Fr. William Claude Casey

Ordained: 1969
Status: Convicted

Diocese: Diocese of Knoxville TN

Incardinated into the Knoxville diocese in 9/88. Retired. Removed in 4/10 by Knoxville bishop when a criminal complaint was filed in NC by a man who said Casey abused him as a child for 5 years, beginning in 1975 while at St. Dominic’s in Kingsport; accuser said abuse also occurred during trip to NC. Casey acknowledged the abuse. Arrested in 4/10 on NC charges. Pleaded guilty in 7/10. Sentenced to three years in prison, suspended to 24 months probation. Charged also in VA and TN. Found guilty in 7/11 in TN. Sentenced 11/11 to 35-40 years. Appeal denied in 6/12. Appealed conviction to TN Supreme Court as of 3/27/14; denied as of 6/23/14. Laicization announced 2/7/13. Appealed in 2015 to have judge recuse DA General’s office from case; failed 10/30/15. Petitioned to have conviction set aside; denied in 5/17. On Nashville diocese’s list 11/2/18. On Knoxville list 3/6/20.

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