Fr. Edward O. Paquette, Jr.

Ordained: 1957
Status: Settled

Diocese: Diocese of Burlington VT

Ordained for Fall River; faculties removed 1963. Serial abuser of boys. Sent to treatment in IN, worked in Fort Wayne-South Bend diocese. After 7 years, accepted into Burlington diocese; sent to treatment 1974 and ’78; faculties removed 1978; per internal memo diocese could no longer could keep lid on things. Allegations in MA, IN and VT, including of abuse of a hospitalized male teen quadriplegic. First VT suit settled for $965K in 4/06. Named in 3/07 suit. Jury awarded $8.7M to one plaintiff 5/08. One suit settled 7/08. Another tried to mistrial 8/08. Third trial 12/08 awarded $3.6M. Laicization announced 5/09. Fourth trial 10/09 awarded $2.2M. In 5/10, 19 of 26 cases settled. Three on appeal also settled. Living in Westfield MA in Springfield diocese at the time. Four more suits filed 2010. Eleven settled 1/13. On Ft. Wayne-South Bend IN diocese’s 9/18/18 list. Suit filed 8/19. On Burlington diocese’s list 8/22/19. On Fall River list in 1/21.

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