A Documentary History of the Crisis
Timeline of Events, Documents, Reporting, and Commentary

This is the latest installment of our timeline, which provides a national list of key events in the crisis, with news stories on each event and a running commentary drawn from the full range of opinion. For the first time anywhere, a geographically diverse selection of writings by survivors will be available, and traditional and progressive viewpoints will be represented on the same site. Please help us to make this a truly national and diverse selection by emailing us to suggest documents and events we should include.

This Timeline was last updated on September 12, 2007. In the coming months, we will continue to fill gaps and add important articles, commentary, and documents.


Secret Archives Today my cup is full....and you know of what, letter by Rev. Joseph P. Gausch of Philadelphia to a fellow priest (written 5/25/48; released 9/21/05) [See also the Philadelphia grand jury report for an analysis of the Gausch case.]


Survivor Account The molestation at the hands of my uncle, priest and namesake began on Thanksgiving Day 1953. I was 5 years old. (abuse 1953–62; affidavit 11/25/03)
Secret Archives Future Bishop Swears on a Bible to Keep Rev. James Janssen's Abuse Case Secret, by Chancellor Maurice J. Dingman (10/3/58)
Secret Archives Servants of the Paracletes' Founder Warns That Many Offenders Re-Offend and the Pressure of the Priest Shortage Should Be Resisted, by Rev. Gerald Fitzgerald, s.P. (9/26/57) [See also Alan Cooperman's 2003 description of the Rev. John T. Sullivan case, with links to other documents.]


Vatican Document Instruction on the Careful Selection and Training of Candidates for the States of Perfection and Sacred Orders, issued by the Sacred Congregation for Religious (2/2/61)
Survivor Account Affidavit about Earliest Known Abuse by Shanley and Lost Complaint Letter to the Boston Archdiocese (abuse in 1961; affidavit 7/16/03)
Vatican Document Instruction on the Manner of Proceeding in Cases of Sollicitation, by Cardinal Ottaviani, approved by Pope John XXIII (3/16/62) [Latin text Crimen Sollicitationis]
Survivor Account Growing up in Fort Madison was exciting and adventurous for me, by John Doe III (abuse in 1964; affidavit 5/11/04) [Revs. James M. Janssen, Theodore Anthony Geerts, and Francis E. Bass]
Survivor Account Affidavit about Janssen's Use of Confession during Abuse (abuse in 1964; affidavit 2/23/04)
Secret Archive Earliest Abuse Allegation about Shanley in the Released Boston Archdiocesan Files, by Rev. Arthur Chabot (1967)
Survivor Account My Story, by Donald Bondick, testimony before the Ohio State Legislature (abuse in Summer 1969; testimony 11/22/05) [about Rev. Ted Feeley, O.F.M.Conv.; see also Emotional Stigmata, by Melissa Wangall, Rock River Times (7/20/05)


The Role of the Church in the Causation, Treatment and Prevention of the Crisis in the Priesthood, by Conrad Baars (11/71)
Survivor Account I wanted to be a saint, interview with Susan Gallagher (abuse mid-1970s; interview 11/05) [Rev. Frank Nugent, S.D.B.]
Brochure for St. Luke Institute at Marsalin, the first treatment center run by Rev. Michael R. Peterson (1979)

Los Angeles Priest Files

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Secret Archives It was suggested that we keep silent to protect the boys, by Margaret Gallant to Cardinal Humberto Medeiros (8/10/82) [Rev. John Geoghan]
Secret Archives We must love the sinner and pray for him, reply by Cardinal Humberto Medeiros to Margaret Gallant (8/20/82)
Secret Archives Louisville Archbishop Knew about Creagh, by Archbishop Thomas C. Kelly, O.P. (written 3/9/83 and 6/14/83; revealed )
Feature The Tragedy of Gilbert Gauthe, by Jason Berry, Times of Acadiana (5/23/85 and 5/30/85)
Report The Problem of Sexual Molestation by Roman Catholic Clergy: Meeting the Problem in a Comprehensive and Responsible Manner, by F. Ray Mouton, Rev. Thomas P. Doyle, O.P., and Rev. Michael R. Peterson (6/9/85)
The Other Trial, by Jason Berry, Times of Acadiana (10/10/85) [Rev. Gilbert Gauthe of Lafayette LA diocese]
Report Guidelines, by Michael R. Peterson et al. (12/9/85)
Priest Gets Probation for Child Sex Abuse, by Linnet Myers, Chicago Tribune (1/16/86) [Rev. Robert Friese]
Anatomy of a Cover-Up, by Jason Berry, Times of Acadiana (1/30/86)
Roman Catholic Church Discusses Abuse of Children by Priests, by Jonathan Friendly, New York Times (5/4/86)
Document On the Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons, a CDF letter to the bishops, by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger and Archbishop Alberto Bovone (10/1/86)
Breach of Faith, by Laura Saari, Orange County Register (1/4/87) [Rev. Christian Anderson of the Orange CA diocese]
Survivor Account We were befriended by a priest by the name of Richard L. LaVigne (abuse 1987; report to police 10/9/91)
Feature Priests Who Molest, by Carl M. Cannon, San Jose Mercury News (12/30/87) [Revs. John Salazar, Mel Baltazar, William Authenrieth, and others]
The Church's Sexual Watergate? by Geraldo Rivera (11/14/88)
Feature “Don’t Tell Anybody ... You’ll Get in Trouble, and So Will I” by Bob Ehlert, Star Tribune (12/11/88) [Rev. Thomas Adamson of Winona and St. Paul-Minneapolis]


Secret Archives Boston Okays Shanley for San Bernardino, by Bishop Robert J. Banks (1/16/90)
Inquiry in Chicago Breaks Silence on Sex Abuse by Catholic Priests, by Peter Steinfels, Commonweal (2/24/92)
Priestly Silence on Pedophilia, by Andrew M. Greeley, NY Times (3/13/92)
News Event Nine Allege Priest Abused Them, Threaten to Sue Church, by Alison Bass, Boston Globe (5/8/92)
Priests and Pedophilia: A Silence That Needs Breaking? by Canice Connors, America (5/9/92)
Priests & Sex, editorial in Commonweal (11/20/92)
Settlement 68 Victims Settle Porter Case with Catholic Church, by Stephen Kurkjian, Boston Globe (12/4/92)
Survivor Account Living on a "fault" line (12/16/92) [survivor's account of meeting with Rev. John B. McCormack about alleged abuse by Rev. Richard T. Coughlin]
How Serious Is the Problem of Sexual Abuse by Clergy? by Andrew M. Greeley, in America (3/20/93)
Regarding A. Greeley's Data on Sexual Abuse by Priests, by Rev. Philip J. Murnion (4/17/93)
A Greeley Response and Fr. Murnion Replies, by Andrew M. Greeley and Pev. Philip J. Murnion, America (5/15/93)
Unholy Acts, by Paul Wilkes, New Yorker (6/7/93) [Rev. Ronald D. Provost of the Worcester diocese]
Letter to the U.S. Bishops, by Pope John Paul II (6/11/93)
Fathers and Sins: An Uneasy Coalition of Activists and Clerics Is Forcing the Catholic Hierarchy to Confront the Problem of Sexually Abusive Priests, by Jason Berry, Los Angeles Times (June 13, 1993)
Allegations of Sexual Abuse Against Priests in the Archdiocese of Boston, a letter by Roderick MacLeish to Wilson Rogers (9/27/93)
Abuse Scandal KOs Hub Priests: Cardinal Suspends Clerics over New Sex Charges, by Joseph Mallia, Boston Herald (12/8/93)
Secret Archives She died, notes by Rev. John B. McCormack on a meeting with Cardinal Bernard Law and Rev. James D. Foley (written 12/23/93; released 12/5/02) [The release of this and other documents precipitated Cardinal Bernard Law's resignation in 12/02. See also Cleric Had 2 Children, Kept Status, by Michael Rezendes and Stephen Kurkjian, Boston Globe (12/6/02).]
Report Independent Board of Inquiry Regarding St. Anthony Seminary, by Geoffrey B. Stearns et al. (10/29/93)
Sins of the Fathers, by Jonathan Freedland, The Guardian (12/21/93)
Report Restoring Trust, National Conference of Catholic Bishops (11/94)
Sex Abuse Suit Claims Coverup by Bishops: The Class-Action Lawsuit Alleges a Conspiracy by the Camden Diocese, U.S. Bishops and Others, by Maureen Graham and Larry Lewis, Philadelphia Inquirer (11/1/94)
Priest's Removal Tied to Sex Charge: News Rocks Parish on Southwest Side 21 Months Later, by Steve Metsch (11/22/94) [Rev. John W. Curran of Chicago]
Another Ex-Altar Boy Reports P.G. Priest Abused Him: D.C. Man Reports Priest Abused Him in '70s, '80s, by Debbi Wilgoren, Washington Post (2/11/95)
Man Sues 7 Priests, Alleges Sex Abuse: Effects of Incidents Linger, Former Seminarian Says, St. Louis Post-Dispatch (4/7/95)
Secret Report Delegate's Annual Report 7-1-94 / 6-30-95 (6/30/95; revealed on in the AG's report) [internal abuse report of the Boston archdiocese]
Pastoral Proposals for the Problem of Clerical Sexual Abuse, by Paul Mankowski, S.J., originally published in Catholic World Report (10/95)
Report Restoring Trust, National Conference of Catholic Bishops (11/95)
The Uses of Clerical Scandal, by Philip Jenkins, First Things (2/96)
Memo Dallas Litigation: Does v. Diocese of Dallas et al., memo by Rev. Thomas Doyle to attorney Sylvia Demarest (5/16/96) {1} {2}[Revs. Robert R. Peebles, William Hughes, and Rudolf Kos]
Report Preliminary Expert Report, by A.W. Richard Sipe
Feature Faith Betrayed, by Linda Graham Caleca et al., Indianapolis Star (2/16/97) [series on Lafayette IN diocese]
Head of Worldwide Catholic Order Accused of History of Abuse, by Gerald Renner and Jason Berry, Hartford [CT] Courant (2/23/97) [about Rev. Marcial Maciel Degollado]
Final Judgment, by Judge Anne Ashby (4/25/97) [Kos case]
Thou Shalt Not, by Ellen O'Connor, Worcester Magazine (September 24, 1997) [about Revs. David Holley, Thomas Teczar, Brendan O'Donoghue, Robert Kelley, Peter Inzerillo, and the Worcester MA diocese]
Resignation Bishop Symons Resigns: Diocese Leader Admits "Inappropriate Sex" with Children Early in Career, by Dan Moffett, Palm Beach Post (6/3/98)
Ground Zero for Molestation in the Catholic Church, by Dan Moffett, Palm Beach Post (6/28/98) [about the Servants of the Paraclete in Jemez Springs NM]
Dissertation Through the "Lens" of the Organizational Culture Perspective: A Descriptive Study of American Catholic Bishops’ Understanding of Clergy Sexual Molestation and Abuse of Children and Adolescents, by Barbara Susan Balboni (9/98)
$450,000 Hush Money Agreement between Archbishop Rembert Weakland and Paul Marcoux (10/8/98; made public 5/24/02)
Archdiocese Probing Sex Charges against Priest, by Steve Kloehn (3/31/99) [Rev. Walter G. DeRoeck of Chicago]
Death of a Survivor "Hope", by Janet Patterson (about the suicide of her son Eric on 10/29/99; published Spring 2003)


Report Religious Life Without Integrity: The Sexual Abuse Crisis in the Catholic Church, by Barry M. Coldrey (2000)
Ex-Coach Admits Abuse: Cheverus Legend Charles Malia Says He Molested Boys, by Peter Pochna, Portland Press Herald (3/4/00)
Feature Ex-Area Priest Accused of Sexual Abuse, by Stan Finger, Wichita Eagle (8/20/00) [about Rev. Robert K. Larson of Wichita KS]


Feature A Family's Trial of Faith: Losing Eric, by Stan Finger, Wichita Eagle (2/4/01) [survivor Eric Patterson and Rev. Robert K. Larson]
Cardinal Sin, by Kristin Lombardi, Boston Phoenix (3/23/01) [Rev. John Geoghan]
Safeguarding the Sanctity of the Sacraments, an Apostolic Letter by Pope John Paul II with related Norms Regarding the More Serious Offenses Reserved to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (4/30/01) [See also the original Latin Sacramentorum Sanctitatis Tutela and another earlier translation of the Norms for comparison.]
Letter Regarding the More Serious Offenses Reserved to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, by Cardinals Ratzinger and Bertone (5/18/01) [See also the original Latin.]
'Home Alone' in the Priesthood, by Eugene T. Gomulka, America Magazine (8/27/01)
Shield the Flock, Not the Wolf, by John Manly, in the Los Angeles Times (9/30/01)


Church Allowed Abuse by Priest for Years, by Michael Rezendes, Boston Globe (1/7/02) [Rev. John Geoghan, with links to documents]
Geoghan Preferred Preying on Poorer Children: To Therapist, Priest Cited Sexual Revolution, by Sacha Pfeiffer, Boston Globe (1/7/02)
Priests' Victims Victimized Twice, by James Carroll, Boston Globe (1/8/02)
A Shepherd and His Flock, editorial in the Boston Globe (1/9/02)
Apology for Geoghan abuse, with Q&A, by Cardinal Bernard Law, transcript in Boston Globe (1/9/02)
Boston's Archbishop Answers a Pedophilia Scandal with a Corporate Dodge, by Charles Molineaux, Wall Street Journal, January 18, 2002
Letter to Archdiocese, by Cardinal Bernard Law, reprinted in Boston Globe (1/26/02)
Scores of Priests Involved in Sex Abuse Cases: Settlements Kept Scope of Issue Out of Public Eye, by Walter V. Robinson, Boston Globe (1/31/02)
Famed 'Street Priest' Preyed upon Boys, by Sacha Pfeiffer, Boston Globe (1/31/02) [Rev. Paul R. Shanley]
An Invocation—To Paul Shanley, My Abuser, by Arthur Austin (1/31/02)


Answering Scandal with Personal Holiness, by Rev. Roger J. Landry, reprinted by Catholic Educator's Resource Center (2/3/02)
How Many? How Long? by David Mehegan, Boston Globe (2/3/02)
A Challenge to Lay Catholics, by Mary Jo Bane, in Boston Globe (2/3/02)
Sins of the Fathers, by Rod Dreher, National Review (2/11/02)
Pedophile Priests, interview by Lucky Severson of Joe Dulong, Richard Sipe, Jim and Barbara Sacco, and Rev. Dominic Grassi, Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly (2/22/02)
Sentence Geoghan Receives 9-10 Year Sentence for Molesting Child: Defrocked Priest a Threat, Judge Says, by Kathleen Burge, Boston Globe (2/22/02)
A Justified Sentence? by Eileen McNamara, Boston Globe (2/24/02)
Wages of Relativism, Benedict J. Groeschel, in National Review (2/28/02)
Unholy Mess , by Rod Dreher, National Review (2/28/02) [a response to Groeschel's "Wages of Relativism"]


The Public Square: Feathers of Scandal, by Rev. Richard John Neuhaus, First Things (3/02) [disputing the charges against Legionaries founder Rev. Marcial Maciel Degollado]
Vatican Weighs Reaction to Accusations of Molesting by Clergy, interview with Dr. Joaquin Navarro-Valls by Melinda Hennenberger, New York Times (3/3/02)
The Myth of the Pedophile Priest, by Philip Jenkins, in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (3/3/02)
Priest Fears Gays in Ranks Pose Threat to Church , by Joe Fitzgerald, Boston Herald (3/6/02)
The Church's Gay Scapegoating, Andrew Sullivan, (3/6/02)
Battle Lines Are Drawn, by Rod Dreher, National Review (3/6/02)
Gay Priests Etc., Andrew Sullivan, (3/7/02)
Statement on Concern and Compassion for Victims of Sexual Abuse, Florida Bishops, released by the Florida Catholic Conference (3/7/02)
Ex-Seminarian's Charges Lead to Removal of Priest, by Dawn Fallik, St. Louis Post-Dispatch (3/8/02)
Resignation Bishop Quits, Admits Abuse: Palm Beach Leader Details '70s Sex Case, by Amy Driscoll, Miami Herald (3/9/02)
Forgive Me Father, But It Is You Who Sinned, by Mary Jo Malone, St. Petersburg Times (3/12/02)
The Writhings of Bishop O'Connell: The Pope Must Rue Those Who Corrupt the Young, by William F. Buckley, Jr., National Review (3/12/02)
Rod Dreher's Gay Problem, Andrew Sullivan, (3/13/02)
Andrew Sullivan's Gay Problem and Mine, by Rod Dreher, National Review (3/13/02)
Sparing Rod, by Andrew Sullivan, (3/14/02)
Former Altar Boy Describes Years of Abuse, Then Years of Silence, by Richard Lezin Jones, New York Times (3/17/02) [Mark Serrano and Rev. James Hanley]
Leaders of Catholic Church Must Listen to All the Faithful, by Chuck Colbert, Boston Herald (3/17/02)
Papal Letter To Priests for Holy Thursday 2002, by Pope John Paul II, reprinted by Zenit (3/21/02)
The Pope's First Statement, by Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal (3/22/02)
Cloak of Silence Covered Abuse at Jesuit Retreat, by Glenn F. Bunting, Los Angeles Times (3/24/02)
Due Process for Priests, by Walter R. Hampton, Jr., Hartford Courant (3/24/02)
Mitred in the Mob? by Rod Dreher, National Review (3/28/02)
Good Friday Speech by Arthur Austin, outside the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, Boston (3/29/02)
Dark Hour, by Mark Shea, Catholic Exchange (3/29/02)
Secret Archive Victim's mother on Rev. Pecharich in the Orange diocese (3/30/02)


Profile A Crusader for Justice, by Michelle Guido and Rodney Foo, San Jose Mercury News (April 1, 2002) [about Holly Ilse]
Scandal Time, by Richard John Neuhaus, First Things (4/02)
Can the Church Survive? by William F. Buckley, National Review (4/1/02)
Confessions of a Fallen Priest, by David France, Newsweek (4/1/02)
Priest Treatment Unfolds in Costly, Secretive World: Psychiatrists, Church Trade Misdeed Charges, by Ellen Barry, Boston Globe (4/3/02)
Secrets, Celibacy and the Church, by Jason Berry, NY Times (4/3/02)
Document Release Shanley's Record Long Ignored, by Walter V. Robinson and Thomas Farragher, Boston Globe (4/9/02) [with links to the documents]
Heavy Blow to Cardinal's Credibility, Michael Paulson, Boston Globe (4/9/02) [Law and Shanley]
Statement at Boston Press Conference about Shanley Documents, by Arthur Austin, reprinted in the Boston Globe (4/08/02)
Reactions and Emotions: Alleged Victims Detail Torment, by Thomas Farragher, Boston Globe (4/9/02)
From Scandal to Reform (Part 1), by George Weigel, Catholic Difference (4/10/02)
A Forum for Reflection and Study for Priests, by Boston Priests' Forum, in Boston Globe (4/11/02)
Letter to Boston Priests, by Cardinal Bernard Law, reprinted in the Boston Globe (4/12/02)
From Scandal to Reform (Part 2): The Imperative of Orthodoxy, by George Weigel, Catholic Difference (4/17/02)
Shanley Couldn't Outrun His Past, by Tatsha Robertson, Boston Globe (April 19, 2002)
A Proposal to Bring Laity, Parish Priests, and Archdiocesan Leadership Together, by David Zizik (4/20/02)
Victims Share Pain, Anger in Mendham, by Abbott Koloff, Daily Record (4/21/02) [Rev. James T. Hanley]
The Gay Question, by Rod Dreher, National Review (4/22/02)
Vatican Meeting Pope Calls Sex Abuse Crime: Pontiff Says Cases Mishandled, Voices Solidarity with Victims, by Charles M. Sennott, Boston Globe (4/23/02)
Cardinals Offer Policy on Abuse, Stopping Short of 'Zero Tolerance': Proposals for Removing Priests to Be Presented to US Bishops, by Charles M. Sennott, Boston Globe (4/25/02)
Papal Address Speech to U.S. Cardinals, by Pope John Paul II, reprinted in the Boston Globe (4/23/02)
Statement at End of U.S. Cardinals' Visit, by Vatican officials, reprinted in the Boston Globe (4/24/02)
Letter to Priests, by U.S. Cardinals, reprinted in the Boston Globe (4/24/02)
From Scandal to Reform (Part 3): The Apostles We Need, by George Weigel, Catholic Difference (4/24/02)
Fax to Boston Pastors, by Bishop Walter Edyvean for Cardinal Bernard Law (4/25/02) [about Zizik Proposal]


From Scandal to Reform (Part 4): Above All, Holiness, by George Weigel, Catholic Difference (5/1/02)
Democracy in the Catholic Church, James Carroll, Boston Globe (5/14/02)
$25,000 'Loaded Gun': Church Settles Abuse Claim With Addict, Who Then OD'd, by Steve Wick and Eden Laikin, Newsday (5/14/02)
A Priest's 2 Faces: Protector, Predator, by Fox Butterfield and Jenny Hontz, New York Times (May 19, 2002) [Rev. Paul R. Shanley]
Scandal, by Gary Wills, New York Review of Books (5/23/02)
Archbishop Resigns Weakland Denies He Abused Man Archdiocese Paid $450,000: Archbishop Asks Vatican to Hasten Retirement, by Marie Rohde, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (5/24/02) [See also Weakland's 1980 letter to the claimant, with facsimile of the first page, and his 1998 settlement agreement with the claimant.]
Catholics Wonder: How Could a Priest Do This? , by Cathy Lynn Grossman, USA Today (May 29, 2002) [Rev. Paul R. Shanley]
Weakland's Apology, by Archbishop Rembert Weakland (5/31/02)
Weakland's Exit, by Rod Dreher, National Review Online (5/24/02)
Playing Favorites, by Eileen McNamara, Boston Globe (5/26/02)
Courts Just As Guilty in Church Coverup, by Stephanie S. Abrutyn, Hartford Courant (5/26/2002)


Scandal Time (Continued), by Richard John Neuhaus, First Things (6/02)
Misconduct Concerns: Diocesan Official's Role in Complaints Eyed, b
y Carol Eisenberg, Newsday (6/3/02)
Survivor's Lullaby, by Arthur Austin (6/4/02) [Msgr. Alan Placa and Revs. Joseph Mundy, James J. Bergin, Jerry Chasse, Matthew Fitzgerald, and Andrew Millar]
Above the Law, by Kenneth J. Sousa, The Wanderer (6/6/02)
Feature Two-Thirds of Bishops Let Accused Priests Work, by Brooks Egerton and Reese Dunklin, Dallas Morning News (6/12/02) [with database of bishops who transferred accused priests]
Transcript 4 Cardinals + Archbishop H. Flynn Meet 25 Survivors of Clergy Sex Abuse, transcribed by Helen Daly, (6/12/02)
Statement at USCCB Meeting, by Craig Martin (6/13/02)
Impact Statement at USCCB Meeting, by Paula Gonzales Rohrbacher (6/13/02)
Impact Statement at USCCB Meeting, by Michael Bland (6/13/02)
Impact Statement at USCCB Meeting, by David Clohessy (6/13/02)
The Experience of the Victim of Sexual Abuse: A Reflection, by Mary Gail Frawley-O'Dea (6/13/02)
Statement by President of the U.S. Catholic Bishops on Sexual Abuse, by Bishop Wilton D. Gregory (June 13, 2002)
The Present Crisis through the Lens of the Laity, Margaret O'Brien Steinfels (6/13/02)
The Church at Risk, by Scott Appleby (6/13/02)
Dallas Diary: In Town with the Bishops, by Rod Dreher, National Review Online (6/13/02)
Document Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (6/14/02)
Document Essential Norms for Diocesan/ Eparchial Policies Dealing with Allegations of Sexual Abuse of Minors by Priests, Deacons, and Other Church Personnel, U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (6/14/02)
News Event Bishops Adopt Compromise on Sexual Abuse Policy, by Edward Walsh, Washington Post (6/15/02)
Trying to Restore a Faith, by Frank Keating, in New York Times (6/15/02)
Reaction to the Charter by Thomas Doyle (6/16/02)
The Elephant in the Sacristy, by Mary Eberstadt, Weekly Standard (6/17/02)
Grand Jury Report Report of the Westchester County Grand Jury Concerning Complaints of Sexual Abuse and Misconduct Against Minors by Members of the Clergy (6/19/02) [about abuse in part of the New York archdiocese]
Humility and Responsibility: Bishops Can't Exempt Themselves from Tough Line Applied to Priests, by Raymond A. Schroth, S.J., in Boston Globe (6/23/02)
America's Worst Bishops: Which Bishops Have Made the Worst Decisions about Abusive Priests? by Laura Sheahan, Rebecca Phillips and Deborah Caldwell, (6/02)


The Faith Will Survive, by Joan Chittister, Sojourners Magazine (7/1/02)
The Enemy Within: A Parish Priest Cautions His Would-Be Defender, by Father Joseph Wilson, Catholic World News (7/4/02)
Legislation California Senate Bill 1779 on SOL Window with official summary (passed 7/10/02) [See also the CA bishops' later response (read in all CA parish pulpits), and two other perspectives 1 2]
'If They Knew the Madness in Me': A Search for the Real Rev. Paul Shanley Suggests He Was Part Hero, Part Horror, by Sally Jacobs, Boston Globe (7/10/02)
Through Kansas Parishes, a Trail of Suicide: Families Blame Deaths on Ex-Priest, by Thomas Farragher, Boston Globe (7/18/02) [about Rev. Robert K. Larson]
VOTF Convention Lay Catholics Issue Call to Transform Their Church, by Michael Paulson, Boston Globe (7/21/02) [see also the next two items, which are speeches from the convention]
What Took You So Long? by Phil Saviano, speech to the first VOTF convention in Boston (7/20/02)
Voice of the Faithful: The Road Ahead by James E. Post, speech to the first VOTF convention in Boston (7/20/02)
The Dangerous Lives of Gay Priests, by Mubarak Dahir, The Advocate (7/23/02)
At a Crossroads, editorial in The Pilot (7/26/02)
Cultures, Codes and Publics, by Chester Gillis, America (7/29/02)


Feature Unholy Communion, by Maureen Orth, Vanity Fair (8/02) [with links to documents from Shanley file]
Scandal Time III, by Richard John Neuhaus, First Things, (8/02)
Feature Archdiocese for Years Kept Allegations of Abuse from Police, by Glenn F. Bunting, Ralph Frammolino, and Richard Winton, Los Angeles Times (8/18/02)
The Pope Has Let Us Down, Rod Dreher, Wall Street Journal (8/25/02)
A Psalm: Concerning Those Abused by Priests, by Arthur Austin (8/27/02)
Feature Land Rich, by Jack Sullivan and Eric Convey, Boston Herald (8/27/02) [analysis of real estate holdings of Boston archdiocese; see the archdiocese's response below]
The Catholic Faithful Have to Speak Out, by Thomas Doyle, in Boston Globe (8/29/02)
Archdiocese Says Herald Property Report Unfair, by Lisa Gentes, The Pilot (8/30/02)


An Appeal to the Bishop, by Jimmy Breslin, Newsday (9/15/02)
Forgive and Forget? by Mona H. Villarrubia, America (9/16/02)
Exchange of Letters on Partial Ban of VOTF in Boston, by Rev. Paul T. Keyes and Bishop Emilio S. Allue (9/25/02)
Yes, Gay Men Should Be Ordained, by Bishop Thomas J. Gumbleton, America (9/30/02)
Ordination and Same Sex Attraction, by Rev. Andrew R. Baker, America (9/30/02)
Interview with Fr. Andrew R. Baker, by John Allen, National Catholic Reporter (9/27/02)
Alleged Victims Say Incidents Altered Lives, by Andrew Wolfson, [Louisville KY] Courier-Journal (9/29/02) [huge feature on the Louisville KY archdiocese with many photos, describing the careers of accused priests and profiling the people who have filed suit]
Seminary Visitation, by Bishop Donald W. Wuerl, America (9/30/02)


A Voice Not Rooted in Faith, by Archbishop John J. Myers (10/9/02)
You Are Not Alone, by Mark Furnish, speech delivered to the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child, Geneva, Switzerland (10/12/02)
Exchange of Letters, by Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re and Bishop Wilton Gregory, reprinted in the Boston Globe (10/14-15/02) [about Vatican reaction to the Dallas Norms]
One Survivor Tells a Tale of Triumph, by Margery Eagan, Boston Herald (10/17/02) [survivor Phil Saviano and Rev. David Holley]
Late Bishop Had Secret: Welsh Was Accused of Trying to Strangle Prostitute, by Carla K. Johnson and Kevin Taylor, Spokesman-Review (10/25/02) [includes link to police report]
Some Thoughts on the Vatican's Decision on the U.S. Norms, by Rev. Thomas Doyle (10/29/02)


The Hour of the Laity, by Mary Ann Glendon, First Things (11/02)
The Latest Revisions to the 'Charter and Norms', Thomas Doyle (11/5/02)
The Accused, in USA Today (11/11/02)
• November 11-13, 2002 - U.S. bishops meet in Washington DC
Remarks, Bishop Wilton Gregory (11/11/02)
Deposition Deposition of Bishop John B. McCormack in Gregory Ford et al. v. Bernard Cardinal Law (6/3/02 to 11/22/02) [with links to exhibits of diocesan documents]
• U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Final Norms (approved by the USCCB at their November 2002 meeting, and approved by the Vatican's Congregation for Bishops on 12/8/02)
• U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Final Charter (approved by the Vatican's Congregation for Bishops on 12/8/02)
Ordaining Gay Men, editorial in America (11/11/02)
Back to Meeting, by Rod Dreher, National Review (11/12/02)
A New Future for the Church, by Ray Schroth, (11/14/02)


Feature Shame, Sin and Secrets, by Michael D. Sallah and David Yonke, Toledo Blade (12/01/02)
Exchange of Letters about Scandal Time III by Richard John Neuhaus, First Things (12/02)
Memo Introducing Letter by California Catholic Conference on Statute of Limitations Bill 1779, to be read at Masses and printed in bulletins, by Bishop Tod D. Brown of Orange Diocese (12/2/02)
Document Release More Clergy Abuse, Secrecy Cases: Records Detail Quiet Shifting of Rogue Priests, by Thomas Farragher and Sacha Pfeiffer, Boston Globe (12/4/02)
Chart Accommodating Troubled Priests, by James Bennett, David Butler, Matt Carroll, Kathleen Hennrikus, Boston Globe (12/2/02)
He Invoked Religion for Sexual Acts, by Sacha Pfeiffer, Boston Globe (12/4/02) [Rev. Robert V. Meffan]
Records Show a Trail of Secrecy, Deception, by Walter V. Robinson and Stephen Kurkjian, Boston Globe (12/4/02) [Rev. Robert M. Burns]
The Life of a Violent South Shore Priest is Detailed, by Michael Rezendes, Boston Globe (12/4/02) [Rev. Thomas P. Forry]
Bishop's Letters of Warning Ignored, by Michael Rezendes, Boston Globe (12/4/02) [Bishop John M. D'Arcy]
Secret Archive She died, notes by Rev. John B. McCormack on a meeting with Cardinal Bernard Law and Rev. James D. Foley (written 12/23/93; released 12/5/02)
Cleric Had 2 Children, Kept Status, by Michael Rezendes and Stephen Kurkjian, Boston Globe (12/6/02) [Rev. James D. Foley]
Letter Asking Cardinal Law to Resign, by 58 Boston Priests, reprinted in Boston Globe (12/9/02)
Agreement in Re Grand Jury Proceedings, by Bishop John McCormack and Judge Carol Ann Conboy (12/10/02)
Cardinal Resigns A Church Seeks Healing: Pope Accepts Law's Resignation in Rome, by Michael Paulson, Boston Globe (12/14/02)
Statement on Cardinal Law's Resignation, by Boston Priests' Forum, reprinted in the Boston Globe (12/13/02)
Statute of Limitations to Be Lifted Jan. 1, by Arthur Jones, National Catholic Reporter (12/13/02)
'Acting More Humanely': Accepting Gays into the Priesthood, by Edward Vacek, America (12/16/02)

See our Year in Review: Important Events of 2003


Be Careful What You Wish For, by Bill Gately, delivered at a Voice of the Faithful meeting in
Middleboro MA (1/03)
Priest: Abuse Hidden: Guilty Cleric Says Monsignor Protected for His Fund-Raising Skills, by Rita Ciolli, Newsday (1/3/03) [with link to excerpts from the sworn statement of Rev. Michael Hands about Msgr. Charles Bud Ribaudo]
Devout and Defiled, by Mary Papenfuss, Salon (1/9/03) [on female victims]
Trail of Pain in Church Crisis Leads to Nearly Every Diocese, by Laurie Goodstein, NY Times (1/12/03) [with table and charts of survey results]
Report Report to the Bishop of Manchester, by the Diocesan Task Force on Sexual Misconduct Policy (1/16/03)
Church Task Force Reminds Bishop of Resignation Calls, by J.M. Hirsch, Associated Press (1/17/03)
Study of Church Scandal Overlooks a Key Issue, by Paul Likoudis, The Wanderer (1/23/03)


The Times and Sexual Abuse by Priests, by Rev. Andrew M. Greeley, America (2/10/03)
Grand Jury Report Suffolk County Supreme Court Grand Jury Report (released 2/10/03)
Response to Grand Jury Report, by the Diocese of Rockville Centre, printed in Newsday (2/10/03)
Priests in the Report, in Newsday (2/10/03) [a key to the grand jury report with photos]
Sins of the Fathers: Grand Jury Says LI Diocese Protected Abusive Priests, by Rita Ciolli, Newsday (2/10/03)
The Boston Files, by Rita Ciolli and Joseph Mallia, Newsday (2/10/03) [with links to documents]
A Protector or a Predator? by Carol Eisenberg, Newsday (2/11/03) [Msgr. Alan Placa]
Little Hope for Change: Victims Laud Grand Jury Findings, But Criticize Church Response, by Carol Eisenberg and Steve Wick, Newsday (2/12/03)
Faith and New Works: A Bishop's Responsibility, by Bishop William F. Murphy (downloaded 2/14/03)
God's Banker: One of the World's Most Notorious Holy Men Is Quietly Giving Mass in Sun City, by Robert Nelson, New Times (2/15/03)
Accused Monsignor Has Whitinsville Ties, by Richard Nangle, Worcester (MA) Telegram & Gazette (2/17/03) [Msgr. Alan Placa]
L.I. Monsignor Scorns Jury, Insisting He Is No 'Monster', by Dan Barry, NY Times (2/20/03) [Msgr. Alan Placa]
Greeley Aims at the Wrong Target, editorial in the National Catholic Reporter (2/21/03)
4 Top Mahony Aides Testify Before Grand Jury, by Richard Winton and Tracy Wilson, LA Times (2/21/03)
Experience to Remember: Grand Jury Forewoman Recalls Work on Diocese Case, by Rita Ciolli, Newsday (2/22/03)
View from the Eye of the Storm, by A.W. Richard Sipe, speech delivered at the national conference of The Linkup (2/23/03)
Scicluna's Briefing Sessions, by John Allen, National Catholic Reporter (2/28/03)
A Manual for Canonical Processes for the Resolution of Complaints of Clerical Sexual Abuse of Minors, from the Web site of the Diocese of Manchester NH, apparently notes from U.S. briefing sessions by Scicluna of the CDF (circa 2/03)


Driven from the Flock, by Janet Patterson, AMDG/Roman Catholic Faithful (Spring 2003)
Sexual and Related Disorders, by Richard John Neuhaus, First Things (3/03)
Priest Plays Down Abuse Crisis: Prominent Friar's Counseling Criticized by NJ Diocese, Victims, by Brooks Egerton, Dallas Morning News (3/2/03) [see also Groeschel's response]
Attorney General's Jury Report Report on the Investigation of the Diocese of Manchester, by Peter W. Heed, N. William Delker, and James D. Rosenberg (3/3/03) [Includes the 9,000-page investigative archive that was released with the report]
Restoring Trust: A Report to the People of New Hampshire, by Bishop John B. McCormack and the Diocese of Manchester (3/3/03) [Manchester bishop McCormack's response to the AG's report]
Documents, Reports Detail How Complaints Were Handled, by J. M. Hirsch, Associated Press (3/3/03)
N.H. Report Lambastes Diocese on Priest Abuse, by Michael Rezendes and Stephen Kurkjian, Boston Globe (3/4/03)
Report: Church Didn't Prevent Abuse; State Claims Leaders Looked the Other Way, by Kathryn Marchocki, Union Leader (3/4/03) [See also the Union Leader's articles on individual priests in the report and investigative documents: Aube, Boulanger, Chalifour, Densmore, Fortier, Landry, MacRae, and Osgood.]
Rodimer: Psychologist Gave Me Bad Advice, by Maya Kremen, Herald News (3/4/03) [see also Groeschel's response]
Horrors Revealed, editorial in the Concord Monitor (3/5/03)
Files Shed Harsh Light on Christian: Auxiliary Bishop's Role in the Church Abuse Scandal Outlined, by AnnMarie Timmins and Daniel Barrick, Concord Monitor (3/6/03)
In Some Priest Cases, Death Isn't Figurative, letter to the editor by Janet Patterson, in Concord Monitor (3/7/03) [responding to the editorial Horrors Revealed]
Document Scicluna's Briefing Sessions, by John Allen, National Catholic Reporter (3/7/03)
Pope Secretly Approves Changes to Permit Quicker Trials, Dismissal of Priests, by John L. Allen Jr., National Catholic Reporter (3/8/03)
Profile Victim Becomes the Man His Priest Should Have Been, by Art Thomason, Arizona Republic (3/12/03)
Behind the Robes: Pondering the Secrets Cardinal Mahony Might Hold about the Catholic Sex Scandal, by Jeffrey Anderson , LA Weekly (3/13/03)
Profile Bishop Bad Boy, by Ron Russell, San Francisco Weekly (3/19/03) [Bishop Patrick Ziemann of Santa Rosa CA]
Dead Priest in Abuse Suit Defended, by Bill Zajac, Union-News (3/24/03)
See No Evil, by Ron Russell, San Francisco Weekly (3/24/03) [Archbishop William J. Levada of San Francisco CA]
Profile Kathleen McChesney: Helping the Bishops Get It Right, by John Bookser Feister, St. Anthony Messenger (3/26/03)



Made in God's Image: A Homosexual Priest Speaks Out, by Anonymous, Commonweal (4/11/03)
Profile True Believer, by David Schimke, Citypages (4/16/03) [attorney Jeff Anderson]
During Holy Week at the Cathedral, a Man's Lonely Vigil , by Steve Lopez, Los Angeles Times (4/18/03)
Feature One Diocese's Early Warning on Sex Abuse: '50s Records Reflect Bishops Taking Risks, by Alan Cooperman, Washington Post (4/22/03) [with links to the documents]
Behind Bars and Behind the Bar, by Dan Moffett, Palm Beach Post (4/27/03) [Revs. Edward J. McKeown and Franklin T. Richards of Nashville TN]


Press Release, Priests Federation of Altoona-Johnstown (5/15/03)


• June 2, 2003 - Agreement Announced between Bishop O'Brien of Phoenix and County Attorney Romley (See text of the agreement, with O'Brien's and Romley's interpretations of it, and a report on the deal)
Victory Sometimes Precedes the Trial, by David Hechler, National Law Journal (6/2/03)
Fathers' Helper: How the Church Used Psychiatry to Care for—and Protect—Abusive Priests, by Barry Unsworth, New Yorker (6/9/03)
• June 10, 2003 - Louisville Settlement (See an account of the settlement and Archbishop Kelly's statement)
Steve Lopez, It's a Sad Day in L.A. When a Stripper Beats a Cardinal on Morality (6/15/03)
• June 16, 2003 - Frank Keating Resigns after Comparing Some Bishops to La Cosa Nostra (See the original interview with Mahony's reply, and Keating's letter of resignation with press reports)
• June 18, 2003 - Bishop O'Brien Resigns after Arrest on Hit-and-Run Charges (See O'Brien's resignation statement and a report on the hit-and-run)
Frank Keating, Finding Hope in My Faith (6/19/03)
Raymond G. Helmick, S.J., Task for the Next Church Council (6/03)
• June 26, 2003 - Supreme Court's Stogner Decision Strikes Down CA's Statute of Limitations Law (See reports and commentary on the decision)
Steve Lopez, Church's Victims Abused Again by High Court (6/27/03)
Vatican Naming New Leader for Archdiocese of Boston, interview of John Allen, Jr. by Carol Costello, CNN Live at Daybreak (6/30/03)


O'Malley Offers Plea, Pledge, by Michael Paulson, Boston Globe (7/2/03)
Press Conference I Feel Privileged to Be Called to Serve, by Seán P. O'Malley (7/3/03)
The Future of Sexual Abuse Litigation, by Patrick J. Schiltz (7/7/03, version of a 11/4/02 speech to a meeting of bishops)
What Went Wrong, by Paul Mankowski, S.J. (7/15/03)
Attorney General's Report The Sexual Abuse of Children in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston, by Thomas F. Reilly, July 23, 2003 (See also the executive summary.)
News Event A New Leader Reaches Out: Installed as Archbishop, O'Malley Voices Remorse and Looks to Renewal, by Michael Paulson, Boston Globe (7/31/03)
Installation Homily, by Seán P. O'Malley (7/30/03)
Speech in Eden Prairie, by Belinda Martinez (7/31/03)
The Boston Grand Jury Report on Catholic Clergy Sexual Abuse: Why Its Conclusion That Criminal Charges Are Stale Is Wrong , by Marci Hamilton, (7/31/03)


NH Catholics, Why Have You Forsaken Us? by Peter Pollard (8/1/03)
• August 1, 2003 - Bishop Thomas V. Daily's Resignation Is Accepted (See an account of the resignation)
Explaining Crimen Sollicitationis, by John L. Allen Jr., National Catholic Reporter (8/15/03)
Not All the News Is Fit to Print: What's Missing in the Sexual-Abuse Story, by Patrick J. Schiltz, Commonweal (8/15/03)
Letter on Optional Celibacy for Priests, by 163 Diocesan and Order Priests in Milwaukee Archdiocese, reprinted in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (8/16/03)
Response to Milwaukee Priests, by Bishop Wilton D. Gregory (9/3/2003)
Response to Milwaukee Priests by Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan, Milwaukee Catholic Herald (9/4/2003)


Boston Settlement (See the settlement Memorandum and Agreement, and an account of the deal)
Peggy Noonan, What I Told the Bishops: Thoughts on the Crisis in the American Catholic Church (9/15/03)
Anne Coughlin, Remarks at the Survivor Support March (9/21/03)
Sr. Sally Butler, Talk at St. Hugh Parish Voice (9/22/03)


Letter to Bishop William F. Murphy, by 52 Priests of Rockville Centre (10/1/03)
The Last Straw: Quitting the Bishops' Review Board , by Frank Keating, Crisis Magazine (10/1/03)
Scandal and the Constitution, by L. Martin Nussbaum, First Things (10/03)
Death of a Survivor The Death of an Outspoken Victim of Abuse, by Ronald Smothers, New York Times (10/14/03) [James Thomas Kelly]
Oath Cardinals' Oath on Receiving Biretta, Zenit (10/21/03)
Mindset of Syracuse Diocese Allows Abuse Infection to Fester, Marianne Barone Trent and Charles Bailey Jr., [Syracuse NY] Post-Standard (10/23/03)


• Fr. Thomas A. Frechette, Fr. Paul T. Lamb, Fr. Roger J. Landry, Pastoral Letter on VOTF (11/19/03)
Archdiocese Convicted Settlement Agreement between the Archdiocese of Cincinnati and the Hamilton County Prosecuting Attorney, by Archbishop Daniel E. Pilarczyk and Michael K. Allen (11/20/03)
Statement, by Archbishop Daniel E. Pilarczyk, Catholic Telegraph (11/20/03; published 11/28/03)
Archdiocese Guilty of Coverup, by Kimball Perry, Cincinnati Post (11/21/03)
Archdiocese Found Guilty of Criminal Charges, by Kimball Perry, Cincinnati Post (11/21/03)
November 21, 2003
David O'Brien, Letter to Fr. Roger J. Landry (11/21/03)
• November 26, 2003 - Judge Orders Davenport Diocese to Turn Over Records from Last 50 Years (See accounts of the decision {1}{2}{3}{4} )


• Bishop Raymond Burke, The Catholic Response to Scandal (12/6/03)
69 NY Priests, Letter to Cardinal Egan (12/12/03) [quoted excerpts]
23 Chicago-Area Priests, Open Letter to the Hierarchy Regarding the Pastoral Care of Gay and Lesbian Persons (12/19/03)
Cardinal Francis George, Response to the Open Letter (12/19/03)
• December 31, 2003 - Hundreds File Civil Suits in CA before Window Closes (See reports {1}{2} on the rush to file, the text of the bill, the CA bishops' response (read in all CA parish pulpits), and two other perspectives {1}{2})


Reports Local John Jay Reports - Many dioceses issued their own reports, based on the same surveys submitted by the bishops to the John Jay College. The John Jay report on the "nature and scope" of the crisis (see below) aggregated the diocesan data, but the local reports provided diocese-specific information. We have collected many of these hard-to-find reports, which were released at various times from late 2003 through February 2004.
• Maria Cramer, Sale May Open Last Chapter for 1920s Mansion (1/1/04) [about Our Lady's Hall, a residence for accused priests in the Boston MA archdiocese]
• Noaki Schwartz, Priest Speaks Out against Accusers (1/1/04) [Rev. Rev. Alvaro Guichard of the Miami archdiocese]
• Alan Cooperman, A Vow to Victims of 'Father Tony': Margaret Schettler Pressured Church Officials to Reach out to Those Abused (1/3/04) [about Rev. Edward Anthony Rodrigue of the San Bernardino CA and San Diego CA dioceses]
• James Wilson, Book Review of Amchurch Comes Out, by Paul Likoudis (1/3/04)
Andrew Greeley, Young Fogeys: Young Reactionaries, Aging Radicals -- The U.S. Catholic Church's Unusual Clerical Divide (1/04)
Joseph E. Gallagher Jr., Plaintiffs Victimized by Terms of Church's Abuse Settlement (1/4/04)
January 6, 2004 - USCCB Announces Results of Charter Compliance Audit (See the report Section I and Section II; Section II contains executive summaries for each U.S. diocese. See also early commentary by Marci Hamilton, Tom Doyle, and Hudson.)
Place of Honor for a Pedophile, by Dan Moffett, Palm Beach Post (1/11/04)


Letter to Bishop Wilton D. Gregory about Postponing Authorization for the 2004 Audits, by Cardinal Edward Egan of New York (2/2/04; posted by NCR 5/11/04) [see also Judge Anne Burke's 3/29/04 letter to Gregory]
Sexual Abuse in Social Context: Catholic Clergy and Other Professionals, a special report by the
Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights (2/04)
It Is Time for a Second Reformation by Marci A. Hamilton with Peter C. Kuzma, (2/4/04)
The Second Wave of Abuse: The Fate of Our Accused Priests, by Catharine A. Henningsen, SALT (2/5/04)
Feature Survey: More Clergy Abuse Cases Than Previously Thought, by Cathy Lynn Grossman, USA Today/AP (2/12/04)
News Event Dupre Accused of Abuse, by Bill Zajac, Springfield Republican (2/11/04) [on the resignation of Bishop Thomas L. Dupre of Springfield MA; see also a later chronology of Dupre's career and the accusations against him]
Letter to Bishop Wilton D. Gregory about the Independence of the National Review Board and the OCYP, by Archbishop Henry J. Mansell of Hartford (2/12/04; posted by NCR 5/11/04)
Letter to Bishop Wilton D. Gregory about Postponing Authorization for the 2004 Audits and about OCYP Recommendations, by Cardinal Justin Rigali of Philadelphia, Archbishop John J. Myers of Newark, and Archbishop Basil M. Schott of Pittsburgh, Byzantine Ruthenians, with the other ordinaries of Pennsylvania and New Jersey dioceses (2/12/04; posted by NCR 5/11/04)
Letter to Bishop Wilton D. Gregory about Postponing Authorization for the 2004 Audits and about OCYP Recommendations, by Archbishop Elden F. Curtiss of Omaha NE, Bishop Lawrence J. McNamara of Grand Island NE, and Bishop Fabian W. Bruskewitz of Lincoln NE (2/12/04; posted by NCR 5/11/04)
Draft Survey: 4,450 Priests Accused of Sex Abuse, on CNN (2/16/04)
Report Report to the People of God | Clergy Sexual Abuse | Archdiocese of Los Angeles 1930-2003 (2/17/04) [see also the three errata notices 1 2 3 and the major Addendum to the report (10/12/05)]
Death of Victim Advocate Vocal Critic of Abuse by Clergy Found Dead, by Brian MacQuarrie, Boston Globe (2/24/04)
Attorney General's Report On the Allegations of Sexual Abuse of Children by Priests and Other Clergy Members Associated with the Roman Catholic Church in Maine (2/24/04)
Report A Historical Accounting of Clergy Sexual Abuse of Minors and Action Taken Regarding Certain Priests, by Bishop William E. Franklin, Diocese of Davenport (2/25/04) [with comments by and links to documents]
Priests Are Not the Only Abusers: Report Should Be Wake-up Call for All of Society, by Thomas G. Plante, in San Jose Mercury News (2/26/04)
Remarks: The Terrible History Recorded Here Today Is History, by Bishop Wilton D. Gregory, USCCB (2/27/04)
Report The Nature and Scope of the Problem of Sexual Abuse of Minors by Catholic Priests and Deacons in the United States, by Karen Terry et al., John Jay College of Criminal Justice and the USCCB (2/27/04) [a.k.a. the "John Jay Report"]
Report A Report on the Crisis in the Catholic Church in the United States, by Robert S. Bennett et al., National Review Board and the USCCB (2/27/04) [a.k.a. the "Bennett Report"]
Leaked Numbers Provoke Dispute: Abuse Report 4,450 Alleged Priest Abusers over Last 50 Years, by Joe Feuerherd, National Catholic Reporter (2/27/04)
Statement Regarding John Jay Self-Survey Numbers, by Barbara Blaine, SNAP (2/27/04)
Reports on Priestly Sexual Abuse Welcomed, by William Donohue, Catholic League (2/27/04)
In the Aftermath of Scandal, by Richard John Neuhaus, First Things (2/27/04)
News Event 4% of Priests Were Accused of Sex Abuse: Report Says Epidemic in Church Peaked in '70s, by Alan Cooperman and Caryle Murphy, Washington Post (2/28/04) [with charts; see also the other news articles and commentary below]
More Than 80 Percent of Victims since 1950 Were Male, Report Says, by Kevin Cullen, Boston Globe (2/28/04) [with charts]
Church Hierarchy Faulted by Lay Panel on Abuse: 700 Priests Removed by Bishops in 2 Years, by Michael Paulson, Boston Globe (2/28/04)
Abuse Scandal Is Now 'History,' Top Bishop Says, by Laurie Goodstein, New York Times (2/28/04) [with charts]
Mahony Criticized by National Review Panel, by William Lobdell and Larry B. Stammer, Los Angeles Times (2/28/04) [with chart, quotes from report, and links to the report]
Church's Day of Reckoning: Report Blames Bishops, Seminaries in 'Shameful' Abuse, by Geneive Abdo, Chicago Tribune (2/28/04) [with chart]
Our Trust Has Been Violated. But Not Our Faith. VOTF ad in the NY Times (2/28/04)
Meet the Press, Tim Russert with Cardinal Theodore McCarrick and Robert Bennett, on NBC (2/29/04)


Church News Obscures Overall Decline in Abuse, by David Finkelhor, in USA Today (3/1/04)
"Framed Within a Genuinely Catholic and Ecclesial Sensibility", interview with George Weigel, in Zenit (3/1/04) [about the Bennett report]
Accused Clergy Had Influential Posts, by Stephanie Barry, The Republican [Springfield MA]
Priestly Abuse: Report Unsettling for What It Doesn't Say, editorial in Dallas Morning News (3/3/04)
Public Lives: A Dispassionate Look at the Wolf in Priest's Clothing, by Daniel J. Wakin, New York Times (3/5/04) [profile of Karen Terry, principal investigator of the John Jay report]
Give Laity a Key Role in Fixing Church, by James Muller and Charles Kenney, in Boston Blobe (3/6/04)
Laity Have a Role in Fixing Church, by Robert W. Oliver, in Boston Globe (3/6/04)
Letter to Judge Anne Burke about Problems with the Bennett Report, by Bishop Charles Grahmann of Dallas (3/8/04; posted by NCR 5/11/04)
Board Got Rare Look at Hierarchical Ways, by Jason Berry, in National Catholic Reporter (3/10/04) [about Pamela D. Hayes and the National Review Board]
Feature Beyond the Boundaries: Retired Priest Leaves a Trail of Wounds and Grief across Region, by Kenton Robinson, The Day [New London CT] (3/14/04) [about Rev. Thomas W. Shea of Norwich CT]
A Novel Tack by Cardinal: To Keep Accused Priests' Files Secret, Mahony Is Asserting a Type of Confidentiality Privilege That One Scholar Says 'Just Doesn't Exist', by William Lobdell and Jean Guccione, LA Times (3/14/04)
Catholic Clerical Abuse and the Role of the Court System, by Stephen H. Galebach, Washington Post (3/14/04)
Sexual Abuse Brought ‘Smoke of Satan’, editorial in America, (3/15/04) [about Bennett and John Jay reports, with diagrams]
Feature John Jay Report Undergoing Revisions, editorial in America (3/22/04)
A Bad Day for the Bishops, by Andrew M. Greeley, in America (3/22/04)
Another Aftershock, by Thomas G. Plante, in America (3/22/04)
Facts, Myths and Questions, by Thomas J. Reese, America (3/22/04)
Seminaries and the Sexual Abuse Crisis, by Katarina M. Schuth, in America (3/22/04)
Letter to Bishop Wilton Gregory about Postponed Authorization for the 2004 Audits, by Judge Anne Burke (3/29/04; posted by NCR 5/11/04)


Canonist Criticizes U.S. Bishops Sex Abuse Norms, by John L. Allen Jr., National Catholic Reporter (4/2/04)
Letter to Judge Anne Burke Criticizing Her 3/29/04 Letter to Gregory, by Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver (4/2/04; posted by NCR 5/11/04)
Couple's Trek Aims to Aid Clergy Sex Abuse Victims: 57-Mile S.F.-to-S.J. Walk Intended As Reminder of Church's Responsibility, by Brandon Bailey, San Jose Mercury News (4/3/04)
Another Letter to Judge Anne Burke about Problems in the Bennett Report, by Bishop Charles Grahmann of Dallas (4/6/04; posted by NCR 5/11/04)
Neighbors' Anxiety Torpedoes Plan to House Troubled Priests, by Tim Rowden (April 8, 2004)
Let Us Prey: Despite Recent Conviction, Critics Say the DA Goes Easy on Child-Molesting Priests, by Gustavo Arellano, OC Weekly (4/12/04)
Did We Only Now Learn Abuse Is Wrong? by Paul Kendrick (April 12, 2004)
Letter to Judge Anne Burke about Postponed Authorization for the 2004 Audits, by Bishop David Ricken of Cheyenne (4/16/04; posted by NCR 5/11/04)
Scandal Put Priests' Rights at Odds with Church Policy, by Geneive Abdo, Centre Daily Times (4/25/04)
Bishops Seduce and Abandon Review Board, by Eugene Kennedy (April 25, 2004)
Priest Charged with Killing Put on Leave; Review Set for Claims, by David Yonke (April 28, 2004)
Profile Toledo Native Barbara Blaine Crusades against Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church, by Bill Frogameni, Toledo City Paper (4/29/04)
Catholic Priest Who Aids Church Sexual Abuse Victims Loses Job, by Daniel J. Wakin, NY Times (4/29/04)
Don't Forget the Victim, editorial in the Toledo Blade (4/30/04)
Arrogance of Bishops Is Appalling, by Bill Wineke (April 30, 2004)


A Family Remembers Its Sister: Slain Nun's Piety Obscured in Details of Bizarre Death, by Robin Erb, Toledo Blade (5/2/04)
Review Board Head Charges Bishops 'Manipulated' Sex Abuse Panel and Withheld Information, by Joe Feuerherd, National Catholic Reporter (5/11/04) [with links to the letters between Anne Burke and the bishops]
Feature Iowa Church Officials for Years Hid Allegations of Sexual Abuse, by Shirley Ragsdale, Des Moines Register (5/25/04) [Davenport IA diocese with a timeline linked to the documents]


U.S. Catholic Bishops Approve New Series of Audits on Abuse, by Laurie Goodstein, New York Times (6/16/04)
Runaway Priests Convicted Sexual Abuser and Fugitive Works with Kids under His Religious Order's Wing, by Reese Dunklin, Brooks Egerton, and Brendan M. Case (6/20/04) [first installments in award-winning series with maps and photos; Salesians Frank Klep, Carlos Peralta, Víctor Hugo Carrera, Horacio Macal, Juan Manzo, and Enrique Vásquez; Revs. Nicolás Aguilar and Yusaf Dominic]
Report The Report of the Independent Investigation, by Mary Jo White and Mary Beth Hogan, Debevoise & Plimpton, commissioned by Bishop Howard Hubbard of the Albany diocese (6/24/04) [see also the polygraph report on Hubbard (4/27/04)]


Bankruptcy in Portland Letter Announcing Bankruptcy, by Archbishop John G. Vlazny (7/6/04) [See also the Voluntary Petition.]
Bankruptcy Filing: A Chance to Heal, by John G. Vlazny, The Oregonian (7/20/04)


The Teflon Monsignor: Despite Documented Facts, Bishop Murphy Still Escapes Blame, by Lauren Wolfe, Long Island Press (8/5/06)
Profile The Army of God, by Gustavo Arellano, Orange County Weekly (8/13/04) [about John Manly, Ryan DiMaria, and Patrick Wall]
Questions Riddle Croteau Case, by Bill Zajac, The Republican (8/15/04) [about Rev. Richard R. Lavigne of the Springfield MA diocese]
Settlement 18 Priests Named in Settlement, by Bill Zajac, The Republican (8/17/04)
Feature Accused Priests Took in Minors: When Fathers Acted As Fathers, Complaints Often Followed, by Claudia Rowe and Michelle Nicolosi, Seattle Post-Intelligencer (8/19/04) [Revs. James Mitchell, Arthur C. Mertens, G. Barry Ashwell, and John Cornelius (all Seattle WA) and Edward Olszewski (Detroit MI). Series also discusses Marvin Knighton (Milwaukee WI); Dozia Wilson (Boston MA); Robert O'Neill (Rochester NY); Francis Hoefgen (St. Cloud MN); Oliver O'Grady (Stockton CA); and Deacon Glen Shrimplin (Toledo OH).]
Fissures in a Grand Church, by Patrick Healy, New York Times (8/29/04)


Runaway Priests In the Shadow of the Vatican: Accused Clerics Serving in Rome, Heart of the Catholic Church, by Reese Dunklin, Dallas Morning News (9/13/04)
Bankruptcy in Tucson Bishop's Letter to Church Members, by Bishop Gerald F. Kicanas, Tucson Citizen (9/20/04) [See also the Voluntary Petition, Plan of Reorganization, Disclosure Statement, and a Letter to Abuse Victims by Kicanas.]
Catholic Diocese of Tucson Files Plan of Bankruptcy Reorganization, by Jack Siegel, Charity Governance (9/22/04)
Bishop Indicted Commonwealth vs. Thomas L. Dupre. Indictment: Rape of a Child (9/24/04)
Grand Jury Indicts Dupre, by Bill Zajac, Springfield [MA] Republican (9/28/04) [See also a chronology of Dupre's career.]
DA Won't Prosecute Bishop Accused of Rape, by Adam Gorlick, Associated Press (9/27/04)


USCCB Leadership Landslide Skylstad; Vice President George; Liturgy Surprise, by Joe Feuerherd, National Catholic Reporter (11/17/04)
Whom Will Skylstad Serve? by Nicole Brodeur, Seattle Times (11/21/04)


Settlement Abuse Settlement Public: O.C.'s Bishop Brown Apologizes to Victims of Clergy Sex Abuse and Authorizes the Release of Church Personnel Files, by Chris Knap, Ann Pepper, Rachanee Srisavadi, and Andrew Galvin, Orange County Register (1/4/05)
Finding Empathy for Shanley, Jeannine Gramick, National Catholic Reporter (1/14/05)
The Jury Should Still Be Out on Paul Shanley, David France, National Catholic Reporter (1/14/05)
Gramick's Charity to Shanley Is More Than He Deserves Maureen Orth, National Catholic Reporter (1/14/05)


Letter to Bishop William S. Skylstad about the National Review Board, by David Clohessy and Barbara Blaine of SNAP (2/17/05)


Runaway Priests Too Much Tolerance? by Brendan M. Case, Brooks Egerton, and Reese Dunklin, Dallas Morning News (3/16/05) [Revs. Manuel Fernández, Paul Madden, Carl Tresler, José Luis Urbina, Gerardo Beltrán, Javier Gutiérrez, Abraham Anthony, Jean-Level Eliscard, Cristobal Garcia, and Ivan Rovira.]


Decision ordering the release of investigative materials on accused priests in Maine, by the Maine Supreme Judicial Court, in Blethen Maine Newspapers v. State of Maine et al. (4/22/05) [See also the investigative documents that were released 5/27/05 as a result of this decision.]
• Dorothy Rabinowitz, A Priest's Story: Not All Accounts of Sex Abuse in the Catholic Church Turn Out to Be True (April 30, 2005) [Rev. Gordon MacRae of the Manchester NH diocese]


A Glimpse at the Mind of a Pedophile : A Former Priest Who Served under Mahony in the Stockton Diocese Describes His Ploys, by Jean Guccione, LA Times (5/11/05) [about Rev. Oliver O'Grady of the Stockton CA diocese]
Million-Dollar Settlements, by Chris Knap, Orange County Register (5/17/05)
• Rachanee Srisavasdi, Andrew Galvin, Tony Saavedra, and Chris Knap, Second Chances:
Confidential Diocesan Records Show Church Leaders Repeatedly Allowed Known Pedophiles to Return to Ministry
(5/18/05) [Orange CA diocese, with links to diocesan documents]
Orange Diocese Gives Details on Sex Abuse: Documents Show How Officials Covered for, Transferred and Even Promoted Pedophiles, by William Lobdell and Jean Guccione, LA Times (5/18/05)
Investigative files on 21 accused priests, released by the Maine Attorney General (5/27/05)


Feature Blinded by Faith? by Darren Barbee, Star-Telegram (6/5/05) [Rev. Thomas Teczar of the dioceses of Worcester MA and Fort Worth TX]


Sins of the Father: One Man's Struggle to Survive a Priest's Abuse, by Gregory Flannery, Cincinnati CityBeat (7/20/05) [Rev. Earl Bierman of the Covington KY diocese]
Emotional Stigmata, by Melissa Wangall, Rock River Times (7/20/05) [Rev. Ted Feely, O.F.M.Conv.]


Behind a Priest's Suicide: Father Chevedden's Family Says His Reports of Sexual Abuse by a Fellow Jesuit Were Brushed Aside; The Church Cites His Mental Problems, by Glenn F. Bunting , Los Angeles Times (August 6, 2005)


Grand Jury Report In the Court of Common Pleas, First Judicial District of Pennsylvania, Criminal Trial Division, In Re: County Investigating Grand Jury, Report of the Grand Jury (submitted 9/15/05; released 9/21/05)


Report Addendum to the Report to the People of God, Los Angeles archdiocese (10/12/05)
Feature Study Reveals Vast Scope of Priest Abuse: Clerics Accused of Molestation Worked in Three-Fourths of the 288 Parishes in the L.A. Archdiocese, a Times Analysis Finds, by Jean Guccione and Doug Smith, LA Times (10/13/05)
Report The Ferns Report, by Francis D. Murphy et al. (10/05) [on Rev. Sean Fortune and other priests of the Ferns diocese in Ireland]


Opening the Church's Books, by Joan Vennochi, Boston Globe (11/6/05)
The Vision of the Doctrinal Congregation's New Prefect: Vatican Radio Interviews Archbishop William Levada, Zenit (11/7/05)
Is a Priest Guilty until Proven Innocent? editorial in the Oakville-Mehlville [MO] Journal (11/16/05) [Rev. Thomas J. Graham of the St. Louis archdiocese]
Trail of Abuse Leads to Seminary: St. John's in Camarillo Fielded a Disproportionate Number of Alleged Molesters, Records Show, in Some Cases Up to a Third of the Graduating Class, by Paul Pringle, LA Times (11/17/05)
The Hidden Abuse: Diocese Kept Abuse Cases Secret, by Steven Church (11/20/05) [lead article of a series on the Wilmington DE diocese with links to documents and video interviews of victims]
The Moral Hypocrite in the Vatican, by Jason Berry, LA Times (11/20/05)
Suffer the Little Children under 'Canon Law', by Steve Duin, The Oregonian (11/20/05)
Sex Abuse in Brazil: Abuser Priest Provides Checklist for Selecting Victims, by John L. Allen Jr., National Catholic Reporter (11/21/05)
Monsignor in Phoenix Is Arrested, by Michelle Roberts, Associated Press (11/21/05) [Msgr. Dale Fushek]
Vatican Instruction Concerning the Criteria of Vocational Discernment Regarding Persons with Homosexual Tendencies in View of Their Admission to Seminaries and Holy Orders, by Cardinal Zenon Grocholewski, approved by Pope Benedict XVI (dated 11/4/05, leaked 11/22/05, released 11/29/05)
Arrested Priest Is Guilty until Proven Innocent, by E.J. Montini, Arizona Republic (11/27/05)
U.S. Catholics Are Divided over New Directive on Gays, by Neela Banerjee and Katie Zezima, NY Times (11/28/05)
Statement on the Recent Instruction from the Vatican Congregation for Catholic Education, by Bishop Robert J. Baker, Diocese of Charleston (11/29/05)
Anti-Gay Edict Stirs Priest to Step Aside, by Michael Clancy, Arizona Republic (11/29/05)
Judge Rules Against Repressed Memories, by Todd Cooper, Omaha World-Herald (11/29/05)
New Vatican Instruction Applies Common Sense, Church's Wisdom to Priesthood Question, by Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap., Denver Catholic Register (11/30/05)
How to Ignore the Vatican's Ruling on Gay Priests, by Michael Sean Winters, The New Republic (11/30/05)


Vatican Shows Some Sensitivity to Homosexuals, by Andrew M. Greeley, Arizona Daily Star (12/1/05)
Goodbye, Gay Priests? editorial in Commonweal (12/2/05)
What about Girl Victims? by Eileen McNamara, Boston Globe (12/4/05)
Experts on Sex Offenders Have News for Vatican: Abusers' Behavior Does Not Stem from Orientation, Studies Show, by Mary Gail Frawley-O’Dea, National Catholic Reporter (12/9/05)
• Gustavo Arellano, King of the County Pedophiles, OC Weekly (12/14/05) [on Rev. Eleuterio Ramos, with links to the documents]


Bishop Accused Victims Urge Iowa Bishops to Sanction Alleged Abuser: Retired Sioux City Bishop Lawrence Soens Says Claims against Him Are Untrue, by Shirley Ragsdale, Des Moines Register (January 4, 2006)
Levada's Secret: As He Prepares to Be Deposed in San Francisco Next Week, Former S.F. Archbishop William Levada May Have to Come Clean about a Priestly Child Molester He Protected in Portland, by Ron Russell, San Francisco Weekly (January 5, 2006)
House of the Accused: When Priests Within the Salesian Order Based in San Francisco Were Accused of Sex Abuse, the Leaders Chose to Keep Quiet, by Ron Russell, San Francisco Weekly (January 5, 2006)
Covington Diocese, Insurance Carriers Announce Settlement in Federal Case, by Brett Barrouquere, Associated Press, Kentucky (January 9, 2006)
Complaint Amended Complaint in Hoatson v. Archdiocese of New York, by Rev. Robert M. Hoatson and John A. Aretakis (1/10/06)
Victimized Bishop Bishop Says Priest Abused Him As Teenager, by Alan Cooperman, Washington Post (January 11, 2006)
Testimony of Bishop Gumberton To Ohio House of Representatives, in SNAP, Ohio (January 11, 2006)
Father Ryan's Yearbook Access: The Diocese Says Privacy Concerns - Not Fears of More Sex Abuse Allegations - Make Them Protective of Old Annuals, by John Spragens, Nashville Weekly (January 12, 2006)
Church Has Led Way in Dealing with Sex Abuse Issue, by Robert P. Lockwood, Pittsburgh Catholic, United States (January 12, 2006)
Priest's Death Time for Forgiveness, in Stevens Point Journal, Wisconsin (January 15, 2006)
A Path to Justice, in New York Times (January 18, 2006)
Another View: Child Molesters, Enablers Must Face Tougher Civil Penalties, by Peter Hutchins, (January 19, 2006)
Treating Priests Who Abuse: Then and Now, in Tidings, United States (January 20, 2006)
Ex-Priest Is Arrested in Abuse Case: Michael Baker, Who Told Cardinal Mahony in 1986 That He Molested Children but Stayed in Ministry, Is Seized As He Leaves a Plane at Lax, by Jean Guccione and Richard Winton, Los Angeles Times (January 20, 2006)
Wempe Trial Trial Begins in Molestation Case against Retired LA Priest, by Linda Deutsch, Associated Press (January 23, 2006)
Subpoenaed -- Again: But He Couldn't Dodge a Determined Process Server, by Ron Russell, San Francisco Weekly (January 18, 2006)
Chicago Accusation Priest Charged in Sexual Abuse of 2 Boys, by Cathleen Falsani and Leslie Baldacci, Chicago Sun-Times (1/22/06) [about Rev. Daniel McCormack of the Chicago archdiocese]
Cold, Hard Facts Best Myth Slayers, in National Catholic Reporter, United States (January 27, 2006)
Gumbleton's Disclosure Underscores Differences between Survivors, Bishops, by Greg Bullough, National Catholic Reporter, United States (January 27, 2006)
Wempe Weeps As Witness Testifies: A Man Describes Actions by the Then-Priest When He Was a Student in Lancaster. Others Testify about Molestations, by Jean Guccione, Los Angeles Times (January 25, 2006)
Women Request Priest's Records, by Darren Barbee, Star-Telegram (January 25, 2006)
Follow the Money, by Eileen McNamara, Boston Globe (January 25, 2006)
Financial Disclosure Defeated Reason for Anger, by Adrian Walker, Boston Globe (January 26, 2006)
Nun Warned Archdiocese about Priest in 2000, by Cathleen Falsani and Frank Main, Chicago Sun-Times (1/26/06) [Rev. Daniel McCormack]
Ampleforth Monk Jailed for Abusing Young Boys, by Andrew Norfolk, Times, United Kingdom (1/27/06)
Paedophile Priests Are Caesar's Responsibility, Not God's, by Daphne Caruana Galizia, Independent, Malta (1/29/06)
Sins of the Father, by John Chadwick, (January 29, 2006) [James T. Hanley]
Transcript "It's Terrible What You've Done to All of Us": A Discussion with James Hanley, by Patrick Kelly, Lou Serrano, et al., WCBS-TV (1/30/06)


Lawsuit Aims to Reveal Names of Chicago Priests Suspected of Abuse, by Cathleen Falsani, Daily Southtown (2/1/06)
Settlement Offer Diocese Makes $45.75 Million Settlement Offer to 75 Victims, by Deacon Eric Meisfjord, Inland Register (offer made 2/1/06; article published 2/23/06) [Bishop William Skylstad and Spokane WA diocese]
Memo to Bishop Choby: Ditch the Diocesan Denial, by Liz Garrigan, Nashville Scene (2/1/06)
Gays & the Priesthood: The Truce of 2005? by Richard John Neuhaus, First Things (2/06)
Survivors Encouraged after Bishops' Meeting, by Shirley Ragsdale, Des Moines Register (2/3/06)
Appeal Mahony's Long-Shot, by Eric Berkowitz, Los Angeles Times (2/3/06)
Police Hear More Allegations against Priest: 'It's turned ... into a very extensive investigation', by Andrew Seymour, Ottawa Citizen, Canada (February 3, 2006)
Bishop's Deposition 4 Priests Protected by Bishop: Deposition Reveals Imesch Found Jobs for Abusive Clerics, by Crystal Yednak, Chicago Tribune (2/4/06)
Saving Face Trumps Saving Children, by Sue Ontiveros, Chicago Sun-Times (2/4/06)
Scandal Casts New Doubts: Priest Charged: Chicago Archdiocese Case Makes Some Wonder about Reforms, Associated Press (2/4/06)
The Evil That Lurks Undetected, by Alfred P. Doblin, NorthJersey (2/6/06)
Archbishop's Letter HB 1088, HB 1090, SB 143 Bills Are Bad Public Policy, Bad Law, by Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap., Denver Catholic Register (2/8/06)
Chaput Says Church Target of Abuse Bills, by Jean Torkelson, Rocky Mountain News (2/6/06)
Church Accuser Confronts Bishop Murphy after Mass, by Eden Laikin, Newsday (2/6/06) [Rev. Daniel Babis]
Family Faces Painful Past: Years after They Befriended Alleged Pedophile Priest, Siblings Come to Grips with the Truth, by Eden Laikin and Tom McGinty, Newsday (2/7/06) [Rev. Daniel Babis]
Feature Outing Cardinal Egan: A Priest's Lawsuit Alleges the Catholic Church Is Hiding Pedophile Clergyand Offers a Stunning Reason Why, by Kristen Lombardi, Village Voice (2/7/06)
Profile Who Would Take a Case like This? Someone Mad As Hell, That's Who, by Kristen Lombardi, Village Voice (2/7/06)

Cardinal's Letter Cardinal George to Parishioners, by Cardinal Francis George, O.M.I. (2/8/06)
Probe of Retired Bishop Began in '02, Papers Show: A Former Student and a Board Member at an Iowa City School Say They Were Victims of Abuse, by Shirley Ragsdale, Des Moines Register (2/8/06)
Advocates Say Diocese Lied about Soens, by Dustin Lemmon, Quad-City Times (2/9/06)
The Continuing, Coast-to-Coast Battle between the Catholic Church and the Law on Childhood Sexual Abuse: Why It Is Time for Federal Legislation, by Marci Hamilton, (2/9/06)
Survey Shows Catholics Who Give Most Want More Church Accountability, by Nancy Frazier O'Brien, Catholic News Service (2/9/06)
Group to Aid Black Victims of Priest Abuse, by Lolly Bowean and Crystal Yednak, Chicago Tribune (2/12/06)
Molestation Victims Who Killed Themselves Recalled, by Bianca Prieto, Rocky Mountain News (2/13/06)
Abuse, Murder in Troubled Toledo: Notre Dame Sister Joins Ranks of Those Accusing Priest of Sexual Abuse; Another Cleric Faces Trial for 1980 Killing of Mercy Nun, by Bill Frogameni, National Catholic Reporte (2/14/06)
Panel OKs Sex Abuse Bill: 50 Witnesses Testify on Measure's Impact on Catholic Church, by Jean Torkelson, Rocky Mountain News (2/14/06)

Deflections Make Church Look Worse, by Jim Spencer, Denver Post (2/15/06)
Breach of Faith: On Behalf of the Seattle Archdiocese, a Nun and a Priest Teamed up to Evaluate or Counsel Priests Accused of Sex Abuse. They Also Counseled Victims, One of Whom Is Suing over This Conflict of Interest, by Nina Shapiro, Seattle Weekly, United States (2/15/06)
'Accused Priests Shouldn't Be Removed from Parishes', in Galway Independent, Ireland (2/15/06)
Victims of Their Own Monster: Ballyhooed System for Monitoring Priests Fails, by Eugene Cullen Kennedy, Chicago Tribune (2/16/06)
Priest's Case Highlights Reforms' Flaws, Critics Say: Houston Cleric Accused of FW Abuse Still Serves; Order Says He's Cleared, by Brooks Egerton, Dallas Morning News (2/18/06) [Rev. Joseph Tu]
Appeals Court Opinion Zumpano v. Quinn, New York Court of Appeals (2/21/06)
Abuse Probe 'Worse Than Expected', by John Cooney, Irish Independent (2/21/06)
Settlement Archdiocese Pays $5 Million to Abuse Victims, by Pat Kinney, Globe Gazette (2/21/06)

Elevation to Cardinal Pope Names Two Americans As Cardinals, by Jay Lindsay, Associated Press (2/22/06)
Decision Favors Quinn: Priest Sex-Abuse Ruling Might Have Impact Statewide, Associated Press (2/22/06)
DCFS Vows New Policy for Priest Abuse Cases, by Ofelia Casillas and Manya A. Brachear, Chicago Tribune (2/23/06)
Criminal Conviction Wempe Is Convicted on 1 Count: A Mistrial on Four Other Charges against the Pedophile Priest Is Declared When the Jury Can't Reach Verdicts. He Could Face a New Trial, by Jessica Garrison and Jean Guccione, Los Angeles Times (2/23/06)
Letter in Question, by Joann Livingston, Waxahachie Daily Light, Texas (2/23/06)
Panel Advised Cardinal in October to Remove McCormack, by Michael Sneed and Eric Herman, Chicago Sun Times (2/24/06)
Clergy Sexual Abuse: Facts, Myths and Questions, by Thomas J. Reese, Tidings, United States (2/24/06)
Bishop Responds to Accusations of Deceit, by William E. Franklin, Quad-City Times, Iowa (2/24/06)
Secrecy Shrouds Priest's Erie Trial, by Dana Massing, Erie Times-News (2/25/06)
Healing the Wounds, in Albany Times Union, New York (2/25/06) [comment on Zumpano v. Quinn decision]
'Painful Memories', by Melissa Evans, Santa Barbara News-Press, California (2/26/06) [Rev. Mario Cimmarrusti and St. Anthony Seminary]
SNAP Calls on Cardinal George to Resign, in Chicago Tribune (2/26/06)
Cardinal Stays Course: Critics Have No Place Asking George to Quit, Spokesman Says, by Johnathon E. Briggs and Jamie Francisco, Chicago Tribune (2/27/06)
Profile Lawyers Team up to Take on Sex-Abuse Cases, by Janet I. Tu, Seattle Times, Washington (2/27/06)
Priest Accused of Abuse in FW Diocese Is Suspended: Catholic Officials Change Course on Cleric in Molestation Inquiry, by Brooks Egerton, Dallas Morning News, Texas (2/28/06) [Rev. Joseph Tu]


Feature Sins & Silence, by Mary Nevans-Pederson, Telegraph Herald (3/5/06) [on the Dubuque archdiocese]
List Archdiocesan Priests with Substantiated Allegations, by Chicago archdiocese (3/20/06)


Accused Priest Was Rising Star, by Margaret Ramirez and Russell Working, Chicago Tribune (4/2/06) [Rev. Daniel McCormack of the Chicago archdiocese]
Accused Priests in the Los Angeles Archdiocese, a database compiled by the LA Times (4/20/06) [see also our back-up copy of the database]
Details on 11 Priests Missing in '04 Report: Mahony's Disclosure on Sex Abuse Claims Left out Information on Clerics Who Stayed in Ministry, by Jean Guccione and William Lobdell, LA Times (4/20/06)
Something Borrowed, Something Blue, by the Hennigan, Bennett and Dorman, lawyers for the archdiocese (4/20/06) [response to the previous story]


Suing the Church, by Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap., First Things (5/06)
Sex-Abuse Measure Fails Fairness Test, Rocky Mountain News (5/1/06)
Changing the Rules: Selective Justice for Catholic Institutions, by L. Martin Nussbaum, in
America (5/15/06)
Study Sees Church Rebounding from Scandal, by Laurie Goodstein, NY Times (5/18/06)


Film Hand of God, by Joe Cultrera, WGBH Frontline (January 16, 2007) [Rev. Joseph Birmingham, and how survivor Paul Cultrera fought back; with documents and other materials]



Legal Legacy, by Timothy D. Lytton, Boston Globe (February 4, 2007)
Clergy Sexual Abuse Litigation: The Policymaking Role of Tort Law, by Timothy D. Lytton, Connecticut Law Review (February 2007). Also available as two smaller files 1 2.

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