has redesigned our website to accompany enhancements in the resources we currently offer and an expansion in the subjects we track.  We have redesigned Abuse Tracker, the news blog that we’ve been maintaining since 2006, and put in place a better system for preserving media coverage of the crisis.  Our homepage now makes it easier to access important resources on the site, and also (we hope) communicates more effectively the range of our work and the significance of the crisis.

In 2023, we will be launching a Database of Accused Clergy in Mexico, complementing our databases of accused clergy in the United States, Argentina, Chile, and Ireland. The Mexico database will be the first comprehensive overview of the abuse situation in Mexico. It will provide links to hundreds of sources and will shed light on cross-border travel of offending clergy between Mexico and the United States.

We will also be publishing an in-depth analysis of the implementation of Pope Francis’s accountability reform, Vos Estis Lux Mundi (You Are the Light of the World), providing for the first time a detailed account of the known cases and the inadequacies of the system. See a preview of this groundbreaking work.

We will be expanding and enhancing our Database of Accused Clergy in the United States in several ways, making it possible to sort the database on new criteria, and helping our readers understand the key cases in each diocese. The U.S. database has grown to over 7,500 accused clergy, as SOL windows and lists posted by dioceses and religious orders surface hundreds of newly accused clergy.

Our recent partnership with scholars to study our document archives on clergy abuse will be expanded in 2023. We’ll offer extensive document collections and timelines to explore sources and methods for teaching the crisis.

Also in 2023, we will improve our coverage of clergy abuse in Native and Black communities and make it easier for readers to access content on those neglected areas of the clergy abuse problem. The abuse of adults by clergy is another area where we already provide extensive information, and will be improving access to the documentation.

For many years, we have been tracking the dioceses and religious orders as they publish their own lists of accused, and we have preserved more than 1,400 copies of those lists. We will be helping our readers understand that collection of lists in more detail, with a view to encouraging deeper transparency.

As we make these improvements, we hope you’ll offer suggestions about changes you’d like to see.  Whether you’re an occasional or frequent user of the site, we’d appreciate emailing or talking with you about your experience and how we can improve it.  Please let us know if you can help.

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We are grateful to clergy abuse survivors, whose courage and determination has brought the Catholic abuse crisis to light.  You have achieved all the document releases and investigations that we preserve on this website.  Thank you!

BISHOPS IN OUR MASTHEAD: 1) Cardinal Bernard F Law, former Archbishop of Boston, Archpriest Emeritus of Saint Mary Major Basilica, died 2017; 2) Bishop Emeritus Robert W Finn of the Diocese of Kansas City-St Joseph; 3) Bishop Emeritus Juan Barros Madrid of the Diocese of Osorno, Chile; 4) Theodore E McCarrick, former Cardinal Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Washington, laicized 2019; 5) Cardinal Hans H Groër OSB, Archbishop Emeritus of Vienna, Austria, died 2003; 6) Józef Wesołowski, former archbishop and nuncio, laicized 2014, died 2015; 7) Archbishop Emeritus John C Nienstedt of the Archdiocese of St Paul and Minneapolis; 8) Cardinal Gerhard L Müller, former Bishop of Regensburg, Germany, Prefect Emeritus of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith; 9) Rev Marcial Maciel Degollado LC, ordered to live a life of prayer and penance 2006, died 2008; 10) Cardinal Timothy M Dolan, Archbishop of New York.

ABOUT THE PHOTOGRAPHSAbuse Tracker: Sheri Biasin, survivor of abuse by Fr. Daniel L. Gill of the Springfield MA diocese, at her home in Cheshire; photo by Stephanie Zollshan of the Berkshire Eagle.  Priest Files: Subject, document, and photographer unknown.  Database of Accused: Linkup conference in Louisville KY on February 23, 2003, with Survivors First database, ancestor of our Database of Accused, posted on the wall, photographer unknown.  What’s New: The late Richard Sipe and his tapestry of Torcello’s Last Judgment, in a still from the film Sipe: Sex, Lies, and the Priesthood (2021), directed by Joe Cultrera, cinematography by Hugh Walsh.  Accused Bishops: Cardinal Theodore McCarrick at the Vatican on March 11, 2013, Johannes Eisele / Agence France-Presse.  Church Lists of Accused: Bishop Jaime Soto of Sacramento, who released a detailed list of accused on Apil 30, 2019, speaking unsuccessfully in favor of auditing the USCCB’s Vos Estis performance, in a still from the live stream of the June 13, 2019 General Assembly session.  Survivor Accounts: Barbara Blaine speaking to the press in Chicago in June 2015, Newscom / Polaris / Robert Kusel).  Pope Francis in Argentina: Cardinal Bergoglio outside San Cayetano church in Buenos Aires in 2009, Natacha Pisarenko / Associated Press.  Timeline: Phil Saviano in St Peter’s Square during the sexual abuse summit in late February 2019; he holds a photograph of himself at age 12, when he was being assaulted by Fr David Holley; photographer unknown.  Whistleblowers: Siobhan O’Connor with the Buffalo diocesan files, broadcast on October 28, 2018, still from CBS 60 Minutes.  Lawsuits: Survivors who participated in the $660 million settlement with the Los Angeles archdiocese; attorney Ray Boucher is speaking at a gathering on July 16, 2007 to mark an agreement that would ultimately release 27,379 pages of files; Al Seib / Los Angeles Times.  Native Abuse: Survivors Elsie Boudreau of Anchorage and James Niksik of St Michael AK on the occasion of the $50 million settlement with the Oregon Province of the Society of Jesus; Boudreau holds her First Communion photograph; Reuters.

Dioceses in Depth

Franklin of Davenport IA

Grahmann of Dallas TX

Coleman of Fall River MA

Mahony of Los Angeles CA

McCormack of Manchester NH

Egan of New York NY

Cote of Norwich CT

Murphy of Rockville Centre NY

McDonnell of Springfield MA

Major Accounts

The Tragedy of Gilbert Gauthe, by Jason Berry, Times of Acadiana 5/23/1985

Priests Who Molest, by Carl M. Cannon, Mercury News 12/30/1987

Adamson: Don’t Tell Anybody, by Bob Ehlert, Star Tribune 12/11/1988

St. Anthony’s Seminary, by Victor Inzunza/Morgan Green, News-Press 12/5/1993

Lafayette IN: Faith Betrayed, by Linda Graham Caleca et al., Indianapolis Star 2/16/1997

Grammond in the Small Towns, by Michael Wilson, The Oregonian 1015/2000

Cardinal Sin and Geoghan, by Kristen Lombardi, Boston Phoenix 3/23/2001

Church Enabled Geoghan, by Michael Rezendes et al., Boston Globe 1/6/2002

Jesuit’s Cloak of Silence, by Glenn F. Bunting, Los Angeles Times 3/24/2002

Shanley’s Record Ignored, by Walter V. Robinson et al., Boston Globe 4/9/2002

Database of Enabling Bishops, by Reese Dunklin et al., Dallas Morning News 6/12/2002

America’s Worst Bishops, by Laura Sheahan et al., 6/2002

Shanley’s Unholy Communion, by Maureen Orth, Vanity Fair 8/2002

Nuns: Devotion and Deceit, by Louis Rom, Times of Acadiana 8/7/2002

LA Claims Hidden from Police, by Glenn F. Bunting et al., Los Angeles Times 8/18/2002

Louisville: Victims and Priests, by Andrew Wolfson et al., Courier-Journal 9/29/2002

Shame, Sin and Secrets, by Michael D. Sallah et al., Toledo Blade 12/1/2002

More Clergy Abuse & Secrecy, by Thomas Farragher et al., Boston Globe 12/4/2002

Trail of Pain: Data on the Crisis, by Laurie Goodstein, New York Times 1/12/2003

NH Attorney General’s Report, Kathryn Marchocki et al., Union Leader 3/4/2003

Manchester NH: Early Warning, by Alan Cooperman, Washington Post 4/22/2003

Davenport IA: Abuse Timeline, by Shirley Ragsdale, Des Moines Register 5/25/2004

Runaway Priests, by Brooks Egerton et al., Dallas Morning News 6/20/2004

MacRae: A Priest’s Story, by Dorothy Rabinowitz, Wall Street Journal 4/27/2005

Orange CA: Settlement Files, by Rachanee Srisavasdi et al., OC Register 5/18/2005

Teczar: Blinded by Faith? by Darren Barbee, DFW Star-Telegram 6/5/2005

Vast Scope of LA Abuse, by Jean Guccione et al., Los Angeles Times 10/13/2005

Missionary’s Dark Legacy, by William Lobdell, Los Angeles Times 11/19/2005

Delaware: Hidden Abuse, by Steven Church et al., News Journal 11/20/2005

Ramos in LA and Orange, by Gustavo Arellano, OC Weekly 12/14/2005

Dubuque: Sins & Silence, by Mary Nevans-Pederson et al., Telegraph Herald 3/5/2006

Philadelphia Grand Jury, by Michael Newall, National Catholic Reporter 4/28/2006

Many More Portland Claims, by Ashbel S. Green et al., The Oregonian 11/12/2006

Fear of Bishop Soens, by Mason Kerns & Margaret Poe, The Daily Iowan 5/8/2007

McGuire Files: Jesuits Knew, by Barbara Bradley Hagerty, National Public Radio 10/29/2007

Abuse Files in Rhode Island, by Mike Stanton et al., Providence Journal 10/29/2007

Abuse in Religious Orders, by Barbara Bradley Hagerty, National Public Radio 12/31/2007

Cardinal Law – After the Fall, by John L. Allen, Jr., National Catholic Reporter 1/25/2008

Franklyn Becker File Released, by Marie Rohde & Mary Zahn, Journal Sentinel 1/31/2008

New and Noteworthy

Vatican Laicization Files

Saviano Letter to Scicluna

Rev. Gary Hayes RIP

Argentina Database

Ireland Database

A. W. Richard Sipe RIP

PA Grand Jury Report

PA Grand Jury Report

Santa Fe Documents

On Harvey Weinstein

Paraclete Documents

Santa Fe Releases List

Müller Out, Ladaria In

Crosier Chapter 11

Royal Commission Report on Australian Data

NCR on Cardinal Dolan

Gallup Spotlight Panel

Beck Case

Serbin Letter to DA & Assistant DAs on Altoona-Johnstown (written 9/25/02; released 3/9/16)

Altoona-Johnstown Grand Jury Report

Jason Berry about Spotlight

The Pope & Zero Tolerance

About the Pope in Philly

Pope Francis & Database of Argentine Abuse

The Scandal of the Synod

Hunthausen & the Tribunal

Milwaukee Settlement

Truth and Reconciliation

Our Statement on Pell

Statement: Finn Removed

Our Statement on the Vatican’s Defense of the Barros Appointment

Portland ME: Vallely Letter

Trish McLelland 1946-2015

The Philippines: Key Cases

Our 2014 Accomplishments

Searchable Chicago Files

Kansas City-St. Joseph Nonmonetary Award

Diocese of Joliet IL: The Rudofski Archive

UN Report on Holy See

Nienstedt andMcDonough Depositions

Pope Francis & Database of Argentine Abuse

Statement on the Interview (3/6/14)

Our Submission to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child (1/17/14)

Diocesan & Religious Order Lists of Accused

Lynn Decision


NJ v. Fugee Documents

Archbishop Myers:Deposition and Documents

Gallup Bankruptcy

Haiti: Perlitz Complaint (8/9/13)

Trial Narrative and Resources: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. William J. Lynn, Edward V. Avery, and James J. Brennan (June 2012)

Wilmington Files (2/15/12)

Responding to Child Sexual Abuse: Official Report on Ireland’s National Police Service (February 1, 2012)

Philadelphia Grand Juries on Cardinal Bevilacqua (February 1, 2012)

Mary Raftery RIP (January 10, 2012)

10 Years and Counting: Globe Article on Geoghan (January 6, 2002)

Haitian Complaints (January 4, 2012)

John Doe AP v St Louis – Petition for Writ of Certiorari (January 3, 2012)

Deetman Report (December 16, 2011)

6 Irish Dioceses (November 30, 2011)

Canadian Supreme Court Decision on Polygamy (November 23, 2011)

Ireland: In Plain Sight (September 26, 2011)

The Archbishop Kelly Files

International Criminal Court Filing on 3 Vatican Officials (September 13, 2011)

New Ratigan Suit (August 11, 2011)

Bevilacqua Testimony in Searchable PDFs

New Boston Names (July 27, 2011)

Accused Bishops

Murphy Report: Reader-Friendly Version of Chapter 20: Fr Patrick J. McCabe (August 11, 2010)

Fairbanks Bankruptcy (January 25, 2010)

Commonwealth v. Shanley Decision (January 15, 2010)

Irish Priests in the United States
Irish Priests Who Have Worked in the United States and Are Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Bridgeport Files Released
Priest Abuse Victims Want Churchmen Investigated, by Daniel Tepfer, Connecticut Post, December 4, 2009

Monitor: Pavlak/Saviano
The Monitor | Saving a Life | September 18, 2009

Major Article: Abuse by Nuns (posted September 18, 2009)
Complaints of Sex Abuse by Nuns Begin to Emerge: The Pain Is Strong for Accusers Just Coming to Terms with What They Say Happened to Them, by Pamela Miller, Star Tribune, June 24, 2006

Goedert Deposition (posted July 21, 2009)
Deposition of Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus Raymond E. Goedert of Chicago, taken November 13, 2007

Preliminary List: Abuse in US Residential Institutions (posted June 18, 2009)

Isely of SNAP on Dolan (posted 3/5/09)
Archbishop Dolan’s Abysmal Track Record on Clergy Sex Abuse and Cover up, by Peter Isely, SNAP (February 18, 2009) [includes Fact Sheet with links]

Suit v. Vatican Advances
Vatican Can Be Sued for Acts of Parish Priest, Appellate Panel Says, by Denny Walsh, Sacramento Bee (March 4, 2009)

Weakland Deposition (posted November 20, 2008)
Deposition of Archbishop Emeritus Rembert G. Weakland OSB (June 5-6, 2008)

Sexual Abuse by Clergy of Other Faiths (posted 10/29/08)

SOL Reform: Resources (posted 10/29/08)

Accused Jesuits: Eugene J. O’Brien SJ & Roy A. Drake SJ (posted 10/22/08)
Jesuit School Sheltered Molesters, Groups Say, by Paul Vitello, New York Times (October 21, 2008)

Davenport: Priests’ Careers (posted July 23, 2008)
List of Accused Davenport Clergy and Allegations

Data about the Crisis: The Human Toll (posted July 13, 2008)

19 Accused U.S. Bishops (posted April 13, 2008)

Boston Globe: About (posted January 29, 2008)
Vast archive on abuse aids victims, scholars: Database lists 3,000 accused priests, by Michael Paulson, Boston Globe (January 29, 2008)

Costello: Valise Archive (posted January 29, 2008)
Church Grapples with Sexual Abuse: Cardinal Law says Mass for abuse victims, by Shawn Michael Smith, West Roxbury Transcript (November 29, 1995)

The Year in Review: Important Events of 2007 (posted January 8, 2008)

Philly DA : Theft Presentment about Charles Newman OFM (posted December 23, 2007)
County Investigating Jury XXI: Findings and Order [Regarding Theft by Rev. Charles Newman OFM] (November 30, 2007)

Doyle: Chaplain Ray Peebles (posted December 17, 2007)
Memorandum: Does v. Diocese of Dallas et al., by Thomas P. Doyle, O.P. (May 16,1996)

Providence: Abuse Files (posted December 3, 2007)
The Abuse Files: Lawsuits Unearth Secret Church Papers, Shedding New Light on Allegations of Priest Sex Abuse Going Back Decades, by Mike Stanton and Tom Mooney, Providence Journal (December 2, 2007)

Documents: Buntel Case (posted December 2, 2007)
Documents, most of them selected from Rev. Richard A. Buntel’s Boston personnel file, that were filed with a plaintiff’s analysis of the Boston archdiocese’s pattern and practice in sexual abuse cases. See also the Buntel section of that analysis.

Alaska: Missionary Abuse (posted November 24, 2007)
Missionary’s Dark Legacy, by William Lobdell, Los Angeles Times (November 19, 2005)

Providence: Diocese Doubles Count of Accused Priests (posted October 19, 2007)
Thomas J. Tobin’s Petition for Writ of Certiorari, Christopher Young v. Louis E. Gelineau et al., (January 9, 2007)

Gustavo Arellano: Articles and Documents about Orange (posted October 12, 2007)

Documents: Aguilar Case (posted October 7, 2007)
Documents from the Joaquín Aguilar Méndez Suit against Cardinal Mahony, Cardinal Rivera, and Rev. Nicolás Aguilar Rivera (released September 11, 2007)

Bishop Brown: Deposition (posted September 13, 2007)
Bishop Let Priest Accused of Rape Work: Brown Says He Based His Decision on Predecessor’s Judgment to Keep Pastor in Diocese, by Rachanee Srisavasdi, Orange County Register (September 13, 2007) [with PDF of Brown deposition]

Msgr. Othmar Schroeder: Assignments & Background (posted September 1, 2007)

Lawsuit: Jesuits & McGuire (posted August 23, 2007)
Complaint at Law, John Doe 116 v. The Chicago Province of the Society of Jesus a/k/a The Jesuits and Father Donald J. McGuire S.J. (August 21, 2007)

Judge Lichtman: Child Protection & Release of Files (posted July 18, 2007)
Court Order re: Publication of the Personnel Files of the Franciscan Friars Accused of Childhood Sexual Abuse; and Publication of the Personnel File of Franklyn W. Becker, by Judge Peter D. Lichtman, in the Clergy Cases I and III, Superior Court of California in the County of Los Angeles (June 18, 2007).

On Lichtman: Resources (posted July 18, 2007)
Commentary by John Manly, articles on the Franciscan case, report commissioned by the Franciscans.

Archive: Rev. Dino Cinel Case (posted July 4, 2007)
Unholy Alliances, by Leslie Bennetts, Vanity Fair (December 1991)

Table of Links: Civil Trials (posted June 26, 2007)
A list of civil suits that have come to trial, with descriptions of the verdicts and links to sources.

Cleveland Diocese: Financial Documents in Smith Case (posted June 21, 2007)
Legal Filings and Documents: Financial Accountability Problems in the Cleveland Diocese

Profile: Jeff Anderson (posted June 19, 2007)
Collaring the Clergy: Jeffrey Anderson Goes Global with His Pursuit of Pedophiles, by Terry Carter, ABA Journal (June 18, 2007)

Archive: Innocent Quality (posted May 12, 2007)
Childlike Quality Won Victims Many Friends, by Glenn Bunting, LA Times (March 24, 2002)

House of Affirmation (posted May 10, 2007)
Resources for understanding the treatment center founded by Rev. Thomas A. Kane in Massachusetts and franchised to California, Missouri, Connecticut, and Florida.

Archive: Worcester Diocese (posted May 3, 2007)
Thou Shalt Not, by Ellen O’Connor, Worcester Magazine (September 24, 1997)

Archive: Jesuits’ Silence (posted May 1, 2007)
Cloak of Silence Covered Abuse at Jesuit Retreat: Religious Order Admits Two Retarded Men Were Victimized; Talks Are Underway to Settle $10-Million Suit, by Glenn F. Bunting, Los Angeles Times (March 24, 2002)

Rockville Centre: Accused Priests in 67% of Parishes (posted April 14, 2007)
Parishes, Schools, and Facilities in the Rockville Centre Diocese Where Priests and Brothers Accused of Sex Crimes Have Worked

Los Angeles: Parish Count (posted April 14, 2007)
Study Reveals Vast Scope of Priest Abuse: Clerics accused of molestation worked in three-fourths of the 288 parishes in the L.A. Archdiocese, a Times analysis finds, by Jean Guccione and Doug Smith, Los Angeles Times (October 13, 2005)

Testimony: Maryland SOL (posted March 7, 2007)
Testimony about Robert Cullen SJ and Maryland Senate Bill 575, by Helen Daly (March 1, 2007)

Timothy D. Lytton: Tort Law (posted 2/17/07)
Legal Legacy, by Timothy D. Lytton, Boston Globe (February 4, 2007); and Clergy Sexual Abuse Litigation: The Policymaking Role of Tort Law, by Timothy D. Lytton, Connecticut Law Review (February 2007).

Shanley: Five Years Ago (posted 1/31/07)
Famed ‘Street Priest’ Preyed upon Boys, by Sacha Pfeiffer, Boston Globe, January 31, 2002

TV: Hand of God (1/16/07)
Rev. Joseph E. Birmingham and Hand of God: Documents and Background (posted 1/16/07)

Cultrera: On McCormack (posted 1/16/07)
A Statement to “Bishop” John B McCormack – Presented at a Meeting with Survivors Of Joe Birmingham, January 28, 2003

Birmingham: Documents (posted 1/16/07)
Ford v. Law – Pattern and Practice Brief: Birmingham (July 21, 2003)

Boston Globe: Geoghan Five Years Ago Today
Church Allowed Abuse by Priest for Years: Aware of Geoghan Record, Archdiocese Still Shuttled Him from Parish to Parish, by Michael Rezendes, Boston Globe (January 6, 2002)

Kristin Lombardi: Geoghan
Cardinal Sin, by Kristen Lombardi, Boston Phoenix, March 23, 2001

Secret Archive: Ft. Worth TX (posted 12/6/06)
Documents from the Secret Archive of the Fort Worth Diocese (released 11/28/06)

Magaldi File: 2nd Complaint, Then Bishop Removed Him (posted 12/6/06)
After Second Complaint, Bishop Removed Priest, in Star-Telegram (November 29, 2006)

Document: John Doe 26’s Complaint Regarding Mercieca (posted 10/25/06)
Complaint in John Doe 26 v. Miami Archdiocese and Archbishop Favalora (10/25/06)

Parishes: Anthony Mercieca (posted 10/19/06)
Assignment Record of Rev. Anthony Mercieca of Miami.

News: St. John’s Abbey (posted 9/26/06)
Sisters Say Brother Who Killed Himself Was Abused at St. Johns, Associated Press (9/26/06)

Documents: Bishop Soens Deposition & Victim Affidavits (posted 9/26/06)
Plaintiff’s Statement of Disputed Facts, Gould v. Soens et al. (9/5/06)

Archive: Dubuque Series (posted 9/26/06)
Sins & Silence, by Mary Nevans-Pederson et al., Telegraph Herald (3/5/06)

News: Survivor Wins IA Case (posted 9/19/06)
Jury Awards $1.5 Million in Priest Sex Case, by Brian Krans, Quad-Cities Online (9/18/06)

News: OH Prosecutor Wants David J. Kelley in Registry (posted 9/17/06)
Deters Wants Priest on Sex Crimes List: Technicality Kept Clergyman from Molestation Charges, by Sharon Coolidge, Cincinnati Enquirer (9/16/06)

News: “Witness to the Sorrow” (posted 9/17/06)
Rigali Hears the Horror Stories: Victims Recount Sexual Abuse Inflicted by Archdiocesan Priests, by David Gambacorta, Philadelphia Daily News (9/16/06)

Analysis: Marci Hamilton (posted 9/17/06)
What the Clergy Abuse Crisis Has Taught Us, by Marci A. Hamilton, America Magazine (9/25/06)

News: Letter Made Public in Msgr. Kavanagh Abuse Case (posted 9/14/06)
In Sex Abuse Case, Priest’s Old Letter Could Be Pivotal, by Michael Luo, New York Times (9/14/06) [with copy of letter by Msgr. Charles M. Kavanagh]

Comment: Advice for Rigali (posted 9/14/06)
A Better Idea: Sell Mansion, Use Money to Heal Wounds, by Ronnie Polaneczky, Philadelphia Daily News (9/14/06)

News: Vicar General Accused (posted 9/14/06)
Former Altar Boy Testifies Priest Forced Oral Sex, by Brian Krans, Quad-Cities Online (9/13/06)

News: Jesuits & Police Hid Allegations v. College President (posted 9/9/06)
Jesuits Hid Sexual Abuse by Ex-Gonzaga President, by Janet I. Tu and David Bowermaster, Seattle Times (9/9/06)

News: Suit to Lock Priest File (posted 9/9/06)
Priest Accused of Abuse Asks Court to Keep His File Secret: He Cites the Potential Violation of His Rights. Archdiocese’s Personnel Records Are Sought by a Lawyer for Four Who Say They Are Victims, by John Spano, Los Angeles Times (9/9/06)

News: IA Bishop Soens Sued (posted 9/8/06)
Lawsuit Claims School Knew of Ex-Bishop’s Alleged Abuse: Regina Officials in Iowa City Deny the Accusation in the Lawrence Soens Case, by Shirley Ragsdale, Des Moines Register (9/8/06)

News: Convicted Abuser McKeown in Nashville Suit (posted 9/8/06)
$10 Million Child Sex Abuse Suit Names Catholic Diocese in U.S., Associated Press (9/7/06)

Marci Hamilton: Last Frontier (posted 9/7/06)
Two Arrests Signal a Giant Step Forward for the Civil Rights Movement for Children, by Marci Hamilton, FindLaw (9/7/06)

News: 3 More McFadden Suits in Sioux City IA Diocese (posted 9/6/06)
3 More Accuse Ex-Priest of Abuse: George McFadden Has Been Accused of Molesting Dozens of People When They Were Children in the Sioux City Area, by Lee Rood and Shirley Ragsdale, Des Moines Register (9/5/06)

News: Big Widera Settlement (posted 9/2/06)
$17 Million Settles 10 Abuse Cases: Archdiocese Will Sell Cousins Center; Insurance to Pay Half, by Tom Heinen, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (9/1/06)

Archive: Coldrey Report (posted 8/31/06)
Religious Life Without Integrity: The Sexual Abuse Crisis in the Catholic Church, by Barry M. Coldrey (2000)

News: NY Accused Must Resign or Live Supervised (posted 8/31/06)
A Choice for New York Priests in Abuse Cases, by Andy Newman, New York Times (8/31/06) [Trinity Retreat House in Larchmont NY]

News: Widera Case Barred (posted 8/30/06)
Dismissal of Abuse lawsuits Upheld: Accusers in Wisconsin Cannot Sue Archdiocese; Those in California Can, by Ryan Foley, Associated Press (8/30/06) [about Siegfried Widera]

News: Intimidation Alleged in Important Green Bay Case (posted 8/29/06)
Lawsuit against Diocese Won’t Be Delayed: Judge Refuses to Wait for Witness in Abuse Case to Go Hunting, by Andy Nelesen, Green Bay Press-Gazette (8/29/06)

News: VT Files Lost & Found (posted 8/28/06)
Church Admits Finding Documents in Priest Abuse Case Thought to Be Missing, by Sam Hemingway, Burlington Free Press (8/28/06)

News: Santa Rosa CA Bishop May Face Criminal Charges (posted 8/28/06)
Sheriff’s Office: Strong Case against Walsh: Criminal Charges May Be Filed against SR Bishop for Failing to Report Suspected Sex Abuse, by Martin Espinoza, Lori A. Carter and Mary Callahan, Press Democrat (8/25/06)

Complaint: The O’Connells v. USCCB and the US Bishops (posted 8/12/06)
Thomas O’Connell, Sr., Janet O’Connell, Thomas O’Connell, Jr., Kathleen O’Connell, and Michael O’Connell vs. USCCB and US Bishops (8/8/06)

Editorial: Abuse in Philly (posted 8/9/06)
Sexual Abuse by Priests, editorial in the Philadelphia Inquirer (8/8/06)

Letter: Former Prosecutors Write to Cardinal Rigali (posted 8/9/06)
Letter by Maureen McCartney and Mariana Sorensen to Cardinal Justin Rigali (7/26/06)

Video: Philly Survivors (posted 8/9/06)
Philadelphia SNAP Video

News: Monroe of Indianapolis (posted 7/30/06)
10 Years As a Cleric, 11 Claims of Abuse: 11 Men Say in Lawsuits That Harry Monroe Molested Them As Boys While Indianapolis’ Archdiocese Moved Him around the State. Not So, Says the Church, by Robert King, Indianapolis Star (7/30/06)

News: Priests Hiding in Rome (posted 7/30/06)
In the Shadow of the Vatican: Accused Clerics Serving in Rome, Heart of the Catholic Church, by Reese Dunklin, Dallas Morning News (9/12/04)

News: Louisville’s Bishop Kelly (posted 7/30/06)
Reflections of an Archbishop: Kelly Takes Stock of Tenure, Courier-Journal (7/30/06)

Comment: Restitution to Retribution in Milwaukee (posted 7/30/06)
A Changed Church Can Ask When It Has Paid Enough, by Patrick McIlheran, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (7/30/06)

Articles: Fay of Bridgeport CT (posted 7/30/06)
Rev. Michael Jude Fay Archive, The Advocate (7/30/06)

News: Bishop Walsh of Santa Rosa on His Reporting Delay (posted 7/29/06)
Walsh Defends Delay in Ochoa Case: Santa Rosa Bishop Says Keeping Priest from Kids Was His First Priority and That Filing a Report Didn’t Cross His Mind, by Martin Espinoza, Press Democrat (7/28/06)

News: DA Investigates Walsh (posted 7/29/06)
D.A. Defends Recent Decision to Probe Diocese, by Martin Espinoza, Press Democrat (7/29/06)

News: Statute of Limitations Extension Passes MA Senate (posted 7/28/06)
Senate Votes to Extend Statute of Limitations: Bill Adds 12 Years to Child Sex Abuse Reporting Period, by David Abel, Boston Globe (7/28/06)

News: Scranton Laicization (posted 7/28/06)
Priest’s Removal Atypical: It Was the Vatican’s Decision to Remove Admitted Molester Albert M. Liberatore Jr., by Dave Janoski, Times Leader (7/28/06)

News: Judge Orders Names Revealed in Covington Case (posted 7/27/06)
Judge: Divulge Victims’ IDs: Diocese Sex Case Stipulated Anonymity, Chesley Argues, by Jim Hannah, Cincinnati Enquirer (7/27/06)

News: VT Judge Not Recused (posted 7/27/06)
Judge May Hear More Church Cases, by Kevin O’Connor, Times Argus (7/26/06)

Scranton: Accused Priests (posted 7/27/06)
Crimes and Accusations, Times Leader (7/9/06)

News: Springfield’s Dupre Still in Treatment at St. Luke’s (posted 7/24/06)
Bishop Dupre Still in Treatment, by Bill Zajac, The Republican (7/22/06)

News: Miami Said to Know (posted 7/24/06)
Aide: Church Knew of Priest’s Woes: Court Documents Paint a Disturbing Picture of a Priest Who Is Accused of Molesting Young Boys, by Wanda J. DeMarzo, Miami Herald (7/22/06)

News: Portland Bankruptcy Can’t Liquidate Diocesan Trust (posted 7/21/06)
Judge Rules Trust Fund Off-Limits to Settle Any Abuse Claims, Associated Press (7/21/06)

News: SNAP Meets (posted 7/21/06)
Victims of Clergy Sex Abuse to Gather for Conference, by Jeff Diamant, Star-Ledger (7/21/06)

News: Burlington VT Diocese Accused of Hiding Files (posted 7/20/06)
Lawyer Accuses Church of Hiding Documents, Associated Press (7/20/06)

Comment: Philly RICO (posted 7/20/06)
Looking for Justice in Church Abuse Case: But It May Never Be Found, editorial in the Philadelphia Daily News (7/20/06)

News: CT Supremes Clear Bissonnette Case for Trial (posted 7/18/06)
High Court Eases Abuse Case, by Lynne Tuohy, Hartford Courant (7/18/06)

Comment: Church and State (posted 7/18/06)
Downsizing and the Catholic Church, by Richard W. Garnett, USA Today (7/16/06)

News: Grahmann to Retire (posted 7/14/06)
Dallas Bishop to Offer Resignation: Growth: He Hopes for Hispanic Successor to Lead Booming Population, by Jeffrey Weiss and Brooks Egerton, Dallas Morning News (7/14/06)

News: Priest’s Email on Retired Scranton PA Bishop Timlin (posted 7/14/06)
Abuse Witnesses Muzzled? Priest’s E-Mail: Diocese Attorney Told 3 Church Workers to Be ‘Less Than Honest’, by Dave Janoski, Times Leader (7/13/06)

Berry: Serrano & Hanley (posted 7/14/06)
The Priest and the Boy: Father Jim brought a little bit of hell to the kids of St. Joe’s. Then one of them grew up and got mad, by Jason Berry, Rolling Stone (6/20/02)

Analysis: Bishops & the Media (posted 7/12/06)
Crisis Leads to More Media Savvy: Specialists See Improvement in Bishops’ Dealings with Press since Height of Abuse Scandal, by Tom Carney, National Catholic Reporter (7/14/06)

News: Skylstad Can Raise Only $35M of $45M He Offered (posted 7/12/06)
Skylstad: Diocese Can Raise $35 Million for Settlements, by Nicholas K. Geranios, KGW (7/12/06)

News: Secret House Set Up for Immoral Irish Clergy in 1945 (posted 7/11/06)
Secret House for ‘Immoral’ Clergy Set up in the 1940s, by John Cooney, Irish Independent (7/10/06)

Series: Scranton PA Diocese (posted 7/10/06)
The Sins of Our Fathers, by Dave Janoski et al., Times Leader (7/9/06)

News: Santa Rosa Files Show Bad Ochoa Behavior in 2001 (posted 7/10/06)
Letters Indicate Troubling Ochoa Behavior: Past Correspondence between SR Diocese, Alleged Victim’s Family Suggests Harassment, by Martin Espinoza, Press Democrat (7/9/06)

Transcript: Hanley Survivors (posted 7/10/06)
Transcript: “It’s Terrible What You’ve Done to All of Us”—A Discussion with James Hanley, by Pat Kelly, Lou Serrano, Pat Serrano, Mark Serrano, Donna Skettini, Ray Skettini, and others, WCBS-TV (1/30/06)

News: Spokane Diocese Tries to Clean Up ‘A Hell of a Mess’ (posted 7/8/06)
Spokane Diocese Tries to Clean Up “A Hell of a Mess,” by Janet I. Tu, Seattle Times (7/8/06)

Comment: Airtight Cases (posted 7/8/06)
Protecting Virginia’s Children, by Betty Wade Coyle, Daily Press (7/8/06)

News: CA Suits May Bankrupt Milwaukee, Says Archbishop (posted 7/7/06)
Dolan Braces Archdiocese for Priest Sex Abuse Costs: Bankruptcy a Possibility As California Cases Move toward Trial, by Tom Heinen, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (6/7/06)

Analysis: Anti-Catholic Bias? (posted 7/7/06)
Abuse Crackdown Gives Some Religious Institutions a Pass, by Wayne Laugesen, National Catholic Register (7/6/06)

News: Hearing on VT Judge (posted 7/6/06)
Diocese, Plaintiffs Square off over Judge, by Louis Porter, Times Argus (7/6/06)

Files: Burlington VT (posted 7/6/06)
Diocese Settles Priest Abuse Case for $965,000, by Sam Hemingway, Burlington Free Press (4/20/06) [with links to documents]

News: Real Estate in Hartford Archdiocesan Settlement (posted 7/6/06)
‘Heaven’ Is on the Block: Abuse Victims to Benefit from Sale of Retired Priest’s Cottage, by Dave Altimari, Hartford Courant (7/6/06)

News: Catholic Statistics in UK (posted 7/5/06)
Catholicism ‘Faces Biggest Crisis since Reformation’, by Ruth Gledhill, The Times [UK] (7/4/06)

News: Paquette in Burlington VT (with Links to Documents) (posted 7/4/06)
Letters Detail Charges of Abuse by Priest, by Bill Zajac, The [Springfield MA] Republican (7/3/06)

News: Philly Priest Removed (posted 7/4/06)
Pastor Asked to Step down over Alleged Abuse, by Michael Crist, Daily Local (7/4/06)

News: Upcoming Recusal Decision in Burlington VT (posted 7/3/06)
Church Case Back in Court This Week, by Kevin O’Connor, Times Argus (7/3/06)

News: Maine Removal at Issue (posted 7/3/06)
Family Says Treatment Was Unjust, by Colin Hickey, Morning Sentinel (7/3/06)

News: Sex, Priests & Secret Codes by Doyle, Sipe & Wall (posted 7/2/06)
Book Says Abuse by Priests Nothing New, by David Yonke, Toledo Blade (7/1/06)

News: What Ochoa Left (posted 7/2/06)
What Ochoa Left behind Tells a Story: Parishioner Stuck Paying for Storage Unit after Helping Accused Priest Move Out, by Martin Espinoza, Press Democrat (7/1/06)

News: Ohio Sex-Offender Registry Takes Shape (posted 7/1/06)
Sex-Offender Registry Takes Shape: Ohio Online Program a First for Any State, by Jim Provance, Toledo Blade (7/1/06)

News: Tucson Fundraising (posted 7/1/06)
Local Diocese Exceeds Goal for Donations: Parishioners Pledge $3.6 Million to Fund 23 Catholic Ministries, by Stephanie Innes, Arizona Daily Star (7/1/06)

Files: Disputed Allegations (posted 6/30/06)
Papers Show Priests’ Struggle Over Accusations, by Jay Lindsay, Associated Press (1/12/03) [with links to the dozens of documents cited in the article]

Analysis: Parish Ownership (posted 6/29/06)
Despite Bankruptcy Ruling, Debate Rages over Who Owns Catholic Parish, by Emily Stimpson
Catholic Online (6/28/06)

Comment: Statute of Limitations in Massachusetts (posted 6/29/06)
Because Time Won’t Heal All: State Must End Statute of Limitations on Child Sex Abuse, by Jetta Bernier and Jeffrey Dion, Boston Herald (6/29/06)

Comment: Walsh and Ferrario, Ochoa and Ziemann (posted 6/28/06)
‘Sodomy’ Book Author Exposes Santa Rosa Bishop, Priest, by Matt C. Abbott, Renew America (6/27/06)

Comment: Santa Rosa Takes a Giant Step Backward (posted 6/27/06)
Diocese Takes a Giant Step Backward, by Chris Coursey, Press Democrat (6/27/06)

Profile: Amy Berg and Deliver Us from Evil (posted 6/26/06)
Festival Notes: Los Angeles Film Festival | Profile: Amy Berg | Deliver Us from Evil, by Leonard Klady, Movie City News (6/26/06)

News: Complaints of Sex Abuse by Nuns Emerge (posted 6/26/06)
Complaints of Sex Abuse by Nuns Begin to Emerge: The Pain Is Strong for Accusers Just Coming to Terms with What They Say Happened to Them, by Pamela Miller, Minneapolis Star Tribune (6/24/06)

News: Missouri Court Decision Gives New Hope (posted 6/24/06)
Accuser Urges Action against Abuse by Priests: Court Decision Gives New Hope, He Says, by Jason Rosenbaum, Columbia [MO] Daily Tribune [Missouri] (6/23/06)

Los Angeles: Files in Brief (posted 6/23/06)
Special edition of the Los Angeles archdiocese’s 10/12/05 Addendum, including selective summaries of the personnel files of accused LA priests.

News: Abuse Charges Against Santa Rosa Priest (posted 6/23/06)
Abuse Charges against Sonoma Priest: 10 Felony, 1 Misdemeanor Sex Counts Filed; Former Judge Urges Prosecution of Bishop for Failing to Quickly Notify Authorities, by Guy Kovner, The Press-Democrat (6/23/06)

Opinion: Sex Crime Law: What Are We Waiting For?
Sex Crime Law: What Are We Waiting For? by Margery Eagan, Boston Herald (6/20/06)

Shanley: Unholy Communion (posted 6/20/06)
Unholy Communion, by Maureen Orth, Vanity Fair (8/02) [with links to documents]

List: Accused Boston Priests (posted 6/19/06)

News: Missouri Ruling Spurs Repressed -Memory Debate (posted 6/19/06)
Ruling Spurs Repressed-Memory Debate, by Clay Barbour and Robert Patrick, St. Louis Post-Dispatch (6/18/06)

News: Court Rules Skylstad Can’t Sell Spokane Churches (posted 6/18/06)
Bishop Can’t Sell Church Buildings: Spokane Diocese Wins Court Battle As It Tries to Settle Sex-Abuse Cases, by John K. Wiley, Associated Press, carried in Seattle Post-Intelligencer (6/17/06)

Diagram: Boston Priests (posted 6/17/06)
Timelines Showing Assignments, Allegations, and Assignments after Allegations were Known, Boston Globe (12/4/02)

News: 13 Sue Philadelphia Archdiocese on Abuse (posted 6/17/06)
13 Sue Archdiocese over Abuse, by John Shiffman and Craig R. McCoy, Philadelphia Inquirer (6/16/06)

Document: Philly Complaint (posted 6/17/06)
Class Action Complaint: Thomas Magnum et al. v. Archdiocese of Philadelphia et al. (6/14/06)

News: Allen on Court OKing Legal Action vs. Holy See (posted 6/17/06)
U.S. Court OKs Legal Action against the Holy See, by John L. Allen Jr., National Catholic Reporter (6/16/06)

News: Insurers Want to Depose Abuse Victims (posted 6/16/06)
Insurers Want to Depose Abuse Victims, by Bill Zajac, The Republican (6/15/06)

Assignments: Robert K. Larson (posted 6/15/06)

Letter: Banks on Shanley (posted 6/15/06)

News: Repressed Memory (posted 6/15/06)
Repressed Memory Abuse Suits Supported, by Robert Patrick, St. Louis Post-Dispatch (6/14/06)

Dallas: Four Years Ago (posted 6/15/06)