Fr. Jean Marie DeGraff

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Order: PSJ
Ordained: 1999
Status: Arrested

Diocese: Diocese of Bridgeport CT

From Haiti. Member of the Priestly Society of St. Jacques. Worked in the Bridgeport diocese as an extern priest as late as 2008. Working at St. Mary's parish when the diocese received allegations of potential misconduct with a minor. Diocese reported to the Dept. of Children and Families, which found the allegations not substantiated. Left the diocese. In Calgary Alberta Canada 2010-2011. Arrested in 12/2011 on charges of sexual activity with at least one child. Per a 2019 report commissioned by the diocese, there was one victim, an 8-year-old girl, abused in 2008.

Fr. Edward R. Graff

Ordained: 1955
Status: Settled

Died: 11/25/2002
Diocese: Diocese of Allentown PA

"Retired" from Allentown PA to TX in 1992. Sent to Paracletes in NM for treatment, allowed to minister in the Santa Fe diocese. Worked in the Amarillo diocese until 2002. Arrested in TX in 10/2002; charged with abuse of a 15-year-old boy. Died in jail 11/25/2002, reportedly after an accident, while awaiting trial. At least 40 men in PA and TX alleged abuse by Graff. One suit settled in TX in 2003 for $275K by the Allentown diocese. One Allentown was suit in filed 7/2004. In 2009 Mark Rozzi reported rape by Graff as a 13-year-old Catholic school student in 1984; he came forward after a friend said to have also been a Graff victim died by suicide. By 2016 two more friends Rozzi said Graff raped had taken their own lives. Rozzi was elected PA state rep in 2013 and went on to lead the effort to change the statute of limitations for sex crimes against children. Rozzi filed suit in 5/2020. Graff was named in the 8/14/2018 PA Grand Jury Report. Name included on the Allentown diocese's 8/19/2018 list of credibly accused. On Amarillo's list 1/31/2019.

Fr. Peter M. Graff

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Ordained: 1941
Status: Settled

Died: 04/8/1976
Diocese: Archdiocese of Dubuque IA

One claim against Graff was included in a 8/2013 $5.2M out-of-court settlement involving 10 priests and 26 victims. A man alleged he had been abused in the 1940s. The Diocesan Review Board was unable to determine the credibility of the allegation. Graff died 4/8/1976.