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On August 12, 2008, it was announced that a settlement had been reached between 16 survivors of sexual abuse by clergy and the Archdiocese of Chicago. Eleven accused priests were included in the settlement: Robert C. Becker, Joseph R. Bennett, Robert Craig, James C. Hagan, Thomas F. Kelly, Norbert Maday, Robert E. Mayer, Daniel J. McCormack, Joseph Owens, Kenneth C. Ruge, and James Steel, as well as a lay person, Donald Ryniecki. The archdiocese agreed to pay $12,675,000 and also agreed to certain nonmonetary demands of the survivors, including the release of a transcript of Cardinal Francis E. George's January 30, 2008 deposition and the ultimate release of pertinent church files.

On this page we provide links to articles about the settlement and Cardinal George's deposition, as well as reports, earlier articles, and other sources of background information. Many of the articles are enhanced with links to the deposition exhibits discussed in the articles. See also our web version of Cardinal George's depositionwith photos and links to the exhibits.



This table provides links to articles and commentary about the settlement and deposition. In the articles, references to the deposition and exhibits are linked, so that readers can consult the sources that the reporters cite.

Article Depo/
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Chicago Archdiocese Settles Priest Sex-abuse Cases for $12.7 Million, by Manya Brachear, Chicago Tribune, August 12, 2008   1  
Archdiocese to Pay over $12M in Abuse Cases: Settlement Resolves Lawsuits Accusing 11 Catholic Priests of Sexual Abuse, by Jay Levine, Susan Carlson, and Joanie Lum, CBS2 Chicago, August 12, 2008   12 4
Abuse Victims Speak, by Leah Hope, ABC7 Chicago, August 12, 2008   7 2
News Release: Settlements Reached with Survivors of Sexual Abuse by Chicago Clergy, Archdiocese of Chicago, reprinted in the Daily Herald, August 12, 2008      
$12.7M Settlement Reached in Chicago Clergy Abuse, by Mike Robinson, Associated Press, August 12, 2008 12    
Cardinal Lifts the Veil on Abuses: George Announces $12.7 Million Payout to Victims of Priest Attacks, Discloses His Sworn Deposition and Says: 'I Have to Accept the Blame', by Manya A. Brachear, Chicago Tribune, August 13, 2008 26 1 1
Catholic Activists Press Cardinal for Tougher Stance on Abuse, by Margaret Ramirez, Chicago Tribune, August 13, 2008 12    
Cardinal Tried to Spring Sex Abuser, Then Changed View, by Andrew Herrmann and Chris Fusco, Chicago Sun-Times, August 13, 2008 13 1  
Chicago Archdiocese Priests Listed in Settlement, Chicago Sun-Times, August 13, 2008      
Excerpts from Archdiocese's Communication with Abusive Priest, compiled by Andrew Herrmann, Chicago Sun-Times, August 13, 2008 20    
Victim Was 7 When Abused by Priest, by Mike Thomas, Chicago Sun-Times, August 13, 2008      
Photogallery: Priest Abuse Cases Settled, Chicago Sun-Times, August 13, 2008   13  
Systemic Abuse at the Sun-Times, by Pat Hickey, Chicago Daily Observer, August 13, 2008      
Chicago Church Abuse Victims Praise Settlement, by Carla K. Johnson, Associated Press, August 13, 2008
$12M in Settlements Reached in Clergy Abuse, by Kevin Roy, ABC7 Chicago, August 13, 2008   5 3
Chicago Archdiocese to Pay $12.6 Million to 16 Sex Abuse Survivors, Catholic News Service, August 13, 2008      
Brief Analysis of Cardinal George's Deposition, SNAP, August 13, 2008
Last Known Contact Information for Perpetrators, Jeff Anderson & Associates, August 14, 2008      
Victim, Cop Slam Archdiocese's Efforts to Get Priest out of Prison Early, by Andrew Herrmann and Mike Thomas, Chicago Sun-Times, August 14, 2008 2    
Cardinal Intervened for Priest: Archdiocese of Chicago Sought Release, Records Say, by Marie Rohde, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, August 14, 2008 8    
Thompson Allowed Convicted Priest to Hold Memorial Service in Prison, by Jason Stein, Jackson County Chronicle, August 14, 2008 4    
Cardinal's Deposition Shows Good—and Bad, editorial, Chicago Sun-Times, August 14, 2008 2    
Archdiocese of Chicago Arrives at $12.6 Million Sexual Abuse Settlement for Victims, Catholic News Agency, August 15, 2008 15    
Lawyer Posts Abusive Priests' Phone Numbers, by Andrew Herrmann, Chicago Sun-Times, August 15, 2008      
Abuse Settlement Is Only a Beginning, by Sandy Stilling Seehausen, VOTF, in Chicago Daily Herald, August 15, 2008      
George Just Another Enabler, Letter to the Editor, by Sister Maureen Paul Turlish, Chicago Sun-Times, August 15, 2008      
Embarrassed by Church, Letter to the Editor, by Marilyn Wells, Chicago Sun-Times, August 17, 2008      
It's Time to Demand New Leader to Replace Cardinal, Letter to the Editor, by Scot Thor, Chicago Sun Times, August 15, 2008      
Release of Cardinal George's Deposition Revealing, by Margaret Ramirez and Manya A. Brachear, Chicago Tribune, August 16, 2008 14    
Archdiocese Settles Sexual 16 Abuse Cases, Releases Deposition, by Michelle Martin, Catholic New World, August 17, 2008      
George Should Be Replaced, Letter to the Editor, by Joe Nowinski, Chicago Sun Times, August 17, 2008
Confession and Consequences, editorial, Chicago Tribune, August 18, 2008 reports
Unfit to Lead | Deposition Provides Concrete Evidence | VOTF to Cardinal: "Step Down", by Janet Hauter, VOTF, August 19, 2008      
Reform Group Urges Cardinal George to Resign, Chicago Tribune, August 19, 2008      
An Ill Wind Blows for Children of Chicago Catholics, by Vinnie Nauheimer, Voice from the Desert, August 19, 2008 8    
Deposition Exposes Cardinal George, by Janet Hauter, VOTF, in Chicago Daily Herald, August 19, 2008      
Catholics Must Have Courage to Speak Out, by Janet W. Hauter, Chicago Daily Herald, August 20, 2008      
Mom Wants Cardinal to Quit: Mad at George's Help for Molester, by Andrew Herrmann, Southtown Star, August 22, 2008 3 1  
Why Is Cardinal George Not Held Accountable for Sex Abuse in Archdiocese of Chicago? Letter to the Editor, by Rick Springer, Southtown Star, September 15, 2008      


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