Br. Stephen P. Baker

Order: TOR
Status: Settled

Diocese: Archdiocese of St. Paul & Minneapolis, MN

Teacher/trainer/coach in MN, MI, VA, PA. Molested boys and girls when giving massages for injuries. Removed in 2000 after MI allegation; under supervision. First known abuse in MN 1977; reported 2003, settled 2005. Settlement 2012 of Order and JFK HS with 11 men re 1980s abuse announced 1/16/13. Baker died by suicide 1/26/13. Diocese knew of allegations in 2009. Allegations in 2011 re Bishop McCort HS in Johnstown PA. Multiple lawsuits. $8M settlement with 88 survivors announced 10/21/14. PA AG announced charges vs 3 TOR Franciscans responsible for Baker’s assignments: Giles A. Schinelli, Robert J. D’Aversa, Anthony M. Criscitelli. Rev. Bradley Baldwin, TOR suspended pending investigation of his supervisory role. Diocese and TORs settled 28 claims in 9/16 for $900k. Charges v Schinelli dismissed on SOL 10/17. D’Aversa and Criscielli pled no contest 5/18; fined and 5 years probation. Probation for D’Aversa and Criscitelli ended early, in 9/21. New suit 8/18. Baker’s name on Youngstown diocese’s list 10/29/18.

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