because Vicar General offered the youth counseling when he said he wanted to break off the relationship. Died 2/03. Named in 10/13 civil suit in Hawaii.Salt Lake City, UTSource:
Deserate News 12.18.93; Salt Lake Tribune 06.12.02; The Californian 02.21.03; Worthy Adversary 05.22.12; Worthy Adversary 10.22.13
SpielmanJames A.1970PSettledDiocesanSpielman was accused in 1993 of abusing an altar boy over a four-year peiod in the 1970s. In 1994 Diocese of Buffalo paid the plaintiff $150,000 to settle the matter. Shortly after abuse was reported in 1993, Spielman resigned from the priesthood and moved to Alaska. He may be living in Naalehu, Hawaii as of 2011.Buffalo, NYSource:
Buffalo News 05.10.02
Jeremiah M.1986PConvictedLegionaires of ChristSpillane, a chaplain at a Catholic high school in Sarasota (Venice Diocese), was charged in early 1997 with Internet solicitation of boy, age 13, actually an undercover policeman. Pleaded no contest to charges and sentenced to 2 yrs house arrest and 2yrs probation. Also admitted abuse in prior assignments in Mexico. Also worked in Spain and Rome.St. Petersburg, FLSource:
Tampa Tribune 02.11.97; Sarasota Herald-Tribune 02.12.97; Sarasota Herald-Tribune 02.22.97; Sarasota Herald-Tribune 03.07.97; Sarasota Herald-Tribune 03.27.97; Sarasota Herald-Tribune 09.05.97; St Petersburg Times 11.08.97; Sarasota Herald-Tribune 12.09.97; Tampa Tribune 04.22.02; News Press 10.26.03
SpillaneMichael J.1968PAccusedDiocesanPerson came forward in 1991 to allege abuse by Spillane. Spillane then admitted molesting least six youths while working in from 1975 - 1986. Church may have settled with this person but never tried to learn names of other victims. Privileges removed 1991. In 2002 Spillane was working for the Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions which advised the USCCB. Another allegation made in 2002.Baltimore, MDSource:
Adoremus Bulletin 6/02; Washington Post 06.02.02; Baltimore Sun 06.03.02; Maryland Gazette 06.05.02; Dallas Morning News 06.12.02; Archdiocese of Baltimore 09.25.02
Archdiocese of Baltimore 9.25.02
SpineWilliam J.1973PAccusedJesuitAssigned to Jesuit School of Theology, Loyola Univ in Chicago 1973-1975. Assigned to Peru 1975-1981. Accused of abuse of youth in Peru in mid-1970s. From 1981-1983 he was in Brooklyn, NY and from 1983-1986 he was in Moline, IL. In 1986-1990 and 1991-2001, he was in Chicago, IL with a stop in Berkeley CA 1990-1991. Worked in Lexington KY Diocese 2001-2006. Permanently removed from duties 2/06 (several months after diocese learned of allegations) In Rome, Italy 2007-2010.Chicago, ILSource:
WLS TV Chicago 02.07.06; Chicago Sun-Times 02.08.06; Lexington Herald-Leader 02.08.06; WKYT/WYMT Channel 27 02.08.06
Assignments: Assignment Record
SplawskiBernard1963PAccusedFranciscanAccused in 1986 of fondling a student at Bishop Timon High School in South Buffalo. He underwent inpatient treatment for 6 mo and two years of outpatient treatment and was reassigned to work in Paterson,New Jersey. He was removed from New Jersey assignment (after 17 years there) in Feb. 2003. Will remain a Franciscan and live in a friary doing "internal work." This happened only after renewed complaints from family of the student.Buffalo, NYSource:
The Record 02.26.03; Buffalo News 02.27.03
Michael1972PSuedDiocesanAccused of abusing as many as 20 teenage boys at MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility from 1972-1975. Sued 2002 and 2003. Sprauer has denied the charges. Archdiocese has settled with 15 plaintiffs for total of $600,000 but suit(s) going to trial in May, 2007 against Sprauer and the State of Oregon. Found guilty of abuse of 2 of 3 plaintiffs 5/17/07 and jury awarded $1.4 mil in damages. In 7/07 state agreed to pay $1,050,000 to 14 plaintiffs. Ethics complaint filed against Plaintiff's attorney in 2012 re he handled cases and his license was suspended for 90 days in 8/2014.Portland, ORSource:
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Assignments: Assignment Record
SpraycarLeonard J.1947PSettledDiocesanAccused of sexual abuse of at least one minor. Included on the Helena diocese's list, posted to its website 4/29/15 in compliance with the non monetary terms of the 3/5/15 bankruptcy settlement. Died 3/31/84.Helena, MTSource:
Helena Diocese Bankruptcy Settlement 03.04.15; Diocese of Helena 04.29.15
Diocese of Helena 04.29.15
SpringerChristopher J.1952PSuedRedemptoristSued first 1994. Accused of abuse (1968-1980) in several suits. Left ministry 1985; laicized 1990. Served in Corpus Christi and Baton Rouge. Apparently left Order and joined BR Diocese. 2 suits filed 4/06. Two more filed 8/06. Some settled. Diocese sued insurance company. 3 more filed suit 10/06. Another settlement 11/06. 3 more filed suit 12/06. Battle continues 8/09 re personnel files. As many as 30 victims in all. Arguments at Court of Appeals 6/11.Baton Rouge, LASource:
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Matthew Michael1954PArrestedCarmeliteAccused in 1986 of abuse of female relative under 14 in 1950s. Arrested 12/02. Criminal charges dropped 7/03 due to CA Supreme Court ruling. Died 1/05. At least one claim included in 11/06 $10M settlement with Order, LA Archdiocese and 7 people alleging abuse by 5 priests. As part of 2007 $660M settlement with 508 plaintiffs, Archdiocese was to release personnel files. Personnel files on 25 priests (including his) to be released fall 2012 after CA Supreme Court rejected appeal by the priests.Los Angeles, CASource:
Carmelite Newsletter April-June 2005; Carmelite Review 5.05; City News Service 7.3.03; LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 6; San Gabriel Valley Tribune 7.3.03; LA Times 11.26.02; Chicago Tribune 12.04.02; Chicago Tribune 01.14.03; Contra Costa Times (AP) 06.20.03; LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; The Catholic Key 11.10.06; LA Daily News 10.12.12
LA Times Database 4.20.06
St. ArnaudPacome ""Jocelyn""1952PSuedBenedictineIn 2002, 3 men accused St. Arnaud of sexually abusing them in 1970s. In civil suit filed 5/02, plaintiff says he told other priests in 1971 that he had been abused. St. Arnaud was then transferred to another parish where he abused the other 2 plaintiffs. These men filed suits in Nov. 2002. Also history of abuse in Canada before coming to Portland. Another suit filed 2005 is still awaiting trial. St. Arnaud died in 1992.Portland, ORSource:
Statesman Journal 05.03.02; Statesman Journal 05.13.02; The Oregonian 07.07.02; Statesman Journal (Salem, OR) 11.19.02; The Oregonian 11.19.02; Table: The Oregonian 11.12.06; KTVZ 04.22.08
St. Charles
Paul W. PSuedDiocesanRetired in 1986. Allegations made to the Diocese in 2002 about misconduct dating back to the 1970s. Review board found allegations to be "more likely than not" and placed him on leave in 11/04. Named in at least six civil suits filed between 2005 and 2008 re events that took place when St. Charles was assigned to Church of the Ascension or Our Lady of Sorrows. At least 17 known accusers. 1 suit dismissed 3/09. 3-4 settled and 2 still pending. Died 12/09.Memphis, TNSource:
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City Paper 12.31.09 (add'l article); Daily News 4.8.10 (add'l article); Commercial Appeal 4.8.10 (add'l article)
St. HilaireBernard1951PAccusedDiocesanFile on Ronald Paquin (known abuser) released 2/02 confirm a long-standing sexual relationship between Paquin and St. Hilaire, who died in 1977. St. Hilaire took Paquin under his wing when Paquin was about age 14 and counseled and molested him. One of Paquin's victims said Paquin admitted that he and St. Hilaire slept in the same bed for 30 years, Per files released 1/04, one of Paquin's victims says he was also abused by St. Hilaire. This man settled for $20K before 2002. See 8/11 Boston AD database.Boston, MASource:
Boston Herald 05.31.02; Boston Herald 06.06.02; Boston Herald 01.15.04; National Catholic Register 08.25.11; Salem News 08.26.11; Taunton Daily Gazette 08.26.11
Assignments: Assignment Record
St. HilaireTheodore J.1967PAccusedSJAs part of Section 13.1, Non-Monetary Commitments, of the Society of Jesus, Oregon Province, Reorganization Plan (dated 7/18/11) the Order agreed to post on its website the names of all members of the Province who are identified as perpetrators of sexual abuse in proofs of claims filed in the Bankruptcy case, and who have not denied the allegation. St. Hilaire's name is included on this list without any additional information on claims against him.Portland, ORSource:
Jesuits Oregon Province website accessed 12.07.12
Assignments: Assignment Record
St. Jean
George PAccusedOblateNH Audit shows 2 reports of same abuse: 1) alleged in 1/04 to the diocese by victim; and 2) reported in 3/08 by victim's sister to Oblates. Boy said he was abused at priest's family camp in MA in 1960 or 1961. Manchester said allegation was Boston issue; St. Jean was not in Manchester diocesan ministry. But Directory has him assigned at Colebrook NH shrine in 1960. Died 9/82. New suit filed 5/10 and another filed 7/21/10. Plaintiff in 5/10 suit murdered 9/9/11. Both suits settled 9/12.Manchester, NHSource:
John Doe V. Diocese of Manchester and Oblates of Mary Immaculate 4.6.11; SNAP Statement 4.5.11; NH AG Audit Records 03.26.09; Boston Herald 05.18.10; Press Statement 05.18.10; Boston Globe 05.19.10; New Hampshire Union Leader 05.19.10; Foster's Daily Democrat 07.21.10; New Hampshire Union Leader 07.21.10; WMUR 07.22.10; Boston Globe 09.10.11; New Hampshire Union Leader 09.10.11; New Hampshire Union Leader 09.10.11; SNAP Statement 09.13.12
St. PeterLawrence H.1959PSettledDiocesanOne complainant settled with the archdiocese 7/1/08 as part of 7/08 $5.5M settlement of 18 people alleging abuse by 3 priests. Died 8/18/03.Denver, COSource:
Denver Post 7.2.08; NY Times 7.2.08; Rocky Mountain News 7.2.08; Rocky Mountain News 08.21.03; Denver Post 08.22.03
Detailed Assignment Record
StackGeorge J.1961PSuedDiocesanOne of 12 priests and a religious brother named as perpetrators in lawsuit filed against Brooklyn Diocese in Oct. 2002 by 43 plaintifffs. One man says he was abused in 1976 (1979?) at Cathedral Prep School. In massive civil suit filed 10/1/03, 27 victims allege abuse by 24 priests, including Stack. One man and the estate of another allege that the two were abused by Stack in 1960s at Our Lady of Snow parish and school.Brooklyn, NYSource:
Newsday 10.16.02; USA Today 11.11.02; Newsday 10.02.03
StackGilbert1939PAccusedBenedictinePer 2003 article, Stack had been accused of sexually abusing a 14 yr old boy when he served in Sturgis, SD between 1946-1956. Stack (aged 90) denied the allegations. He had been living in retirement at Conception Abbey in MO for many years. Bishop said the allegations were credible. No criminal charges or litigation filed. Stack died 9/07.Rapid City, SDSource:
Conception Abbey Tower Topics Summer 2008; Associated Press 02.20.03; 02.20.03
John J.1988PClearedDiocesanBoth Diocese and medical center temporarily removed Stack from position as Chaplain at Mercy Medical in Clinton 4/22/13 while County Attorney and Diocese conducted investigation of allegations that he inappropriately touched minors in late 1980s. Was parochial vicar at Holy Family in Davenport during that time frame. Last parish assignment apparently ended June 2006 per Diocesan assignment list. Investigation still underway 5/23/13. Announcement 6/17/16 that Vatican determined charges were "not proven," without a finding of innocence or guilt. Bishop Amos to reassign Stack.Davenport, IASource:
CBS 4 04.22.13; Quad-City Times 04.22.13; Statement by Diocese of Davenport 04.22.13; WQAD 8 04.22.13; WSOC TV 04.22.13; Quad-City Times 05.23.13; Diocese of Davenport Statement 06.17.16; Quad-City Times 06.17.16; WQAD 06.17.16; Clinton Herald 06.23.16; National Catholic Reporter 07.01.16
StackThomas1944PAccusedDiocesanOn 12/31/13, the diocese released its list of 17 clergy, including Stack, who had been credibly accused of sexual abuse of young persons while serving in the diocese and another five who had been accused while residing in the diocese at some time. Last assignment ended 2/13/87. Died 02/24/87. Allegation against him received after his death but no date given for when it was received or when abuse was alleged to have occurred. In 3/16 the sister of a man who died an alcoholic at age 42 in 1986 said her brother told her in the '60d that Stack sexually abused him when he was an altar boy in the 1950s in Hoyt Lakes. She informed Bishop Schnurr in 2002.Duluth, MNSource:
Diocese of Duluth List of Clergy With Credible Claims 12.31.13; Diocese of Duluth Statement by Bishop Sirba 12.31.13; Duluth News Tribune 12.31.13; Legal Examiner 12.31.13; Northlands News Center 12.31.13; Duluth News Tribune 01.01.14; Diocese of Duluth Statement 12.07.15; Duluth News Tribune 12.07.15; Star Tribune 12.07.15; Wall Street Journal 12.07.15; Wall Street Journal 12.11.15; Duluth News Tribune 03.19.16
StadtfeldJoseph BSuedServiteAccused of abuse of 2 sisters between 1958-1966. Died 2001. Last name spelled as per archdiocesan report. His obit spelled name as both Stadfeld and Stadfield. Archdioesan report says 1 civil suit filed. Both sisters settled as part of massive $660 mil settlement 7/07 between Archdiocese and 508 victims of abuse.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 7; The Tidings 8.31.01 Obituary; LA Times 07.30.07
LA Times Database 4.20.06
Dan Paul DArrestedDiocesanStallings, ordained as a deacon in 1986, was arrested in Dec. 2007 and charged with having a sexual relationship with an underaged girl in his family in late 1960s and early 1970s. Police fear that his activities involving the CYO group may have allowed him to abuse other children. Additional charges filed 1/08 after woman came forward to allege abuse when she was 15-16 yrs old. Pled guilty 3/08 to original charges. Sentenced to 20 yrs prison.Washington DC, MDSource:
NBC 4 12.12.07; WTOP 12.12.07; Associated Press 01.16.08; The Gazette 01.18.08; WTOP 03.18.08; The Examiner 05.16.08; Washington Post 12.02.10
George A., Jr.1974PAccusedDiocesanIn 1989 Stallings was accused by man of abuse when the man was 16. Another person allegedly complained to Cardinal in 1986 of similar allegations. Third man claimed Stallings abused him 1976-1984. Cardinal Hickey ordered Stallings to treatment in 1989 but Stallings refused and formed his own breakaway congregation as a Black Catholic church. Later excommunicated but claims he left because of racism. One man filed suit 2008 which settled 10/09 for $125K.Washington, DCSource:
St Louis Post Dispatch 09.04.89; Washington Post 09.07.89; Washington Post 09.11.89; St Petersburg Times 09.30.89; Washington Post 04.30.90; Washington Post 10.14.09; Washington Post 12.02.10; Washington Post 10.12.12
StallkampLouis G.1967PAccusedDiocesanAccused of abuse of 2 from 1974-1979. Died 1994. Named in archdiocesan report. Civil suit filed 12/03. Also worked in Orange Diocese.Los Angeles, CASource:
LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 3; OC Weekly 03.04.05; City of Angels 12.07.07
LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum 11.15.05; LA Times Database 4.20.06; OC Weekly 3.04.05
StalzerDavid1974PAccusedDiocesan1993 civil suit claims that Stalzer and Lawrence M. Gibbs abused the plaintiff in 1981. Suit was dismissed in 1994 by the Court after Plaintiff claimed to have been treated by two psychologists and both denied having seen the man. Stalzer was returned to duty 4/93 (under supervision and with limited contact w/ youngsters) prior to resolution of suit. He was allowed to continue active duties until his death in 2000.Joliet, ILSource:
The Herald News (Joliet) 5.5.02; Chicago Tribune 01.21.93; Chicago Sun-Times 04.24.93; Chicago Tribune 03.24.94
Stanford (Stamford)Thomas DAccusedDiocesanIn 12/10 testimony before NJ Senate Judiciary Comm., one man said he was abused by Deacon Stanford (also spelled Stamford) while a teenager in 1977 at St. Paul's in Jersey City. Man said he told Stanford about previous abuse by another teenager (now a Jesuit priest) and Stanford used drugs and alcohol to abuse him for another 3 yrs. Plaintiff settled with Diocese in 2008. Stanford also became a priest but left in mid 1980s. Worked as lay employee for Paterson Diocese until fired after settlement.Newark, NJSource:
Jersey Journal 1.9.12; Star-Ledger 12.12.10
StanislausWellington Joseph "Brother Stan" BArrestedJesuitMoved from San Jose to Phoenix in 1971 after he was accused of molesting teenage boys at a home for wayward boys. Allowed to work with youth programs in Phoenix while order was working to have him dismissed. Arrested 2003 on two felony accounts of abusing 16 yr old boy in 1969 who was a resident of a Los Gatos home for wayward boys. Charges dismissed 6/03 after ruling by Supreme Court.San Francisco, CASource:
San Jose Mercury News 04.24.03; San Jose Mercury News 04.25.03; Arizona Republic 05.04.03; San Jose Mercury News 06.27.03
StaniszewskiStanley1974PAccusedDiocesanOrdained in Warsaw Poland. Staniszewski has been accused of sexual abuse per 7/07 news article. He served in Gary Diocese from 1974-1983. Served in Kalamazoo MI diocese from 1994-1998. He also served in Sioux Falls, SD diocese. He reportedly lives in Florida and is no longer in active ministry. Named in 1 civil suit in Gary re abuse of boy at Casimir Catholic Church's grade school from 1979-1981.Gary, INSource:
Orlando Sentinel 12.11.03; 12.12.03; Bulletin of Saint Stanislaus Kostka Parish 07.15.07; Bulletin of St. Monica's Church, Kalamazoo, MI 07.25.07; News Dispatch 07.25.07; The Times 12.20.08
Assignments: Assignment Record
StantonLeonard F.1943PSuedDiocesanOrdained for Boston, transferred to Sioux Falls SD after several years where he had long career and leadership positions, including Director of Catholic Boy Scouts. Died in 1997. One of 12 priests named as abusers in 9/02 civil suit filed by 27 Plaintiffs. Archdiocese accused of cover-up.Boston, MASource:
Boston Globe 09.19.02; Boston Herald 09.19.02; USA Today 11.11.02
Assignments: Assignment Record
Charles1944PSuedDiocesanOrdained for St. Paul archdiocese, incardinated 1957 into New Ulm diocese. Named publicly by diocese 2/16 as credibly accused of sex abuse at St. John's in Darwin 1965-69. Worked in St. Paul, Faribault, Winsted, Vesta, Tyler, Gaylord, Darwin, Granite Falls, Clements, and Sanborn. Retired 1986. Died 1991. Suit filed 3/16 claims 1969 sex abuse of 11-yr-old boy who was CCD student at St. John's in Darwin. Another lawsuit to be filed claiming abuse by Stark at St. John's 1967-68. A third suit pending in 3/16 of abuse by Stark at another parish.New Ulm, MNSource:
Advocate Tribune 02.26.16; Independent Review 03.10.16; Bemidji Pioneer 03.29.16; BishopAccountability Lists 03.29.16; CBS Minnesota 03.29.16; Diocese of New Ulm List 03.29.16; KEYC 03.29.16; Mankato Free Press 03.29.16; Minnesota Public Radio 03.29.16; Star Tribune 03.29.16; Hutchinson Leader 03.30.16; Advocate Tribune 04.21.16; Advocate Tribune 06.02.16
Advocate Tribune 02.26.16; Diocese of New Ulm Assignment Record
StarkJames P.1964PAccusedDiocesanPermanently removed from ministry in 1986. Died in 1999. One of 9 new names included on revised Archdiocesan 02/17/14 list of clergy with substantiated claims regarding abuse of minors. No details of abuse were revealed. Independent group found his nameduring review of personnel files.St. Paul-Minneapolis, MNSource:
Archdiocese of St Paul & Minneapolis List of Priests Accused of Abuse, revised 02.17.14; Minnesota Pubic Radio 02.17.14; Star Ledger 02.17.14; Minnesota Public Radio Database 02.19.14; Jeff Anderson & Associates 11.05.14
Archdiocese of St Paul & Minneapolis Assignment Record; Assignment Record
StarksDonald1949PAccusedDiocesanIn Oct. 2004 man filed suit claiming abuse in 1976 in both Albany and Boston. Man said that he was abused beginning at age 14 by Starks and Fr. Mark Haight at St. Francis de Sales Church in Colonie. Says abuse took place in Albany and Boston areas. 2ndsuit filed 3/05 re abuse in same time frame. Starks deceased.Albany, NYSource:
Albany Times Union 10.06.04; Albany Times Union 03.25.05