Rev. Carmen Sita—Assignment Record
a.k.a. Rev. Gerald Howard

Summary of Case: Arrested Sept. 15, 1982 on charges of abusing a teen boy multiple times and providing him with drugs. He pleaded guilty 1983, was sentenced to 5 years probation and sent to Foundation House in Albuquerque NM. Per 2009 articles, less than a year later Sita had legally changed his name to Gerald Howard and was assigned to the Jefferson City MO diocese where he soon offended again, allegedly molesting a boy during 1983-88 and providing him with drugs. This abuse was reported in 2007. The claim was settled for $600K. Sita/Howard was arrested April 28, 2010 and charged with forcible sodomy, attempted sodomy, and kidnapping of three MO boys in the 1980s. In October and November 2012 Howard was being investigated for the sexual abuse of children at a MO hospital where he worked as a counselor in the 1980s.

: May 1976
Incardinated: Newark NJ archdiocese 1976-1983; Jefferson City diocese 1983-1984.


Start Stop Parish Town State Position Notes


Archbishop was Peter L. Gerety (1974-86)

9/82 St. Aloysius

Jersey City

• Pleaded guilty in 1982 of molesting a male minor and providing the boy with drugs. See articles 1 2 3.

NJ 5/6, 5/7, 4/6. Priests were Msgr. John J. Cassels STL (pastor emeritus) and Revs. Timothy F. Hourihan, Theodore W. Osbahr, Charles F. Christell STL, Carmen Sita, and Peter Ling (China). Rev. Joseph B. Bagley replaced Hourihan as pastor in 1977. In 1978, Auxiliary Bishop Jerome A. Pechillo TOR came in residence. In 1979, Cassels left; Ling was incardinated and moved up past Sita; Rev. Robert F. Coleman arrived. In 1979, the sequence was: Bagley, Osbahr, Ling, Sita, Coleman, Pechillo. In 1980, Rev. Gregory Studerus replaced Osbahr. In Newark archdiocese. In 1976-77, parish elementary school had 940 pupils; the parish's so-called Classical High had 480 pupils. In 1981-82, the grammar school had 815 pupils, and the HS had 498 pupils.
9/15/82   Arrested and charged with sexual contact with a male juvenile on diverse dates and distribution of a controlled dangerous substance. Hudson County NJ    
1983   Pleaded guilty; sentenced to 5 years probation.       Listed in the 1983 Directory as an unassigned Newark priest. Also unassigned were Revs. John Colabelli, James A. Pindar, and Carl Young.
1983   Foundation House Albuquerque NM   While in New Mexico, Sita's name was changed to Rev. Gerald Howard.


Bishop was Michael F. McAuliffe (1969-97)

1984 SS. Peter and Paul


• In 2009, a $600K settlement was announced of a claim that Howard molested a boy 1983-88 and provided him with drugs. See articles 1 2 3 4.

• Howard was arrested April 2010 and charged with sexually assaulting three MO boys in the 1980s. The charges inluded kidnapping and forcible sodomy. The abuse is said to have occurred between 1983-1988.

MO 2/2. Priests were Revs. Richard Cronin and Gerald Howard.

In the Jefferson City diocese. Parish grammar school had 181 students.

Howard left SS. Peter and Paul after officials found marijuana in his rectory bedroom.

1984   Charter Hospital


• In Nov. 2012 investigators were looking into allegations that Howard sexually abused a boy in Columbia in the 1980s, and they were investigating claims that he sexually abused children at Charter Hospital.

MO counselor Howard is said to have lived in a Boonville, MO apartment and gotten a job as a substance abuse counselor after leaving SS. Peter and Paul.
mid-1980s     Fulton MO   The mother of one of Howard's alleged victims said in a written notarized statement that Howard was her son's counselor in the mid-1980s at Charter Hospital, and he told her at the time that he had a new job as a counselor in Fulton.
  2012         Howard was in New Jersey at the time of his April 2010 arrest. He was extradited to Missouri and held in the Cooper County jail. His trial started Oct. 31, 2012.

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