has launched a project to gather and post the assignment records of every U.S. Catholic priest who has been accused of sexual abuse since 1940, so that vulnerable communities can be identified and bishops' transfer policies can be determined.

See below for a brief description of assignment records and their importance, easy ways that you can help with this project, and our initial list of assignment records. For a more detailed account of assignment record research and how you can volunteer, see our guide.

Assignment Records: Why They Are Important

An assignment record lists all the diocesan and parish appointments of a priest, including telltale periods of sick leave. A detailed assignment record, like this assignment record of John Geoghan created by the Boston Globe, identifies populations that have been placed at risk, and is also cross-referenced with a list of accusations, so that the transfer policies of the priest's bishops can be evaluated. By identifying a priests' seminary class and the colleagues with whom he has worked, an assigment record can also begin to identify the circle of colleagues who kept the priest's activities secret and who might even have been involved in the abuse themselves.

Assignment records are all around us:
Newspaper accounts of the crisis
Diocesan records
Investigative files
Obituaries and other old newspaper reports

But these records are dispersed and difficult to find, and complete assignment records for most accused priests are not publicly available. We urge the U.S. bishops to publish detailed assignment records with treatment episodes and accusation dates for every abuser. In the meantime, we are undertaking this work of research and collection ourselves. See our initial collection of assignment records below.

Volunteering for the Assignment Record Project

Please send us any assignment records that know about or come across:
* In your daily newspaper reading
* In your personal experience, if you are a survivor of abuse
* In the research that you've done, if you are a lawyer or a reporter working in this area

If you would like to join the Service Record Project as a volunteer -- for a few hours, or a few hours per week, or anything in between -- please read our guide to service record research, and email us to let us know you're interested. This is work that you can do at a local Catholic college library or at most central city libraries, and you can email, snail mail, or even phone us the results.

List of Assignment Records

The staff at has begun to assemble a library of assignment records for accused priests and others who figure in the crisis.Some we have developed ourselves from the Official Catholic Directory, diocesan documents, and investigative reports. Others were created by lawyers and investigative reporters. Others were created by the dioceses themselves and relinquished under subpoena, or were prepared by the dioceses in response to investigation by law enforcement.

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Deacon William R. Emerson

Status: Settled

Died: 03/4/2018
Diocese: Archdiocese of Boston MA

Accused in a lawsuit settled in 6/21 in the high five figures of sexually abusing a boy, ages 8-13, over 100 times at St. William's in Tewskbury during 1973-1978. Prior to Boston, Emerson was a deacon in St. Louis, MO and Omaha, NE, where he worked at Boys Town U.S.A. Emerson died in 2018.

    • Boston Herald  07.28.21
    • accessed 08.18.21

Fr. William Eberhardy

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Order: SDS
Ordained: 1977
Status: Accused

Diocese: Diocese of Green Bay WI

Named publicly as accused on the diocese's list 1/17/19. Noted to have multiple substantiated allegations against him of abuse, occurring in about 1983-86. On leave in 1992. Laicized 2002. In 7/18 the Salvatorian Provincial informed the Milwaukee County D.A. that a man had come forward, alleging sexual abuse by Eberhardy sometime during 1978-81, when he was about 11- to 14 years-old and an altar boy at St. Mary's in Chilton. He said the incident involved fondling and masturbation, and occurred during a trip to Six Flags amusement park, overnight in a camper at the priest's parents' home in Milwaukee. Eberhardy reportedly would take such trips with other altar boys, too.

Fr. John Douglas Edwards

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Ordained: 1961
Status: Sued

Diocese: Archdiocese of Atlanta GA

Named publicly on the archdiocese's list 11/6/18. Assignments included fourteen parishes over the years, often for only a year or two. Leaves of absences 1973-74 and 1986-87. Last assignment was 1987-89. Died 1997. Lawsuit filed in 12/18 by a man alleging abuse 1976-78 when he was an altar boy, ages 12-15.

Fr. William J. Effinger

Ordained: 1960
Status: Convicted

Diocese: Archdiocese of Milwaukee WI

Accused of molesting numerous boys and girls from first assignment to last. Transferred multiple times. At least one incident of abuse reported to the Archdiocese in 1979 - there was a psychological report on Effinger addressed to Archbishop Weakland. Seven men and two women settled out of court with the Archdiocese in 1994. Sentenced to 10 years in jail in 1993 for molesting a 14-year-old boy in 1988. Died of cancer in prison in 12/96. Some of personnel file released in 7/13.

Fr. Milton Eggerling

Ordained: 1954
Status: Sued

Diocese: Diocese of Austin TX

Ordained for the Sioux Falls SD diocese. Worked in a number of archdioceses and dioceses: St. Paul-Minneapolis, Bismarck ND, Oakland CA, Austin TX, San Jose CA, Lima Peru via the Boston-based Society of St. John the Apostle, and Boston MA. Accused in a 3/16 lawsuit of sexual abuse of a boy over five years, beginning when he was an 11-year-old student and altar server at St. Louis parish in Austin in the 1970s. Eggerling was assigned to Austin 1973-79. He reportedly plied the boy with alcohol and took him on trips. Died 2/29/08, per the 2009 Official Catholic Directory. On Sioux Falls diocese's list 3/21/19 (it erroneously notes his death dated as 3/7/2008). On Austin diocese's list 1/31/19.

Fr. William J. Ehrman

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Ordained: 1922
Status: Accused

Diocese: Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend IN

In 2002, a woman alleged abuse by Ehrman as a girl beginning in 1953 or 1954. Her son said he reported the abuse in 1998 but diocesan officials claimed they never received it. Both mother and son met with officials again in 2002 but received no official response. Another woman said Ehrman exposed himself to her in 1968 and kissed her while another woman says he fondled her. In 11/02, Bishop D'Arcy admitted that accusations of abuse against Ehrman "appear to be credible." Ehrman retired in 1970 and died 8/7/83. On diocese's 9/18/18 list, noted to have eight credilbe allegations against him, received after his death.

Fr. John Elder

Ordained: 1941
Status: Sued

Diocese: Archdiocese of Louisville KY

Accused in three suits filed in 2002 of abuse of at least two minor females in 1959, and of abuse of a woman in 1973. A fourth woman filed suit in 4/03, alleging abuse when she was a minor in 1959. Elder died in 1993. Included on the archdiocese's list of accused in 2019.

Fr. Virgilio Elizondo

Ordained: 1963
Status: Sued

Diocese: Archdiocese of San Antonio TX

Accused in a lawsuit filed 5/22/15 of the sexual abuse of a teenage boy in 1983 in San Antonio. The accuser said Elizondo kissed and fondled him after he told Elizondo that former seminarian and then-Rev. Jesus Armando Dominguez had sexually abused him. Elizondo denied abuse. Longtime University of Notre Dame professor, known as founder of Latino theology in the U.S. Still in ministry 6/8/15. Died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound 3/14/16. On San Antonio archdiocese's list 1/31/19.

Fr. Jude T. Ellinghausen

Ordained: 1958
Status: Sued

Diocese: Archdiocese of Detroit MI

"Retired" with restricted ministry 6/02 because of old allegations found in his personnel file by County Prosecutor. Allegations too old for criminal charges. After retirement, one male complainant came forward to allege three years of improper touching by Ellinghausen in the 1970s when he was a child. Named in a civil suit. Laicization announced in 2005. Included on the archdiocese's list of credibly accused 6/10/20.

Fr. Walter M. Emala

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Ordained: 1952
Status: Accused

Diocese: Diocese of Memphis TN

Diocese of Nashville knew in at least 1959 of Emala's behavior with boys. In the 1960s parents were told to by diocesan official to keep their boys away from him. Given an ultimatum in 1968 to leave TN on an extended leave of absence or retire and leave TN. Emala went on leave and to Baltimore MD. (The Memphis diocese was created from Nashville in 1970.) Removed in 1975 from Baltimore assignment after accusation of child sexual abuse. Went to Wilmington DE with recommendation from Memphis Bishop Dozier. Multiple individuals alleged sexual abuse by him 1970s-80s. Included on 9/02 Baltimore list. Died 2/20/08 in Baltimore. Name included on Harrisburg diocese's list 8/1/18, noted to have been seen kissing a minor on the lips in the early 1980s. On Knoxville's list as of 3/6/20. (Knoxville diocese was created from Nashville in 1988.)

Fr. Daniel Emerine

Order: OFM Conv
Ordained: 1941
Status: Settled

Diocese: Archdiocese of Louisville KY

Named in six lawsuits filed against the Louisville archdiocese in 2002. Allegedly abused five boys and one girl as grade school students. Several plaintiffs said they told church officials and/or teachers but no one believed them. Two additional suits filed in 4/03. Also worked in dioceses of Lansing MI, Cleveland OH, Grand Rapids MI, Fort Wayne-South Bend IN, and Indianapolis IN. Included in massive 6/03 settlement with the Louisville archdiocese. Died in 1986. On Louisville's list in 2/19.

Fr. Eugene G. Emo

Ordained: 1961
Status: Convicted

Diocese: Diocese of Rochester NY

Sent to residential treatment in 1993. Charged in 1993 with violating probation by having contact with a 16-year-old boy; sentenced to 1-3 years in prison. Arrested 2/96; sentenced to six months in prison and five years probation 5/97 for abuse of a 31-year-old mentally disabled man. On restrictions because of prior sexual abuse allegations. Many other complaints after his arrest. Released from prison in 2002. Involuntarily laicized per diocese 6/7/12. Reported in 6/18 to be a registered sex offender living in Bushnell FL. Accused in a suit filed in 8/19 under the NY Child Victims Act of sexual abuse while assigned to St. Mary's in Danville. By 8/20, named in 12 CVA lawsuits. New suit in 8/20 claims abuse in 1968 of a boy, age 17.

Fr. Neil J. Emon

Order: OSC
Ordained: 1967
Status: Accused

Diocese: Diocese of Saint Cloud MN

Worked in NE, MI and MN before moving to Phoenix in 2000. Admitted in 1991 to abusing boys in early to mid-1970s in Onamia, MN. Removed without privileges in 5/02 after additional information was received. Had been working under restrictions for some time; Phoenix knew of his history when he arrived. Name also appeared on list of Phoenix priests complied by Arizona Republic. As of 2014, living under safety plan in Phoenix. Added to St. Cloud list 3/14/14. Died in 2019. Included on the Detroit archdiocese's list 6/10/19.

Br. Daniel K. Emrich

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Order: OSF
Status: Accused

Diocese: Diocese of Davenport IA

 Emrich (or Embrich) was a teaching brother at Holy Family, an elementary school. Charged in 1988 with touching the inner thigh of girl on mulitlple occasions in 1985-86. Allegedly would place the girl on his lap and touch her under her underwear. Complaints also received from other children at the school. Suspended by his order. Found not guilty by jury trial in 1989.

Fr. George S. Endal

Order: SJ
Ordained: 1932
Status: Settled

Diocese: Diocese of Fairbanks AK

Spent most of priesthood in AK. Died 11/15/96. Accused in a 2005 lawsuit of sexually abusing a girl over a 3-year period, beginning in 1966 when she was age 9. Two men joined suit 2/06. Endal was supervisor of two other accused Jesuits, Lundowski and Smario. Did not act when he received complaints against them. Claims included in 11/07 settlement with the Jesuits. In 1/09 43 suits filed against Jesuits; many named Endal as abuser. Two or more pending claims in bankruptcy reorganization docs for Fairbanks Diocese 1/25/10. On Jesuit West Province list 12/7/18. It notes allegations of abuse 1955-60, 1964-68, 1973-76 and 1978-82, reported in 2004, 2008 and 2009.

Fr. John Anthony Mary Engbers

Ordained: 1949
Status: Settled

Diocese: Diocese of Lafayette LA

Accused of abuse of at least nine young girls in the early 1950s to the 1970s. Four known lawsuits. Suit in 1985, settled in 2001 claimed abuse in Lake Charles of two girls, ages 3 and 6 or 7 in the early 1950s. Parents reportedly confronted Engbers, who admitted the abuse with the pastor present. Engbers was moved to another church. Another 1985 suit claimed abuse beginning 1957 of sisters ages 5 and 7, lasting into their teens. Fled to Holland in 1985 after removal from his position when Church learned of suits. Per 1989 suit, abused 3- or 4-year-old girl in Gueydan the early 1970s. Settled 1996. Engbers died in 1989. On diocese's list in 4/19.

Fr. Ronald Engel

Ordained: 1977
Status: Accused

Diocese: Archdiocese of Milwaukee WI

Placed on leave in late 4/04 after the Archdiocese learned that Engel was being investigated by police for possession of child pornography on a computer. Still on leave as of 8/04. Per Archdiocesan website accessed 2/25/11 and again 2/11/21 Engel was "fully restricted from ministry."

Fr. Charles F. Engelhardt

Order: OSFS
Ordained: 1977
Status: Convicted

Diocese: Archdiocese of Philadelphia PA

Named in report and presentment by Philadelphia Grand Jury 2/10/11. Accused, along with another priest and a teacher, of orally sodomizing and molesting a 10-year-old boy in 1998 or '99 at St. Jerome's in Philly. Remained at another parish for two years after 2009 complaint and order from Archdiocese to leave assignment. Surrendered to police 2/10/11. Refused plea agreement 6/11. New civil suit filed 7/11. Criminal trial started 1/7/13. Defendants did not testify. Found guilty 1/30/13. Arrested. Request for new trial filed with PA Superior Court 7/14 by counsel for Engelhardt and for teacher Bernard Shero, based on new evidence about a new witness who could have supported defense and discredited the main witness. Engelhardt died in prison 11/16/14.

Fr. Francis Engels

Ordained: 1962
Status: Convicted

Diocese: Diocese of Peoria IL

Engels and two other priests were accused of abusing a youth in 1973. The victim complained directly to Bishop Myers in 1992. Diocese did not put Engels on leave until the family went to the media in 1993. Engels also admitted to abusing a youth in the 1980s. Bishop tried to reinstate him in 2002 but second victim complained and he was not reassigned. Named in a 2004 civil suit which settled in 2005. Pled guilty in 4/05 to sexually abusing a teenage altar boy during trips to Milwaukee in the early 1980s. Sentenced in 6/05 to 10 years in WI prison. On Peoria's list in 12/18.

Fr. Wilfred Englert

Ordained: 1986
Status: Convicted

Diocese: Diocese of Evansville IN

Arrested and then placed on leave 8/05 after allegations he sexually molested a 19-year-old man who had the mental capacity of a 9-year old. Abuse occurred numerous times in early 2005. Englert claimed the sex was consensual. He later pleaded guilty to 2 counts of abuse. Sentenced in 10/06 to 2 terms of 1.5 yrs in Dubois County Jail. Received another 3 years in 2/07. Released 1/08. On sex offender registry. Not in compliance 2/10. Listed as on "administrative leave" per diocesan website 2/2/09. On diocese's list 2/22/19. It notes that he was laicized 10/1/09.

Fr. Eric Ensey

Order: SSJ
Ordained: 1995
Status: Sued

Diocese: Diocese of Scranton PA

In 12/01 it was revealed that Ensey and Fr. Carlos Urrutigoity had been accused of sexual misconduct with a 16-year-old male student. They were suspended 1/02. The student sued in 3/03; suit was settled for $455K in 2005. Ensey living in Paraguay as of 3/06. As of 12/11, Diocese reported that his faculties were removed in 2005. Ensey continued to function as a priest on some occasions, particularly for fundraising. Reportedly defrocked in 2014. Last known to be living in Redding, CA. Included in 8/14/18 PA Grand Jury Report. On Scranton diocese's list 8/19/18.

Fr. Andrew M. Eordogh

Order: SJ
Ordained: 1959
Status: Settled

Diocese: Diocese of Fairbanks AK

From Hungary. Assigned to parish work in Canada for several years, spent 1966-71 in Alaska, then back to Canada. Returned to Hungary in 1991. In 2008 returned to Canada, where he died 4/11/20 at age 92. Accused in a 2006 lawsuit of abuse of a boy beginning in the late 1960s when the boy was age 4, in the village of Holy Cross in Alaska. Claims included in 11/07 settlement with the Jesuits. One pending claim shown in bankruptcy reorganization documents for Fairbanks Diocese 1/25/10. On the Jesuit West Province list 12/7/18. It notes a report in 2006 of alleged abuse of a minor 1967-70.

Fr. Anthony Joseph Eremito

Ordained: 1967
Status: Accused

Diocese: Archdiocese of New York NY

In 1991 NJ priest John Bambrick told the archdiocese that Eremito sexually abused him as a 15-year-old altar boy in NJ in 1980, when Eremito was a NYC priest. Eremito may have had "dozens" of victims. He was removed from active assignments in 1992. Faculties removed in 2002. Filed legal action against alleged victim. Worked in NJ 1997-1998. Allowed to work in Lubbock, TX 1998-2002. Working as grief counselor at a PA hospice as of 2006 until removed. On NY archdiocese's list 4/26/19. Laicized.

Fr. Thomas Edward Ericksen

Ordained: 1973
Status: Convicted

Diocese: Diocese of Superior WI

Accused of molesting three boys in 1983 while assigned to St. Peter's in Winter, WI. Two accusers sued; settled in 1989 for nearly $3M. Removed from priesthood 1988. In 6/10 two men claimed rape. Efforts underway 7/10 to extradite him from MO. Left WI in 1983. Lived in MN, MO and Indonesia. Denied allegations. "Partially confessed" in 2016. Charged 11/16/18 with sexually assaulting altar boys at St. Peter's 1982-83. In 12/18 judge ordered trial. Three new accusers 1/19 alleging abuse late 1970s-early 1980s. Pled not guilty 3/19 to four open cases. Convicted. Sentenced in 9/19 to 30 years in prison. Parole hearing scheduled for 4/20. Accused of abuse of a boy, age 9, in the hospital in the late 1970s.

Fr. Harold H. Ernsdorff

Ordained: 1943
Status: Accused

Diocese: Diocese of Baker OR

As part of Section 13.1, Non-Monetary Commitments, of the Society of Jesus, Oregon Province, Reorganization Plan (dated 7/18/11) the province agreed to post on its website the names of all members of the province who are identified as perpetrators of sexual abuse in proofs of claims filed in the bankruptcy case, and who have not denied the allegation. Ernsdorff's name is included on this list without any additional information on claims against him. Worked in San Francisco, Seattle, and Baker dioceses. Died 8/21/58. On the Jesuits West Province list 12/7/18. It notes claims in 2009 of sexual abuse of a minor 1949-51. Assigned during the time of the alleged abuse to St. Andrew's Mission in Pendleton, OR.

Fr. David A. Ernst

Ordained: 1954
Status: Settled

Diocese: Archdiocese of Newark NJ

Multiple accusers over the years. Sex education teacher for boys at Our Lady Help of Christians parochial school in East Orange, where he was assigned 1954-69. Died 3/26/88. At least one claim against Ernst included in 10/04 $1M settlement between archdiocese and individuals who claimed abuse by 9 priests. Also worked in parishes in Ridgefield Park, Rutherford, Union City and Wyckoff. On archdiocese's list 2/13/19. Two new suits filed in 1/20 naming Ernst.

Fr. Mark C. Ernstmann

Ordained: 1951
Status: Accused

Diocese: Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau MO

Monsignor. Named publicly as accused by the diocese on its list 11/19/18. Alleged to have had "sexual interactions" with a 17-year-old in the early 1970s. It was first reported to the diocese in 2002, and again in 2018. Ernstmann retired in 2004 and died 8/7/13. Included on the Kansas City-St. Joseph diocese's list 9/5/19.

Fr. Anthony Esposito

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Ordained: 1948
Status: Accused

Diocese: Archdiocese of New Orleans LA

First named publicly as abused on the New Orleans archdiocese's list 11/2/18. Allegation received in 2006 of abuse in the 1950s and 1960s. Reportedly worked at Hope Haven in Marrero.Also worked in NY and IN. Included on the Salesians list of credibly accused in 3/20. Laicized in 1973. Died in 1987.

Fr. John L. Esquibel

Ordained: 1966
Status: Charges Dropped

Diocese: Archdiocese of Santa Fe NM

Esquibel (also spelled Esquivel) is alleged to have molested boys in several parishes before he was placed in job at Chancery office. Reoffended after treatment. Indicted in 10/93 and charged with abusing a 15-year-old altar boy in 1983; charges dropped by Judge 2/95 for lack of evidence. Worked as Army Reserve chaplain from 1979. Still listed as late as 2002, likely in error. At least 2 civil suits filed in 1994. Included in Santa Fe archdiocese list of accused on 9/12/17.

Fr. John Esquivel

Ordained: 1968
Status: Sued

Diocese: Diocese of Fresno CA

Accusation publicly in 6/19 of sexually abusing a 17- or 18-year-old girl in the mid-1980s at St. Joseph's in Bakersfield. Suspended for a few months during investigation. Esquivel's accuser said that he groped, open-mouth kissed and verbally abused her. She was working at the time as his secretary. SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) stated that three other women told them in recent years that Esquivel sexually abused them, two at age 16. Two of the alleged victims reportedly told another priest in around 1992, but no action. Suit filed in 1/20 by two of the women, each claiming abuse as teenagers by Esquivel. Remained in active ministry in 1/20.

Br. Clifton Raymond Etienne

Order: SVD
Ordained: 1979
Status: Sued

Diocese: Diocese of San Bernardino CA

Accused in a civil suit of abuse at Divine Word Seminary in Riverside when he was a religious brother, prior to ordination. Assigned as a priest to St. Patrick's parish in the Oakland diocese 1979-80, St. Anthony's in San Bernardino 1981-88, then back to Divine Word Seminary 1988-98. Died in 5/98. Personnel file released10/25/10. On San Diego diocese's 9/18 list.

Fr. George A. Etzel

Ordained: 1942
Status: Accused

Diocese: Archdiocese of Milwaukee WI

Etzel retired in 1984 and died in 2003 at age 85. His name appears on the Archdiocese's 7/04 list of priests fully restricted from ministry (or who would have been restricted if still living) because of credible allegations of abuse.

Sr. Mary Eucharistica

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Order: SHCJ
Status: Settled

Diocese: Archdiocese of Portland OR

A woman filed suit in 2/07 against the order alleging abuse by Mother Mary Eucharistica and Mother Mary Freddrick between 1958-1962 at Holy Child Academy and St. Rose's Catholic School. Plaintiff had already settled with the Portland Archdiocese. Mary Eucharistica died in 2002 at the age of 100.

Fr. Timothy Joseph Evans

Ordained: 1993
Status: Convicted

Diocese: Archdiocese of Denver CO

Issues with "relational dynamics" evident during seminary; ordination delayed until an evaluation said "problems were fixed." Charged with two counts of sexual abuse of three teenage boys 1995-97 and 1999. Removed from active ministry in 2003. Judge was to allow other accusers to testify. Pled innocent to all charges. Found guilty in first trial in 3/07 and again in another county in a second trial in 4/07. Named in first civil suit 4/07. Sentenced to 14 years to life 5/07 with four more years added a day later in another case. Suit settled 4/08. Laicized in 2013. Included in CO A.G.'s report 10/22/19. Up for parole in 12/19; denied. Granted parole in 7/20.

Fr. Richard C. Evrit

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Ordained: 1973
Status: Accused

Diocese: Diocese of Youngstown OH

First named publicly as accused on the Youngstown diocese's list 10/29/18. Allegations date to the early 1970s. (The Catholic Directories consistently spell his name 'Evrit'; it is spelled 'Evritt' on the diocese's list.) Assigned to St Paul in Salem, Holy Family in Poland, St Paul in Canton, St Patrick in Kent, St Pius X in Warren. Absent on Sick Leave 1985-87, then assigned 1987-89 to St Charles in Morganton NC in the Charlotte diocese, after which Youngstown again lists him as on leave. Reportedly died in 2019. On the Charlotte diocese's list 12/29/19.

Fr. Bruce O. Ewing

Ordained: 1974
Status: Convicted

Diocese: Archdiocese of Louisville KY

Left priesthood in 1977. Civil suit filed 4/02; charged in 2003 with abuse of plaintiff in early 1970s, beginning when she was age 14. He denied the allegation. Civil suit settled through mediation in 3/03. Criminal trial ended in mistrial in 2004. New criminal trial held in 3/07; found guilty of one count on 3/22/07. Sentenced to 5 years probation in 5/07. Laicized in 2004. Led parish council in 2010; terminated in 2/11. On Sex Offender Registry. On Louisville's list of accused in 2019.