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The Philadelphia Archive

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Philadelphia archdiocesan archive. The first installment comprises 195 pages from the file of convicted former priest Edward Avery. We will post additional documents, until the entire 5,780-page collection will be online.

These documents, which became public when they were entered into evidence at the 2012 trial of Msgr. William J. Lynn and Rev. James J. Brennan, offer a rich sample of the archdiocesan files that formed the basis of the work of three Philadelphia grand juries. Those men and women were impaneled under District Attorneys Lynne Abraham and Seth Williams, and the reports that they produced in 2003, 2005, and 2011 are the gold standard of investigative work on the Catholic abuse crisis in the United States.

On December 26, 2013, the Superior Court of Pennsylvania reversed the conviction of Msgr. William J. Lynn, stating that insufficient evidence had been presented at the trial that Lynn's managerial activities entailed "supervising the welfare of a child." Seth Williams, the Philadelphia district attorney, disagreed, and said that an appeal is likely. As the courts consider whether the Pennsylvania child protection statute is adequate to hold archdiocesan managers accountable for their actions, the archdiocesan documents entered into evidence during the Lynn trial are our best source of information on those actions and their effects.

The 2005 Philadelphia Grand Jury Report, which was based on the documents and extensive testimony before the grand jury, is remarkably comprehensive, dealing in an integrated and forceful way with aspects of the crisis that are too often examined in isolation. The abuse itself is described in harrowing and meticulous detail. But the report also studies the mismanagement of the crisis and the cover-up of the abuse, and it clearly explains the holes in current secular law that sometimes make it difficult or impossible to punish abusers and enablers. In a remarkable essay for the National Catholic Reporter, Michael Newall shows the level of engagement that this work required, and the toll that it took. Lastly, the 2005 report demonstrates that the abuse crisis cannot be understood without drawing on many sources of information – long conversations with survivors, and work with priests who are willing to help, and hundreds of hours spent in the archives, poring over assignment histories, memos, letters, and intake reports.

It is that kind of reading and immersion that we invite you to do in this archive. Reading these documents will be difficult, but you will gain from the experience a deep understanding of the culture within which the abuse was done and kept secret. You will emerge with a haunting sense of the harm for which the abusers and enablers are responsible, and the courage of the survivors and their families and loved ones.

The Avery file was posted to the internet on January 22, 2013. Improvements to the presentation of the Avery file will continue for several days, and the most recent updates and changes to the Philadelphia Archive will be noted here.
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We have redacted the name of the Avery survivor whose story is partly told in these documents, as well as the names of his family members and friends. We have also redacted the names of Avery's family members. If you notice a missed redaction or a name or detail that you believe should be redacted, please email us, putting Philadelphia Archive in the subject line, and we will correct and improve the archive accordingly. We welcome your general feedback too.

The Avery file is presented in the chronological order of the exhibits as they were introduced at the Lynn trial. Sometimes a single exhibit includes several documents. The table that you see below was created by the prosecutors. We have converted it to web format, and linked it to the documents, exhibit by exhibit, using the C-1, C-2, etc. exhibit numbers. We've added bolding to the exhibit list, so that it's easier to see who is writing each document and to whom. Sometimes we use red to make other details easier to see. If we add factual information, we put it in curly brackets, so that you can see which contributions are ours. But we want the list and the documents to speak for themselves.


Rev. Edward V. Avery

Bates Number
Exhibit Number
Date Description of Document
C-1   List of Exhibits
{We have redacted this document, using the pseudonym [James] for the name of the Avery survivor who approached the archdiocese in 1992. This pseudonym was used in the Grand Jury's 2011 Report and Presentment.}
  Priest Data Profile
1976-02-11 Memo from Msgr. Statkus to Cardinal Krol: Statkus, in view of Krol's recommendation that Avery receive another assignment "in order to avoid a breakdown", requests that Avery be assigned as Assistant Pastor at St. Phillip Neri.  Krol approves, despite inability to replace Avery at the Parish he was leaving.
1976 Avery letter to Statkus,in which Avery expresses "my very sincerest appreciation for your immediate consideration of my, euphemistically speaking, predicament."
1983-06-25 Avery letter to Cardinal Krol requesting "possible special consideration, as to assignment", due to his work with the H'mong people.
1983-08-11 Fr. Daniel Devine letter to Msgr. Statkus.
1984-04-06 Memo from Donald Walker {Assistant Chancellor} regarding Avery assignment to St. Agatha-St. James Church
Walker memo indicating Avery request for an assignment in a black parish in North or West Philadelphia, so he can continue his work with the H'mong people.
1988-06-13 Avery letter to Rev. Pepe, requesting change in assignment from St. Dominic, and detailing his work with grammar and high school C.Y.O., Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts, and as the priest in charge of the grammar school, where he teaches on a weekly basis.
1988-06-18 St. Dominic Pastor Joseph Sikora letter to Msgr. Samuel Shoemaker, complaining about Avery's unavailability for "on-call" status, due to outside activities, most notably disc jockeying engagements; and referencing that Avery is in charge of the altar boys, and has recently “begun to train the fifth grade neophytes."
1988-07-13 Correspondence with St. Dominic parishioner regarding favorable impression of Avery. {By Rev. Joseph Pepe, Vice Chancellor}
1988-07-18 Rev.  Pepe memo regarding altercation between Avery and St. Dominic Pastor Sikora regarding Avery's working patterns.
1990-02-12 Msgr. Devlin {Vicar for Philadelphia - North} memo to Rev. Jagodzinski {Secretary for Clergy} regarding Avery's request for consideration as a pastor, and his interest in assignment to a black parish.
1990-06-14 Newspaper article regarding Avery's adoption of H'mong children.
1990-08-24 Avery appointed, by Bevilacqua, as pastor of St. Therese of the Child Church.
AD 0001126
1992-03-31 [James’s] letter Addressed to "Dear Msgr." {to Msgr. Jagodzinski}, and ''Father Avery", in which [James] reports two incidents of Avery abusing him: when he was 15 years-old (1978) after helping Avery with disc-jockeying, and drinking; and when he was 19 years old (1981), on a ski trip.
{We have redacted this description and the document, using the pseudonym [James] for the name of the Avery survivor. This pseudonym was used in the Grand Jury's 2011 Report and Presentment.}
AD 000111

Lynn letter to [James] stating that Lynn:
• Assumed responsibilities as Secretary of Clergy.
• Noticed in reviewing file, [James]'s undated letter which contains a "serious allegation."
• Wants [James] to contact him, since he wishes to "make a thorough investigation of the situation."
{We have redacted this description and the document, using the pseudonym [James].}

AD 000110
1992-09-22 Email {from Finocchio to Lynn} regarding phone call from [James].
{We have redacted this description and the document, using the pseudonym [James].}
AD 000107-9

Lynn and Cistone interview of [James] in which he states that Avery:
• First gave him an alcoholic drink when [James] was 12 years old, and thereafter encouraged him to drink, both at the shore, and when [James] assisted with disc jockeying.
• Took [James] and a group of altar boys to the shore, where Avery touched [James]'s crotch while wrestling.
• Avery fondled [James], when he was a high school freshman, after [James] passed out due to excessive drinking while helping Avery with disc jockeying at a bar.
• Fondled [James], on a ski trip {in Vermont}, when [James] was 19 years old.
{We have redacted this description and the document, using the pseudonym [James].}

AD 000102-6

Lynn and Cistone interview of Avery in which Avery:
• Admits to taking kids to his shore house and "rough-housing" with them, and taking [James] on a trip to Minneapolis.
• Admits that [James] visited him at St. Agatha-St. James.
• Admits to sharing bed with [James] on ski trip, but stated that if he touched [James], it was strictly accidental.
• Admits to taking a drunk [James] back to the rectory after the disc jockey bar incident, but "does not remember much about the events afterward, since he had so much to drink himself'''.
• When asked if ''hypothetically'' he thought abuse could have happened, when he was under the influence and he might not remember, responded that it "could be", and that "I was definitely under the influence of alcohol, but I'm not an alcoholic."
• When asked again if these things could have happened, Avery responded, "I don't know."
Lynn noted that ''prudent course" would be for Avery to undergo an extensive psychological evaluation.
{We have redacted this description and the document, using the pseudonym [James].}

AD 000101


1992-10-09 Typed and handwritten notes of Lynn conversation with Avery. {The handwritten notes are dated 10/9/92. The typed notes are Lynn's reconstruction of the conversation with Avery on the basis of the original notes. Avery states that [James] has a "selective memory" and describes his reationships with friends and family of [James]. The typed notes are signed by Lynn and dated 6/26/03. Lynn states in an introduction that the handwritten notes were made during either a meeting or phone call with Lynn, and that the typed version was made "at the request of James Bock for use by the Archdiocesan Review Board.}
{We have redacted this description and the document, using the pseudonym [James].}

Lynn memo to Bevilacqua, reporting [James's] allegations, in which Lynn stated:
• No legal action was mentioned or discussed.
• Avery "expressed absolute denial of all the allegations."
Lynn recommended that Avery take part in four-day outpatient evaluation assessment at Anodos Center of St. John Vianney, and that further recommendation be provided in light of evaluation results.
{Under the two recommendations at the end of the memo, Bevilacqua wrote "Approved" and signed and dated his note 10/22/92.}
{We have redacted this description and the document, using the pseudonym [James].}



1992-10-28 Molloy memo to Lynn regarding 10/22/92 Issues Meeting and 10/16/92 Lynn Memo. {This document shows that Lynn's recommendations regarding Avery were reviewed in the Issues Meeting; the document reproduces Bevilacqua's handwritten approval.}
AD 000082
1992-11-02 Lynn memo regarding phone call from [James]. {The note mentions [James's] wish to confront Avery.]}
{We have redacted this description and the document, using the pseudonym [James].}
AD 000081
1992-11-02 Lynn memo {to the file} regarding phone conversation with [James], during which Lynn stated Avery had denied the allegations, but was willing to undergo psychological evaluation.
{We have redacted this description and the document, using the pseudonym [James].}
AD 000089-90
1992-11-02 Anodos Center letter {from O'Hara, Program Director, to Lynn}, with attached Assessment Referral Form completed by Lynn, on which he noted that Avery only admitted to taking a minor into a place serving alcohol while disc-jockeying.
AD 000079-80
1992-12-03 Anodos Center letter {from O'Hara} to Lynn enclosing result of Avery assessment, with recommendations of outpatient hospitalization. {In fact, the enclosure recommends inpatient hospitalization.}

Lynn memo to Bevilacqua reporting on Anodos evaluation, in which Lynn states:
• The evaluation team needs a more thorough evaluation due to the inconsistencies and vague information received from Avery.
• It is still unclear whether Avery is guilty of sexual abuse.
• That Avery stated he would like to go to another place that "would look more to others as if he were going on an extended retreat"
• That he recommends that Avery "have inpatient hospitalization in order to further evaluate his mood disorder and alcohol abuse", at St John Vianney.
{At the bottom of the letter, Bevilacqua has written and initialed "Approved 12/15/92".}
{We have redacted the document, using the pseudonym [James].}

1992-12-11 Molloy memo to Bevilacqua, enclosing Lynn's 12/4/92 memo.
1992-12-18 Molloy memo to Lynn, with attached excerpt of Lynn 12/4/92 memo and 12/17/92 Issues Meeting, at which Bevilacqua approves Lynn's recommendation.
{We have redacted the document, using the pseudonym [James].}
AD 00060-69
1993-01-25 Letter {by O'Hara} to Lynn, enclosing Comprehensive Psychological Assessment of 12/1/92-12/4/92 evaluation, which contains diagnostic impressions of RIO Bipolar Disorder, NOS, and RIO Alcohol Abuse, and recommends inpatient hospitalization. {The detailed Assessment also includes Avery's accounts of the allegations and descriptions of Avery's social history and spirituality.}
AD 000057
1993-02-08 Lynn memo to file regarding phone conversation with [James], during which Lynn informed [James] that Avery was still undergoing evaluation, and that [James]'s request for a meeting with Avery would only be approved if Avery and the doctors agreed.
{We have redacted this description and the document, using the pseudonym [James].}
1993-02-18 Lynn memo to Molloy, informing him that Avery was admitted to St. John Vianney.
AD 000055-56
1993-02-23 St. John Vianney letter {by Dugan, Director of Social Work at Anodos} to Lynn regarding Avery's admission.

Lynn memo to Bevilacqua, attaching 3/1/93 memo regarding Lynn's meeting with Avery's [relative], [Jane] {and her husband}. In the memo Lynn noted:
• [Jane] and her entire family are upset about the Archdiocese's treatment of Avery, and are very upset that Avery is in the hospital.
• That Lynn told [Jane]; that when allegations are made, "it is normally prudent, for the priests' own protection and for the protection of the church, to have a multidisciplinary assessment done", and that "the Archdiocese acts on the results of the evaluation and not necessarily on what anyone has said or alleged to have happen."
• [Jane] stated her family was friends with people who have given large donations to the Archdiocese, and "she made some veiled threats about leaving the Archdiocese, exposing the whole thing, and telling her friends not to donate to the Archdiocese."
• When [Jane] stated that she was upset that there had been rumors that Avery was in the hospital, Lynn told her that he "did not believe anyone knew the circumstances as to what led Father Avery to be in the hospital."
{We have redacted this description and the document, using the pseudonym [Jane].}

1993-03-02 Molloy memo to Bevilacqua forwarding Lynn memos regarding Avery.
1993-03-11 Response letter from Lynn to Avery parishioner noting that "there have never been anything but compliments heard in this office about Father Avery." In parishioner's letter, she stated that she had been wrongly accused by the Parish secretary of making calls "downtown" against Avery, who she noted was on leave for "renewal". The parishioner went on to praise Avery and his work for the Parish, and its parishioners.
{We have redacted this document, removing the names of the parishioners.}
AD 000048-49
1993-03-23 Cistone memo {to file} regarding Cistone and Lynn meeting with Avery's mother and brother, during which Lynn noted that "any actions taken are based on the results of the evaluation, not the accusation."
{We have redacted this document, using the pseudonym [Ben].}

Lynn, in regards to Avery parishioner who praises and supports Avery {in a handwritten letter to Lynn that is also included in this exhibit}, and who is ''very distributed {sic} by the rumors that are being circulated at our church about the dismissal of Fr. Edward Avery', states:
• "You mention rumors about Father Avery being removed. Let me assure you that is what they are - rumors. Father Avery has requested a health leave from cardinal Bevilacqua which was granted, and which he is on at the present time."
• That Avery is still the active pastor.
{We have redacted this document, removing the name of a parishioner.}

AD 000038

Letter to Lynn from St. John Vianney's Dr. Wayne Pelligrini, Ph.D., stating:
• A recommendation of continued inpatient treatment.
• Avery has made a great deal of progress since the confrontation session with [James], "but there remains concerns about the existence of other victims."
• Avery expressed a great deal of shame, and he acknowledged that the incident "must have happened" because of [James]'s reaction, and not because of his recollection.
• Avery "is at a point in treatment in dealing with his shame that necessitates continued inpatient treatment to prevent further acting out."
{We have redacted this document, using the pseudonym [James].}

AD 000039-40
1993-08-06 Email and notes {by Lynn} regarding phone call from Avery.
1993-08-21 Avery letter to Bevilacqua, resigning as Pastor of St. Therese of the Child Jesus Parish.
1993-08-24 Cullen memo to Lynn stating that Msgr. Devlin should note that Avery resigned for health reason, and that Bevilacqua thought Avery should address a letter to the parishioners indicating that "his decision to resign was essential for his health."
1993-09-01 Bevilacqua letter to Avery, accepting his resignation as pastor.
1993-09-08 Beisel memo to file regarding instructions to Msgr. Devlin.

Dr. Pelligrini's letter to Lynn indicating:
• Diagnosis of general Anxiety Disorder, history of alcohol abuse, and Personality Disorder with dependant features.
• No diagnosis of a sexual disorder "for a number of reasons": there is only one report of abuse and Avery "had been drinking during those incidents"; and "our testing and clinical data do not support a sexual disorder at this time."
• Recommendations which include "a ministry excluding adolescents and with a population other than with vulnerable minorities, with whom Father Ed tends to over identify with."

C-47 1993-10-19

Lynn memo to Molloy, in which Lynn:
• Informs Molloy that Avery is scheduled to be discharged from St. John Vianney on 10/22/93.
• Attached report containing diagnosis and recommendations.
• Recommends that Avery be assigned as Associate Pastor, Our Lady of Ransome, Philadelphia.


1993-11-04 Molloy memo to Lynn, attaching 10/26/93 Issues Meeting excerpt and Molloy's memo to Bevilacqua attaching Lynn's 10119/93 memo. Bevilacqua indicated that he cannot accept Lynn's recommendation that Avery be an Associate Pastor, and asks if any Chaplaincies are available.
1993-11-12 Beisel memo to file regarding Avery's visit concerning his future assignment.
AD 000026
1993-11-22 Lynn memo, to Molloy, recommending that Avery be assigned as Chaplain at Nazareth Hospital, and noting Avery's request to live in a rectory.
1993-12-02 Bevilacqua letter to Avery, welcoming him back to active ministry, appointing him as Chaplain of Nazareth Hospital and to residence at St. Jerome Church, and asking him to consult with Lynn regarding the details of his assignment.

Lynn letter to Rev. Joseph Graham. St. Jerome Rectory:
• Providing notification that Bevilacqua has approved Avery's residence at St. Jerome.
• Stating that Avery has been asked to offer assistance in the Parish to the extent that time and circumstances allow.

AOPWR033878, 83-85
1994-02-18 Lynn memo to Molloy, discussing review of 323 secret achieve files, and attaching list of priests "Guilty of Sexual Misconduct with Minors", which includes Avery.
AD 000023
1994-02-24 Anodos Center letter {from Weychert} to Lynn regarding Avery's treatment meeting, noting that Lynn's aftercare integration team is not in place.
AD 000022
1994-03-31 St. John Vianney letter {from Dugan} to Lynn regarding meeting about Avery.
AD 000021
1994-11-14 Anodos Center letter {from Weychert} to Lynn, noting that Avery's treatment team has not met on a regular basis, and requesting a meeting.
AD 000020
1994-11-28 Email regarding phone call from Fr. Graham to Lynn regarding Avery's activities. {Includes Lynn's notes after speaking with Graham about Avery's being "back to doing music again even on call" and the resulting scheduling and coverage problems at St. Jerome parish and Nazareth Hospital.}
AD 000018

Lynn memo, regarding call from Fr. Michael Kerper, explaining some difficulties that have come up at the Hospital with Avery, which notes:
• Hospital administration wants to keep the services of Avery, "and yet cannot have him acting as he has been."
• Avery keeps accepting many outside commitments, especially on weekends.
• Kerper wanted Lynn ''to know all this for an upcoming meeting at St. John Vianney Hospital."

AD 000019
1994-11-30 Kerper memo to Lynn, detailing amount of time priests had to cover for Avery, and extent of Avery's disc jockeying work, including dance at St. Jerome.
AD 000015-17

Lynn memo {to file} regarding annual progress update and meeting of Avery's aftercare intervention team and St. John Vianney staff, during which Lynn:
• Restated Avery must make a success of his assignment, because he will never be assigned to parish work, which upset Avery.
• Reminded Avery that he should not be doing work as a disc jockey.
Lynn also notes that "it seems as if (Avery) is just beginning to realize all the ramifications of past actions.

1995-02-22 Anodos letter {by Weychert} to Lynn regarding Avery's therapy.
1995-02-27 Lynn memo regarding call from Fr. Kerper, who was complaining about Avery once again bringing in substitutions to take his place at the hospital, noting that Avery had trouble covering 25 of 31 Saturdays.
1995-02-27 Email regarding phone call {to Lynn} from Fr. Kerper. {Lynn's handwritten notes from his call-back to Kerper are on the same sheet; issues include Avery's schedule of other activities and his work as a DJ.}
1995-03-16 Lynn memo regarding telephone call from Mary Quick, of Nazareth Hospital, who stated that Avery is doing a fine job, and is adjusting and that she finds Fr. Kerper "obsessed with" Avery.
1995-03-16 Email regarding phone call to Lynn from Mary Quick. {Lynn's handwritten notes are also on this sheet; they pertain to Avery's schedule.}
1995-03-16 Lynn memo regarding conversation during which he informed St. John Vianney psychologist {Weychert} that Fr. Kerper had called on his own, and not on behalf of hospital administrators, that they were very pleased with the work Avery was doing, and that he had made great improvements since he has been at the hospital.
AD 000014
1995-06-05 St. John Vianney letter {from Weychert} to Lynn regarding Avery's continuing therapy.
AD 000013
1995-06-09 Lynn letter acknowledging St. John Vianney 6/5/95 letter {from Weychert}.
1995-09-13 Fr. Kerper letter to Lynn complaining of Avery's outside activities, including disc jockeying, which conflicts with his duties and treatment program.
1995-09-27 Lynn letter to Kerper, suggesting that he address his concerns about Avery to his supervisor at the hospital.
AD 000012
1995-09-28 Anodos Center letter {from Weychert} to Lynn regarding Avery's treatment, describing that treatment goal of AA meeting attendance was discontinued; Avery reports he does not feel he has a problem with alcohol and does not "fit" in the AA format.
AD 000011
1995-09-29 Lynn letter to {Weychert at} Anodos Center, acknowledging receipt of 9/26/95 letter.
AD 000010
1995-12-29 Anodos Center letter {from Helldorfer, Avery's new therapist} to Lynn regarding Avery's therapy.
1996-01-02 Email communication between Fr. Michael McCulken and Fr. Thomas Betz regarding Avery.
AD 00009
1996-01-11 Lynn letter to {Helldorfer at the} Anodos Center, acknowledging recipe of 12/29/95 letter.
AD 00008
1996-09-17 Email to Lynn from [James], stating: "I'm not asking for details, what I want to know is is (Avery) rehabilitated or in a situation where he can't harm other{s}. Will the diocese vouch for the safety of its children."
{We have redacted this description and the document, using the pseudonym [James].}
1997-08-08 Memos regarding Lynn preparing letter for Bevilacqua's signature, regarding Avery's Chaplaincy certification, "given the history of this matter."
1997-08-11 Chaplaincy certification letter {to Rochon, Certification Chair at the National Association of Catholic Chaplains}, signed by Bevilacqua, stating the Avery is "a priest in good standing", and th{at} he has "given exemplary service" at Nazareth Hospital in the past four years.
1997-09-08 Documents pertaining to Avery's graduate school application, on which Lynn states: "Father Avery is a very sincere, hardworking priest. He is honest and trustworthy." {This exhibit also includes a letter from Avery to Bevilacqua.}
AD 000003
1997-09-12 Bevilacqua letter to Avery stating the he forwarded Avery's request for a new assignment to Lynn for appropriate consideration.
AD 000006-7
1997-09-30 Lynn memo in which he notes that he informed Avery not to request that Bevilacqua sign endorsements for Avery, and instructed Avery to "play things low-key".
{We have redacted this document, using the pseudonym [James].}
AD 000005
1997-10-20 Anodos Center letter {by Helldorfer} to Lynn regarding Avery's treatment.
AD 000002
1998-01-08 Avery letter to Bevilacqua requesting an assignment to be the Chaplain at Veterans Hospital
AD 000001
1998-04-02 Lynn memo regarding meeting with Avery about his request for Veterans Hospital chaplaincy. Lynn explained to Avery that since the position is sponsored by another diocese, Avery could not be recommended for the position since he had allegations against him in the past. Lynn also noted: "I am concerned for father Avery. He still seems to minimize his experience at (St. John Vianney), and the allegations against him."
1999-05-11 Msgr. Francis Beach memo regarding interview with Avery, during which Avery stated that he still does many outing as a disc jockey for parties and dances.
2002-06-19 to 20 Email and notes regarding [James's] call to Lynn.
{We have redacted this description and the document, using the pseudonym [James].}
2002-06-19 to 20 Typed version of notes of phone conversation between [James] and Lynn.
{We have redacted this description and the document, using the pseudonym [James].}
2002-06-20 Email and notes regarding phone conversation of Lynn and [John], the brother of [James].
{We have redacted this description and the document, using the pseudonyms [James] and [John].}
2002-06-20 Typed version of notes of [John] - Lynn phone conversation, during which [John] said Avery was seen three weeks ago disc jockeying at a dance.
{We have redacted this description and the document, using the pseudonyms [James] and [John]; the names of friends have been redacted in the document.}
2002-09-04 Handwritten notes of Lynn and Fr. Vincent Welsh meeting with Avery.
{We have redacted this document, using the pseudonyms [James] and [John].}
2002-09-04 Typed version of Lynn and Welsh meeting with Avery, during which Lynn "indicated to Father Avery that he was told no more DJ parties." When Avery responded that he only does adult, senior citizen, parties with no kids, Lynn "indicated that it had to stop." Avery stated that no kids have accompanied him to DJ parties "in recent years".
{We have redacted this document, using the pseudonyms [James] and [John].}
2002-09-06 Letter to Lynn, from mother of [James], in which she states: "I hope you have been farsighted enough to make sure hasn't (sic) molested any other children. I am sure we weren't alone, as a pediatric nurse I must wonder who else was molested? I trust that you will take what I
have disclosed seriously as (sic). If he is anywhere near children, you have a problem."
{We have redacted this document, using the pseudonyms [James] and [John], and removing the names of the mother and father of the boys, and the name of a therapist.}
2002-09-06 Avery letter to Lynn, regarding [James's] allegations.
{We have redacted this description and the document, using the pseudonym [James].}
2002-09-12 Handwritten notes regarding [James].
{We have redacted this description and the document, using the pseudonym [James].}
2003-06-02 Lynn writes letter, as Bevilacqua's delegate. of initiation of a Preliminary Investigation into [James's] accusations.
{We have redacted this description, using the pseudonym [James].}
2003-09-27 Document indicating that Archdiocesan Review Board finds Avery in violation of the Essential Norms regarding sexual abuse of a minor, and recommends that Avery be removed from active ministry immediately.
2003-12-05 Decree, signed by Cardinal Justin Rigali, finding and declaring that the allegation against Avery is credible.

Decree, signed by Cardinal Rigali, which imposes restrictions that Avery:
• Is excluded from sacred ministry,
• Is not to reside in an ecclesiastical residence without permission of the Archbishop.
• Is not to celebrate or concelebrate public mass or administer the sacraments.
• Is not to wear clerical garb or to present himself publicly as a priest.

2005-06-20 Cardinal Rigali letter to Vatican, requesting that Avery be dismissed from the clerical state.
2005-08-13 Avery letter to Vatican, requesting laicization.

2006-01-30 Vatican documents related to 1/20/06 laicization of Avery.
C-100A   Avery - Lynn Timeline.



















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