Fr. Daniel J. McCormack

Ordained: 1994
Status: Convicted

Diocese: Archdiocese of Chicago IL

Accused of abusing a boy as seminarian in Mexico. Accused in 10/99 of abuse of altar boy. Archdiocese ignored a  9/5/03 warning that there were boys in the rectory. Arrested 8/30/05. Assigned as dean 9/1/05. Arrested 1/20/06; removed. Pleaded guilty 7/2/07 to abuse of 5 boys at St. Agatha’s in Chicago, some after first arrest; 5-year sentence. At least 23 accusers. Multiple settlements, over $12M. Laicized in 11/07. Settlements 11/11, 1/14, 3/14, over $4M. More accusers in 2010-14 suits. $2.7M to 2 brothers in 1/17. Paroled in 2009; ruled danger to public, sent to state mental health facility. Arrested 5/21/14 for 2005 abuse of a 10-year-old. Pleaded not guilty. Charges dropped in 2/16. Suit filed 3/25/16 for abuse of a boy 2003-04; settled 4/20/17. Suit 10/16 claimed abuse of a boy 2002-05, beginning age 10. $2.3M settlement in 1/17. Settled with 3 for $3.15M 3/17/17. Suit 6/15/17. In 9/17 ruled sexually violent. Suit filed in 10/17. Fraudulent claim found in 2015, withdrawn in 2017; claimant fined $60K. McCormack was committed to a sex offender facility in 7/18. Settlement in 9/18 for $2.9M. Another in 12/20 for $1.5M. In 5/21 a court overturned judge’s ruling which lead to commitment to detention facility; released in 10/7/21. Reportedly living in the Near North neighborhood. Settlement of $1.2M in 5/22 to man claiming abuse at age 12 at St. Agatha’s in 2005.

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